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TTDIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SOUTH U WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. PRINCIPAL J. VIRIAMU JONES, B.A., Oxon, B.Se. London, Fallow of University College, Lon- don, &c., &c., assisted by Nine Professors, Four Lecturers, and Two Demonstrators. The College will OPEN in OCTOBER next. Persons of both sexes not under 16 years admitted. No entrance examination will be enforced for the first year. Classes will be held in the following subjects :— Latin. Mental Philosophy. Greek. Moral Philosophy. Ancient History. Political Economy. Mathematics. English Language and Astronomy. Literature. French. Modern History. German. Zoology. Welsh Language and Chemistry. Literature. EngineGr:ng& Machinery Music. Manufactures. Botany. Geology. Natural Philosophy. Mineralogy. Experimental Physics. Coal Mining. Logic. Metal Mining. Students prepared for the London University Ex- aminations. FORTY-FOUR SCHOLARSHIPS and EXHIBI- TIONS, valued at £ 10 to X40 per annum, and tenable for three years, will be offered. The Fees are £1 Is per term for each class there being three terms in the College year. By an annual payment of £10 Students may compound for all Class Fees. The Matriculation or Entrance Fee is £11s., and gives permission to attend any of the Classes in the College for five years. Intending Students should apply as soon as pos- sible to IVOR JAMES, Registrar. Town-hall, Cardiff, August, 1883. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. ( ABE IIY ST W V Til.) President—THJJ UIGHT HON. LORD ABERDAItli. Principal: REV. THOMAS CHARLES EDWARDS, M A. (Oxon. and Loud.), late Scholar of Lincoln College, Oxford. Professors; Greek-Tho PRINCIPAL. Latin-J. M. ANGUS, Esq M.A„ late Scholar of Clare College, Cambridge. Hebrew, Arabic, and Sanscrit—H. ETIIE, Esq., Ph.D. (Leipzig). English Language and Literature-JVL W. MACCALLUM, Esq., M A., Luke Fellow, Glasgow. Welsh— Logic and Moral Philosophy- History and Political Economy—M. W. JIACCULLUM, Esq M. A Comparative Philology—J. M. ANGUS, Esq., M.A. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy—R. W. GENESE, Esq., M.A., late Scholar of St John's College, Cambridge Sth Wrangler, 1871. German, French, and Italian—Dr ETHIO. Natural Science—T. S. HUMPIDUB, Esq., Ph.D. (Heidelberg), D.So. (London) Director of the Museum-Dr HUMPIDCE. Registrar and LibrarÜm-E. P. JOKES, Esq., M.A., B.D. (Glasgow). The Council will elect Professors forthwith. rpHE next Session begins 12 h September, 1SS3, and ends I 30th June, 1884. THUDS, £ 10 a year for Out-door Students; £35 additional for tLose In-door. Several Scholar- ships and Entrance Exhibitions will be offered for competition. For Prospectus, apply to the Registrar, at the College, Aberystwyth. E. J. EVANS, ) „ „ LEWIS MORRIS, j Hon" becs" Lonsdale Chambers, Chancery Lane, London, August, 1883. COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, MILFORD HAVEN. CONDUCTED by the Misses THOMAS, trained at c Milton Mount College, and holding Certificates from the College of Preceptors, South Kensington, &c. Domestic department under the superintendence of Mrs Thomas (widow of the late Rev Evan Thomas). The house secured is well situated in Hamilton- terrace, commanding an extensive view of the Haven, and in every way calculated to insure the health of the pupils. Term commences Monday, September 10th, 1883. Pupils prepared for public examinations. PARKY VELVET ACADEMY, CAiaiAET t I.EX. THIS Academy will be opened on the 7th AUGUST by the Rev J. CERRIDFRYN THOMAS, formerly Congregational Minister at Maesteg. Mr Thomas was a student at the Carmarthen Presbyterian College, was first prizeman throughout the whole of his college course, and won a Sharpe's Prize. He also holds several advanced certificates for proficiency in science, issued by the Science and Art Department, South Kensington, and hag matriculated in the London University. CARDIFF GRAMMAR SCHOOL. A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. DUTIES will be resumed on MONDAY, JULY JLJ' 30th, 1883. For Terms, &c., apply to the Head Master, R. G. LEVI, 13, Fitzalan Place, Cardiff. Masonic and General Life Assurance Company, Limited. HEAD OFFlCES- Q, NE-W BBIDGE-ST., LONDON, E.C. rpiIE Directors are desirous of receiving -L Applications for Loans on Real or Personal Security in connection with Life Assurance. Every description of Life Assurance 'and Annuity Business transacted. Commission allowed to Solicitors and others introducing business. For further particulars and forms, apply to A. TORKINGTON, Managing Director. ST. CLEARS, CARMARTHENSHIRE. Sale of Valuable Freehold Public House and Garden. MR GRIFFITH THOMAS is instructed to offer for sale on Friday, August 21th, 1SS3, at three o'clock in the afternoon, on the premises, the King's Head House and Garden, which contains Parlour, Hall, Kitchen, a large GeHar, Bar, Brewhouse, Back Kitchen, and five Bedrooms, together with a plentiful supply of water on the premises, and all other requisites for a pubiic-house. Possession will be given on the 29th day of September next, and if not sold, will be let from the said date. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Bishop's Court, St. Cleais, who with confidence begs to call the attention of the public to this rare opportunity of purchasing a very commodious house, where a capital business has been carried on for years. NOW READY, rip U N E S, CHANTS, AND A NTHEMS Cons:stin £ of Three Parts, ENGLISH OR WELSH EDITION. Compiled and Edited by D. JENKINS, Mus. BAC, CANTAB. Part lst.-314 Tunes. „ 2nd.-28 Chants and 22 Psalms. „ 3rd.-l Te Deum, 1 Sanctus, 1 Gloria, 1 Christmas Carol, and 3 Easy Anthems, Complete in one Book. Sol-Fa O.N. 1. Cloth, red edges 3s Od 3s 6d 2. Levant, gilt edges 4 6 5 0 3. Full calf, gilt edges 6 6 7 6 The Anthems also may be had separately 1. Te Deum Id 2d I slnctus, } together in one copy 1 2 4. O! be joyful in the Lord (Byddwch lawen yn yr lor) 1 2 5. 0 Jerusalem (0 Ierusalem) 1 2 6. Blessed is the man (Gwyn fyd y Gwr) 1 2 7. Christmas Carol (Carol Nadolig) 1 2 NOTE.—All the above may be had with English or Welsh Words; the Book of Anthems having the Welsh and English Words combined, CYFRES 0 RAN-GANAU, At wasanaeth Corau Bychain la Phlant. Rhif L—Ffo rhag y cwpan. 2. De'wch dan faner Dirwest. 3. Gweddi'r Pererin. 4. Pencerdd Natur. Yn un Llyfr. Sol-Ffa, He. D.S.—Ysgolion Sabbothol, Band of Hopes, Temlau y Plant, am bob order uwch 50, a gyflenwir am Ie y llyfr. I'w cael oddiwrth D. JENKINS, Mus. BAC., CANTAB., ABERYSTWYTH. MR. EOS DYFFHTN", R.AM. Yr hwn sydd wedi ei gyflogi i ganu yn y Royal Albert Hall, Llundain, Dydd Gwyl Dewi, ac Arweinydd Buddugol ar y prif ddarnau mewn tair Eisteddfod olynol yn Llundain, YN agored i dderbyn engagements fel TENOR a J-. BEIRNIAD EISTEDDFODOL. Cyfeirier-la, Pulroas-road, Brixton, London, S.W. SPECIAL NOTICE. TEA FOB CASH. BY the New Parcel Post 4 lbs an 1 upwards will be sent per return of Post to all parts of tha United Kingdom, carriage paid. SUPERIOR BLENDS. Is 8d, 2s, 2s 3d, and 2s 6d per lb. P. O. Orders to be made payable at the Gray's Inn Road to JOSHUA THOMAS, Wholesale Tea Dealer, Lamb's Conduit Street, London, W.C. RHAN I., GWYRTHIAU CRIST. Mae y rhan hon yn cynwys 17 o'r gwyrthiau wedi en troi nr gan, gydag addysgiadau, wedi eu gosod allan mewn motld syml a dealladwy i'r plant, gyda thonau syml a bywiog—y fath ag a hoffir gan y plant a'r bobl ieuainc. Gellir en canu mewn Cyfartod fel Cantawd, neu ar wahan, yn ol amgylchiadau. Nid oes ynddo anthemau, na darnau mawr a thrymion, ond rliai y gall pawb en dysgu a'u eanu yn rhwydd. Gyda phob gwylder dyledus y dymunaf Iwyddiant cyffredinol i'r llyfr hwn, oherwydd y gwirioneddau mawrion a ddysgir gan y gwyrthiau a gyflawnwyd gan ein Gwaredwr a'm gweddi ddifrifol ydyw, ar iddo fod yn t'oddion i ddwyn miloedd at y Gwaredwr i gael iachad i'w heneidiau. Pris, Sol ffa, Gc.; Hen Nodiant, Is. 6c. ETHEL WYN. S.F., 6c; II.N., Is 6c. Cantata Ddirwestol, yn y ddwy iaith. Mae hon yn sier o fod yn boblogaidd." MORDAITH BYWYD. S.F., 6c; H.N., 2s 6c. "Rhaid i bob undiragfarn gydnabod fod Mordaith Bywyd yn gyfansoddiad nas gwelir bob dydd ei g-yffelyb.Tanymarian. I'w cael gan yr Awdwr-H, DAVIES (Pencerdd Maelor), Garth, Ruabon. Anfonir Rhestr o Ganeuon, Anthemau, Canigan, &c., &c., i unrhyw gyfeiriad yn rhad. CERDDORIAETH NEWYDD DR. JOSEPH PARRY (PRIF ATHRAWCOLEG CERDDORQL CYMIIU, ABERTAWY.) CYHOEDDEDIG AC All WERTH GAN J. PARRY & SON, 9, CASTLE-ST., SWANSEA Cydganau hawdd addas i Gorau Ieuainc. 1 Ar Lan Iorddonen Ddofn. Hen Nodiant, 2g. 2 Weie yr wyf yn sefyll wrth y ddrws. Y ddau nod- iant, 2g. 3 Mi a Godaf ac a if at fy Nhad. Y ddau nodiant, 2g. 4 Ysbryd yw Duw. Y ddau nodiant, 2g. 5 Yr Udgorn a gan. Y ddau nodiant, 2g. 6 Hiraeth-gan y Gohebydd." Y ddau nodiant, 3e. 7 Moliant i'r Iesu. Y ddau nodiant, 3c. 8 Teilwng yw'r Oen. Y ddau nodiant, 2g. 9 Molwch yr Arglwydd. Y ddau nodiant, 4c. 10 Requiem (ar ol leuan Gwyllt). Y ddau nodiant,4c. 11 Bydd Drugarog. Hen nodiant, 3c. 12 Loyal Hearts. Y ddau nodiant, 3e. 13 Reapers' Chorus, (Joseph). Rhif 1, Hen nodiant, 2g. 14 Ddwy flwydd yn ol (Joseph). H. N., lie. 15 Quartette-Nid myfi all esbonio (Joseph). H. N., Ge. 16 Joseph a ganfu ei Frodyr (Joseph). H. N-, 2g. 17 Molwch yr Arglwydd (Joseph). Hen nodiant, 2g. 18 Wele y Breuddwydiwr (Joseph). Hen nodiant, l|-c, 19 Daeth Joseph i'r ty (Joseph). Hen nodiant, ltc. 20 Myfi. ydyw Joseph eich brawd. H. N., 6c. 21 Mae'r haul yn machlud, T.T.B.B., H. N., 2g.; SI.lo. 22 Taenwn flodau ar y galon. H. N., 2g. Sol-ffa, IG. 23 Rhown fanerau ar y muriau. H.DN., Ie. Sol-ffa, fe. Darnau cymedrol anhawdd, ac addas i gys- tadleuaeth Gorawl a Chyngerddau. 24 Yr Iôr, S.S.A.T.B. H. N., 4c. S-ffa, 2g. 25 Er plygain amser, T.T.B.B. H. N., 3e.; S-ffa, lie. 26 Yr Engyl fyrdd. H. N.,3c.; S-ffa,lk 2 27 Llawenhaed y Nefoedd. H. N., 4c.; S-ffa, 2g. 28 Y Cynfab trag'wyddol. H. N., 4e. S-ffa, 2g. 29 Mor ogoneddus yw dy waith, S.A.T.B. Hen nod- iant, 4c. Sol-ffa, 2g. 30 Yn enw Harri. H. N., 3c.; S-ffa, He. 31 Hurrah '—Wedding Waltz. H. N., 4c.; Sol-ffa, 2g. 32 I'r gad i'r gad T.T.B.B. H. N.,4c.; Sol-ffa, 2g. 33 Chwibanu odlau. H. N., 4c.; S-ffa, 2g. 34 Cenwch y Clychau. H. N. 3c.; S.ffa, lie. 35 Molianwn y Nefoedd. Hen nodiant, 4c.; Sol-ffa, 2c 36 Rhyfelgan Gorawl. Y ddau nodiant, 4c. 37 Molawd i'r Haul. Y ddau nodiant, 4c. 38 Nosgan (i leisiau gwrywod) Y ddau nodiant, 4c. 39 Hoff! Dywysog Cymru gu H. N., 4c.; S-ffa, 3c. Yr elw arferol i arweinwyr C6ran.