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LONDON LETTER. [SPECIALLY WIKED.J [EY OUR GAI.LKRY COilUIieJl-OXD £ -;T. ] ANTICIPATIONS OF A SPEEDY SETTLEMENT— THE TREATMENT OF THE BOROUGHS—MR COURTNEY AT THE GLADSTONE CLUB DIN- NER—THE COUNTY DOWN ELECTION— PRIVATE InLLS IN PARLIAMENT—UN- HEARD-OP POLICE COURT CASES-THE FARNELLITE3 AT A DISADVANTA'; TL—MR CLARKE'S CONTROVERSY WITH THE PRE- MIER. J ONDON, Friday Night. The air has been j n of rumours to-day regarding the result uf yesterday's confer- ence between the committee of the Cabinet and the responsible leaders of the Opposi- tion, at the clubs are to be met more than a few who are as positive in their statements concerning it as if they had been present at the fathering:. Those likely to bi the circumstanc .„• "J take the gloon of ,>flairs inJaiged in by some, just • ;o toe liicv | declined to ad( r. tamod by the, _r.- now so doleful. u. matter of fact, 1. have been more <.o tfrp.117-, than I Mr Gladstone < ally a.(fi.1cir¡.d, wvcrnl i of these havil :H¡, hhn iory < leaders not k ti i-hoic owe niiyluii upon the m but a r--rr.lement j of some liiid- The eagerness t-be public to ohutli- I details of the re :bwr'n scrams as &Seoi individual dist w ii-i izi as in the prov in a!lzl it, ill the latter all 1 >v 1)r- may v-oie y j supposed to liav cine to the mastery can bear witness. T: metropolis i3 t .» • r. ,T < .« boroughs now uro to be aplir into two or three secu. or, or 11lt" sinyf/e j bered constituencies. Some active >litp*:c,a»' to hopo that the boron; in i-ot bo divided, v^ufc return their sL umc.bors er. j but this is not [, ;<1: rc>;ar.>d as lii.tsy. j There is, how against breakin Mvitc>i*}h$u<.>; r-j-ij or fifty fragmer h 1" r i inoroly uf an aggregatior vuJiout (iWuito j boundary or 1 "j: The standard of members wiii 1-' 'vic'J/ lower."d ia London by an • vice, f,i- cliques would have an .'ipnoituiiuy fr r Aouri«hi;i^ under the sing-a ncr iber system i11 a? they could nev r obtain in a vrsrb extended area possessed a ;'i„iiuv:dy puieb vditi ment. There was of specuiai'o^ among the gue: b ch Giadst^Lo OJub am- ner yesterday < o»>i?i- as lo the line Mr I Courtney wou'-«' taka -a rcspo:,di;ig t- th: toast of the Go • r.rr>m.,ai. The rumour had j again been floa;, long since mu, retirement should follow the Ministerial promulgation of any scheme of redistribu- tion which did not provide for proportional representation, Mr Courtney's resignation might almost hourly be expected, and this gave a certain piquancy to the proceedings, soma ingenuous spirits being prepared to hear the Secretary to the Treasury intimate his withdrawal from the Govern- ment in the very act of responding to the toast of its health. I'here -was, however, nothing quite so dramatic in store for the Marylebone Liberals who had assembled to testify their regard for Mr Gladstone, for Mr Courtney, after a passing reference to the general ignorance concerning the pro- mised scheme, devoted himself to show- ing that there is still much to be done before Ireland can be considered to be ruled upon" Irish ideas." The Times is of opinion that Mr Courtney be- trayed "a shade of bitterness" in that part of his speech which related to Redis- tribution, but this was not the impression of those present. On the contrary, he appeared to be in a much better humour than usual both with himself and all around. h" .J. 11 t wa ■. .V. I tlia ^roat body of tor National:si 5 had abs o ?r.-m v. Ung, 'specially vboa 1; wa; tLs'- the goac-m 1 ele< WVJ the iobetal cai -i i had support the P.t.T.eiiay voti iw was rl-fea'vxi. C-->ta:o aLcr. the suet -du] Conservative, l:;is otser maooei' iv dest l>cd a* nrtf-r • =•• ..v, hapipilj^ whi •' ■■rvft+Ve pacllgi is n> ■ *;i cess >*re;vvia, also wns a 'Ar/, will no iidaiJ-ivwa to iro talking JI GT the ious- of Commons. T'. oi '.cia.'s at H, Board of 7 Jo are notl" ou> a heavy ta-njMr-n,- it), ti. of ate. Vlls il Pariia- meni ttivpiirtsLtinr, U intended t.o be madt ■' vears apt, thtn. at th i 'TJ..6.1>J who iv.uo bill ■ •. ■. that --villi the 'iu-oor I>ri7fck.< bi'iitl to be, dealt of t:-i L-.>mbvr oi meas on cumuiiassii ticaliu;? with such mem. us should ba carxitd out, and i li is was done -i m-tlcr to through the wcorl, all. There a e eom« old prfcSfMW. a i1 a amon «w who can recollect „h.s oOtb Nove:1 184-?, when *'•<>- Boero of Tr;-de officia kept at vork iradnif/ht 1 receiv -oeh Onl -•caH proportion of tftc case* wIde 1! are he the T>»*T■>«>K'UH poii- D fau-H s^i" I i-.r-ar iiiat rv cJlar§e ''Url^rve^ i theme ohARicfcwr 4 a higi< co^-ptat-- the Ch rf (/.vjliiid. I cannot My. became iia Tquiry,because not a "oi it appe unv Loadoa paper, aoinii evening ] The a-.m o 5n foreo <»f the Tr I membrn omday rL!L a." mdicatu a Tio-no 111 the i.r.ijiv TKe T>¡')jbt.b are iiati, Droiouudly ^iiu:-eu at truce, ai the alliance, • btt .^»en to.■ two gree dJ House. Dtift I between :'¡:!t and Ct m?«>rvativf« vretsv t their op e tun-.ty. and th-ir principal t portance >o froatho fact tJiat oIid vote wa n\-vtk- avliibot-L <sidt> ?n- deavour( • ira, In the the Redi \bui, oa Bjit they lo, -\k.j advantag to be vruusT out o^ v. .r'v by the r..wei' of t»\ea- vole. Now tee ranks ol „ho L;i>errd.-c. and ConseifVRrivc? being clo. I up, f uese fwiit.1('1 fcwise hav. no chanci aud m«.«f wluit ti-* combined I forces are lo gi»-e tho'i:. t), e -ty certain t', t noiong tihe pr<»v;-«ious or Redistribi ion Bill wit! be wie it-aacl.^ 1 represent* on of Trrhr.^ to portions a aompa^ this f kingdom. Mr G1-, or, different to ieiriao at surprise i of the Ho^y, ) Even if In ..»-o rc]-re»eiiitefl by men ci a class oaieraat from Mr T* and Mr Caiiati, ii would be difficult fc» de- j fend an ari ngement by which she has pro- j portionately a r^ppesantation in the j House of ('ommord tpeaceful and j industrious Sootian: Any fc-iv-lnavoar tn I rectify the Tw&cntabi'at m i;hi!t dim '-iuu j would be fc at to tho bitter end hy .11". Parnellites, ,ÚF1 I should think five extremely f'J: v.ieu )r tine Thjivsi of Commons v >> oulo. not auppott this knowlt tbe ar1-: deter mined to mi i. as possible, am -vrj i the notice p :.a»tt i questions. i Mr Clarke n¡iaC! for ca: Mr GIadstor. r penditure. mat iutentl'J to ii. pamphlet fc ae .speech he h pro;.ared for delivery 1 /riday wtejoxniug Mr Gladstone's k -vawu t to ask the Lc 1 of Wt-nesa^y to publish th 1 undertaken Nineteenth Ct,^< ttniuu is becoming more and more the receptacle for addresses rejected in the House of Commons. Mr Clarke showed me the manuscript of Mr Gladstone's statement. It covers eight closely written p?ges, and supplies fresh evidence of the mar- vellous industry and power of work of the Prime Minister. Speaking the other day to 1. friend, Mr Gladstone said that during the iast 30 years, a period which includes the greater portion of his ministerial career, he has never been so overburdened with work as just now. Yet he finds time to dictate eight pages of manuscript for the confusion of a gentleman who, without any special qualification or authority, attacks his system of finance.




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