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THE POLITICAL PJOl AT BIRMINGHAM.' MA-GlyXiiiltAL XTvOCEEDlN^ AMUSING EVIDENCE. i BIRMINGHAM, Friday.—Tho hearing of 1 faimmons against Ed. Reed for libelling B Jarvis and others was resumed this morniuM the third time. There was a large attendants spectators. Counsel were tho same as on pre days. The examination of Mr Jarvis was continfl In reply to Mr Matthews, witness said th had an interview with Reed in the Nottlll Arms, some day in November. It fl the night before the first bearing the case. Witness did not di or indirectly bring about that interview. ■ was accompanied by Mr Moore Bailey and \Y alker. liiere were also present, Reed and ano man, and a. man named Trewollos. Reed first to Mr Bail y, and said, "Are yoU,2 Rowlands V Mr "Bailey said, No^ upon Reed asked him if he was Mr Jarvifl's sow tor, and receiving a reply in the affirniativeJ| said he would like to see him private^ S :1 .J-1- 4-a.i 1. "1, ,1-0.1 "0 ^1 L' Aadicvoioi; wi ;nt, r 1 r -.vaiii an man .•> I at a 'v.' wbai I have done ••gaiiisi. >. :f.n h afrU-r<d t j, l), fend ati'l r,\r. a t Ki« ii^ad, ir. aftc." wu.el» th? former -w' 1 .Viiieh v'is vVS.5 IT i.'hc svl.c:w" 6w ¡;¡d of the "(l\ v fVBald not I-HL !LO oil, hxt >■ ;?-vc-.i .t Hsdferijj anJ •)-■>'AB- tin.i *t. thfcii i' 'i.J ~.c at iLa «;■uti n-rtfc iiiey. and f auvi- i:<■ oo so. Read.«?.<• 14 If 'i. j likes, I can b? in -w t ie w»y at <-«•• raort'e?i'••.vj .usoiii'? friends. I j^I a-, l. ,a:i 1 enw tti.v' Mni w! rt-i sh| \i iU> U.CU w v R'-e.-l "'l wished te too !«'■»■ ,y7 (Jr beei: i»nd wouki act -.vwli »• j ■ th* vJ uie &onrt and •« and they (rtferiieg te Mi- .iarv.: r selh :■ --oihutf- to {tu. A<.<jd > .f; ^loeiiiiis .viv'i Mr .'V-Jey for yJwL anu he would iifce to set hut. QlB Court. Atr Ba'ley wbapeved to 1:t:?bs,: try a.o.d. te..t n! or words to tiifct then sail t.'» is i-j to be • W ft/*t sUffticsteti » pttulic-hvttse sotae but afterwards, a>- 1M fi-x-d tb(f tlien i'ir, d-d.1 air s>i«e» ^JMj Reed then br?,.sn drir,». what v.»« B 'ii'i j).)i pay for i.„ He Jieed *il vi-hia, Oa Moii.'lay ";Mt a -icfeis Pi hit c:ia", te tiki lie he him before.. 'i.e! bfdi, "I aa; a A 1 vou, and I vv.t to know, M' .T.wi vu, ,f I ..e, k te wTidtort th->t it I noeak I .-dAn'. -j'. '!• Woubie." Witness ;■ I ra.? <»n.Tr>' H- vthsnsr, v. hereupon that wr -• f, ie tohia soli'Jitef ie tohia soli'Jitef igatno pi-or-tise. Ti»; ,.i A'mt '.ti -1 ■ «HE MAS WALEIT n. Walsii pv-ipa"'1, -"oni, a»id n .i J,.re" MR I D-Y, WENT T» MB LUM. V- I rei.-itauet-'j %VaL:f: one of the *«•••' i be;-> vo bis shop. Mi-Onioiis ai-ke.t v-■; ,ff Ji; I- „ •'J yr/0 writing." (Laughter.) He did not again until he saw him in court. lie 1 anything to bring about that interview, never given Walsh so much as a farthiBft* This concluded Mr Jarvis's The next witness (re-called)was Mr fern (one of the Liberal Association so^ii y Mr Matthews: Do you produce j press letter-book?—No I refuse to do s j Mr Matthews On what ground jVHl been subpoenaed *| Mr Matthews here asked tho stips I exercise his power and send for the boo^ y ■ been subpoenaed *| Mr Matthews here asked tho stips I exercise his power and send for the boo^ y ■ The Stipendary I shall not coiniurf dI I fern now, I shall leave it to the judge- to Mr Matthews said be did not wish > ,htc ot so. He had not yet done with him. (Lauld' The Stipendiary intimated that be send for the books. » tel' Examination continued He ri a wi'fjA I defendant what he was going to do AllrT" affidavit. He sent the affidavit to Mr who had requested that they should "e Sv"jj Z Liberal Association. Witness sent JJ. affidavits to Mr Allard. t lrfS lain was mistaken in saying tna some from Mr Allard and some Irom 11 JJ. Redfern. Witness sent nothing in the an affidavit to Mr Chamberlain, but he JJr statutory declarations to Mr parij/ several days after the debate m He n:;r1 to i,: ier.t iir Oeani-jeri^ii* *>•*■> • .i,. 'le Mr*. O- 1'f' > t O.' ;y diary of t-i --<• '• .» -t 1 lia^e »»c ''K,i he t/v .$>* tii^ instr.- v=, r ,'rnc « •- -:=^r Ar- the<e "t:-■ V- "5.trac-ions #' V:' V > tLaufiner.)—-• >• Did .vou -'W-v mi 3chi»dV>r«t?-e;; t-ni rlM± Mr Cbaub-al !n;- ?->r> ev^ 4i be made. • iV', ;■ np cvidonce fo: v f< 4 against tbo Libeiawl it ''t. 'a tt'pke eiHinirv »» » t: tne 'i' to ..v. ..4.- < • j • :'i liC.d'fe iftat-ofr"- j atfi-iafit ucaauee he t>. a-■ be :-r.ra eaxot'ul as %■: Hr Ai'ard did not •vo'irro. 'Reod'a "ws W I hand ciftvk at tho tirse ha ,J1'3 <' a)td I altered soaxe c; t,h-' W" J njiseu ocuj-' trf the *euteo«;s. io m a mar> na.a a Arnold who bre'K'' ,.r. r Arnold Wdd employed to '■ • I of tint sort. tst I Libera! A-iitociatiob, aft<rt I f, his ik-iu, and pai<* by them. ■ 1 oeft re lie would say n r- I'th; I w<v*^t/i it to b*wi. vA-n- ■ h;ul half a soveret;;rt. until he what i:»j t. t" got* I -him ho wooid be paia ai'.erw#5 *• I Mr Mfbttiiews, ha .in' b-juj'1 -;»i"v 1 f d:J yea ;• y<iursii;f at j, I y.m jikoti with it ?- I i«ilt *6 I •'• .'f-v ic a.. -i.ait. /.ir i I MOM I I VX, a ) ■■ that is so. Yon had to hand ov«r thv ^5 • j e&k (-,a. Wiii y.>« b» go. Hi eHom- these j've ABd-tvs !t, *•■17 ,U;r.i Tsylor, I- e.nJoy P-^?T ?.w, —— .• >(*» j 'i • !>•♦ m.n •;»•• '{u to :i tei w '■[ .1 i couhi uov <SJ»y. Who I 6<*t ti-'U 'f Wf ia. a.'v of year client a vat- buyu.g affiiln, ita in t-<W v:ay • J ir..i, iv*i. Iii., I plied me with cfi-3 si visr, it wil' ,Jf1 i t-.e L.o-ral A^. -i ,t:oa i2vc-y "f V I aiftdivit' f. ¥ of tho aieu woo ina' [:r ,1!% 0i; I ^todavic. -■ ■ ¡;u.,¡'. "r 1 Wns :c noL adieo yon 11 vi '.nterviov witii Jarvis a J 1.:ft off p lyi 71. 1 ?—I have > o "1 jLi) roplv to further -pje Srst knowledge bo b-vf n" Jar'a. was JbUiosh Bi* wh. a few dav* notin ;b.j¡ if M. tent ,.j- ..aai, • lliat- Ur had t u.. yt J J>^r i i. itUia'v:: So we >n»v ha e Liberal A'«'ac-iac!'M ;f JW th> b knowledge iroiB ta.> u'u.r<». o Ij^ee-ba .i ..ucaa. x'nat •- a oi. ptK-.rg .t, ,r A rid yo.i atartcct ths biB oi *>•* •S't'l1* -'icoiaaTe i. H 1 v-/i V xaldlnat.-■i»the^• s when tin; i- u3 V.3-at-oi •- .0 caalauuid then. ne.-it, and tinniiy d- w.vt. e/ the ct.ftbhould he '■)'• J.ay Saturday' uef ,week. 1^- r J.ay Saturday' uef ,week. 1^- the depositions wcaia f> Moad'.y naxt. ff,:5 Mr Rodfern, F-.>aiiai, haviia.. tho <

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