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)3ttsints5 Addresses. D. JOTHAM AND SON'S COAT DEPARTMENT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWEST STYLES FOR THE PRESENT SEASON. 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 1424 R. B E PASTRY COOK AND CONFECTIONER, 65, CROCivHERBTOWN, AND t, TRINITY-STREET, CARDIFF. All Orders in the above line promptly executed. RICH BRIDE CAKES, HIGHLY ORNAMENTED, On the shortest notice 1455 Q P. IVEY, AND DAVIES, DISTRICT MANAGERS, COMMERCIAL UNION LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. DISTRICT MANAGERS, NORWICH & LONDON ACCIDENTAL CO. AGENTS, PLANET GUARANTEE SOCIETY. AGENTS, COMMERCIAL UNION FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, SWANSEA. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • ACCOUNTANTS. GP. IYEY AND DAVIES, • AUCTIONEERS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • AUDITOHS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES. • APPRAISKKS. P P. IVEY AND DAVIES, "J • BROKERS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES. • BOOKS BALANCED. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • BUSINESS NEGOTIATORS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • CONTRACTORS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • DEBT COLLECTORS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • ESTATE AGENTS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • HOUSE AGENTS. TR H.. D A V I E S, (Messrs. G. P. Ivey & Davies), AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, &c., j j ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, j SWANSEA. j NSURANCE. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, R • INSURANCE AGENTS. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, T • INSURANCE AGENTS POB ——— LIFE. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, VJ «. INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ———— FIRE. f" P. IVEY AND DAVIES, ■ T < INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ———— ACCIDENTS. P P. IVEY AND DAVIES, JJ* • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ———— PLATE GLASS. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, \J • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR -——— CATTLE. p P. IVEY AND DAVIES, •_T • INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ———— FARM STOCK. G P. IVEY AND DAVIES, INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ilfARINE. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, VX • INSURANCE AGENTS GCA- RAN TEE FC FIDELITY GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE IN CONNEC- ———— TION WITH LOANS. < P. IVEY AND DAVIES, reo. PARTNERSHIPS AR- ———— RANGED. G, P. IVEY AND DAVIES, F STOCKS VALUED. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHARES—BUILDING SO- ———— CIETIES. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHARES—RAILWAYS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHARES—GAS COMPANIES G P. IVEY AND DAVIES, SHARES—MINES. G. P. IVEY & DAVIES'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. TO BE LET, with, immediate possession, a good JL BUSINESS HOTEij, in the neighbourhood of the North as.d South Docks, Swansea.. A long term of lease, together with Goodwill, Fixtures, Fittings, and Household Furniture to be disposed of very cheap. Apply to G. P. Ivey and Davies, Adelaide Chambers, Swansea. TITINE AND SPIRIT BUSINESS.—TO BE VV DISPOSED OF, a very respectable Wine and Spirit BUSINESS, in one of the most populous towns of South Wales. Incoming about 41,000. Address, G. P. Ivey ana Davies, Swansea. BUILDING SOCIETY SHARES.-For SALE, SIX SHARES in a prosperous Building Society. Particulars oi Messrs. G. P. Ivey and Davies, Swansea. TO be LET, for six months, furnished or unfur- nished, a HOUSE in Walters-road, Swansea. Appiv to G P. Ivey and Davies, Swansea. FREEHOLD.—WANTED TO PURCHASE within 10 miles of Swansea, from 4 to 6 Acres of FEEE- J for Building Purposes. Address, G. P. Ivev and Davies. Swansea. I G. P. TVFY A RP DAVIES, GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS, ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, SWANSEA. 404 PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, JL LARGEST STOCK IN WALES. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, (PATESTEKS OF THE ROTAL ORCHESTRAL PIANOFORTE). PIANOFORTE SHOWROOMS— 4, -QUEEN-STREET, CROCKHERBTOWN. CARDIFF, AND 13 & 13A, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. PIAN O FORTE S pilXOFOBISS By .1] the Best Makere. p IANOFORTES At Prices to suit all Parties. PIANOFORTES At (Old) taken in Fxchan,e. PIANOFORTES (0"» Supplied on- the Three Years' System HARMONIUMS y By all tko Best Makers. tr A R M o N T U M S For Churches and Chapels TTARMONIUMS ■- Fr the Drawing-room, the School-room, or the Cottage. O ARMONIUMS • „ Warranted from Five Guineas. SIX ARMONIUMS Supplied for Monthly Payments. Music half-price poat free to any address. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL xe.T(- the first to introduce the now celebrated THREE YEARS' EM into Wales, full particulars of which will be forwarded inquiry. From their thorough knowledge of the Pianoforte jviispess, they "are enabled to select instruments with special ad- t:IU«re to jwrchasers, ALL OF INFERIOR, MAKK EKING ENTlltRLY tX'.L!1>r.D FOM WIKIR STOCK. 6 Dk>com;T allowed on all CASH TRANSACTIONS. CAPTAINS AND SHIPPERS SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS. Price List post free ou application. T U U, JJ P 9 otJ AND S a C l ? L L ».*» /if i « w I Business Addresses. D. JOTHAM AND SON'S TROUSERS AND VESTS (TO MATCH). THE ASSORTMENT IN THIS DEPARTMENT IS UNRIVALLED IN THE PRINCIPALITY. THE TROUSERS CANNOT I*E SURPASSED FOR FINISH AND EXCELLENCY OF CUT, At Prices which will meet with general approbation. 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. I SUMMER SEASON, IS72. w. HUGHES THOMAS Has great pleasure in announcing' that in his VISIT to LONDON this week he has obtained some RARE NOVELTIES for the SUMMER SEASON. THE SHOW DAY is fixed for SATURDAY, the 1st JUNE. The Principal Attractions of the Season are in COSTUMES and POLONAISE, the Variety and Elegance of which are most pleas- ing. Those composed of MUSLIN and TASSORE CLOTHS are Great Novelties. The New MILLINERY will fully sustain the high reputation which this department has so long enjoyed. The CASHMERE and LACE MANTLES are Varied in Style and Moderate in Price. There are also some specialities' in BALL DRESSES. The Long CURTAINS are Worthy of Notice, and the SILK and PLAIN DRAPERY GOODS are still offered at old prices An Early Call is earnestly solicited. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, 1177 MAY 30TH, 1872. CARDIFF, 24 & 25, DUKE STREET. SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF!! DISPOSING OF BUSINESS AND LEAVING CARDIFF. ELLS AND NEAL Are OFFERING the whole of their STOCK at such prices as must effect a Speedy Clearance. FOR CASH ONLY. 981 D UKE STREET, CARDIFF, MADAM, A> 24,t' 187!' Having arranged for Disposing of our Business, we shall offer immediately for Cash the whole of our STOCK, at such prices that must be advantageous to purchasers. We are, Madam, Yours respectfully, ELLS & NEAL. The Dress Department is especially worthy of attention, comprising Glacci Alpacas, Mohairs, Tasso Cloths, Fancy Japanese Silks, Piquds, Prints, &c., of the latest style. 932 TO READY MONEY BUYERS. W. PRICE & SONS, F-or Fashionable Ready-Made Clothiug. W. PRICE & SONS, For New Summer Overcoats. W. PRICE & SONS, For Double-Breast Frock Coats. W. PRICE & SONS, For Double-Breast Beau o.-t Coats. W. PRICE & SONS, W. PRICE & SONS,1'" T*~ Te"' For BO:}'II' Sailer SÜit& 'V. PRICE &, SONS, For Yachting Suits. ADDRESS CARDIFF HOUSE, CARDIFF. 136 D LEWIS, CABINET MAKER • AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attentioiie, parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS, CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture. N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 D. RICHARDS, HATTER, HOSIER, GLOVER, &c., 13, IIIGH,STPEET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1816. All who can appreciate STYLE AND QUALITY, And are desirous of GETTING BEST VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY, Are invited to make their PURCHASES AT THE ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT. 190 ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS. JT. BARRY, 9, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF JEWELLER, WATCH & CLOCK MAKER, &c., Begs to call the attention of Heads of Families and Parties about to Furnish to his STOCK of ELECTRO-PLATED ON NICKEL SILVER FORKS, SPOONS, &c., &c., which in appearance cannot be distinguished from solid silver. They are warranted to be of the best material and finish, and will stand the wear of many years without injury. PRICES AS LOW AS ANY 'LONDON HOUSE. Patterns and Price List on application. 209 pERRYMAN'S CARRIAGE, RAILWAY, STREET, AND SHIPS' SIGNAL LAMPS, AXD BENT GLASS MANUFACTORY, 10 and 11, OLD KING-STREET, BRISTOL. 1434 JOHN EVANS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, BURTON ALES AND IRISH STOUT, 209, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. FAMILIES SUPPLIED. 719 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW. Visitors to the above would do well to select their BOOTS AND SHOES From the IMMENSE STOCK of WILLIAM C. PEACE'S, ROYAL ARCADE BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE. The Largest, best, and most fashionable Stock of Ladies', Gentle- men's, Children's, and Infants' BOOTS and SHOES of g-ood quality combined with low prices. W. C. PEACE, i ROYAL ARCADE, HAYES END, CARDIFF. 1456 LEWIS BROTHERS JLJ beg to invite attention to I their extensive SHOW-ROOMS,, which contain a large and su- perior Stock of CABINET and UPHOLSTERED WORK, representing the most modern designs. BEDROOM FURNITURE en suite, in fancy woods, includ- ing Hirch, Sycamore, Ash, Oalt, and Walnut. BEDSTEADS, in the several Woods, also in Brass and Iron, at all prices. ■ BEDDING of every description, and at varied cost. Our Spring Mattress :s a most- din-able ajjiele, aHù is ranch approved. CURTAINS of U1!' newest luater1 n;3 ¡ n Si'.lc and Wool a180:t largo :l:3' '1t- ltienfc of Cretonnes, Chintzes, and Dimities of the choicest patterns. C UUVTS A.D rL^OItCLO isy the jcadirg niifcvrs only. i, business ddttssts. D. JOTHAM AND SON'S VESTS ARE CUT OX A MOST IMPROVED SYSTEM, AND ARE MADE IN ALL THE NEW MATERIALS FOR SUMMER WEAR. 27,. ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. FREDERICK WARE, (Late WARE AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTUKY, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENT DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF- 107 YORKSHIRE RELISH. YORKSHIRE RELISH. The most DELICIOUS SAUCS in the WORLD to CHOPS STEAKS, FISH, &c. Sold hv all Grocers and Oilmer in Bottles (kl., Is., and 2s. each. Trade mark Willow- pattern plate. PROPRIETORS-GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & CO., LEEDS. 6] WHEELER & WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE M'F'G COMPANY, Supplied by CROSS BROTHERS, I ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. THE WILLCOX AND GIBBS SILENT SEWING MACHINE, Supplied through their Agents, CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE WENS, SHAKESPERE, AND AGENORIA HAND SEWING MACHINES. Either of the above may be had on the Easy Payment System. CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 8S6 CLEARANCE SALE OF A LARGE STOCK OF IRON BEDSTEADS, PREVIOUS TO REMOVAL TO NEW PREMISES IN SMITH-STREET. JOHN WILLIAMS, SHOW ROOMS: 27 & 28, DUKLF-STREET, CARDIFF. 1487 MESSRS. BAKER AND CO. Of 64, REDCLIFF-STREET, 67, REDCLIFF-HILL, and REDCLIFF BACKS, Having placed the management of the Hot Water Apparatus in tne rumls of Mr. Charles Jones, who has had so many years' practical experience in the line in Bristol, Messrs. B. and Co. are prepared to give ESTIMATES for HOT WATER APPARATUS of impr-oved construction, warranted to act well, suitable for heating Hot-houses, Mansions, Baths, and Public Institutions. Estimate prices strictly adhered to. Messrs. Baker and Co. also carry on the Blacksmithing and Tin, Zinc, Copper, and Brass working Businesses. BAKER AND CO., IRONMONGERS, IRON MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS, C7, REDCLIFF-HILL, AND REDCLIFF BACKS, BRISTOL. ESTABLISHED 1823. 1438 PUNCTUALITY IS THE ORDER OF BUSINESS. IF YOU WANT A GOOD SUIT OF CLOTHES FOR ANY SPECIAL OCCASION, GO TO R. JONES, TAILOR AND DRAPER, 18, NORTH-STREET, BRISTOL, Where you will Get a GOOD FIT, WELL MADE, and he NEVER DISAPPOINTS. TROUSERS FROM 14s. THE PAIR. SUITS EQUALLY CHEAP. N.B. -AGENT FOR D. NICOLL AND CO.'S WATERPROOF COATS. ur. .I.;r:vU' THE BURTON BREWERY COMPANY (LIMITED). 'NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The Business of the SWANSEA AGENCY IS NOW REMOVED FROM MOUNT-STREET and BATH-LANE TO EXTENSIVE PREMISES IN WIND-STREET (No. 37), OPPOSITE THE WEST OF ENGLAND BANK. The Premises, which are ADMIRABLY ADAPTED FOR STORAGE PURPOSES, Extend from WIND-STREET TO YORK-STREET, And have been Specially Provided WITH EXTENSIVE AND WELL-ARRANGED CELLARAGE, In order to meet the Large and Increasing Demand for the Company's CELEBRATED ALES. PURVEYORS BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT TO THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. The Quality of the Ales may be tested at the Bodega Tent during the forthcoming Show at Cardiff. AGENT FOR SOUTH WALES, WILLIAM D A V I E S, SWANSEA. CARNARVON AND DENBIGH. HERALD, c (ESTABLISHED 1832.) Price 2d. Published.Friday Evening. HERALD CYMRAEG (WELSH HERALD), (ESTABLISHED 1854.) Price Id. Publisheff Thursday Noon. Circulation upwards of 20,000 weekly, through 500 Agencies in North and South Wales, London, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, and Birmingham. These National Family Journals contain a complete epitome of the news of the week. Maintaining seven special and qualified Reporters, and two hundred occasional Correspbndents, local news from the Mining, Agricultural, and Mercantile districts is fully reported throughout tne whole of the North Wales and Car- diganshire. For Advjertiseiilents of Estates or properties for Sale, these journals present an invaluable medium for publicity, as they are regularly subscribed, for by agents and other interested in such matters and through no other medium can the same amount of general and 'varied circulation be secured in the district. 1'1:EPAIL'. c P, i, r. Half-year. Year. Half-year. Year. •i. ti. s. (i. s. d. s. tPmsrvon ant! DenV&h Uew.1.2.. 5 <j -,i 0 0 (j IS 0 Herald <jM;rae~ ^Velsii; •»» 3 0 0.40 SO -J j 1 ;,> business Mdresscs* D. JOTHAM AND SON, WOOLLEN MERCHANTS, HATTERS, HOSIERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, TO ALL CLASSES. 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. CARDIFF WARDROBE, 257 & 258, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, WILL OFFER GREAT ATTRACTION TO > BUYERS DURING THE ROYAL SHOW. N'isitors are invited to an inspection of the following special lines. YE0 for ROYAL TROUSERS, 13s. 6d. YEO » TWEED SUITS TO ORDER, 48s. VEO NICOLL'S GARMENTS. WORLD RENOWNED. Yeo » JUVENILE CLOTHING. FROM THE BEST MAKERS. VEO „ PATENTED HATS, CAPS, TIES, AND TRAVELLING REQUISITES. YE0 » ALL KINDS of LIGHT CLOTHING SUITABLE FOR EVERY CLASS, AXD AT SUCH PRICES AS TO BH WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL. PHILLIP YEO, PRACTICAL TAILOR AND PROPRIETOR, ESTABLISHED 1859. 342 FOR SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS. HENRY THOMAS, GENERAL DRAPER, CARDIFF. 100 PLEASE NOTICE THAT A NDERSON, ABBOTT, AND ANDERSON Keep in Stock for the immediate requirements of their numerous Customers, the following Goods for Mechanical Purposes VULCANISED INDIA-RUBBER SHEET, from l-16th to lin. thick. INDIA-RUBBER WASHERS for Steam Joints, from Zin. to 12in. diameter, £ in. and gin. thick. LATENT SELF-LUBRICATING CHALK PACKING, all sizes. PATENT INDIA-RUBBER CORE PACKING, all sizes. INDIA-RUBBER AND CANVAS BELTING, from lin. to Tin. wide. LEATHER BELTING, Single and Double, from ljin. to Pin wide. GUTTA PERCHA BELTING. LEATHER HIDES. LEATHER LACES. INDIA-RUBBER SUCTION HOSE. INDFA-RUBBER DELIVERY HOSE, for Watering Gardens, &c., 60ft., fitted with brass rose and jet complete, for One Guinea. WATERPROOF COATS, LEGGINGS, HORSE-LOIN CLOTHS, GIG APRONS, WAGGON COVERS, &c., &c. ANDERSON, ABBOTT, AND ANDERSON, 1G AND 17, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. WORKS: LEIEHOUSE, LONDON. PRICE LISTS ON APPLICATION. 1418 w A T K I N S, ACCOUNT BOOK MAKER AND STEAM PRINTER, 4, RUTLAND-STREET, SWANSEA. (NEXT TO OYSTERirOUTH RAILWAY.) RULING MACHINES, PAGING MACHINES, &c, ON THE PREMISES. ROY A LAG R I U L T U R A L SHOW. J. G. PROGER, PLUMBER, GASFITTER, &c., 12 AND 13, TRINITY-STREET, CARDIFF, Begs to announce that he has just completed an Alteration of his Premises, and added a SHOW-ROOM FOR GAS-FITTINGS. His Xew Stock comprises a large and varied Assortment of GAS- FITTINGS, GASALIERS, HALL-LIGHTS, &c., of the most Recent Design. J. G. PROGER will occupy STAND 273 AT THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW, Where he will Exhibit a CHOICE SELECTION of GOODS from Stock, including GAS-FITTINGS, BAR-FITTINGS, BREWERS' FITTINGS, BATH AND CLOSET FITTINGS, AND GENERAL PLUMBING FITTINGS; Also A VARIETY OF SPECIAL EXHIBITS. 143G ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW, CARDIFF. J) A V I E S, K F, N V Y N, & Co., THE BOROUGH TEA WAREHOUSE, Beg respectfully 'to inform their numerous friends, customers, and the inhabitants in general, that they have just received a special consignment of the finest TEAS, imported for the above occasion, which ca'nnot be surpassed for strength,and purity; therefore request a critical examina- tion of their prices, as follows :— Broken leaf Congou (not dusty) Is. 4d. Superior Kaisow Congou, full souchong flavour 2s. Od. A combination of the choicest kinds imported, recommended to large consumers 2s. Sd. Extra fine Congou, possessing the aromatic flavour, so eminently refreshing in Teas 3s. Od. Our spejialand best mixture (extreme fine quality) 3s. 4d. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS,— 28, BUTE TERRACE, CARDIFF. Sugars at cost to buyers of Tea. 1457 HAULAGE. HAULAGE. HAULAGE, CARTING, &C., in all its branches, at the lowest possible remunerative prices. Contracts taken, and the work personally superintended by DANIEL JONES, I, NEW OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. 1421 SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS. R H E I T Z M A N, JEWELLER, WATCHMAKER &c., 32, ST. MARY-STKEET, CARDIFF. Now replete with a magnificent NEW STOCK of the most van description. tHE LATEST DESIGNS IN JEWELLERY, INGREAT GOLD GUARDS, ( VARIETY ALBERTS, I* AND NECKLACES- J VERY CHEAP. 1472 LAWN MOWERS, GARDEN ROLLERS, G VRDEN SEATS, TABLES, Galvanised Wire Netting, Croquet Netting, Indktrubber Hose Brass Fittings, Watering Pets, and every other requisite fvr the Lawn or Garden in great viriety. The Largest Stock in South Wales to select from of BATHS, TRAVELLING- BO-NES, AND JAPAN GOODS .CROSS BROTHERS, SAINT MAit Y tve j Jkstncss Addresses- D. JOTHAM AND SON'S JUVENILE CLOTHING. THE LARGE INCREASE IN THIS PARTICULAR DEPARTMENT IS A SI*FFICIF,'NT PROOF TIIAT THE GOODS ARE OF GOOD VALUE AND OF SOUND WORKMANSHIP. 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. RPHOMAS TRIST, FURNISHING & GENERAL IRONMONGER. DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. A QUANTITY OF STOCK AT OLD PRICES. TEA-TRAYS, FENDERS, FIRE-IRONS, BEDSTEADS, BATHS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, STOVES, GRATES, RANGES. THOMAS TRIST FOR LOCK-SMITHING, BELL-HANGING, EAVES-TROUGHING, ZINC, COPPER, BRASS, AND TIN-PLATE WORK. THOMAS TRIST FOR LIPSCOMB'S WATER FILTERS, FARMERS', GARDENERS', AND CARPENTERS' TOOLS, GARDEN-SEATS, LAWN-MOWERS, LAND-ROLLERS, OIL-PAINTS, COLOURS. 1440 1_ B OOTS! BOOTS!! BOOTS! Cheapest, Best, and in greatest variety at OSBORNE'S, OSBORNE HOUSE. DUKE-STREET. CARDIFF. 168 W FISHER'S EATING HOUSE, • No. 20, Caroline-street, Cardiff. COOKED MEAT TO BE TAKEN OUT. Ham Is. 6d. per lb Boiled Beet Is. 4d. Roast Pork Is. 4d. Pigs Cheek Is. Od. Hot Dinners at 9d. and Is. 1362 WHOLESALE AND FAMILY WINE, SPIRIT, ALE, AND PORTER MERCHANTS. F U L TON, DUNLOP, & CO., CARDIFF DUKE STREET, ST. JOHN STREET, AND WORKING STREET. SWANSEA—59 and 60, Wind-street and College-street; BRISTOL—33, 34, and 35, Broad Quay, 4 ajid 5, Nicholas-street, and Lower Castle-street; ROCHDALE—Exchange-street; BIRMIXGHAM- Mackie and Gladstone, Dale End BTRKENHEAD-Mackie and Gladstone, Hamilton-street and Chester-street BRADFORD-Iackje and Gladstone, Kirkgat-e LIVERPOOL—Mackie and Gladstone, South Castle-street MANCHESTER—Findlater and Mackie, Exchange LONDON—Findlater and Mackie, 33, Wellington-street, Strand, and London Bridge Also at BRIGHTON and DUBLIN TIAVE ALWAYS OK HASD A LARGE AND SELECT STOCK, (Duty Paid and in Bond), of PORTS, SHERRIES, MARSALA, CLARETS. BURGUNDY, HOCK, MOSELLE, CHAMPAGNE, BRANDY, SCOTCH WHISKEY, IRISH WHISKEY, RUM", GIN, HOLLANDS, CORDIALS, LIQUEURS, AND BRITISH WINES. ALSO BASS'S, ALLSOPP'S, AND OTHER ALES. GUINNESS AND CO.'S DUBLIN EXTRA DOUBLE STOUT, CHAMPAGNE CIDER, &c., &c., IN THE FINEST CONDITION, IN CASK AND BOTTLE. SODA, SELTZER, & OTHER MINERAL WATERS. LIST OF PRICES ON APPLICATION. FULTON, D U N L O P, AND CO., DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. H43 AIL W AY WAGGON WORKS, CARDIFF. RAILWAY WAGGONS FOR CASH. RAILWAY WAGGONS ON REDEMPTION LEASE. RAILWAY WAGGONS OF ALL SIZES: RAILWAY WAGGONS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. WILLIAM SNEEZUM, WAGGON BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR. NEW WORKS:— EAST MOORS, CARDIFF. BRANCH WORKS:— BETWEEN THE EAST AND WEST DOCKS, CARDIFF, CONTRACTS MADE FOR REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE. DEPOTS AT AEERDARE, LLANTRISSANT, AND RADSTOCK. 1412 ROY AL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. CARDIFF SHOW, 1872. THE SOUTH WALES INDIA-RUBBER CO., 2, PEARSON PLACE, BUTE D O* C K S, CARDIFF, Beg to intimate that they will EXHIBIT a selection of INDIA-RUBBER GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, LEATHER DRIVING STRAPS, INDIA-RUBBER AND OILSKIN CLOTHING, And a variety of other Articles, suitable for ENGINEERING AND AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES, At the forthcoming ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW, When any orders they may be favoured with shill receive prompt d c-Areful attention. PLEASE OBSERVE— No. OF STAND IN SHOW YARD No. 274, Near the Entrance, right-hand side. 1410 NOTICE OF REMOVAL. JOHN WILLIAMS, HAY CORN, AND MEAL MERCHANT, WHOLESALE AXD RETAIL, Coifs to announce that lie has KH .!• <VKD from 5, Canal Wharf £ <i^t, to the more c01-mo,1k: Stores known as the < CUSTOM HOUSE WAREHOUSES, (C-os- l d.c t;-010 Kn-.isv,) r k j I business Addresses. D. JOTHAM AND SON'S "BESPOKE DEPARTMENT. SPECIAL ATTENTION IS PAID TO THIS BRANCH OF THE TRADE, AND WELL MERITS THE SUCCESS IT HAS ACHIEVED. 27, SR. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. A GREAT PROBLEM SOLVED. THE POPULAR DEMAND MET. rpHE BEST AND MOST RELIABLE GEWING- MACHINE IN THE WORLD I ÖN NOW BE ACQUIRED IN EVERY HOME. iT HE" S I X G E r. ANY OXE;1 igUPERIOR JIVING SEWING MACHINES I ARE THE EASIEST TO rx AH LEARN, (JJ- ° 0 D THE SIMPLEST TO WORK. MOST APPROVED AND JJ^EFERENCES O{ A"? F°R €VERY VARIEV' ————————————— IPOPULAR BEC All S E they C. „ are the LOCKSTITCH, make AJN nave Embroidery, and sew the greatest variety of Fabrics. '|1HE "SINGER" NEW FAMILY) CASH PBICE X SEWING MACHINE V (hand or treadle.) J From £ 6 10s. (hand or treadle.) J From £ 6 10s. ON HIRE AT Is. 8d. to 3s. PER WEEK. G HEAT ADVANTAGES A BE OFFERED BY THIS NOVEL SYSTEM TIlE HIRER HAS THE OPTION OF A T any time, PURCHASING QR of /l'HE MACHINE J^FFECTING ™ AT .A ptJRCHA- I IHE Cash Pzice < jTHE CA-siTPrice GY QR"^F QONTINUING R of RETURNING it J^HE HIRE. CAUTION. THE SINGER M A NUFACT XT RING COMPANY'S SEWING MACHINES having acquired an unprecedented po; laritv, several Parties are attempting to Trade upon the Name of "SINGER," advertising Machines of other Makers as "THE SIXGER," SI. /or ON THE SIN- GER PRINCI- PLE," the Public are warned against these Coun- terfeits, and as an additional protection, the Company fix their Trade Mark Plate to even- Machine. Purchasers should see that the Plate 011 the Machine corresponds in all details with the fa. similie representation of it in the Company's Price Lis!. Illustrated Catalogues and detailed information gratis, 01: application at any of the Depots, or authorised Ageiits. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY'S CHIEF OFFICE IN EUROPE 11419 CHE APS IDE, LONDON. DISTRICT OFFICES IN LONDON g NE W IN G T O N C A U S E W A Y, S.E. 144 BROMPTON ROAD, S.W. BRANCH OFFICES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. WALES. SWANSEA, 103, OXFORD STREET. CARDIFF, 20. DUKE STREET. ENGLAND. BRISTOL, 19, HIGH STREET. LIVERPOOL, 21, BOLD STREET. MANCHESTER, 105, MARKET STREET. NEWCASTLE. GRAINGER STREET, W. LEEDS, BOAR LANE. NORWICH, 12, UNION STREET. PLYMOUTH, 2, UNION STREET. SOUTHAMPTON, 105, HIGH STREET. SCOTLAND. GLASGOW, G5, BUCHANAN STREET. EDINBURGH, 108. PRINCES STREET. .DCNDEE, 49, REFORM STREET. ABERDEEN, 46, GEORGE STREET. INVERNESS, 3, DRUMMOND STREET. PERTH, 04, JOHN STREET. IRELAND. DUBLIN, 69, GRAFTON STREET. BELFAST, 4, DONEGAL SQUARE. OFFICES OR AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN. JA 9') — THE CHEAPEST HOUSE fOR 'BOOTS AXD SHOES IS CARPENTER'S BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 43, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 3€1 N. POWELL & CO., F WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, 138J, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF. CLARET AND OTHER FRENCH WINES of choicest qualities. FINE OLD SCOTCH AND IRISH WHISKIES. LONDON GIN AND JAMAICA RUM. BASS'S A'-N-D ALLSOPP'S PALE ALES I AND GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT, in Wood or Bottle. TO PAINTERS, GLAZIERS, &c. PATENT DRYING OIL, 6s. Gd. per Gallon, j Stood the test of 10 years, warranted not to crack the I the new drving oil which is sold under a peculiar naire. WINDOW* GLASS, ENGLISH CROWN SHEET, AND PLATE GLASS, ¡ 25 per cent. less than manufacturers' lists if in good quantities. I SOLE IMPORTER OF FOREIGN GLASS IN WALES. GOLD LEAF, large size, deep, 50s. per 1000. WHITE LEAD, best, in casks of 3 cwt. or above, 29s. 6d. per cwt. OILS, COLORS, AND VARNISHES, AT I W. DA VIS'S, GLASS AND COLOR MERCHANT, I 22, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ESTIMATES GIVEN. 3^5 u MR. 'RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON DENTIST,' CAMBRIA-PLACE, Corner uf CHARLZ.- STREET. CARDIFF. teeth,,tbe bast can be obtained, from to 25 Guineas the complete set. Twenty- two years' expwieii' "ErtablishcQ 1852. Recommended by Ike principal Ffc.ysi$in«s w:i burgeons in Cardiff an.l mkhb-O'uruvcd.- N>> fta for consultation. AtteiwtMpe dsrtlv from Tea tul i i AttiilViM 1< h U ft* ill *i v/4 -t- | v -'» 5 — j& Cashless cJ44tt$stS. — — — «F JJOWELL & QO:S NEW CARPET Wi £ E HOUSE OPENED ON THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1872, WITH AS IMMENSE STOCK OF BRUSSELLS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER, « DUTCH, HEMP AND FELT CARPETS, FLOOR CLOTHS, PASSAGE AND STAIR CLOTHS, &c., In all the newest patterns, at prices that cannot fail to gnrts satisfaction. ALSO FIVE HUNDRED PAIRS 0F MUSLIN, LENO, AND NOTTINGHJH| LACE CURTAINS, AT FULLY jiyi 25 PER CENT. UNDER PRESENT MARKET VALUE, i HOWELL AND CO., THE CARDIFF DRAPERS, 13 & 14, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. SSS J* I L L I A M SANDER S, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, 8. ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW, CARDIFF. M. EDWARDS AND SONS, CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS, ST. MARY-STREET AXD PARK-ROAD, # CARDIFF, Will EXHIBIT an assortment of CARRIAGES at the forthcoming Show.- 14S ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW. ONE HUNDRED VISITORS TO CARDIFF CAS BK ACCOMMODATED WITH BOARD OR LODGING AT TIIB FOLLOWING FIVE "BRITISH WORKMAN" PUBLIC HOUSES: No. 1.—40, Mil'icent-street, corwr of Mary Ann-street. 2.—85, Bute-street, near the Pier-head. 3.—Opposite the l'*st-office, Penarth. 4.—13. 14, and 15. Whitmore-lane, opposite the Cust^ r Shipping-office „ 5.—1, Llandaff Road, opposite the Market House, C. A public-house without strong drink '1.1. Where you mov sit t „.id think, Tlier .j .uie return." Refreshments at moderate charges. Come, and welcome. scriptions for furnishing are much needed.—JOHN CORY, Treiwr. G. SMART, Hon. Sec. V Apartments to Let at 4 and 7, Brighton-terrace, or 19, XoL Stuart-square. lMt'* SWANSEA. RPHE HUDSON TEMPERANCE COMMER- X C1AL HOTEL, 10, ST. MARY-STREET, SWANSEA. 142) SWANSEA. DAVEN HOTEL, ST. MARY STRICT. JL t Families and Commercial Gentlemen visiting Swansea. tiiid the above Hotel one of the most central aiiti converter.t.i3|p House has been reoe>itly fitted up with great taste, havisg partic^Br regard to comfort. Bedrooms aud Sitting-rooms not to be 3M- passed. Wines and Spirits of the Best O-ialit; Best attenduafft guaranteed. 129S Proprietor C. FULLER (Late l' BRISTOL. ■> GUILDHALL COMMERCLIL AND FAMILY HOTEL, 3ti and 37, Broad-street., Bristol. Dining, Coffee, Sitting, and Stock Rooms. lJiuael"1> troni 12.30 w C. Night Porter kept. 1430 W. T. CROUCH, Proprietor. ITOWN COMME R CI AL HOT E L, c NEATH. (Near the Corn Market a!u: Town Hall), WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, Families Supplied at very Low Prices. OfiDINARY AT HALF-PAST ONE O'CLOCK EVERY WZZ)="A% PROPRIETOR EVAN MORGAN SAVOURS. 1491 CLIFTON DOWN FIRST-CLASS^ FAMILY HOTEL, FACING THE SUSPENSION-BRIDGE. SUITE OF APARTMENTS, from 3! Guineas per wesk. Er6k, fast, from 2s. Dinners, from 3s. (id. &,YTiœ, 2s. A Suite .ó( Apartments having been recently added to the Hotel, especiaUy 1!ii.. WEDDING BREAKFASTS, the Manager is I)rel)art-d to provide same on the most moderate terms. Terms by weekly erransc- r..ents only. Suite of Apartments, with board and a'tte?,d: ce, 5 Guineas each, fires only extra. Bedroom, board, and attendance.. in public rooms, 34 Guineas. All meals served to the visitor's* order. Private drawing-room for Ladies. Table D'Hote daily ssfc 6 Sundays at 5. All communications to be addressed, 1.;2b I). GITTENS, Manager. J E N K I N J O NESI SHIP ON LAUNCH INN, QUAY-STREET, C A B D I F F. WINES, SPIRITS, DRAUGHT AND BOTTLED ALE. GOOD BEDS.. Ac joining the Law Courts, Geneml Post-oiffce, aiid Banks. !ve. minutes' walk from the South Wales Railway Station. AN ORDINARY EVERY SATURDAY." GOOD STABLING. la&i ^lupitta Jlotitt5. -OJ., j' TRON SCREW STEAMERS. of JL various descriptions, for SALE or HIRE. Also, for SALE, a number of SAILING VES- SELS. For further particulars and price, appiy tp RICHARD SHORT, 800 Auctioneer, Valuer. ami Surveyor, CAdiff. "RURNHAM AND CARDIFF, Li* JL* FLORA, AVALON, or other suitable Stean)er, is intended to sail durhijthe mcntb FROM Burlaw. FROM CARDIFT Sailing to and from Old Pier. 1 Monday 12j after 1 Monday. 8f after 2 Tuesday 12 after | 2 Tuesday Si tdU>r 0 Wednesday l j after 3 Wednesflay after 4 Thursday 2i after 4 Thursday 4; after 5 Friday 3 after 5 Friday 5 after 6 Saturday 8 morn (j Saturday 4 after' Passengers by this route can book 3rd class to any station on the Somerset and Dorset or London and South Western Railways, y the first Tliro' Train after the arrival ot the Steamer at Burnhum, by applying at the Railway Station. FARES.—Burnhani, and Cardiff.—.After cabin, 2s. 6d. fore citiu, Is. od. Return tickets (available for three days)—ealoon, 4s. iore c-abin, 2s. (id. Further information may be obtained by applyi -g at the Burn- "nani Steamer's Otfice, Docks, Cardiff or to !»5 E. TAYLOR, Manager, Bnrnhaan STEAM BETWEEN CARDIFF, BELFAST, GREENOCK AND GLASGOW. ^s. RAILINGS WEEKLY.—The Screw Steam-ships PRINCESS ALEXANDRA, Cti.taiii'Lai'cey ANTONA, Captain Mills; O'LV THA, captain Muck nan AILSA, Captain Fry are in- tended to Sail with GO.18 aud Passengers from East Bnte Doell: Basic (unless prevented by circumstances;, as follows duriag the niontii of JULY:— CARDIFF TO GLASGOW, VIA BELFAST. 1 Monday 2 p.m. v2 Monday 7 8 Monday 7 p.m. 29 Monday Nat a. 15 Monday Noon. » FROM BELFAST TO CARDIFF. 1 Mccday HI a L'1. i 22 MondRY. Norn. 8 Monday J p.m. ISS Mondav 2-pai. 15 Monday 2 ,m. GLASGOW TO CARDIFF, VIA BtLFAST. 6 Sarr/d.iv .2 p.m. 23 Sauu-d:;y £ p.TU. 13 Saturday 2'p m. 27 Saturday 1 2 p.ia. ,'i With liberty to Tow and Ass^si Vessels. r —Belfast. Cabin, 17- Gd.; Steerage, 1 Os.Gxtjeneck or Oias^ow: Cabin, zOi.; Steerage, 12s. 64. t Goods to be alongside in time lor shipment Two'Hoars before the adveilised time of sailing. '1 Apply in Glasgow to William Sloaa Jc C.n. v'Grefisteck. Hi Wi!liam Liad?ay oc Co.: Swansea, t•»„?. Jones & Urothorjr B..¡fIl4, to RoWit Henderisoa and Sin; Jiiisioi, to Mte* Wtiii*■ will i Son; Cardiff, to G. F. WEBB & CO.. Hid But,- Dock Bonded CARDIFF TO NEW YOEE < "NMECT STEAM COIDMUNLCAW U TION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL. CHANNEL AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA, The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANIES New. first-class, full-powered, Clyde-built Steamships GLAMORGAN 2,500 Tons 500 h.nJ PEMBROKE 2,500 Tons &oo h.S2 CARMARTHEN 3,000 Tons v. 606 1I.p.; Or other First-class Steamers, will sail regularly Between CARDIFF AND NEW YOBJ £ COMMENCING EARLY J. AUGUST. Carrying GOODS and PASSENGERS at Through Rate# from Parts of England iuid South Wales to th»tf»<tedStatesalni These Steamships are built expressly for the^nuie, aui Kd# with all tlie latest Huprovaoentp tor the coaiftn^aaid oethc of Cabin and Steerag-e P. iiu': i's. farther T> {: 1. .■ :<-<l Hfljtol; IV. T. u> ? ;JT, f -r.^p.iol; A'e 1, !.• "■ >"■ Cardiff? :;311 JOERT LAUCHLA^Di