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FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1872. '---'----,-







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Another witness has turned up at Swansea who js prepared to swear that tho "Claimant" is none other than Sir Roger Ticliborno. This llmn, Mr. H.iehald,Hill. ate Colour-Sergeant 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade, and now a arill instructor at .Swansea, was, the WfstiTn Jfcol says, Introduced by Mr. Whnlley, M.P., to tho" Claimant" louring the visit of the latter to that town. A mail, named Green, of Bolton, has been ferociously attacked by liis donkey and severely wounded. The animalhad strayed from a field into a lane adjoining the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, and Green went secure it. when tlw donkey commenced to hit3 11im on the arms and thighs. The driver of the mail train from Pres- ton, seeing the perilous position of the man, stopped his train, and proceeded to the :1,ssistl\.nco of Green. After. much diffieulty the animal was beaten off, and it was theIl found that -the flesh had boen completely torn off tho man's left arm and right hand. TEE BOSTON JUBILEE.—The fourth day of tha Boston Jubilee was termed the" "French Day," awl wit- nessed the the triumph of tho Garde RepubJicnipe Band. The concert was a complete success, and it was observed the audience were larger than Oil any previous occa- sion. Critically considered, the concert was the most perfect of the series yet met with, and nothing approaching a failure was made in any part of the performance. Tho Marseillaise" was, rendered with greater precis'on than. any national air yet perfoi med. In connection with this matter the York Tout, observes:—It is whispered around th Coliseum that Mr. Gilmore will not retire 011 his h1.Ure] after this Jubilee, but in a few years will undertake another at Chicago. Leading merchants of that city havt), made, it is said, splendid offers to him, and will support, such an enterpriw with unprecedented liberality. The Chicago Jubilee will bo a sort of hymn of triumph over the revival of tho city after the great fire. DIL JENNEU AND VACCINATION.—Mr. Stephen .Tenner, of Heatlifield, nar Berkeley. Gloucestershire, writes to a Bristol contemporary as f'Jllows A short time hefore Dr. Jenner died ho commenced :1. work on the transformation of the tadpole to the toad. I assisted him in making sketches of it, shewing the gradual absorption of the tail of the tadpole by the intestines until it became a perfect toad. There is no person now living so well acquainted with Dr. Jeliner's social and domestic habits of life as I am. I was with him tho chief part of my time; his house I considered almost as my home; and I was the only person present at bis break- fast table when he fell in a fit of apoplexy of which he died. I bled him immediately, and my father, just upon it, by chance came in and opened the temporal artery. "What events and what anecdotes I hold now in mind which must soon pass into the shadea of oblivion! My father was the only apprentice Dr. Jenner ever had; he was likewise a pupil of the celebrated Mr. Hunter. Many experiments were made upon me when a child to prove the efficacy of vaccination: exposed in various ways to the influence of smallpox, put in bed with people that died with it, but never could be made to take the infection. I have been the father of fifteen childreh, nine of which are now living and well. The two eldest, as well as myself and wife, were Y:Lecil:!1:tc(1 1,y my uncle. Dr. Jenner, and all have been exposed to the smallpo* without ever taking it." The Londcndcvry Sentinel says:—"It is not improbable that a vacancy in the Parliamentary reprasen- iation of Derry will occur in a short time. In this case wo may say we have authority for statin'g that a gentleman of acknowledged ability, of principle, position, ami, meaRt intends to solicit the representation of our ancient city. The gentleman we refer to will utter no uncertain sound ou the advantages of united education."

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