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SCALE OF CHAGES FOR ,"n ERTISEMENTS IS THIS SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. FOR STGLE INSERTIONS. LIKES. 3. d. LINES. S. d. 1 to 4 .10 7 to 3 i w 4 to a 16 9 to 10 2 b And 3d. for even additional Line. A Liberal Discount allowed for a series of Consecutive 1¡l.iJerüom. Tradesmen's Advertisements and Business Announcements of all kinds, when ordered for a month and upwards, are subject to special terms, according to the number of insertions and the space Parliamentary Notices, Prospectuses of P lblic Companies, Legal Notices, and Election Addresses, are charge 1 6d. per line for each nsertion. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertisements of the under-mentioned classes are charged as Odows:- ON* THRBB SIX ines. WORDS. INSERTION. INSERTIONS. INSERTIONS. IL d. d- 8. d. Two 18 0 6 10 I 6 THAzis 27 0 9 16 2 3 FOUR 3G 1 0 2 0 3 0 Fiva 45 13.. 2 6 3 9 Six 54 1 6 3 0 ..4 6 Each additional line of K Nine words.. » U 06 •• » » These charges apply only to the classes of advertisements speci- fied below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID FOR PREVIOU S* TO INSERTION if uot prepaid, they will be charged by he general scale:— -< eo J APARTMENTS WANTED. I MONEY WAN-TUB, APARTMENTS TO AS LET. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. ARTICLES LOST. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. ARTICLES FOUND. SITUATIONS WANTED. BUSINESSES TO BB SOLD. SITUATIONS VACANT. C;8K~ FO ^KT- SALES BT PRIVATE CONTRACT. Wanted, READER.—a Vacancy for a READER accustomed to new paper work.—Apply at the Daily News Office, Cardiff. GENERAL SERTANT.—Wanted a good GENERAL bERV ANT. —Apply at 43, Royal Arcade. 2744 ANTED, an IMPROVER to the General Drapery.—Apply t< Cule and Sons, Pontypridd. 2i>01 DRAPERy.-wanted, a Young Alan as ASSISTANT.—Apply to W. Eva, 77, Oxford-street, Swansea. 28#0 ITUATION Wanted by a quick, intelligent Youth (18), in Swantea Office.-Apply X, Daily News Office, Swansea. TO GROCERS' ASSISTANTtf. —WANTED, a JUNIOR HAND. Also an APPRENTICE.—LI. Jones Powell, Swansea. 2843 TO PRINTERS;—Wanted immediately, a Welsh COMPOSITOR. Apply to Joseph Williams, Tyat a'r Dydd Steam Printing Office, llerthyr. 2829 ANTED, two or more Families' .WASHINGTgot everv got every w convenience.—Address A, 13, South Wales Dairy News Cardiff. 27^1 ANTED, a good CABINETMAKER. T^iy <™d^k- man will have constant employment.-ApX 'jthe Atl^ Cabinet Works, Bread-street, Bristol. o^T,, ST7o4 WANTED, a young, well-bred WHITE MALTFSF_nW Address, stating age, lowest price anHwhf > A. 16, South Wales Daily News. P nd Where t0 be ^n'. tolhe-S jB. S., Post Office,Address WA^v<chU^rnnUAd V(j^i'i'ilA^J- Une accustomed to young children. Apply at Grove Villa, Oakfield-street, 2777 VV ?ood an experienced MILLINER, with Jtototsf Draper, Llandtlo. indispensable.-Apply toJohn W^^huv a ^ho'esale Provision Merchant's Office^ IL dXn^C^ APPRENTICE.—Address A 17, Swth ANTED, in the Wholesade Trade, a Young MAN of ex- Post offi^"Bristoi" the Faucy Dress Department-AWIy W^B., RE- £ NGAGEMEN'T as Nursery Governess to young Children. Entire change. Good reference.—Hope, Post-office Mon- 26»9 TXT ANTED, a respectable YOUTH, age from 14 to 16, as an ▼ T APPRENTICE to the Grocery.—Apply to W. Griffiths Grocer and Pawnbroker, Rhymney. 2815 I T\RAPERY.—W*nt«d, a JUNIOR ASSISTANT t»the General JLJ Drapery. Oue who can speak Welsh.—Apply to Powell and S«a, Pontypridd. 2754 SITUATION wanted as good PLAIN COOK. Used to House- hold work and children. Two years and a half in present situation.—Address, stating wages and duties, A.B., Post-office Cvepstow. ">78^ OFFICE BOY Wanted in a Solicitor's Office.—Address fn own handwriting, "Clerk," South Wales Daily News 8 CarUos. 2763, BOOT TRADE.—MACHINIST Wanted immediately.—Apply W the Foreman, Wholesale Boot Factory, Maesycwmmer, Q ear iN ewport, Mon« 2S03 Young Lady, as an Out-door Apprentice; also TV Two Sharp Youths, on easy terms.—Address Draper," South Wales Daily News, Cardiff. 2837 DRAPERY.—WANTED, an experienced Young LADY (not a junior) for general drapery. Welsh indispensable.—ADDIV R. Jeremy, Merthyr. O DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.—Wanted, a steady, respectable young Man as JUNIOR.—Apply, stating age, salary and reference, J. Brewer, Draper, Cardiff. 2832 RGA.NIST.-An Amateur Organist is open to an engagement 0 to play on Sunday at either a Church or Chapel in Cardiff. Apply in first instance, by letter, to Organist," South Wales Daily AetcsOffice. PARTNER. Wanted, a Sleeping Partner,.in a most flourishing and profitable business. About one thousand pounds would be required. -Address in first instance, "Partner," South W.les Daily Aew89 Cardiff. 2.s38 WANTED, a Lady as GOVERNESS and COMPANION to two W young ladies. Salary £ 40; will be treated as one ef the family. Enclose envelope.-Mrs. Godfrey, Select Agency, 16, Bolles-street, Dublin. 2825 WANTED, in a Dissenter's family, a respectable person as GENERAL SERVANT. A young man kept to clean I knives, .Itc.-Address A 20, South Wales Daily News, Cardiff. 2824 WANTED immediately, a NURSERY GOVERNESS to in- W struct young children in' plain English education, with music; will be treated as one of their own.—Address A 22, South Wal" Daily News, Cardiff. 2822 WANSEA.-Comfortable APARTMENTS Wanted immediately by a young man at Swansea, within fifteen minutes' walk of the Town-bail.-Addren A. B., Smith Wales Daily News Office, Swansea. YOUNG LADY desires a Re-engagement as GOVERNESS in a Family or School. Acquirements English, Music, French and Drawing.-Addren E. S., Post Office, Broadway, Worcester- 8hir«- 2873 NURSERY GOVERNESS Wanted, immediately, in a Gentle^ man's Family, to undertake the care and tuition «f verv young children. A Nursemaid kept.-Address M.H., Stamp-office", Stratford-on-Avon. 2679 LONDON AGENCY W anted, by a Gentleman with first-class connection amongst Shippers. Ironmongers, Gasfitters, Plumljers, in Brass Foundry Goods. Salary or commission.- Unexceptionable references. -B, 16, Hyde-road, Hoxton. 2673 WANQTTn! i ™ ^respectable young person used to business, T a SITUATION in a Shop in any light capacity. Willing Gloucester^ rea*onabIe time.—Address, M. J. S., Pest-office, ^^—- 27 65 A RARE opportunity is offered to one with small CapitaTof taking one of the best Businesses in the West of England ef that of an Auctioneer, Valuer, and Estate gent. -Apply, first instance, A, 10, South Wales Daily News, Cardiff. 2766 COLLIERY M.*NAGER.— A Resident COLLIERY MANAGFR will be REQUIRED on the 1st of January, 1873, at a Si ing steam coal colliery In the Rhondda Valley. The proprietors will deal liberally with a really first-class man.—Apply by letter in the first instance to J. 0., Post-office, Cardiff. 2841 LERK.—WANTED, in an office, an intelligent young man as C CLERK. Must be quick at figures, and have had some ex- perience of book-keeping. -Address, with full particulars as to age, previous employment, and salary required, Clerk, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 2841 TAILORS.—Wanted immediately, a good GEN ERALThAND, where there is an apprentice and no other man kept on the premises. Must be attentive to his work. Liberal wages, and constant employment.—Address, A, 12, South Wales Dttily News, Cardiff. 2767 A FIRM, represented amongst all classes of buyers over the United Kingdom, is prepared to undertake the Sale of Short-link Chains and Cables, on cash terms. -Manufacturers disposed to treat with Advertisers will please address, Chains Wm. Perteous and Co., Glasgow. 2764 TRAVELLER.—Wanted"bv a thorough business Man, of 26 years' experience in the general Hardware Trade, a Re- engagement. Has a good counection throughout England, Wales, and the Channel lelndl -Address Traveller, South Wales Daily News, Cardiff. 2675 $.-&Gentleman thoroughly acquainted with the American and Canadian General trade, and who has travelled the above ground for a number of years, is open to Represent a. first-class English House best of references can be given.—Addrees, X. p.. South Wales Daily #ews, Cardiff. 2669 WANTED—Persons of respectability in every town through- -ut South Wales, to act as AGENTS and CANVASSERS ior tne united Assurance Society. Liberal terms to active men. ■treet^Swansea. Hopkins> Manager, 3, Heatgd- 0 "IEYIMN SHOEMAKERS Wanted i T° SS^N.SH0E1I^EBS.-Wanted imn lediatelv, a Jd Boysf a Man to make *Sl-Women's to William Jay near ""J ^t-rate wages. Applj gtation, EbbwVale. London and North Western Railway HEMIST'S APPRENTICE.- .) D* -luld well condlic iawy, in in old (y Dispensing Establishment in an old APPRENTICE. Every facility offer^ for l youth M an knowledge of the business, and a irood hfim^Ulrlng a thorout»h WANTED, for a Family in the Coum^jTl^thT^TTTi—A Servants: a good Plain COOK, a HOUSPM 1 ?i^nsr GENERAL SERVANT. None need apply'who 5.nnot £ «' rate references.—Apply, by tetter only, A 18, South wJuZ n^ Hem, Cardiff. 27OT ANTED immediately, a GOVERNESS PUHTT^VY^; Ladies' Seminary, conducted by a Certificated Princinil Premium, Twenty-one Guineas. Board and superior Education are offered for two years. Vacancy for TWO BOARDERS of whom entire charge can be taken. The School is in con- coction with the Oxford Local Examinations," and Science and Art Department." Home comforts are superintended by am elderly Lady. The Principal, 3, New street, Wells, Somerset. 2796 Co fee Jftto APARTMENTS TO LET, suitable for a single gentleman, at 8, Montgomery Place, Roath, Cardiff. WANSF-A.-To be LET, a large ROOM, with two skylights.— S Apply at Mrs. Grues, 68, Oxford-street, Swansea. 2821 rlW be LET, NO. 2, Cornish Villas, Llandaff-road, consisting of I seven rooms and garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John BsWwlor, Bute Docks. 354 O be LET, a large SHOP ia Bute-road, near the Docks. Apply to L. Hopkins, Estate and House Agent, 16, Parade, Tredegarwlle. 148* O LET, an old-established PUBLIC-HOUSE, "The Provi- dence," near Narberth.—For particulars apply to N. Johns, Draper, Narberth. 2836 W- OLVERH.AMPTON.-T LET, Old-licensed Public-house, w ceatraL Incoming &LA.-ThouLu Skidmore, 2, Bilston- street, Wolverhampton. 2676 ARGE SHOP, Three Rooms, Two Cellars, and Coach-house, to LET, at 1, Msmrham-terrace, corner of John-street, e h.-Appfy to G. Smart, 7, Brighton-terrace. 2797 ORTH WALES, Three milesfwm a Station.—To tie LET, • large MANSION, well and fully Furnished, seated in beau- tiful Grounds, with good shooting *&d fishing, and' in wvety re- spect adapted for the resideuce of a Nobleman or famp-jjf dis- tilketiam.-Apply to Mr. James Beal, 20, Regent-street, Waterloo- alace, London, S.W 2784 be LET, Unfurnished, from Miebaetmas next, GOODRICH I HOUSE, Ross, with Ten Acres of Meadow Land, walled garden, Stabling, and all necessary Out-building's. Two Cottages ale also included, and the exclusive right of itehliitf tn one ntll. of the Wye on both sides. —Apply to John Lloyd, Esq., jun., Hunt- iBgteu Court, Hereford. 2625 ry £ RPCK)L.—To LET, the Hanover Hotel," a well-esta- I j yjehed Commercial Hotel, and now doing a large business, mo«t eemtraliy situated, being near to Bold-street and Church- street. It contains nearly Be Bedrooms, Private Sitting Rooms, and large Commercial Room, well-lighted Stock Rooms, two Smoke Rooms, Bar, and Billiard R<w«L-ftor patriculars apply to JIr. Pfepriwter. 20T4 [0 be JCet O BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, to be .LET A lar^e"sh^ 4pVJ, and Dwelling-house, with garden and 'back "atrfuce A first-rate opening for a General Grocer.-Al,ply on the premi S' Bute-street. oppo81te the above address, viz., 42, .— 2S45 TU FI^TCL^F ^OCCUPATIOVKS"~To on LEASE, a r a fai^Ln/ T ?' corapnsing about 350 Acres of whlch are Park-like Pastures, capiul with trood ('ard^nki ouse> and spacious Family Residence, nienr* aitnatod f stabling for six hunters, and every coave- iaience, situated four iniles from a market town.-Application to made to Mr. Durrant, Land Agent, 30, Poultry, London, 2624 f | yj be LEI', Famished, for four months, from the 1st of A November next, that delightfully-situated RESIDENCE, called long Priory," about three miles from Shiffnal and two from Albrighton on the Great Western Railway, with excellent Stables and Cut-buildings, and Two Pieces of rich TURF LAND, together with a rood COTTAGE and Garden, two minutes' walk from parish church, Centre of Albrighton Hunt.—Full particu- lars may he obtained from Messrs. Pooler and Wells, Auctioneers and Surveyors, Newport, Salop. 2C18 TO b<r LET, Unfurnished, at Lady-day next, a desirable COUNTRY RESIDENCE, known as "Sodington House with good Offices, Outbuildings, and Stables, well-stocked Kitchen Garden, with upwards of Fifteen Acres of excellent PASTURE LAND, and Shooting over 1100 Acres of Land in- cluding some splendid Coverts for Game. Sodington House is within two miles of Neen Sellers Station on the Tenburv and Bewdley Railway.-For terms, &c., apply to H. Blount, Esq., Mawley, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. 2788 FARM in WORCESTERSHIRE to be~LErr with^entrvTt Christmas next. — The FETTERLOCKS' and LIPPITK' FARMS, in the parishes of Great Witley and Shelslev Beauchanm comprising 255 Acres or thereby, of which Ninety Lo Acres are MEADOW, the remainder sound substantial LANO capable of growing all kinds of crops. Mr. Sheppy, the pre en't Tenant «r Mr. Dunlop, Park Farm, Great W It-ley, will show the Lauds on appiication. Tlie building accommodation is ample and centrally Sfs^rt.rther Partlcular8> aPP'y to Mr.Vaet WT 4VD ERSHIuEr _ST" LE0NARD'S PLACE, NEW- E toVether^itu^aIVern' ^T,hIs extensive and well-fitted Co^h-hoSfs sLh n Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, salubrious sit» a t, Offices, situated en an elevated and ^ited for a^ JdJV W d,8tancf from the Church, and peculiarly are r^Sr^l f^nary^ Wher? ^°°d and »pa»te cla^s-rooms ArahTo fSt n a,'o may be entered upon immediately.— PPv to J. B. Harper and Sons, Agents, Great Malvern. 2787 ROME, HER T>ISHop'S FROME; HEREFORDSHIRE.-TO be LCT, The ounes," a Gentleman's RESIDENCE, half-way between the WnL1,. Bromyard and five miles from Ashperton Station on the Worcester and Hereford Railway. There are three Sittinir- rooins six Bedrooms, Pantries, Store-room, Kitchens Stables, Coach-house, Cowhouse, and Gardens. Water is laid on over the House. Shooting may be had in the neighbourhood and from Five to Twenty Acres of LAND round the House can be rented.- Apply to Mr. Powell, Bishop's Frome, Bromyard. 2789 TO be LET, for a term, or on a yearly tenancy, PERRY HALL Bromsgrove. This is a commodious House, standing n Grounds about Two Acres in extent, near to the Church. It con- tains, on the ground floor, dining and drawing rooms, 22 feet by 16 feet by 12 feet each library, schoolroom, kitchens, &c. and adjoining, and communicating, and under the same roof are three reoms, now used as offices. The Gardens are in excellent order. The extent of Pleasure Ground is small, but prettily laid out; and the Grounds are planted with choice and thriving Shrubs and Fruit Trees. There is also a Vinery with vines In full bearing. The Cellaring is good and dry, and the drainage has recently been put in perfect order. The Grammar Schooi of Bromisgrove affords great facilities for education, and a certain number of the Children of Residents are admitted on the foundation at a nominal cost. Bromsgrove is a first clats Station, and Omnibuses run to every train. —Messrs. J. Mathews and Son, of Birmingham, who have lately surveyed the property, permit a reference to them in the first instance. Detailed particulars can be obtained from Mr. Parkes, House A [rent Bromsgrove j^irate Contract COKE. to 1,060 Tons for SALE.—Address T. 0. P., Post- office, Newport, Monmouthshire. 2783 AP,y GIG and Two~BUTT CARTS. —Address A, 15^Smith Wales Daily News, Cardiff. 278» CARDIFF.—For SALE, a HOUSE in Tredegarville, ten rooms Apply to L. Hopkins, 16, Parade. Tredegarville. 1484a —FOR SALE, by private contract, Five Houses in y Sandon-place. Apply to-Mr. John Rees, grocer, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 2640 FISH! FISH FISH!-For the Best and Cheapest, go to ASHTON'S, adjoining the Victoria Roems, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 2748 IJ^OR SALE, One Oates's Patent Solid Brickmaking Machine A also Brickmaking Machine, with Wire Cutter, quite new also, two Pressing Machines, with Dies for Paving and Plinths, &c.-Apply, F. W. Barrows, Blue Brick Works Great Bridge, Tipton. 2671 FOR SALE, at T. Marley's Wheel Works, Cardiff, one new JiLi improved CARDIFF MARKET CART, two neN GAL- LOWAY CARTS, one new improved GADABOUT CART, and one new PONY TRAP. Also an assortment of READY-MADE WHEELS.—T. Marley, Wheel Works, Cardiff. 2667 TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS and Others.—Thfrt}7 New TEN-TON WAGONS for sale or on redemption lease. For hire, Eighty Ten-Ton Wagona and Seventy Seven-Ton Wagons. Apply, J. R., Nicholas and Co., Railway Wagon Agents, 130 Bute Docks, Cardiff. 27550 MR. D. W. THOMAS, Secretary to the Cardiff Licensed Victuallers' Association, has for SALE a first-class full Licensed House, compaat Brewery, with two cottares situate in the centre of the Town. This is a rare epporiunity for persOftS with limited 24, High-street. 9833 0LD^A^,ED and SPirit Business to be SOLD, in the county of Norfolk, near three market tm™« and having a large Bowling Green attached. The trade is of a re- spectaWe and profitable nature, and might be considerably in- creased by an energetic man with a small capital.-For particulars, apply to Messrs. C. and T. Tew, Auctioneers, lu7, Hatton-gardens London. 0 2677 GLOUCESTER.—TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, I.OOO yards of eligible FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, well adapted for the erection of a Gentleman's Residence, being delight- fully situated at the south end of Wellington Street, facing the Public Park. Good Stabling and other conveniences exist on the Premises.-For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Medland and Son, Architects, 9, Clarence Street, Gloucester. 2617 TJf I1- K-^ SHIRK—For SALE, a splendid Residential „ATE ,f about !.725 Acres ARABLE, MEADOW, and ■P^STLRE LA&D, with a beautiful MANSION lately and very substantially built of utone, commanding magnificent panoramic views extending forty miles in a direct line. Two first-class Stations within six miles. Most of the Land is occupied by Tenants whose families have lived upon it for generations Apply to Bell Williams and Son, 40, North John Street, Liverpool. 2615 RADNORSHIRE.—To be SOLD by PRIVATE TREATY a very compact FREEHOLD FARM of 128 acres, exclusive of Sheepwalk. The property lies within a ring fence, and is founded for upwards of a mile by one of the best Trout Streams in the kingdom. For particulars, apply to Messrs. Powell and hwettenham. Estate Agents, Newtown, Montgomeryshire. 2619 TO LADIES ONLY. Mrs. B. MAGGS, Iron and Brass Bed- stead Manufacturer, 15, St. Augustine's-parade, Bristol, would es^ially directthe attention of ladies to her Large Stock sof CHILDLENS COTS AND BASSINETTES, the prices for which are extremely moderate. Notice.-Trimmed Bassinettes for 16s. 6d. including mattress and pillow. Try Haggs's Full-size French Bedsteads, 6ft. Bin. by 4ft. 6in., price, loTId III other sizes at equally low prices 2288 i ~1 ANTON.—To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT. Four Vdlas, with large gardens and road at the back, 9 rooms in each lease, i*99 years from June 24th, 1871 • nrice £ 350 each • could be sold separate £ 250 at 5 per cent, could remain on each as a mortgage- Piece of Land in Conway-road, Canton, 121 feet 6 inches frontage by 163 feet 6 inches depth. The Conway Inn and six-roomed House adjoining, both freehold, with large garden containing fruit trees price, £ 1,050.—To be LET, Four large Villas, with large gardens, and back road, stables, and coaca-houses. A Free Public House, incoming modemte.-Apply to Mr. Thomas Davies. 34, CowbnÙlre-road. Canton, Cardiff. 161-F JUiscellnneous. GI\ EN AWAY. AjPRESCRIP'l ION, which has cured a great number of persons of Debility, Premature Decline, and Disease, will be sent on receIpt of a stamp.-Address Arthur Jones, Esq., 4, Frederick'a-place, Shacklewell, London. 2553 YOUR FUTURE Seven Years, six stamps Lifetime, twelve Love charm, sixteen. Statejage.-Mathratton, 76, Post-office, Daventry. 2&16 MONUMENTAL. 1V/TONUMENTS, Crosses, and Tablets, in granite, 111 I%le"IT-*)e8iST18 and estimates forwarded on ap- phcation tc T. JONES. Penarth-road Entrance. Cardiff. 218 JftoneiU O flOO TRUST, and other MONEYS, ready to be ADVANCED in large or small Sums, on Freehold, Leasehold, Reversions, Annuities, or Ground Rents.—Apply to Mr. John Jenkins, Mortgage Broker, Sun Fire Office, 20, High-street, Cardiff. N.B.— Loans and Mort- gages on personal and other securities negotiated with or with- out Life Insurance. 2819 -> TO BUILDERS and OTHERS.— £ 1,000, £ 800, and £700. Three SUMS of iL500 and £ 200. Two SUMS of £150, and several other SUMS to be ADVANCED on "ood security.-Apply to Frederick Da,, ies, Mortgage Broker, &c., Quay- street, Cardiff. 2806 n^SH TO ANY AMOUNT forthwith obtain- a e. New Sums for investment daily arriving. Indioes fntSti'n« the Mon«y M^ket, are kept. Eve^ information afforded^aa to the safest and best yielding invest- ments. Apply to Mr. William Davies, Attorney-at-Law 3 Vietoria-place, Hayes, Cardiff. 3 2778 Xfi HARRIS and CO., LOAJS and DISCOUNT JQj# OFFICE, 220, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. IMMEDIATE ADVANCES made on Personal Security, and to Householders on their Furniture and effects, without publicity or removaL TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED AT EASY RATES. Advances made also on Plate, Diamonds, Watches, and every description of Merchan- dise. All communications strictly confidential. The Proprietor may be personally consulted at all times. 2568 M- ONEY ON EASY TERMS advanced from .£10 and upwards to Householders on their Furniture, Plate Stock-in-Trade, &c., without removal off the premises, and, if required, without publicity; re-payments arranged to sv^t the borrower; no charge unless the money is advanced; by L. BAR- NETT, Belmont House, Charles-street, Cardiff; 49, Bute-street, Cardiff an 110, Heathfleld-street, Swansea. 1426 ATONEY-TO LEND.—Tradesmen, Farmers, -kTiand others who require Money, can have any amount, from £5. to £ 5,040, upon good personal security, from one to fire nnav?' r*Payable quarterly or half-yearly. Money also advanced Annivr^ag,e freehold, Leasehold, or Landed Property.— Newnort* m" •'°llns, Auctioneer and.Valuer, 106, Stow-hill, «wpon, Mou. AH applications by post to contain four stamps. -M^irishJ^r-^itlemen with spare Capital •ame in making immediate advances I Hand, Rills of g^ie persons on their own Notes of interest. f.^ner. Life Policies, at 5 per cent. I business will do weH °'r persons about to take a THOMAS WOODGATE. directed envelope to Mr. ,N.B.-Small interest, disua^f terrace> Hounslow, Middlesex, mafritained. "d aeerecy will be strictly ONEY T0~I^NFL^R-7PR- approved personal, or any oth« ^° on reasonable interest. £ 5 per cent, on deixJit" ?,*4*'16 wcurity, on particulars on receipt of addressed envp £ ^ro8Pectu8 and ful1 White, General Accountants, &c., 54 Hio-h 40 °8t»fnt and Merthyr TydfiL » atgh-street, Penydarran, MONEY! IMMEDIATE CASH AQcoMnnl" -LV-L TION may be obuined for long or short J EASTE»N COUNTIES MONETARY ADVANCEail the BANK (Private), 3, Kingsland-road (City end), London SPF^ publicity, exorbitant interest or unnecessary expense 4 persons own security, freehold and leasehold property iite 'n.VPon furniture without removal, farming stock, crops, Ac', a uiterview preferred; it by letter, address—H. W. HAMMnff Seereurr. Established 1840. isS?' rpo BWofE R S.— £ 30 TO £ 3^000. I Advaneoa promptly nude at any time, without previous mem- be hiP, MOftgW Hous" and by the GLAMORGAN BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY, CARDIFF. Repayaoie by easy fortaighUy, monthly, quarterly, »r other in- stalmento. Redemption at ««y time at 30 days' notice, without payment of further interest. UPWARDS OF £ %S,0W ALREADY ADVANCED, TO BXASLK BOEEOWIU TO SAVK THBIK JtKNT AND 8ECOMK THBIA OWN LANDLORDS. rHjes »PP'y to Mr. R. EMERY, BritUnia Mr nSfe/m ^Trr?iu"« e» H- C0RY- Solicitor, Cardiff; WILLIAMS stamp Office, Din«; Mr. JOHN HUGHE8, CommerciaJ-0trf et Newport: Mr ALLFX BuilrW Jlr. GEORGB TARR, Gloucester-street, Akerdare, 270f Jlr. GEORGB TARR, Gloucester-street, Akerdare, iiOt by Jluction. FINE ARTS. CARDIFF ARMS ASSEMBLY ROOM. MR- "W. P. STEPHENSON begs to announce that he will hold the ANNUAL SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION of HIGH-CLASS COPYRIGHT Oleographs, Aquagraphs, Chromotypes, and genuine Proof En- gravings, under instructions from a London Publisher of hio-h standing, at the above Rooms, on THURSDAY, the 24th inst., com- mencing at 12 noon and 7 in the evening. Thoce Sale": have now been regularly held for many years, and have always given the utmost satisfaction. The present collection will be found to be fully as interesting as heretofore. On view the day before sale.. Catalogues, when ready, may be obtained of the Auctioneer, 21 Queen-street. 2818 » COED-Y-BRAIN, NEAR CAERPHILLY. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. 1VR- S™PHENSON has been instructed HOTIT (^0^'«EsC|m t0 SELL bv AUCTION, at the f Cardiff, on TLRSDAV, 29th OCTOBER, 1S72, mpwF ivJvn i Precisely> the valuable TIMBER and ^,PP1E U ,(,D' 8tandm? and growing in the Coed-y-Brain Farm, and in the adjoining Wood, s.tuate near the Pwllvpant Station of Ll! l)uu mile and a half from Caerphilly, includmg 104 Oak Timber Trees, 4 Beech ditto, 1 Poplar ditto i Larc;V*I,d ? Spruce, of about 50years' growth; and about 31 Acres of Coppice, containing useful Pit and Cordwood, with the bolt of well-grown Fir adjoining. Holly and all Trees marked with red paint are reserved. Mr. Thos. Rowland, of Pwllvpant, or Mr. Joseph Rowland, of Plasturton, will show the Woods. For further particulars apply to Mr. Joseph Evans, Caerphilly, or to the Auctioneer, Cardiff. PEMBACH ISAF, LLANTRISANT. R. W. P. STEPHENSON will SELL by AUCTION, at the same Time and Place, about 16 Acres of Mixed COPPICE WOOD, standing and growing on the Pembach Isaf Farm, near Castella, between Llantrisant and Pontypridd. All double stores and all hedges are reserved. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. 2812 GELLI FARM, Within 10 minutes' walk of Ystiad Station, on the Rhondda Branch of the T.V.R. MESSRS. D. EVANS & SON are instructed by Mr. 'E. THOMAS, who is leaving, to SELL by AUC- TION, at the above Farm, on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 1872, the whole of his excellent STOCK, CROPS, and IMPLEMENTS: STOCK.-12 Cows, in calf, to calve early in the Spring; capital Bull; nine tree-year-old Steers eight two-year-old ditto; 10 Yearlings; three Cart Horses Cob Mare, fery useful; Pony, rising three years old and two Fillies, rising two years old. CROPS. Three Mows of Hay, in prime condition, about 33 tons; and a large quantity of Hay in hay-house, about seven tons. I M I'LFMEN i. -Cart, two Wheel Cars, Plough, Drags, Harrows, Turnip Drill and Roller, Chaff Cutter, Turnip Slicer, Wooden Roller, two sets of Shaft Harness, set of Leading do., Pikes, Rakes, &c., with the whole of the Dairy Utensils. Six Months' Credit will be given, on approved security, to Purchasers to the amount ofelo and upwards, or Discount allowed for cash at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum. A mellt'at to commence at 12 precisely. 1 he Auctioneers confidently invite the special attention of their r vi'i a Buyers generally to the above, Mr. Thoma". being well known as a breeder of choice Stock the Cattle are all of the pure Hereford breed. Any further particulars may be had on application to the v endor, Gelli, strad-Rhondda; or to the Auctioneers, Ponty- P"DD- | 2844 public Amusements. VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY- T STREET, CARDIFF. SOLE PROPRIETOR Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN Every Evening during the week, GRAND CONCERT AND CHARACTERISTIC ENTERTAINMENTS. CHANGE OF ARTISTES EVERY WEEK. REFRESHMENTS AT THB BAR. Admission—First Class, Is.; Second Class, 6d. Doors open at Half-past Seven, to commence at Eigl t. Saturdays half-an-hour earlier 041 Election Addresses. CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE EAST WARD. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—My period of office as your Representee at the Council Board of this Borough will expire on the 1st November next. I beg to offer myself for Re-election, and to assure you that, should I have the honour of again representing you, my best efforts, as heretofore, shall be devoted to your service. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, WILLIAM TAYLOR. Cardiff, 15th October, 1872, 2753 CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1872. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE SOUTH WARD. T ADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—My term of office as one of your Representatives at the Council Board being about to expire, I beg to offer myself for Re-election. Should I have the honour to be again elected to represent you, I shall, as heretofore, do all in my power to advance the interests of this important Borough. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, Bute Docks, Cardiff. JOSEPH ELLIOTT. 16th October, 1872. 2m CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1872. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE WEST WARD. T ADIES and GENTLEMEN,-The twelfth year of my membership of the Cardiff Corporation will terminate at the end of this month. I have hitherto been returned for the South Ward, but, being a native of, and having conducted business nearly all my lifetime in the West Ward, I am induced to offer my services for yqur approval; and will, if elected, continue to devote the utmost attention, and the whole of the time necessary, to the prope discharge of the numerous duties devolving on the members of the Corporation of this important town. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obediently, DANIEL JONES, October 13, 1872. Contractor. 277S CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1872. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE WEST WARD. /^J_ENTLEMEN,—On the 1st of November next my term of office will expire, when I shall have accom- plished the sixth year of service as one of your Representatives in the Town Council. I offer myself for Re-election. Should you again honour me I with your confidence, I trust my past experience will have quali- fied me for a due discharge of my duties, and that I shall be able to render material a; istancj at the Municipal Council Board. I am, yours faithfully, Cardiff, October 16th, 1872. RICHARD EVANS SPENC™y CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1872. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE SOUTH WARD. /^JENTLEMEN, At the request of many in- fiuential inhabitants of the South Ward, I am induced to offer myself as a candidate for your suffrages at the forthcoming municipal election. As a resident amongst you for upwards of thirteen years, I may with confidence assert that I am more fully acquainted with the feelings and requirements ef the ratepayers than any person residing outside the limit-, of the ward can poibly be. The advantages to the ratepayers of being represented at the Town Council by a resident in their midst are obvious. If elected, I will use my best efforts to promote an efficient and economical administration of local affairs. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, Sea Lock Hotel, Card'ff, R. A. BLAKE. Oct. 19th, 1878. 2834 TO THE BURGESSES OF THE UPPER WARD OF THE BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. ^YENTLEMEN,—I announce myself as a can- kX didate to Represent you at the Council Board. If elected my best endeavours shall be used to reduce- Taxation to its lowest limit, compatible with the welfare of the population* The additional accommodation proposed to meet our rapidly increasing trade by Floating the River will be supported by me, and if carried out must add considerably to the value of property in your district. f f j The connection of Morriston with the Town Proper by a Street Tramway I shall most strenuously support, as it will be a public convenience and add much to the comfort of the Burgesses at large, and be another means of enhancing the value of your property. I shall keep a sharp" look-out" a, to the quality and price of Gas. I also consider it high time we should mend our lIJays," and shall endeavour to introduce Lome measure by which we can secure decent footpaths and crossings in our streets. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, Adelaide Chambers, GEO. P. IVEY. 16th October, 1872. 2817 BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE UPPER WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, -In compliance with the unanimous request of a meeting of the Ratepayers of Landore and neighbourhood, held at the College School-room, on Thursday evening, 17th October, 1872,1 beg to offer myself as a Candidate for one of the forthcoming vacant Seats in the Upper Ward. It has long been felt by the inhabitants of the neighbour- hood that they have not been adequately represented at the Coun- cil Board of Swansea, and that thereby their interests have suffered considerably. It shall always be my first and foremost object to advance and forward the interest of the neighbourhood. I shall wh&tif 'aCe dec"*e<11y against any unnecessary expenditure, and of tTmrDu'en^ ■hall endeavour to secure a fair share for greater numhe^ trust that the personal knowledge which the me will be a better' Bur&e8ses °* t'le Upper Ward possess of give> recommendation than any promises I may now I •htU.'tottJuir'of^ hearty and strenuous support, fidence placed in me. Dly ability, endeavour to merit all the con- I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours respectfully, Bridge Cottage, Landore WILLIAM REES. Ocfc. 18th, 18Z2. 2827 public JTottces. NOTICE NOT TO TRUST. T THEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any Debt or Debts contracted by my Wife, Margaret Williams, Captain's-row, Taibach, after this date, October 17th, 1S72. 2813 JOHN WILLIAMS, Mason. LECTURE. GUILDFORD-STREET CHAPEL, TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY), at 8 p.m., by ROBERT BIRD, Esq. Subject :—" My Duty to Number One." Rev. George Kaines in the chair. 2811 GLAMORGANSHIRE LIBERAL REGISTRA- cx TION OFFICES, REMOVED TO No. 22, UNION STREET, SWANSEA. Any information respecting objections gratis, on application to 2368 T. H. DAVIES. -=4- ,YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 17, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, at 8.15, and EVERY SUNDAY at 3.0 p.m. BIBLE CONVERSATION CLASS. 563 TENDERS Required for SINKING a DOWN- CAST SHAFTat Pentre Colliery, near Pontypridd depth about 170 yards, by 15 feet diameter in the clear. Specification and all particulars to be had on application at the Office, at the Woi ks. October 16th, 1872. 2751 OJUST PUBLISHED, PRICE ONE SHILLING. >i THE DOWNWARD INTERMITTENT FILTRATION OF SEWAGE, as it is now in practical operation at Troedyrhiw, near Merthyr-Tydfil. being the Address read at the Annual Meeting of the South Wales and Monmouth- T British Medical Auociation, at Merthyr- w » no !7 1' 1872, ihe President, Thomas Jones Dyke, r.K.C.S., Eng., &c. Merthyr-Tydfil, Farrant & Frost. London, Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, TYNRALL-STREET, CARDIFF. XTARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES (in English) •Rill be held (D.V.) in the above Church, on VIi EDXESDAY, OCTOIIKR 30, 1872. Morning Service at 11 o'clock sermon by the Rev. CANON JENKINS, D. II., Vicar ef Aberdare. ™°e at 7 o'clock sermon by the Rev. D. PARKER £ ),N' Ylcar. 5f Aberavon. Collections in aid of the Church Fund after each service. All are earnestly invited to attend. 2835 T NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. W O LEVELS TO BE LET on the Vein of VTIIPV IT IF AS THE NO- 3 FOREST LEVELS in the Aberdare St>ecffica.finn°UnLevels can be inspected and the samp at v- Conditions seen by those wishful to tender for nerson will fit, fy'?atlon Colliery Office. An active and energetic brin» his own 1, a S°°d opening, as Contractor must find anp once° as he nin1?11 a,K' ,lauIiers. He can employ 30 to 49 men at once, as he will have to find all descriptions of labour from faces of Places, to (leliverin,, of coal into canal boats, or carts. dressed to me, ^Tender foi^Levels" 10 fr°m £ d" GEORGE BROWN, 2733 Navigation Colliery Office, Mountain Ash. LLANELLY SCHOOL BOARD. -I-fcT A VO REQUIRED P^coiimoH SCH°OL BUILDINGS for the wTth at Brynamvr, in accordance to be .subject t« e ^'ementary Education Act, such plans Estimate not 1 a|Pr0val of the Education Department. The ^sinuate not to exceed £ 3 ner hpad Apremiumof £ is»;iiV t Particulars to be oh7, P*aid for the Plan ot „ Davies, and Br«wne °f' and plans sent 111 to' Messrs" Cox> or before the 1st dav f f ,CItors> Market Chambers, Brynmawr on uay of January, 1873. 2820 TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE. TTTTT. T0 ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE. the lSSSSK concerning the Instant Coming of Church to meet H- ^HIUST, and the needful preparation of the storedApoShfpmwiuh>!Ch1 isd<>Iivered these days by His re- the Town Hill declared in a Course of Lectures, in Mayor) by ED^S <b-r KI"D permission of his Worship the Evangelists servfifr H5ATU> B-A-, and the Rev. THOMAS GRANT, ing TUKSD\Y Evlvtv«' I restored Apostleship, on the follow- Oct 92 l-Thp i' at E,^ht o'clock :— Oct! 29.—Ti^ T?S^lan ComillS of the Lord. Nov 5*—Th* n Z?1*13}* which are near at hand. Nov. 12 -Th. Tnbulation under Antichrist. t resent warning and means of Escape. ADDRESSES WILL ALSO BE GIVEN STUART HALL, ON SUNDAY EVENINGS, AT Watt, FENCING NOVEMBER 3RD, PAST SIX o'CLOCK. ADMISSION FREE. 2810 JJANNAH STREET CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, DOCKS, CARDIFF. The Fifth ANNIVERSARY Of the SABBATH SCHOOL will take Thomas (of Redtaml 10- 1872' when the Rev' UriJah R" *t 11 o'clock Brist°l) will Preach, m the Morning At HalSst ^o thp EveninS at &3°- between wWh tl 3eP0rt wiU be read and Addresses delivered, examined in Scrint?.™ « sin^ sPecial n^mn3' aud be A CNIIIL- PTURE SUBJECTS. ion will be made after each Service in aid of the School Funds. On MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 11th, 1872, a Will be delivered hr th C T U R E Mon.)ffiJhe(< W;. Jansen Davies (of Newport Doors open at T, 1?le ehild the Father of the Man." u 0 clock, to commence at Half-past Seven. 2305 justness Addresses. THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WEST OF SUBSTANTIAL^ Hmflf «°R TH0R0UGHLY ttOME- MANUFACTURED FURNITURE. C. AND W. T RAPNELL, 39, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. (BSTABLISHKD 30 TEARS.) pleasure m directing the attention of Parties Furnishing \T -C TIT to their 130 ~FLIRNISHING GUIDE, It t pa&e8' illustrations. Post Free for three stamps. nishins deta^ed Estimates for Economical Fur CT PPnT, 11118 fr0m £ 21 to £ 788 13s. 6d. RESIDENTS SPECIAL ESTIMATES, £ 43 3s. 6d. to ^EDI^VAL) £ 206 14s. CONTRACTS! -11 BEDDING, ^ATTERNS of CARPETS, CURTAINS, Fixing comnW ^lusive of the costs of Delivery and their representatives^?n anydpSfng1ygl^d>leS8rS- TrapneU' In the absence of t; '^E^MS *— in every case are Contract, the current Market Prices that all advantages ?.r Goods subject to fluctuation, co charges are arranired f1°?JTle, 1 y given to the Purchaser. The credit is made at time of Sale1 ^ett' un'ess special agreement for The Proprietors h facture of Easy Ch^r«n^ ^|ven special attention Lto the manu- for Hotel and Lod"inir-h^U to Seaside Residences as well as their celebrated ° se IJl>irposes, would direct attention to which haaG U 1 N E A EASY CHAIR, wnicn has now attain i also introduced for fiiLS'm°st universal reputation. They hav KOYAL TIC?°'1>r<!S,he PRT^RL 0EIA EAST CHAIE. ICQ UFTII /S Photographs and full Guineas, Carriage Free. descriptions of both Chairs, with Samples Coverings, post free. p • and "VV. TRAPNET/L UPHOLSTEEERS & CAHNET MABUFACTUB12RS, Honourable mention° wEr?E GREEN, BRISTOL. CORN FLOUR IS GENUINE. Prepared solely from Maize-Indian Corn. Best Quality, 2d, 4d 8d. Second Quality, l^d., 3d., BTOA^Th^~mendaTI°N TO ACCEPT OTHER QUALITIES INSTEAD BROWN AND POLSON'S. B ROW AND p 0 L SON'S CORN FLOUR with Milk for CHILDREN'S DIET. 298 QALEDONIA CONFECTIONERY WORKS, BRISTOL.$ PATERSON RICE & CO., I Manufacturers of JAMS, 1 I JELLIES, JUBES, MARMALADES, ORANGE, LEMON, CITRON PEELS, And every description of BOTTLED SWEETS AND CONFECTIONS for HOME TRADE and for EXPORTATION To be had of all respectable Grocers and Italian Warehousemen 2311 R T IS T 9, EEP OSTTMTR Y, 17, MGEL-STREET, 17, c A K, i) j j. y. THE LARGEST AND BEST SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS OF CARDIFF AND WALES GENERALLY, By KITH, BEDFORD, and Others, including a NEW SERIES, Published by F. W. LANE, CARVER AND GILDER, 17, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF (Comer of Chuteh-street). THE LARGEST STOCK OF PICTURES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND. 3702 1 business gtddrcsses. IMMENSE SALE OF FURNITURE, OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITUR, TABLES, CHAIRS, &c., &c., AT LAVERTON AND CO.'S SPACIOUS SHOWROOMS. OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITURE, COUCHES, SOFAS, EASY CHAIRS, AT LAVERTON AND CO.'S SPACIOUS SHOWROOMS MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITURE FROM BEST SEASONED WOOD, AT LAVERTON AND CO.'S SPACIOUS SHOWROOMS. LARGE ILLUSTRATED FURNISHING CATALOGUES Post free oil application. :0, OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITURE, FOR SELECTION FROM, ✓ AT LAVERTON AND CO.'S SPACIOUS SHOWROOMS, OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF FURNITURE, ALL WARRANTED IN QUALITY, AXD LOWER IN PRICE THAN LONDON HOUSES, AT LAVERTON AND CO.'S SPACIOUS SHOWROOMS, MARYLEPOIIT-STREET, BRISTOL. XjAVERTON AND CO., STEAM CABINET WORKS, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. 1533 FIGARO. An Illustrated Family Journal, -f published every Saturday, by James Mortimer, 199, Strand, London. £ 700 in cash and other gifts distributed this year. Sixteen pages, One Penny. Sold by all Newsagents. 1263


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