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^hippittO JTottccs. %TF,.kA BETWF.Ell CA[tDI-FF, BELFAST, GREENOCK AND GLASGOW. 0 ^fc. -1-^v FAILINGS WEEKLY.-The Screw O Steatn-ships PRINCESS ALEXANDRA, Captain Mills ANTONA, Captain Passmore ■ £ CtXTHA. Captain Huek.nan A1LSA, Captain Fry are in- tended to'Sail with Goods and Passengers from Ea t bute D^ck IRfiasin (ueiess prevented by circumstances), as folows during the mouth of NO\EMBER: u-e'tF\ST CARDIFF TO GLASGOW, A*? BELiAsl. 4 4 Monday •• 7 p.m. 18 Monday ■ • 7 p.m. ■LH Monday • • 1 P-m. 25 Mon•* 1p.m. ■ FROM BELFAST TO B' 4 Monday 1 18 5|«n^y '• •• 2 p.m. ll Monday ..5 p.m. -'5 BELFAST *>"m" ■' GLASGOW TO CARDI* ^^LFAST. H- a Saturday 2 p.m. 2> Sa «rday a p.m. H- » Saturday 2 p.m. 30 Saturday 2 p.m. Saturday p.m. Ikr;kJ v. K' With liberty to Tow »V steC, „«o -r V K FAEF.s,-Belfast: Cabin, 17 s. 6<V.}-. r!,1 ° Greenock or Steerage. ™ Goods to be alongside in time foi shipment Two Hoars before i the i.dveitif-ed time of sailing- „ Applv in Glasgow to ^villi*m S1(;"i & Co.; Greenock, to William J.ind'-av A Co.; Swansea, to JL Jones & Brother; Belfast. to Robert Henderson and Son Bristol, to Iark Whit. Will & Sou md in Cardiff to G. F. WEBB & CO., 1400 Bute Dock Bonded Wltrell- CARDIff TO NEW YORK. < ■-» TV^ECT STEAM COMMUNICA- !r ■ WON BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND TUB TVT "H A tnSTITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPAQ S New, first-cHss, full-powered, Clyde-built Ste»n 1 GLAMORGAN 2,500 Tons 500 h p PEMBROKE 2,500 Tons COO h.p. GW ILP. CARMARTHEN S,«00 Terns •riv' between Or other First-ciass Steamers, w ill sail regu T T, CARDIFF AND NEW *°K*' c the Trade, and fitted-up These Steamships are built expresslv tor™ and conveuienct With all the latest improvements for the com ■of Cabin and Steerage Passengers. i.t,Pases. Steerage Passengers provided wjt'i Iliajjrrauts. A Stewardess carried for the female e'mfc m'p,all(! The GLAMORGAN, Joseph Lsy'bourne, wu sau ■on Wednesday, 27th November. ,„ett and James, 11 Kincr. For further particulars ^ply^ B °lfca G. W. Jonos, Heard, *U"eet Bristol; Richardson> and Co. oiouwster T„ wkite and |nd Co., Newi*>rt \V. O. Lucj ano ront.ypridd John'R Tavlor gom. Pontypoo!; Alexander brot^ aia„les „ • l ftttca; Henry Lee Hutchmgs,^ ,dward T Bvrnh^ *ater Stephen Hollowaj. ^ess^)l, 1, Castle-street, Merthyr Tvir'i rlcc' ^rcl;lI<- 'ot^ce, 1, Dock-chambers Cardiff. Wfil; or at the Com pan} 8 jOHx LAUGHLAND. Manager. 1 — — -=-=INM:N L!NE of ROYAL MAIL .» jpy I STEAMERS, appointed to sail from itv-k'RPOOL, rid QUEENSTbWN to NEW rroRi{,¿"(;YITJ;:snAY and THL'WSVAY. f r.v \TW YORK Ti-ESDAV, Nov. 12. OITV of lUtOOIvLYN THUKSDAV, Nov. 14. P, WASHINGTON TCKSDAY, NOV. 19. C1TV OF MONTREAL TiH'RSDAV, Nov. 21. •XLK r. „Ttiesdav Sailing, 15 a«d 18 Guineas: Ihurs- SaiPii'^ IS Guineas and 21 Guineas, having equal Saloon passage to New York, as low as by any other Line, with full suTiplv of Cloked I'rovisiotis. Passengers forwarded to Iios- ton Baitimore, or Portland without extra. charge. Passengers for all parts of CANAOA an,1 the L'NITED STATES booked thi ou^ii oil very advantageous terms. -F«r i irther particulars, apply to WILLIAM 1NMAN, 22, Water- tfeet,; Liverpool, ROBERT BURTON and SON, "tout; Church-street, Cardiff; or to any of the ■Company's Agents lit Wales. 2249 NATIONAL LINE. THE STE AMERS OF THIS LINK ARE THE LARGEST PASSENGER STEAMSHIPS AFLO-ttr. &TF,A.y FKOM LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK EVERY WEDNESDAY, AND FROM .QUEENSTOWK EVERY THURSDAY. Rational STEAM SHIP COMPANY. (LIMITED), The now full-powered British Iron-screw Steamships «, Sliips Tons Ships Jfeypt, Grogan 5064 England, Andrews.••• Grace 4900 The Queen, Thouias. iJWy, Thompson 4302 Holland, Uragf? 3956 ^Rnce, Thomson 3571 Erin, 3974 ^ada Webster' 3500 %nt.nev. ?! 3723 ea-e Ivemp. 3o00 Xew York as foKows :— Tl;Ur^atC^ fr°m L Wednesday, 13tn Nov. i^pai v Wednesday, 20th Nov. IPAIN .| Wednesday, 27th Nov. Leaving Queenstown the following days. The S100H aeeoininodatioii on board these Steamers is un- •"fpasW, the State-mans being umisually large, and off &Ui.s, which arc situated in the poop on deck-the poqp 130 feet long.. Rate of Passas-e, 12,15, and 17 Guineas, according to accomme- in State-room—all saving same privilege in Saloon. Return «ckets, TWENTY-FfVK GUINEAS. „ The S;rKEiiA<>E accommodation is nnequalied for space, Iign^ JM ventilatioji. Abumlance Df Fresh Provisions served up cooked the Comp^iv's Stewards, I Rates cf Passage on Reduced Terms. Steerage Passengers rdell t4 Quebec, Boston and Baltimore without extra > ■frts&eiigers iiwked through A&imrail, San Franctaco, the in- towns of Canada and of thr United States on favourable also io ^j/stmlia, Xcw Ztiiand, China and Japan, at w through rates, via ^elc York aai Sun Francisco. Passengers are adyised to secure iieir passages from the local agents before leaviog home. For Freight or Passage apply to THE NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. (LIMITED,) 21 and 23, Water-street, Liverpool; g- and J. CUMMINS aud BROS., Queeostcwe.-to Messrs. J. R. jglCHOLAS and CO., 130, Britannia-buildings^ Bute Docks; JOHN T- MORGAN (Cymro), 19, Glebeland-street, Jlej-thyr Tydfil; HARSE Bbowh, Hewpojrtt, Voe.; F. W. CAL'nt, Aiier<Utre CIIAS. P. Neath JAS. A. Mohxian, Poatmaster, Poiitypool Hknhy Hi'jrh-street, Abersyclian THOS MOUGAX, Stiner-street, Ijan ]'J '( \v. DOWN, Teimii>us Hotel, Bristol. p aye advised to secure their Passages from the Local jeavi^ home. 239C lkf,LAN ROYAL MAIL LINE. SHORTEST SEA PASSAGE to w Canada and the United States. Shortest Route to the West. „Thc superb steamsliilis.^nt]liverpo??rW J11" Tdirect ever> ^esdav and Thursday fr°"' e"to NeVv vo^QLPEC alld J^RTLAND, forwarding l^^u'VS i ^C\NAl) f i'1. l:OS r0N> to ALL CITIES andTO^NS CANADA an 1 the UNITED IIVFRPOOL TO QUEBEC AND PORTLAND. r ROM LIVEIUOOL TO •< Moravian Thur. Nov 1 V ?erma"y -■ ii!cs- 0ct so N.American Toes ,» PoJyiiesian Tlmr. „ 3 S- p0,v„esian Tlum 4 »8S. Nova Seot'.an Tues. „ 8 Nova Scotian Tues. Jq Scandinavian Thur. „ 10 es Si.ail(llluuian Tliur. o, Corinthian Tues. „ 15 r,many ..Tues. 2<3 8S- Prussian ..Thur. „ 17 ss. Ge J n)ur. g ♦to St" Androw- Tue9- » H *SS' ifaiiitoban Tues. Dec. 3 Nestoriaa ..Thur. „ 24 ss. M*111.Thur. 5 Manitoban Tues. „ 29 "ss. '.Tues. 10 •8. Sarmatian Thur. )( 31 ss. Conntn trOLK. and The Mail Steamships for HALIFAX, ^< r BALTIMORE, sail as follows: Middle, Wes- ■°nyarding Passengers by Rail to all pi rts 01 tern, South Western, and Southern jj0V- 5 "J* Hibernian Tues., Oct. 8 ss. Austrian Dec. 3 "*• Peruvian ..Tues. 22 ss. N. American A k'\Torf0]k, bCabin Passage to Halifax, Quebec, Boston, New ''i;n[f to or Philadelphia, £ 1S 18s., or £ 15 15s., acc r ;nuors rjioiftmoilation, including Provisions, but not Wines 01 1 *hich can be obtained ou board. Returned Tickets a tnken }*tes. A liniituJ number of intermediate passengers are « each Steonier at £ 9 o8., including Beds, Bedding, and all lietes » •'y utetKiils, tlinmg apart from steerage. Applications foi't>er nnwU in advance. ^Steerage Passage to St. John's, Halifax, Quebec, Boston, New ^oi'k, NorfoUt, or Baltimore, £ 6 0s.. including a plentiful supPV ?/. cooked pivovision3- °t6erage Stewardesses are carried by ^18 line, to attend to 6 wants of female passengers and chil- ^en. t Rag'gage takeii from t'ie cean Steamshi])s to the Railway Cars of exiiense.. fL^y infonnatioa rcq"irecl t rfket Canada can be obtained 20la Mr. Dixon, 11, Adam-streei, A.aei1>hi) Loudon) agent for Canadian Govcriiiiiciit. janiphlets on Canada supp1' ,xC!SCoy °.ur asents. rs,i0RTEST ROUTE to 6AN iK-V i the UNION PACIFIC &IIROAP. TunavoH TrCKETS iw^ on Ule most favouraWe For Freight or Passage, apl'1>,J ALLAN BROT HERS, andco to JOHN R. TAYLOR. Post-otlioe, Pontj mister, near New- J n> Monmouth. V«IORA\-TH w COMPANY'S SPECIAL XOT1CB TO E| • K., e advise Passengers to obtaiu their !■' n Agents <^Qre lcavi ug home. 12031 jSugluegg ^dd H U S B A N D'S, PRACTICAL 0 P T I C I A 8, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, (Corner of Denmark-street), BRISTOL. 2849 J>ERRYMAN'S CARRIAGE; RAILWAY^ STREET, AND SHIPS' SIGNAL LAMPS, 4D BENT GLASS MANUFACTORY 10 and 11, OLD-KING STREET, BRISTOL. 2385 HOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO, 15, ROYAL PROMENADE, QUEEN'S-ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. UAD.illE BRUNNER respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry, the Public that she has OPENED a STUDIO at the above (Ji'fcss> and having at great expense secured not only the assist- »)UCe ot artistes unique in their several departments, but also hoto^d tne exc'us've "S'11, f°r Bristol and Clifton to finish aP 8 BY THE NEW PROCESS w by Mr. Van der Weyde, of New York, she is enabled to *Urr[Uce' l''10tographs which for truth and beauty cannot be M'Pissed while the Prices will compare favourably with those "stablishments oi a very inferior order. r, OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Madame Brunner's Pictures are very superior Photographs, « Possess great artistic excelletice.IIci- Majesty's Reporter. y *be best miniature in the room is by Madame Brunner."— from the Report on Photographic Exhibition, given by IU*E FREDERICK POLLOCK (Lord Chief Baron). Q( ,-Madame Brunner's extraordinary pel-severance, independent M ta'eut> must secure her success."—MARK LEMON. &ldi -ame ^runner having visited all the most celebrated Wan8.ln the has acquired a consummate knowledge of Expre, 's. "Ve ~*a4arnc Brumjer's establishment is a Palace of Art. From ^er vestibule io the inner arcana everything is in keeping r*atf \6 most Iuxurio«s requirements of refined taste, and the S aJ? Lo')don photographer himself would hav# no reason to juaille(l °f such an Mtiblishment."—Stockton and Hartle- << ^jlercury, Di^<lame Brunner's establishment is certainly the most gplen- °nieie°{ i the North England. Newcastle'Daily j ^htsiness Jlddrcsscs^ E T. LEWIS, BREWERS' AND LERS* ATTOTIONEER AND APPRAISER, CITY COOPERAGE, BRIDEWELL STREET, BRISTOL. HOME-BREWING TAVERNS. MR E. T. LEWIS is instructed to LET several Home-brewing TAVERNS. Incomings, from £ 150 to £ 1 000. For particulars apply at Mr. LE WIS'S_Offiee, Bride- well-street, Bristol. 2289 0HARLES WAY, DEALER IN PICTURES AND WORKS OF ART, 17, ROYAL PROMENADE, BRISTOL. 2422 gTEAM JOINERY, MOULDINGS, &c., &(i. CHARLES BAKER & CO., CITY SAW MILLS, CANONS' MARSH BRISTOL MANUFACTURERS OF DOORS, WINDOWS, STAIRS, AND n n DESCRIPTION OF JOINERS' WORK, By earn Power, of the Best Materials and Workmanship. Price Lists forwarded on application, and for large Orders of one description special rates will be quoted, according to quantity required. 2053 THE NEW YORK PROVISION STORES, 43, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. RICHARD BAYLES, PROPRIETOR. PRIME AMERICAN BEEF. PRIME AMERICAN MESS PORK. CHOICE AMERICAN CHEDDAR CHEESE. NEW IMPORTATIONS, ex S.S. WESTERN. 2398 I RE WORKS! FIREWORKS! EDGEWORTH, 7 & 8, CASTLE-STREET, BRISTOL, Pyrotechnic Artist. Displays for Fetes and Galas supplied to any extent at a few- day's notice. Inventor of the new Coloured Fire and Prismatic Shells. 2930 C HAT T E R TON D I X, CHURCH AND GENERAL BOOK, STATIONARY, AND ART DEPOT, 32, TRIANGLE, BRISTOL. Brass Work, Photographs, Religious Pictures Praver Desks and other articles of Ecclesiastical Furniture. 2'^TO -D JOHN DENNIS, IRON AND HARDWARE MERCHANT 145, REDCLIFF STREET, BRISTOL, (NEAR BRISTOL BRIDGE.) J. D. would call the attention of buyers to his large Stock of WROUGHT and CUT NAILS, PATENT AXLES, CARRIAGE, SPRINGS, in stock and made to order, LANCE WOOD SHAFTS, BENT TIMBER, DRY HEART and COACH SPOKES', CEILING LATHS, Bristol Home-made HORSE NAILS, PATENT HORSE SHOES, PATENT HORSE SHOE IRON, FlLES, RASPS, STEEL BOLTS and NUTS, CHAINS of all kinds in Stock, or to order. Screws, Locks, and a large assortment of General Ironmongery always in stock. Orders per Post, with remittance or satisfactory reference, will have our special atteution. NOTE THB ADDRESS. 2382 ONLY THE BEST. JAMES GARAWAY AND CO OFFER FRUIT TREES, Comprising Pycamid Apples, Cherries, Pears, and Plums, for Opou Gardens; Trained Trees, for Walks and Walls; and standards, for Orchards. ROSES, The Newest and most Select "Varieties, both Stan- dards and Dwarfs. SHRUBS & ORNAMENTAL TREES, Deciduous Evergreea and Flowering, the best adapted for villa Gardens and General Planting. PRICED LISTS Free by post on application. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS To Purchasers in Quantity. Five per Cent. Discount for Cash. JAMES GARAWAY & Co. DURDHAM DOWN NURSERIES, 2715 BRISTOL. N ORRIS AND SONS, TOWN CRIER AND BILL POSTERS, 34, ORCHARD-STREET, SWANSEA, The only Bill Posters employed by the Corporation, Great Western ltailvray, and all the principal Solicitors and Auctioneers Swansea and its district. Country Sales posted to any distance. W A N F, A OFFICE OF THE "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." The PROPRIETORS of the South Wales Daily News beg to announce that they have OPENED AN OFFICE AT 42A, CASTLE STREET, (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE.) For the transaction of the Swansea business of their Journal. All orders from NEWSAGENTS will receive prompt attention, and be executed upon the same terms as from the Chief Office. The DAILY NEWS delivered to Subscribers early every morn- ing in any part of the town. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Seven o'clock will secure insertion^, the next morning's issue of the DAILY NEWS. LEWIS BROTHERS -LJ beg to invite attention to their extensive SHOW-ROOMS, which contain a large and su- n i Divrm perior Stock of CABINET and ipunr™ BOLSTERED WORK, representing the most BEDROOM FURNITURE moderu dcsl^13 en suite, in fancy woods, includ ing Birch, Sycamore, Ash, Oak, BEDSTEADS, AND WALUUT' m the several Woods, also in BEDDING Brass and Iron, at all prices. Of every description, and at varied cost. durahi?prin £ Mattress is a most aPProve<iarticle' and is much CUBTAINS of the ne ment of Crpt™?? a large assort- gf Cretonne,, Chiiitzes and Dimities of the chn,! Chintzes. a"d pattern* CARPETS and FLOORCLOTHS by the leading make™ Last year's patterns at^ .8 on,J 19, High-street, Swansea. 0ld P"^s. 7~7T^OXFOBD^ STBEE T7^WAN?EX WM. EVA Is now offering a LARGE LOT of SHEETS, SHEETINGS, COUNTERPANES, CALICOES, &c., at Unusually Low PRICES BLANKETS, FLANNELS, WINCEYS, aud ALL WOOLLEN GOODS, at Last Year's Prices. WM:, EVA, 77, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA —~ 2527 SPECIAL NOTICE ——————— THE GERMAN AND FRENCH f.?.»? ?ssss!% £ e°X, Andrews, are in the possession of then Manager, Herr Jean Goldimn who will REPRODUCE all Copies at HALF PRICE, and guarantee The above Company respectfully announce ™ "°.?ther Establishment in Swansea, Neath, or Lianelly have ^Produceor infringe upon their NEW PATENT VAN DER WEYDE'S PROCESS. B An inspection at the Wiiid-street Establishment is respectfully TWr £ n^r.C<?,! t Beilt fl'ee of charge. All letters to be addressed Herr JeanGoldman, late Andrews, Wind-street. Swansea. 2099 THENTN?A £ H STREE T S TUDI O, T OLD BANK, 235, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. MR. HENRY A. CHAPMAN Begs to inform his patrons that be has taken every advantage that Art and w Fvprv brougt to bear on the improvement of Tl5,.ricate"c MoibmB'jSc 'i:? irth skilled labour and best finish. All styles, from carte to hfe sIze. VIGNETTES, MADALLIONS, PAMFO VIGNETTES. THE VICTORIA, CABINET And various others. The Ordinary Carte First copy, Is. six, 3s. twelve, 5s. 6d. lne others equally moderate. Appointments absolutely neces- sary. Mr. C. superintends personally. No Portraits allowed to be taken away unless approved of. Hours, Nine till Dusk. 235, HIGH STREET SWANSEA., 2521 ^Justness glddresses* FJLRY DAVLES'S NEW LONDON HOUSE/ SWANSEA, FOR BEST VALUE IN DRAPERY GOODS. 1419 J S AY, GEORGE!! Have you tried that new shop in College-street 1, I had a splendid Suit there for Two Pounds, and a capital Fit. Mind, I HAD TO PAY CASH FOR IT; but 'tis Cheap. No, who is he?—Why, E. M. ROE, COLLEGE HOUSE, 10, COLLEGE-STREET. SWANSEA. GIVE HIM A TRIAL. YOU WILL BE WELL PLEASED. 2520 CHEAP PAPER HANGINGS. E. e. JONES, NEWSAGENT, ETC., 109, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, Begs to inform the public that she has just received a large stock of Paper Hangings of the newest designs, and which she is selling at the lowest prices. An extensive stock of Wools of every kind. The London and Provincial Newspapers, Magazines, and Periodicals supplied regularly. 1984 IF YOU WANT YOUR HOUSE FURNISHED WITH TASTE, STYLE, AND ELEGANCE, COMBINED WITH ECONOMY AND DURABILITY, GO TO MEREDITH'S, 125, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. (MANUFACTORY & SHOW-ROOMS, 52, GLEBELANDSTREET), Who will give you an Estimate for fitting it up throughout, in eluding Carpets, Window and Bed Drapery, Ironmongery, and every other requisite, at wonderfuHy LOW PRICES. All Goods sent Carriage Free within Fifty Miles. 2936 E R T H Y R 0 F F I C E OF TRIE "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," 1, ALBERT ST-REET, For the transaction of the Merthyr business of this Journal. ADVERTISEMENTS received up. to 6.30 p.m. will secure insertion in the following morning's issue of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." ALBION HOUSE, MERTHYR. Wholesale and Retail Buyers of GENERAL DRAPERY, MILLINERY, &c., Are respectfully solicited to pay the above establishment a visit THE SHOW ROOMS ARE NOW OPEN. FLOWERS, FEATHERS, JACKETS, WATERPROOFS, &c., &c. TAILORING BY EXPERIENCED WORKMEN. MEN'S HATS AND CAPS, TIES, COLLARS, SCARFS, UMBRELLAS, &c., &c. R. T. JEREMY, PROPRIETOR. 8060 ARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN JL STARCH. Trade Mark-A-, ELBPHANT. ARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH for Purity and Beauty of Colour. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH foi Laces Muslins, &c., &c. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH will not JL adhere to the iron. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCH will retain JL its stiffness in the dampest weather. PARSONS, FLETCHER & co. s INDIAN STARCH is highly recommended to Laundresses. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN STARCIL The _t. increased demand is proof of its excellence. AR- &- PAllSON7FX,ETCirEla & Cd.'S INDIAN STARCH Is packed JL J, i, and lib. packets, also in boxes, and in 51b. papers. WORKS—GRAVEL-LANE, SOUTHWARK, LONDON^ MAT BK HAD EVRRTWURRII. UJ GREAT PROBLEM SOLVED THE POPULAR D E M A. N D MET. T HE BEST AND NIOST P-ELIA-BLE gEWING MACHINE IN THE WORLD (SAN NOW BE ACQUIRED IN EVERY HOME. T1 H E "^TN SEE" Anyone GUPERIOR I V I N G JGEWING MACHINES ARE THE EASIEST TO T, LEARN. Q- O O D THE SIMPLEST TO WOIiK. lIIOST APPROVED- AND x> EFERENCES of Sew?n°gMp^JE fw every ^cty POPULAR BtCAtTSE^thev are the LOCKSTITCH /^<AN have Embroidery, and sew the lA-eat^t variety of Fabrics. greatest J1 H E I N G E R" EW A M I L Y N' JJLAMILY s EWING MACHINE. (Hand or Treadle.) ON HIRE AT ~| S. 8D. to gs. per WEEK. CASH PRICE from £6 10 S. -i.RF,AT ADVANTAGES 0JREAT ADVANTAGES ^IJEOFFEREDBY THIS NOVEL SYSTEM. THE HIRER HAS THE OPTION OF AT any time, pUIiCHASlNG Qllof RJIHE MACHINE Y^FFECTING -A -A-T- __iAPtr.R ClffASE THE Cash Price j Qll~of j QONTINUING ^ETURNINGLT| RJ^HE HIRE, CAUTION. THE SINGER, MANUFACTURING COMPANY'S EWING MACHINES having acquired an unprecedented popu- iarity, several Parties are attempting to Trade upon the Name of "SINGE R," advertising Machines of other Makers as "THE SINGER," or ON THE SIN- GER PRINCI- PLE," the Public are warned against these Coun- ^rfeAts' and an additional TraH» AJ ,n'the Company fix their Purchaser!8^ Plate to every Machine. Machine eot^es^?"!d see that th? Plate on the similie representatuL^ff a1' details with the fac- of it m the Company's Price List. Illustrated Catalogues ard ,ppli».ion ,t „y th, Cepoft'SC/S Ag™™ 'J1"'5 Slf,GEE ""[^OTUKIKG^COMPASY'S CHIEF 147, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. DISTRICT OFFICES IN LONDON: g NEWINGTON-CAUSEWAY, S.E. 9 144 BROMPTON ROAD, S.W. BRANCH OFFICES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. XXRI^ CARDIFF .20, DUKE-STREET. GWANSEA 103, OXFORD-STREET. JGRISTOL IS & 19, HIGH-STREET. Liverpool-21 Bold-street. Duiidee-49, Reform-street. Manchester 105, Market-street. IPerth-84, John-street. Newcastle Gnunger-street, W. Aberdeen—46, George-street. Leeds—Boar-lane. Inverness—3, Drumaaond-street. Plymouth 2, Umon-stroet. Greenock—W. Blackhall-street. Exeter—13, Queen-street. Hamilton—32, Cadzow-street. Norwich—1A London-street. Paisley-6, Gilmour-street. Southampton—LOO, High-street. Dumbarton—14, Bridge-street Boston—3J, Market-street. Sterling—44, Port-street Bolton—94, Bradshawgate. Dumfries—43, English-street Glasgow—65, Buchanan-street.. Dublin—39, Grafton-street Edinburgh-108, Princes-street.'Belfast—4 Oonegal-sqaare, N. 1M business Jlddresscs^ JONES BROTHERS, PRINCIPAL BILL POSTERS AND DELIVERERS HIGH STREET, NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY. Circulars addressed and delivered. Bill Posters to the Great Western and Neath and Brecon Railways, and the principal Auctioneers. Lessees of the Principal Posting Place in the town. NOTE THE ADDRESS: HIGH STREET, NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY 2144 NOTICE! NOTICE!! BRATTICE CLOTH! 5kL and (id. per SQUARE YARD, OILED. IRON & CANVAS AIR TUBINGj EQUALLY CHEAP. YELLOW LOCO. GREASE, 16s. per cwt. COLLIERY WAGGON GREASE, 6s. to 8s. per Cwt. COLLIERY WAGGON OIL, 5a.. 6s., and 7s. per Cwt. ROOFING FELT less than Id. per square foot. WIRE NETTING AND FENCING. G E 0 R G E J. MAY, NEATH. 2737 BAZAAR, NEATH, 13 OCTOBER 25, 1872 AUTUMN AND WINTER FASHIONS FOR 1872. WALTER JONES Respectfully solicits an inspection of his present STOCK, which has just been replenished with many Novelties in the various Departments. His Showroom will be open on TUESDAY, the 29th instant, and will contain an extensive assortment of TRIMMED HATS, MILLINERY, BONNETS, COSTUMES, WATERPROOFS, &c. W. J. will offer at the same time a large Stock of BLACK SILKS, Much under prcseent value, for Ready Money only. 2930 2930 PONTYPRI D~ET! JOHN MORGAN, Painter and House Decora- te tor, Taff-street, begs respectfully to call public attention to his large STOCK of PAPER HANGINGS, which are all of the latest patterns. Venetian and Wire Blinds supplied at the shortest notice. All orders promptly executed. 3010 JOHN MOON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN HAY, STRAW, CHAFF, & CORN MERCHANT, JOHN-STREET, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. Private Residence: 10, CRICHTON-STREET, CARDIFF. 2637 THE HALF GUINEA G E N T S' BOOTS WARRANTED. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S SEWN BOOTS. W. C. PEACE'S, ROYAL ARCADE, AND HAYES, CARDIFF. 2701 — S P E C I A L I T I E S FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER WEAR L'i WOOLLEN GOODS, VESTINGS, &c., SHIRTS, HOSIERY, SCARFS, TIES, COLLARS, &c, AT J. NEWTON'S 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. THE CRITERION TROUSERS 14s. 6d. CASH ONLY, in Materials suitable for Autumn aad Winter Wear. Made to Measure. J. NEWTON, Tailor, Woollen Draper, Mercer, Hosier, &c., 13 Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 2025 -^r ET~;v^rFGHTir~c~a STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, LLANDAFF-ROAD CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS I 77, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. 248, BUTE-STREET, J- CARDIFF. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT 83, HIGH- STREET, MERTHYR. 98, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. 4, ST. JULIAN-STREET, TENBY. Orders received, and Parcels forwarded to Works carriage free, by the followmg AGENTS: Aberdare Mr. Dance, Commercial-street. Abergavenny Miss Watkins, 12, Cross-street. Blacnavon Mr. J. Harris, London House. Bridgend Mr. Tfiomas, grocer, Nolton-street. Brecon Mr. Matthews, at Camden Arms, Wattoa. Cowbridge. Mi. Stibbs, Ivor House. Chepstow Miss Rowe, Welsh-street. Crickhowell Mr. Davies, Manchester House. Glastonbury. Mr. John, High-street. Haverfordwest.. Mr. Harries, 3, High-street. Lianelly Messrs. Ace & Sons, Vaughan-street. Llandilo Miss Punton, Fancy Warehouse. Neath Mr- Matthews, at Queen's HoteL Pembroke Dock, Mr Brice, Meyrick-street. Pontypoot. Mr. G. Fowler, draper, Lion House. Messr8- Jones & P°well. drapers. &c. Watchet. ^^jj:_Cagt^Nicholaa 223 mO PAINTERS, GLAZIERS. &C. PATENT DRYING OIL 6s 6d. per Gallon, Stood the test of .16 J eai^ to crack the paint like the new drying oil which is sold under a eculiar name. WINDOW GLASS, ENGLISH CItOWii SHEET AND PLATE GLASS, 25 per cent, less than if in good quantities. SOLE IMPORTER OF FOREIGN GLASS IN WALES. GOLD LEAF, large size, deep, 50s. per 1000, WHITE LEAD, best, in casks of 3 cwt. or a ')ove, 29s. 6d. per cwt* OILS, COLORS, AND VAPINIISIIES, AT W. GLASS AND COLOR MERCHANT IIAN 22, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF KSTIMATBS GIVEN. 31 EUROPEAN WINE COMPANY, No. 122, PALL MALL LONDON, S.W. Established 1858. SOLic AGENT FOR CARDIFF SEPTIMUS FLETCHER GROCEB B.OYAL VICTORIA SHFRRY (The Standard^! g^Per Dozeh. 37s. per Dozen (^^Years in the Wood). el Dinner Sherry 18s- F"}e Sherry 42s. to 54s. Superior ditto 30s. to pQ^ine ^*°^en 24s. to 43s Old Port 24s to 30s. Very Old Crusted 42s. to 54s. Old ditto 37s. to42^1Very Dry Old COs. to 76s. Vin Ordinaire 12s. to 15s. St. Julien 24s. Medoc iys* &t* ^stephe 36s CHAMPAGNE. Epernay IIs- J Mousseux 39s. Vsrzenay Chansarels (1st quality) 45s. Beaujolais (the finest im* I Spanish Port 15s. ported) 20r,. Prusiiiall Sherry 158. SPIRITS. (Of the Finest Quality only.) Per bottle. Per dozen. Cognac Brandy 37 43 0 Ditto (5 years old) 4 1 49 0 Ditto (10 years old) 4 6 54 0 Colonial Brandy 23 27 0 Schiedam Hollands 2 5 29 0 London Gin 2 0 24 0 Finest ditto. 2 5 29 0 Old Jamaica Rum 22 26 0 Old Scotch Whisky. 2 3 27 0 Old Irish Whisky 23 27 0 Books of Prices containing upwards of 200 descriptions of Wines and Spirits, forwarded iree, on application to the Com- pany's Agents, and by whom the W ines snd Spirits are supplied from a single bottle and uPwar TIPPING AND CO., Manager. EUROPEAN WINE COMPANY, JLJ No. 122, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W. AGENT FOR MOUNTAIN ASH, ABEL JAMES CHEMIST, &c., AND WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, 69, OXFORD-STREET, MOUNTAIN ASH. EUROPEAN WINE COMPANY, No. 122, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W AGENT FOR ABERDARE, T. W. EVANS CHEMIST, &c., AND WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, 14, COMMERCIAL-STREET, ABERDARE. UR OPE aTN WINE COMPANY, No. 112, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W. AGENT FOR BRIDGEND, HIBBERT AND DAVIES, GROCERS AND WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, Where a large assortment of the various Wines and Spirits wil 1 be kept on Stock, and all orders punctually attended to. 2420 business Addresses. S I L S. On TUESDAY XEXT and following day m ESSRS. SPARK AND TAIT Will make a special show of some very cheap SILKS, From 2 guineas to 10 guineas. A Black Silk wurth 6s. 6d. for 4s. lid. BLACK SILKS, LIGHT AND DARK COLOURED SILKS, FANCY SILKS. This is the cheapest and most valuable Stock of Silks we have shown for sometime. SPARK AND TAIT, BRISTOL. 2854 "\TEW GOODS FOR THE WINTER SEASON -I-* AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY New Shades in Dress Materials AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY. Costumes, New Designs for, 12s. 6d. AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY. Fur Trimmed Jackets, from 5s. 6d. each AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY Fashionably-trimmed Hats, from Is. 6d. each Fashionably-trimmed Bonnets, from 5s. lid. Fashionably-trimmed Mourning Bonnets, from 3s. lid. AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY Shawls in the Rob Roy and other Clans AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY Blankets, Furs, Flowers, Gloves, Crinoliaes, Ribbons, &c. AT SILLIFANT AND COMPANY, 20, S T. MARY STREET, C A R D I F P. 2881 D LEWIS, CABINET MAKER • AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture. N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 LAWN MOWERS, GARDEN ROLLERS, GARDEN SEATS, TABLES, Galvanised Wire Netting, Croquet Netting, Indiarubber Hose and Brass Fittings, Watering Pots, and every other requisite for the Lawn or Garden in great variety. The Largest Stock in South Wales to select from of BATHS, TRAVELLING BOXES, AND JAPAN GOODS CROSS BROTHERS, SAINT MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 968 MU D I E'S LIBRARY, 1, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. Terms, one set, 12 months £ 110 „ 6 „ 0 10 6 „ 3 0 6 0 „ „ 1 „ 0 2 6 A Constant supply of the most Popular Works in Circulation. EDWIN DOBBIN, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &c., 1, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 2705 "WORLD WIDE FAME." PALMER'S COCOA CONDIMENTAL FOOD JL FOR HORSES AND CATTLE. ONCE USED ALWAYS USED. The cost is less than one halfpenny per feed, it will put Horses and Cows into condition when all other means have failed; for rearing calves cannot be equalled, and it will save 20 per cent, in the cost of feeding. Sole Manufacturers'aud Proprietors, PALMER AND COMPANY, LONDON, E. Orders (wholesale or retail), also applications for Agencies to be sent to MR. THOMAS WEBBER, 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. TESTIMONIALS ON APPLICATION. 800 Feeds sent, carriage free, for 32s., to any part of South Wales. A sample bag of 141bs. for 5s. prepaid. 2428 — WHEELER & WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE M'F'G COMPANY, Supplied by CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. HE W I LLCOX A N D GIBBS JL SILENT SEWING MACHINE, Supplied through their Agents, CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE WEIRS, SFIAKESPERE, AND AGENORIA HAND SEWING MACHINES. Either of the above may be had on the Easy Payment System CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 886 AUTUMN AND WINTER FASHIONS FOR GENTLEMEN. MESSRS. W. PRICE AND SONS have made the fashionable forms of OVERCOATS AND REEFERS for the season their particular study, in anticipation of inquiries from their customers, who will be looking for the Latest Novelties. Their OVERCOATS, made from a fine-, I dress" Beaver, are ex- quisite goods, of a good substance, firm, yet soft as velvet, and what is, perhaps, of equal importance, they comprise a variety of beautiful colours. In Brown there are some very rich shades, and there is also a nice assortment of Olive. In Blue, too, they have a good show, and variety of shade. Terms—For Ready Money only. ADDRESS—CARDIFF HOUSE, CARDIFF. 136 Jtotcls. BRISTOL. BRISTOL. (GUILDHALL COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY vJT HOTEL, 3G and 37, Broad-stieet, Bristol. Dining, Coffee, Sitting, and Stock Rooms. Dinners from 12.30 to 6. Night Porter Sitting, and Stock Rooms. Dinners from 12.30 to 6. Night Porter Sept. 1430 W. T. CROUCH, Proprietor. CLIFTON DOWN FIRST-CLASS FAMILY HOTEL, FACING THE SUSPENSION-BRIDGE. SUITE OF APARTMENTS, from 3! Guineas per week. Break- fast, from 2s. Dinners, from 3s. 6d.; Service, 2s. A Suite of Apartments having been recently added to the Hotel, especially for WEDDING BREAKFASTS, the Manager is prepared to provide the same or the most moderate terms. Terms by weekly arrange- ments only. Suite of Apartments, with board and attendance, 5 Guineas each, fires only extra. Bedroom, board, and attendance, in public rooms, 3 Guineas. All meals served to the visitor's order. Private drawing-room for Ladies. Table D'Hote daily at Sundays at 5. All communications to be addressed, 1428 E. GITTENS. Manager THE VAULTS, WIND- STRE ET, SWANSEA. JOSEPH MANN, Proprietor. Agent for the Licensed Victuallers' Wine and Tea Companies. Ales, Wines, and Spirits of the Finest quality always in Stockf One trial respectfully Solicited. Good beds4 N.B.—A First-class Bowling Saloon on the Premises. 1422 Q.LOBE DINING ROOMS, AND OYSTER SALOON, 17, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. LUNCHEONS GOOD DINNERS, 9D., AND UPWARDS (From 12 o'clock till 4.) TEA AND COFFEE TO BE HAD AT ALL HOURS. N.B.—Private Sitting-rooms and good Bedrooms. Im- portant to Forei.-iiers.-Ici parle Frangais. Si parla Italiano. Ilier wird Deutsch Gesprochen. 2098 ODDFELLOWS' ARMS, MAESTEG. 0 Two Minutes' Walk from Station. Good accommodation BILLIARDS. POSTING. INLAND REVENUE OFFICE. 2380 PROPRIETOR—Mr. ILLTID MORGAN Education. CANTON ACADEMY, LLANDAFF ROAD, CARDIFF. Masters: Rev. W. JAMES, M.A. Rev. EDGAR WILLIAMS, M.A., B.D. For Prospectus, &c. apply to Rev. W. James, Llandaff-road, Canton, Cardiff. 2191 E DUCATION.-MILFOP-D HAVEN. THE REV. JOHN EVANS, B.A., London l-niversity, Receives YOUNG GENTLEMEN to BOARD and Educate. The pupils of this school have passed with credit the preliminary examinations of the Incorporated Law Society, the Pharmaceuti- cal Society of Great Britain, &c., &c., and on. has won the Bcrinan Scholarship, value £ 20, at the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen. Terms very moderate. 12S0 /I LAS S FC AL AND COMMERCIAL TRAINING SCHOOL, HOLFORD HOUSE, STOW HILL, NEWPORT, MON. PRINCIPAL MR. J. WARE, ASSISTED BY COMPETENT MASTERS. ASSISTED BY COMPETENT MASTERS. A thorough preparation guaranteed for Business and Professional Life, the Civil Service and Middle-Class Examinations. Spacious Schoolrooms, Dormitories, and Playground. Un limited Diet. Testimonials and references of the highest order. Full particulars on application. 2457 justness ddrt$5C$. JOTHAM & SON'S OVERCOATS JOTHAl\I & SOWS-'YACHTING JACKETS. JOTHAM & SONT-'S ROUSERS. JOTHAM & SON'STRO USERS AND VESTS. JOTHAM & SON'S VESTS. JOTHAM & SON'S BOYS' SUITS, JOTHAMT & SON'S FLANNEITSHIRTS: "|"OTHAM SON'S HATS AND CAPS. JOTHAM & SON'S HOSIERY. DDRESS.-27, ST. MARY-STREET CARDIFF. 2941 TO ADVERTISERS. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES, TEA MEETINGS, CHORAL GATHERINGS, BAZAARS, EISTEDDFODAU, &c. ~WTITH a view to meet a want, very generallj V T felt, advertisements announcing fort coming ANNIVER- SARY SERVICES, TEA MEETINGS. CHORAL GATHERINGS, EISTEDDFODAU, BAZAARS, &c., and no' exceeding ONE INCH (TWELVE LINES) in depth will be published in this Journal at the following tariff:- ONE INSERTION HALF-A-CROWN. THREE INSERTIONS FIVE SHILLINGS. AUTUMN AND WINTER FASHIONS. HUGHES THOMAS NOW EXHIBITING THE FINEST COLLECTION OF WINTER GOODS HE HAS EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF SUBMITTING. THE SHOW ROOM Is constantly replenished with FRESH NOVELTIES in Millinery, Mantles, Waterproofs, Polonaise Costumes, Satin Petticoats, aud Seal and Beaver Jackets. The PLAIN DRAPERY STOCK is we' i iu'uished with Goods of the best descriptions. Flannels and inankets are still offered at old prices. FAMILY MOURNING ESTABLISHMENT. Queen-street, Cardiff, Nov., 1872. 2752 R I C H A R D S, HATTER, HOSIER, GLOVER, &c., 13, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1816. All who can appreciate STYLE AND QUALITY, And are desirous of GETTING BEST VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY, Are invited to make their PURCHASES AT THE ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT. 190 LEWIS 0 P K I N S, JLJ ESTATE, HOUSE, AND INSURANCE AGENT, REGISTRAR OF MARRIAGES FOR THE CARDIFF DISTRICT, No. 16, THE PARADE, TIIEDEGAliVILLE, CARDIFF. Agent for the Estate of the late Chas. Vachell, Esq. Agent for the Scottish Provincial Assurance Co. 2937 11 & 12, WORKING STREET, CARDIFF. G. A. STONE, UNDERTAKER, HEARSE AND MOURNING COACH PROPRIETOR. OSTRICH PLUME AND GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT.' The Trade supplied with Hearses, C -,iches, -and every requisite for Funeral Furnishing. 197 f N. POWELL & CO., WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, 13S, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF. CLARET AND OTHER FRENCH WINES of good qualities. FINE OLD SCOTCH AND IRISH WHISKIES. LONDON GIN AND JAMAICA RUM. BASS'S AND ALLSOPP'S PALE ALES AND GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT, in Fine Condition, in Wood or Bottle. Orders received at Linden Villa, Wordswortli-street, Roath, and 18, Davies-street, New Town, as well as at the Stores. 2601 AUTUMN AND WINTER CLOTHIG. I rpHE STAR CLOTHING COMPANY POST OFFICE BUILDINGS, CHURCH-ST, Encouraged by the great success attained since we opened the above premises, and anticipating a large demand for our WIXTER CLOTHING, we respectfully intimate we have bought very largely and most advantageously, and will be found for strength of make, quality of material, style, and price, unsurpassed. OVERCOATS, REEFERS, & MONKEY JACKETS, Boy's, Youth's, and Gent's in great variety, at astonishing low prices. COAT, TROUSERS, and VESTS STOCK is fashionable and varied, at prices less than usually charged for same clas3 of clothiliz. I LITTLE BOYS' DEPARTMENT—Specie attention. VULCANISED MACINTOSH COATS AND INVERNESS CAPES OVERALLS AND LEGGINGS-A great as.50rtu.2nt HATS, CAPS, HOSIERY, UMBRELLAS, &c. Just added, BESPOKE DEPARTMENT, with a Stoak of Woollen Goods suitable for the present season. 24,61 BOYLE & CO., PROPRIETORS. BO ° T S BOO T S BOO T S FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER. VISIT BOYLE & CO., CHURCH STREET AND 13, BUTE-STREET. LARGEST, CHEAPEST, AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK IN WALES. Gents' Shooting Boots Lady' Cork Clump Boots. „ Walking ditto „ Walking ditto Riding ditto „ House ditto Dress ditto „ White and Coloured Clump Sole ditto „ Fancy Shoes & Slippers Boys' in great variety Girls' in every stj le. SEAMEN'S BOOT SLIPPERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. OVERSHOES! OVERSHOES!! OVERSHOES) An immense Stock, Felt and all sorts of Warm Boots for Winter. LEGGINGS! LEGGINGS" LEGGIN G, In every style. Splendiu variety. 2465 THE SOUTH WALES INDIA RUBBER COMPANY, 2, PEARSON PLACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF, MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF INDIA-RUBBER GOODS, Suitable for Mechanical, Agricultural, and Surgical purposes, viz. SHEET RUBBER, from one-sixteenth of an inch and upwards. INSERTION SHEETS, (Canvas and Rubber), for Steam Joints. VALVES, for Marine and Stationary Engines, Pumps, &c. WASHERS, all Sizes. HOSE, Suction and Delivery, all Sizes. A WELL-SELECTED STOCK OF STRETCHED LEATHER DRIVING STRAPS, Of Superior Make and Pure Bark Tannage. DOUBLE STRAPS, ALL SIZES, MADE TO ORDER. (For Prices send for Printed List.)| PUMP BUTTS, .English Bark Tanned. S T R A P BUTTS, English Bark Tanned RIGGING HIDES. COPPER-RIVETTED LEATHER DELIVERY HOSE. WATERPROOF CLOTHING, in great Variety. HORSE LOIN COVERS. CART AND WAGGON COVERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE PATENT AMERICAN SELF-LUBRICATING SOAPSTONE PACKING, For Piston Rods, Stuffing Boxes, &c., as universally used in the United-States Navy, (The only Packing that will Stand Superheated Steam)} Roofing and Boiler Felts, Sc. NOTE THE ADDRESS SOUTH WALES INDIA-RUBBER COMPANY, 2, PEARSON-PLACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. 2604 justness JUdrcsses. HOWELL & CO, WILL OFFER, ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER SXTI AND FOLLOWING DAYS, 170 DOZ. ZANELLA AND SILK UMBRELLA ? BEING A MANUFACTURERS STuCK BOUGHT AT A LARGE DISCOUNT OFF ORIGINAL ALSO 500 DOZ. CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS CONSIDERABLY UNDER PRESENT MARKET VALUE. HOWELL & Co., "THE CARDIFF DRAPERS." 13 & 14, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF.; 4;;5 Q R I G I N A L PAINTINGS. *■ MR. T. L. HOWE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, g, DUKE-STREET, Begs 13 call the attention of the Clergy, Nobilit-, Gentry c South V. ales and Monmouthshire to his CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF OIL PAINTINGS, NOW ON VIEW, BY SOME OF THE BEST MASTER*. A Catalogue of which he begs to submit 10 tbeir Dotice:- DESCRIPTION. Coast Scene (signed) Ly TUDHV-. Assassination of Archbishop Sliarpc Sir Win. AUer. Landscape 4 Ui!Lh £ po £ Views of Windermere Howe. Bettws-y-Coed Wilson. Tipperary Boy Cook. Landscapes iackae»i:. Landscapes (Very fine) Boddi:vg'i?.n. Eton College Williams. Hyde Farm Applel v. Dancing Lesson Steen, Hop Pickers W. Pitt. Spanish Figures 3'hillip. Fruit (very fine) Hughes. Landscape (signed) RuvwJs-ai Shipping. Ostade. Shipping.. Vai;dC'V«lde. The Old Mill old Crome. The Falls of Westmoreland 8tubk. Gipsies Encamped Travel's. Mythological Rubor:?. Pair of Landscapes l'ilti Go-«i, View in Rome Guardie. Cattle. Duval! Figures —French subject. JOSEPH WALKER, HAY, STRAW, CORN, MEAL, AND OIL-CAKK MERCHANT, Is prepared to supply any of the above articles at the- icves; possible prices, at his Warehouse, 25 AND 26, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. AGENT FOR SIMPSON'S CATTLE Sl'ICE AND PBANGIFT'S SPECIAL MANURES. 1565 BUTE COAL CONSUMERS' CO.MFANY (HENRY SAUNDERS.) OFFICES WINDSOR HOUSE, CROCK]iEKilT'i CARDIFF. BEST HOUSE COAL. BEST NUT STEAM COAL. BEST SMITHS COAL. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO Special Terina for large quantities. 27it CARDIFF MEDIC A'L GALVANIC INSTITUTION, 31, m-TE STREET. Conducted bj Mr. A. W. JARVIS, M.G. The Poor admitted FREE by Subscribers' Tickets, from 12 b 3 p.m. For particulars apply to Mr. Jarvis, Canton. Carditf.| Testimonials of Mr. Jarvis's fitness for his duties from Loci*t Clergymen and Ministers, from duly-qualified Surgeons and l'hy. sicians, well known in Cardiff, ztiid from Patients who wjtik warmly and gratefully of the benefic they have derived trcru tl." treatment of Mr. Jarvis, may be seen on i Mr. Jarvis will continue to attend his Private Paiicrits at hoir." before 12 and after 3 p.m., Sundays excepted. Subscriptions will be very thankfully reeC:Îvcri bv the Mr. David Evans, Loudoun-plttce, or Mr. Jzjxvis, for whkh tickets will be returned. ::SC3 ^ublicatioiis. BEST ADVERTISING PAPER IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. NOTTINGHAM DAILY GUARDIAN, -LL A FIRST-CLASS DAILY NEWSPAPER. Price ONE TENNY. Has the largest circulation of any Daily Paper ir. and adjoining counties. Saturday 's issue over 20,000. A woet. valuable medium for advertisers. Rates of charges and copies of the paper sent free on i.ppiirau:5 to the proprietors. THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE GUARDIAN. Published every FRIDAY. Price (with supp cruein) TWOPENCE' Has a large and high-class circulation, and is acknowledged th-y great advertising medium for Nou nghamshire, Dcrbi shire, Lei- cestershire, Lincolnshire, and neighbouring counties. OFFICES: SHERWOOD STREET, NUTTJNGHAM. £ 3*? LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY TY THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. ESTABLISH KD 1764. THE NEWCASTLE WEEKLY CHRONICLE. Published every Saturday, Price Twopence. THE NEW CASTLE DAILY CHRONICLE, Tublislied every Morning, Prieto One Penny. Chief Offices.—Westgate Street (Opposite C,-iitrizi Siatiov.). N ewcastle-upoii-Tyne. London Ottice.-lo, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, E.C. 2007 THE GLASGOW I K U A L D, Greatest Advertising Medium- in Scot land. COMMERCIAL D MARKET NEW, Regarding Sugar, Iron, Cotton, Wooi, A: ice.. Early, full and reliable report*. UlrPIXi; IXTLLUGKXCK. Specially reported from Lloyd's and other leading ouree- The Glasgow E E K L Y H E R A L Ú T T is a large double sheet of 56 long Co vmns. And contains the General and District News of the A first-class serial Story, Literature, Politics, Poetry, Wit aud Shipping and Market Reports. One Penny erch. Tlie Weekly Herald posted for <K C'd"pei annum. 5 THE CARDIFF TIMJB-S, A FIRST CLASS WEEKLY FAMILY ¡E"M?Z < PUBLISHED ON FRIDAY. With Second Edition on SATURDAY Afternoon, PRICE TWO PENCE. THE CARDIFF TIMES has been established upwards 04 fourteen years, and has long enjoyed the reputation of beiug the Largest, Beet, and Ctieapest Newspaper in South Wales. It has always b« jr conducted in a spirit of thorough Independence, is the recognised weekly oraa of the Liberal and Nonconformist Party, and auioys i\ circula- tion greater than the other three county papers combined. Since the establishment of the SOCM Walks DAILY NEWS, and the opening up of agencies tor its sale throughout Glamor- -u, ganshire, Monmouthshire, Carmarthenshire^ Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, and portions of Breconshirt fnà Radnorshire the Publisher has received numerous applications from Agents or the CARDIFF TIMES. To meet this demand, aud t, cjver such an extensive area, the Propr:etor has made arrangeme»t3 by which the CARDIFF TIMES may now be procured troai all ho recognised agents of the Wales DAILY Nk-.VS. As a medium tor Advertisements the C-AUiaF* T,.)f[ ó i" second to none in the country. All orders shuuid seiitta 0. Duncan, 11, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS CARDIFF DELIVERY. Persons who experience any dÏiticult in obtaininc: tr.-i s.)t WALES DAILY NEWS, regularly and promptly, are informed thftt. the following Agents undertake the delivery of ibe paper te sub scribers in their respective districts every morning :<oiure break TOWN.—Mr. PHILEMON T'IOMAS, Bookseller, Bt. Mary-street BUTE DOCKS.—Mr. HAYXES, Bookseller, 1!oil-.esay-terrace.- ROATH.—Mr. SHAPCOTT, Newsagent, Post orb ^c. CANTON A LLANDAFF [-Mr. J. DYER, Newsagent, 3C, Sevc-ra-roai .Lbx I WHITCHURCH I CANTON.— Mrs. H. Ct-ERT, Newsagent, 135, i'owhr :ge-»v»n. PENARTH.— Mr. CLARK, Newsagent, &e., Uio e-street. POST SUBSCRIBERS, The Sorra WALES DAILY News is forwarded to subscribers at distance by the Early Mails at a charge of 9s. 9d. per quartcty which must be prepaid. The Residents oi the fallowing aiul mi other places within tne Cardiff Postal district i -eeirc tkeir pr-v^r^ by the morning delivery:— St. Fagans Sully Micha»iswae-le-Vet,-?» Per.coed ^Conrtyralla Castletown j-* St. Brides-super-Ely Dii.ivs Powis M*rsU field •$'r •* St. Nicholas Cadoxton Pcnarth Bonvilstone Lurry I Landougl Peterstone Caerphilly Lijvane Llandaff Bed was L.tiiisiic^i j> Radyr Ystrad Mynach 1 Whitchurch Morganstown Pwlin«ant Tail's iu:'i 4sv. Mellmgriffith St. M>. lion3 Tonir>vyi)i.ii.| .f ■jJ§> Pentyrch Cefa Mabir WaiUot Tre* -jBtt. Morganstown Pwlin«ant Tail's tl J 4sv. Mellmgriffith St. Tonir>vyi)i.ii.| .f ■jJ§> Pentyrch Cefa Mabir WaiUot Tre* j St. Andrews I ■ A- I LOSDOK and Wesv of England subscribers re.iivc tl'.alr « on :he afternoon o: publication. i • All commujucations w lie ad kcssed to the rj\ï.,tG, 1 MB9S&3 D. DUNCAN SONS, 11, •Ur.&ui