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^Hipping jfcotices* 1f CARDIFF TO BOMBAY From CARDIFF to BOMBAY direst, vid SUEZ CANAL. Jfce splendid Screw Steamer R VVENSWORTH CASTLE 2,500 T6* burthen, 600 H.-P. effective, has First Class Accommodation i^eck-house for a large number of Pa3->ent ers. Wiil sail about ^,30th January. f FOf PaS8a°6 appli' t0-C. O. YOUNG & CO., f • James-street, Cardiff, A. CARNEGIE, 16, Bishopgate-street, London. Or to Owners— LAWS, CLEUGH & CO., >853 Queen-street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. ALT EE AT ION OF DAYS OF SAILING, yfa. J&& CORK, NEWPORT, AND CARDIFF. THIRST-CLASS PASSENGER n\liUl/i Ml IT STEAMERS leave CORK for NEWPORT CARDIFF, with Good si and Passengers. EVENY MON^A*. NUng at Mlford, returning from NEWPORT. E\ ERY WEpNES- Hy, and from CARDIFF EVERY THURSDAY until further *otlce « < Pares—Cabin, £ 1 Is.; Deck, 7s.; Cabin Return Ticket, available '°f one month, £ 1 lis. Gd. For further particulars see small Dins AGKNT8. ^ARDIFF —Mr E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Docks. NEWPORT.—Mr. JAMES MAI.)DOCKS, Dock-street. ^ORK. City of Cork Steam Packet. Company, Penrose Quay. »' BEST AND CHEAPEST KOU'lE FOR C^ENGERS PROM THE wtiST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES *0 THE UNITED STATES. IS liV THE HEAT WESTERN STEAM \JT SHIP LINE." BRISTOL AND NEW ^•eStii^S-rYORK. The FINE NEW FIRST-CLASS SCREW ^EAM-SHIPS of this Line arc intended to sail as follows "GREAT WESTERN," (2000 tons) Wm. Stamper, commander, to Sail Wednesday, .January 29th, 1873. ^ERAGEPASSS ITN EW YORK, BALTIMORE, BOSTON, *0»TL*ND, or PHILADELPHIA, SIX GLINKAS ( £ 1. bs). The Vessels ot this Line do not call at any Irish port, but pr direct from Bristol to Xew York. tTnited I-I^assen^ers may bo booked through to all parts of the ^Jtes ajtd Canada oil very moderate terms eoN. .To secure berths, &c„ a,M»ly to MARK WHITWILL and!SgK b'ove-ivemie, Queen square. Bristol; or to G. F. Webb and J>ded Store Merchants, Cardiff; Hnrsc and Brown, Doc ^eet, Newport, Mun.; John Morgan, Postmaster, Pontypwi, £ ?. Morgan, 19, Glcbuland-street, M^rthvr Tydfil J. CalUw y. {fountain Asli or to M. Jones and Bro., Ship lirouc ^nsea; George F. Price, Church-street, Pontypridd, i^asseusers are recommended to obtain their Tickets tro t^ents before leaving h«me — OAltDIbJ7 TO NEW YORK. I-klHECT STEAM COMMUNIOA- I TIoM BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND TIIS ^NlTET) STATER OF AMERICA AND' CANADA. 1%e SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S New, first-class, full-powered, Clyde-built Steamships GLAMORGAN 2,500 Tons -P- PEMBROKE 2.50 Tons 500 p CARMARTHEN 3,000Tons ■••■■■■ "7 Or other First-class St-eauiurs .vill sail regularly bet CARDIFF AND NEW YOBK, Jftiese Steamships are built expressly for the Trade, an< e jenc6 Jth all the latest improvements for the comfort and co Cabin and Steerage Passengers. "teeraife Passengers provided with mattresses. Stewardess carried for the female emigrants. _:ii gail J^e GLAMORGAN* (Joseph Lay bourne, Commander) WH ly in February. Iw For further particulars apply to „n.tH 11, ^ISTOL BUDQETT& JAMBS, and BRANT King-street. Swansea richardsos & co. ftfWpuRT G. W. JOXRS, HEARD, & tfOUCESTER W. C. LUCY & Co. !3}NTYPOOL T. WAITK & SON*. kPN'TVPKIDD ALBXANDBR BROTHERS. SSCA. J™ R. T.«L0R. „ f. street. J^RTHYR TYDFIL, W. J. PRKSSWELL, 1, Castle 8 £ RDARE E. G. PRICE. ccvmour-street. (u ISAAC THOMAS, 24, bcjmoui &EFORD II. B. TROTTER. ^JIB«OKE DOCK S. 13. SKRTCii- J"5fBY BICIIARD MASOX. S^ESTEG JOHN (jl,nv^ victoria-place. fe™,WE"T |Vr "K^T LowniKa, 2L Qnay-st. B^DEPAr' T. M. CUFF, Sirliowy llailwaj. SAMUEI. CHARLBT, }LFEEY E 1-™, post-omc,. ?&ft aww E EVANS, Stationer. & NELLY .WW J™* J. CIIAUXDBII, Post-office. Morky WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Grocer. ^VvmaTvp T H N. JUDO, Beaufort-house. £ t the rompany's Oiflce, 1, DOCK-CHAMBERS CARIJIFF.^ yjspoctable AGENTS WANTED where the Company represented. 12 JOHN LAUGHLAND, Manager. TNMAN LINE of ROYAL MAIIJ J STEAMERS, appointed to sail from LIVERPOOL, via QUEENSTOWN to NEW °fcK. every T''I'^J)A Y an,l TH URS DA Y. Ptty OF NEW YORK THURSDAY, JAN. 23. PITY OF LIMERICK .TUESDAY, Jan. 28 CTTY OF PARIS THURSDAY, JAN. 30. CFTY OF MONTREAL THURSDAY, Fbl. 6. 4,^loon Paasa-re-Tuesday Sailin-s, ll and 15 Guineas Thurs- Sailing, 15 Guineas and 18 Guineas, having equal Saloon Passage to New York, Six Guineas, with tl^nnnlv of CoSked Provisions Pivssengers forwarded to Bos- ft.?' „ nr Portland without extra charg-e. ^ltnnoie, or 1 0f CANADA and the UNITED STATES V^sengers foi 'l a<lvantaf,'eous terms, ^funber^articulars, apply to WILLIAM INMAN, 22, Water- Liverpool, ROBERT BURTON and SON, C* Church-Street, Cardiff; or to any of the Company's Agents v^ghout Wales. — —■ national^ ARE THE LARGEST V^E STEAMERS OF TH'S AFLOAT. PASSENGER STLA^11 T0 NEW YORK M FROM LIVEKPOOI;. EVERY WEDNE^ AND t'RO*} TTTIIRSDAY. QUEENSTOWX EVER\ THU« M g JJ J p The new lull-powered British Iron-scr Tons tfe^ips Tons Ships 3307 Grogan 50t>4 England, ,w]re\va Grace 4900 'Die Queen, Andr 3347 Thompson 4302 Holland, Braift 3956 Thomson 3571 Erin, Lawson 3974 a, Webster 3500 Helvetia, 3723 Thomas 3500 Denmark, Suniner. *1 be despatched from Liveroool to New York as 1S73. EGYPT Wednesday, 20th;Jan. FRANCE Wednesday, 5th Feb., -SPAIN Wednesday, 12th Feb., Leaving Queenstown the following days. Saloon accommodation on board these Steamers 1 J^Sed, the State-rooms being- unusually large, and ope:B N^'oons, which are situated in the poop on deck—the P° P j. Eg 130 feet long. of Passage, 32,15, and 17 Guineas, according to aceonimo- ^It1 in State-room—all having same privilege in Saloon. Return Kjts, TWENTY-FIVK GUINEAS. STBERAQE accommodation is unequalled for space, light »» mutilation. Abundance of Fresh Provisions served upceoked • Company's Stewards, 'JfjJJes of Passage 011 Reduced Terms. Steerage Passengers "V^ded Quebec, Boston, and Baltimore without extra !Sfeengers booked through A *pimva.ll. San Francisco, the in- 5v°!t,n!< Canada and of the United States on favourable also to Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan, at $ £ >"ough rates, via New York and San Francisco. 'feh^engers are advised to Becure their passages from the local >,> before leaving home. Freight or P^g<^PPl.v to THE NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CT). (LIMITED,) 21 and 2i, Wiater-street, Liverpool; J. CUMMINS and BROS., Queenstown,—to Messrs. 3. R. J-k^OLAS and CO., 130, ■Bntann^buildings, Bute Docks; JOHN N^»ak (Cvniro), 19. t Merthy Tydfil; HARSR JfSw^ftowx, Newpor I? P" PAUnt» Aberdare CIIAS. P. ^;Nfeath •• JAS" A" ^revdian™ PontyP°o1 i Hhkry Vy"^Hf'Dowf'Ter^H- Hote^BrilT^' Mi»er-street' ^Si'gers are advised to secure their Passages from the Local before leaving home. 2396 Jwi nl.ddCt1.t JU A n L B S W A Y, (J H A R L E S WAY, V IN PICTURES AND WORKS OF ART> EOYAL PEOMENADE, BBISTOL*2422 -ON STORES NEW TORK l'ROYI^O^LfTORE^' 43, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRLNI" ETCHARD BAYLE8, PBOPM PRIME AMERICAN BEEF. PRIME AMERICAN MESS PORK. CHOICE AMERICAN CHEDDAR CHEE^- NEW IMPORTATIONS, ex S.S. WESTERN. ^EiV ORKS! FIREWORKS!; EDGEWORTH, 7 & 8, CASTLE-STREET, BRISTOL, Pyrotechnic Artist. ^or ^etes a'id Galas suiiplied to any extent at a few 'ice. Inventor «f the new Coloured Fire and Prismatic JVV^ 2990 "V^IUIYMAN'S CARRIAGE, RAILWAY, AND SHIPS' SIGNAL LAMPS, BENT GLASS MANUFACTORY ajid H, OLD-KING STREET, BRISTOL. 2385 aiSrl'MAS PRESENTS & NEW YEAR'S GIFTS. VrfrVr J* ^ilOAL WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH, 9. WINE STREET, BRISTOL. ^tbe^ ? A N's W A T C H E 8 EST and CHEAPEST in the WEST OF ENGLAND. £ 1 5 0 ^Ln n LISH LEVER. from 3 15 0 HORIZONTAL, from 2 15 o EVERY WATCH WARRANTED! -q¡ 'b CLOCK gives the elmct time, as received IC every day by telegraph. 3566 s S justness ddrtsses. Es T. LEWIS, BREWEKS* AND LICENSED VICTUALLERS' AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, CITY COOPERAGE, BRIDEWELL STREET, BRISTOL. HOME-BREWING TAVERNS. MB" E. T. LEWIS is instructed to LET several Home-brewing TAVERNS. Incomings, froni £ 150 to £ 1,000. For particulars apply at Mr. LEWIS'S Office, Bride- well-street, Bristol? 3094 QHATTERTON DIX CHURv^ _<ND GENERAL BOOK, STATIONARY, AND ART DEPOT, 32, TRIANGLE, BRISTOL. Brass Work, Photographs, Religious Pictures, Prayer Desks, and other articles of Ecclesiastical Furniture. 2270 g w A N s « A OFFICE "SOUTH WALES™DAILY NEWS." 42A, CASTLE STREET, (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE.) A.11 orders from NEWS AGENTS will receive prompt attention, ANRRI, ^XECUT,ED upon the same terms as from the Chief Office. I he DAILY NEWS delivered to Subscribers earlv every morn- ™RAI?RY PART OF TLLE town. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Seven o'clock will secure insertion JN the next momintr'S issue of the DAILY NEWS. T,, „ SPECIAL NOTICE. „„„„ HE GERMAN AND FRENCH PHOTOGRAPHIC AND STEREOSCOPIC COMPANY, TW 45> WIND STREET, SWANSEA, Beg most respectfully to inform the Public in general that all Pictures, Portraits, Cartes, &c., formerly taken by Mr. James who will Ireillthepossesi.n of their Manager, Herr Jean Goldman, WA?, 1 REPRODUCE all Conies at HALF PRICE, and guarantee THE above Company respectfully announce !VRI^? R Establishment in Swansea, Neath, or Llanelly, have NRR UCE OR infringe upon their NEW PATEN1 VAN DER WEYDE'S PROCESS. I,WITLIR82E?TLON AT ,HE Wind-street Establishment is respectfully PR'°E List sent free of charge. All letters to be addressed Ilerrjean Goldman, late Andrews. Wind-street. Swansea. 201*9 ^TTVR~R,GUARANTEE FOR HONESTY. PJITIZEN ASSURANCE CORPORATION, LIMITED, 0. FIN SBURY SQUARE, LONDON, E.C. Established 1866. Capital, £ 100,000. LIBBBAL CONDITIONS. LOW RATES. Full particulars on application to G. P. IVEY, F.S.C., 335- Adelaide Chambers, Swansea D. E. ISAAC AND CO., COLL K ft K STRE HZ SWANSEA. HOUSE FURNISHERS, ^M^^TEITER^ABINLRRMANUFACTTRR^RS GENE DD -Q~^ £ ^AL_FURN 1 SHKNG IRONMONGERS. Goods delivered Free of Charge within a radius of Ten Miles. 2126 TEETH, FROM 5s. EACH. ESTABLISHED 1809. £ J# M. JONES AND SON, SURGEON DENTISTS, M.C.D.E., 19' NORTHAMFRON PLACE, SWANSEA. DENTFSTRYK''V,-ATT'EN^ON to their Patented System of Painless Their I entirely supersedes all others. nor DPFO,. CLA' Teeth, being indestructible, never change colour detecting AVD> FEY their wonderfully lifelike appearance, defy of face A EXActly restore the natural and youthful expression TEETH, FROM 5s. SETS, FROM £ 5. ERMA STRictly moderate. Consultation gratis. A Vacancy for an Articled Pupil. PERIODICAL ATTENDANCE IN PEMBROKESHIRE. For dates see Local Papers. ONE OF THE FIRM DAILY IN ATTENDANCE A,T No 19, NORTHAMPTON PLACE, SWANSEA. 8146 DAN r E L JONES, COAL, COKE, AND LIME MERCHANT, 1, NEW OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. BEST HOUSE COAL delivered to all parts of the Town. SMALL COAL FOR SMITHS. LOCOMOTIVE, FOUNDRY, or FURNACE COKE delivered at any RAILWAY Station, in Trucks, or for Shipment at Swansea. USE COAL SUPPLIED either in Truck Loads or for Shipment. BLUE LIAS (Aberthaw), LIME, or BEST WHITE LIME delivered in Trucks at any Railway Station. HOUSE CORE delivered to all parts of the Town by Cart. HAULAGE, CARTAGE, IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. CONTRACTS TAKEN—PRICES AND TERMS ON APPLICATION. NOTB THB ADDRESS ————— DANlEL JONES, I, NEW OXFORD-STREET, 3163 SWANSEA. THE INDIA-RUBBER WAREHOUSE, 5, QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA. much FROM 1°. AND 1"> Castle-street) has turers generally „ORI'LINS HIS old customers, tin-plate manufac- Sir William FT,™ E L)UT,LIL=, that he has been appointed by AGENT for TH« „ AND Co., 90, Caiman-street, London, an NING AND RFORSPRV ?AKER'S PREPARATION FOR TIN- respectfully SOLICIT* N»A'iufactured by them, for which he value and ADVANTAGE F1"8' NU'nerous testimonials, proving its the Fluid is in CONFF W°I'ks in this neighbourhood where £ HAD ON APPNS1 USE. AND other parts of the kingdom, can required. WLTH PRICES and any further particulars M^EUBTE? W ARTICLES, GUTTA PERCHA, and EBONITE NIEAL domestic ^^IIANICAL, mining, agricultural, chemical, 8UU^RIS''S CELEHR1T'„AIU OTHER PURI)0SES, as usual. and REMAI N 'UCK ALI(I Fluid Compositions, for the pre- vention AN EMOVAI LNCRUSTATION IN STEAM BOJLERS_ Harris's geif-lubncat n^ Graphite Steam-Engine and Pump Packing (re- gistered;> I to any other packing extant. Harris's IM- perial An is\ve Mineralised Cement, for steam-engine and boiler man-bo ejomts, GAS and water-pipes, &c. W. E- 7' R ,,NV THE Patent Non-conducting HairCom- position, I°R COVERING boilers and steaui-pipes, which can be ap- nlied by AU ordinary mechanic, thus avoiding the necessity of ENDING SPECIAL MEN into the country. Boiler Felt also kept IN Stock, Cotton Waste, and sundries. Agent for the Emperor Life and Fire Assurance Society. ° Chief Offices-52, Cannon-street, London THE INDIA RUBBER WAREHOUSE, iIX 5, QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA. S04ST SAFETY BOILER, As manufactured by the ISCA FOUNDRY COMPANY, NEWPORT, MON., FROM Is now being extensively used to take up the waste heat puddling and balling furnaces. Its great SAFCTY. CEONONO, the small space it occupies for the power given out, causes be adopted WHercver IUUU IO VU.UI.IBL,. Pitlcm ON APPLICATION^ 3453 PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, No. 1, COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT, MON. E DWIN NEWMAN Begs to inform the Inhabitants of Newport and the Neighbour- hood that he has been APPOINTED SOLE AGENT IN THIS TOWN MESSRS TOW"\T °^i>TUK 8X1-8 w ^lilNSMEAD AND SON'S PIANOFORTES TIARR1'!? A QOAI.r. H0M HE HAS JUOT RECEIVED A E NEWMF F IENT OF SUCH INSTRUMENTS h. Newman has THP T polity to ,choose from r^est Stock of Pianofortes in the Princi- COLLARD AND'COT °f *nd other eminent LondmT^,RD' BRO AD WOOD, ERARD, Jlakers, and he further invites Inspection STOCK OF of his HARMONIUMS of ORGANS AND a -EVERY DESCRIPTION. I'tANOF0-RnW XAY B?& pURCIiAB&D 011 UIE THILBB rpAR SYSTEM. H Y » O !■ K 1 C^K OF TUI, For the transaction of the Merthy, bu8inesfj ADVERTISEMENTS received up to 6.30 p w.„ insertion in the foUo^ng 0Pf" the Lg^TH w. Li R E D I T if, WATCHMAKER, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER) AN]) 124, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, Invites an Inspection of his choice and extensive Stock of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, CLOCKS, TIMEPIECES JEWELLERY, ELECTRO-PLATE, SPECTACLES, And all kinds of Optical Goods, which will be found equal to any Establishment in the Principality, At Prices ip most instances fully TWENTY PER CENT. LESS. THE RAILWAY OFFICIAL'S WATCH, AT 45 10s., Jewelled in Ten Holes, Compensating Balance, and Extra Strang Case, is really a Marvel of Cheapness. Warranted, Free oi Charge, for Five Years, and sent l't Free. 2935 t business Addresses* AP PLES! APPLES! APPLES! Just Received per "GLAMORGAN," About 200 Barrens prime American Apples, of several kinds; also 50 cases Sweet Potatoes, or Yams, the whole of which are in excellent Condition, and worth the Attention of Pu rchasers. N.B.—The Sweet Potatoes will be sold at the most unheard of low price of 5s. per case. Orders by Post promptly attended to. For further particulars apply to- MR. F. CASE, FRUIT MERCHANT, 23, High-street, Cardiff. 4340 L. R LUMLEY, SURVEYOR AND APPRAISER, 29, VICTORIA-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. ESTIMATES PREPARED. Work in all Branches of the Building Trade measured and valued. Dilapidations and Cost of Repairs made up at reasonable cnarges. Surveyor te the Merthyr and Dowlais Building Society. 8080 R. C. LEACH, BILL POSTER & ADVERTISING CONTRACTOR, o r, 17, WOOD-STREET, CARDIFF, AND 63, CARDIFF-STREET, ABERDARE. Rents all the Principal and most prominent POSTING STATIONS in Cardiff, Canton, and Roath. TOWN CRIER FOR ABERDARE. JONES BROTHERS, PRINCIPAL BILL POSTERS AND DELIVERERS HIGH STREET. NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY. Circulars addressed and delivered. Bill Posters to the Great Western and Neath and Brecon Railways, and the principal Auctioneers. Lessees of the Principal Posting Place in the town. NOTE THE ADDRESS: HIGH STREET, NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY 2144 JOSEPH WALKER, HAY, STRAW, CORN, MEAL, AND OIL-CAKE MERCHANT, Is prepared to supply any of the above articles at the lowest possible prices, at his Warehouse, 25 AND 26, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. AGENT FOR SIMPSON'S CATTLE SPICS AND PRANGLEY'S SPECIAL MAN ORES. 1565 PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN JL STARCH. Trade Mark-Aiq ELBPHANT. FAKSOWS, FLKTOuku it CO.'S INDIAN STARCH for Purity and Beauty of Colour. ARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH foi Laces Mushns, &c., &c. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH will not adhere to the iron. LETC R & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH will retain JL its stiffness in the dampest weather. ARSONS, FLETCHER & CO S INDIAN STARCH ia highly recommended to Laundresses. PARSONS, FLETCH.ER &. CO.'S INDIAN 8TARCR. The JL in demand is proof of its excellence. PARSON, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STaRCH is packed i> and lib, packets, also in boxes, and in 61b. papers. ORKS-GRAVEL-LANE, SOUTHWARK, LONDON. MAT itic HAT) EVKRTWKKRR. 3708 OUGHS an(I COLDS are positively CURED c with DUDGEON'S PECTORAL BALSAM. Whitehaven-street, Bedminster, Dec. 14th, 1872. Sir-After spending over £20 in doctor's fees for a Cough that troubled me for 12 months, I tried your Pectoral Balsam, and Half a Bottle effected a Cure. I have not had a return SIL'CF; „ J JOSEPH FEAE "Mr. Dudgeon." prepared by C. DUDGEON, VICTORIA-STREET (TEMPLE), BRISTOL. Bottles, Is. lijd and 2s. 9d. each. AGENTS IN CARDIFF- WILLIAMS, 11, BUTE-STREET. JOY DUKE-STREET. 2875 COLEMAN, HIGH-STREET, ONE BOX of CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is war ranted to cure all discharges from the urinary organs in either sex, acquired or constitutional, gravel, and pains in the back. Sold in boxes, 4s. 6d. each, by all chemists and patent medicine vendors or sent to any address for 60 stamps, by the medicine vendors or sent to any address for 60 stamps, by the maker, F. J. Clarke, Consulting Chemist, High-street, Lincoln Wholesale Agents, Barclay and Sons, London, and all the whole- sale houses. Sold in Cardiff by Joy and Coleman, Chemists New- port, E. M. Thomas, 121, Commercial-street; Pontypool, E. Stephens, Clarence-street. 1243 Stephens, Clarence-street. 1243 LIFE PRESERVERS.—Infant Life protected and secured asrainst the enemy, Death, by Mothers keeping n tne apiveket of "DAAJE EUROPA'S INFANT Llr* PRESERVERS. Once tried always used. TMHTHINO, Small-pox- Scariatina, Meastes1 &c., meet with a readv ef. if the "EU, ROPA POYvDc«Rb are used. Mothers, tiy them, and publish their effect. ~ame Europa's Infant Life Preservers" are pre- pared only by the Inventor, B. A. GKOROB, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd • and swlp in Is. lid., and 2s. !id. each, by every chemwt in the world. May be had post free from thi Inventor for 14 or 34 stamps. Wholesale W. Mather, Londo. and Manchester and Barclay & Sont. Agent in Cardiff, Coleman chemist 159 HE EGYPTIAN SALVE CUPkS-directlY T ERUPTIONS of the SKIN, SCURVY, and all SORES nr^hree week^6'It'HnhrlS' sta!1^jnt» have been cured by it in two S £ LIRA VT;'°EISRT SS"? TH6 SI0/ PNL"KS 5T7' 2s Sfl per hnttio „ th<*e remedies. Price of Ls- eachsufficient in many'cMe^to0^ c,°"taininK six J)0",es1111j' ami 2s 9d ner Dot ™ c et'mpiete a cure. Salve Is. lid. READS BROS., Chemists, Wolrerhar^f for 16 or 36 stamps, by JOY, and Mima, SPIB™TML'DEPOT"S"Na"d„Sl"ril Merchants, by spiERs.and full value for their outlay! g* °r 8ma11 cluantltieS QUANTITY and QUALITY in be assured by this svstpnwv. Proportion to price, may adjusted to the value .if ito' slze °* each bottle being FOR a SHILLING a LIQUEURS of various kmru ,Wf NES' SPI^ITS' and are supplied on the Pro Rat p ?uaral»teedexcellence, BACHELORS, Travellers f nnclljl°- sumers of either We n "I?'Tnt9. Invalids, and Con- system most useful. small quantities, will find this FOR the PRESENT SEASON wtvco best quality maybe at'n an(* SPIRITS of the S. & P.'s cellar stocks eith ected by Customers from FOR GENERAL FAMILY USE °r 8,ma" quantities mend— SPIERS and POND reconi- SHKRRY, Letter C in the List PORT, Letter C in the I i»t 24s. a Dozen. CLARET, Letter B in the I i«t" BURGUNDY, Letter B in thPT- 15s- •• CHAMPAGNE (S. & p •' Vt 15s- BRANDY, Letter ii in' the Ust r)" 42s- WHISKEY, Scotch or Irish T 2 Is. a Gallon. GIN h' Letfcer A 18s. „ RUM 15s. „ Packing Cases, 18. a 'dozen'' v' V. 18s- SEASONABLE BIN CASKS „, „cllarjre for bottles. Case (A) bottle each Port INES and SPIRITS and Whiskey, 15S" ^berry, Brandy, Rum, Gin, Large Case (A) two Joottles J. Case (C) bottle each, selected iv,' t ° 30s- Gin, Whiskey, of superio^u^fA61' Brandy, Rum, LARGE CASE (C) two bottW u & Bottles included. Orders t etJc > ditto, 37s. Cases and mittances, and definite inst.nw- accompanied by re- be supplied, when it will hp ;?v,lon to which case shall to any Metropolitan Railwav^?1^131^^ forwarded free within the four mile radius tatlon. or to any address SPIERS & POND WiT.o Q j o ■ NEW BRIDGE-STREET' SS™' M<,r0iantS' r\NE HLNDllED POUNI)" —XDo^ V/ cant addition to one's Incomo \i J10 an "isignifi- TEAS in Packets & Caddies furni.h ? £ e obtained by selling Company (Limited), 16S, Ci^J^by the Free Ttade Tel VEATMAN'S YEAST Pown^p 3 JL the QUEEN'S KITCHEN the ffiiiv USe<i For Pastry, Puddings, Bread. Crosl?^ "nf 1LAVY- Grocers. osse and Blackwell, and all OTUBBS' WEJiJa^GAZETTir^ -T r- formation indispensable to all Tra,w • rurnisnes ln- DEBTS RECOVERED on a simple^Credit CAUTION.— NO Office connected with^^Prehensive system* LS^excep^ DAMP WALLS, DAMPCMJ^TTB^^—J— cured by the Petrifying Liquid at a > C- > sauare yard.-See Article in Builder, 9th March lwl*1" t°3d* per square yar F(jr Partlculars and Testimonial' 72> apply to the SnJCATE PA.N^OMPA^8LlVERpooL RRIHE PETRIFYING ^LTCXTE PAIN¥Q 1 M^iufactured by the Silicate Paint TS any6 d^ree ° of'Cihc3^l'^rl^o^ C1" l^cw^'CilT work of 2 cwts. lead Paints. See Article in Engineering. 20th anuary,1872. LOANS Granted by the BRITISH~MUTUAL INVESTMENT COMPANY, Limited, upon Rea] Personal security, with or by easy iustalments. Prospectuse ibSEPH JACKSON, Secretary. 18, New Bridge-street. London, E.C. THE NEW ADULTERATION ACT— Any person now selling Adulterated Articles is liable to a Penalty of £ 50 for the first offence, and six memths imprisonment with hard labour for second. Borwick Bating Powder is warranted pure, and tree free from alum and other injurious in- gredients found in most cheap Baking Powders, therefore maybe gr.edients found 111 most cheap s jld without fear by all Dealers. CURRIED .FOWL in TINS, as in IN DLL A DELICACY, Prepared by J. HALFORD, at 12, UPPER ST. MARTINS-LANE, LONDON. Formerly with the Governor-General of India. Tins containing one fowl, 4s. Tins containing two fowls, 7s. Cd None Genuine except bearing his registered Trade Mark. AU orders to be prepaid. Trade Quotations forwarded on application. JJ eTth E R-Y A R N. For Knittiag dk Crochet; WOOL DYED, COARSE and FINE, Sold by all Berlin Wool Dealers, and General Drapers, in the United Kingdom, end Colonies. f ducatioit. 29, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. MRS. S. J. DAVIES'S SCHOOL for Young Ladies RE-OPENED JANUARY 20th, 1873. 4277 6, WlNDSOR-PLACfc, CROCKHERHTOWN, CARDIFF MRS. MARTIN'S SCHOOL RE-OPENED on MONDAY, January 20th, 1873. 3984 38, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. MISS H. STOTHERT'S PREPARATORY SCHOOL for a select number of YOUNG GENTLEMEN, RE-OPENED on MONDAY, Jannarv 20tb. 38, Charles-street, Jan. 4, 1873. 4231 LBION HOUSE ACADEMY, _x CHARLES STREET, CARDIFF. MR. TRICE begs to announce the RE-OPENING of his School on WEDNESDAY, the 22ntl inst. Prospectus of terms, &c., on application. 4137 HARROW HOUSE, DUMFRIES-PLACE, CARDIFF. The DUTIES of the MISSES MARKS' SCHOOL were RE- SUMED on the 22nd inst. Vacaneies for boarders. References to parents of pupils. Harrow House, Dnmfries-place, Jan. 1873. 4195 MAIS6, OCHN ARLEDS-S' TREEETD, CAURDCIFAF.TION. Conducted by Mons. AUBERTIN, M.A., LL.D., and Mdme AUBERTIN. This School re-opened on the 20th JANUARY. Young Ladies prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations. Young Gentlemen prepared for the same examina- tions as well as for the Civil Service, the Law, and Medical ex- aminations. 4207 GROSYENOR LADIES' COLLEGE, G BRIGHTON PARK, WHITE LADIES' ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. DR. B. TOMKINS, M.A Lady Superintendent of Studies Miss WILSON. Pianoforte and Singing Miss RUMBOLL. Drawing, &a Head Master of ( Grosvenor College Lady Superintendent of Domestic Arrange-) T ments ) Mrs- Jos- ToMKIN8" Young ladies prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations. G ROSVENOR COLLEGE, WHITE LADIES' ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. PRINCIPAL DR. TOMKINS, M.A. P rofesseur de Frangais, Compiler of the Bristol Copy Book &c ) HBAD MASTER CHARLES BIGG, ESQ. The College is within 200 yards of the proposed site of the new Clifton Station. Very Moderate Terms. Largs school-room. A The College is within 200 yards of the proposed site of the new Clifton Station. Very Moderate Terms. Large school-room. A arge number of pupils have obtained certificates in the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, many having passed with honours. Hundreds of pupils are occupying good situations in banks, merchants' offices, &c. A book (new edition, 40 pages) of Grosvenor College, also one of Grosvenor Ladies' College, may be obtained on application. It contains testimonials from parents of pupils, from old pupils, refer- ences to parents at Aberdare, Blaenavon, Builth, Brecon Cardiff Chepstow, Haverfordwest, Llanelly, Newport, Pontvnridd Swauea.' Tenby, Trelech, Tredegar, Merthyr Tydfil, &c. The NEXT TERM will commence on THURSDAY, JAN. 16, 1873 Dr. TOMKINS will visit the principal towns of South Wales im- mediately after Christmas, and he will, with great pleasure, call upon any parents who may wish to see him respecting pupils, in which case he hopes that notice to that effect may be at once sent to him. 4082 T AFFORD COL-LEGE, DARTMOUTH-PARK, FOREST-HILL (NBAR CRYSTAL PALACB), LONDON, S,E. HEAD MASTER Mr. CROSS, late of Bridgend MATHEMATICS, &c A. G. WATXINSON, Esq., London University! FHBNCH Monar. RARCKEDBOOM. GERMAN Dr. EUPHRATK, M.A. Ph. D &c DRAWING, PUNTIKG, &C. J. L. KBNWORTHY, E8O F S A F.R.G.S., &c. 4-R.O.A., ASSISTANT IN DITTO J. ROLFK, Esq., Medalist of the Roval Academy. 3 PROFESSOR OF DANCING J. SEATON, Esq., Royal Italian Opera House. The PUPILS RE-ASSEMBLED on MONDAY, 20th January. EXTRACT FROM REPORT OF EXAMINERS. The Algebra and Arithmetic are very accurate. The knowledge of idiomatic French and of French pronunciation was above the average of English Schools. History and Scripture were very satisfactory, and Draw- ing displayed unusual merit." 4009 THE COMFORTS OF HOME AND CHRISTIAN TRAINING COMBINED WITH A THOROUGHLY PROFESSIONAL OR COMMERCIAL EDUCATION. ALSTON COLLEGE, NEAR PRESTON, LANCASHIRE, Recently enlarged by the erection of three additional School- rooms, Students' Hall, Theological and Scientific Lecture Hall (including Reading Room), Chemical Laboratory, Private Studies, I Dining Halls, large Swimming Bath, Gymnasium, and spacious Dormitories, as well as separate Bedrooms. RECTOR: REV. T. ABBOTT PETERS, M.A. V ICB-PRINCIPAL REV. J. S. SKINNER, B.A. PROFESSORS Rev. T. ABBOTT PETERS, M.A., Divinity. Rev. J. N. SKINNBR, B.A., The Classics and Ancient History. Mr. H. J. HENDERSON, M.A., Junior Classics. Mr. CHARLES FURBANK, B.A., Mathematics, Navigation, and the English Language, History, and Literature. Mr. E. CLEMENT, Ph.D., Chemistry, Natural Philosophy (Experi- mental and Mathematical). French, and German. Mr. J. ROCHFORD, C.M., English and Junior Mathematics. Mr. T. DAVIES, J unior English. Mr. T. FLOYD, C.E., Civil Engineering. Signor LUIGI GALLI, R.A., Drawing. Mr. W. H. JONBS, Music (Organ and Pianoforte) and Singing. Mr. R. NICHOL, Librarian. Sergeant GRIFFIN. Drill Instructor. Three annual Exhibitions, open for general competition to aU students, and tenable for three years M^«iawlaS9e^aVe f?rmed/*rPreparing students for the Legal Medical, Home, Colonial, and Indian Civil Service Examinations; ?Hah e^ Jan.C<t £ Woolwich, Cooper's Hill, and the English, Irish, and Scotch Universities. D The Religious Teaching is based on strictly Protestant Principles, in accordance with the Doctrines and Liturgy of the Church of England. Students requiring a commercial education only are exempt from the classical course, if desired. The year consists or two terms during which there are no holidays, the only vacations twiner t. Midsummer and Christmas. Use of all class books, valuable library, (Stationery, school re- quisites, laundry, &c. (except Mathematical Instruments), included in the terms:- —Students from 16 to 23 years of age. Middle School—Students from 12 to 16 years of age. Preparatory School—Students under 12 years of age. Terms moderate, and strictly inclusive. Studentarter'8 Not'ce re1uired previous to the removal of a Alston College is pleasantly situated, about six miles from Preston, and half a mile from Longridge Railway Station is in immediate proximity to beautiful mountain scenery, within half an hours ride of the chief watering places on the western coast of Lancashire, and is considered by the Medical Professors to be one of the healthiest localities in England-a fact sufficiently proved by the remarkably good health enjoyed by the students, and con- firmed by the half-yearly medical reports. Extensive Cricket Grounds are attached to the College Farms, also a spacious covered Gymnasiimi and Students'Hall, available for recreation, kc. Reports of all examinations, alotiz with the names of those Students who distinguished themselves at the College and the Universities as Medallists and Prizemen, also the rep^rts^of the late examinations, together with views of the Coilege buildings, and all necessary information, forwarded on application to the Rector, or to Mr. GEORGE CLIFFORD, SECRETARY. References kindly permitted to the examiners, Rev. T. H Lind- say Leary, M. A., D.C.L. (Oxon), Assistant Examiner to the Civil Service Commission, Alexandra-grove, Finchley, London; T. W. Eyre Evans, D.L.D. (T.C.D.), Nightingale-villa, Lower Norwood; Professor Routledge, B.S., F.C-S., Manchester; Professor Pagel, Liverpool; and the Protestant clergy, nobility, and professional gentlemen (parents of present pupils) in London, Liverpool, Man- chester, Chester, Cardiff, Swarsea, Aberystwith, Landoverj, Lampeter, Holywell, Aberdare, Mostyn, and various other towns towns in England and Wales, the continent of Europe, the Colonies, New York, and the United States of America, Brazil, Cuba, &c., &c., who can hear ample testimony to the merits of the College. N.B.—NEXT TERM COMMENCES JANUARY 29, 1S73. 4077 YORKSHIRE RELISILJ JL Themost DELICIOUS SAIJCB in the WORLD to CHOPS, STEAKS, FISH, &c. Sold by all Groceis and Oilmen in Battles 6d., Is., and 2s. each. Trade mark-Willow. pattern plate. PROPRIETORS—GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & CO.. LFEDS. 616 -LL- -,HE "BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL," JL I Nov. 23, 1872, HIGHLY RECOMMENDS D A V I E S'S ALKALINE SALINE For Bilious Constitutions, Sick Headache, Acidity, Heartburn, and Indigestion. It purifies the blood, regulates the bowels, and remove predisposition to Gout, Skin Diseases, and Eruptive Fevers. DAVIES'S CHALYBEATE SALINE, Invaluable where there is want of colour in the blood, attended with general debility and constipation. From Dr. Brown, Haverfordwest: "Your Salines are as plea- sant as they are valuable.' In bottles Is. 6d. and 2s. 6d. each Prepared only by DAVIES, Chemist Tenby. Order them of your Chemist. 1189 KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS JL3k. for HEADACHES, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, INDIGES- TION, COSTIVENESS, RHEUMATISM, or TIC-DOLOREUX They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confine- ment indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thou- sands, who pronounce them to be the best medicine in the world. Testimonials from J. Balbirnie, Esq., M.A., M.D., Lecturer on 'Physiology," author of "A Treatise on the Turkish Bath," tzc.: I have examined the pills known as 'Kernick's Vegetable Pills.' I certify their composition to be purely vegetable; I have also tried their effect, and consider them one of the best aperient pills for constipated habits that I know of."—"6, Upper Church-street, Bath. Dear Sir,—I have sulered greatly from indigestion, and have derived great benefit from KERNICK'S Vegetable Pills,—Yours truly, A. SYLVESTER." Prepared only by S. P. KERNICK, Manufac- turing Chemist, Cardiff. Sold in boxes at Is. lid. and 7!d. 178 KERNICK'S VEGETABLE ;K WORM LOZENGES Are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for Worms. They als Jaken by children of all ages with perfect safety, and are so useful for children of delicate stomachs and pale complexions "SIR,A woman gave two of the lozenges for five mornings, DANTIX IT doing the chili got rid of no less than eighty worms- W u0K0AN. Nelson." w. arris, of Cefncoed, miner's child, had got rid of 140 „1 "u ? a Week whilst taking a box of your worm lozenges, and Merthyr ^nderfully in health since."—JNO. PRICE, Cefn, wJ™ "omer of mine, a short time ago, bought a box of your Thfliittif6^08 to ky their effect on his child, who was very ill. „ nd of forty large worms and so many s*iall SLmu eji could not reckon them."—JAMES MBYRICK. from Mr. MORGAN, Pendarran.—"Send me 12 dozen of your neighbour^11 d ,ozen £ e8 < are curinK aU the children in this Prepared only by S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, Dckb-STRBKT, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. ljd. and 7id. by the appointed Agents, and DL-KH-STRMM, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7id. by the appointed Agente, and most respectable Chemists and Druggists. 179 business glddt MEssRS. W. PRICE AND SONS respectfully XT-I. call the attention of Parents and Guardians to their JUVENILE DEPARTMENT. Having made this their especial study, they will find in the Stock of Young Gentlemen's Attire a large assortment, combining everything to please the eye with durability of workmanship and perfect fit. Great mistakes are ma le by many in the clothing of young gentlemen by their ages lot been made a study; this the Pro- prietors have endeavoured to rectify, pnd have succeeded in so doing, so that every purchaser cannot fail to be suited with a becoming dress in accordance with their particular age and size. A large Stock of White Shirts, Fancy Flannel Shirts, Woollen Undershirts, Pants, Hose, Ties, Gloves, Collars, and every requisite for the complete Outfit of Young Gentlemen. System of Business—One Price—No Abatement-Ready Money. ÁDDRBSs-CARDIFF HOUSE, CARDIFF. 136 m ESSRS. FULTON, DUNLOP AND CO., DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, Respectfully invite attention to the undermentioned Articles, all of which have been carefullv selected expressly for family use, and can be confidently recommended to the Public WINES. PER DOZEN. PORT. -Ver_v superior old, in bottle.60s Superior old crusted 48s, 54s Very fine ditto .T. '36s, *2T Good, from the wood 28s, 32s, 36s, 42s Ditto .189 SHERRY.—Very superior old Superior old soft Pale 54S Choice Pale, or Golden 48s Choice "dry" Palo 48s Very fine Pale, or Golden 36s, 42s Excellent Dinner Sherry.24s, 28s, 32s Ditto ditto 188 CHAMPAGNE. Madame Cliquot 11 72s Moet's or Ruiiiart's 60s Other qualities 20s, 36s, 42s, 48s, 60s MOSELLE. -Still or Sparkling 42s, 48s, 55s HOCK 36s, 42s, 48s, 55s CLARET.—Good ordinary 16s 20s 24s Good classed Wines 30s to 60s BURGUNDY to 68fj MARSALA.—Ingham's 20s BRITISH SPIRITS. PBIt GALLON. BRANDY.-Finest Cognac, Pale or Brown 26s Good ditto 20s, 24s British or Jersey 18s WHISKY-Finest old Irish, matured in Sherry casks Igo Good ditto I7g Finest Old Scotch (Islay) 19s Plain ditto Malt RUM.—Fine Old Jamaica ,18s Good ditto 16s HOLLANDS.—Best Old 18s GIN.-BestLondon Good ditto 12s, 13s GINGERETTE and PEPPERMINT 10s SHRUB 12s BRANDY.—Martell's or Hennessy's, finest old, per doz. case 60s Ditto ditto fine old 48s, 54s Good new 0 .0 o' o. 42s HOLLANDS.-Anchorprand 34s 8782 A o ft THE ROTHSAY SCARF, NEW. THE BELLE VUE SCARF, NEW. THE SHIELD SCARF, NEW. -< THE BARONET SCARF, NEW. PQ THE DON PEDRO COLLAR, NEW. THE GRESHAM COLLAR, NEW. Q Z THE MILTON COLLAR, NEW. < LINED GLOVES, all sizes. WOOL AND SILK MUFFLERS. >t NEW SHAPE IN FELT HATS. GENT'S SILK UMBRELLAS. < ——— n. 16, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. ™ 3781 THE TREDEGAR AGRICULTURAL SHOW, HELD AT NEWPORT, DECEMBER 17 AXD 18, 1872. EXTRA PRIZE, THE SILVER CUP, Given at the above Show for the BEST SEWING MACHINE ADAPTED TO FAMILY AND GENERAL USE, WAS AWARDED TO THE SINGER MANUFACTURING CO., 20, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 4319 BUTE COAL CONSUMERS' COMPANY (HENRY SAUNDERS.) OFFICES WINDSOR HOUSE, CROCKHERBTOWN, nAPniFP BEST HOUSE COAL. BEST NUT STEAM COAL. BEST SMITHS' COAL. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO Special Terms for large quantities. 2749 J. M H A I M E COAL MERCHANT. LARGE HOUSE COAL, THROUGH-AND-THROUGH DITTO, LARGE LANTWIT DITTO, SMITH'S COAL, LARGE STEAM COAL, NUT STEAM COAL, SMALL STEAM COAL, No. 3 COKE, Delivered in any quantity at the shortest notice. OFFICE,—BRITANNIA BUILDINGS, DOCKS. RESIDENCE,—No, 1, EAST GROVE, TREDEGARVILLE Orders received at the above address immediately attended to 2466 MUDIE'S L I B P. A R Y, 1, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. Terms, one set, 12 months zi 1 0 6 „ 0 10 6 „ „ 3 0 6 0 „ .» „ 1 0 2 6 A Constant supply of the most Popular Works in Circulation. EDWIN DOBBIN, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &c., 1, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 2705 JOHN WILLIAMS, HAY, CORN, AND MEAL MERCHANT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CUSTOM HOUSE WAREHOUSES (Close to the Custom House,) C A R D I F F. 224 STEAM SAW MILLS J. HOWELLS, TIMBER MERCHANT. PITWOOD, SLEEPERS, AND WHEELWRIGHTS' TIMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. YARD-WEST BUTE DOCK, CARDIFF. 2467 GOOD TEMPLARS, CLERGYMEN, AND OTHERS, Are informed that w RIGHT'S UNFERMENTED WINE, Prepared from the Finest Continental Grapes, Warranted free from Alcohol and Unintoxicating, may be obtained from R. P R U S T, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 8, METEOR-STREET, SPLOTTLANDS, ROATH, CARDIFF (Opposite the Welsh Baptist Chapel). SOLD IN BOTTLES—PINTS 2s. 2d., HALF-PINTS Is. 3d. 3419 P E T E R J? R I M——PCAERDTIFF EAGER NT TOPRICE, CARDIFF AGENT TO THE SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND. Accumulated Fund £ 5,200,000 Annual Income 630,000 Annual Premium Revenue 376,386 A purely Mutual Company, very econoiuicallj managed, and having an Accumulated Fund eight times as large as its premium revenue, is the ideal Company for an insurer."—Saturday Re™610' Oct. 2, 1869. The Scottish Widows' is purely Mutual, very economically managed," and, as the above statement shows, the Accumulated Fund is twelve times the amount of its Premium Revenue. The balance sheets and information which Mr. Cave's Bill com- pels Life Assurance Offices to publish, have been voluntarily pub- lished by the Scottish Widows' Society since 1825, and may be obtained Mr. Peter Price, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 1949 business Addresses, JOTHAM & SON'S OVERCOATS JOTHAM & SON'S YACHTING JACKETS: JOTHAM & SON'S TROUSERS. JOTHAM & SON'S TROUSERS AND VESTS. JOTHAM & SON'S VESTS. JOTHAM & SON'S BOYS' SUITS. JOTHAM & SON'S FLANNEL SHIRTS. JOTHAM & SON'S HATS AND CAPS. TOTHAM & SON'S HOSIERY.——————— ADDRESS.-27, ST. MARY-STREET CARDIFF. 2941 SALE OF IRONMONGERY DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY PREVIOUS TO REMOVING. "— NEW AND EXTENSIVE PREMISES IN QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, JOHN WILLIAMS OFFERS AT HIS OLD ESTABLISHMENT, 27, DUKE-STREET, AN IMMENSE ASSORTMENT OF IRON, BEDSTEADS, COAL VASES, FURNISHING & BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY At Prices Worthy of Attention. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS TO BUILDERS. 3718 USE ONLY F OTHERGILL'S TOBACCO. SOLD EVERYWHERE. WHOLESALE: 4, STUART HALL, CARDIIFF..052 WILLIAM DA VIES. V V (Late of the Taff Vale Railway,) CORN, FLOUR, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, ALBERT COTTAGES, CLIFTON-STREET. ABERpARE.1 3050 CARDIFF PERMANENT BENEFIT Vy BUILDING SOCIETY. TRUBTRM: WM. ALEXANDER, Esq. CHAS. W. DAVID Esa CHARLES H. WILLIAMS, Esq. | (MAYOR OF CARDIFF.) NEW APPOINTMENT AS AGENT FOR SWANSEA AND NEIGHBOURHOOD- MR. T. M. JAMES, POST-OFFICH CHAMBERS, SWANSEA. TO INVESTORS. Money can be invested at any time, in the form of SHARES. or on DEPOSIT, at a fixed rate of interest. N.B.-The only local society that submits its accounts to the valuation of a London Actuary. Apply to any of the above Agents, or to the undersigned, PETER PRICE, Secretary. Dated, Society's Office, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 967 ^RKELL'S GREAT BOOT WAREHOUSE, 42, BUTE STREET, CARDIFF, Is now OPEN with a splendid STOCK OF WINTER BOOTS. Every Pair Warranted. Prize Workmen. 4022 W. H. BID G 0 0 D AUCTIONEER & APPRAISER, BY APPOINTMENT TO THE COUNTY COURT, 6, ARCADE CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. Sales efficiently conducted, and settled for with promptitude. 4112 GAMUEL PADY, 72, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. TAILOR AND BREECHES MAKER. ALL THE LEADING NOVELTIES FOR WINTER WEAR. REGIMENTALS AND LIVERIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ESTABLISHED 185 7. 3118 UubUcattons* In the press. Price One Shilling, CAPITAL AND LABOUR; WITH SUGGESTIONS FOR A FRESH ORGANISATION OF LABOUR, AND THE PREVENTION OF STRIKES AND LOCKS-OUT. By THOS. H. TERRELL. County Court Judge. CARDIFF: E. DOBBIN, 1, SAINT MARY STREET. 4135 RARE WORK ON FREEMASONRY.- The whole of the LODGE CEREMONIES and LECTURES in CRAFT MASONRY, embracing the whole of the Craft Masonic Ceremonies, Opening and Closing in the Three Degrees, Questions to Candidates before being Passed and Raised, the Ini- tiation, Passing, and Raising. Explanation of tht Tracing Boards will be found at the end af their respective Degrees. Prospectus free. Price 8s. 6d., post free, from A. E. MASON, Bank-tap View, Richmond, Yorkshire; or from J. Heywood, Wholesale Bookseller, Manchester. 4078 "A BAD LOT," AN ENTIRELY ORIGINAL STORY, BY EDMUND YATES, WILL AJ-PBAR IN THE "BIRMINGHAM MORNING NEWS." OF SATURDAY, JANUARY 25TH, 1873. PRICE ONE PENNY. 2160 jyVERPOOL DAILY ALBION. F IRST-CLASS COM.NIERCIAL NEWSPAPER. ARGE AND INFLUENTIAL TOWN AND COUNTRY CIRCULATION. J^ATEST SHI PPING NE WS. LATEST MARKETS. s PECIAL AND EXCLUSIVE LONDON INFORMATION. DVERTISEMENTS C BE SENT THROUGH ANY RECOGNISED AGENT, OR DIRECT TO THE PUBLlSHHlG OFFICE, sIP. THOMAS'S BUILDINGS, LIYERPOOL. J> O.O. IN FAVOUR OF ALFRED GRAFTON. RJPHFE ALBION —■ A RRIVES IN SWANSEA DAILY AT 4 O'CLOCK. SOCIAL AGENT MR. CORIN, BOOKSELXKRT 8600 LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY NEWSPAPER IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. ESTABLISHED 1764. THE NEWCASTLE WEEKLY CHRONICLE, Published every Saturday, Price Twopence. THE NEWCASTLE DAILY CHRONICLE, Published every Morning, Price One Penny. Chief Offices. Westgate Street (Opposite Central Station), Newcastle-upon-Tyne. London Ortice.—10, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, E.C. 2097 OTTINGHAM DAILY GUARDIAN. A FIRST-CLASS DAILY NEWSPAPER. Price ONE1 PENJN x. Has the largest circulation of any Daily Paper inNottinghamsn e, and adjoining counties. Saturday's issue over 20,000. A valuable medium for advertisers. „ .„„i:™ii„„ Rates of chargcs and copies of the paper sent free on pp to the proprietors. DIAN THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE GUARDIAN. Published every FRIDAY. Price (with supplement) TWOPENCE Has a large and high-class circulation, and ?s a-Anowledged th great advertising medium for ^^irinK COunties. 3 > Lei STREET, NOTTINGHAM. 4056 THE CARDIFF TIMERS, A FIRST With Sond Edition on SATCfmAY Afternoon, mHE CARDIFF TIME8 has been established I nnwards of fourteen years, anrl l,« 1 nutation of beintf the Largest, Be-t arr> enJ°>'ed the wfwsDttuer in South Wales. It has .,1? Cheapest Weekly unirit of thorough Independence ig t.hp v-? 6°r Jrond<>cted in a ofthe Liberal 2nd tion greater than the other three coun'tv"rmrw»p« rv?°i^ a cu^a" «r .be and the opening up ot agencies for its c-ile thron<riw„,t !r»i ganshire M-HmoutLshire, Carmlvthenshire! SroSSSw Caruig an shire, ><nil portions of Breconshire and Radnorshire' the Publisher hut- received numerous applications from Agents or the CARDII F _IMES. To meet this demand, and t« cover such an extensive area, tlie Proprietor has made arrangements by which the CARDIFF_TIKES may novr be procured from all he recognised agents of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. As a medium lor Advertisements the CARDIFF TIME, is second to uctie in the country. All orders should be sent to it Duncan, li, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. justness dArtssts. THIS DAY AT HOW E L L & C 0., Worthy of everyone's attention FLOWERS, CHILDREN'S, MAIDS', AND LADIES' JACKETS, SHAWLS, CRINOLINE SKIRTS AND COSTUMES, UMBRELLAS, FANCY DRESSES, FRENCH MERINOES, &c., &C., &c. HOWELL AND CO., THE CARDIFF DRAPERS. 13, AND 14, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 4097 JOHN MOON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN HAY, STRAW, CHAFF, & CORN MERCHANT, JOHN-STREET, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. Private Residence: 10, CRICHTON-STREET, CARDIFF. 2637 D LEWIS, CABINET MAKER • AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture. N.R-An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 SEWING MACHINES. WHEELER & WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE M'F'G COMPANY, Orders received by CROSS BROTHERS, 4, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. THE WILLCOX AND GIBBS SILENT SEWING MACHINE, ALSO, WEIRS, SHAKESPERE, AND THE AGENORIA HAND SEWING MACHINES. Either of the above may be bad on the Easy Payment System through their Agents, CROSS BROTHERS 4, ST. MARY-STREET. CARDIFF 886 "WORLD WIDE FAME." PALMER'S COCOA CONDIMENTAL FOOD JL FOR HORSES AND CATTLE. ONCB USED ALWAYS USBD. The cost is less than one halfpenny per feed, it will put Horses and Cowajnto condition when all other means have failed; for rearing calves cannot be equalled, and it will save 20 per cent. in the cost of feeding. Sole Manufacturers ana Proprietors, PALMER AND COMPANY, LONDON, E. Orders (wholesale )r retail), also applications for Agencies to be sent to MR. THOMAS WEBBER, 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. TESTIMONIALS ON APPLICATION. 808 Feeds sent, carriage free, for 32s., to any part of South Wales. A sample bag of 141bs. for 5s. prepaid. 2428 Do R I C H A R D S, HATTER, HOSIER, GLOVER, &c., 13, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1816. All who can appreciate STYLE AND QUALITY, And are desirous of GETTING BEST VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY, Are invited to make their PURCHASES AT THE ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT. 190 R E D E R I C K W A R E, (Late WARS AND Sows), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTURY, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENT DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF OPEN ON WEDNESDAYS AS USUAL. CLOSED EVERY EVENING AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. 107 MR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON DENTIST, CAMBRIA-PLACE, Corner of CHARLES- STREET, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. Testh, the best that can be obtained, from 4 to 25 guineas the complete set. Twenty-two years'experience. Established 1852. Recommended by the principal Physicians and Surgeotis in Cardiff and neigh- bourhood. No fee for consultation. Attendance daily from Ten till Four. Vacancy for a Pupil. 3410 ORRIS AND SONS, TOWN CRIER AND BILL POSTERS, 34, ORCHARD-STREET, SWANSEA, The only Bill Posters employed by the Corporation, Great Western Railway, and all the principal Solicitors and Auctioneers Swansea a nd its district. Country Sales posted to any distance giotels. BRISTOL. rjUILDHALL COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY 1 o. 3"> Broad-stieet, Bristol. Dining, Coffee, kept Rooms. Dinners from 12.30 to 6. Nignt Porter 1430 W. T. CROUCH, Proprietor. CLIFTON DOWN FIRST-CLASS FAMILY \f HOTEL, FACING THE SUSPENSION-BRIDGE. SUITE OF APARTMENTS, from 3* Guineas per week. Break- fast, from 28. Dinners, from 3s. 6d. Service, 2s. A Suite of Apartments having been recently added to the Hotel, especially for WEDDING BREAKFASTS, the Manager is prepared to provide the same or the most moderate terms. Terms by weekly arrange- ments only. Suite of Apartments, with board and attendance, 6 Guineas each, fires only extra. Bedroom, board, and attendance in public rooms, 3J Guineas. All meals served to the visitor's order. Private drawing-room for Ladies. Table D'Hote daily at 1: Sundays at 5. All communications to be addrestjcd, 1428 D. gITTENS, Manaeer ODDFELLOWS' ARMS, MAESTEG. Two Minutes' Walk accommodation. -BILLIARDS. POSTING. p^P)RR1\YENUE OFFICE. 2380 PROPRiETOR-Mr. ILLTID MORGAN ttubUc Amusements. UTCHINSOIN', & TAYLEURE'S <>*? ?/a?? & PALACE OF VARIETIES, aARi-STREET, CARDIFF. I A Success Unparalleled in Amusements continues to OBSF pv n lIus ^rreat Equestrian Palace. ^JifcERVE THE FRESH ARRIVALS! The AIo«t v TO-NIGHT. si Extraordinary Performance and Greatest Noveltv ever T> T> witnessed by the Cardiff Public. PROFESSOR JEFFERSON, THE GREAT MAN FISH, AND WONDROUS WILLIE, THE BOY FROG, Acknowledged to be the greatest phenomena (f the present century. v This important Engagement (effected at a heavy cost) is FOR SIX NIGHTS ONLY, VICTORIA CONCERT-ROOM, ST MARY. STREET, CARDIFF. SOLE PROPRIETOR Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN. Every Evening during the week, GRAND CONCERT, CHARACTERISTIC ENTERTAINMENTS, AND DANCING. RBFRBSHMBNTS AS USUAL Admission—First Class, Is.; Half-price at Nine o'clock, WHEN THE PROMENADE CONCERT AND DANCING COMMENCE. 241 THE STAR HALL OF VARIETIES (Late Amphitheatre), WINB-STREET, SWANSEA. DKBCTOR MR. MELVILLE. ANOTHER ASTOUNDING AMALGAMATION OF TALENT, NOVELTY, "D VARIETY. SKIS BILLS. 3201