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WEDNESDA Y, OCTOBER 11, 1876. The Mayors of Swansea, Brecon, Haverfordwest Newport and Monmouth were amongst those pre- sent at the Mansion House banquet on Monday biaht given by the Lord Mayor of London, Mr Alderman Cotton, M.P. "An important decision was given by his Honour Judge Falconer at the Swansea county court yes- terday. A tradesman named Robert Jones sued a Mr John Thomas for £15s, being the value of goods supplied to defendant's wife without his knowledge. The defence raised was that an advertisement had been inserted in the papers warning tradesmen not to give Mrs Thomas any credit. The Jadge, in giving judgment for the defendant, said that a tradesman ought never to give a wife credit without telling her husband that she had pledged his credit. If tradesmen did not do this they could not recover, supposing the wife had been forbidden to pledge her husband's credit, although the prohibition had been a private and verbal one. Sir George Elliott, accompanied by his son and a party of gentlemen, took up his residence for the first time yesterday in Belie Vue House, New- port, which has been decorated and furnished specially for Sir George's occupation. During the day a deputation of local gentlemen waited upon the hon. member, and presented him with an address of welcome, and thanking him for the interest which he has taken in the commercial del prosperity of the district. Speeches were^a^ and, the party were afterwards entertained by George. On Monday the annual rifle competition o lacS 1st Monmouthshire Rifle Volunteers took Pttrl I oll near Chepstov. The weather was most unta; tb6 able, and good scores were consequently no j order of the day. The chief prize, a C,IP. g<J £ 2 10s, was won by Private fcj. Dickenson wi pomts. tli0 A meeting of the delegates repre39ntiD" g collieries of South Wales and j,d held at Aberdare ye3teid<vy. Messrs Crawfo*' Brierson, of the .National Union of Miners, present. The meeting resolved to procure a,1 s 01 the men who are on strike at the collierl Messrs Nevill, L'ruce, and Co., of Llanelly- g. The failure is announced of M^sbrs t Nicholson, railway wagon contractors, ot street, Cardiff. Ihe liabilities are 1 o' ,e, which Cl2,000 are secured. The depressIOse 01 trade and local failures are said to be the cau the suspension. 9t — On Monday night a large stone was a train from Newry to Dublin. One of t01$0u n sengers. a justice of peace, named Mr was slightly wounded. The offender has discovered. QrJ!' The Marquis of Tweedale died yesterday J}1 ing, at Yiester, Haddingtonshire. Mt Lord Napier, of Magdala, lauded at Glb tbe yesterday morning. As he stepped ashor0 channel tieet saluted and manned the yar^Js-1' Excellency was sworn in as a Governor of let-tei tar at noon, and at three o'clock he held.a. witD when the inhabitants presented his lordship an address. Jfi Dr" Slade, the Spiritualist medium, appeared at the Bow street police court, yesterday, to answer charges of cheating, Qiie ing and obtaining money by false preteuces. tJ¡6 of the witnesses called was Mr lvlaskelyllel tbO conjuror, who performed the feat of writing slate: in the open court, and expressed all °P £ 1)# that the trick of Sl-ade was a clumsy one* hearing of th« case was not concluded, and 1 therefore again adjourned. At Liverpool, yesterday, the first ^°a'pjP^ Trade enquiry under the new Merchant ti^ Act waa held, the subject of enquiry 0 loss of the steamer Prado. Some di&revoo do opinion was expressed by the Boaid of representative and the court as to the precedure. The above official stated that ing all the evidence he proposed to ask whether there were any ground s for a charge the officers of the ship, and if there should would prefer it. The Stipendiary said it 1\"b.rg' for the court to intimate the propriety of a. c being made. tatioll to Mr Gladstone, in declining an invita) fot attend the annual meeting of the associa''0, closing public-houses in Ireland, expresSe opinion that the association is near the %epit that the continued manifestation of Pb and determination will secure the early of its principles. Mr Lowe also wrote apP of the objects of the association, irrespectl closØ his opinions as to the want of a measure to public-houses on Sunday in England. t tø A discussion upon education took place Wells Diocesan Conference yesterday. Hervey said that Churchmen should Pr°^ v every possible way the diffusion of the cultivation of the intellect. Afc'5 j$e. Denison, in vehement language, Acts of 1870 and 1876. A resolution ^vaS *jj affirming that the true policy of the Churt^( to maintain and extend its educational sys j4' XJ{W' An attempt was made by the Turks on 1\1vril1; a Belgrade telegram states, to cross the "p ij but they were repulsed by the Servians. reported from Paris that the news yesterday morning by the London morn'f? that the Porte had already accepted the MIl ptÎ proposed by the Powers is regarded there mature. — II"





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