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$Iliplliito xotites. CORK, CARDIF/, AND NEWPORT. -MilJ THIRST-CLASS PASSENGER STEAMERS leave CORK f-r CARDIFF, imfjfofls and Passengers, EVERY WEDNESDAY, calling at fW xr^'turninK direct EVERY FRIDAY.. NEWPORT Direct EVERY MONDAY, returning EVERY S^NESDAY. 4b]eJes~-Cabin, 17b. 6d.; Deck, 7s.; Cabin Return Ticket, avail- *°r one month, £ 1 7s. For further particulars see small mils' 88*?.- Mr. E. C. DOWNING?Shipbroker, Bute Docks. CQ^PORT.—Mr. JAMES MADDOCKS, Dock-street —Tbe City of Cork Steam Packet Company, Penrese Quay. 374^ CARDIFF TO NEW YORK. # "PfclRECT STEAM COMMUNICA- X-S TION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL *>w AND TUB ujUTED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA. SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S New, ftt first-class, full-powered, Clyde-built Steamships ^Morgan 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. 'tiiUliOKE 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. o MARTIIEN. 3,000 Tons 600 h.p. Or other First-class Steamers, will sail regularly between CARDIFF AND NEW YORK, W** Steamships ire built expressly for the Trade, and fitted-up of til the latest improvements for the comfort and convenience and Steerage Passengers. Passengers provided with mattresses. ta/^tewardesis carried for the female emigrants. e GLAMORGAN, Joseph Laybourne, Commander, will sail O'lles a,, 22th November. ^Urt'l(-'r particulars apply to Budgett and James, 11, King- Sj(j Bristol; Richardson and Co., Swansea G. W. Jones, Heard, D Newport; W. C. Lucy and Co., Gloucester T. Waite ana. JjL" "ontypool; Alexander Brothers, Pontypridd JohnR. W?' Henry Lee Hutchings, Bideford; Charles Hunt, c V. Stephen Holloway, Truro Edward Taylor, Btrowi. > 5V(irj Price, Aberdare \V. J. Presswell, 1, Castle-street, Me w1; or at the Company's Office, 1, Dock-ehambcrs, ^a JOHN LAL'OHLANP.J^!gg £ i,L,HKsT AND CHEAPEST ROUTE FOR PASSENGERS SjOM THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES w iHE UNITED STATES, IS BY THE oTTTATW ^rvV» 'THREAT WESTEBK VJT SHIP LINE." BRISTO^ A^ ^^7^«^YORK. The FINE NEW "f-SHIPS of this Line are intended to sailas (w..u 1(! ARRA-aON," (1500 tons) Wednesday, October.16 W?5EAT WESTERN," (2000 tons).. WeUnewfaj■, • jJS^&AGE PASSAGE to NEW YORK, GO ,or PHILADELPHIA, SIX GUI^h^<tL «^e.>esSola ot this Line do not call at any Irish port, but pro- j0lreet from Bristol to New York. „ ,.„rta .< t, Ir 8t^^engers may be booked through to a P United Canada on very moderate terms- <C^«urc berths, Ac., apply to MARK. V. HITWILL and SON, iojjk, "W't-nue, Queen-square, Bristol; or • V35 C»., Store Merchants, Cardiff; H»rse p Mon.; John Morgan, Bostmaster, Pon^pool; Richarc ocer' Blackwood; J. T- M° • lebeland-street, 'fydfii; J. Callaway, Mountain Ash or to M. Jones an* Brokers, Swansea; George 1. Price, Church-street, A^^e%«rs are recommended to obtain their Tickets fr«m *u ^-v^efore^ home "807 I N'MAN LINE of ROYAL MAIL •SwT .Al | J_ STEAMERS, appointed to sail from LIVERPOOL, via QUEENhTOWN to NEW If< every TUESDAY and THURSDAY. "Ty OF WASHINGTON TUKKDAP, OCT. 15. J"'TY OF MONTREAL TIKUKDAS, OCT. 17. nJTY OF ANTWERP TLKSDAST, OCT. 22. ^iTY OF BRUSSELS Tui'RtiDja' Oct. '24. Passage-Tuesday Sailings, 15 and IS Guineas; Thurs- lings, 18 Guineas and 121 Guineas, having equal Saloon &es- lvrage, to New York, Six Guineas ( £ >$ with a full of Cooked Provisions. Passengers foruwaed to Boston, v\?*0re> or Quebec without extra charge. KJkJ^gers for all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES •.JiT: through on very advantageous terms. ^urther particulars, apply to WILLIAM fXMAN, 22, Water- Liverpool, ROBERT BURTON and SON, ^fCWch-street, Cardiff; or to any of the Company's Agents Wales. 2249 NATIONAL LINE. STEAMEF.S OF THIS LINE ARE THE LARGEST 5K, PASSENGER STEAMSHIPS AFLOAT. FROM LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK EVERY WEDNESDAY, AND FROM QUE EN STOWS EVERY THURSDAY. ~\TATIONAL STEAM SHIP -1^1 COMPANY (LIMITED). A he new lull-powered British Iron-screw Steamshipa StX- ap- £ iSuJ1. Grace 4&00 "The Queew, Th«nifcs 4441 Thompson 4302 Holland, Bragg 3847 <Vce, Thomson 3571 Erin, LawsoE 3956 Webster 3500 Helvetia, Griggs. 3974 Kemp 3500 Denmark, Sumner 3723 III be despatched from Liveroool to New York as follows:- ITALY Wednesday, ISth Oct. ^V'Ain Wednesday, 23rd Oct. CJLN'ADA Wednesday, 30th Oct. Tjk, Leaving Queenstown the following days. accommodation on board thtse Steamers is un- the State-rooms being unusually larpe, and open off ^'(>°ns, which are situated in the powprondeck—the poop A$tL 0 feet lont'- ^•«h -°f Passagei If', and 17 Guineas, acctrraing to accommo- in State-room—all having same privilege in Saloon. Return -TC8. TVVENTY-FIVK GUINEAS. S? V^Tekuage accommodation is unequalled for space, light, Ablation. Abundance of Fresh Provisiomiserved up cooked J^U^ompany's Stewards. of Passage on Reduced Terms. Steerage Passengers t» Quebec, Boston, and Baltimore without extra j^gers booked through Aspimeall. San Francisco, thein- 18 °f Canada and of the United States »n favourable to also to Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan, at l, lh"o h rates, via New York and San Francitco. ial'^Seugers are advised to secure their passages from the local before leaving h»me. Freitriit or Passage apply to THF NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. (LIWWBD,) V o{ and 23, Water-street, Liverpool; s: i&ss^se; J. W Dow5, TermumsH^gkJ^^ 2396 "SHOEXBST SBA'WSSAO* to S SSirSi «>» St,tes- Shor,«' 1?" Route to the West.. rua direet eve ^<i-«8Upel"b ns,teanlfhip8. of "^vvppOOL t« QUEBEC and ™1 Ihursday from LI\ EKL'W an(J B0R r0N> J^AND, forwarding passengers to JNt" the TTNI-TED ALL CITIES and TOWNS in CANADA and to PROM LIVERPOOL 10 QUEBEC A.VB fORT™u/Vo^ 7 bertllany • Tues. Oct. 1 *ss. Moravian ^1 • to ^plynesian Thur. „ 3 ss. N. American 1 uc • >> V ^OvaScotian Tues. „ 8 ,*ss. Polynesian • jg A Scandinavian Thur. „ 10 ss. Nova Seotian Tues. >> V ^orinthian Tues. 15 *sb. Soandiuaviau Thur. j> A ?russian Tliur. „ 17 ss. Germany Tues. » k St. Andrew* Tues. 22 *ss. Prussian Thur. k Neetoria* Thur. „ 24 ss. Manitoban Tues. Dec* •> V «anitoban Tues. 29 ,*ss. Peruvian ..Thur. „ Sarniatian Thur. 31 ss. Corinthian Tues. „ The Mail Steamships for HALIFAX, NORFOLK, and BALTIMORE, sail as follows^ — Warding Passengers by Rail to all pi rts of the Middle, W«8- w, tern, South Western, and Souterra States. {Jibernian ..Tues., Oct. 8 ss. Austrian ..Tues., Nov. S> •^etuvian Tues. 22 ss. N. American Tues., Dec. 3 kj^oin Passage to Halifax, Quebec, Boston, New York, Norfolk, ^tittiore, or Philadelphia, £ 18 18s., or £ 15 15s., according to %f?l*imodation, including Provisions, but not Wines or Liquors, can be obtained on board. Returned Tickets at reduced A limited number of intermediate passengers are taken h Steamer at kd 9s., including Beds, Bedding, and all neces- V>?Uteivsi]s, dining apart from steerage. Applications for berths made in advance. ^fMera»e Passage to St. Johns, Halifax, Quebec, Boston, New Of1*, Norfolk, or Baltimore, £ t> 6s., including a plentiful supply Vj,. cooked provisions. Steerage Stewardesses are carried by line, t6 attend to the wants ol female passengers and chil- ^^figage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Railway Cars °f expense. IIY information required concerning Canada can be obtained tjj ^Mr. Dixon, 11, Adam-street, Adelphl, Loudon, agent for £ Canadian Government. on Canada supplied gratis by our agents. fc^OitTEST ROUTB to SAN FRANCISCO, via the UNION PACIFIC LROAD. THROUGH TICKETS issued on the most favourable ^s. For Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS, and CO., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool, and t 85, Foyle-street, Londonderry, to Mr. GEORGE BIRD, 246, Bute-street, Cardiff. w COMPANY'8 SrBCIAL NOTICK TO BMIORAXTB. }v, e advise Passengers to obtain their Tickets from Agents leaving home. ^2931 jBnsnusg gldfttesses, ^ERRYMAN'S CARRIAGE, RAILWAY, STREET, AND SHIPS' SIGNAL LAMPS, D BENT GLASS MANUFACTORY 10 and 11, OLD-KING STREET, BRISTOL. 2385 J^HOTO GRAPHIC STUDIO, 15, ROYAL PROMENADE, QUEEN'S-ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. WAr,AME BRUNNER respectfully informs the Nobility«.Gentry, the Public that che has OPENED a STUDIO at the above 8H, aHd having aC. great expense secured not only the assist- of artistes uniqme in their several departments, but also W'Chased the exclusive right for Efe-istol and Clifton t« iinish °tographs K. BY TffE NEW PROCESS pj^^ted by Mr. Van der Weyde, of New York, she is enabled to Sluice, Pliotographs wjiich for truth and beauty cannot be 0jrPassed while the Prioas will compare favourably with tbese "6tablishmeDts of a very inferior ordec. «, OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. a^ame Bruiwer's Pictures are very superior Photograph >, Possess great artistic excellence."—IIer Majesty's Reporter.. b<st miniature in the room is by Madame Brunner."— <1 act from the Report on Photographic Exhibition, given by M6 F&EDKRICK. POLLOCK (Lord Chief Baron). Of .Madame lirunner'a extraordinary perseveriiice, independent *'M ta'ent, must sosuve her sti'cess."—M.'iJtiv LEMON. .•tud*ad.ame Brunner Laving visited all the most celebrated hey '^a in th»kingdom, has acquired a consummate knowledge of <i ,rt-Ncu'cantlc Express. the ^adanie Brunner's esLiblisliment is a Palace of Art. From Vrtth vestibule to the inner arcana everything is in keeping most luxurious requirements of refined taste, and the Be London photographer himself would have no reason to Poni ,,atned of such an establishment."—Stockton and Hartle- \jercury- difl f^adame Brunner's establishmeut is certainly the most splen- °f tbc ki A in the North Buglwid."— Kewcattl* Daily ^iele 8241 justness JUdresses- Eo T. LEWIS, BREWERS' AND LICENSED VICTUALLERS' ^Tri AUCTIONEER AND APPR^SLR, CITY COOPERAGE, BRIDEWELL SI RLE I, BRISTOL. HOME-BREWING TAVERNS. MR. E. T. LEWIS 13 instructed to LET several Home-brewing TAVERN"S. npc^ul^ rom j0 to £ 1,000. For particulars apply at Mr. LEW lis M Otface, Lride- well-street, Bristol. 2289 HAR^ES WAY, DEALER IN PICTURES AND WORKS OF ART, 17 ROYAL PROMENADE, BRISTOL. 2422 rr<HE~NEw YORK PROVISION STORES, T 43, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. RICHARD BAYLES, PROPRIETOR. PRIME AMERICAN BEEF. PRIME AMERICAN MKSS PORK. CHOICE AMERICAN CHEDDAR CHEESE. NEW IMPORTATIONS, 8.8, WESTERN. 2398 E A L 1 SEAL!! SEAL! w 1 F-J"?' MUFF*. and TRIMMINGS—GENTLE- MEN S WAIS1 COATS COAT-TRIMMINGS, and TRAVELLING CAPS all made to •rder from first choice Skins. large stock ?L froii. GREBE, ERMINE, SABLES, CFARFK I.W,' MUSQUASH, CHINCHILLA, DANISH -jf 7' ANGOLA ill great variety. Carriage wrappers AU R9' and Foreign Skins dressed and mounted. AH Kinds of J; urs cleaned and altered at the shortest notice. The ohly prize Furrier in the West of England. Established 1842. NOTE THE ADDRBss-WEYIOUTH AND REYNOLDS, 2355 15, NARROW WINE STREET, BRISTOL. SHATTER TON DIX, CHURCH AND GENERAL BOOK, STATIONARY, AND ART DEPOT, 32, TRIANGLE, BRISTOL. Brass Work, Photographs, Religious Pictures, Prayer Desks, and other articles of Ecclesiastical Furniture. 2270 J OHN DENNIS, IRON AND HARDWARE MERCHANT J 145, EEPCLIFF STREET, BRISTOL, (NEAR BRISTOL BRIDGE.) J. D. would call the attention of buj ers to his large Stock of WROUGHT and CUT NAILS, PATENT AXLES, CARRIAGE, SPRINGS, in stock and made to order, LANCE WOOD SHAFTS, BENT TIMBER, DRY HEART and COACH SPOKES. CEILING LATHS, Bristol Home-made HORSE NAILS, PATENT HORSE SIIC-'ES, PATENT HORSE SHOE IRON, FILES, RASPS, STEEL BOLTS and NUTS, CHAINS -of all kinds in Stock, or to,erder, Screws, Locks, and a lacge assortment of General Ironitoongery always in stock. Orders per Post, with remittance or satisfactory reference, will have our special attention. NOTE THB ADDRESS. 2382 ONLY THE BEST HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CROCUS, M ASP ALL DUTCH BULBS. JAMES GARAWAY AND CO.'S First IMPOrtstiOn of the above is just received in Best Condition. EARLY ORDERS SOLICITED. OBiDERS ABOVE 20s. IN VALUE CAR PAID. FIVE PER. CENT. DISCOUNT ALLOWED FOR CASH. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. -JAMES GARAWAY & CO., DURDHAM DOWN NURSERY, BRISTOL. 2715 HAULAGE. HAULAGE. HAULAGE, CARTING, &-c., in all its branches, JLJL at the lowest possible remunerative prices. Contracts taken, and tee work personally superintended by DANIEL JONES, 1, NEW OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. 2574 ORRIS AND SONS, TOWN CRIER AND BILL POSTERS, 34, ORCHARD STREET, SWANSEA, The only Sill Posters employed by the Corporation, Great Western Railway, and all the principal Solicitors and Auctioneers Swansea and its district. Country Sales pusted to any distance. JOHN THOMPSON AND SON'S CELEBRATED ALES, BURTON-ON-TRENT. SOLE AGENT FOR SWANSEA AND NEIGHBOURHOOD, C. LEVY, FOREIGN MONEY EXCHANGE OFFICE, 42, CASTLE- STREET, SWANSEA. 2526 D. E. ISAAC AND CO., IT" 18. COLLEGE STREET, SWANSEA. FURNISHERS, I^WOLSTERERS, CABINET MANUFACTURERS AND —Good L FURNISHING IRONMONGERS. Goods Slivered Free Charge within a radius of Ten Miles. 212# Ttrif „ SPECIAL NOTICE. PH0T0?R?nR M A N AND FRENCH 45 AND STEREOSCOPIC COMPANY, Beer most respecting t? ■ SWANSEA, Pictures, Portraits, Cartea Xnn V'° Pu,blic thTat a11 Andrews, are in theBosaession^ formerly taken by Mr. James wiU REPRODUCE f?i r" of. their Manager, Herr Jean Goldman, a Superi^BsP^of- The PRICE, and guarantee. fw no other Establishment ?n r £ mpany respectfully announce ll j ?ht to reproduce or a> Neath- or Llanelly, have SIVEYDE'S^ PROCESS Dge Upon t^ir NEW PATENT VAN ^tl^p'rrcsTist1 seuUreeofchw^^jn ment respectfully ■g^aoMmw'»« ""ST' SWANSEA OF F i c E [OF THB "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." The PROPRIETORS of the S°u*h DailV -^eiog beg to announce that tbey have OPENED AN OFFICE AT 42A, CASTLE STREET, (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE.) For the transaction of the Swansea business of their Journal. Ail orders from NEWSAGENTS will receive prompt attention, and be executed upon the same terms as from the Chief Office. Tfce DAILY NEWS delivered to Subscribers early every morn- ing in any part of the town. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Seven o'clock will secure insertion in the next morning's issue of the DAILY NEWS, TO INDIA RUBBER CONSUMERS AND W DEALERS. c E. COLES, • (Late of 16, Castle-street, Swansea,) ? Begs respectfully to inform his friends and the public generally that he has REMOVED TO No. 5, QUAY-PARADE, where he will carry on the business of a DEALER IN INDIA RUBBER in in all its branches, and also that of a GENERAL COMMISSION in all its branches, and also that of a GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT. In thanking his numerous friends and patrons for-their kind support during tt last six or seven years, he solicits a continu- ance of their favours, wurmg them that his best attention shall be at all times devoted t. the execution of their orders, and to merit their confidence J THE INDIA RUBBER WAREHOUSE, Ii, QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA. WE. COLES has the pleasure of informing • his friends and the public that he lias been appointed SOLE AGENT FOR SOUTH WALES FOR HARRIS'S CELEBRATED BLOCK AND FLUID COMPOSITIONS For the removal and prevention of Incrustation in Steam Boilers. It consists, for the most part, of animal matter, and is entirely free from Soda, Mineral Acids, or Muriate of Ammonia. Also, HARRIS'S SELF-LUBRICATING GRAPHITE STEAM ENGINE AND PUMP PACKING, (Registered) superior to any other Packing exUnt. Also, HARRIS'S IMPERIAL ANTI-CORROSIVE AND MINERALIZED CEMENT, ForSteam-Engine and Boiler Man-hole Joints, Gas a 1 Vater Pipef. or any sort of Heating apparatus. Super-heating Steam Pipe,Joints, wheu no other mineral will stand the high tempera- ture it will stand any pressure of steam or water the joints are easily made, and it can be applied to either face or uneven joints. One ewt. of this Cement will go as far as three cwt. of Red and White Lesul mixed, and it makes a much safer joint. Price Lists or Circulars on application, and Testimonials iti)u- merable from all the leading firms in the kingdom. THE INDIA RUBBER WAREHOUSE, P, QUAY PARADE, SWANSEA. 1997 business JUdresses* J "STYT^GME O R G E N Hayeyou tried that new shop in College-street ? I had a splendid r ^wo Pounds, and a capital Fit. Mind, I HAD TO PAY CASH FOR IT; but 'tis Cheap. SSNo, who is he 1—Why E. M. ROE, COLLEGE HOUSE, 10, COLLEGE-STREET. SWANSEA. GIVE HIM A TRIAL. YOU WILL BE WELL PLEASED. 2520 JH O R N E R' S WHOLESALE BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTORY, 123 AND 124, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. 1915 MILLER'S SAFETY BOILER, As manufactured by the ISCA FOUNDRY COMPANY, NEWPORT, MON., Is now being extensively used to take up the waste heat from puddling and balling furnaces. Its great safety, economy, and the small space it occupies for the power given out, causes it to be adopted wherever room is valuable. PRICES'ON APPLICATION. 1944 GA Y S 33, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, FOR t PORK PIES 2451 PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, No. 1, COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT, MON. EDWIN NEWMAN Begs te inform the lababitaiits of Newport and the Neighbour- hood that he has been APPOINTED SOLE AGENT IN THIS TOWN FOR THE SALE OF MESSRS. JOHN BRINSMEAD AND SON'S PIANOFORTES, FAOK WMOM HE HAS JUST RECEIVES A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SUCH INSTRUMENTS E. Newman has the Largest Stock of Pianofortes in the JPrinci pality te choose from, including those of COLLARD AND COLLARD, BROADWOOD, ERARD, and other eminent London Makers, and he further invites Inspection of his STOCK OF AMERICAN ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. PIANtFOMBN MAY 11111 PIIRCllASE. ON THE THREE TEAR SYSTEM. 2263 Lo R. LUMLEY, SURVEYOR AND APPRAISER, 29, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. ESTIMATES PREPARED. Work in all Branches of the Building Trade measured and valued. Delapidations and Cost of Repairs made up at reasonable charges. 2005 CHEAP PAPER HANGINGS. E. e, JONES, NEWSAGENT, ETC., 109, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, Begs to ,inform the public that she has just received a large stock of Paper Hangings of the newest designs, and which she is selling at the lowest prices. An extensive stock of Wools of every kind. The London and Provinciai Newspapers, Magazines, and Periodicals supplied regularly. 1984 REES EVANS, WROUGHT NAIL AND TIP MANUFACTURER, 12, GLEBELAND STREET, MERTHYR. SUPPLIES on the Lowest Terms, Shoe Heels and Toes, th* celebrated Merthyr Tip, all kinds of Carpen- ters and Colliery Nails, and every description of GRINDERY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ORDERS RECEIVED THROUGH POST PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Galvanized Iron, Japanned, and Tin Goods for kitchen use. 2008 E R T R Y P- OFFICE OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," 1, ALBERT STREET, For the transaction of the Merthyr business of this Journal. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to 6.30 p.m. will secure insertion .in the following" morning's issue of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS." IF YOU WANT YOUR HOUSE FURNISHED WITH TASTE, STYLE, AND ELEGANCE, COMBINED WITH ECONOMY AND DURABILITY, GO TO MEREDITH'S, 125, HIGH-STREET, MER TRY R, MANUFACTORY AND SHOW-ROOMS 62, GLEBELAND-STREET, Who will give you an Estimate for Fitting it up throughout, including Carpets, Window and Bed Drapery, Ironmongery, and every other requisite, at wonderfully LOW PRICES*. All Goeds sent Carriage Free within Fifty Miles. 2297 w. HB I D GOO D, AUCTIONEER & APPRAISER, BY APPOINTMENT TO THE COUNTY COURT, 6 1ARCADE CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. Sa es efficiently conducted, and settled for with promptitude. 1604 ^ARDlFFT^&^ri)UliESTREET\ SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF 11 DISPOSING OF BUSINESS AND LEAVING CARDIFF. ELLS AND NEAL Are OFFERING the whole of their STOCK at such prices as must effect a "Speedy Clearance. FOR CASH ONLY. 981 D UKE STREET, CARDIFF, April 24th, 1872. MADAM, Having arranged for Disposing of our Business, we shall offer immediately for Cash the whole of our STOCK, at such prices that must be advantageous to purchasers. We are, Madam, Yoursjrespectfully, ELLS & NEAL. The Dress Department is especially worthy of attention, comprising Glac6 Alpacas, Mohairs, Tasso Cloths, Fancy Japanese Silks, Piques, Prints, &c., of the latest style. 932 OYAL ARCADE, 27, 29, AND 31, AND R 178, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. WILLIAM KORNER, THE CARDIFF HOSIE.R, Begs to inform the Inhabitants of Cardiff and Neighbourhood that he has just RETURNED from London and Leicester Markets with a very choice and large Assortment of LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S PLAIN AND FANCY HOSIERY, of the very best Quality. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S SILK UMBRELLAS, Of the best Materials and Newest Designs. CALF and KID GLOVES, of the best Makers. SILK, LINEN, AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. LARGEST STOCK OF SCARVES AND TIES IN SOUTH WALES! SHIRTS, FRONTS, WRISTS, AND COLLARS, In all the Latest Fashions. A very CHOICE ASSORTMENT of GENTLEMEN'S MERINO AND LAMB'S WOOL SHIRTS, UNDERVESTS, PANTS, and DRAWERS. GENTLEMEN'S SCOTCH SHOOTING HOSE AND HALF HOSE, TRAVELLING RUGS & CARRIAGE RUGS, from 10s. 6d. W. Korner's celebrated DRESSING GOWNS, at 21s. and 25s. each, sent to any Railway Station in the United Kingdom on re- ceipt of Post-office Order. All Goods Warranted of Genuine Quality, at reasonable prices, for Cash only. 2300 business Jlddresses* R. P E T E R P R I C E m CARDIFF AGENT TO THE SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND. A Accumulated Fund £ 5,200,000 Annual Income (530,000 Annual Premium Revenue 376,386 .1 A purely Mutual Company, very economically managed, and having an Accumulated Fund eight times as large as its premium revenue, is the ideal Company for an insurer. "-Saturday Review, Oct. 2, 1869. „ „ x The Scottish Widows is purely Mutual, very economically managed," and, as the above statement shows, the Accumulated Fund is twelve times the amount of its Premium Revenue. The balance sheets and information which Mr. Cave's Bill com- pels Life Assurance Offices to publish, have been voluntarily pub- lished by the Scottish Widows' Society since 1S25, and may be obtained of Mr. Peter Price, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 19491 JOSEPH WALKER, HAY, STRAW, CORN, MEAL, AND OIL-CAKE MERCHANT, Is prepared to supply any of the above articles at the lowest possible prices, at his Warehouse, 25 AND 26, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. AGENT FOB Simpson's CATTLE SPICE AND PRANGLEY'S SPECIAL MANURES. 1565 THOMAS TRIST, FURNISHING & GENERAL IRONMONGER, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. A QUANTITY OF STOCK AT OLD PRICES. TEA-TRAYS, FENDERS, FIRE-IRONS, BEDSTEADS BATHS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, STOVES, GRATES, RANGES. THOMAS TRIST FOR LOCK-SMITHING, BELL-HANGING, EAVES-TROUGHING, ZINC, COPPER, BRASS AND TIN-PLATE WORK. THOMAS TRIST FOR "LIPSCOMB'S" WATER FILTERS, FARMERS', GARDENERS', AND CARPENTERS' TOOLS, GARDEN-SEATS, LAWN-MOWERS, LAND-ROLLERS, OIL-PAINTS, COLOURS. 2571 E. VAUGHAN & E. VAUGHAN & CO. STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, LLANDAFF-ROAD CARDIFF. BRASCH ESTABMSIMESTS 28' CARDIFF. fiSSSBK"}™™ COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT 83 HIGH- STREET, MERTHYR. 98' OXFORB-Sl'KEET, SWANSEA. 4 ST. JULIAN-STREET, TENBY. Orders received, and Parcels forwarded to Works carnage free, by the following AGE N T S Aberdare Mr- Damce, Commercial-street. Abergavenny Miss Watkins, 12, Cross-street. Blaenavon Mr. J. Harris, London House. Bridgend Mr. Thomas, grocer, Nolton-street. Brecon Mr. Matthews, at Camden Arms, Watton. Cowbridge. Mi- Stibbs, Ivor House. Chepstow Miss Row e, Welsh-street. Crickhowell Mr. Davies, Manchester House. Glastonbury. Mr. John, High-street. Haverfordwest.. Mr. Harries, 3, High-street. Llanelly Messrs. Ace & Sons, Vaughan-street. Llandilo Miss Punton, Fancy Warehouse. Neath. Mr- Matthews, at Queen's HoteL Pembroke Dock, Mr Brice, Meyrick-street. Pontypool. Mr. G. Fowler, draper, Lion House. U,sk. Messrs. Jones & Powell, drapers, &c. Watchet Capt. Nicholas. 223 Jiotels. BRISTOL. GUILDHALL COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL, 36 and 37, Broad-stieet, Bristol. Dining, Coffee, Sitting, and Stock Rooms. Dinners from 12.30 to 6. Night Porter ^1430 CROUCH, Proprietor. LIFTON DOWN FIRST-CLASS FAMILY c HOTEL, FACING THE SUSPENSION-BRIDGE. SUITE OF APARTMENTS, from 3t Guineas per week. Break- fast, from 2s. Dinners, from 3s. Service, 2s. A Suite of Apartments having been^C°t'ac,,„,e'1 to the Hotel, especially for WEDDING BREAKFASfS, the Manage is prepared to provide the same or the most moderate terms. Terms by weekly arrange- ments only. Suite of Apartments, with board and attendance, 5 Guineas each, fires only extra. Bedroom, board, and attendance in public rooms, 3t Guineas. All meals served to the visitor's order. Private drawing-room tor Ladies. Table D'Hote daily at Sundays at 5. All communications to be addressed, 1428 G1TTENS. Manasrer a NTELOPE HOTEL, ■ 9, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. DAVID REES, PROPRIETOR. ALE, WINE, AND SPIRITS Of the Best Quality. rnMMFRCIAL AND OTdER LARGE ROOMS COMMbRWAiJ^ EXCURSIONISTS. L U Nell EON B A. R, &c. N BEDS. 2524 />ILOBB DINING ROOMS, AND OYSTER SALOON, 17, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. LUNCHEONS. GOOD DINNERS, 9D., AND UPWARDS (From 12 o'clock till 4.) TEA AND COFFEE TO BE HAD AT ALL HOURS. N.B. Private SRfcii> £ "rooms and good Bedrooms. Im- portant to Foreigners.-Ici parle Frangais. Si paria Italiano. Hier wird Deutsch Gesprochen. 2098 ODDFELLOWS' ARMS, MAESTEG. Two Minutes' Walk accommodation. BILLIARDS. POSTING. MUi0FF1CE' 2380 PROPRIETOR—Mr. ILLTID MORGAN. (ftdttcation. gTEPHEN E. DA. VIES, TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, No. 1, WINDSOR-RO'AD, CARDIFF. 2043 t GOOD IIANDWRIIMNG. MARTS SYSTEM TAUGHT by Mr. H. FURRIAN, who will Beautiful Handwriting in Eight Lessons. Froficiency m BookkeepW &c. Acadejuy Open Daily. AJ> John-street, Cardiff. 2196 CTON ACADEMY, LLANDAFF ROAD, CAR D I F P. Masters: Rev. W. JAMES, M.A. Rev. EDGAR WILLIAMS, M.A., B.D. For Prospectus, &c. apply to v. W. James, Llandaff-road, Canton, Cardiff. 2191 LONG C R O S S school, JU CASTLE ROAD, ROATH, CARDIFF. HEAD MASTER: J. H. PHILLIPS, Meniberef the College of Preceptors, London. PROFESSOR of FItEXCH, RMAN, &e. D. J. BRUNO BANCKEN, Ph. D Special regard is paid to the suitable preparation of Pupils for ProfessionalV Commercial pursuits. NAVIGATION AND MARINE ENGINEERING. Candidates are prepared for examination by Mercantile Marine Beards for Certificates of Competency. 1916 GMSTfl%»I'^0lLIGS' WHITE L.kDIES'IEZOAD, CLII"'TON, BRISTOL. DIt. B. M -A, Lady Superintendent of Studies Miss WILSON. Pianoforte and Singing Miss RICMBOLL. D„wi»g,a«. •• •• •• "{KSS&5U A b«ok containing References to Parents, Testimonials, &c., will be forwarded on application G ROSVENOR COLLEGE, WHITE LADIES' ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. PRINCIPAL DR. TOMKINS, M.A. (Pro fesseur de Frangais, Compiler of the Bristol Copy Book, &c.) HEAD MASTER: CHARLES BIGG, ESQ. The College is within 200 yards of the proposed site of the new Clifton Station. Very Moderate Terms. Large school-room lately ■erected. More than twenty pupils have obtained certificates iu the Oxford" and Cambridge Local Examinations, several having passed with honors. Hundreds of pupils are occupying good situations in banks, merchants' offices, &c. A book (new edition, 40 pages) will be forwarded on application. It contains a lithograph of college, testimonials from parents of pupils, from old pupils, references to parents at Aberdare, Blaen- avon, Builth, Brecon, Cardiff, Chepstow, Haverfordwest, Llanelly, Newport, Pontypridd, Swansea, Tenby, Treleeh, Merthyr Tydfil, &c. The NEXT TERM will commence on MOXDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th. No Michaelmas Holidays. New pupils are admitted at any time, and a proportionate charge made N.B.—Clever Youths or Young Ladies who would be likely to pass the Cambridge Examination, held in December next, would have special training, and be taken at reduced terms. Place et examination close to Groavenor College. 2167 Addresses, H. CORIN, 18, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite the Queen's Hotel), 7, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, AND 25, CHURCH-STREET, DOWLAIS, WHOLESALE PERIODICAL AND NEWS AGENT. REDUCED PRICES AND CARRIAGE PAID. TRUNKS, PORTMANTEAUS AND TRAVELLING BAGS Manufactured at each place, and REPAIRS NEATLY DONE. THE ABOVE SHOPS ARE WELL KNOWN AS THE CHEAPEST FOR STATIONERY IN THE PRINCIPALITY NOTE THE ADDRESSES. 1515 SAMUEL HALL, DRAPER AND SILK MERCER, 9, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF, Begs to announoe that he has LEASED THE PREMISES AD- JOINING, recently in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Pritchard, 10, High-street, which he intends OPENING in September, in con- nection with his present premises. Previous to making the necessary alteration—in order to connect the two shops, so that they may convenienty be worked as one— he will SELL OFF THE WHOLE OF HIS STOCK, FOR READY MONEY at a VERY GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. THE SALE COMMENCED TUESDAY, AUGUST 6TH, 1872. 1945 CARDIFF PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. WM. ALEXANDER, Esq., T^'CHAS. W. DAVID, Esq., CHARLES H. WILLIAMS, Esq. | (MAYOR OF CARDIFF.) The Directors beg to announce that the following Agents to the Society have been appointed, viz.:— FOR MERTHYR, ABERDARE, AND TROEDYRHIEW. Mr. DAVID EVANS, Auctioneer, Merthyr and Aberdare. FOR PONTYPRIDD AND THE RHONDDA VALLEY. Mr. D. T. ALEXANDER, Auctioneer & Accountant, Pontypridd. FOR BRIDGEND, MAESTEG, AND OGMORE VALLEY. Mr. WiiiilAM GLADDISH, Grocer, Dunraveu-place, Bridgend. FOR WALNUT TREE BRIDGE, TAFFS WELL, MELIN- GRIFFITH, AND PENTYRCH. Mr. W. EVANS, Junction Shop, Walnut Tree Bridge. SUMS FROM £50 TO 41000 READY TO BE ADVANCED AT ANY TIME. Apply to any 9f the above Agents, or to the undersigned, PETER PRICE, Secretary. Dated, Society's Office, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 967 ITRATE OF SODA, DIRECT FROM THE IMPORTERS, IN QUANTITES TO SUIT BUYERS' REQUIREMENTS. Apply to GIULIO STRINA, CONSULATE CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. 2562 LAWN MOWERS, GARDEN ROLLERS, GARDEN SEATS, TABLES, Galvanised Wire Netting, Croquet Netting, Indiarubber Hose and Brass Fittings, Watering Pots, and every other requisite for the Lawn or Garden in great variety. The Largest Stock in South Wales to select from of BATHS, TRAVELLING BOXES, AND JAPAN GOODS CROSS BROTHERS, SAINT MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 968 CLEARANCE SALE OF JOHN WILLIAMS' EXTENSIVE STOCK OF GENERAL AND FURNISHING IRONMONGERY, PREVIOUS TO REMOVAL to the Premises (in course of completion) SMITH STREET, from 27 and 28, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. IRON AND STEEL WAREHOUSES, 2 and 3, NORTH-ROAD, and WHARF-ROAD, BUTE-STREET. Special quotation s per post. 2572 TO ADVERTISERS. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES, TEA MEETINGS, CHORAL GATHERINGS, BAZAARS, EISTEDDFODAU, &c. ~\IRRITH a view to meet a want very generally TT felt, advertisements announcing forthcoming ANNIVER- SARY SERVICES, TEA MEETINGS, CHORAL GATHERINGS, EISTEDDFODAU, BAZAARS, &c., and not exceeding ONE INCH (TWELVE LINES) in depth will be published in this Journal at the following tariff:- ONE INSERTION HALF-A-CROWN. THREE INSERTIONS FIVE SHILLINGS. FREDERICK WARE, JD (Late WARR AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTURY, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENT DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 107 D- LI5WIS, CABINET MAKER • AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture. jj g An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 B ULBS! BULBS!! BULBS! WILLIAM TRESEDER has just received, direct from the best growers in Holland, a CHOICE, WELL-HARVESTED SELEC- TION of the above, which are extremely tine and cheap, consisting of Hyacinths named Ditto, for Bedding; Tulips, named Ditto, mixed Crocuses, named; ditto, mixed; Double Narcissus, Polyanthus, Narcissus, Ranunculus, named Anemonies, Double and Single Liliums, to name, &c., &c., &c. A choice Assortment of specimen Coniferae, Fruit Trees, Roses, Shrubs, and Forest Trees. Catalogues on application, post paid. THE UNION-ROAD NURSERIES, CARDIFF. 2597 WHEELER & WILSON'S SEWINP. MACHINE M'F'G COMPANY, Supplied by CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. THE WILLCOX AND GIBBS SILENT SEWING MACHINE, Supplied through their Agents, CROSS- BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE WEIRS, SHAKESPERE, AND AGENORIA HAND SEWING MACHINES. Either of the above may be had on the Easy Payment System CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY STREET. CARDIFF. OOO HONOURABLE MENTION 1862 FOR EXCELLENCE OF QUALITY. w RIGHT'S UNFERMENTED WINE, Unintoxicating and warranted free from alcohol. Prepared fron. the finest grapes and preserved in vacus. Sold in bottles, half-pints Is. 3d., pints 2s. 2d., by R. PRUST, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 8. METEOR STREET, SPLOTTLANDS, CARDIFF (Near the Blind Asylum). Horniman's Pure Teas; Tompson, Berry and Co's Pure Malt Vinegar; Epp's Cocoa; Corn Flour, Scotch Oatmeal, &c. Tooth Nail,° and Hair Brushes, Combs, and all articles usually kept by Chemists. ^usutcs^$idtcsses. D. JOTHAM & SON, 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Have now received the whole of their extensive WINTER STOCK OF CLOTHING. The following are a' few of their specialities :— OVERCOATS, YACHTING JACKETS, PILOT COATS, TROUSERS, TROUSERS AND VESTS (TO MATCH), SEALSKIN VESTS, HATS AND CAPS, HOSIERY, &c., &c., AKD EVERY DESCRIPTION OF CLOTHING. 1920 JY ~R I C H A R D HATTER, HOSIER, GLOVER, &o., 13, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1816. All who can appreciate STYLE AND QUALITY, And are desirous of GETTING BEST VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY, Are invited to make their PURCHASES AT THE ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT. 190 "WORLD WIDE FAME." PALMER'S COCOA CONDIMENTAL FOOD M. FOR HORSES AND CATTLE. ONCE CSRD ALWAYS USED. The cost is less than one halfpenny per feed, it will put Horses and Cows into condition when all other means have failed; for rearing calves canuot be equalled, and it will save 20 per cent. in the cost of feeding. Sole Manufacturers'and Proprietors, PALMER AND COMPANY, LONDON, E. Orders (wholesale, or retail), also applications for Agencies to be sent to MR. THOMAS WEBBER, 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. TESTIMONIALS ON APPLICATION. 800 Feeds sent, carriage free, for 32s., to any part of South Wales. A sample bag of 14lbs. for 5s. prepaid. 2428 ^guMuattons. BEST ADVERTISING PAPER IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. NOTTINGHAM DAILY GUARDIAN. N A FIRST-CLASS DAILY NEWSPAPER. Price ONE PENNY. Has the largest circulation of any Daily Paper in Nottinghamshire, and adjoining counties. Saturday's issue over 20,000. A most valuable medium for advertisers. Rates of charges and copies of the paper sent free on application to the proprietors. THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE GUARDIAN. Published every FRIDAY. Price (with supplement) TWOPENCE Has a large and high-class circulation, and is acknowledged the great advertising medium for Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lei- cestershire, Lincolnshire, and neighbouring counties. OFFICES: SHERWOOD STREET, NOTTINGHAM. 2337 LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY NEWSPAPER IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. ESTABLISHED 1764. THE NEWCASTLE WEEKLY CHRONICLE, Published every Saturday, Price Twopence. THE NEWCASTLE DAILY CHRONICLE, Published every Morning, Price One Penny. Chief Offices. -West,ate Street (Opposite Central Station), N e wcastle-upon-Tyne. London Office.-10, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, E.C. 2097 THE BIRMINGHUl MORNING NEWS. EDITED BY MR. G. DAWSON, M.A. The Family and Commercial Paper for the Midlands. FORTY-EIGHT COLUMNS DAILY.-ONE, PENNY. CENTRAL OFFICE: 88, New-street, Birmingham. LOXDOX OFFICE 16, Moorgate-street. I SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO SOUTH WALES TOPICS. 2160 L IVERPOOL DAILY ALBION. IN SWANSEA, The ALBION arrives daily at 4 o'clock on sale and delivered by Mr. CORRIN, Bookseller. LATEST TELEGRAPH INTELLIGENCE SPECIAL REPORTS ef the Liverpool and Manchester Marl uts South Wales Metal and Hardware Markets; Glasgow Pie Iron and Clyde Sugar Markets. The Shipping Intelligence of THE "ALBION" will be found of the greatest commercial value, its shipping advertisements being most extensive in number. Every LIVERPOOL Every Saturday. WEEKLY A J, E I I) N. Saturday. PRICii T WOP EN Special Prize Essays on The Liquor Trac s ee Weekly Albion for particular s.-P.O.O. payable to Ai. RED GRAFIOX. 2207 THE GLASGOW HERALD, Greatest Advertising Medium in Scotland. COMMERCIAL AND MARKET SEWS Regarding Sugar, Iron, Cotton, Wool, &c., &c., Early, full and reliable reports. SHIPPING INTFLLIGENCIT. Specially reported from Lloyd's and other leading sources. The Glasgow WEEKLY HERALD, is a large double sheet of 56 long columns. And contains the General and District News of the Wl-ck A first-class serial Story, Literature, Politics, Poetry, Wit and Humour, Shipping and Market Reports. One Penny tech. The Weekly Herald posted for 6s. 6d. per aniluni. 2315 THE CARDIFF TIMES, A FIRST-CLASS WEEKLY FAMILY NEWSPAPER. PUBLISHED ON FRIDAY, With Second Edition on SATURDAY Afternoon, PRICE TWO PENCE. THE CARDIFF TIMES has been established upwards of fourteen years, arid has long enjoyed the reputation of being the Largest, Best, and Cheapest Weekly Newspaper in South Wales. It has always beer conducted 1D a spirit of thorough Independence, is the recognised weekly organ of the Liberal and Nonconformist Party, and enjoys a circula- tion greater than the other three county papers combmea. Since the establishment of the SOUTH and the opening up of agencies for its gale throughout ^or ganshire, Monmouthshire, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, and portions of Bree" ^lre the Publisher has received numerous 1 T1i ?« nr fJATmTFF' TIMES To meet this deiDana, ana t* cover such an e^Senefvc area! the Proprietor has made arrangements by which the CARDIFF TIMES way now be prour!Jà froUl all be recognised n&ents of the bouTH As a medium for Advertisements the CARDIFF TIME? is second to none in the country. AU orders should be sent to D. Duncan, 11. St. Mary-HtwtJ?arditT. rilHE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS CARDIFF DELIVERY. Persons who experience any difficulty in obtaining the SOUTH WALES DAILT NEWS, regularly and promptly, are informed that the following Agents undertake the delivery of the paper to sub scribers in their respective districts every morning before break- fast:— TOWN.—Mr. PHILEMON THOMAS, Bookseller, 90, St. MaiT-strectl BUTE DOCKS.—Mr. HAYNES, Bookseller, Rothesay-terracc. ROATH.—Mr. SHAPOOTT, Newsagent, Post Office. CANTON a b LLANDAFF I „ T £ LY >Mr. J. DYRR, Newsagent, SO, Severn-ii:^a WHITCHURCH ) CANTON.—Mrs. H. CURRY, Newsagent, 135, Co-brid-,e-ro-id. PENAR.TH.—Mr. CLARK, Newsagent, &c., Glebe-street. POST SUBSCRIBERS. The SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS is forwarded to Subscribers at a distance by the Early Mails at a charge of 9s. 9d. per quartei, which must be prepaid. The Residents of the following and al other places within the Cardiff Pct.t i' district receive their papers by the morning delivery St. Fagans ° Sully Micl^telstone-ie-Yedv Per. coed Courtyralla Castletown St. Brides-super-Ely Diiias Powis Marshfield St. Nicholas Cadoxton Penarth Bonvilstone Barry Landough Peterstone Caerphilly Lisvane LlandafI Bedwas Lanislien j^;ulvr Ystra-d Mynach Whitchurch Mor^janstown Pwllypans Tiff's Well Mellingriffith St. Mellons Tongwynlaig Pentvrch Cefn Mably Walnut Tree Bridge St. Andrews LONDON and West of England subscribers receive their papers on the afternoon of publication. All communications to be addressed to the Proprietors MESSRS. D. DUNCAN & SONS, 11, ST. MARY-STREHT, CARDIFF business ddtc$c_. AUTUMN. 1S72. HOWL, LL & WILL OFFER, Ox THURSDAY NEXT, OCTOBiMt TEl: 1; • SPECIALITIES IN JACKETS, COSTUMES, SKIRTS, MILLINER!, dc WORTHY OF YOUR INSPECT ION. AN EARLY CALL W ILL O B h I G E. HOWELL A Co., "THE CARDIFF DRAPERS," 13 & 14, ST. MARY-STREET. CARDIFF, YOWEL" A Washing Machine with :1 F; V extra strong Wringer included, at 1 deUvfr free-allywiiere-Free Trial allowed—thedeiight of every chaser, and repays the outlay directly. Thomas Brad!ordu, Co, 6.), 1 leot-street, London, and Manchteser. Catalogues !■' by pest. EVERY MAN HIS OWN FIREMAN. MERRYWEATHER and SON S. LONDON BRIGADE FIRE PUMP, £ 3 :8, 200 in use by the London Fire brigade. It is estimated that three-fourths of the LordoiiFiros art tinguislied by this Fire Pump, used in mOe: Theatres, Pvv Buildings and Mansions. Apply j'or prospe *tus to MERR'v J WEATHER and SONS, 63, LONG ACRE, LuXDOXi ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT. OXK PISXNY per square foot. CROGGON AND CO., MANUFACTURERS c Albion Wharf. 10, Upper Thames-str.- t, LOIIUOTI. 59, George Square, Glasgo. 2, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. IRON CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, and ROOI t Erected by CROGGON AND OO, Albion Wharf, 10, Upper Thames-street, London 59, George-square, Glasgow. 2, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. -i HE PETRIFYING SILICATE PAINTS: Manufactured by the Silicate Paint Company, Liverpx t have no chemical action oil Iron or other MeUtls, will stand tc-y degree of heat without blistering. 1 cwt. will do tiie work oi cwts, lead paints. See Article in Engineering, lifcth Jan., 18i DAMP WALLS,DAMP~CHURCHES, cured by the Petrifying Liquid, at a -.vst of 2d. to 3d. j.-„ r quare yard.—See Article in Builder, 9th Maivh, 1ST 2. For particulars and testimonials, applv to THE SILICATE PAINT COMPANY, LIVERPOOL. THE LATE STORM, — LIGHTNING' CONDUCTORS as supplied to the British Government* tfc<- chief Powder Magazines, Villa Residences, Churches, ic. Ohu.r'r Clocks, £50; Stable Clocks, F-nquiries invited. J. Baiiey, Albion Works, Salford, jL&ucashire. TOOTHACHE CURED IMMEDIATELY.- TOYE'S NEUROCIDYXE Id., Is. and 2s. 9d. P< bottle, by Post, 9, 15, or 3(5 stamps. Prrpared only by K Toye, Chemist, opposite Bow Railway Statu London. S, u all chemists. O-OPERATIVE CO-OPERATIYE COLONIZE TION. —FREW PASSAGES to New Zealand, with selec,;o:i ..f land granted :(1, groups of Emigrants, including Farmors, D', -mien, Hop-grov. "r3, Brev. ers, Sawyers, ^rtizaris, Labourers, K ■ working on thi co-operative principle. Suggestions for th" fonnation of I:[_; groups forwarded on application as above. CAPITALISTS, FARMERS, and others muy C make arrangements for the selection at:o of 1. in New Zealand, on application to the Em. srvitt' and Colonist Aid Corporation (Limited), 3, Qu- en's Square, Westminster, CHIGNON (Truefitt's) is formed of all Jung hair? without tufts, in 3 sizes, 26, 30, or St> ii-.ehes long, eapi.j dressed, and very light in weight. Also Plaits on Comb? -A inches long. Ordinary Colours in stock, winch can only be ? at WALTER TRUEFITT'S, 1, New Bond-street, W. PONY CARRIAGES and Yicturia Brouglitit?! j" Every description of Pony Carnages, 2 and 4 wheels, W- gonettes, Village Carts, Landau's, Broughaiu^; new desipr.E f-, c, The Registered Victaria and Park Broughanis ionn Uroughu Victoria and Driving Phaeton—drawings..1. HllJDLECUg 57, Great Queen-street, W.C., and life, Eustc n-roivd, London MILNER'S STRONG H0LDFAH7 and FIRE RESISTING SAFES, The best and cheapest saftgllard against Fire and Thieve-. Price list and Testimonials free by post. 47a, Moorgate-street, London; 8, Lord.street, Liverpool: 28, Market-st., Manchester, and Phusnix Safe Works, LirerjwxL EMARKABLE, YEKY RE.MARKAHLE;r Indeed," are the effects of Lutuplough' Pyretic Salh-e ni Preventing and Curing Small-pox, Fevers a i l Skin Disease. Specially Refreshing and Invigorating to the Constitution. < Sold by Chemists and the Maku, 113, Holborn-hiil, LonL.,z., TEAS.—Best Value for Moinn -H- WEBSTER BROS., 39, Morgau-street, City. have a large stock of well-selected Black TEAS ir; 16 to 2 4, and supply Very Fine Strong Rich Congou at J. Very Choice Souchong 2,. 19. Orders for jt2 worth sent <*r.-un- paid te all parts of England £ 4 Wales, Scotland, and lrel: n • BROKEN GLASS of all Sorts l.-i It jl <rj be sent by Railway from any Station n, oid dry Ca*kp. dressed AIRE and CALDER GLASS BOTTLE CO. Castlefo.- f. Yorkshire, or to their order at any of t(,e London Tennj.fc? Stations. There is Employment for BOYS u» the Glass Works tc abeve. Letters to 83, Upper Thames-street, where Sampicf Broken Glass may be sent. ONUMENTAL SCULPTURE. —MARELA-i. GRANITE, and STONE TOMBS, TABLETS, & I Drawings free on application. Established ill vear 1S20. GAFFLN & CO., G3, Quadrant, Regent-street, London, W. a N I) c o.. REGISTERED GOLDEN P.TROb-r.Y1, Sold everywhere, in 2 or i oz. Pack1 v. a (is. per ID- Wholesale only at 170 and 172, Borough. London, EMIGRATION. FREE PASSAGES to NEW ZEALAND, v-; selection of land iu the Province of Wt'iingt■■■m. rARM K?:. "> and AGKlCULTL RAL LABOURERS havii.u finn .UO to J may apply to the Emigrant and Colonists' Aid Corpoit. 1 (Limited), 3, Queeii's-square, Westminster, S IV, T QRINO LINES. rpHOMSON'S QYERSKIias'. T HOMSON'S ^JORSET-. rpHOMSON'S CORSET BUSES. THE BEST MANUFACTURE" ARE The "Pagoda," "Duplex," or Empress" Cr.noiinos. The Genuine Seamless "Batswing" Overskir The Pique" Seamed Batswing" Overskirt- The Celebrated 1, Glve-fitting" Corsets. The Unbreakable" Corset Busks. The Name ■'THOMSON,"and Trade Ma. U A CROWN.' The only security for genuine ,da ASK FOR rpHE CROWN PERFUMEIi V Comp&nj": I. "'1 '1" CROWN HAIR RESTORER will positively restore grey hair to its naturul Colour CROWN HAIR RESTORER is perfectly effectual, pure & huniilea-s. H-klP, Is a fragrant Pomade. Prever t s d CROWN HAIR Preve,, 1, 1) li ness, and is most beneficial •> i ht- Hair. Price, 3s. (xi. and 7s. p.. r bottle. TfTE CROWN PERFUMERY .Oompary's NEW and Choice PERFUMES Wild Flowers of India. Meadow Queen. Mathiola. "\TEW and Choice PERFUMES Butterfly Orchis, Hawthorn Bloom Crown Bouquet. STANDARD PERFUMES S Jockey Club, Wliite Rose, Ess. Houqt STANDARD PERFUMES s Damask Rose, Wood Violets, Ylaii4 VI Sold Everywhere at 2s., 2s. 6d., and Ss. 6d. per bottle. 40, STRAND, LONDON JENNER & KNE'\YSTUBS-EUN(nI;A.' (patented).-An important improvc-utnt in Morning Post. JENNER & EUNOM; A WATCI has a perfectly safe mainspring.- Observer. JEXNER & KNEW STUB'S EUNOM f A WATCH has an improved Keyless Action, c-innot » overwound, is a perfect timekeeper. —Standard. JENNER & KNEWSTUB, Manufa^ti'.rers, Importers of the best Watches. Some of their wrki absolutely perfcx t.= Timo?. Descriptive Lists, post free. Lady's Keyless Gold Watch, lo Guineas. Lady's .Keyless Gold Watch, 12 Guineas. Gentlemen's English Leyer Gold Watch, 32 Ouincss. Gold Wiitdi Chains, Hull Marked, 13 ct., 5 C-uineaK per CASH DISCOUNT 10 PER CENT, v Tlie Trade, Merchants and Shippers tbe-K;^ adra!itagec>us terms'" JENNER and KNEWSTI L, To the QUEEN Jewellers, Pressing Case and' TrJ,vellin\ Bao- MRV 33, ST. JAMES'S STREET, and ô6, JERM'YN STltSEl^ W • ODDS and ENDS in Bundles (Ii 50 Yar<ir,- of rarious and useful Dress Fabrics well worth the I tention or Families, Institutions, &c. K.VKtiR t Cm^r'.C Sth Periodical Reducfion and usual, we!! k:cj (r; n.'cthoc -r disposing of their Surplus stoclt. Prices, 26s.,■M.s.. 4's., o'f Ss, each Lot reD for 0 X Regent Street, Lone jii. Vf 1st