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Lord Beaconsfield has accepted an invitation to the Ministerial banquet at the Mansion House "'In Saturday, August 23rd. Fifty fatal cases of sunstroke occurred in St Louis, New York, on Tuesday. A most exciting cricket match has been held this week between the Australians and Eleven of Leicestershire, which resulted in a victory for the former. The Premier's novels are frequently supposed to give an insight into the noble lord's of policy. Another illustration in support of that view is furnished by the rrccvt nnnexatim of Cyprus. Writing in'" Ta -<• Hrrtv .-ears aeo, the present Prime Minister wrr.f* «s tVJhnrsV "The English want Cyprus, and the} d 11 t ike it as a compensation and again. "They will w.-t do the business of the Turk for nothing." M. Paul de Cassagtiac, commenting on the Treaty of Peace, mentions, with approval, the remarks of an Italian journalist, that it was signed with the feathers of four vultures, one pigeon, and two geese. The two last named, M. de Cassagnac points out, are those taken from the wines of M Waddingfcon, aud M. de St. Vallier. The cwiu- sion of the writer is that Republican France has served as an accomplice and shameful associate in a terrible diplomatic situatiou. A special bulletin issued by the physicians of the German Emperor states that the perfect recovery of his Majesty is delayed by loss of blood, want of appetite, and the terrible shock inflicted upon his nerves. His Majesty finds its difficult to walk, and, although all his wounds are healed, has not yet sufficiently recovered the use of his arms and hands to eat without assistance. The bulletin adds:—The removal of the present evils in his Majesty's condition may, however, be' looked for with confidence through the influence of time, active and passive exercise, and the adoption of other necessary measures." THE NEW MASONIC LIFEROAT.-Many thousand people visited Clacton-on-Sea on Wednesd-iy to witness the launch of the new lifeboat, Albert Ed- ward, presented by the Freemasons of England as a thanksgiving for the recovery of the Prince of Wales. The Earl of Skelmersdale, Deputy urrand Master of the Freemason, presided at an open pro- vincial grand lodge, and then placed a memorial- stone on the new boathonse. A procession, h(a.ded by the band of the 11th Hussars, was formed, the fine boat being drawn by six horses through the crowded streets to the shore. On its arrival there Lord Skelmersdale expressed a hope that the great Architect of the Universe might bless their labours, and said that as charity was one of the, great ob- jects of Freemasonry they could not be better oc- cupied than in the present work. Mr Lewis, sec- retary of the Lifeboat Institution, and Mr Law vicar of Clacton, having spoken, a hymn was sung and the boat was consecrated, according to Masonic form, by Lord Skelmersdale, ancl christened by Miss Wool. A luncheon followed, at which the noble Earl, in giving the health of the Prince of Wales, remarked that everything his Royal High- ness undertook he did well. At Bow-street Police Court, on Tuesday after- noon, July 1l3th, before Mr. Vaughan, Charles Marvin, described as a writer in the Foreign office, again surrendered to his bail to answer the charge of copying, appropriating, and wilfully stealing secret document purporting to be a convention between England and Russia, contrary to the pro- visions of the Larcnicy Act. Mr. Poland con- ducted the prosecution, and Mr. Geo. Lewis. -jun., appeared for the defence.—Mr. Francis Irving assistant in the treaty department of the Foreign office, deposed that the defendant used his room for about 8 or 9 months, during which time he had always considered him a well informed and intelli- gent man, document? enforcing language having ",e frequently been handed to him to translate. He had every confidence in him. On the 30th Mav deteudant assisted in copying that project, the memorandum which was given to him in a printed form, witness having himself to make a copy. Defendant left that night at about half-past six: o'clock. In the cross-examination, witness stated that he and others in the foreign office understood the documents they were copying were to be sent 'to the London newspapers that evening, and a conversation to this effect transpired before de- fendant. This concluded the evidence on the part of the Treasury. The magistrates said the charge against the defendant could not be sustained, as there was no evidence whatever of any larceny having been committed by the defendant. Mr. Marvin was therefore discharged. Printed and published at the 'NORTH WALI* Exi'iisss' Offices, New Harbour, Carnarvon, 1 ROPURT WILLIAMS, Friday, July 19th, 1878.