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FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1872. '---'----,-








SWANSEA BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The weekly, meeting of the Swansea Board of Guar- dians was held yesterday at the Workhouse, Mount Pleasant. Mr. J. D. Llewelyn occupied the chair, and the following gentlemen were present: Messrs. E. Bath and E, Daniel' (vice-chairmen), J. M. Eliery, T. Phillips, G. B. Brock, T. Powell, J. Rogers, P. Rogers, T, Harry, T. Jenkins, Z. Evans, J. Joues, T. Davies, J. Powell, J. Jones, and the Rev. G. P. Evans. Mr. EDW.U;I> BATH brought up a report from the Finance Committee, which recommended that a num- ber of bills be paid.. Mr. I-Ümw congratulated the Beard upon beiug in a better position financially than it had been since ho had been a guardian. Mr. ELI.EHY said he was glad that the committee had taken up the question of prompt payment. He was convinced that it would result in their having a larger number of tenders than have been sent in hitherto. It was only the previous day that he was speaking to a tradesman, and expressed his surprise that the Guardians did not receive a larger number of tenders when they advertised. The trades- man told him that on one occasion he supplied articles to the workhouse, and that considerable delay occurred before he received his money. The report of the Finance Committee was adopted. Mr. ELLERY said he "wished to can attention to some inequalities of the assessment in the Gower Union. He was aware that they had nothing to do with the poor rates in Gover, but they were affected by the county rates. He had made inquiries as to the rating of some of the residences of gentlemen in Gower, and he found that many of them did not pay so much rates for their mansions as many of the tradesmen who lived in Swansea paid for their places of business. Fairy-hill, house and grounds, covering four acres, was rented at £60; StoutbatJ, with five acres, at £100; Kilv- rough, with live acres, at £100; Penrice, Castle, park and pleasure grounds, 40 acres, at £170; Woodland Castle, house, garden, and grounds, 19 acres, at The ■gentry in the neighbourhood of Swansea had to pay at a higher rate. Mr. Dillvryn's (M.P.) resi- dence was rated at £210, Mrs. Vivian's at £450, and the farm at £373, Sketty Hall at £190, Sketty Park at £244, and others in proportion. He would repeat that this Board was not affected by the poor rates paid in respect of the mansions in Gower, but they were affected by the loss which resulted to the county rate. He would thereforei move the following resolution,—" That the attention of the Guardians of this Union having, from time to time, been directed to the subject of an alleged inequality in the assessment of the Gower Union to the county rates, particularly to the assessment of certain mansions in the union and bouse property generally, it be now resolved that a copy of this minute be forwarded to the county rating committee, and they be respectfully asked to fully consider the matter with a view to obtain- ing a fair valuation of the propertiesiu question." He had spoken .to some gentlemen on the subject, and it had been said that the value of the mansions was the sum which they would actually fetch if they were to be let. He did not take this view of the matter. 11.0 supposed that when the mansions were built the owners did not intend to let them. However, if the residences were let he was certain they would realise a larger sum, than that at which they were now assessed. Mr. JAMES ROGERS said he was glad that Mr. Enery had brought forward the subject. It was high time that some arrangement should be made by which the contributions of tiie Swansea Union to the county funds should be lessoned, and the contributions of the Gower Union be increased. Mr. ELLEUY said he had omitted to mention that some of the tradesmen in Temple-street were rated to nearly ,£1[;0. The motion, which was seconded by Mr. James Rogers, was carried unanimously. The Guardians acceded to an application of the schoolmistress, ahd granted her twelve days' leave of absence. This was the j, <• £ the puv!i«

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