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THE CARDIGANSHIRE ELECTION- leifi side Toryism has screwe l up its courage to t e sticking point, has set its life upon a cast, dare the hazard of the die Theie is to a contest in Cardiganshire after a^> ^1U the chosen of the Squires is a member of t e loase of Coeduiore. Liberal Conservatism* an^ s°1Tlething Iri(jre Liberal than that, was the creec o the late Mr. THOMAS LLOYD, and Teifi sK e k fluiredom eyed him suspiciously, because 16 unoi^hodoxy of his Liberal views. Mr. EDWARD LLOYD avows himself to be a °Hservative, and the ultra Toryism of the side and the Aeron Yalley accepts him :lS (J<"u,Hdate. Y e may, therefore, fairly t ac at; ia something more than a Conser vative,anC SOTric^aiug less than a Liberal, and, under the tutelage of tlie riqmre's will blossom into a full b1ovV11 Tory. Failing Colonel LiiWES, who they hoped^ would neutralize if not secure the Gogerddan i*1 '-lence, Air. LLOYD is about the best candidate ardiganshire To ryism i could have selected to fight its battles. The Coedmore family are popular in south Cardigan- shire, and having been hitherto moderate in their political creed, and equitable in their dealings with their tenantry, there WlU not be imported into the present political contest that #strong personal and political feeling on the part of the Liberals, which would be aroused by the candidature of any other Teifi-side Tory squire It is difficult to estimate the probabilities of a political conflict commenced so unexpectedly and waged under such unforeseen circumstances. Yery 'much will depend upon the preparedness of the Liberals, and we fear that not anticipating a contest tliey j -=--=-=-t- will be caught napping. The strict seciv<.y with respect to lflr. LLOYD'S candidature until just before the nomination yesterday, indicates puliti- cal strategy on the part of the Tories. It is more than probable that Mr. LLOYD'S address vraS printed and all arrangements made for lighting the election some days ago. In that case the LibralS will have to work with double energy, and Dot relax an effort, otherwise the political enemy will steal a march upon them. In an anticipated struggle in which the forces on both sides are pre- pared and arrayed. Cardiganshire Toryism -.wovflif be hopeless of success, the election of 1868 abundantly proved but in a sudden softie like.. the present, with the Liberals at rest-, and perhapS" unprepared, the chances may be more favourable. Later telegrrms may probably throw further light- t upon the situation. «


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