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PREPAID TARIFF son SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS; SOUTH WALES DAILY NBWS.jsi* Irw,p j ttOD* 111 I I [Daily NewJ TTau*. OM Three Six & On«« in I&aartion..lauertioni. jlnjertioM 1 Cardiff J 1 I Times. | ■.d*|B.&|a.d.|aid. 10 61 1 01 1 61 2 0 ir Words | 0 9 { 1 6 { 2 3 ( 3 0 416 W" 1 0 J 2 0 j 3 0 j 4 0 P W orda I 1 3 I 6 I 3 SJ I 5 0 64 Words |16|30|46{60 feach extra line of l 0 3 06 09 10 Words J These charges apply only to the classes of advertise- Witt specified below, and are strictly coa fined to those which are ordered for CONSBCUTIY* insertion, and PAID FOR MSVIORS TO IWSRRTIOH if either of these conditions ia Hot complied with, the advertisement will be cfiur^ed bj the Btuinem scale APART* K.vrs V/ASTSS. Housss TO RA Laz ATA KTMKNTS TO Lax. MOHKT WANTSD. ARTICLES LoST. MOftT TO La. ARTICLKS FOUND. MISCSLLAXYOUS WAITW. BUSINCSSBS KOK DISPOSAL, MISCELLANEOUS SALSS. gBSlNBSSXS WASTZD. PARTNKHSIUPS WAKTZ*. 0H8R3 TO L«T. SITUATIONS WASTICD. HOLSS* WANTO SITUATIOHS Vfxinvo. GENERAL ADVERTISING TARIFF. PAUXAMBNTART NOTTC S, Government Annoaaeement^ ad Parliamentary Elections are charred One Shilling ier line for each insertion. Prospectuses of Public tompaaica arj charged Xinepence per line for each asertjoji. Public, Legal, Municipal,, and fchool Board Notice?, Tauders and Contracts, &c., are tharged Sixpence per line for each insertion. Auction gotic-ai are charged Sixpence per line, and all other tlassej ol Advertisements Fourpence per line per inser- tion. Some of these charges are, however, subject to reduction In accordance with the number of insertions ,)rdered. -Particulars may be obtained at oar Chief and Branch Oiileea ADVKRTISKRS when sending advertlacmentainmanti. leript, may calculate ekht words to a line, and 12 lines io mi inch. In charging advertisements the lines are (ot counted, but the advertisement, including lar^e Ines, dahlia*, and white spaces, is measured, and the ipace occupied is charged as the rate of Twelve lines to tn inch. Pusiai O STUDENTS IN MUSIC—Mr F. ATKINS, M.B., intends, after the ore-ent vacation, FORMING a PiUVATE CLASS for the study of Harmony and Counter- point. Terms 10; 6d perterm. Also open to attend Schools for the formation of Classes. Terms on application to Ferulev House, or of Messrs Thompson and Shackell. 41 88 durational. WANTED, an experienced MASTER, to assist in tuition and take charge of boarders.—Apply, tatienus, Scholasticus, Daily News" Office. 2177 WRITING.—Mr MacCreanor, Writing-master, 06. Single ton-terrace, Swansea, teaches Ladies and Gentlemen's fashionable writing in seven lessons. Entire latisfaction guaranteed. 2165 GOME^TIC fetvauts. WANTED a steady 50UNG PERSON for KiUhin- maid.—Apply at Paper's Temperance Hotel, Cardiff. WANTED, a strong GIRL as Geueial Servant; one u ed to the trade preferred. Good character required.—Apply King's Arms Hotel, High-street, Swansea. 2215 W~ ANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT.—Apply from 10 to 2, at Doncaster V'iila, Conway-road, Canton. 47895 W~ ANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT. Good charac- ter reouired.—Apply, 36, Bute-street, Cardiff. 21S5 WANTED immediately, a good PLAIN COOEi. Must have a good character. —Applv, Box 14, Swansea. 2180 WANTED for the country, a respectable middle- aged GENERAL SERVANT, must be a (rood plain cook.—Apply In first place, to Mrs Primavesi, New- port-road, Roath, Cardiff, 2174 WANTED, a thorough Good COOK, also an ex- perienced K1TCHENMAID, and a Second CHAMBERMAID. Each must be accustomed to Hotel work. Good characters indispensable.- Apply stating ige, wago, &c., Queen's Hotel, Cardiff. 2175 ITT ANTED, respectable Indoor MAN SERVANT'; yf also a PAGE. Good wages.—Enclose stamped envelope, Mrs Godfrey, 118, Park-street, London, W. 16) WANTED, Good Plain COOK, £ 24 HOUSEMAID, £ 18. Sisters or fellow servants may suit.—En- close envelope, Mrs Godfrey, Park-street, London, W. 2169 ANTED, Two good GENERAL SERVANTS"for widower gentleman of means. £ 20, all found,— Address, Park House, North-row, London, W. 2169 ANTED, HOUSEKEEPER (working); Plenty of assistance. Wages good. Enclosed stamped envelope.-His Godfrey. Hi Park-street, London, W. gate 2163 WANTED, in a month, an active, honest GIRL, not under 16 one accustomed to children preferred. —Apply Postmistress, Caldicot, Chepstow, 2163 ANTED, COOK, HOUSEMAID, and PARLOUR. W MAID for a young married lady. Welsh ser- vants liked. Good General Servants might suit.— .Enclose stamped envelope to Mrs Pipe, 82, Bishop's-rcad, Wet bourne grove, London. 2160 TIT ANTED, Two GENERAL SERVANTS for Widow Y f Lady and Son. Wages £ 20 each.—For particu- lars, send stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Pipe, 82, Bishop's-road, Westbourne-grove, London. 2160 WANTED, Two SERVANTS to go with a Lady to America. Good wages. All expenses paid there ind back. For particulars, send stamped addressed invelope to Mrs Pipe, &2, Biahop'a-road, Westbourne- grove, London. 2160 WANTED, NURSE GIRL to take charge of three t children. Must be clean, honest, and kind.— Apply. 38, Stacey-road, Cardiff, 2148 WANTED immediately, a HOUSE and PAEL9UR MAID, thoroughly experienced in waiting at able, in a gentleman's famiiy. Libeial wages for a good Bryant,—BJX 44, Post-office, Swansea. 47845 £ ITUATI<W!5I ¥ JtJUt. %OOT TRADE.—Rivetters are requested to REMAIN IB FROM Brynmawr, as there is a Dispute about ^ges.. 2204^ WANTED immediately an IMPROVER. Must be steady and active. Also a sharp LAD, as Ap- prentice.—Apply personally to G. Hiley, Grocer, Tre- herbert. 2203 TO GROCERS' ASSISTANTS.—Wanted an experi- enced HAN D au abstainer preferred.—Apply to Joaiah Williams, Grocer, Treorky, Glamorgan. 22.;7 WAN ED, in the towns of South Wales, Gentlemen of local influence to represent a new and im- portant enterprise in the South-West of England.—Apply by letter, C. P. A., Messrs Craik and Anthony, Queen- square, Bi istol. 47^12 TO MILLINERS.—A thorough experienced HAND accustomed to assist iu showroom.—D. Thomas and Co., Temple-street, Swansea. 2223 WANTED a young man ac.ustomed to drivintr, who knows the town. None necl apply without good jeierence.—Cross Bros., St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 2213 WANTED immediately, a smart, respectable young man as BOOTS, at the Imperial Hotel, Cardiff. 2212 WANTED in a Colliery Office, at the Dock?, a re- f" spectable YOUTH. Must be a good writer and quick at figures.—Apply by letter to P.C.C, South Wales 1 ally News Office, Cardiff. 47855 ( ARDENER Single-handed. Wanted, a MAN that jf thoroughly understands vine culture, flowers, and kitchen gardening.—Apply to Messrs J. Howell Thomas and Thompson, Estate Agents, Carmarthen. 47S66 WANTED, a YOUTH as Billiard Marker and to make himself generally useful. Good references indispensable.—Apply, Bridge Hotel, Newport. 2197 TO PAWNBROKERS' ASSISTANTS. Young Man L Wanted, age from IS to 20.—Apply 15, Broadway, Boath, Cardiff. 2189 DRAPERS.—Wanted at once, a good SALES- X WOMAN, also a MILLINER, must have good taste. Apply stating age, salary, and experience, to H. D. Evans, Risca, Mon. 2191 WANTED, a quick YOUNG MAN, to take charge of a horse and cart, and make himself generally Useful indoors'.—Apply to J. Miller, Grocer, Patrick- street, Cardiff. 2170 TO DRESSMAKERS.—Wanted immediately, a FIRST- HAND DRESSMAKER, with knowledge of Mantle- making preferred.—Apply, full particulars to D. and J. Evans, Porth. 2161 DRAPERY .—Wanted immediately, a good JUNIOR HAND, who could also assist iu the Grocery De- partment, when necessary. Apply with references, stating salary required, to T. Francis, Secretary, Co- operative Stores, Penclawdd, near Swansea. 47816 à\øtutit, iravd1tr$, &< PARTMENT3 to LET, to respectable person; small family. Two front rooms; rent moderate.—Apply jjjj \Vy nd hani-Street, Can ton. 2168 MONTHLY maybe added to income by Sale of Vh our Packet Teaa and French Coffee, in t.ns the most lucrative Agency in the trade. Prospectus and Preas opinions post free. W, ite to Oliver, Oliver and Co.. Merchants, 231, Southgate Road, London, N. 854* 47S80 ANTED AGENTS, for Industrial Assurance, in all parts.' Good men can earn at least 30s a week. Addrow, with stamp, to Manager, 6, St John s-square, Cardiff 43734 £ iiuati<w$ 4rantttl. EDICAL.-Wanted immediately, by a sccjnd-year 1., Student. an ASSISTANTSHIP, to visit, dispense, attend midwifery (ordinary). Have served four years apprenticeship. Unexceptionable references. — Apply R. W. R., Four Crosses, Merioneth, North Wales. 220o BREWERS. — A practical Brewer, who thoroughly understands brewing all classes of ales and stout, and also understands malting, wishes for a situation would ilivest.CIOO or j6200 in a going concern.—Address, C. C. Mather, 40, St. Alban's-road, Watford, Hert-J. 47913 SITUATION WANTED as Colliery Pay Clerk or Sur- faca and Traffic Manager. Energetic and e. perienced. Good references.- W., "Svuth Wales Daily News, Cardiff. 2201 T°TOH«rEw PAINTERS and HOUSE DECORA- UKS. Wanted, by a practical and experienced arainer, good Brush hand, and Plain Writer, a per- nanent Situation references given if required.— C.O.Z., Pembroke D .ck, South Wales. 1 AS B°01^ ntar Cardiff or Pontypool or as Book-keeper and Traveller,by an experienced jroung man. References and security -LAnnl* vv R o Commercial-street, Pontypool. 21451: E-ENGAGEMENT required, daily 0r resid^Pbv an experienced GOVERNESS (25). English,French! ent, by an experienced GOVERNESS (25). English,French! Music, Singing, Drawing, and fainting.—Addres? Veritas, "ouh Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 2123 pi$frtlwou$tt'ixnU. PORTABLE ENGINE WANTED, from 6 to 10 h.p. Must be compiete and in good repair.—Particu- ars to S. Evans, Llanfyrnach, R.S.O., Pembrokeshire. TENDERS wanted for Discharge of Iron Ore Cargoes. Steamers giving use of Steam Winches.—Apply to Capper, Alexander, aud Co., 5, Mount Stuart-square. 2187 WANTED immediately, for a month or six weeks, near the sea, within about 20 miles of Cardiff, a uomfortably FURNlSHtD RESIDENCE, containing not less than five or six bedrooms, with two or three re- iseption rooms, at a convenient distance from a Rairvvav Station.—Address, with terms and full particulars, B.G. South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 2173 TVTAN itD a HORSE—Gelding or Mare—aged 5 or 6, Y T about lo nanus, quiet in harness and saddle up to 13 stone a good jumper preferred, subject to vet.'s opinion. —licp y to A.B.. 167, Cattle-road, Roath, statin price and where the horse may be seen, tried, and ex- "DUn 0^7 WANTED to BORROW jEM, fw Asmix pk or sectuwreiltvye. months will give 15 per cenf. Ample security. i — v, Daily New- Cardiff. 2171 RICKS.—Wasted I.O.OOO to 100,000 NEW or SECOND-HAND, for Colliery purposes. De- livery, Cross Keys Station, Cwmamman; also LIME. Quotations to J. H. Ketley, Gletiday, and Co., Bir- mingham. 47374 odoing., par FA. LODGINGS.—A respectable YOUNG MAN can have Comfortable Lodgings at 31, Flora-street, Cathays. No other lodgers kept. 2149 IA ht ITT—FTOTTGFI gattd, &R. TO LET, No. 10, West bourne-crescent, Canton bridge, Cardiff. Premises mav be viewed on or after Mon- dytr. tnsc. 2216 LATTERMATH.—20 Acres to Let, two miles from L Cardiff, excellent herbage, good growth.—Apply to ir. B. L., 116, Bute-road, Cardiff. 47898 TO LET, Furnished, Newport, from 12th September, a very genteel Detached VILLA, suitable for a small family.- Rooms spacious, very lofty, and well fur- nished bath room, mual offices, and cellaring, grape house, and with or without stabliti,Apply Mr John French, Bromley House, Caerleon-road, Newport. 2190 BURRY PORT.—To LET, or LEASE, on very mode- rate termn, a Ten-roomed Semi-detached VILLA, elaborately finished, with suitable outhouses, garden, and accommodation road at back, most pleasantly situ- ated, and commanding a splendid view of the Burry It; ver and Carmarthen Bay. -For particulars apply to J. Mfciii.el, giocer, New-street, Burry Port. 4782 TIO LET, a HOUSE, containing six rooms, in Silver- street, Roath.—Apply to W. Thorns, outfitter, 142, Bute-road, Cardiff. 2179 BE LET, with immediate possession, two large .I. semi-detached R&>LDENCE £ in Howard Garden, Roath-road, within three minutes' walk of the Taff ana Rhyinney Stations, and fitted up with all modern con- veniences. The rooms are Humer us, very spacious, and lofty. Rent, £85 per annum eacli. There is considerable garden ground at the rear of each house, and the occu- piers have the privilege of ufing Howard Garden. Also, two VILLAS, near Roath Church, containing two sitting- rooms, kitchens, hath,room, five bedrooms, and good gardens. Rent, £::0 per annum each. -Apply to Lewis Brothers, Riciiards-terrnce, Koatli. 2103 fox £ ate.—gott.sesi, pwfl, HOUSE for Sale, 17, Augusta-street. Splotlands JJ. IS-feet frontage. Apply to Mr W. Jenks, 41, Lewis-street, Canton. 2210 GOOD OPPORTUNITY for Working-men to secuie a Dwelling.—TWO NEW COTTAGES for SALE in Newport-street, Lower Grangetown. A large proportion of purchase money may be bad on mortgage.—Apply to R. Emery, 20, Queen-street, Caraiff. 2196 AGRKAT BARGAIN.-TWO newly-built HOUSES for SALE in Pontardulais by Private Contract; 36feet fioutage; good letting neighbourhood.—For further particulars apply t,) W. f. Williams and Co, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Pontardulais, R.S.O. ::195 a^O be SOLO, by Private Contract, Ground Kiuts of 63 Houses in the centre of Canton the ground rents amount to f,135 a year lease unexpired about 76 years; price 11,500; the rents the landlords do receive is £ S98; when the lease exnirei will pay nearly 26 per cent. A large Family Mansion in Pembrokeshire, with ItEs acres of land, good fishing and shooting, and within two miles of railway station price £ 5,500; will Icay from 3 to 4 per Cent. A small Farm, with a House and Out house3, within a mile and a-half of Newport, 2a acres. Eight-roomed House, witii about 8 acre3 o. Land about 5 miles from Cardiff; several 3-roomed Houses, with large gardens and back entrance, lease 909 years, price £JiJO each; eight Freehold Houses, including a Shop, price £2,550; eight Houses, rents L124 16s, price £ 1,300; three Houses, price £ £ 00; two Houses, in- cluding a Shop and Bake-house, rent £52 a year, price £ 500. LOWER GRANGE.—Two Houses, including a Shop, and Stable and Coach-house, price £ 700. ROATH.-Two Villas in Broadway, price £ £ 50 six Houses, including a Shop, price £1,300; two Villas in Upper George-street, price £560; four Houses, with a long lease, in the centre of Caraiff; four Houses, includ- ing a Corner Shop, price ,f;t50 ten Houses, price 0; eight Houses, price £ 1,600 two Houses in Pearl-street, pnce ie 100; ten-roomed Yilla, with cellar, bath-room, an 1 gas fittings mostly in every loom, price £800, two- thirds of the purchase money could remain on mort- gage.-TO LET, three large Shops in Castle-road, suitable for draperpr, ironmongers, druggists, batchers, or furni- ture shops, ail with large celiirg; feveral flve~roomed Houses, with large gardens, at Eiy, rent 4s 6d per week eight roomfd Villa in Davies'-crescent. with larsre garden, venetian blinds, gas fittings, and well, rent £30 a year, only Ave minutes' walk to where the trains start. Seve- ral Farms to LET m Moumouthshire, rent about 11 10a per acre. For reply please enclose a stamped envelope. Apply to Mr Thomas Davies, House and Land and Insur- ance Agent, 34, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. 40277 la sitter TO PUBLICANS.— TO BE LET, with immediate possession, fiat capital INN. the Commercial Hotel, Heolfach, Rhondda Valley, on lease, 11 years to run. Satisfactory reasons for leaving.—For rent, terms, and all information, apply T. Lewis, as above. 0~ LET, TILERS' ARMS, Blaina; also GOLDEN LION, Abertiilerv; both full-licensed.—For par- ticulars apply to W. Webb, Aberbeeg. CARDIFF —TO LET, a good refreshment house, doing a good trade. In main thorougltfare,—Apply J. F., Daily News" Office. 2214 HOUSE and SHOP to LET, in Lower Cathedral-road. —Apply to Mr John Jones, Butcher, opposite. 2182 QQ OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA—Excellent busi- 0«/, ness premises, consisting of House, Shop, exten- sive Storerooms, and Stable to be LET.—Apply to J. Bluett, Eastgate-terrace, Neath. 2198 TO LET, an extensive business PREMISES, in the principal street in Treherbert.—Apply to Henry Thomas, Draper, Treherbert. 2184 TREFOREST.—To LET, Corner HOUSE and SHOP in Castle-street, with or without Bakehouse suitable for any business; premises thoroughly repaired rent low.—Apply, Evans, 33, Meteor-street, Cardiff. 2176 CARDIFF.-TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP with good fixtures, 36, Caroline-street first-class business premises in leading thoroughfare.—Apply to Miss Harry, 8, Weliington-terrace 2154 A SHOP and BAKEHOUSE, in Centre of Town.— Apply to Williams and Williams, Auctioneers, (,I,ur-h -street, Cardilf, 2151 TO WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS.- PONTY- PRIDD.—To LET immediately, situate near the Railway-station, where a good trade has been carried on for a number of years in the above business.—For terms and to view apply, M. Davies, Pwllywaun, near Ponty- pridli 2150 TO LET, UNITY INN, James-street, Swansea, double licensed.—Apply, Andrews Brothers, Oxford-street Brewery, Swansea. d 2146 CONVENIENT single OFFICE to LLT, ground floor, Mountstuart-square.—Apply Wood, Printer, Docks. 47847 TO LET, with immediate possession, that new and commodious SHOP and PREMISES, situate on the comer of Castle-square and Caer-street, Swansea. Leading thoroughfare, central, and suitable for almost any class of business. Large plate-glass frontage to each street. —Apply on the premises, 14, Castle-square. 46421 for Pbpooat. OUTDOOR BEER and GROCERY BUSINESS, taking £17 a week; incoming £ 90.—Withers, Rock House, Marl borough-street, Bristol. ) 2208 D- RAPERY,-An old-established business, doing a good trade. Satisfactory reasons for leaving.— Apply, Harries, Compton House Fishguard. 2199 DRAPER'S VALUER, over Twenty years' experience. —Appiv to Mr John Lewis, Fairfield House, Swansea, 2083 lur ntt.-i:t!!tt. A~ NGLING.—FRESHWATER FISH of all kinds can bo caught in immense quantities with the Chinese bait, "Chins:" (Stinking Gladwin). Fish smell the bait tifty yards off and it eagerly, especially salmon, trout, roach. and dace. Price 10s per lb. Sample, suffi- cient to c. t li a bushel of fish, gent post pai l for 13 penny stamps. Address-Jules and Co., Importers, Southampton.—Testimonial Messrs Jules and Co., please send me a quarter of a pound of your fish bait, Ching.' The sample I had last week answered splen- didly it took fifteen brace of roach, four and a half of different fish.- W. Ratcliff, Ladywood House, Souih Vincent-street, Birmin.-ham." 2206 HARVEST CIDER ed per Gallon. Devonshire Cider for Bottling or Draught in prime condition.— Apply, W. J. and J. Gaskell, West Bute Dock Ware- houses, Cardiff. 47196 SCHOONER for SALE.—The Devonport," 133 tons S register, carries 230 tons, shifts without ballast.- For particulars apply to the Master, on board, at Ply- mouth. 21L6 BOAT FOR SALE. — Fishing Smack, in Dock, at Car- diff. To be Sold to cover moitgagv. Very cheap, John Jenkins x Co,, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. ARNIUNIUM, Z4; ditto, Z5 ditto (7 stops), 46 IOS; tjt_ Pianoforte (good), e6 ditto, L7. The Cheapest House in Wales for all Musical Instruments. Robinson's Harmonium Manufactory, 28, Oxford-street, Swansea. 47819 ittUnntOu. FOREST OF DEAN STONE. Prices and particulars, address J. Mitchell, 5, South Luton-piace, Cardiff. 2217 2217 -1 BILLIARD BALLS, Chalks, Cues and Tips, at HENNIG BROS.' Ivory Works, 11, High-street, London, W.C. Cheapest house in the trade for billiard- table requisites and ivory goods in general. Old balls adjusted or exchanged, and tables re-covered. Price Lists on application. Established, 1862. 1500 ABERDEEN GRANITE MONUMENTS, from £ 5. Carriage free. Inscriptions accurate and beautiful. —Plans and prices from Legge, Sculptor, Aberdeen. 2082 FOR HIRE, the fast-sailing cutter YACHT, Village Belle,' 15 tons. This yacht, which is quite new, has been re-fitted and done in the newest possible style! She is replete with everything modern, is a fast sailer, and suitable for u gentleman and his family visiting the sea-side.—For terms, &c., apply to Mr Simmons, Stretton House, Tenby. 478;;1 1a -THE NEW POCKET TIME-PIECE— -g s" la Warranted to denote Correct Solar Time, I Post-free Fifteen Stamps. The FRUCH POCKft TIMH LNDICATOT (Patented in L, ng. land and France), 100,000 of which were sold during ti e Paris Exhibition will denote correct time; same size and shape as a watch cestiDg Ten Guineas; serv cetble metal case, :teel works, balanced action, enamelled dial glass dome. Warranted for two years. Two securely packed for Twenty-eight Stamps. Obtainable only tr«m the undersigned Sole Agents for Great Britain, THE FRENCH NOVELTY COMPANY, 113, Park-street, Marble Areh, London, W. 1415 7 FORTNIGHTS FAMILY WASH, in Four Hours, J\ without rubbing or boiling, by using "THE JjbMESTIC Washer, Wringer, and Mangier (three machines in one" carriage paid, and a free trial allowed. — Illustrated prospectus post free from Morris Bros., Pontypridd, and Id, Angel-street, Cardiff. 44216 ERAMBULATORS.—"The Patent Safety Revolving," counteracts wind, rain, dust, sun, &c., from what- ever quarter arisintr, and thoroughly protcds the child from the most inclement weather. Prices and nlustra- tions free. These Patent Carriages are sent carriage paid to any Station.—Morris Brothers, 16, Angel-street. Cardiff, and Pontypridd. LTTFST "TIP" 10 CYCLISTS desirous of Cycling as cheaDly as possible this season, RIDE THE CAMBRIAN BICTTCLES, Manufactured by MORRIS BROTHERS. Or purchase your machine of any other make and acces- sories of all descriptions of the same firm at a Large Discount. One of the Largest Stocks of New and Second-hand Machines in the United Kingdom to select from. All goods cairi^ge Daid. WORKS—PONTYPRIIID." SHOW BOOM AND OITICJI- 16, ANGEL iiRELIT,w CARDIFF. Price List one Stamp, 4Z676 (VJ A _Certftin Cure for Nervous Debilitv ^RATIa, a MEDICAL WORK, showing Jufferers how T y may be cured and acquire Health and Vitality without the aid of Quacks, with recipes for purifying the blood, ana removing Skm Affectious. Free on receipt of Stamp to prepay postage. -Address Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 1498 THE BEGINNING OF ALL DISEASE JL is a disordered Stomach. Use NORTON'S CAMO- MILE PILLS. Sold everywhere, in bottles Is lid, 2a 9d. ind lis. TNDIGESTIONT JL NORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS. A gentle Aperient and a powerful Tonic. L gold everywhere. Lp bottles js ltd. 44§5i JOHN JENKINS and ANNOUNCEMENTS. JOHN J E N KIN Sand CO., AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS, STOCK INSURANCE. MORTGAGE AND BUSINESS BROKERS, ARBITRATORS. HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, FINANCIAL GENBRAL AGENTS. PHILHARMONIC CHAMBERS, ST. MllY STRXKT, CARDIFF. Agents to the Sun Fire, Provident Clerks' Mutual We and Guarantee, and the Norwich and London Accident and Plate Glass Insurance Companies, and the Protector Endowment, Loan, and Annuity CompaDr N-B. — J. J. and Co, prefer personal interviews, but wrore this is not practicable, communication may bo made by post, in which case TWO stamps must bo •ndosed for reply. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. SWANSEA.—Desirable compact HOTEL, with good Vault, on a long lease trade large. Ingoing £1,200.-Johu Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-69 CARDIFF.—Capital free double-licensed PUBLIC- HOUSr, in one of the leading thoroughfares. An excellent opportunity for a person seeking a firot-class bwiness.-John Jenkins anu Co., Suu Fire Offic, Phil. harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. i-68 "I^TEWPOUT. —Good, well situated, DOUBLP. LI- CENSED HOUSE, doing a large trade (proot). Ingoing, fullv furnished, Kent moderate.—John Jenkins & Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. -íJ7 CARDIFF. — DOUBLE-LICENSED HOUSE, estab lished as a boarding-house, within easy access to Docks. Lease moderate rent good inventory in- going £ 500.—John Jenkins ssnd Co., Philharmonic Chambers, CaráiJJ. 1-66 CARDIFF.—Good Double-licensed HOUSE in a populous neighbouihood, doing large trade; rent jow; INKING £ 900.—John Jenkins and Co., Philhar- monic Chambers, C:\rdiff. 1-65., BRISTOL.—Good Free Full-licensed HOUSE, situate JL) in an important business part and near shipping rent £ 50 ingoing £ Z20.—Johu Jenkius aud Co., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1—63 DRAPERY and GROCERY BUSINESS, in a capital manufacturing and colliery district in South Wales. Leaf-e of premites, which have lately been re- stored at pieat expense, £400; I:ent. £50; Lease, 17 years Returns, about £ 5,COO, which can be increased Stock (low) at aluation.-Jobn Jenkins aud Cu., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff, 1—6t SINGLE-LICENSED rUBLIC HOUSE, in Cardiff; doin fair trade, and held at a very low rClit. In- goin £ 120. John Jeukica and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, C;lrditI. 1-62 CARDIFF, DOCKS. Double licensed PUBLIC- liOUE, in goúd position. Ingoing and rent woùerate.-Johu Jellkins and Cu.,Auctiuneers, &c., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-59 CCONFECTIONER'S. GROCER'S, and PRIVATE J HOIEL BUSINESS, near the Bute Docks, Carditi holding a wme licence, to be SOLD. Good Shop lee Stock about £ 30O, by valuatlOn,-Johu Jenkins and Co., PhilharmoIllc Chambers, Cardiff. 1-50 CANTON.—Good Double-licensed HOUSE, in excellent position. Larg-e trade; price moderate.-John Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1—56 ARDIFF. — sTTiglt-licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE to be disposed of ill Canton; incomillg £ 60; low rent.- Apply to John Jenkins and Co., TUilharmonic Chambers, Cmxiiff. 1 52 INGLE-LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE, near Cardiff; low rent; ingoing £40. -Apply to John Jelikins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, L¡¡.niilf. 1-47 INE and BEER-LICENSED HOUSE for immediate DISPOSAL—A bargain—for special reasons. Uncxceptiouable opportunity fur taking a public-house cheap. Satisfactory reasons for leaving. Apply to Messrs John Jenkins & Co., Auctioneers and Account- ants, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-5 ^ARDIFF^"Suburbs of. — A very spacious Single- J licensed HOUSE, in a new but very yrowing neigh- oourhood, ou lease at ælOO per year. Ingoing, £ 500.—J. Jenkins and Co., Howe auù Estate Agent, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1-11 ARDIFF, Lower Grange.—Double-licensed HOUSE in Grangetown, on a good lease, to be Disposed of, Satisfactory reasons for leaving. Ingoing, £50U to £700 according to conditions.—J. Jenkins & Co., Auctioneers Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. -I'D CARDIFF.—Double-licensed HOUSE, in easy distance to station, important offices, and principal thoroughfares held 011 a good lease, and doing a large trade; to be DISPOSED OF. Ingoing Jenkins & Co., Sun Fire Office, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1.6 BUSINESSES WANTED. SINGLE LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE. Ingoing not exceeding £50.-Johu Jenkins and Co,, Philhar- monic Chambers, Cardiff. DOUBLE-LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE, Bute-street or Docks, Cardiff: Ingoing £200 to £;;00. John Jeukinj and Co., Brokers, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff, SMALL SPIRIT to £300; respectable o part of C1.rdill.-John Jeuklns ana Co., uu Fire Uttice, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. A SMALL PUBLIC HO,USE.—Ingoing not to exceed £ 100.—John Jenkins and Co., Sun Fire Office, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. GOOD Single Licensed PUBLIC HOUSE.—Ingoing not to exceed £[80. — John Jenkins and Cc, Business Brokers, Philhannouie Chambers, Cardiff. BUSINESS PREMISES TO BE LET. HOuSE, with Shop Front, 4-stall stable, in Roath, suibbie for Cabman, &c.; luw l'ent.-AlJply tu JUliU Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3—47 WAREHOUSE, substantially built and dry, and containing. 4 floors, each about 36 ft. by 18 ft., with good approach in Gladstone-street. Low rent.— John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3-44 OFFICES.—Two sets of four first-class and con- veniently- rranged Offices, suitable for Solicitors, Architects, &c., in best position of St. Mary-street, to be Let with iiume liate possession.—Particulars of John Jenkius & Co., Philharmonic Chambers, lJar4ilÏ. LARGE SHOP, in a good position, with excellent Dwelling Apartmeuts, iu a pnnclpal street.-Jotlll enKius ami Co., Philharmonic ChalJlLers,Carolilf. O-LL (JAPlTAL PREMISES, in a first-class position in Car- ditf, with thowy plate-g-las8 window, TO ue LET. heut anù tixtures reasonable no stock; unexceptionable olJportunity to open ullSiuess in a leading situation. 4^L'L.V Julin Jenkins and Co., Philiiarmwnc CHAMBERS, (JaWI1). bl able for Bonded or other Stores, with very good approach,- John Jenkins aud Co., liowe and Litato Agents, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3-7 TJPWQ Sets of good OFFICES, to be entered upon in a | mouth, in centre of Cardiff —Apply to John Jenkins and Co., C;"nliff. ;).7 HOUSES, &c., FOR SALE. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND on the King's-road, to Le sold cheap. Comer plot, 130 feet by 26 feet. —John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2—00 SEVERAL First-class COTTAGES in a good letting neighbourhood, to pay about S per cent, clear, to lJe SOLD. John Jenkw8 and Co., House aud Estate Agents, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff, 2—15 PENARTH.—Four COTTAGES, in good letting place, 17 feet ¡ruuta.¡;e, good repa.r. Ground rent £ 8 lO. t'nce £ 700.—John Jenkins ami Co., l'hl.l1;'¡'l'Iuonc Chambers, Cardiff. z-6J FREEHOLD RESIDENCE and OFFICES, near Car. Jt' diff, TO be SOLD, with or without a field near.— JOHU Jenkins and Co. Philharmonic Chambers, Car- diff. L DESIliABLE RESIDENCE, in best of Cardiff, having tp a WOOD entrance-hail, and containing 12 spacious and well ananyed rooms, thrte lavatories, and Lath- room, with hot snd cold water, good ceileiage and domestic apartments, in excellent condition andieplete with Venetian blinds and gas fatungs, to be bOLl) Mr the very moderate price 01 £9;¡0. Ground lent iow early posessiou,-Jotlll Jenkins and Co., I'hilnarmomc Chambers, Cardiff. 0 nr\KREE GOOD HOUSES and a STABLE in Adam- 1 street, to beSOLD, to pay per cent. PI te il,OU0. -OHN Jenkins aad Co., Pniiiiamiouic Cna«inerA, Cardiff, ORTIMELT ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF.—Good letting Houses to be Sold.—Apply TO John Jen- kins and Co, Philaruionic Chambers, Cardiff. 4tH ,U 2—5J RI >WO good HOUSES, III Lower Cathedrai-road, to be 1 SOLD, for £650..Für particulars apply to John jeukin 6C Co., House und Estate Ageuts, Phiiharuioiii- Chambers, Ca.rúiíI. 2-15 miN STREET, CARDIFF.—Four well-built and COIl- I yenieut HOUSES, all let, to be SOLD. A good iu vestment for £ 900.—JO^N Jenkins aud Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-41 "1 good HOUSES in Mortimer-road, Canton, offer M agood investment for Jenkins and Co., House aud Estate Agents, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-;JV SEVERAL HOUSES in Brook-street, Cardiff. Moderate price. Safe letting neighbourhood.—Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-35 HOUSE in Northcote-street, Cardiff. Very moderate .LJ price. -Jolin Jt:llklll3 amI Co., Cardiff. 2-34 Y»T YN'DHAM CRESCENT, CANTON.—One or two good HOUSES to he SOLD, offering invest- ments lor £3;0, and £ù70.-JoLn Jenkins and Co., House AND Lttale Agents, Philharmonic Chamber; Cardiff. 2-42 VEHY Good HOUSE, with showy shop, in Clifton- street, to pay nearly T i per cent. Price £00,- Joun Jenkins and Co., Auctioneers and Valuers, Philhar. monic Chambers, Cardiff. 2.5 PARTRIDGE ROAD.—Very compact and neat semi. Jt_ detached VILLA, in excellent condition. Price £45. —John Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agents, Phil, harmonic Chambers, CardilI 2-28 A CONVENIENT 12-ROOMED HOUSE, in nice part of Roath, with two entrances, and hel<I at a very JUwground reut, to be sold at fair price.-John Jenkins and Co., House and Estate Agents, Philharmonic Cham- bers, Cardiff. 2-8 EIGHTEEN well-built HOUSES, in good locality. Price, £2,>00. Ground rent moderate. — John Jenkins and. Cu., Philharmonic Cha,I1Iber, Cardiff. 2-26 FOUR very desirable HOUSES, let for JE82 per year, Jf Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Cnambers, Cardiff. 2-27 HOUSES TO BE LET. SIX-ROOMED HOUSE, Cathedral-N ad rrnt £ O0. Further particulais of Johu Jeiikius and Co., Phil- harmouic Chambers, Cardiff. i>- 45 CARDIFF.—HOUSE to LET in Union-street, suitable for boot maker or tailor.-Juhu Jenkins and Cu., Auctioneers, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff, PENARTH.—Very convenient RESIDENCE, in Clive- road, to be Let, immediately. Good lleighbour- hood Rent low. Furniture cn be purchased a bargain, or vaJuatwn, John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, CardiN. 3—43 FURNISHED RESIDENCES TO LET. CHEPSTOW.—First class completely fnrnished de. tached RESIDENCE, within easyacceiJB to HaiIway Station comprusmg theee reception and seven bedrooIIl3, with usual offices. Large well-stocked garden; lawn- tennis and arChery grounds. Good 8ta.blillg, &c. Rent, only £ 120 per anuum.-Appiy to John Jenkius and Co. Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 3-42 WAN TED TO^PURCILASE. A FREEHOLD or Long Leasehold PUBLIC-HOUSE John Jenkins aud Co., Auctioneers, Pl1ilha.rmoic Chambers, Cardiff. GROUND RENTS FOR SALE. OO A £ "> Can secure Ground Rents in Cardiff to pay about 4 per cent, at once. Through the lease being short tbe reversionary interest is of con- siderable value.—Johu Jenkins and Co., Accountants, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 2-30 MONETARY. 0"| £ 250, and £ 600 ready to be INVESTED on OWLOV. MORTGAGE.—Johu Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. O A and £ 500 to be ADVANCED on good free- C&>TFCVLF, hold secuiities.—Particulars, to John Jenkins aud Co., Accountauts, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. f ARGE SUMS to be advanced 011 Leaseholds,Free- holds, Reversions, Annuities or Ground Rents.— John Jenkins and Co., Mortgage Brokers and Fiuautiai AGENTS, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. W. AND S. H EKN (Established 1849), HOUSE ESTATE, AND LAND AGENTS, AUCTIONEERS, VALUEUS, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS, &c. FIRE. LIFE, ACCIDENT, AND MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS. Omen: 74, SAINT MARY-STREET. ANNOUNCEMENTS (Extracted from our Register.) FURNISHED RESIDENCES. ¡ TO LET. PENARTH, NEAR CARDIFF.—Commodiom Family JL Marine beautifully-situated RESIDENCE, 10 bed- rooms, gardens, &c. Rent moderate.-Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1301 ABERGAVENNY,—Nice VILLA, in Suburbs. Three reception, four bedrooms. Gas. ear a station. Moierate reut for two or three months.—Messrs Hem, Cardiff. 1292 A BERGAVENN Y.-—Detached Furnished RESIDENCE —3 sitting rooms, 5 beu roorus,a.nd dressing room; good domestic offices. Rent jE3 3J per week.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1141 B" RTCONSHYrE.—Desi'rable~~Furnished RESIDENCE —4 reception rooms, bHliard room, 7 bedrooms, good dometic offices fctabling, &c., near church and station. Rent moderate.—-Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1002 CARMARTHEN3HIRE.—Furnished MANSION,beau- tifully situate, with extensive shooting and lishin privileges, suitable for a large establishment.— Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1093 CHEPSTOW (na) Beauilully situated on tne Wye, an 1 within easy distance of Tintern Abbey and the Wyndcliff. — Desirable Detached Furnished RESIDENCE, in own grounds 3 reception rooms, 7 bed- rooms, Ii acre most productive garden, good water, and requisites. Rent very moderate. 1288 filENBY.—Detached-Villa RESIDENCE; three Recep- I tion rooms, eight I,edrooms, about two acres (If gartiew and ground, nicely laid out, COlli man ding mag- nificèut views. Furnished or unfurnished. Reut moderate.—Messrs Hen:, Cardiff. 1150 CI LAMOKGANSHIRE, near food town and main line W station, and within easy distance of beautiful waterfalls of Vale of Neath, hmdsomely-fumished RESI- DENCE, 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, good domestic offices, stabling, garden, and grounds; rent moderate; or would beSOLD a bargain.—Messrs Hern, Caraiff 1095 MONMOUTHSHIRE.—Family MANSION, viell fur- 1,- nished, delightfully situated, garden, lawns, and ornamental grounds, (3 acres of prime meadow land. Rent moderate.—Messrs Horn, Cardiff. 539 NORTH WALES.—FURNISHED MANSION, beauti- fully situate 111 the centre of finely wooded park, commanding magnificent view, excellent shooting and fishing near harriers and. f jxhounds contaills 4recep- tion rooms. 17 bed anù dressing rooms, uood domestic offices, stabling, &c.; productive gardens, vineries, orchard, and greenhouse—1,000 acres shooting strictly preserved trout tream; rent woderate.-Me¡¡sra Hern, Cardiff. 1217 0~~N Ihe WYE—Furnished Country RESIDENCE, contains hall, 2 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, COlltaÏlI3 hall, 2 rcceplilHl rooms, 4 bedrooms, coach-house,and st:\IJÍmg,near a station on the WyeValley Railway. Rent £ 2 23 per week-Messrs Hero, Car- diff. 1011 JpENARTH. -Several furnished Marine RESIDENCES. ARDIFF,—Several FURNISHED RESIDENCES. COUNTRY RESIDENCES. TO LET. CARDIFF (near).—Good HOUSE in the country and near the sea six bedrooms, &c., 8 acre laud; reht £ o0.—Messrs Ilern, Cardiff. 1308 MONMOUTH (near).—Good Family HOUSE; £ 50. Price £ 1,300.—Messrs Hern, Carditi. 1220 NEWPORT.—HOUSE, standing in its own grounds; 3 reception, 7 bedrooms, auu offices, etc.-Messrs Hern, Cardih. 1222 FENARTH7~Cardiff.—Good HOUSES, £ 42, £ 75."— Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1286—7 NEAlt CKICKHOWELL and ABERGAVENNY.— Good country COTTAGE RESIDENCE; (3 bed- rooms; 2 guod sitting-rooms, stables, gardens, &c.; rent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Caraiff. 1277 PUNTYPKIDD (near). -MANSION, with 160 acres hnd, suitable for a gentleman or respectable farmer; lent very moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff, 1235 rS^ENBY.—Superior HOUSE, contains two Sitting 1 rooms and eight bedrooms, all modern appliances and couveniencBS. Hent, £ 60.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff, 1132 HEREFORD.—Modern-built detached Gentleman's RESIDENCE, charmingly situate.— Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 986 ADElGAVENNy.-smaJt VILLA RESIDENCE on the baulcs of the Usk, good fishery.—Vf. & £ licru, Cardiff. 1033 KESIDENUES FOR SALE. rrEl"BV.-Frecholù Family RESIDENCE, with grounds I, I (two acres); 3 reception rooms, 8 bedrooms good domestic offices, coach-house, stabling, &c Price mode- rate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 5ti2 1LFRACOMBE. — Picturesque Family Old Fashioned Cottage RESIDENCE, in its own well-timbered and nicely laid-out grounds, with 3 acre3 meadow land, 3 reception, 6 bedrooms, and good attics, garden, coach. house, &c., near tbe town, parish church, and railway statiou. Immediate possession. Price on application. 1268 GLAMORGANSHIRE (near mam line station),— Good HOUSE with Stabling, Coachouse, &c., with or without Furniture a bargain.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1095 TOWN RESIDENCES. .TO LET. CANTON.—Good HOUSE, in Ely-road; fine views, healthy, near Tram terminus. Rent only Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1259 ARK PLACE, CAliDITTV-Genteel RESIDENCE, Dining and drawing-rooms, bail, 5 bedrooms, uressing-rooms, &c, bathroom, gas fittings, and blinds. Lent moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1262 "Vf AIN DEE, NEWPORT/—A MANSION-HOUSE, con- XTJL tains 3 reception and other rooms, numerous bed- rooms, tabling, lawn, pleasure ¡;rounds, grden, Messrs Hem, Cardiff. CARDIFF.—Richmond terrace, Park place, Good House, recently painted and decorated, 10 rooms. Another desirable House ill Park-Grove. 2 sitting, 5 bedrooms, batll room, hot auù cold water, & &c.- Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1305—9 HXRLES-STREET, CAtlDTFF,—Superior .HOUSE, with ample Hem, Cardiff CARDIFF. —Good HOUSES to LETnir PembrokeT- terrace, Castle-road, Oakfield-street, Newport- road, Cowbridge-road, &c. Moderate rents.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 43802 W. & S. HERN, 74, MARY STREET, fax sate.—five Staclt, tfarviiigfs. DOG.—FOR SALE, Che-p, splendid yard, companion, antI water dog, Mastiff-Newfoundland good temper. — H. S. Arnold, Cwmavon, Taibacii. 2159 PARROTS.—Parrots^on SALE.—AT beautiful young JL African Grey, Crimscn tail, sent to any address, package incuded, for 12s 6d; if not satisfactory on receipt, money returned this is exactly the same class of birds as sold by others at a different price. 3,000 cges, the truclible, test. cage. A variety of other Beasts, Birds and Reptiles.—W111. Cross, largest impor- ter in the world, 16 and 18, Earle-street, Liverpool. 47854 CTFAGONS TFOUIENI TUQUI.SITES. BUTE WAGON WORKS, CARDIFF,-Joseph He dd and Co., supply all kinds of New and Second-hand WAGONS, for cash. Redemption or simple hire. Wugons repaired by contract or otherwise. Works, East Moors; Offices, 146, Bute-street.—N. B.—J. H. and Co., undertake to let IJr sell surplus stock: for any owners lJr users. Par- ticuhrs invited. 45701 RAILWAY WAGUNS- SALE, HIRE. OR REDEMPTION, 100 EIGHT-TON T.V.U. 70 SEVEN-TON T.V.R. 100 SEVEN-TON G.W.R. 40 EIGHT-TON G.W.R. 40 SEVEN-TON IlWè-i ORE WAGONS. CO EIGHT-TON T.V.H. To be Let subject to one month's notice. 100 SIX-ION WAGONS, To be let very cheap. Suitable for local traffic. 47638 J. M HAIME, 4, PEAKSON-PLACE, CARDIFF. .1I'I gpx (TOOLS, kt. EVERAL PORTABLE and FIXED ENGINES (with o or without winding gear), Mortar MJ:S,Saw Benches, Centrifugal Pump?, ltC.. for sale, Lire, or deferred pay- ment.—Fielding nnd Platt, Atlas Iron Works, Gloucester. 2098 STEAM HAMMERS AND TOOLS FOR SALE.— 2 15-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 6-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 4-cwt Steam Hammers, 2 Shaping Machines, 4 Drilling Machines, 2 Slotting Machines.—Apply Thompson and Wibou, Leeds. 45972 FOR ALE. a Double-cylinder Beam STEAM ENGINE, built by Jeyce, of London, is bouse framed with 24 and 12 inch cylinders, both four foot stroke. Wrought 11'011 crauk ami connecting rod. Wrought iron crauk shaft, 10ft. Oin governor and feed pump. May be seen at work at Messrs Reynolds and Allen, City Flour Mills, Gloucester. Removed to make room for more power.47164 ON SALE.-ENGINES, BOILERS, MACHINERY Pilei TOOLS. New and sccond-hand locomotive, horizontal, beam, condensing, vertical, compound,, and portaLJle engines; Lancashire and Cornish boilers, with and without Galloway cross tubes in flues; cranes, pumps, mortar mills, weighing machines, tool, &c., &c. Other miscellaneous machinery constantly being added t.) and taken from the present large and varied stoc: all in first-class working condition, mostly equal to new.—For prices, &c., apply to Henry Parkinson, Great Lever Engine and Boiler W ork, Bl11ton. Esab- lished 25.rears. Numerous ref- rences in all parts. 47528 thntt. X? ~S £ 50,000 for immediate inve tment on Freehold Properties.—Particulars to Price .uj Dauiel, Church-street Chambers, Cardiff. 47S70 MORTGAGES.—Several sums of money-Small and .1' large amounts,ior immedjate investment on Free- hold, Leaseholder Copyhold securities.—Apply Pricu and Daniel, Mortgage Brokers, Church-street Chambers, Cardiff. 7,-71 TO £ 1.000.—To be LENT, on Personal or other o&dvF securities, Reversionary Interests, Household und Trade Stocks. &c.—Apply to Price and Daniel, Finance Brokers.Church-street Chambers, Cardiff. 47S72 "T\0 YOU WANT MONEY ?—If so, save time, trouble, 1 t and expense, by appiying direct to Mr Louis Baruett, 49, Bute-street, Cardiff. £ 10 to £ 500 lent daily. No sureties or fee3. This advertisement is genuine. 45129-S274 >>i A A A and other Sums ready to be Advanced on Freehold LAND, at 4 per cent.— Apply to Solicitor, at the office of this paper. 2183 MONEY advanced upou all kinds of real security.— Apply John Henry JODOS, 1, St. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 ) PROVIDENT LOAN COMPANY, No. 8, CATTLE- STREET, NEATH.—Householders and others can have £2 to £50 advance J at shortest notice on their Furniture, &c. Repayable by easy instalments.—Apply any day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 2153 A-YON LOAN AND DISCOUNT coMPANY.-st Helen's-road, Swanse:£5 to £100 advanced upon application to Householders and others. No sureties required. Call or write any day.—Office hours, 9 a,m. to 9 p.m. 44232 MONEY ADVANCED by a Gentleman unconnected FrJL with any Cardiff Money-lender.—John Henry Jones, 1, St. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 O^A to £ 750granted at shortest notice upon per- o&OU sonal security.—Apply John Henry Jones, No, 1, St. John-square, Cardiff. 44284 ESTABLISHED 1808.—ADVANCES from £1 and up- JLL) wards on Plate, Jewellery, Gems, Works of Art, Furniture, and every description of portable property.— Apply ChiUcott and Co., Park-street,Bristol.—P.S. Goods or cash forwarded to any part. 1926 LIFE Policies, Life Policies, Life Policies, Life Policic3 Bought, Sold, or Advances made thereon daily. Swansea Stock and Share Association, SW3.nsea., Sale3 by Public Auction every Wednesday. 33593 CLERGYMEN, Farmers, Clerks, Shopkeepers, and I Mechanics can receive ADVANCES upon FURNI- TURE, etc. (without removal), :1t onco by writin to Mr J. J. Jones, 13, College-street. Swa. Distance no object* 41S613 W. AND S. HER N. (Establisliel 1849), FINANCIAL AGENTS, MORTGAGE BROKERS, AGENTS FOR THE LEADING BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETIES. STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS. OFFICES 74, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF. ANNOUNCEMENTS (extracted from our Register) ¡ FIDZ CROCKHERBTOWN, CA.rT>iff- Good House. Garden, and Stabling". „' nc= moderate.-Messrs Iiern, Estate Agents, Auctioned*/ Mortgage Brokers, And Accountants, Cardiff* OATH-ROAD, CARDIFF. — Seir!l-«vn'?ci?,ed ?esi:, nicely arranged. Hot aud col'l v garden. Price moderate.—Messrs Hem, CardJt, F'REEHOLD PROPERTY.—Several Lots in Chf»-oa,J" —Messrt Hern, Cardiff. 1175—1178—IWv ROATH, CARDIFF.—COTTAGE PROPERTY; » great bargain.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1214 J EAST TEIUIAC11, AUDI FF—999^ years Lease, low Jfj ground rent, Two HOUSES will pay 7 per cent. net.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1192 ROATH-ROAD, CARDIFF.—Convenient 11-roomed residence, hot and cold baths, rent £ 45. Price £ 750. —Messrs Ilern, Cardiff. 1153 ENAIITH, superior RESIDENCL-Cominandin,- hue J. views. Price moderate —Messrs lleru, Cardiff. 1153 PEARL-STREET, CARDIFF. Cortier SHOP, side en- JL trance and Two good Houses, a bargain; large portion 011 mortgage.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1040 OWBItIDGE-BOAD.Small YILLA RESIDENCE. C Price "0. 1152 FOR SALE,Three HOUSES in Christina-street, Bute Docks. Price moderate. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1196 LOWER CATlIEDRAL-ROAD7~CARDIFF7Touvenent House, ground reut low. Price moderate. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1064-1066 ROOK TERRACE, CANTON, Eight-roomed Villa, ground rent low; price moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff 1065 I.NG-S-ROAD, CArDIFF.-Freetiold RESIDENCE, two sitting-rooms, five bedrooms, hot and cold batlis well built. Price moderate,-Mewrs Hern, Cardiff 1154 TOWN RESIDENCES. WANTED. FURNISHED HOUSE.-Sea coast preferred. Shoot- ing and fishing if possible.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 240- 24 1 ) CARDIFF. — In good localit3", Comfortabta RESI- DENCE 2 good sitting-rooms, 5 bedrooms, and baths.—Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, Cardiff. G' ROCEilY and PROVISION BUSINESS, good small. Kent about £ 30.—Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff WANTED, in Carmarthen, Monmouth, or Glamor- gan, FURNISHED RESIDENCE, with Shooting. Mes,-rs Hern, Carditi". COTTAGE and about an Acre of Garden and Orchard. C —Messrs Ilern, Cardiff. 72 ARDIFF DOCKS.—Good EUSINESS PREMISES.^ Messrs Hern, Caidiff. 219 Eg OUSE with 7 Rooms; little land near a town. Rent |_ moderate.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 44 DETACHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE7Garden," and JLf some Land with Hunting, Shooting, aud Fishing lireferred.IlessM Hem, Cardiff. 37 VTEWPOBT, Moil., at or near. —Good RESIDENCE.— J3I Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 14 I/*AUM, 00 to Acres. Rent, nioderate.-Mossrs JF Hern, Cardiff. 214 FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE, with lo 'bedrooms.—Messrs Hem, Cardiff 207 CXdUNTRY RESIDENCE, near Cardiff.—Messrs Hern, j Cardiff. 206 ri^ENBY, or Near—RESIDENCE, with 8 bedrooms. g Rent about £ 50—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 186 I BURNISHED RESIDENCE, 3 reception, 7 bedrooms. Reut not to exceed £ 120.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1C4 ^EVERAr5ood~FARMS WANTED, ranging from 50 to 20Q acres. State the fullest particulars. MINERALS, MINERAL ESTATES, &c. IT^OREST OF DEAN.—Very superior STONE QUARRY; J low rent, uo royalty, a bargain.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1206 STONE QUARRY, in working order, with Railway siding Very ''led crate. -LI e,srs lleru, Cardiff. 18J0 IONEY. /V to £ 20,000 and upwards on Freehold, Copy- 5C/_L\7Vf hold, and Leasehold Properties, Reversion- ary interests, &c,; and from £ 50 to £ 1,000 on Personal Security, Lite Interests, Reversions, Shares 'in Public Companies, and other Securities.—Full particulars and forms of application may be obtained of Mr Samuel Heru, Estate Agent, 74, St Mary-street, Cardiff. \X\ *or immediate Investment on Mort- dwOviVV" k'age of Good Freehold Property or Land.—Messrs Hern, Estate Agents, 74, St. Mary- strcet. BUSINESS PREMISES. C(OWBRIDGE-ROAD, CANTON, CARDIFF.-Good C HOUSE and SHOP. Best position. Immediate possession. Rent moderate.—W. and S. Hern. AII,DIP,F.-IIQUSE .ttid SHOP in Bridge-street, C suitable for any business. Rent moderate.-W, and b. kierd. CARDIFF.—HOUSE and SHOP in Sophia-street,Bute- town small sum required for fixtures. Rent moderate.- W. and S. He,-n. 1263 BU'fE-STlEET, CAIWIFF.-Uood HOUSE, SHOP, and PREMISES, with or without extensive Cellar- age. Side and back EntrAn(,e& -Messrs Hem, Cardiff. 1045 TO LET. —BRtDGEND. — Extensive DWELLING HOUSE and Provision-trade Premises Licensed for Beer, Wine and Spirits. Successful trade carried on 70 years,—Messrs. Hern. 1226 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. NEWPORT.—Main Street. Grocery Business. Double frons; plate glass. Rent £ 60; Goodwill about .KLIOO. Good opportunity. Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1307 AR DIE F. -Old -Established BREAD-BAKERY and C GROCERY Business. Early possession. Stock, plant, fixtures, £ 30 —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1280 CARDIFF.—Double-licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE, good situation. Lease; moderate reut; ingoing low. situation. Lease; moderate rent; ingoing low. Large aud increasing trade.—Messrs Hern, Cardiff, PORTISHEAD.—Good HOTEL with ample accomoda- tioindoing good trade. Rent aud mgoing moderate. —Messrs Hern, Cardiff. 1162 43802 ————— 969 W. A P. HERN. 74, ST. MARY STREET. "JUOIMT. ESTABLISHED 1S36.—The WEST OF ENGLAND Jk7A LOAN and DISCOUNT COMPANY, 44,Commercial- street, Newport, Mon., ADVANCE CASH from P.10 to £ 1,000 at one day's notice, in any part of or Wales, without sureties or fees. The above company grant more advances, and on more reasonable terms, than any other in the Principality. Prospectuses gratis, by applying eit,Le: by letter or personally at above address. <14365 J. BLAIBERG, Manager. GREAT REDUCTION OF INTEREST. MONEV ADVANCED ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, FROM £ 5 To £ 1,000, To Farmers, Hauliers, Tradesmen, &c., on their Stock, Crops, Furniture, &c. Apply personally, or by letter, to SIMON HARRIS, WAVERLEY HOUSE, 47013 CHARLES-STREET, CAIZDIFF. ("1 ENTLEMKN, TRADESMEN, FARMERS, and others X can obtain CASH ADVANCES, in sums from £ 20 to £ 1,000, at a day's notice, without sureties. No fees charged. Prospectus gratis, l y application, either per- sonal lv or by letter, to S. B.a:ber £ 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. N.B.—Intending applicants are reminded, that by applying to this office they are in treaty with a bona fide lender, who advances more thau any two in the Princi- pality. 19206 MONEY. — NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK (Limited), No. 3, Grert Charles-street, Birming- ham. Established 1S67. Paid-up Capital, £ 105,000. Reserve Fund, Zlo,oco. ADVANCES made at a much lower interest than charged by loan societies and money lenders, from £10 to £ 1,000 to responsible persons upon bote of hand alone; also upon deeds, life policies, and upon mortgage of furniture, stock, p ant, crops, and fanning imple- ments, without removal. No sureties or unnecessary expenses required, and all communications are strictly private. Apply personally, or state amount required. DAVID TURNER, Manager. N.B.—Distance no object. The above bank lends more money annually than any two or three (combined) of the largest advance offices or deposit banks through- out England, and no good application is ever refused. Current accounts opened. Deposits received. 807 T. IACHINERY JgUYERS. I, PURCHASERS OF NEW AND SECOND. HAND MACHINERY OF ANY DESCRIPTION SHOULD SEND FOR A COPY OF p HIIJIPS'MONTIILYREGISTER OF J^EW AND gECOND-HAND m ACHJ-NERY, IN WHICH IS ADVERTISED EVERY ENGINEERING AND MECHANICAL REQUIREMENT. PORTABLE, VERTICAL, AND STATIONARY ENGINES, DIRECT ACTING STEAM PUMPS, MORTAR MILLS, SAW BENCHES, VERTICAL, CORNISH, AND OTHER BOILERS. t" Always for immediate Sale or for Hire, or Purchase Hire. Apply for Prices to CHARLES y\ T>HILLIPS 3-J. JL 47674 :k- NEWPORT, MON. "j' D EBENHAM AND JJEWETT Invite attention to their extensive Stock of FURNITURE, CARPETS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, &c. Being Manufacturers, and avoiding intermediate sources by economising cost, and selling at smallest rate of profit for net cash payment, they can guarantee Lowest Prices for reliable Furniture. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF BEST CARPETS AT OLD PRICES. Estimates and Designs for complete Furnishing. CAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. ARMAItTREN.-W. J. NEEDLE, 22, C Union-street, Carmarthen, is authorised to receive ADVERTISEMENTS for the SOUTH WALES DAJLY NEWS, CARDIFF TIMES, and souru WALES WEEKLY NEW. Advertisements sent to the above address before FIVE o'clock p.m., will secure insertion iu tbe next StamiJKb r F ? tfVrn I D RAPERY 1 D RAPERYI THIS DAY (THURSDAY), AUG. 5TH, 1880. D. T. EDWARDS'S GRAND CLE, ARANCE s ALE, At further Reductions, with other inducements. N > ——— BARGTAlivs IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. ▲ 'V Visitors to the EiaUddfod will do well to secure a good parceL > *-v D. T DW A 94, OXFORD STREET & 5, PARK STREET, SWANSEA. LATEST NOVELTIES IN SHOW- ROOMS. 47909 0 Y L E A N D c 0. BOOT MERCHANTS, 19, CHURCH-STREET, and 2, HIGH-STREET, Beg to announce to their Friends and Customers that they have now completed ALTERATION AND EXTENSION OF THEIR PREMISES IN CHURCH-STREET, Where there is now every facility for Exte"*Hnar their large and increasing Business. The SUMMER STOCK is now on hand, and was bought at extremely low rate3, and shall continue to SALL at OLD PRICES, and give Customers the full Benefit. DOYLE AND CO., BOOT MERCHANTS, AND IMPORTERS of FRENCH BOOTS and SHOES, 19. CHURCH-ST., and 2, HIGH-ST., 46316-8590 CARDIFF. POSSESSING ALL THE PROPERTIES OF THE FINEST ARROWROOT. gROWN AND POLSON'S COIN FLOUR HAS TWENTY YEAPUV IVORL,VIDII REPUTATION, And is Unequalled for Uniformly Superior Quality. 226 39587 B OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER. FOUR GOLD MEDALS. ORWICK'S BAKING POWDER.. FOR WHOLESOME BREAD. B OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER. B FOR PUDDINGS AND PIES. B OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER. TOR PLUM CAKE. BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER FOB TEA CAKE.3 AND SCONES. BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER JD 44448.-8120 FOR NORFOLK DUMPLINGS. I CARDIFF AND PENARTH OMNIBUSES. CARDIFF, deP ) }} J J J } » } J 10 ° Weekdays. | »$G I>I-< VR I J 9 0 12 0 3 0 6 0 9 0 PENARTH, dep IO O 1 0 4 6 C 40 Week days. j 115 20 50 80 From CASTLE-ROAD. ( LFLA 1 15 3 15 5T5 7 15 ROATH 1 1215 2 15 4 15 6 15 16 Calling at the St Mary-st. Bus Office 15 minutes later. From the BUS OFFICE, f 12 15 2 15 4 15 6 15 8 15 P ENARTH T 1 15 3 15 5 15 7 15 9 15 Later 'Dllsses on Saturdays. THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF A SOCIAL WASTREL, Or THE UPS AND DOWNS OF VAGRANT LIFE, Appear weekly in the CARDIFF THIES" and "SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS." This remarkable history of one who was the most notable mendicant of modern tinies is founded entirely upon facts, many of which came under the writer's own cognizance, whilst others have been obtained from special sources. The life of the Oxford Collegian who lived as a vagrant for nearly 2) years will be found one of the most interesting of biographical narratives.

Family Notices

-TLU lSDAY, AUGUST 5, 1880.…

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