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THE RUMOURED PROBABLE DIS- SOLUTION. It has been generally believed that the Premier will probably take advantage of the present sunshine of triumph of successful diplomacy to dissolve parliament and ensure another seven years lease of Tory rule ere the sobering effect of the next Budget and incre-ased taxation is felt. Despite anything that may be said to the contrary, this is, to say the least, very probable, and by no means inconsistent with the keen manoeuvres of the party manager. And there can be little doubt that he would return to power the country is now inebriated with the dexterity of recent political juggling, and the flush of victory has not left the countenance of the Premier. There can be no doubt he would fare better with the country at this heated moment than when the public mind becomes more directed to the thought of legis- lation for the future, than it is to the bold movements of the past. "Whatever onslaught may be made on the Government, the great evil still is that the Liberal party is so dis- organised. It seems as if Providence had delivered them into the hands of Lord Beacons- field, who will smite them hip and thigh. The party is agreed upon no one measure that we know of, and there is no movement we can see that is likely to unite them. The Permissive' Bill and the Church Establishment have tried all they can do for some years, but these ques- tions are not ripe for the hands of the politicians yet. However important may be merits of these measures, it is certain neither can avail much in uniting the Liberal party at this juncture. Something is required that can draw the scattered sections together. The two questions we have named will no doubt be leading questions before long, but they have as yet failed to attain that end. Should the op- portunity be given us shortly to put the Liberal party to the test, the great danger is that we will fall out by the way." We have had five years of wretchedly bad trade, and how to live" is a sore perplexity in the multitude of homes over-production and competition, and the eager scrambles of inadequate business and employment, have sadly demoralised our indus- trial classes, and are fast grinding them to the ground and if there is a blessed work to be done, it is to make it easier to earn honest bread, and to abolish all the obstructions of in- dustry and trade. This would be a task worthy of a great and generous party, and the only path perhaps that can lead to its restoration to power. It is to be hoped tho leaders of Liberal opinion will be unanimous iu sinking crotchety differences on minor questions, and that one great aim will be made to re-unite the party on a broad and comprehensive basis. Let their aims be directed to the amelioration of bad trade, the reduction of taxation, and to facili- tate general commercial prosperity, and we have little doubt that end will be attained.


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