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SUBSCRIPTIONS TOWARDS PROVIDING LAMPS FOR THE TOWN OF LLAN- 8 ERCHYMEDD. f s. d. H. Prichard, Esq., Trescawen .100 Miss Pritchard, do • ..100 John Williams, Esq., Caemawr .100 T. Pritchard, Esq., Llwydiarth Esgob ..100 J. W. Paynter, Esq., Maesllwyn ..100 G. H. Hills, Esq. 1 1 0 Thomas Lewis. Esq., Bangor 10 0 Mr Rowlands, Bangor .0106 II. Roberts, Esq., Penbol 0 10 0 Mr J. Elias, Tanyrallt 0 10 I) Mr Pierce, Glanalaw • • ..050 Mr Roberts, Gwredog • ..050 Mr R. Williams, PJaR Llanfihangel ..050 Capt. Jones, Tre'rddol .040 Mrs Evans, Menai Lodge. 0 2 fi llr T. Edwards, Bodaton 0 2 6 Proceeds of Entertainment given by Capt. Pritchard Rayner 11 15 9 £ 21 11 3 Collected for Lighting in the Town and neighbourhood 12 14 7 JE12147 1832-H £ s. cl. Paid for Lamps 8 14 0 Brackets. Fixing, &c 7 11 9 Printing, Bill-posting, and other Expenses of Entertainment 3 13 6 19 19 3 Balance in hand. 1 12 0 £ 21 11 3 Paid for Lighting and other expenses 5 0 1H Balance in hand 7 13 7 J J612147 a.r-r-I' CAN BE OBTAINED AT THE MENAI BRIUUT TIO « TUURUU INHAI WTT*. THE PRIZE POETICAL COMPOSITIONS AT THE CARNARVON EISTEDDFOD, 1877, TOGETHER WITH A FULL REPORT OF THE. EISTEDDFOD THE SPEECHES, &c. Price in paper cover, Is. in beautiful cloth covet, Is. 6d. j by Post, Is. 2d. or Is. Sri. All orders to be sent to MR. R. WILLIAMS, Publisher, Carnarvon. CAERNARFON. ENERAL PRINTING.—THE CARNARVON PRINTING WORKS, NEW HARBOUR, CARNARVON. T^URNISHING IRONMONGERY.—ROBERT WILLIAMS, Brunswick Buildings, Castle Sq. JP Grates, Stores, Ranges, Bedsteads, Bedding, Cutlery, and Plated Goods. 45 BC)0 KJBINI) INCT ( \VH6lES ALE & RET AIL). E N\) CH WILLIAMS, 18, Hill-street L) 00 (s ear the Church), Twthili, Estimates on application. ■ 71 T^OACHTOTLDING.—RTWILLIAMS, BRUNSWICE. CARRIAGE WORKS, Castle-square. v Broughams, Laudaui., Phaetons Alexandras, Gigs, Dog Carts, &c., &c. 44 AMTLY GROCERY AND PItOVISIONS.-ÛWEN EVANS, Tea Dealer and General F Grocer, Eastgate-street. Goods of Superior Quality and Reasonable Terms. Family orders promptly attended to and delivered. FURNITURE -W AREHOUSE.- HUGH WILLIAMS, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, &c., f Eastgate-street and Skinner-street. All goods by Rail carriage paid. 69 URNTSHING IRONMONGERY.-T. O. JONES, Tin Plate Worker, 12, Eastgate-street, F Sole Agent for Wheeler and Wilson's Sewing Machines. 50 UBLIC ACCOUNTANT.ROBERT HUGHES, General Carnarvon Agent, Land Valuer, p Surveyor, &c., &c. 47 WINES AND SPIRITS.—JOHN OWEN JONES WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. w Castle Ditch and Palace Street. 49 RAL MACHINES.—ROBERT WILLIAMS, Brunswick Buildings.-Steam 1'1. Engines, Mowers, Reapers, Harrows, Ploughs, &c., &c. CLWT-Y-BONT. TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT.—R. B. ELLIS, General Draper and Outfitter. Cedwit rf Cutter medrus. Gwneir pob archeb yti brydlon. Prisiau rhesymol. 594 BANGOR. PROVISION MERCHANTS, Wholesale.— EDW'ARDS & Co., 339 & 210A, High-street. Prime Butters in Tubs and Firkins from 9d. Whole Hams, 6d. 298h PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. A GRAND AGRICULTURAL, • HOETICULURAL, AND POULTRY SHOW, OPEN TO NORTH WALES, WILL BE HELD IN THE PAVILION; CARNARVON, ABOUT THE -FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AUGUST 30TH AND 31ST, 1878. Further particulars and the LIST OF PRIZES will be issued shortly • WILLIAM FARREN, }. 1808 HON. SECRETARY. STRYIVIXRVOR HALL SCHOOL TOWYN. PHIXCIl'AL Mil. EDWIN JONEB, M.R.C.P., ASSISTED by qualified MASTERS, for -Olassies, English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, tfusic, &c. BRYNARVORHALL.acoinmodiousand well- 1) fitted house has been specially erected for the Accommodation and tuition of boarders. It is beautifully situated in all eminently healthy local- ity, with extensive playgrounds, cricket field and gardens attached, altogether making the finest and tnoetctesirable school premises in the Principality. pupils are prepared for the various examinations in connection with the Universities and Colleges, tor the learned Professions, Banking, and CoBc mercial pursuits. tjlas&es are held iti connection with the Science and Art Department, the examinations being held in May m each year.. „ The school year consists of THREE TERMS. WINTER TERM commences on the 3rd of September —— gOYAL WELSH SAUCE. IT HAS NO EQUAL. SOLD EVERYWHERE. RICHARD EYANS & CO.. WREXHAM. !157x PAINTERS and an Apprentice wanted.- JL Apply to G. and J. P. Gregory, plumbers and painters, Carnarvon. 1766i RJPHE RHYL WINTER GARDENS. OPEN DAILY. Flowers in great perfection, Waterfall and Lakes, Rustic Bridges, Houses, &c., Lawns for Tennis, Badminton, Croquet, Bowls, Archery, and Quoiting Grounds, Inside and Outside Rink for Skaters, with Plimpton Skates. ENTERTAINMENTS: AUGUST 5TH.-For 12 nights. Dr Lynn's cele- brated Living Marionettes, from London and the Chief Cities of the World; four enter- tainments daily.—And Mons. King and Madame Isidora, in their "unique entertain- ment; and, for Six Nights Only, Mr and Mrs Mark Johnson and Miss Mitchell in their entertainment entitled The Studio." AUGUST 12TH.-The Second Annual Grand Brass Band Contest, open to all comers. Prizes, £70. Ten bands entered. AUGUST I9TH.-For 12 nights. James Fuller's Talented Company, will' give a two hours' entertainment of Magic, Negro Minstrelsy, &c., &c., are now appearing at London before crowded audiences. AUGUST 26TH.-Tell and Tell, for 12 nights; and Tom Barger, in his wonderful ventriloqual entertainment. During the season the grounds will be illumi- nated, Firework Displays, Musical Promenades, Performing Fleas, Hindoo Snake Charmers, &c. Refreshments of the choicest kind, Luncheons, Teas, &c. By Order, 1831-h JOHN DEVINE, Secretary. ROBERTS, WILLIAMST&CO^ TIMBER MERCHANTS, LIVERPOOL. WHOLESALE YARD 185, REGENT ROAD, CANADA DOCK. SAW MILLS AND JOINERY WORKS:- BOUNDARY STREET, OORNEII OF STANLEY ROAII. D W. & Co., have recently made extehsive ADDITIONS to their JOINERY DEPART. MENT, where they are now prepared to execute orders (on the Shortest Notice), for all kinds of Machine-made Joinery, namely— DOORS, WINDOWS, MOULDINGS, SKIRT. INGS, CHURCH AND CHAPEL PEWING, &c. All guaranteed of the best Material and Work- manship. N.B.—Copy of Designs of Mould?, See., to be had free on application. 1049g "BLODWE N." TOUR IN NORTH WALES OF THE SOUTH WALES CHOIR. AT THE P ATI LI ON, CARNARVON,1 ON SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST 10TH, DR. JOSEPH PARRY'S WELSH OPERA, "BLODf EN." PRINCIPAL ARTISTES MISS HATTIE DAVIES, DR. PARRY, MISS ELEANOR DAVIES, MR. LUCAS WILLIAMS, MISS JAMES, MR. D. HOWELL?:, LLINOiS RHONDDA, EOS DAR. EOS MORLAIS, LLINOS RHONDDA, EOS DAR. EOS MORLAIS, THE S 0 U T H_ W ALES CH0IB. I ADMISSION, Is. FIRST SEATS, 3s.; SECOND, 2s. DOORS OPEN AT IIALF-PAST FIVE O'CLOCK, COMMENCING AT SIX. -_#- CHEAP TRAINS From BANGOR, LLANBERIS, NANTLLE, and along the Narrow Guage Railway from z, WAENFAWR and RHOSTRYFAN District. CONCERT HALL, LORD NELSON-STREET, LIVERPOOL, ON THE 6TH. MUSIC HALL, CHESTER, ON THE 7TH. TOWN HALL, RilYL, ON THE 8TH. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARNARVON. HEAD IIIASTrit,-Ailit. SIDDONS, ASSISTED MY EFFICIENT AND QUALIFIED MASTERS. AT t-lie above School a thorough,^ sound, and practical Education is offered. The course of instruction includes Divinity, English, Latin, French, Arithmetic, and Mathematics, Drawing, Writing, and Book-keeping. Pupils prepared for th e Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and for Mercantile pursuits. Special advantages one ed to Private Pupils on reasonable terms. Classics taught by a Graduate of Oxford. Oral and Written Examinations are held at the close of the half-year, in order to test the progress of thc Pupils. A limited number of Boarders are received by the Principal, who enjoy home comforts, and whose Moral, Mental, and Physical training are objects of special attention. Terms moderate. Prospectus sent on application to MR SIDDONS. School duties will be resumed on MONDAY, JILY 29th, 1878. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN NORTH WALES FOR PIANOS ANI) HARMONIUMS IS AT GEORGE, HOLLAND'S MUSIC Vv A IIE II O U S E. N O It TII IJ O A D, OPPOSITE THE RAILWAY STATION, CARNARVON. THE ONLY SHOP IN CARNARVON where PIANOS by BROADWOOD, COLLARD AND COLLARD, and all the best makers are to be seen. G. H. having made arrangements with the best London firms to buy large quantities for Cash, can now offer PIANOS and HARMONIUMS at a discount of Twenty per cent of the list prices. A Warranty given with each Instrument. NOTICE-G. H. being the only Practical and 'Professional Tuner and Repairer in Carnarvon, cautions the Public against employing persons to Tune and Repair who are not qualified to do so, as by employing such persons, Instruments are more likely to be damaged. All Instruments sent to G. H. for repairs are done on the premises and not sent to London, as is done by other people, con- sequently G. H. can do them at about a THIRD THE I-RICE. PIANOS and HARMONIUMS TUNED, REPAIRED, and RE-SILKED, &c. Lessons given in SINGING, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, VIOLIN and CORNET. TUTORS for every Instrument kept in Stock. A Large Stock of Cheap Music at 3d each. A Catalogue .-cut on receipt of one stamp, also a Large Stock of Best Music at half-price. & H. M Z77= ) Lv LE GOULDINCS MANURE WOR S. COULDIN OPKS. THr- CLER CORK. NOr,' fi WALL Z)UE3UN. BRANCH WORKS MKBKU WSTEBFORD, AND SINCLAKDS^" top, GOULDING'S BONE MANURE, For Turnips, Flax, drv. Soluble Phosphates 19 to 24 per cent. Ammonia 1.50 to 1.70 „ GOULDING'S SPECIAL MANURE, For Wheat, Oats, Barley, Potatoes, &c. Soluble Phosphates 17 to 19 per cent. Ammonia 4.50 to 4.75 „ Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S CORN AND GRASS MANURE, ) Specially prepared for Cereals atid Grasses. Soluble Phosphates .16 per cent. j. Ammonia 5 to 5.50 „ Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S SUPERPHOSPHATE, For general use with Special Manure or Guano. Soluble Phosphates 25 to 27 per cent. Farmers are cautioned to buy only from authorized. Agents. Applications for Agencies in districts not yet represented are invited. 1 AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. Mr. John Lloyd, Carnarvon. Mr. W. Thomas, Valley. Mr. John Parry, Bala. Mr. John Williams, Br mnant. Messrs..J. H. Owen & Son, Dwyran. I Mr. Thomas Jones, Conway. Mr. W. E. Williams, Gwernlas. Mr. Thomas Roberts, Denbigh. Mr. D. Evans, Llangollen. Mr. 0. Hughes, Milnycoed, Mr. Griffith Jones, Mold. j Mr. E. Roberts, Ruthin. Mr. H. Williams, Gwydryn Newydd. Mr. A. Hughes, Bodelwydden. Mr. Thomas Hughes, Bryn Goronwy, Tynyg n. H)-5 I M ON MAM CYMRU. Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD. O IESU NA'D GAMWAITH. CYNHKLIR EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL MON A GWYL GERDDOROL CYMEV Y N P 0 R T. H A E T Ii AV Y, AR y 6ed, 7fed, Bfed, a'r 9fed o AWST, 1878, PRYD Y RHENIR YN AGOS I BUM' CANT 0 BUNNAU MEWN GWOBRWYON. NODDWYIt DUC WESTMINSTER, ARDALYDD MON, SIR GEORGE LEWIS MEYRICK B II: ANRHYD. G. S. DOUGLAS PENNANT, A S., TRA PHARCH. DDEON BANGOK ANRHYD. WT. O. ^STANLEY, G. W. DUFF ASSHETON-SMITH, YSW. LLYWYLDlOX: ARGLWYDD ESGOB BAXGOR, RIG ill). DA VIES. YSW.. A.S., CADBEN VERNEY, R.N., MORGAN LLOYD, YSW.. Q.C., AS CADBEN MORGAN, LEWIS MORRIS, YSW.. LLUYDUN PENNANT A. LLOYD, YSW., H. BULKELEY PRICE, YSW. ARWEIXWYR PARCH EVAN JONES (CAERNARFON), CLVV 1 DFARDD, LLEW LLWYFO, ANDREAS 0 FON. TRIP O/NTORION MADAME EDITH WYNNE AGAEEG. Miss MARIAN W1LLTAMS, EOS MORLAIS, MR T. ,T. HUGHES Miss MARTHA HARRIS, Sin MAYBRICK, AP HERBERT. OFFERYNWYR Mn J. THOMAS (PENCERDD GWALIA), MISS JONES (TELYNOR CYBI) Telynor i'w Jlavvrhydi y Frenhines, DR ROGERS, BANGOR. CYFARWYDDWYR CKRDDOROL MR E. W. THOMAS AC ISALAW, BANGOR. CYNHELIR CYNGHERDDAU MAWREDDOG BOB NOS, Ac yn mvsg petliau eraill, dalgenir "Judas Maccabteus," o waith Handel, a'r''Creation" (Haydn) gan GYMDEITH AS GORAWL BANGOR, gyda chynorthwy STRING BAND Y PHILHARMONIC 0 LERPWL. BEIRNIAIDGwilym Iliraethog, Clwydfardd, Ellis Wyn o Wryr £ ai, Ilwfa M011, loan Arfon, Tudno, Llew Llwyfo, Carwad, Tudur, Yr Estyn, Y Thesbiad, Cadwaladr, Gwilym Eryri, Menaiwyson, Pencerdd Gwalia, Parchn WytYn Williams, U.H., Bodeuryd, John Hugh Evans, John Hughes, D.L., Lerpwl; O. Jones, Llandudno H. Williams, M.A., Bala H. Jones, Caernarfon; Dr Rogers, Bangdr Mri. J. Roland Philips, Llundain; T. M. Owen, M.A., Rhyl; T. M. Williams, B.A., Lluiidain J. C. Rowlands, Caernarfon; W. P. Evans, Greenfield W. L. Banks, John J. Evans, Penrhvn Slate Quarries; Morgan Richards, Bangor; John Thomas, Llanwrtyd; Robert Parry, R. G. Thomas, Benjamin Thomas, Menai Bridge; Thomas Pritchard, Beaumaris, a Richard Tiioraas. EbenezLpr. CYNHELIR YR HOLL GYFARFODYDD MEWN PABELL ARDDERCFOG, A GYNNWYS CHWE' MIL 0 BOBL. TREFN Y CYFARFODYDD. YR ORSEDD i agor bob dydd am naw o'r gloch. CYFARFODYDD YR EISTEDDFOD i ddechren bob dydd am haner awr wedi deg ar Cynglierddau am bump o'r gloch. Mvnediad i mewn trwv Docynau. Tocynau unigol i un Cvfarfod Lleoedd goreu, 5s.; ail, 3s.; trydydd, 2s.; pedweryad. Is. Season Tickets i fynedi holl Gyfarfodydd yr w -thnos, gereu, 30s.; ail, 18s. Bydd Trcn, rhad yn rhedeg i'r Borth o bob parth o'r Deyrnas. O. T. OWEN (MENAIWYSOX.) ) C. DAVIES, YSGRIFENYDDIOK. T. HUGHES, (TELYXOR ALAW.) J 1718ah TO LADIES AND ALL CONSIDIERS OF SEWING CuTTi >XS R A WOR T H'S ROYAL S E W IN G C 0 T T 0 N S ARE IHJ BEST FOR HAND OR MACHINE ONOE TRIED ALWAYS FJiEFERREI). SPECIALLY ATP0IX7EL THE PROGRAMME OF THE MEN AI BRIDGE EISTEDDFOD. THE PROGRAMME of the above GRAND EISTEDDFOD is in the Press and will be published on MONDAY NEXT, with all particulars relating to this Gra-d Gathering PRICE 6D, PER POST, 6 £ D. vruuierxn,. May be had of all BOOKSELLERS in North Wales, at the RAILWAY BOOKST M T of the Publisher, MR. R. WILLIAMS, Carnarvon. and MESSRS. TURNER AND ALLANSON, 11 SOLICITORS. CARNARVON, will on MONDAY, the FIRST day of JULY next, REMOVE from their Offices, Number 1, Church- street, Carnarvon, to BRON SEIONT, the late residence of Mr Thomas Hobley, at the end of Segontium-terrace and Garnons-street, and immediately opposite the steps leading to Messrs. De Winton & Co.'s Foundry. Under- sheriff's Office, Carnarvon. 1686h A SITUATION is desired by an experienced BOOK-KEEPER, who has also had a long ex- perience on the road in North Wales. He would be willing to make himself generally useful in any business establishment.—Apply A. J. R., office of this paper. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. TOUR THROUGH SNOWDON DISTRICT, 1878. Arrangements have been made wit!, the Coach Proprietors for a series ot Coach Tours through the Snowdon District, in connection with the Lon- don and North Western Co's trains from Chester, Rhyl, Llandudno, Bangor, Carnarvon, &c. Pas- sengers at the time of starting in the morning are furnished with tickets, which ensure their being provided with seats on the Coaches. The follow- ing are particulars of the routes of the various Tours Tour No. 1. Commencing June the 24th. E," Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach through the Pass of Llanberis," and past the Swallow Wa- terfall to Bettws-y-coed, and by Rail home to the station from which the Tourist started in the morning. Tour No. 2. Commencing June 24th. Ey Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence through same District as No. 1. Tour to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 3. Copimencing the 24th June. Bv Rail to Carnarvon, thence by Coach round Snow'- don to Bcddgelert, and through the Yale of G wyn ant, and the Pass of Llanberis to Carnarvon. Home by Train. Tour,No. 4. Commencing July. Bv Rail to Bettws-y-cocd, thence by Coach past the Shallow Waterfall, Capel Curig, the Vale of Nant Frar- con, and the Penrhvn Slate Quarries to B».ncor Home by Train, or Passengers can travel by Trair to Bangor, thence by Coach through the saint District to Bettws-y-coed, and home by Train. Tour No. 5. Commencing June the 5th. Bv Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach to Beddgtici-t and back to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 6. Commencing June 5th. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to Bcddgeleit, and back to Bettws-y-cocd. Home by Train. Tour No. 7. Commencing June the 3rd. Bv to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to the Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandv Mill Falls, and along the Pentre Foelas Road as far as Foelas Hall, and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home bv Train. Tour No. 8. Commencing June the 3rd. Bv Rail to Llanrwst, thence by Coach to Trefriw and back, and home by Train. These Routes cover some of the ni"-t beautiful scenery in North Wales. Full particulars a., t,, the fares, timefi of starting, &c., can be obtained nt any of the principal Stations and Hotels along the North Wales coast. G. FIX PLAY, Chief Traffic Manager's Office, Euston Station, May 29th, 1878. 3 t.?I2h HOGSES TO LET! HOUSES FOR SALE: -L-1- FURNISHED HOUSES! FURNISHED APARTMENTS !—NOTICE.—To Part: Visiting North Wales, Llandudno, Colwyn, r.nd Penmeeii*- mawr.—JOHN HUGHES, Estate and House Agent, Church-square, Llandudno, bogs to inform the public that he has Various HOUSES TO LET and FOR SALE at the above (placesand neigh- 'I bourhood}.—Apply, cnclosmg kt- p a:'d tuld; ed uz- lUoTh