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SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS, SALES BY AUCTION, BUSINESS ADDRESSES, &c., Ordered for two or three insertions are charged at the following rate per insertion to Four Lines Is. Od. E'even and Twelve Lines 8s. Od. Five and Six Lines „ls. 6d. Thirteen&Fourteen Lines 3s. 6d. Seven anl Eight Lines 2s. Od. Fifteen and Sixteen Lines 4s. Od. Nine and Ten Unee 2a. 6d. Seventeenifcighteen Lines 4a. 80. AND TURREPENCE FOR IYKKY AimrnoNAL LINK. A LIBERAL DISCOUNT ALLOWED FOR A SERIES OF CONSECUTIVE INSERTIONS. PARAGRAPH ADV IShTISEMENTS are charged at double the above rate. ———. Q TRADESMEN'S ADVERTISEMENTS, aad BUSINESS AN- NOTJNCEMENTS of all kinds, when ordered fer month and np wards, are subject to special terms, according to the Dumbtf •f insertions and space occupied. PUBLIC NOTICES, Lsau. NOTICXS. NOTICBS by Co*. foaATioKB, LoaAJ. Boaxds, POOR-LAW GUARDIANS, and ECSOOL BOARDS, and Emoros Addkjbsshs, (Town Councils and Local Boards), are charged at the rate of Sixtbscb per tne for each in- sertion. PliOSPECTUSES of PtrsLio Cnpuw are charged at the rate Of Niskpkscb per Line for each insertion. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION NOTICES, Parliamsntast Koticiu, and GOVKRKMWT AIDVMX=BEM]tnTa are charged at tlte rlloh oi Oils Shilling per line for eacn insertion. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS are inserted in this Journal at the followlUg tariff :— No. of One Three I Six I Words. Insertion. Insertion* Insertions, Two Lines IS Os. 6d. Is. 0&S Is. 6d. Three Lines 27 Os. 9d. la. 6d. 2s. 3d. Foar Lines 86 Is. fid. 2s. Od. 3s. Od. Five Lines 45 is. 3d. 29. 6d. 3g. 9d. Six Lines 64 Is. 6d. 38. Od. 4s. 6d. Each additional ^Line 8 Cs. 3d. 0s. 6d. 0s. 9d. These charges apply only to the classes of advertisement Specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID For PREVIOUS TO ntsnmoN; if net prepaid, they will be charged by the general male:- Apartments W AjrntD. ( MONSY WA KTSO. APARTilBSTS TO itig Lit. MISCKUJAKBOCS WANTS. Articiss LoIIT. PAS/razaaHiFH W Ana Article Fotnro. Situations Wantkd. Buswbssrs TO bb SOLD. SITUATIONS VACANT. Bousbs TO bb SOLD. SALKS rt PRIVATE Oovtract. Parties aoairering Advertisements in the South Wales Daily Ifewf are requested to attend to the following explanations — Address to an initial (or number) at the Offiee means that appli- cation must be by letter only. directed to ibeinttial or number at the Daily Netot Office (as A. B. C., or No. 128, Daily News 0 ffj ie). Apply at the Dailu News Office" means that personal appli- taiiim must be npde at the Daily Newt Office, where the ad- dress of the Advertiser will be givsn. Persons answering Advertisements are strongly advised not to lend original testimonials, but coPMis ONLr. The columns of the Dailti Npws being of full newspaper width, persons sending Advertisements in manuscript may estimate the •pass they will occupy by calculating uiue words to a line, and twelve lines to an inctl While we use our utmost endeavours to insert Advertisements oli the dfttes ordered, we cannot guarantee that this will b: done, Breat care is also used to -are the c,)rrect printing of Advertise. meats, but womonot be responsible for inaccuracies, or for any tonseqoenees arising thcrefom. Cheques and Post-office Orders to be made payable to D. DUNCAN & SONS, 75 & 76, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF, to whom all Business Communieatir-m should be addressed. (jatteTS containing Nsws or LITSRART ()f)"SIBO"ONS should bt kddressed: "TuB EDITOR, South Wales Daily Newt, CARDIFF.* EDUCATIONAL. OVERNE3S.-Lady Seeks immediate RE-ENGAGEMENT. \TT Thorough English, good music and singing. Moderate salary. D., 16. York street, Bath. WANTED, a WRITING-MASTER tor a few hours per week. Address, The Scnool House, Charles street. 10678 ANTED, Certificated Master and Assistant Mistross for T V Miskin Village Board School. State minimum salary expected.-Apply to Clerk of School Board, Llantrisant, Glamorgan. U6S0 WANTED, to commence duties on October 2Br.1 next, a W CERTIFICATED MISTRESS for agirlawschool. Salary, RZO per antium, and 10 per cent of Government grant, with furnished rooms. fuel, and light.-Apply to T. Barkwortb, Esq., Cwmaven Works, Ta'b&eh. 10662 DOMESTIC SERVANTS. MBS. DODO'S REGISTRY OFFICE, DILLWYN STREET, SWANSEA.—Immediate Engagements. Servants of all classes with good characteig. Stam;> lor reply. 8170 classes with good characteig. Stam;> lor reply. 8170 CLERKS, ASSISTANTS. Ito., WANTED. JAW.—Wanted, in a Solicitor's Offi-e at Cardiff, a steady J CLERK, able to Engross neatly, and well-up in the general work of An office.—Apply, by letter, stating age, salary, au a reference*, to E. B. Reece, Solicitor, Cardiff. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, FINISHERS on Light Work.—Apply at J. W Horner's Bo^t Factory, Newport, Monmouthshire. i_<>7.7 WANTtiD, a COACH WHEELER, one that can turn his hand to Jobbiug.—Apply to the Victoria Carriage Co., Neath. °' 10711 WANTED, a CARPENTER, well uell to Circular Saw,- W Apply, with particulars, to W. E. VVUiiinu a to., Merthyr. 10702 WANTED, an Outdoor APPRFNTICE. —~Apply, Johp V, Ingram, Jeweller, 32, High street, Cardiff. 10090 BOOT TRADE.—Wanted immediately, TWO good strong MEN'S MEN.—Apply, Wm, Prlco, High street, Blaina, Mou. 10695 WANTED, in the GROCERY* and PROVISION TRADE, a IV strong,sober,induatrious,and oDliging A1AN to HAUL in and out, and to IIlake himself generally u.-eiul.-App y personally to Thomas Price, the Circle, nedegttr. 10626 ANTED, a BRICKMAN, to take charge of the Burning. "1' Uood wages to a goo i, steady workaian.—Apply at the OIfice of the Maet>teg Mertnyr Colliery, Maesteg. 10670 RAPERY.-Wantal, an energetic, obliging, and fully competent MAN, who can manage the Drapery Depart- ment. Must speak Welsh.—Applications, stating ag-e, experi- ence, refirer)ces, aLd ssiaiy lequired, must be Stn. no*, later thaa th<j Uth inst., to the Co-operatire Society, Castle street, Macsteg. lOJdo TO BRICKMAKEiiS.—Wanted, a MAN thoioughly acquain- ted with the making of HRE BRICKS, &c.—Apply to Manager, Briton Ferry Poet-office. 1. MTANTED, gcod steady PUDDLERS, at the Avon Vale Tin V IW rtorks, Aberavor., where new furnaces are ready for worit. IU63f3 rS^O GROCERiS' ASSISTANTS. — Wanted immediately, a JL Young MAN, about four years* experience.—Apply to J. Williams, Liverpool house, Trforky, Glamorgan. 10G29 ANTED, an A KCUIT ECTU RAL tiRA UGHTaMAN^— Apply, by letter, stating terms and qualifications, to Mr Peter Price, 3, Crockherbtowu, Cardiff. li (>J2 TO JOURNEYMEN CONFECTIONERS —^Wanted" imme- diately, a MAN who has a thorough knowledge of Con- fectionery. Applicants are requested to tatelialary required.— Appiy Enoch Griffiths, High street, Newport, Hon. 111613 WANTED, a Firsi-class TAILOR, as week's wageman, to t y finish after machine. Permanent situation to a stead, man.-Apply,with references, stating wages expected, to Mr Robert. Ko^a, Bangor, North Wales. i 0010 AGENCIES, TRAVELLERS, &a., WANED, all AGENT for Cardiff and district, who can V f influence bus ntss u-r the Provident Life and County Fire Otbees. Established 1,106. Anply to Thomas Niven, Dib- tr.c. Managt r, 3, Whitechapel, Lord street, Li rerpoo). 10720 JEWEliLERY, WaTCHEsJ. Ac. Wholesale Catalog ues free, ei with 303 engravings 6d. Agents Wanted.—Charles Paie and Co, Birmingham, 10077 1 A A AGENTS WANTED, for KEY and UMBRELLA ivfV LABELS. Particulars free. Sample Is (worth iJouri.e). J. iscargill, Mirifeld, Yorkshire. lOtiil £ 150 to £ 200 per annum.—To Energetic MF.N, either travel- ling or stationary, a good Commission is offered without hindrance to present employment.—Apply to Smith and Tid- m,- Colchester. 9632 WATCHES, JEWELLERY, HARDWARE, TKADE CATA LOGUS, FREE; with 1,640 Engravings, is. Agents wanted.—James Simmons, 28. Edgbaeton street, Birmingham. U -_U_-U- 10146 XJROFITABLE EMPLOYMENT either permanently or for I spare tIme. Large income to energetic age nts. ful I par- ticulars post free, by applying to Blake and Co., the Grau, e, ermondsey, Louden. -_u- u- 9621 T> IRMTNGHAM GOODS. JKWELLERY, WATCHES, HAR- )BIWO.N,, IUMS, &c. -,Agents Wznted. New Specialities. New Illustrated Book free.-Apply Henry May, B'ruiingham^ 8924^ AGENTS wanted. Good emnloyment, no risk, terms liberal.—Address, J. F. Wells and Co., 39, Kenshaw street, Liverpool. ^900 WEEKLY and upwards may be easily and honestly realised by persons of eitner sex, without hindrance to present occupation. Particulars free; sample, 8 stamps (re- turned it desired).—Apply Evaai, Watts, t Co., Merchants, Albion-street, Birmingham. -This is genuine, 3141-7S46 SITUATIONS WANTED. TO GROCERS.—Wanted, a 8Ttuation^3^ASSISTAN T Ti years' experience. Highest references. -Adaress, M. 8., 36, Leci»with road. 10710 pj^O CHEMtSTS"amI DRUGGISTS.-Wanted, tolipprentice a X Youth to the above business.—Apply in the first ins'anoe to W. Jesse. Will ams. Llangnnider, Cnckhoweli. 10715 MPLO YMKN'f Wanted bv a WHBEIWRIGFIT. Can Paint and Stripe if required. Address, R. Pbelps, 8, High Street, Tredegar. 10650 TO OUTFITTERS.—Wanted, by a man of 12 years' experi- JL ence, a SITUATION as SAT-ESMA-N, or take Management of a Shop nearly four years' first-class reference; strict teetu- taler.-Adaress Ben, Davies, 36, Gloucester street, Aberdare. 10638 WANTED, a Situation as HEAD GARDENER, whore one man is kept; or a eood Single-handed plufe. Tnder- stands vines, melons, cucumbers, and the ordinary cr •«iii ou^e plants. Good character.—Address T., Post-omen, Nsa h. 10634 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. Y)o OAT-EL-Watited. VILLA, tor amaIl family, dry. hiltil situa- I tion ir.d speiisible.—Address, Victor, Docka Post Office, Cardiff. 10726 YITANTED, a srnall LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE of 4-hotfe V 7 Dowcr.-Addrow. W. Rees, Gelly House. Lianelly, Care •uurtheoshira. lww WANTED, in centre of Cardiff, an Unfurnished ROOM, on Ground Flo* r, for Oflice. State particulars, 30, Bridge | street, Newport, Moa. 10718 WANTED, a lirst-ciass old-established, GROCERY, PRO- I f VISION, and ITALIAN b lLust be situated in a thriving town, and bear strict investigation.—James Wil- liams, care Mrs Arthur Williams, X arberth. 10701 ANTED to Purchase, a few Swansea Bulk SHARKS. ? v State lowest cash prices. -Address, P., 14, Commercial strset, Aberdure. 106/ji WANTED to HIRE for a monthT~a light "wfi«ht CART HOUSE, or to BUY one at about £ 10.—Apply, Bo*, 52, Post-office, Cxrditf. 10854 WANTED, a smll FURNISHED COTTAGE, or r r FL'RXIS'iKD APARTMENTS, in the neighbourhood of Cardiff or Newport.—Particulars and terms to A. U.Z., Post Office, Clifton. 10612 ta \r AN 1'ED, a LATHE. -Send pvrticulara and price to Messrs V T Elliott and Bruke ^ich, 121, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 1C2J7 GENTLEMEN'S and LADIES' Left-off CLOTHING Bought by ldr and lire Green, Sebastopol House, 22, Caroline street, Hayes Bridge, Cardiff, Wales. Money returned for prirecls sent. 95.8 TO BE LET—HOUSES, LAND, &o. AILDIFF. To te Let or Sold, PRIMROSE VILLA, Oakfield C s reet, R "ath, cont lining nine rooms, besides bath-room (coid and hot water), cellar, gas with fittings, ia.rge garden. &c. Apply ab.-ve address. 10717 TO LET, TWO semi-detached VILLAS (Gdina and Norfolk), Upper fieargj street, cathays, Rent 10i per week each. Apply at 21, Fredericas reet, Lute Dc.cks, Cardiff. O LET, a IIOU3F, in Frederick, street, Caul iff, lately OCJU- y pie-. 1 by Mr Moir, veterinary surgeon,—Apply at 11,St John ttreet, Cardiff. 10804 CAERLE\JN.—Xo L'-T, a comfortable RE^IDENCrf, situated in Caerleon, Mon. The house c >u'ains drawing room, dioing room, breakfast room, china pautrv-, kitchen, scullery, four bedrooms (one double-bedded), ar.d dressing room. Gar- den and croquet lawn attached. Possession may be had after the Slat day of October, 176.. For particulars apply on the premise*, to D. W. Jenkins. "10030 PltNARTK.—To LET, furnished, on advantageous terms, 1, Kymin Terrace.—Apply to Mr Oliver, 2i), Crockherb- town, Cardiff. 1002J. TO BE LET.—BUSINESS PREMISES, &le. rfTiO CHEMISTS AND OTHERS.—TO be LET, a capital JL RU.^INK^S PREMISES, in Tonypandy, being the most central position in the district. Apply to W. J. Powell, Auc- tioneer and Valuer, I'ontjpridd. lOliil CAPITAh OPPORTUNITY" FOR bAKKRS aiuf CoN- A FECTio:\ERS.—TO LET, with immediate poss-Mton, a capital Corner BUSINESS PRHMISEI-, with Bakehouse attached, siruate in Splollands, in a thickly-popuiated neigh- bourho(xi.-Arpiy at once to James Griffi:hs, 22, Bute terrace, Cardiff. lOfj97 TO liE LET, a good PLATE-GLASS SHOP in Castle road, suitable for a Grocer, Draper, or Ironmonger. Special advan,.ages otfered to a fifst-ciass tradesman.—Apply Robbins auu Sous, 1, Castle road. Car Jiff. 10623 SWANSEA.—To be LET, a larxe WAREHOUSE and STABLES, in Lower Oxford street, dweilini,h>'use at- tached if required.—Apply, '1'. H. Davies, auctioneer, 18, Union street, wanea. 103S6 TO be L&T, with immediate possession, a commodious SHOP, 111 one of the best strea s in Llaoelly.—For further particulars apply to Mr F. G. Gou;h, 11, Murray street, Lian- elly.- 9^37 CARDIFF.—To be LET, with immediate po«s?ssion, the ROSE AND CROWN, Miliiceut street. For particulars apply on the prses. 904.7 r REORKY RHONDUA VALLEY.-To TRADERS IN I UNREDEEMED CLOTH&c.—To be LET, with im- mediate possession, a Genuine Ready-money BUSiMjoS, in a rapjdly increasing locality. Proprietor retiring. Stock low. Incoming about tlOO. bpaciou3 premises, and rent niuderate. — Apply 10 Mr George M. Rees, Auctioneer and Business Airent, Treherbert. 9490 /■^ARDIi-F.—SHOPS, STORES, and WAREUOOMS TO BE V; LKT in Working street and Trinity street. — Apply to J. Walker, Dutfryn Villa, Boath, Cardiff, 9426 ni">0 LET, Ground Floor and First Floor o £ FRUIT WARB- I HOUSE, near Archway, West But,0 Dock, from this date to December next.—Apply 10 Joseph ElliuW :ond Sons, Pute Docks, Caidiff. 7S68 TO LET,—A HOUSE and SHOP, containing 12 rooms, with oven and bakehouse. Coachhouse a'xi stable can be a<j<h>il at a small outlay. Rent only £:0 per antinw-Al,ply to Alr White, builder, Swansea. 7157 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. DRAPERY.—To be DISPOSED OF immediatel)'. an old- established DRAPERY and OO'TFlTTtNG li'USINESS, where a large and profitable trade is be in, done. Pre.ent pro- prietor retiring. Situate in the most thriving and central part of Rhoudda Vadev, surrounded by about a dozen of the largest steain coal collieries in South Wal'is. App!y to W. Jones Powel, Auc-tioneet- and Valuer, Pontypridd. n_H_- 1010 > tlARDIFF.- TO BE DISPOSED OF, one of tlia bast OUT- I FITTING, TAILORING, and DRAPERY BUSINESSES in South Wales; established 30 years; very best positiou at tije Docks: presen returns ai-out £3.),000 a year. The STOCK consists of Woollens, Ready Mades, "C" &c., to the value of about J::6,000, to be taken by inCOll11ûg Apply to II. R. Smith, 116, Bute Docks, Cardiff. TAILORING OR DRAPERY. — FOR SALE, all excellent Business iii the centre of Beau'ort; uplendid opeuii.g for a young man with a small capital. Stool: reduced t" me: t p"r- chascr.-For particulars alply to Edward Griffiths, Clothing Depot, Ueaufort. 1080ti CARDIFF.—BERLIN WOOL, STATIONARY, and FANCY BUSINESS, 'li a leading position.—Apply to Messrs John Jenkins and to., SunFiie Oflice, 20, High Sireet, Cardiff. 10341 and to., SunFiie Oflice, 20, High Sireet, Cardiff. 10341 CARPIFF.-I:1JKE CF CORNWALL ISN.- For Disposal, c the LEASli, GOODWILL, &c.. of this old-estab ished VI iiie and bpi; it. Yault-Apply to Messrs John Jenkins and Co.. Sun Fire Office, High street, Cardiff. 10339 rrSO CHEMISTS and DRUGGISTS.—A Dispensing,! rescribing, I and Light Old-iistaolished reaav-money BUSINESS in the main street oi a populous! own in South Wales; rent on ]ezsez55; satisfactory reasons for leaving. A young man commencing bnginess will find this a change seldom met with. Applv to Mr Henry Lcwi', auctioneer, 2, Cafctle street, Merthyr. 10601 l)RAPEIlS' VALUER. Over twenty -ears experience.- Appiy to John Lewis, Fairfic,d Hc'uge, Swansso. 1000s DRAPERY BUSINESS.—FOR SALE, an excellent Drapery D. concern, situate in one of the host streets in Llauelly. biook very moderate, as it has been much re 'ucsd to facilitate aIe. Immediate possession may be had.-Bad health reason tor giving up.—For fuither particulars, apply to Mr Gough, Auctioneer, &c., Llanelly. 10330 FOR DISPOSAL, an old-established Italian SHIP BROKER- ING BUsUnES S 111 flourishing towu m South Wales.— Apply, M.D.. Post office, Newport, Mon. 8:Ki1 COAL WAGONS & COLLIERY REQUISITIES. RAILWAY WAuONS FOR HIRE, 8 and 10 tons" G/wTr spncificatio-i. at weekly, monthly, or yearly rates.—Ad urtss, Swansea W g m Company, Limited, Swansea. 9650 JlpATLWAY W¡,O\S for all purposes, made to any Rail- l 'vay Company's regulations, for cadi, or on the deferred purchase system also old Wagons le-built by contract or ■ therwise. Repairs done on the shortest, notice, either on the premises or at any statio n. Address, BAXENDALE & HEALD, Briitania Wagon Works, Foxhole. Swansea. N.B.—A number of NEW and SECOND-HAND 6, 7, 8, and 10-tons ready for delivery. 9546 FOR SALE and HIRE, 8 and 10 ton second-hand Coal and othet Mineral WAGO.oS; aLo Tractior Engina WAGONS* new Coal, lien Ore,, Lime, and Contractors' WAGONS new and Locomotive, Portable, Pumping, Winding, and i ractiou aNGINha, Machinery, Railm, &c. Imr Ores, English i'.iia Foreign, Several COLLIERIES and IRON ORE MINES; w, ek ly outputs lOu'j to 'O,()()() tons. Anthracite Welsh Smokeless S'citin arid other ().LS and COKEat colliury prices X. and F. TAYLOR. James-stri ct, liute Docks, Cardiff. 6V07 FOR SALE-HOUSES, LAND, &0- Ij^OR SALK, PKN-Y-Bi'Y. Skntty, pleasantly situated, with extensive view of the Ray, Munitdes, &c. Hou^e contains drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms, five bedrooms, lan>e kitchens, larJer, pantry, w. c., & and other offices well built stables, coach-house, with two good rooms over; tastefully laid out lawn in front, and well stocked garden behind. Good supply of water, arid we l drained. Further particulars apply to J. H. Wyatt, Mount street, Swansea. 10684 FOR SALE, by private contract, an excellent HOUSE, C,)T. TAGES, fcc., everlasting lease. -Apply, A. B., Post-office, BlackWooo, A3 on. 10606 mo BE SJL1J oy Private Contract. — Canton: One nine- loomed House, with large garuen and back entrance, in the main street; lease 999 years from 1871, price £500. Fire Houses, intluJing a Corner .e>n<Jf in the main street, price Zl@500. Eight Houses, rent. 4124 Ids Od. price £ 1,^00. Koath; Four H»uees, including a Corner Shop, rent jEO5 a year, prize £G 0. Shop an 1 sovsn-roorned House, in Castla road, piice £ t)0-J. Two Rouses, rent £31 4s Od, price R321, ground rent only F2 168 Od for both. TO RE LET, several five-roomed Houses, with large garden, 4e 6d ptr week each. Eieveo-roomed House, in the main street, Canton, £35. Also nine-roomed House, rent £ .!o. A Shop and seven-roomed House in Castle road, suitable f, r a butcher, or draper, or greengrocer, or stationery, or a pawnbroker. Light- roomea Vil a in Partridge road, Roath, rent i-JO a year. Apply to Mr Thomas Davies, House A?cnt, :4, Cowbridge road,Canton. For reply please endese a stampea envelope. 97^3 TO CAPITALISTS, FRIRNDLYsbCIETIeiS, and OTHERS,— Persons with surplus capital, ai)d who desire to invest the same on Mortgages of Leasehold Houses and Business Pre- mises, at £ 5 to ±6(>er cent per a.inum interest, will, on appli- cation to Mr John T, Howell j, solicitor, Treherbert, procure them suitable properties to invest their monej', whether lar^e or small amounts. -u. 9 FOR SALE-LIVE STOCK. CARRIAGES, &a. AVERY Useful CART and Two lots of HAkNESS to be sold, at Mrs Hopkips', Grocer, Cwnxvwrla, Swansea. ioc8a X7?OR BALE, a 4-wheol BASKET CARRIAGE, vis-a-v's, liyht hum elegant lirst-cla33 maker.—Address, Vernon, Post Office, Cardiff. 10158 17?OR S\LE a Live Norwegian FOX.—Apply to Captain i C hristeiisen, Barque Brilliant, West Doc'-t, Cardiff. )CC22 F'OR SALE, a strong CRANK-AXLE CART, suitable f r Brewers* Hvi< 1 fttnr (3 bAr^elsi or 12 kilrler»*j\js. A light FLoUlt "ART (8 s-»:k«). A liu'ht TKOLLKY, carries 5 harre's, or 2 pioea. AinJy at. Vest !»u ft lu ck M arcliouses^ CarHff. FOR SALE-MAOHINERY, TOOLS, &cu TO Jul <EIt$, BUILDi-.R5."& CONrRACTORS.—Oil S\J,E, 1 Horizontal ISrsino, 8 hors» power, £ 3ii ihorse Engine and Bo''er on.b'i.ed, w.tl1 hoisting gear, £48; powerful Drag haw Bench to tako 111 4 feet saw, .£40; 1 to t..k3 in 3 f-xt saw, £ 15; farjd ":t w FPime, with "ft 6in palleys, iron tatjo, 12S Deal Frp-wo with 6 sawit, At-, The above are eq«al*o nawanot will t o s >id cheap,Wm. Greenwood, Nurtall street. Rochdale, near Manchaatar. 10049 FOR SALE, a Vertical ENGINE and BOILER, 7 inch cylinder, 10 inch stroke, 4 hop,so power. Can he seen at work at the Lord Raglan, Ellen street, Newtown. Cardiff. 610a POWERFUL Hydraulic BENDING MACHlNE^cr bend- mg and shaping flat and angle iron, will traverse 5ft., ram 6ji?i. dia, by Peel Williams.—J. BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester. 9721 A 10-TON Double Purchase Wrought-iron POST CRANE, J\_ carved jib, 15r. Cin. radius, massive wrought pillar, Fairbairn's patent.—J. KCCKLLY, Etorc street, Manchester. 9721 THREE Excellent two-ilued Lancashire STEAM BOILERS and Fittings, SCft. by 7ft. here, out, sri 1 will test them to lOOIbs.—J, BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester. &7il rf^N SALE, one strong, well-built Condensing Beam Engm 1/ by a lirst-class.mater,. equal tonew; cylinder, 36 irch bore 5 ieetimroke. Can be seen stanuing, and will be sold cheap. One close-built, eelf-contained Condensing'Beam-Engine; stands on Ind ependent-bed on six columns-: cylinder, 28 inch bore, 4 feet Stroke. As good as new. Can Jje seen standing, and will be Sold cheap.-Apply to Henry Parkinson. Foundry-street. roltor. 70 IENRY PARKINSON, rOUNDRT STREET, HOLTOfc LANCASHIRE, has Uti BAIF-One tirstciass BOILER, 80 ft. by T ft., tw. tluen ou side angle iron, with all mountings &3 worked; maker, K:.y, of Hury insured at 65 lb. oat and ready for instant delivery. Three first-class BOILERS, 30 ft. by 7 ft.; two flues, on ilde angle fron, with all mountings now working at 66 lb. pressure. One first-^lsss BOILER, 2C ft. by 6 ft. Sin., two flues, made of Thomieroft plates, with mountings; out, and ready for fngtantdeiverv. One firs.-da<s BOILER, 2t ft by 7 ft., two flues and Galloway boss tubes, with mountings ready for delivery. One first-class BOILER, 2S ft. y 6 ft. 6 in two Cues and mounting* for instant delivery. Almost new. One first-class BOILER, 21 ft. by 8 ft. two flues and mountlu.3. One £ r?t-claes BOILER, 18 ft. by 6ft. Sin.; one tlue IUId ■souiitings ready for aeiivery. Two Singie-ftued BOILERS, 20 ft. by 6 ft., and mountings, by Qoodfellow tor insunt delivery. Two first-class BOILERS, SO ft. by 7 ft., two flues and six, Galloway cross tubes in each flue, with all fittincs. Ready. Stopped working at 70 10. One first-class BOILER, 30 ft. by 7 ft., two flues and al fittings. Under insurance at 60 lb. Beady. One first-class BOILER, X8 ft. by 6 ft. 6 in., two flues and sb cross tubes in eack due, w,th all fittings. End plate iu on* i Shalt One first-class BOILER, is ft. by 6 ft. 3 in., two flues ant all fittings. End plate in one. Outside angle iron. One new BOiLER, 80 ft. by 7 ft., two flues one new BoOei 92 ft. by 6 ft, one flue and one new Boiler, 16ft. by 5 ft. 9in. one flue. All three double riveted. Galloway cross tubes, and end plates in one, with mourtingf, ready for delivei-y. BOILERS ON SALE.—FOUR GALLOWAY'S PATENT BOILERS, 80 ft by 7 ft, safe to work at 70 lbs on tbs square inch. TWO BOILERS. S3 ft by 7 ft, with two flues tb. TWO BOILERS, 26 ft by 7 ft, two flues through ONE BOILER, 20 it by 7 ft, two flues through. ONE BOILER, 18 ft by 6 ft, one flue through. Also several smaller sixes. Apply to HENRY PARKINSON, 70UNDBY STREET, BOLTON. /AN SALE, ONE 16 horse power double cylinder PORTABLE Sj? ENGINE, for winding. USE 12 horse power PORTABLE ENGINE. ONE 10 horse power PORTABLE ENGINE. ONE 8 horse power PORTABLE ENGINE. ONE 6 horse power PORTABLE ENGINE. Equal to new ai;d will be sold cheao. Apply tj HENRY PARKINSON, FOUHDRT STREET, BOLTON. 0""N""SAui, ONE PAIR of 26tu. horizonW WINDING ENGINES. ONE PAIR of ISin. horaontal WINDING ENGINES ONE PAIR of iCin. horizontal WINDING ENGINES. ONE PAIR of 16iu. horizontal WINDING ENv^IMES. ONE p ÅIl of 12in. horisoatal WINDING PNGiNKS. ONE PAIR of JOin. horizontal WIMDUNG ENGINES. ONE PAIR of 7in, horizontal WINDING ENGINES The abore engines are now ready for deil very, and fitted with windintf drum and b ake near to each pair of ensrines. Apply to HENRY PARKINSON, FOUNDRY STREET, BOLTON. /"VN SALE, ONE Pair of 15-lnch Horisoctal WINDING ENGINES, fitted with wiudin? drnm and brake complete, -11. PAKKlNaoN, FOUNDRY STKKET. BOLTON. ON SALE, ON P. Pair of Horizontal WINDING ENGINES, winding druw and i>rake completo.— ENGJN E.s, w,th winding drui4 and brake completo.— Apply, H. i>01.Ni>RV STREET. BOL_oN. ON SALE, TWO Corniirh &)it by 7 ft diameter j two fluss through e« -h safe at 601b pressure working. — App'y, H. PARKINSON, FOUNDRY STREET, BOLTOa, ON SALE, ONE Pair 18-mch High-pressure Horizontal HNGIMES, for Winding, fitted with tlot-linn motion first-class pair of engines.—Apply, H. PARKINSON, FOUNDRY STREET, BOL ON. ON SALE, ONE Pair of 25-inch Horizontal WJNDINCf 0 ENGINES; stroke 4ft.. with wiuJing arum and broke complete; are now quitereaay for ie.Livery. -.Opply, H. PAR- KINSON, FOUNDRY STREET. BOL ION. ON SALE. ONE 25-horse power D. uble-cylinder Portable ENGINE, fitted with slct-iink motion, for winding: One 80-1: orse power Double-eyliniier Porta bio Eiis<iue will ne sold cheap, and are iu fir it-class order.-Appis'. li. PARKINSON, FOUNDRY S ■ REET. BOLTON. li246 "VJ"EW* VERTICAL BOILERS, all sizes, in stock and progress, jLt| require no brickwork, s.vfry description of Cornish and Marine boi ers, cupolas, crane ladhg, tsnksi, &c., engines and boilers co-nbined. Prices re..ui-ed.—F. G, WOOD, Brouohton liniPGU Ikonworks, MANCHESTER. 8710 TEN-HORSE VERTICAL ENGINE and" l-Fiusd BOILER* Very stro. g and equal to new. Complete, ready for work- in,c.-F. G. WOOD, Br.ouaiiTori BRIDGE IRONWORKS, MAN- CHESTER. 8711 FOB, SALE, an EGG-END BOILEl, 40tt. long, 5ft. diameter, with i inch plates.—Apply to D. Evans, Eagle Found-y, Liandaff. a377 ASpiendid Two-flued Lancashire STEAM BOILER and Fittings, 26tt. by 7ft. here, out, aad will test this to 12uibs.-J. BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester, 9721 A Galloway's STEAM BOILER and Fittings, 24ft. by 7ft., 2 flues, and 22 conical tubes; here, out, will test this to 1 Oibs.—J. BU .,i\LEY, Store street, Manchester.$721 IRST-CLASS Two-flued CorDish STEAU "llOILER and JD Fittings, 30ft. by 7ft. here, out, will test this to lOOibs. —j. BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester. 9721 A Good Two-flued Cornish STE aM BOILEH, lfift. by 6ft.; here, out, will test this to 120Ibs.—J. BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester. 9721 '1 A GOOD Low-pressure Lancashire STEAM BOILER, 2 flues, 30 feet by 7 feet here, out, will test this to 75 lbs.— J aUCKLEY. Store street, Manchester. 9721 1 HORSE Power Portable ENGINE and BOILER, m good _B_\f working order. Cau be seen lure, and Steam got p.— J. BUCKLEY, Store street, MAnchester. 9721 FIVE Good, Strong 12-horse Horizontal High-pressure ENGINES, complete with Pumns, Governors, Stop- throttle Valves and Lubricators.—J. BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester, 9721 ONE of Ireland's Patent Wreught-iroa CUPOLAS, 3sft. high 0 4ft. Sin. diameter, with peepholes, bvse plate,stand, pipe, and oiitiets.-J. BUCKLEY, Store street,, Manchester. 9721 TWO Good STEAM BOILERS and Fittings, 30ft. by 7ft., '1 2 flues, domes, and Hill's patent tubes; here, out, and will test to 100 ibj.—J. BUCKLEY, Store street. Manchester. 9721 ONE Eight-horse Horizoutal High-pressure ENGINE, complete with Pump, Governor, Stop-throttie Valves, and Lubricators.—J. BUCKLEY, Store street, Manchester. 9721 ROLLING MILL for Tin Plates or Steel, 2 sets of rolls 2!)in long, 14Hn dia 15in. long 15in. dia,respectively.—JAMES Bl:CKUn, .storestreet, Manchester. 9721 MISCELLANEOUS. SWANSEA.—A New SCREW TUG for sale" in'this Port. Dimensions, 46 Dy 10 by 5 6. Machinery made on the Civde. High pressure tubular boiler; single engine, 14 H.P.N. steams fast consumption two tons per week. -Appiy to Ur James Mad^e, Quay. 10725 TO Coiliery Owners. Shipbrokers. Sc.—FOR SALE, a SCREW COLLI ER ( Aater ballast), carryingovei 700 tons, all told, on a.Pdut 14 feet. Easy payments, and part taken iu lOals, if preferred.—Address, C. P. T., care of J. W. Vicker3, General Advertising Offices, Nicholas lane, Lombard street, London, E.C. 10676 STRONG FIRE-PROOF SAFE, wrought iron, fi-lever powder- proof lo''k on door, price £ 4, delivered. — Ricr-ard M. Lord, Wolverhampton. 10(553 IDER Dozens of Jon"'s Celebratid CIDER and PERRY.—Several Dozens of Jones's Celebrated Champagne Perry. Barland Perry ani Cider, 128 per dozen, including bottles and packages. Also, Several Bushels of very Choice Table Fruit, 8s per bushel.-Apply to O. T. Jones, Relle Orchards, Ledbury, Herefordshire. 10651 TfjWR SALE—Four SHARES in the Swansea Merchant Ship- JJ owners Corapany. -Apply B., "South Wales Daily News," \\ansea. 10614 17^1 RE « PROOF SAFE'S. — CYRUS PRICE and CO.'S Patent Wrought Iron Fire and Burglar Proof Hold- fast Safes and Powder Magaaines, with all modirn improve- ments, and fitted witit Cyrus Price's patent Prize Medal and Gunpowder Proof Locks, from L4 and upwards. A stock at Cru," brothers. Ironmongers, Cardiff. Si78 9723 O DOCTORS, MARK I ED LADIES, &c.— For iinm (bate Use aftor .coonchemeiit.—Anderson, Abbots, and Ander- son's OHSTisTRlC BINDER is a substitute for the towel generally ussd immediately after labour. It is made of strong mien, and d.spenses with the usual pinning. The other advantages are facility of application ccm'ine t with comfort and greater efficiency. Price 711 9d, by post, 4d extra. Thetratfe supplied.—AdJress, Anderson, Abbott, and Anderson, Cast's street, Swansea. 10591 W' Al.NUT COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, a splendid instrument, 7 oc aves, trichord, excellent tone,cost 45 guineas,to bs sold fo, 30 guiiieas also several others, by Kirkman and other makers, to be sold clieap.-lir HUiCHINS, 20, Bridge street, Bristol. JEWICLLERY,&c—Three GOLD WATCIIEsTlfof the best class; Gold Chains, Diamond Rinia, Brooch cs, Earrings, Bracelet, tlate, and various otlr r articles, iu piedgo for various sums; cost over 100 guineas £5 lor tbe parcel 13 duplicates all bona fide guarantee 1.—Addrees, Miss BLOOifFIELD, care of J. Y. E" 24, t lest stret-t, Liverpool. 9799 Barry ISLAND company.—rabbit SIIOOTING.-For perm'ssion and terms apply to S. A. Tylke, Canton. 10:07 C^ORKS.—In consequence of numerous applications, Kernick j auu Son, Wholesale Druggists, Cardiff, have comaieuced importing Spaiiith CORKS in every variety. Manu acturers, llreGIIS, Chemists, and f-nttlers generally, may gave 20 per eCllt. Samples aud prices on application. 1,139.1 SOLID Mahogany DINiNQ TAIJI.E, with two extra leaves,; 8 !'• et by 4 feet, witii patent screw expander, £ 5 10s.- Mr HU CI1 !NS, 20, Bridge street, Biist d. BHEWING PLAN I' FOR SALE, ha ving b 00 replaced by lareer plan One of Morton's 6-barrel reiri^eratora, all complete, with pipc-s and cooler, one 5-qi:arter oak mash tun, -,vii h Kase's ii-oii faise botto n, ari'i driving gear complete, two coppers, one SCO gallons a d one 160 gallons, with oue steam boibr 9ft by 2ft 9;ri,with safetv va!ve and gauge -Apply at tho Albion Steum ¡;rfJwery. (o,r,:i;f. 9932 ITtXC'ELLKNT Second-hand Walnut Drawing Room SUiTE, ]j covered in be t green velvet, consisting 01 Gar,iian head- l.o nge, two carve d easy and six chairs, £15, a bargain,—20. Bridge aire^tu hriatnL FIRST-CLASS Solid Mahogany Din ng Room SUITE, well stuffed, comprising spK-nlid <■ -rved manogany couch, gentleman's bold easy, lady's ditto, t, 4 x chaas, stuffed backs, ail in good condition, verv little wor >6 ouineas, cost nearly double.—Mr HUTCHlNtS, 20, Bridge ttrect, HrisoJ. ff^HE PATENT HYGIENIC VENTILATING WATERPROOF B 1 OAT.—Mes.-rs Anderson, Abbott and Anderson, Id and 17, (iisile street, Swansea, have just introduced a waterproof t-; :t novel description. 'i ourists, fanner?, and others, v. ho are compelled to be out in -et. weather, sulfer no little incunveni- ence from th-5 heat geusrato J by the ordinary waterproof coat.s. The one to which we alludo is ko internally constructed that when worn there is a clear space between the back and shoulders sf the wearer and the corresponding parts of the coat, which allows free egress for the heated air. 1 his space is obtainsd bv placing ribs of a soft pliaiu 111 vterial on the inner surface of the garment, the spaces between t:-e ribs acting as a flue or clialnnal, and alloNvinZ uninterrupted escape fur heated air, thus securing perfect immunity from the oppressive sensa- tions usually experienced in wellrin the ordinary air-tight macintosh. The application of this invention does not in the least interfere w th the outward appearflfice of the coat, and as least interfere w th the outward appearflfice of the coat, and as it is well known that perspiration rapinly causes decomposition in lndia-runber, a material saving will be effected by the nse of this simple contrivance.—From the Sportsman" of July 15th, 1876. 10*8i 1876. 1048l WJ HT LOSE YOUR UMBRELLAS, when PEDLAR sup- W plie; a Siiver Piate, with name engraved, at 6d. Post free, 7d. Where's Pedlar? 81, St Mary street, Cardiff. 91)80 PARTIES FURNISHING should call and inspect the oTOCK at No. 20, Bridge street, Bi istol, the largest assortment j Gf Second-hand b-urnj;-u-re iii the West of EnglAnd. 10428 WHAT is YOUR CREST and MOTTO?—flerd Name anfl County to CULLRTON'3 HERALDIC OFFICE, 8s fld. Plain; sketched in Ueral ic Colours, 7s; Crest engraved on S<ials, Bouk Plates, and Steei Dies, 7s 6d; Manual Heraldry, 8s 9d, post free, by T. Culieton, 85, Cr an bo urn-street (corner cl St. W.C., London. ftULLETON'S PLATES lor MARKING LINEN require bo V. preparation, and are easily ue; d. Initial Pl»te, Is.; hame Place, 2s fld set of Movable numbers, 2s Od Crest er Monogram Plates, 6s; with directions post free for cash or stamps, hy T. Colleton, 25, Cranbouru-street (corner of St. Mat tin's-lane), W.C., London. EAr, ENGflAVING by CULLETOJI.—Crest Engraved on Seals, Rh gs. Hook Plates, and steel Dies for stamping paper, 7s 6d. Livery Button Dies, £2 2s. Crest engraved on silver spoons and family plate 5s per doz,m articles. A neat Desk Seal, with engraved Crest, 12s. t)d. Kegistered Letter. 6d extra. T. Colleton, Engraver to the Queen and Royal Family, 25, Craf bourn-street (coiner of_St. Mart;Wa-larie), London. VISITING CARDS by CULLETON.—Fifty bestquaUty, 2s 3d, post free, including the enirraving of Copperplate. Wed- ding Cards, 60 each, 60 Eaibossed Ervelopes, with Maiuea Name, 1K3 61.—T. CL'l 'Eton, Seal Ei graver, 35, Oranbourn-street, comer of St. MartinVlane;, W.C., London. ONOGRAMS by CULLETON, the most elegant In London. Iy3 Quarter-ream Papier, and 125 Envelopes stamped in Colours, with any Monogram, 60. No charge for Die. Sent to any part on receipt ot stamps.—T. Culteton, Engraver to the Queen, and Die Sinker to the Board of Trade, 5, Cranboura- Street (corner of St. MariiriVlanc), London.. ULL,LTOI-S GUINEA BOX of STATIONERY contains a j ream of the very best Paper, and 600 Envelopes, all Stamped in the most elegant way wi; h Crest and Motto, Mono. gram. or Address, and the < ngravicg of Skel Die, incited. Sent to any (Jart for P.O. order., -T. Culleton. 25, Cranbourn-ptreet (sorner cf St. llartiii's-lane), liondon. rpHE "DOUBLE DIAMOND TOOL STEEL supplies | long-felt want, viz., a High-class Steel of immense durabi- lity, at a moderate price. Sample for trial gratis, M powla Bale & C 1., Engineers and Steel Manufacturers, Swansea. 7332 WHAT IS YOCR MONOGRAM —,Sen<n3~ftomps to~GLASS and Co., Cardiff, who will forward you 12 sheets of note- papcr and 12 envelopes, stamped in colour with any one, two. or tttres letters, or unv lady's name. Also GLASS' COMIC PACKETS, containing 12 different desiznr, Rent pestfree for 13 stamps. 5 Quires of T»».pt-r, and 100 Enveiorses, stamped in any colour for Os. 6d. T >■ R CARD SIR ?-Send 4s. 6d. to GLASS and CO., Cardiff, who will engrave your name, and print you 100 Ivorv Cards, and forward them post free, I rs. to any address. TO MERCHANTS, TRADESMEN, and Others. GLASS'S Patent Enlorshi? Machines, engraved with your unm. business,and address, from 18«. d.—YOUR NAME SLR? Tonr Name engrave! on a Ilr iss or Zinc plate for your door Iran 5s. GLASS'S Stencil Plates for Marking Linen, &c- TaMlfla and name, 5s. 6d.: intttals only. Is 6d. Sent post free to any address on receipt of stamps to GLASS & Co., Engravers, Diisinkkks, and General Priktkrs. Cardiff. 14 SiCliNESS, OLI) AGF, AND DEATH. J'-s st DEATH, for ONE SHILLING per Weelt. £ 65at -Lj 8 f Death, or FIFTEEN SHILLINGS per week in Sickness for SIXPENCE £ 10 at Death, or is 6d per week in Sickness, for ONE PENNY per Week, paid Monthly, bv any one aboutthe ages of 20 to 1:6, the WESTERN PROVIDK'NT ASSO CIATION. Established 1848. PA s dent Earl Fortescue Vice. Presidents: lorù Aberdare, 1" r D. Howell (Wrexham), John Cory, Esq., J.P. (Cardiff), Ate. Other evipi, at difierwit ages for proportionate rates. Upon examination, the Society will be found to be the best in existence. SAFE and Chef.p. It has entered more than ELEVEN THOUSAND MEMBERS, and has paid to them nine than SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND FOUND;- in Bentfiis. It has Saved and has now Invested over FORTY-ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. Members incur no expenses, and are liable to no duties, fines, or logs of time. Females may join. Rules Is each. For further information send stamp toMrW. C. Amery, 25 Singleton-terrace, Swansea. '14; LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED, to the Van Farm, Caerphilly, 4 Irish STORE FIGS, in low condition. The owner can have the same by applying a. 9 and paying expenses. 1ù, E7 MONEY. to INVEST £ !00 on Mortgage of Freehold or Y ? good Leseli,)I(t ±Iroi)cr; y.-Apply by letter, G, Victoria Cottage, Sapphire street, Roath. 10053 MR. oOI.OjXOj> ULAliiLKu, fawnbtoKor ai'L< jsiuney Lender. 2, Bate-terraee, Cardiff, ADVANCES CASH >n sutiiii of £ 2 to £ 500 upon deposit of Jewellery, Diamonds, Plate, Leases, and unseasonable totock-in-Tn*ie. Strong room for safe sustody. 6t94 ("iASK immediately advanced without sureties from £ 5 to j £ 1,000 to Householders, Tradesmen, Publicans, Farmers, Mechanics, and others in town or country, on their furniture, ntockdn-Ti ade, Cattle, &c., without removal. The strictest sectesy ensured. Repayments by instalments to suit bor- rowers. All inquiries immediately attended to. For lull par- ticulars apply personally, cr by letter, to Mr William Usiier, H, Argyle-strest, Swansea. 3299-ö(;2, Tiff OS £ I TO LEND .—Tradesmen, Farmer's, an A'-fl. others-who require Money, can have any amount, from £ 60 to A6,000, upon good personal security, from on ftv. years, repayable quarterly or half-yearly. Money^also advanced on Mortgage upon Freecoid, Leasehold, or Landed Property.— Apply to Mr. C. Johns, Auctioneer and Yaluer, 106, Stow-hill Newport, Mon. All applications by post to o^iijiin four stamps* 19 -I CASH immediately ADVANCED rom £ 5 upwards, to Hou e- liolders, Far-, ers, Tradesmen and Oihera, upon tl,. r furniture, stock-in-trade, p1a. t &c.,without roiroval or publici y. Distance no object. Apply personally, or by letter to MR ALFRED BLOCH, 81, Bella Vuo-street, CASH ADVANCED on SURPLUS GOODS of any d^riptw 81 a aeecial rate of interest. 3045 H4U I e»it by the National Deposit Bank, 1# and 17, ,vT8L Russell street, Covent Garden, London, from £ 10 to •M,0 0 at a day's notice, lor sboit or long fieriods, in town or fcun-ry, without publicity, to male or female, on their note of aod alooe, or upon deeds, liio potieio- furniture without removal, trade stock, plant, crops, or farming implements. No -oretiee required. Int rout £ 5 per cent. Distance no object. 1 lie Bank having a large amount <jf capita) at command, no aoud IB refused. gkpl)ly or if by letter stats amount required. R. Parnell, Manager. 72u5 MONEY immediately Advanced without any kind of sure- ties, from £ 6 to £ 5< 0, in town or conntry (distancs 110 Object), to Householders, Farmers, Cowkoepors, Cart and Cab Owners, on their stocks, to i.-o repaid by easy instal -.icnta as may be agreed upon. All information willingly given with- out any charge. Strictest confidence may be relied upon. Money a.-o advanced upon diamonds, plate, jewellery, stocks, or any valuable security. Appiy to Henry Satrar. Lanca-ihira and Cheshire Private Advanee Oilice, iO, Arcade 'hanibors, 66. Market street. Manchester; or at 10, City road, Chctcr. ouo (& ONEY WITHOUT INQUIRY FEES OR PRELlMINARy iT.B CHARGES. To Gentlemen. Clergymen. Farmers, Breeders, Dairymen, Tradesman, Artisans, and the Working Class generally Mr IA)UIS P,&IL.NETr s open to lend sums varying from P,5 to £ 600 upon Life Policies, Furniture, without removal or publicity, if required, Live or Dead Stock, Plant, and any other available security. Distance no object. Easy repayments to suit he convenience of borrowers Apply (private house) 1 t 18, Charles-street, Cardiff. 7785 TRICTLY PRIVATE. — NO PRELIMINARY FEES TO THE NEEDY, including clergymen, Gentry, Householders, Tradesmen, Contractors, Fa.-aaerj, Breeders. Lodging-house Keepers, (rking-men, &c., OA ■ obtvn advances from P-5 to ZSlf) upon their Furniture, Stock-i'-Tiar.e, PRD, &c., without removal or publicity u,Øo tance no object, aud easy rfpaymeots, bv applying to pi LOUIS HARNETT, ■No. 1, Tr ntty-p'*00, Corner of Grove-place, Swansea. If. BL—Not beins connected with any company, all bona fidt rpplicatiors promptly attended to. 179' Daily advances from £ io to £ 5 made to FARMERS, CLERKS, TRADESMEN, MECHANICS, and liouseholders generally, Upon their Crops, Cattle, Stocir-in-Trade, and Household Furni- ture (without removal); also upon Life Policies, and deposits of any kind of valuable articles (in strict confidence). No inquiry fees or preliminary charges. Apply personally or by letter to THE MANAGER, AVON LOAN AiiD DISCOUNT OFFICE, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, SWANSEA. 9657 N O S U B E T I g s R E Q UIRED CASH ADVANCED DAILY, in suyrs Of 410 and upwarls, to Householders, Farmers" Victua'Trs, Haulierg, fin(j others, on their; úu-cho'd luniituie and Stock-in-lrade, without removal. Distance no ct Apply to S. B L A I B E R G, 2, BUTE TERRACE, CARDIFF, PMVATK Risidencb: AVON HOi SE, CHoRLEs STREET. BRANCHES. —44, Consmetcial fitreet, Newport, Mon. BRANCHES. —44, Consmetcial fitreet, Newport, Mon. JDmtig, Rbonddft VaHey: Mr LEW* Fli EZDAIAN. Agent. N.Ti -In tho Strictest and repayable by easy in- lUlmmta Agent for Abertillery and surrotniding neighhourhood :Ur G. R. Hollands*, Abertillery. THE MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDING SOCIETY are PREPARED to LEND, at the shortest n«tiej Sums of £ 100 TO £ 10,000, RE-PAYABLR in MOVJ'HLY or QUARTERLY INSTALMENTS BORROWERS in this ho.tefty pav* SPECIAL ADVANTAGES not obtained in other Societies, or from Private Individuals. Tho legal costs are paid by the Society, and tho independence of the Borrower, so long as nis stipulated repayments are made, is se- emed by the Registrar miner the Friendly Society's Acts.—'iiie almost secrecy is maintained. For particulars apply to Mr V. ROSFBTS. at the Offlcc cf the garnet*. 84, Victoria-street Merti&r, el ONEY MONEY!! MONEY! hÙUSEHOLDrRS, FARMERS, COLLIERS, and OTHERS, Ciii now obtain LOANS from £2 up to £ 1,000 on reasonable terms, and repayable m instalments to suit the borrower. No sureties required.—App'y by letter to the Rhondda Valley Money Leading Com; any, opposite the Queen's Hotel, I'e-itre Ystrad or, personally, eve,y Thursday, from 10 a,ru. to 4 p.m. 7911 M O N E y MONEY! 31 O E Y! A Private Gentleman makes CASH ADVANCES (In strict confidence) to IfOUSKIIOLDER3, TRADESMEN, FARMERS, and OTHERS, from £ 5 to any amount, on the'r Furniture and effects, without removal, to y retaining free use of the same. No sureties renuired. CASH ADVANCED on Surplus or Unseaeonabl eStocks of any description, Apply personally, or by letter, Mr NATHAN (private house), 9240 8, Charles Street, Cardiff. C A S if E if E It G N C I E S Ail respectable Householder.?, Shopkeenpn, Tradesmen, Farmers, and others requiring CASH ADVANCES can obtain the same, in ttriot confidence, from X.10 upwards, upon their own security. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. NO PRELIMINARY CHARGES. ALL COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. REPAYMENTS AS MAY BE AGREED UPON. Apply personally, or by letter, to Mr II. FOST2:R, Sly, Bridize street. Newport, Mon. N.B.- CASH also advanced on Surplus or Unseasonable Stock at ft per cent. 10683 UNION LOAN AS'D DISCOUNT COMPANY, LIMITED, 8, St Mary street, Deansgatn, Manchester. Hea.d Office, 38, Renshaw street, Liverpool. Branches-St ndeus, Runcorn, Birkenhead, and Manchester, Loans from £ 10 to £ 5,000, on personal security, d. eds of property, sb area in public companies, &c. £ s d Entire charge for £10 repayable at 4s per week o 14 8 Ditto £20 repaysble at £ s per week. 1 8 0 Ditto £ 60 repayable at 2Cs per week 3 9 0 Ditto £100 repayahle at 40e per week t-, Is q Advances can also be obtained to be rep'dd by monthlyor quarterly instalments, or in one sum. 9217 EDWIN HAMPgOV, Aj;ent. IMPERIAL AUSTRIAN STAT LOAN31 MONTHLY DRAWINGS. Prizes £ 80,000, £ 25,000, £ 22,000, £ 20,000, £ 15,000, £ 10.000 £ 5,000Lowest Premium, Prize, £ 18. Guaranteed by tbe Imperial Austrian Government. DRAWING £ 5,000Lowest Premium, Prize, £ 18. Guaranteed by tbe Imperial Austrian Government. DRAWING m public under the superintendence of Government officials. Shares, which entitle the holder to a chance.ùf winning any of tlia above prizes, cau be had at YIeach. Six shares, entitling to six c ranees, cost; £ 6.—Apply to Mr Sbvin, agent for the. sale and purchase of Government stock, Vienna. Remittances are to be sont-direct to Vienna, either in bank notes crossed cheques or Post-offico orders, payable at the General Post-affice, to Mr Fritz Sevin, 1, Goldschmidgasse, Vienna, who will supply Pro- spectuses gratis, ahd answer any fnrthsr enquiries whtch mav be deemed neeufuL 1190 1 J USE QEMINGWAY'S .N EW DRY SOAP, and EXTRAOT OF SOAP. One trial will establish their superiority over all others. THREE PRIZE MEDALS & DIPLOMA CF MERIT AWARDED. SUITABLE FOR ALL DOMESTIC PURPOSES SOLD EVERYWHERE. Warehouse: Trafalgar street, Bradford, Yorkshire. 63S5 NDER THE DISTINGUISHED U PAT KON AGE OF HER MAJESTY'S INDIAN fiOVERNMEKT. ESTABLISHFD 1860, —M!AY & COMPANY- IrjL THE GREEN, NEATH, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Patenters and Manufacturers of Improvod BRATTICE CLOTII, FLEXIBLE CANVAS, AND FIRE AND DAMP PROOF IRON AIR TUBING,' lOON AND OOAT. MERCHANTS, OIL AND TALLOW IMPORTERS AND REFINERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS. M A N TJ F A 0 T U R S R S ou GREASE, LUBRICATING & BURNING OILS, MINERAL AND VEGETABLE COLOURS, PAINTS, &c. most Improved Safety Lamps, and all kinds of 31inerit Tools and Materials. BOILERS COVERED WITH NON-CONDUCTING CEMENT, Guaranteed to save -30 per cent. of mimm MINING AND OTHER CHAIN a Thoroughly tested and guaranteed. References to the largest wosks in Wales. tie AgfenU, for Patent Whtte Tanning for Shtprf Sails. err, GRIFFITHS.—There is but GRIFFITHS SECOND-HAND FIRE-PROOF SAFE DEALER to the world. "hu bar, always the most extensive assortment or Safes by < hatwoad. Miluer, aad other emincm* maters, at about half ths price of new. A Guarantee with each. Illustrated Pece Lift s Post Free. IKIFPrrHS, F- 0. tt gTIFF'S gTABCH." "gTIFFS gTAECHV* One Trial of this Feautiful Starch Will Pro\e its Superiority. TRADE MAtm. QUE E N B E S S" 'L? ON EACH PACKAGE. s TIFF'S gTARCH." S TiFFS TARCH." k and 0,']rAen; Soid by Grocers, Druggiats, and O'lmen and Wh.o.fsale at 20, REDCLIFF-STBEET, BRISIOL. 6957 -)REII S. ABnMWB 4 J. MARSH, F kL FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND R UNDERTAKERS, 80, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDTFF, AND < PENAKTH MEWS, PENARTH. I j' THE BEST AND CHEAPEST ESTABLISHMENT IN THE TOWN. j6 s. d. Funeral, with Hearse and Coach, with Pair of Horses and Kinging Velvets to each, Coffin d. Horse!! ana f1,,¡;¡.{in Vel,cts to eaeh, Coffin covered wish iJiaek Cloth, richly nailed, best Metal Pl.iti), lined with Flannel, Flannel Dres-s, Pa.I1, Hatbands, and attendance 5 6 0 Second Cites, also mak Cloth .440 Third Clans, with French Polished Coffin, or Black Cloth, and appendages as above 3 3 0 Children's Carriage Funerals from 0 15 0 Hearses for the Conveyance of Corpses in Town for 6s for every extra mile, Is. Hearses, Si e'libeers, and Mourning- Coaches to all parts of the countrj. Carriage Ofticzs :— ROATH MEWS, CARDIFF; DUDLEY-PLACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF; WEST MEWS, SEVERN-ROAD, CANTON, ) j 3002 CARDIFF. 7033 JJIRDS AND ANIMALS PRESERVED SCIENTIFICALLY Animal Skins and Furs Dressed, Rugs Lined and male up. Hand aad Fire Screcus, he., by J. CORDING, Naturalist, 10, ROYAL ARCADE, CAHDXFF. Glass Shades all Sizes, for Clocks, Statuettes, &c, 1036J pTOUNDRY and SHIPS CASTINGS STORES. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. B. C. D A V i ri, s fitgg to inform his Friends and Ihe Public generally, that h has REMOVED from Wet Lock to 3, ALICE-STREKT, HANNAH-STREET, 0 A R f) I F F. 0(\29 JB. PINNOCK, CARRIAGE BUILDER, » 1, 2, and 3, OLD KrNG STREET, BRISTOL, will have much plea-ure in explaining to anyone interested the merits of his newly-invented "PATENT SWING-SEAT WAGONETIE and S'l AiNH''PK PHA!'TON." La iies are es!ieci,%l vinvite(i to see thi" novel Wagonette, as it has been dcsiineJ for their eom- fort and security in taking or leaviaar their seats in front part. Also a newly-designed CART, "THE ALFRED," exhibited at Hereford and Birmingham bhows, and acknowledged the beet Jet, m ult'. 1)065 REAT BRITAIN FURNITURE ROOM, 16, TRINITY-ST«lET, CARDIFF. T "TO WES, ZP <a 9J For 14 YEARS MANAGER TO THE LATE MfS. rillLLIPS, Begs to inform the puhlicthat he has taken the liusincas carried oil so successfully for the pact £ 5 years, and trusM that by strict attention ai d icasonable prices for goods, he may continue to receive the same patronage afforded to the late Mrs Phillips. Illl TRINITY-STREET. CARDIFF, S9 cJhipping Jt.fitt5. QTEAM BETWEEN OAigjjf ø t J BELFAST, GREENOCK, St aLASGO I „ SAILING WEEKLY. nctN'Cf^ The Screw steam-shins. SEVERN, Captain Fir: P»l, pt*1', ALEXANDRA, Captain Mills ANToNA Oi.L'T'HA,. gjii Evpus; and AILSA, Captain Iluckman; are intended witn Goods and Passeng, is ir&a.' East Bute Dock Basu1 c' prevented bv circiimstancest. as follows, 111 thJ OCTOBER:— OCTOBER:— CARDIFF TO GLASGOW AND BELFAST. p.& 2 Monday 4 p.m. 16 Monday -• a 9 Monday S p.m. | '3 Mondav .« Monday. "II ¡¡ p.rn; FROM BELFAST TO CARDIFF v.& 2 Monday „ 1 p.m. 1 16 Monaay p.fl>' 9 Monday i p.m. | 2a Monday — Monday 3t) — 5 p.u"1 GLASGOW TO CARDIFF, VIA BELFAST. g p.' 7 Saturday 2 p.m. "1 Saturday — 2 P" 14 Saturday 2 p.m. I 23 Salurdav — With liberty to tow and assist vessels- _n0el £ FAR as.—Belfast: Cabin, 17s. 6d Steorage, 10s. Gra Glasgow Cabia, 20s. Return, 80s. Steerage, 12s. td. J or Sailors. 10s. adffl. Goods to be alongside In time for shipment before th Used time of sailing..A-, I Apply in Glasgow to William Sloan & Co.; William Lindsay St Co.; Swansea, to M. Jones & Belfast, to Robert Henderson & Son; Bristsl, to Malk tad Sea; and in Cardiff, to G. F. WEBB & Co., tio Eate Dock Bonded ar ,oj Carciio, October, 1376. OCTOBRB, 1876. Q TEAMSHIP COMMUNICA^ elween CORK, PoR'i, jiiiil<5| DlFF. — Tbe City of Cors Steam Packet Company s_ l l first-class powerful Steiuners PELICAN (Captain D.jv tons, 300h.'p.) or FALCON (Cap'ain Brown, 800 ton.f',3eii?6(| is intended to ply ns underneath, with Gmds and r tfi'^j unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, wi1 out a Pilot, vith liberty to tow vessels, during the October, 1876 M CORK TO NEWPORT & CARDIFF. MOKDAT — '-nd «, «. at 2 irni!i?V MONDAY Sth at ti MONDAY Ibth ai 2 MONDAY 23;d ai, 6 MOKDAY — SOLIL at IAfter NEWPORT & CARDIFF TO CORK. ,0^ Newport to Cork via Cardiff ..Wkdsasdat, 4th.. •>. 1x>o^'1jl Cardiff to Cork Jiiursday, ,-th.. b vlot" Newport toXJork via Carditf Wbdnbsday, 11th.. 10 Cardiff to Cork WEDNESDAY, 11th.. 1^3 Newport to Cork via Cardifl W BDNKSDAY, 18th«. ni0r,1'ni Card II to Cork THURSDAY, 19th.. 6 Newport to Cork via Cardiff Wkdnespay, h.. 9 piS Cardnl to Cork Wbdnbsbat, 26th.. 10» Newport to Cork via Cardiff WRDNESDAY, Noy. 1— t 00 Cardifl to Cork — .THURSDAY, NOV. 2— 0 _^} PASSENGERS' FARES BETWEEN NEWPORT, AND CORK:- t 1 4 To CORK, Best Cabin (no steward's fee) •• 7 11 Deck •• < To CoRK 4 BACK, in Lest Cabin (tickets available jlky for One Month) Goods, etc., are conveyed only on the conditions Pu° ot the Coinpauj, a copy of which cau be obtained at aW Company's Oilices. 00 OCC ti ga7r The Company give Notice that they will not be (eol t; able for Passengers' Luggage, unless tile. ,.iue tl,6 roe declare!, and Freight paid accordingly at the time otS' j- fi and that the Passengers from NEWPORT or CARDI lior-Ild ob-aiii their tickets at the Otlices before going on b03r Silo rIt Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods intended for shipm- nJeitr be alongside two hours before the time of sailing irol11 m and four hours from Cardiff. r\fl For Freight apply at the Company's Offices, Cork, 01 Agents. J 9sS¡f Mr. JAMES MADDOCK, Newport, Mon. 3499 Mr. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbreker. Bute Dockg, J' 41r WHITE STAR oeo, SMmliiaSlfftLpUNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS- OOLTO NEW YORK ever>- THURSDAY, and QUE&\ W on FP.1DAY; forwarding Passengers to all part? of 1 btates-and. Canada.' P'V NOT ojE.— The Steamers of this Line take the recommended by Lieut. Maury, on both the Outward an ward passages. The well-known fast Mail Steamers of this line gau 1111 FROM Livsrpooii yo1' Celtic. Thursdav. Oct. 12 Cet'e Tnuisd*^ jj ti- Britannic Thunaay, Oct. 2ii j Lritaumia.. ~Thurso* • Germanic xnursday, Nov. 9 1 .,p» cii6,o(,-0 tons Duroiiwi and 3.0U0 horse-power. avci*8b m (uyain Summer, 9^iu Winter g0<r These spiendicfVesselacombine tho highest spcod an° Mid are uusurpassediiu- their attractions-to passengers, Salooaa and Sxiterooms amidshipa, iuxunouslv 'jjopi^ ?ianoe, libraries, electric bells, oath iooms, baroerS ^pl^ y iiie Steerages are unusually spacious, well lighted, «id Wiiuic i, and passengers of this class receive sivility s.nd attentiou. Medica comforts free 0 }h Hewardesses to attend the women and children- i O^'C^1 l or treignt or passage apply at the Company jj, 'Jrcadvray, New York in ■j.,tenst.o-,vn to JAMES fcCu jti^ jt or to IS MAY, IMR1E & Co. 10, Watev-stieot, Liverpo^^lj or to IS MAY. IMR1E & Co. 10, Watev-stieot, Liverpo^^lj Leadenhall-street, London, t;.U.; to BARNES, <j 'r P.tJ' CO.. Bute Docks, CardiiT; to F. LOVETT, Winds" p Penarrh, near Ca' diff Geo. ItEVAN. Swansea PHILLIPS, Bnery Hill, Sbbw Vale John Copeland, street, M; rthyr Mes-ira Harse and Brown, Newport. J* H. Connop & Son, Brynmawr.. {fO^A- We recommend pasiieugsra to obtain their .-y Auants before leavimr home —^Tfli UNARD ROYAL FROMSTLtv1?RPOOli0jJ( DIRECT TO NEW YORK AND BOS1' PARTHIA. CALABRIA. ABYSSINIL- CUBA. BATAVIA. JAVA. Ali ARIA. SIBERIA. H ECLA- „ ATLAS. ALGERIA. OLyMS,a MARATHON. CHINA. BOTHNIA- fSV it; CPNARD ROVAL Maii. Stsaksrb sail every Tussa* rftv. snd SATURDAY, and have superior accomnio1^"pjf Stealage Passengers.—For further particulars D. & C. MAC 1 Vi, R, 1, Rumford-street, Liverpool. d Stealage Pasaengers.-For further particulars D. & C. MAC 1 Vi, R, 1, Rumford-street, Liverpool. d 1$ L SHORT^T O^SA« P^SSA8» AMERICA. Composed of Twanty Fiwt-clsae Royal Mail SW 8aihko Dats—From ijverpooi. s»ery Tuesday *» ^6|j| to Canada, and every alternate Tuesday to HalHa*jj p* more, forwarding passengers on easy terms to j Canada aad tho United States. a Surgean and Stewardesses provided tree tor „ Passenger* who secure their Bcktts before lee IX to •et at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an apt*: «{ the Company, who takes charge of them untf .<tgJZ hoard the steamer.. ggA^ia The Outadlan Government grants ASSISTED "f JL tbe ALLAN LINE to Married Farm Labourers and »T ■naetie Servants. aro&a.rli Wot Rates of Freiarht or Passage, upply to Allan 10 4 Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool, ^t, 48, Bute-streat, Card«3 { T. J. Buse, 29, > OKford-street, Swansea; W. H. Moseley, Wind-# D. S. XhwmoS, British Schools, Llandovery; J- „ue*> foy' Mary-street, Cardigan; W. Milton Lo«Jre, Tredagar-P Uraat, Newport, Mon. tfP J|.A"110A^ UNITED STATES MAIL STEA^^ sbtwkrii LIVERPOOL Attt PHILADELPHIA* WIlo Taking PaAsangen, wnuoor kxtra A NEW YORK, OR BUST1 RhMMI follHM>wered Iron Steamships, are sPPif. FI«ALIVERPOOL EVERY WEDNSSD' Nixt SaRinsra are nc^le, PENNSYLVANIA WBDNSS»A*' 'CITY Oi NEW YORK Wkdnes.^v' Calling at Queenstowu the iollowing day to eiuD^J nii»! ■l "ia tild °"'y Trans Atlantic uine sailing u"„r3 is Tlag, au tti e aocommoiation for yvj, any in the European Steamship Lines.. o° an0 l assengers and Goods are landed at phiiadeip" a ot toe 1 S.NNSYLVANtA RAILROAD COMPANY, Which 1 gttfe 'e&V direct route to all places in th1) )V'e.-tsni„t5xwi CABIN PASSAGE 15 to21 guine h. Return t^K LiifiG** bf STEERAGE PASSAGE, as low as any other fa8' j ilP A an ample supply of Provisions, cooked and set Com pa,y'si8te wards. 13ca"i INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including the necessary utensils, and a separate tahie, For further inforrtat on, applv to S richaroson/SPENC^- 17 and 19, Wratwi'-StreT l{jS C^Jlg Or to Jambs Ayrb, lfi2. Bute-road, Cardiff '• .a hi & j/' 24, High street, Merthyr Tydfil; David Dav!& street. Aberdare. J' C0*»' THE MIDLAND WAGON ,,Hj. r0>! MIDLAND WORKS, 1,11'iMiN0'- MANUFACTURERS ° Of every description, for Cash, lÍere, red P 1100 teries ot year. or on hire. th Rspairs by contract, or otherwise, execute Stations :— Aberdare I Ru. by. Brent Junction. Reading- Chest r. hound Oak- Crewe. I Si r^wsbury- Chesterton. staveley. > Gloucester. St.. Helei' nt. Hereford. Stoke-on-Tr Leicester. 'ivitoii Sidiut- London District. Tw\o' Webingh°r°- NEWPORT (Mon.) Wednesbw* Worcester. tJoD. Nott'ncham. Wigston Peterborough. a Punty pool Rjad. °1 And the DOCKS, CARDIFF, »"'V, ,n'a > SccoD<?-harid Coal, Coke, and Ironstone ^A4*Xf' in.'hiding Repairs. D. N. *??8* '249-2042 E. J AtKS^S • ° — — i Co^te5} WH. IIEADDON, Baker lL 9 21, Union street, Swansea. *ry, a11' iJiP'.cp^ri' fully to inform tho nobilit) clergy, 1?,4,oUJbo<'dvr/j jjb, c,tPV generally of Swansea and tbe neJ?"" kAK1 j0ti':i opo' ed a superior CONFECTIONERY 8ie Prle r°J at the a'iove address. Possessing co"proViuf mnG (acquired ui London and yil unsparing and personal attention .l(j, ifVa* their patioMgc and recommei'datio • l> i.rown Bread; Rich Bride, Savoy, oi ^18 W Sultana, and Lunch Cakes, and »}' f.^ French and English Rolls hot even Parties tuBBlied. liverv article °f t, J