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Family Notices



R HYL WINTER GARDENS. OPEN DAILY. Flowers in great perfection, Waterfall, Lake, Rustic Bridge, Houses, &c., all combine to make it a pleasant place of resort. Lawns for Tennis, Badminton, Croquet, Bowls, Archery, and Quoiting Grounds, Inside and Out Rink for Skates, with Plimpton Skates. ENGAGEMENTS FOR PRESENT SEASON. MYRA, the living Mystery, DAILY. JUNE 24TH, for 12 days. Dr Holden; Miraco, the Indian Rubber Man; the Court Magician, recently performed before th6 Royal Family and Tula, the man with the iron jaw. JULY 6TH, First Annual Brass Band Contest for Welsh Bands only. Prizes, £ 40. JULY 8TH, for four weeks only. Bon Bon, the little Blondin on the high rope. JULY 8TH, for 12 nights. Dussoni's celebrated Troupe of performing Dogs, Monkeys, and Goats-15 in number. JULY 8TH, for 12 nights. Harcourt and O'Connor, character duettists. 12 changes nightly. JULY 19TH and 20TH. First Annual Horticultural Exhibition, under the patronage of Lord R. Grosvenor, M.P.; Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. M.P. H. R. Hughes, Esq., Kinmel Park; R. B. Hesketh, Esq., Gwrych Castle; T. Mainwaring, Esq., Galltfaenan, &e. Prizes over X70. JULY 29TH, for two weeks only. Mr and Mrs Mark Johnson, and Miss Mitchell, in their classical entertainment entitled "The Studio." —Dr. Lynn, the celebrated Hindoo Conjuror, in his varied entertainment as exhibited before Rovalty. AUGUST 5TH, for 12 nights. Moiis. King and Madame Isidora, in their unique entertain- ment. AUGUST 12TH, the Second Grand Brass Band Contest, open to all comers. Prizes, £70. AUGUST 12TH, for 12 days only. Dr Lynn's Living Marionettes from the Royal Aquarium, London. Four entertainments daily. AUGUST 26TH, Tell and Tell, for 12 nights; and Tom Barger, in his unrivalled ventriloqual entertainment. During the season the groundq will be illuminated, Firework displays, Musical Promenades. The Hindoo Snake Charmers, Performing Fleas, &c. Luncheons, Teas, and other Refreshments on the premises of the choicest kind. By Order, 1697 i JOHN DEYINE, Secretary- PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. W. JATUIETT ROBERTS, PROPRIETOR. WJ to intimate to the nobility, gctifry^idthcpubh-cg^er- allv that he has recently added to hi* f-.aff a first- class Pianoforte Tuner, from the we^-knownfirm of John Brinsmead and Sons, London, and will be enabled to perform with the litiiin-it promptitiide and care all orders he may be favoured WIL1. Pianofortes and Harmoniums tuned and repaired, re-silked, polished, &c., equal to new. moderate. 1256h I THE PAVILION, CARNARVON. ONE OF THE LARGEST HALLS IN GEE AT BRITAIN. PRONOUNCED BY THE MOST EMINENT SINGERS OF THE WORLD TO BE THE FINEST HALL FOR SOUND THEY EVER SANG IN. AN ATTRACTIVE PROGRAMME FOR AUGUST NEXT. GRAND EXHIBITION AND HORTICULTURAL SHOW. Further particulars will shortly appear. ROBERT HUGHES, SECRETARY. Brunswick Buildings, Carnarvon. NOW READY. THE PRIZE POETICAL COMPOSITIONS AT THE CARNARVON EISTEDDFOD, 1877. TOGETIIEIL WITH A FULL REPORT OF THE EISTEDDFOD, THE SPEECHES, &c. Trice in paper cover, Is.: in beautiful doth cove), Is. 6d.; by Post, Is. 2d. or Is. 8d. All orders to be sent to MR. R. WILLIAMS, Publisher, Carnarvon. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARNARVON. HEAD MASTER,—MR. SIDDONS, ASSISTED BY EFFICIENT AND QUALIFIED MASTERS. AT \lie above School a thorough, sound, and practical Education is offered. The course .A. of instruction includes Divinity, English, Latin, French, Arithmetic, and Mathematics, Drawing, \Vriting, and Book-keeping. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and for Mercantile pursuits. Special advantages offered to Private Pupils on reasonable terms. Classics taught by a Graduate of Oxford. Oral and Written Examinations are held at the close of the half-year, in order to test the progress of the Pupils. A limited number of Boarders are received by the Principal, who enjoy home comforts, and whose Moral, Mental, and Physical training are objects of special attention. Terms moderate. Prospectus sent on application to MR SIDDONS. School duties will be resumed on MONDAY, JULY 29th, 1878. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST PLACE IN NORTH WALES FOR PIANOS AND HARMONIUMS IS AT GEORGE HOLLAND'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, NORTH R 0 A I), OPPOSITE THE RAILWAY STATION, C ARNARYON. RI^HE ONLY SHOP IN CARNARVON where PIANOS by BROADWOOD, COLLARD 1 AND COLLARD, and all the best makers are to be seen. G. H. having made arrangements with the best London firms to buy large quantities for Cash, can now offer PIANOS and HARMONIUMS at a discount of Twenty per cent of the list prices. A Warranty given with each Instrument. NOTICE-G. H. being the only Practical and Professional Tuner and Repairer in Carnarvon, cautions the Public against employing persons to Tune and Repair who are not qualified to do so, as by employing such persons, Instruments are more likely to be damaged. All Instruments sent to G. H. for repairs are done on the premises and not sent to London, as is done by other people, con- sequently G. H. can do them at about a THIRD THE PRICE. PIANOS and HARMONIUMS TUNED, REPAIRED, and RE-SILKED, &c. Lessons given in SINGING, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, VIOLIN and CORNET. TUTORS for every Instrument kept in Stock. A Large Stock of Cheap Music at 3d each. A Catalogue sent on (receipt of one stamp, also a Lar?e Stock of Best Musie at half-price. THE PROGRAMME OF THE MENAI BRIDGE EISTEDDFOD. THE PROGRAMME of the above GRAND EISTEDDFOD is in the Press and will ha published on MONDAY NEXT, with all particulars relating to this Grand Gathering PRICE 6]), PER rû:s¡." 6yD. < May be had of all BOOKSELLERS in North Wales, at the RAILWAY BOOKSTALLS, and of the Publisher, MR. It. WILLIAMS, Carnarvon. M O N MAY C Y M R U Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD. O IESr NA'D GAMWAITH. CYNHELlR EISTEDDFOD GADEI-RIO L MON A G W Y L GERDDOROL OYMRU YNPORTHAETKWY, AR y 6ed, 7fed, 8fed, a'r 9fed o AWST, 1878, PRYD Y RIIENIR YN AGOS I BUM' CANT 0 BUNNAU MEWN GWOBRWYON. ———— XODiWYR DUe WESTMINSTER, 1ARDALYDD MüX, ANRHYD. G. S. DOUGLAS PENNANT, A.S., ANRHYD. W. O. STANLEY, SIR GEORGE LEWIS MEYRICK, BAR., TRA PHARCH. DDEON BANGOR, G. W. DUFF ASSHETON-SMITH, YSW. T.T,YWY7I7>1<>V ARGLWYDD ESGOB BANGOR, CADBEN VERNEY, R.N., CADBEN MORGAN, PENNANT A. LLOYD, YSW., IUCHD. DAYIES, YSW., A.S., I MORGAN LLOYD, YSW., Q.C., A.S., LEWIS MORRIS, YSW., LLUNDAIN, H. BULKELEY PRICE, YSW. ARWEINWYR: PARCH EVAN JONES (CAERNARFON), CLWYDFARDD, LLEW LLWYFO, ANDREAS 0 FOS. PRIF GANTORION MADAME EDITH vVYNXE AGABEG. MISS MARIAN WILLIAMS, Miss MARTHA HARRIS, I EOS MORLAIS, | MR MAYBRICK, MR T. J. HUGHES, AP HERBERT. ""I:J.L.I..&I" J.& MR J. THOMAS (PENCERDD GWALIA), [ MISS JONES (TELYNOR CYBI) Telynor i'w Mawrhydi y Frenhincs, | DR ROGERS, BANGOR. CYFARVVYDDWYR CERDDOROL MR E. W. THOMAS AC ISALAW, BANGOR. CYNHELIR CYNGHERDDAU MAWREDDOG BOB NOS, Ac yn mvsg pethau eraill, dadgenir "Judas Maccabaeus," o waith Handel, a'r Creation" (Haydn) gan GYMDEITHAS GORAWL BANGOR, gyda chynorthwy STRING BAND Y PHILHARMONIC 0 LERPWL. BEIRNIAID Gwilym Hiraethog, Clwydfardd, Ellis Wyn o Wj rfai, Hwfa 31 on, loan Arfou. Tudno, Llew Llwyfo, Carwad, Tudur, Yr Estyn, Y Thesbiad, Cadwaladr, Gwilym Eryri, Menaiwyson, I Pencerdd Gwalia, Parchn Wynn Williams, U.H., Bodeuryd, John Hugh Evans, John Hughes, D.D., Lerpwl; O. Jones, Llandudno H. Williams, M.A., Bala H. Jones, Caernarfon; Dr Rogers, Bangor Mri. J. Roland Philips, Llundain; T. M. Owen, M.A., Rhyl; T. M. Williams, B.A., Llundaiu J. C Rowlands, ^acrnarfon; W. P. Evans, Greenfield; W. L. Banks, JohnJ. Evans, Penrhyn Slate Quarries;. Morgan Richards, Bangor; John Thomas, Llaiiwrt3 d; Robert Parry, R. G. Thomas. Benjamin Thomas, Menai Bridge; Thomas Pritchard, Beaumaris, a Richard Thomas, Ebenezer. CYNHELIR YR HOLL GYFARFODYDD MEWN PABELL ARDDERCHOG, A GYNNWYS CHWE' MIL 0 BOBL. TREFN Y CYFARFODYDD. YR ORSEDD i agor bob dydd am naw o'r gloch. CYFARFODYDD YR EISTEDDFOD i ddc-ehret. bob dydd am haner awr wedi deg ar Cyngherddau am bump o'r gloch. Mvnediad i mewn trwy Docynau. Tocynau unigol i un Cyfarfod :—Lleoedd goreu, 5s.; ail, 3s.; trydydd, 2s.; pedwerydd, lA.; Season Tickets i fvnedi ho]I Gyfarfodydd yr WvtJmos, goreu, 3Ds.; ail, 18s. Bydd Trens rlwd yn rhedeg i'r Berth o bob parth o'r Deyrnas. t 0. T. OWEN (MENAIWYSON,) ) C. DAVIES, J YSGRIFENYDDION. T. HUGHES, (TELYXOR ALAW.) j 1718 ah TO LAMES AND ALL CONSUMERS OF SEWING COTTONS. R -k W 0 P, THIS R O Y A L SEWING C O T T O N S ARE THE BEST FOR HAND OR MACHINE ONCE TRIED ALWAYS PREFERRED. SPEClALLJ APPOINTED jVfESSRS. TURNER AND ALLAiNSON, ITJL SOLICITORS, CARNARVON, will on MONDAY, the FIRST day of JULY next, REMOVE from their Offices, Number 1, Church- street, Carnarvon, to BRON SEIONT, the late residence of Mr Thomas Hobley, at the end of Segontium-terrace and Garnons-street, and immediately opposite the steps leading to Messrs. 1)6 Winton & Co. 's Foundry. Under-sheriff's Office, Carnarvon. 168Gh A SITUATION is desired by an experienced BOOK-KEEPER, who has also had a long ex- perience on the road in North Wales. He would be willing to make himself generally useful in any business establishment.—Apply A. J. R., office of this paper. /Vaa CC H. JM. GOULDING(LiMrrED HONORABLE V GOULDIN MANURE WO IK BRANCH WORKS GRACEDIEU WATERFORD, AND SINCLAHDS LIMERICK. f"(' Q .r .(7 GOULDING'S BONE MANURE, For Turnips, Flax, &>c. Soi ible Flicsphates • 19 to 24 per cent. Ammonia 1.50 to 1.70 „ GiOiJLDfNG'S SPECIAL MANURE, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Potatoes, &e. SIMe Phosphates 17 to 19 per cent. 4.50 to 4.75 Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S CORN AND GRASS MAKUitE, Specially preparedfor Cereals and Grasses. Soluble Phosphates 16 per cent. Ammonia 5 to 5.50 „ Sulphates of Magnesia, Potash, &c. GOULDING'S SUPERPHOSPHATE, I For general use with Spccial Manure L'r Git,:no. Soluble Phosphates 25 to 27 per cent. Farmers are cautioned to buy only from authorized Agents. Applications for Agencies in districts not yet represented are invited. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. Mr. John Lloyd, Carnarvon. Mr. W. Thomas, Valley: Mr. John Parry, Bala. Mr. John Williams, Bronnant. Messrs. J. H. Owen & Son, DWFan.1 I Ir. Thomas Jones, Conway. Mr. W. E. Williams, Gwernlae. Mr. Thomas Roberts, Denbigh. Mr. D. Evans, Llangollen. Mr. O. Hughes, Milnycov?d. I Mr. Griffith Jones, Mold. Sir. E. Roberts. Ruthin. Mr. II. Williams,. Gwydryn Newydd. Mr. A. Hughes, Bodelwydden. Mr. Thomas Hughes. Bryn Goronwy, Tynyg ». 3085 LONDON & NORTH WESTERN -L< RAILWAY. I TOUR THROUGH SNOWDON DISTRICT, 1878. Arrangements have been made "with the Coach Proprietors for a series oi Coach Tours through the Snowdon District, in connection with the Lon- don and North Western Co's trains from Chester, Rhyl, Llandudno, Bangor, Carnarvon, &c. Pas- sengers at the time of starting in the morning are furnished with tickets, which ensure their beinc provided with seats on the Coaches. The follow- ing are particulars of the routes of the various Tours Tour No. 1. Commencing June the 24th. By Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach through the "Pass of Llanberis," and past the Swallow Wa- terfall to Bettws-y-coed, and by Rail home to the station from which the Tourist started in the morning. Tour No. 2. Commencing June 24th. By Rail to Bettws-y-cocd, thence through same District as o. 1. Tour to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 3. Commencing the 24th June. "By Rail fo Carnarvon, thence by Coach round Snow- don to Beddgelert, and through the Vale of Gwynant, and the Pass of Llanberis to Carnarvon. Home by Train. Tour No. 4. Commencing July. By Rail to 0' Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach past the Swallow Waterfall, Capel Curig, the Vale of Nant Fran- con, and the Penrhyn Slate Quarries to Bangor. Home by Train, or Passengers can travel bjT Train to Bangor, thence by Coach through the same District to Bettws-y-coed, and home by Train. Tour No. 5. Commencing June the 5th. By Rail to Llanberis, thence by Coach to Beddgelert, and back to Llanberis. Home by Train. Tour No. 6. Commencing June 5th. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to Beddgelert, and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home by Train. Tour No. 7. Commencing June the 3rd. By Rail to Bettws-y-coed, thence by Coach to the Fairy Glen, Conway Falls, Pandy Mill Falls, and along the Pentre Foelas Road as far as Foelas Hall, and back to Bettws-y-coed. Home by )Tram. Tour No. 8. Commencing June the 3rd. By I.Rail to Llanrwst, thence by Coach to Trefriw and back, and home by Train. These Routes cover some of the most beautiful scenery in North Wales. Full particulars as to the fares, times of starting, &c., can be obtained at any of the principal Stations and Hotels along the North Wales coast. G. FINDLAY, Chief Traffic Manager's Office, Euston Station, May 29th, 1878. 1612b OUSES TO LET! HOUSES FOR SALE! FURNISHED HOUSES! FURNISHED | APARTMENTS !—NOTICE.—To Parties Visiting Noith Wales, Llandudno, Colwyn, and Penmaen- inawr.—JOHN HUGHES, Estate and House Agent, Church-square, Llanduolno, begs to inform the public that he has Various HOUSES TO IjET and FOR SALE at the above places (andneigh- bourhood).—Apply, enclosing stamp and addressed envelope, as above. j '-f II i Inn ijfiwdd Daw ai '*Y gwir vn erbvu y danguef." byd." 3 Ie'Ll, na'd gamwaith." Calon wrth galon. A laddo A leddir." Duw, a phob iTaioni." VlSTEDDFOD FREINIOL GENKDL- AEIitOL BIKKkIN iiEAD. OAi/AlR ARTHUR, A GORSEDD BEIRDD YNYS PRYDAIN, MEDI 17, 18, 19, a 20, 1878. Rlioddir agos i f1000 mewn gwobrwyou. Y Jyfausoddiadau i'w hanfon i mewn erbvn Awst laf; enwau ymgeiswyr am Urddau, Arhcliadau, a -,tadle-Lioii Cerddorol, erbyn yr 20fcd o Awst. Ceir ¡;dlawn a diwypnedig o'r- ar dderh v niad dwy stamp ceiniog, ond anfon at vx Ysgrifenyddion, sef, G\v IL YM ALLTWEN, Literary decretory, Birkenliead. D. RHYS, Ysgrifenydd Cyffredinol, Woodside Ferry Uo .ms, Eirkeliliead. 1121H LET.—An old established respectable JL P 0 BLIC HOUSE in Carnarvon.—Applv, office of thL, T^tpor. iijyig TWO RI5SPECTLE YO UTHS having firiisned their education desire situations, one I a-ged seventeen as Clerk, the other fourteen as an I Apprentice to the Drapery Business.- Address, S.S.U. ITliih TO EE SOLD CHEAP.—Two Boats in good condition, one Sailing Boat 16 feet long,' and uowing Boat 24 feet long.—Apply, Globe Inn, New-street, Carnarvon. 1695g ,t MISSES OWENS, Dress and Mantle ill Establishment, 11, Thomas-street, Carnar- von, are in want of several apprentices.—Apply to the above. 1760h RO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS.— O. ROBERTS, Chemist and Druggist, Amlwch, has a vacancy for a well-educated YOUTH as an apprentice. 1754h PAINTERS and an Apprentice wanted.— JL Apply to G. and J. P. Gregory, plumbers and painters, Carnarvon. 17(;6 i I PRE LI MIN ARY ANNOUNCEMENT I NORTH AND SOUTH WALES X, PWLLHELI. MESSRS. E. H. OWEN AND BOX ARE instructed to Sell by Auction, early in the month of August next, at the Crown Hotii. Pwll- heli, all those LEASEHOLD PREMISES, Wherein the business of the North & South Wales Bank is now conducted, and situated in Caurtfti Place, in the town ofvPwllheli. Full particulars will appear in future advertise- ments. 17851i. CARNARVON SALE OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, DRAWING ROOM SUITE, COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, PIER GLASSES, ORNA- MENTAL ITEMS, BEDROOM SUITES, &c. MESSRS E. H. OWEN AND SON ARC instructed bv Mrs Jones (who is removing) to SELL BY AUCTION at No. 19, Market-street, Carnarvon, on Thursday, July 25th, 1878, the whole of the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Comprising Walnut Couch, Single and Easy Chairs, upholstered in green repp, Oval Table on pillar, Cottage Pianoforte, g 7-8 octaves, in Rosewood, by Rolfe and Sons, London; Pair of Antique Oak Chairs, with needlework seat and back, Mfhogany Dining and Pembroke Leaf Tables, Mahogany Chair hair-stuffed and cover, Large Sideboard, Hair-stuffed Sofa, Hall Table, Hat and Umbrella Stand, Wheel Barometer, 8-day Clock, Brass Dial in Oak case, Improved Self-extracting Revolver, bore 450; Strong-shooting Keeper's Gun, breech- loader, No. 12 bore; Prince's Breechloading Rifle, Two excellent Fishing Rods, Mahogany Bookcase and Books, Venetian Blinds, Splendid Mahogany and Iron Half Tender and other Bedsteads, Cnrled Hair Mattress, Prince Feather Beds, Mirrors, a neat Walnut and Wardrobe with drawers and shelves. Several Painted Wardrobes, Chests of Drawers, Painted Dressing Stands, a large Ornamental Slate Dressing Stand of neat design, Bedsteds, Otto- mans, Cane Seated Chairs, Hip and Foot Baths, Mahogany Table Rails, Brussels, Tapestry and Kidderminster Carpets, Stair Carpets, Oil Cloth and Brass Rods, Linen, Glass, China, Cutlery, Plated Articles, Engravings, Prints, Ornaments, Kitchen Tables and Cupboard, Large Kitchen Fender and Iron Stool, Cart and Wire Iron Fen- ders, Fii e Iron, Slate Cistern, Pickling Jars, large Tin and Jack, set Block Tin Dish Covers, Scullery and Cullmery Utensils, &c. The whole will be 011 view 011 theraorniug of the day of sale. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock prompt. For further particulars, apply to Messrs t H. Owen & Son, Auctioneers, Carnarvon. 175Vbc CAELLWYNGRYDD, BETHESDA. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENT. MR JOHN PRITCHARD has beesi instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Royal Oak Inn, Rachub, 011 Saturday, Au-mt 3rd, 1878, at 3.0 p.m. prompt, in such Lot or Lets, and subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be there and then produced, Two Capital Freehold Cottages, situate in Caellwvngrvdd, Betliesda, now in the occupation of William Jones and William Williams, together with the Building adjoining lately usrl as a Wesleyan Chapel (and new as a joiner's workshop), .and containing by admeasure- ment 2M) square yards. The chapel can at. a velf- moderate outlay be converted into two cottages, r ri Cs and with the increasing demand for cottages in this neighbourhood, the above is an excellent opportunity for securing a safe investment and a vote for the county. For further particulars apply to J. Glynne Jones, Esq., Solicitor, Bangor, or the Auctioneer, 1, Plasllwyd-terrace, Bangor.. i7,S2g NORTH WALES XAESUW GAUGE. TIME TABLE, JULY, 1878. Trains Leave Ariive at Carnarvon. Quell jn. ~7 •" • • • • • • 7 50 a in. 9 40am 10 35 a.m. 11 50 a.m. On Saturdays ouly 12 50 1 m 2 45 p.m 45 ;m; 4 4o p.m. 6 0 p.m. 7 30 p.m. On Saturdays only.. 8 25 p.m. Trains Leave Arrive at Quellyn. Carnarvon 8 20 a.m. 1) 15 p.m. 11 15 am 12 35 1 20 p.m. On Saturdays only.. 2 15 nv,) .4 • 5 45 pirn, •b 15 p.m. 7 15 5 10 p.m. 9 as p ra | —- -=- -6