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On Saturday night, fire was discovered to have broken out in the extensive premises occupied by Mr James M'lnnes, joiner, Paisley. In the space of not more than half an hour the whole establish- ment, occupying about half an acre, was destroyed, including a large quantity of valuable material. The damage is estimated at several thousand pounds. The loss is covered by insurance. A disgraceful scene occurred at Cobridge, near Hanley, on Sunday morning. Two women, both married and with families, arranged to fight. They tied up their hair and made every preparation, re- pairing to a piece of waste ground. A ring was formed, each woman having her partisans. Teeth as well as fists were freely used, and, after three rounds, one of the women, whose nickname was Brunty, was severely bitten and retired. At the Ramsey, Isle of Man, police court, on Monday, Catherine Quilliam, a notorious woman 'from Douglas, was committed for trial on the charge of stealing XT 2s. fraf.n the person of Thos. Iddon, master of the schooner lluby, of Preston. The prosecutor had passed some hours in the company of the prisoner, with whom he had ridden in a cab from Douglas, and she* had, it was alleged, taken the opportunity of robbing him while he was in an unconscious state from drink. A general order has been issued by the Duke of Cambridge, conveying to the officers, non-com- missioned officers, and soldiers of her Majesty's army the expression of her high opinion of the very satisfactory manner in which the men com- posing the army and militia reserves have responded to the call made upon them, her Majesty feeling sure that the army and the nation at large will appreciate as fully as her Majesty the. patriots and soldier- like spirit displayed on the occasion." At Warwick police court, on Monday, Jonas Cook, general dealer, was charged with cruelly beating his nephew, John Robinson The evidence showed that the defendant had beaten the boy with a stick, and had sold him to some gipsies for 41, but afterwards fetched him back. The boy's body was much bruised by the beating he bad re- ceived. Defendant was ordered to pay £1 15s 6d, or have a month's imprisonment. The Master of the Rolls, on Saturday, sanctioned a petition for the reduction of the capital of the concern known as John Bagnall and Sons. The shareholders proposed to write off some of the capital. They proposed to reduce the £ 10 shares to J63. The amount of the capital that had been issued altogether paid up was £160,000, and their losses on a strict valuation up to the present time wouldbring down the capital to such a sum acrually as would be represented by X3 shares. The quality or even superiority of women in certain matters is recognised by the composition of a jury about to decide in the Champs de Mars on the merits of the mustard of various nations. The mustard congress will consist, of twelve gentlemen and twelve ladies, the suggestion having been made that men's palates are vitiated by smoking, and that women are likely to have a nicer appre- ciation of condiments.— Daily News Pa1"iy Corres- pondent. An extraordinary scene took place at Bandon the other day. Two Roman Catholic priests, at the head of a large crowd of people who had forcibly seized a coffin containing the remains of a lady, who, it was said, had died a Roman Catholic, pro- ceeded to the Protestant cemetery in defiance of the wishes of the husband of the deceased lady and of the Protestant clergymen of the parish, and there read the Roman Catholic burial service over her grave. MURDER OF A FAMILY IN RUSSIA.—Five persons were murdered in the early part of last week at Dubin, in the province of Wilna, the local corres-, pondent at which forwards the following particu- lars to the St. Petersburg papers —On the 21st inst., the five individuals composing the Weitsman family, Weistsman himself, his wife, his eldest daughter, aged 20, and two children, respectively 7 and 9 Nears old, were found in the morning smothered in their beds. According to all appear- ances, the murderers must have been several in number, as the three elder victims were found in their beds in one room with the finger marks of their assailants imprinted on their throats. <me of the little children wa< found lying smothered under a pillow, and the second lay stretched on the floor near the bed, having be2n apparently cast there after suffering death in a similar way. The furniture bore no evidence of having been greatly disturbed, and apparently none of the victims' property had been carried away. As Weitsman was a quiet, respectable man, and was believed to was a quiet, respectable man, and was believed to ha v.; n'» enemies, the police at D'lbin are at a loss iuvs u itf t the rea.vjn that led t i the p« rpctra- tion of such a crime.



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