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Jttonctj. py fr A A TRUST and other Moneys ready to | be be ADVANCED in lar^e or small sums on Freehold, Leasehold, Reversions, Annuities, or Ground Rents, i from 4 per ceiit.-Apply to Mr. John Jenkins, Mortgage Broker, Sun Fire Office, 20, High-street, Cardiff. N.B.—Loans and Mort- gages on Personal and other securities negotiated with or without Life Insurance. 1286 MONEY ON EASY TERMS advanced from £ 10 and upwards to Householders on their Furniture, Plate, Stock-in-Trade, &c., without removal off the premises, and, if required, without publicity; re-payments arranged to suit the borrower; no charge unless the money is advanoed by L. BAR- NETT, Belmont House, Charles-street, Cardiff 49, Bute-street, Cardiff and 10, Heathfield-street, Swansea. 1426 (j* HARRIS and CO., LOAN and DISCOUNT JLJ* OFFICE, 220, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF. IMMEDIATE ADVANCES made on Personal Security, and to Householders on their Furniture and effects, without publicity or removal. TRADE BILLS DISCOUNTED AT EASY RATES. Advances made, also on Plate, Diamonds, Watches, and every description of Merchan- dise. All communications strictly confidential. The P) oprietor may be personally consulted at all times. 696 SOVEREIGN LOAN AND DISCOUNT OFFICE, 4, NELSON-TERRACE, SWANSEA. M. L. MARKS GRANTS LOANS from £ 1 to any amount, repayable by easy Instalments. Bills Discounted. Also Collects Rents, Debts, &c. Hours, 10 to 12, and 3 to 5, Saturdays excepted. -EST.A,BLISTIED. 1369. 1416 Jlttint$s ddttSSts. OYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW. NICHOLL'S ARMS HOTEL WINE AND SPIRIT VAULTS. Corner of Nelson-terrace, near the Public Baths. NOTICE. The above Premises, after undergoing extensive alterations, will be Rls-OPENED on MONDAY, July Sth, with an extensive stock or Wines, Spirits, Ales, and Stout, in bottles and on draught. FAMILIES SUPPLIED. LUXCIIEOX RAft. M. REES, PROPRIETOR. 1521 m K Al S E R, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, 42, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Begs to inform his Customers and the Public that he is now replete with a Large Stock of JGOLD AND SILvER WATCHES. AND CHAINS, At prices to suit all classes. LARGE STOCK OF WEDDING AND KEEPER RINGS. Particular attention is .requested to his English Patent Lever Double Case Watches, from £4 .10s. to t5. Open face ditto from t:3 17s. Warranted for two years. 1512. SPECIALITIES! SPECIALITIES!! THE PhEMXUM TKLOUSER & VEST 15s. • • 9; lid. FROCK COAT .28s BOYS' and YOUTHS' CLOTHING in great variety. HATS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, &c. WALLACE'S, STUART-HALL, HAYES, CARDIFF. 1518 J H C O R I N ,18, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite the Queen's Hotel), 7, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, AND 25, CHURCH-STREET, DOWLAIS, WHOLESALE PERIODICAL AND NEWS AGENT. REDUCED PRICES AND CARRIAGE PAID. TRUNKS, PORTMANTEAUS AND TRAVELLING BAGS Manufactured at each place, and REPAIRS NEATLY DONE. The above Shops are well known as the Cheapest for Stationery in the Principality. NOTE THE ADDRESSES. 1515 ~\T ON-CONDUCTING COMPOSITION FOR 131 ECONOMISING FUEL AND PRESERVING BOILERS, &c. (From The Engineering and Building Times, May 20, 1872.) Now that coals are getting dearer, manufacturers and other users of steam are more careful of fuel, and seeking the best coating for their boilers, steam pipes, cylinders, &c. Ten years ago very few boilers were covered; some were bricked over or covered with ashes, sand, and stone flags. The best covering then was felt and wood, or canvas, but time showed that, when felt was taken off, there was a crust of rust on the plates beneath it, that if there had been a little leak, it rotted the felt and oxidised the iron, causing great mischief, expense, and even danger. Far worse is it to cover the boilers with ashes, bricks, or stones, and we believe the boiler- insurance companies must be very much opposed to this course. Yet it is better that the boiler should be covered, net only for the sxving of the fuel, but for preserving the boiler and producing more steam-power. We recollect asking a manager of a large iron works why he had his boilers covered, since he could get all his heat from the furnaces. He said he could make four boilers do the work of five not covered. Another manager, who had more steam than he needed, said that he had his boilers covered because he could make them last so many years longer than if left uncovered, and that much more than paid for the cost of covering so that while the saving of fuel (an average of 15 per cent. if covered with Leroy's Composition) is a sufficient reason for covering steaix-heated surfaces, the preserva- tion of boilers is believed to repay the money expended in covering; the saving in steam-power seems also to be of itself a sufficient reason. With the three advantages combined, no user of steam ought to leave his boilers uncovered. In setting boilers, care should be taken that the bricks are not put higher than necessary for the flue; all the surface containing water or steam should be left free for covering with a non-conductor, so that the heat may be kept where it is wanted, ill the boiler, pipe, and cylinder. The boilers of the pumping-station of the Trafalgar-square foun- tains were covered with bricks the steam-chests were covered with Leroy's Composition seven years ag £ >. The boilers hive just been uncovered' aud found so eaten vith 211st that tne chisel went through the plate the steam-chest was found completclyfre from rust. The composition on the cylinder is as firm and effective as it was seven years ago no change whatever is perceptible. The large boilers covered four years ago in her Majesty's dockyard, Portsmouth, were examined on Monday, May 6th, the composition was as firm on the sides of the boilers as it BUS the first week. The large mining, engineering, and manufacturing companies and firms who have used it for the last seven or eight years, and still continue to use it, are proofs of its safety and economy.' The great miiiss and iron works of South Wales sire, of course, availing them- selevs of thg advantages of this preserving compound. It appears fully established that the cost of covering the boiler, pipes, and cylinder, is not more than will be saved by fuel in a few months and we can see no reason why anv users of steam should lezine their boilers uncovered, or feel any difficulty in getting the right article for covering them. We fi nd LEROY'S PATENT NON-CONDUCTING COMPOSITION now in use a* The Bute Docks Works Powell's Lantwit, Lantwit The John Boyle (s.s), Parfitt and Warteg Colliery, near Pontypool Jenkins Sutton Evans, Paper Mamifac- Dorafora's Iron Works, Maindy turers, Ely, near Cardiff Rhondda Merthvr Colliery, Tre- S<»'th Walts Dnihj Xev- Cardiff herb»rt Western Mail, Cardiff Gelli Collierv, Ystrad Cardiff Water Works Great Western Collier: Ponty- Wmby Bros., Engineers, Cardiff pridd James Ware, Cardiff Penygraif, Colliery, Penygraig Longhor, Flour Mills, Canton, Boedringalt Colliery, Ystrad Cardiff Glamorgan Colliery Co. ,L:wnypia F. LEROY & CO. r LONDON :-12, GRAY-STREET, CO:MERCIAL-EOAII, E. -GREAT (JtowES-STiitriT, Loyrm .J. .1. Snsincsti THE LONDON OFFICE OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS IS AT 112, STRAp. ADVERTISEMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS forwarded to that address before FOUR o'clock in the Afternoon will reach as in timp for publication in the next morning's issue. v The SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS and the CARDIFF TIMES are also represented by the following LONDON AGENTS. ADAMS & FRANCIS, 59, Fleet-street, E.C. ALGAK, F., 8, Clements-lane, E.C. ABBOTT, BARTON, & Co., 2611, Strand, W. C. BARKER, C. & Sons, 8, Birchiv-lane, E.C. BAILY, A. H., & Co, Royal Exchange, E.C. BLACK, C. W., Catherine-court, Tower Hill, E.C. BURRIDOK, J., & Co., 35a, Moorgate-street, E.C. CLARKE, W. J., 85, Gracechurch-street, E.C. CLARKE, ROBERT, 59, Threadneedle-street, E.C. < COXON, WILLIAM, 174, Fleet-street, E.C. CROSSLET, C. R., 17, Moorgate-street, E.C. DILLON, CHARLES, 60, Cornhill. DAVIES & Co., 1, Finch-lane, Cornhill,- E.C. DAWSON, W., & SON, 121, Cannon-street, E.C. DEACON, S., & Co., 150, Leadenhall-street, E.C. EMOTT, HARTLEY, & Co., Fleet-street. EVERETT, W., & SON, 17, Royal Exchange, E.C. EYRE & Co., 4, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street, E C. GREEN, H., 117, Chancery-lane, W.C. HAMMOND & NEPHEW, 3, Abchurch-lane, Lombard-street, E.C. HATHWAY, H., Royal Exchange, E.C. HOOPER & CULL, 1, George-street, Mansion House E.C HOPCRAFT, WILLIAM, 1, Mincing-lane, E.C. KELLY, G., & Co., Charles-street, Westminster. KINGSBURY & Co., 12, Clements-lane, E.C. MAY, C. H., 78, Gracechurch-street, E.C. MAY, F., & SoY, 1(;0, Piccadilly, W. MECIUM & SON, 32, Clements-lane, E.C. MITCHELL, C., & Co., 12 and 13, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street, E 0 PorrLE & SoY, 15, Royal Exchange. REID, J. F., &- .NLEinEw, 14, George-street, Mansion House, E.C. REYSELL & SON, 44, Chancery-lane, W.C: ROBERTS,.C. C., 19, Change-alley, Cornhill, E.C. SAUNDERS, W., Central Press, Strand, W.C. SMITH, W. H., &. SON, 184 to 187, Strand, W.C. STREET BROS., 5, Serle-street, Lincoln's-inn, W.C. STREET, G., 30, Cornhill, E.C. VICKERS, J. W., 2, Cowpees-court, Cornhill, E.C. WHITS, R. F., 33, Fleet-street, E.C. BRISTOL AGENCY. Mr. J. STONE, wholesale newsagent, &c., 3, Exchange Buildings, is the Bristol Agent for the DAILY NEWIi. Advertisements may be forwarded through him, and also through Mr. R. W. BINGHAM- bookseller, Broad-street. INE. —SPIERS and POND. SPIERS and POND, WINE MERCHANTS. CENTRAL WINE DEPOT, 38, New Bridge- j C street, Ludgate, E.C., where Wine Lists may be had gratis on application, or post free by letter. The Wine List is a t comprehensive book, not a mere circular. HERRY. SPIERS and POND beg to recom- K9 mend SHERRY, Letter C in their Wine List, 24s. per dozen, as an excellent Wine at a moderate price. Higher-priced Wines and cheaper ones also will be found in the List. PORT.—SPIERS and POND wish to recom- JE. mend PORT, Letter C in their Wine List, 30s. per dozen, as a Capital Wine at a reasonable price. Higher class as well as cheaper PORTS will be found in the Wine List, sent free on application. CLARET.—SPIERS and POND strongly re- C commend their BORDEAUX, Superior Letter B in their Wine List, 15s. per dozen, as an admirable Claret for general use. All the superior Clarets will also be found in the List, which please write for. BURGUNDY.—SPIERS and POND confidently recommend their MACON VIEUX, 15s. per dozen, Letter B in their Wine List, as a sound wine at a moderate price. In the Wine List will be found a full catalogue of their Red and White Burgundies. CHAMPAGNE.—SPIERS and POND'S C CARTE D'OR is highly recommended as an excellent Champagne, at 42s. per dozen. See Letter B in Wine List, posted free on application. SPIERS and POND'S PROBATA PRINCIPLE is the latest Novelty in the Wine Trade. It appeals to every one. THE PRO RATA PRINCIPLE is explained on page 5 of Spiers and Pond's Wine List. What it is and how it works can be ascertained by writing for a List, which will be sent post free. It is a handsome pamphlet. SPIERS and POND beg to recommend their GIN, Letter C and D, lr.9. per gallon; their Brandy, Letter B, 21s. per gallon; and their lum, Letter B, 18s. per gallon. For description refer to List, sent post free on application. SPIERS and POND beg to recommend their SCOTCH and IRISH WHISKIES. Letter A in Spirit List, 18s. per b"aIlon. Write for the List, and it will be sent free by post. SPIERS and POND for MALT LIQUORS. fcO Bass's Ales, Reid's and Guiness's Stout in Wood, per Barrel or Kilderkin; in Bottle by reputed Quarts or Pints.— Central Office, 38, New Bridge-street, E.C., London, l'rice Lits post free on application. BROKEN GLASS of all sorts Bought. It may be forwarded by Railway from any Station in Bags or old dry Casks, addressed to The AIRE and CALDER GLASS BOTTLE COMPANY, Castleford, Yorkshire, or to their order at any of the terminal Stations in London. Address letters to 83, Upper Thames-street, London, where samples may be sent. LONDON INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1872. IMPORTANT notice to COUNTRY VISITORS. JL KERR' SEWING COTTON. The interesting process ni winuiog the above cotton on to the reel may be seen daily in operation in the Manufacturing Court Room I N.B.—KERR'S COTTONS may be obtained of all Drapers and Haberdashers in the United Kingdom. HE WALLSEND CEMENT COMPANY (Limited), NEWCASTLE-ON TYNE. Manufacturers of Best Portland Cement, Suitable for Stuccoing, Flooring, Concrete Building, Engine Pillars, also for Breakwaters and other pur]X>ses. WORKS—at POINT PLEASANT and WALLSEND. OFFICES—2. LOMBARD-STREET, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE. MONEY to be LENT, in Town or Country, from zP,50 and upwards, on personal or other security, at 5 per cent.; likewise upon mortgage of freeholds or leaseholds from 3 per cent. Apply to R. F. PRESTON, Esq., 120, South- ampton-row, Russell-square, London, W.C. TRUNKS, TRUNKS, TRUNKS! THE DONCASTER TIN and IRON Travel- ling Trunk and Box Company.—To Shippers, Merchants, Factors, Ironmongers, General Dealers, &c. 500 made weekly. The cheapest and best house in the trade. A saving of 20 per cent.—Manufacturers of all kinds of tin and iron travelling trunks, bonnet boxes, -'eed boxes, dressing cases, &c. List of Prices and terms sent post free. Address the Manager, Mr. J. H. DAVIES, Milton WorKs, Doncaster. MICROSCOPE and TELESCOPE combined, Wonderful Apparatus, 25s.' B. DAVIS, Optician, 430, Euston-road, London. Maker of Eye preserving Spectacles, re- quiring half the usual power. Telescopes, Magic Lanterns, Dis- solving Views, &c., &e. Catalogues Gratis. Established 1850.. PONY CARRIAGES and Victoria Broughams. J- Every description of Pony Carriages, 2 and 4 wheels, Wag- gonettes, Village. Carts, Landau's, Broughams; new designs free. The Registered Victoria and Park Broughams form Brougham, Victoria and Driving Phaeton—drawings. J. BIDDLECOMBE, 57, Great Queen-street, W.C., and 118. Euston-road, London. BRASS, REED, STRING, AND DRUM AND FIFE BANDS PIANOFORTES, AND HARMONIUMS, SUPPLIED AT wholesale prices, at J. MOORE'S, Buxton- rd., Huddersfiefd. Patterns and prices post free. Music for any kind of band. Patronised by the Arnly. Navy, and Rifle Corps. DUBBIN'S Patent SELF-RAISING BEER CASK STAND. No springs to rust or screws to strain. Prices, 4^ gallons 8s. 6d., 9 gallons 10s. 6d., 18 gallons 12s. 6d. Orders received by Mr. FULLER, 10, Bush-lane, Cannon-street, E.C. N.B.—AGENTS and Travellers required everywhere. BREWERS finings at 3d. per Gallon. JSINGLASS from one shilling per pound. ISINGLASS for CHEMISTS, GROCERS, &c., -t- Imported and Cut by JW. HART, 60, St. Mary Axe, London. • Directions for finings and price lists on application. JUDSON'S DYES.-18 Colors, 6d. each. RIBBONS, WOOL, SILK, FEATHERS, completely Dyed in 10 minutes without soiling the hands. Full instructions supplied. Of all chemists. TTUMAN PHYSIOLOGY 6 parts. Is. each, all 5s. HOW I I to LIVE on 6d. a day 6d. HOW to CQOK Is. Post free of the Author, Dr. Nichols, Malvern. Prospfectus free. CHARMING SETS for the SCRAP BOOK, or Decoration of j Fancy Articles, &c., exquisitely finished in Colours and stamped out-viz. :-English and Foreign Birds (brilliant plumage), Butterflies (true to nature), Flowers, pretty Figures, Wreaths, Green Leaves and Sprays (very beautiful). Price 7d. per set; or the six sets (all different) post free for 2s. 7d. Address, JOHN JERRARD, 172, Fleet Street, London. WINDOW BLINDS.—JANES & SON.—Wire Venetian Out sides, &c., Wholesale, 101 & 119, Aldersgate Street, City. Branch, 4, Eagle Place, Piccadilly. No OTHER HOUSE. PURE WATER.—Tne Last Improvement.—" There is a great difference in Filters—it is, therefore, well to know that by far the most extensive Filter Maker in England is Mr. LIPS- COMBE, of Temple Bar, whose Charcoal Filters stand pre-eminant. His Cistern Filters are especially ingenious."—Medical Journal. Agents in every town throughout England keep them ill stock. THE ValueoFthe "VOWEL" WASHING MACHINE and its wonderful efficiency in washing ever3rthing—coarse or fine— is now universally admitted. Every housewife should try it her- self. Catalogues free by post. 'BRADFORD & CO., 03^ Fleet- street, London', and Manchester. GLOVES.—SPANISH KID.-Unequalled for fit and durability, newly introduced into this country by SAML. HODGKIN- SON & SON. 43, Threadneedle-street, London. Ladies' two- button and Gentlemen's one-button, 2s. 6d. per pair. A sample pair, any Colotir, for 31 stamps. WOODHALL, SPA, Lincolnshire.—The Bromo Iodine Water, the most powerful in the world for Rheumatism, Gout, Scrofula, and Tumours. Address, Manager. SUMMER! SUMMER! SUMMER! ROSE'S CELEBRATED LIME JUICE BEVERAGES SOLD W EVERYWHERE. Delicious, Cooling, Wholesome, and Refreshing. Recommended by the Lancet." Ize. PATENT PRESERVED LIME JUICE, CORDIAL, SYRUP, CHAMPAGNE, CITRONADE AND CLARADE. Prepared from the finest Lime Fruit, entirely free from spirit, and highly Medicinal. Analytical and other reports furnished free on application. Sold by Grocers, Wine Merchants, Confectioners, and Chemists. L. ROSE and Co., Leith, London Office 16, Eishopssrate Avenue, f Camomile-street. CAVTIOX.—To preverit uicnp-vdntm r.uvchassrs are requested .r: <Å:l.í :L. l :Ùl:d..). J3\lShit:j dde$$£. H R. W ILLIA JfS & CO.1, IMPORTERS1 OF PL HE AND FN-BRANDIED AVINES AND SPIRITS, 3, LIME STREET, LONDON, E.C. CAPDIFF AGE'TS:- EVANS & CO., TEA AND COFFEE SALESMEN, 6, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. PRICES CURRENT, JULY, 1872. Per Per Bottle. Dozen. SHERRIES. v s. D. s. D. No. 1.—PALE—A sound, pure, serviceable dinner Wine, with good bodj; and some age 1 8 20 0 No. 1.—GOLDEN—A dark color, full- bodied and rich flavot 1 8 20 0 No. 2.-PALE-A good dinner Wine, with some body, flavor, and aroma 1 It 23 0 No. 2.-GOLDEN-Good quality, with full rich flavour. 1 11 23 0 No. 3.—PALE—A good Wine, with considerable character; it, has full body, and may be regarded as a cheap and useful Wine 2 2 28 0 No.:a.-GOLDEN-Da.rk in Color, but full rich flavoured, with good aroma 2 2 2] 0 No. 4. —PALE—This Wine possesses much soft- ness and delicacy of flavor it is well-matured and is recommended as a very useful Wine 2 6 30 0 No. 4.—GOLDEN—A full-bodied, old and good Wine. with soft delicate flavor 2 6 36 0 No. 5.—PALE—A superior full-flavoured Wine, with considerable age and body 2 10 3i 0 No. 5.—GOLDEN—Good body, soft full tttvor, with excellent aroma 2 10 34 0 No. 5.-BROWN-A rich, IhIeL full-bodied Wine.. 2 10 34 0 No. 6.—PALE—Pale straw color, possessing con- siderable delicacy and elegance 3 0 36 0 No. 6.—GOLDEN—A somewhat dry Wixve, with considerable age and character 3;0 36 0 No. 7.—PALE—An excellent fuU-bodied Wine, with fine mellow flavor 34 40 0 No. 8.—PALE—A choice Wine, very soft, with fine rich flavor 33 44 q No. 8.-GOLDEN-An elegant rich flavoured Sherry, with great at-oina 3 8 44 0 No. 8.-BROWN-A full-bodied, soft, rich Wine, suitable for desert 3 3 44 0 No. 9.-PALE-A choice Wine, very soft, with fine rich flavour 4 0 48 0 No. 9.-GOL\)jX- An elegant rich-flavorod Sherry,, with great aroma 40, 4S 0 No. 9.—BROWN—A full-bodied, soft, rich Wine, suitable for desert 4 0 48 0 THE CHANCELLOR'S SHERRIES. XX-PALE-A pleasant cheap Wine for luncheon or dinner 13 15 XX—GOLDEN—Richer than the foregoing, and much darker ip color 1 15 0 XXX—PALE—Recommended as a good useful Wine, possessing considerable body and flavor; will compare favourably with many Wines sold at far higher prices 1 6 18 0 XXX-GOLDEN-VeRy full-bodied Wine, dark in color and rich flavor 1 a 19 PORTS FROM THE WOOD. No. 1.—A cheap and useful pure Wine with good body, and some age lj I'l t No. 2.—A young Wine, recommended as moderate in price and full flavoured 20 No. S.—A very good Wine, with rich full flavour; will greatly impro-te in bottle 2 6 30 I No. 4.—A very excellent old and matured Wine fit for immediate use. Strongly recom- mended as a very serviceable Wine at a moderate price. i 2 9. 83 No. 5.—A Superior Wine, old and full (flavoured, with some body 3 0 38 1 No. 6.-Superior Wine of equal age and maturity, but with more delicaey and flavpur 3 4 40 1 No. 7.—A very superior old Wme, of great TrtVjdelicacv and fhiisifc. It is recommended as one of the finest Wines imported .3 8 44 t No. 8.—Very superior, dry, light in color, and of ,ip the Vintage 1842.. A superb Wine 4 0 48 < No. 9.—An excellent Wine of the Vintage 1865 it is soft, silky, full-bodied and flne^Havoured. A, very* nourishing Wine for Invalids 2 8 32 ( 1868 VINTAGE.—-A very fine young Wine, for laying down, with good color and extreme delicacy 2: 6 30 ( PORTS IN BOTTLE. No. 1.—An excellent Wine, three years in bottle it has fine color, a good firm erust 3 2. 28 C No. 2.—Full color, good bouquet, rich, soft excellent Wine; will materially improve difring the next thaee or four years. In bottle three years i. 3 4.. 40 0 No. B.-Dry Port, in bottle about three years, of excellent quality, fine full color, with soft silky flavor and finish wiH Improve greatly 3. 6 42 fr o. 4.—An excellent Port fine color and pos- sessing good character very soft and delicate upon the palate about three years in bottle 3. 6. 42 0 Nc. 6.—A fine generous Wine, four to five years in bottle it is of the Vintage i860, and has plenty of color and me flavor. It is in excel- lent condition for present use 4 0 4& (l No. 7.An old Wine, somewhat light in color, but very delicate and of fine flaror; five to six years Jn bottle 4 7 0 RED WINES FROM, SPAIN.. SPANISH PORT.-A useful Red Wine, from No. 1 Catalonia, possessing somewhat of thecha!-MteEO(Por[.lg.. 15 Q SPANISH PORT.—A oo. and pure Wine, ouly No. 2 lately sotd. under its distinctive name. 1 c 13 0 SPANISH PORT.—A good old matured Wine, No. 3 much r"otiinielided 1 9 21 ft TARRAGONA-The finest produced it it a ftill- ii. R. W. bodied Wine,. somewhat rich, and Tarragon, recommended as a very sound, nourishing Wine for invalids L C 18 0- CLARETS. The CHANCELLORS' CLARET.-Vintage 1808— So called from the mention of our Wines in the House "f Commons by the Right Hon. W. E. GLADSTONE. It is entirely free from acidity, and improves greatly in bottle.. It is a good, pure, useful and cheap Wine, and will keep sound for some years 1 0. 12 0. ST. EMILION.—Vintage 1863-A sound Wine, free from acidiy-has good body, and some- what more delicacy than the former; it is an exceedingly pure NV'ine, and improves greatly inbottle 1 1. 13 0 MEDOC.—Vintage 1868—A good Wine and re- commmended as improving considerably in bottle, of the lfue Vintage 1868 1 3. 15 0 ST. ESTEPHE 1868-This well-known Wine has considerable body, and, like all the Wines of this Vintage, has a good aroma 1 6 18 0 ST. JULIEN.—Vintage 1S65 — A delicate and really good Wine, with fine color, body and arojii i-it is strongiy recommended, and is of the fine Vintage 1865 1 9 210 CHATEAU KIRWAN.—Vintage. 1867—A light but good Wine, with much elegance and character 2 0 24 0 DESMIRAIL MARGAUX.—Vintage 1865. A fine first-class Claret, with great body and bou- » quet, very soft and of exquisite finish 5, 0 60 0 HUNGARIAN WINES. These pure Wines have obtained various-Prize Medals for the excellence of their quality, viz., Pe,th, 1853; Munich,. 1854 Paris, 1855; London, 1862; and Paris, 1867. They are shipped to us by the celebrated House of JAXJCS & Co., Pesth, to whom these Medals were awarded. "The dietical powers of these Wines are of a high order, and we commend to the medical profession the pure Wines of Hun- gary as specially worthy of notice.—" The Lancet. tttfn Per Per Bottle. "Dozen. CARLOVITZ"-AN excellent full-bodiod and well mature Wine, recommended with confidence to those who prefer a Bergundy-like Wine. It will improve greatly in bottle 1 6 18 6 CARLOVITZ ANSLESE- —The finest Carlovitz produced it is selected by the growers for the delicacy of its flavor, fine fragrance, full body, and gene ral excellence of character. Is admirably suited to invalids 2 0 24 0 WHITE. STEINBRUCH—An excellent Wine, with good body and fine delicate flavor it is light in color, and is recommended as a very useful WINE 2 Q, Q CEDENBURG AUSLESE—Finest selected. A fine full-bodied Wine, of delicious flaAour and aroma; selected and shipped for us by IViefisri. Jalics it is one of the best white Wiiiet; of Hungary 2 4 28 0 These Wines are highly recommended by many of the leading Physicians of this country, and may be relied upon for their excellence and purity. SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE S. No. 4.—An excellent dry Wine, possessing the same characteristics as the above, but much drier. The word "England" is branded on the corks B 9 24 6 No. 7,-A very elegant and fine rich Wine. It is pale in colour, is exquisitely delicate, and altogether a very choice Champagne. The corks are branded Carte Blanche." 5 5 35 0 MARSALA. No. 2.-London Particular, or Bronte. It is shipped to us direct, and is the finest imported 1 6 18 0 SPIRITS. HUNGARIAN BaANDY.-Pate or Brown Re- commended as cheap and useful Brandies, they are far superior to the British manufac- tured Brandies sold at higher prices they are somewhat voung, but good Brandies 2 10 34 0 COGNAC BRANDY (No. I)-Pale or Brown. Especially recommended to those requiring Brandies at a moderate price. 3 4 40 0 COGNAC BRANDY (No. 2) Pale or Brown. Superior Brandies, with some age they are imported in wood and bottled by ourselves they are of fine flavour, and are recommended with confidence 4 0 48 0 COGNAC BRANDY (No. 3) Pale or Brown. Very old and fine recommendèdas being very soft and delicate in flavour; an exquisite Brandy 4 8 56 0 COGNAC BRANDY-(No. 4). Pale very old Liqueur Brandy., the finest that can be pro- duced; it is of a*fine, rich, golden colour, and is very scarce and valuable on account of its extreme age 6 8 SO 0 ENGLISH GIN (No. 1).—The finest unsweetened, donbly rectified; it is 33 per cent. under proof, and is a very pure spirit; it is recom- mended with confidence 2 0 24 0 ENGLISH GIN (No. 2).-The finest unsweetened, doubly rectified, and highest strength-it is a very pure spirit, and is recommended with confidence 2 5 59 0 OLD TO g GIN.-Tliis is the finest cordialised or sweetened Gin; it is doubly rectified and of high strength 2 7 31 0 JAMAICA RUM (No. 1). —Gpod quality, and old; it is 33 per cent, under proof 2 1 25 0 .JAMAICA'RUM (NO. 2).-Old, fine quality, and 17 under proof 2 6 30 0 JAMAICA RUM (No. 3).—High strength and fine • mellow flavour 3 0 36 0 JAMAICA RUM (No. 4). Very old, soft, high strength, aid fine luellowflavolir :3 4 -10 0 IPJSrl WHISKEY (No. I)-This Whiskey is dis- tilled from the finest Malt; it is 17 per cent. under proof, aud is a fine but somewhat young spirit-it is pure as from the Still. 2 0 30 0 IRISH WHISKEY (No. 2), full strength, distilled from the finest mlt-it is a fuie, mellow, and pure spirit, with some age 3 0 :3.G 0 IRISH WHiSKEY—'The SHAMROCK."—This Whiskey is the finest distilled; it is very mellow, old and pure. It is labelled with a green registered label, having a Shamrock" for our tra!e mark; it has also a similar colored Capsule 3 0 i'2 0 SCOTCH WHISKEY (No. 1).—Pure Malt; tliis Whiskey is distilled from the finest malt, and is 17 per cent, under proof. It is a fine, pure, but voung spirit. 2 0 30 0 SCOTCH WHISKEY—The "WAVERLKY," of fine quality, has also considerable body, aud fine flavor 3 0 3G 0 SCOTCH WHISKEY—The "ROB ROY," is a fine full flavoured mellow 'Whiskey, with i vtcV '-i.v.vl -I" 40 -0 :j u!in£s 'ÛX£:5!)ZL -=- PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'s. INDIAN JL STARCH. Trade Mark—AN ELKJ»HA»T. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INDIAN £ /i'ARCH for Purity and Bjauty of Colour. P"ARSONS, FLETCHER & L-wes, IL Muslins. &c., &e. PARSONS,-FLE'i'CHER & (X>?S.' INSECNn&fARCH will og _tL adhere to the iron. PARSONS, FLEtCHEir&~CO.'S f^DlA^TAKOH will its stiffness in the dampest weather. PARSONS, FLETCHER & CO.'S INOTAN ST-TRCH iEp highly recomm; :i:led to Laundresses. PARSONS. FLETCHER t (jO IZ;bi.AN STARCIL I%e increased demand is proof of its excellence. PARSON, FLETCHER & CO.'S I Si) IANSTA RCH is packed 1, i, and lib. packets, Is,, in boxes, and in 5Ui. papers. WORK S—U RA VKL-LA N K. SOUTH W ARlC~LON DOjTT VTAY KM HAT> 5IHPK 111 HEALTH SECURED BY THE USE OF DAVIES'S TONIC, APERIENT, AND LIVER PILLS, which are a most efficient remedy for persons suffering from indi- gestion, liver complaints, costiveness, sickness, wind in the stomach owness of spirit^, singing noi ses in the ears, nervousness, palpi- tation of the heart, giddiness, headache, piles, gravel, tic doloreu-x, &C. They may he taken with safety at any season of the year, and require no confinement to the. house; on the contrary, moderate exercise promotes tiieir good effects. One trial will ensure their being registered as "The Family Pillsy" so gentle is their action, so certain their cure. Sold in boxes at Is. 14-d. and 2s. t teach, Prepared and sold by the sole [/roprietur, Thomas Howell, Phar- maceutical Chemist, Bute-street, Cardiff; and may be- had of all r ispeetahle chemists. lofl KE R N 1 ü K' VEGETABLE I-P L L z5 for HEADACHES, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, INDIGES- TION, COSTIVENESS, RHEUMATISM, or TIC-DOLOREUX. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confine- ment indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thou- sands, who pronounce them to be the best medicine in the world. Testimonials from J. Balbirnie, Esq., M.A., M.D., Lecturer on "Physiology," author of "A Treatise on the Turkish Bath," &e. I have examined the pills known as Kernock's Vegetable Pills.' I certify their composition to be purely vegetable; I have also tried their elfcet. and consider thew one or the best aperient pills .low 0 for constipated habits that. I knnw of.û, Upper Church-street, Bath. Dear Sir,—1 have iliferett greati.y from indigestion, and- have derived great benefit from KKHKICX'S Vegetable l'ilis,—Yours truly, A. SYLVKSTK: Prepared only hy o. P. IVRKXICK, Manufac- turing Chemist, Cardiff, s-shi in boxes lit 18. iid^an'd 7id. 17S- K ERN 1 C K' S V E GET A B L E. JL3L. WORM LOZENGES Are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for Wonns. They mty be taken by children of all ages with W, Ile t safety, tn(I are- also useful for children of d^licato stomachs and pate complexions "SIR,—A woman gave two of th3 lozenges for five mornings, and by so doing the child got rid of no less than eighty wennii.- DANI.%L.NIORG- i, Nelson." "W. Harris, of Cefneoed, minor's child, had got rid of 140- worms in a week whilst taking a uox of your worm lozenges, and she has improved wonderfully in health siiue."—JNO: PRICE, CefnK Merthyr. "A customer of mine, a short time ago, bought a box of your worm lozenges to try their effect on his child, who was very ill. The little boy got rid of forty large worms and so maily small ones that they could not reckon them."—JAMES MEYRICK. From Mr. MORGAN, Pcndarr:m. Send me 12 dozen of; your valuable worm lozenges; they are curing all the children in thia- neighbourhood." Prepared only bv S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMISE DCKK-STI'.KET, CARDIKK. DCKK-STI'.KET, CARDIFF. Soold in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7Ad. by the appointed Agents, and most respectable Chemists and Druggists. 179 ONE BOX of CLARKE'd B 41 PILLS-is war- ranted to cure all discharges from the urinary organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, gravel, and pains in the back. Sold in hoxea, 4. 0d. all chemists and patent medicine vendors or sent to any address for IN stamps, by the maker, F. J. Clarke. Consulting Chemist, High-street, Lincoln Wholesale Agents, Barclay and Sons, uoadoii, and all the whole- sale houses. Sold in Cardiff by Joy and Coleman, Chemists. 1243 LIFE PRESERVERS.—iniaiit Life protected and secured against tut eiiuiny, Death, by Mothers-keeping, in the*house' a packet of DAME EcROPA'S INFANT LIFE PRESERVERS." OnutJ tried alway" used. TKKTUINO, Small-pox, Scarlatina, .Measles, tc., meet wish a ready relief, if the" EU- ROPA POWDERS" are used. Mothers, try them, and'publish, their effect. "Dame Europa's Infant.Life Preservers" are pre- pared only by the Inventor, IS. A. GKOROB, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd and sold in packets, at Is. l.|d., and 2& 3d. each, by every chemist in the world. May be had post free from the Inventor for 11 or 34 stamps. Wholesale W. Mather, London, and Manchester, and Barclay t Sons. Agent in Cardiff, Coleman, chemist. 159 K AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLST For upwards of half-a-i:entuiy KAYE'S WORSDBLL'S PILLS have been esteemed as the best remedy for the cure and prevention of disease. They render the doctor unnecessary in the family. Aeting on the blood, they purify it from all humours, renderrng the lile-giving fluid healthy in its action, and conscquently, restor- ing and establishing the health of the invalid. The proprtetor has in his possession hundreds of testimonials bearing witness- to their efficacy. Uut of many, the two following have been selected :— Ballintemple, near Cork, Sept. 1, 1868. John Kaye, Esq.—Dear hir,—My wife has been suffering from, a very sore leg for iiiiiitet;, that time it has cost me over 1120 for different doctors, sotite of whom gave her case, up as hopeless. She was reduced to nearly a skeleton. I got some of Kaye's Worsdeli't a;id alter she took about lis, worth of them she was c'J;p'c; cured, and is now in good health and quite strong. It the must astonishing cure ever known in this nfei'ht)ouri.>ood. 1 shall recommend them wherever I can, to any person 1 hear complaining.—(signed) Jons BROWN," The Agent at». eertilits to the truth of the following case:— Sept. 4, 1868. "John Nieholis, of lilogsi., near- Redruth, Cornwall, suffered severely from Inirning JHUJ.K' in the stomach and difficulty of, breathing. In consequence of this he had to leave work fOrmany weeks. He was recommended to take Kaye's Worsdell's Pilla, Bctore he had tak;;¡¡ oi:e box, lIe '.vas completely cured, resumed work, and is now again a strong, healthy man. He says he will never re without t,ieili. Tins Ute can be authenticated by W. J. Corin.' t Sold by all Chemists, Litht;r Dealers in Patent Medicines; at 111. 1., 2s. lid., al. per tx .<. j Ð16 THE RIGHT THING- IN THE RIGHT JL PLACE. BEECHAM'S PILLS. 15EECH AM'S PILL have uo v been before the Public between Twenty and T.-iirt)- years, aud the Xiipid sale from the commence- ment, and the »• till increii.-iig demand by the Public, is one of the best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated. Thousands in every sphere of life with olio voice pronounce them the beft, the safest, and tne surest for eradicating all those complaints which liesd .1 heir to. They stand without a parallel, and have the largest sale of any patent medicine in tho world. They are emitted by all to lie. worth a guinea a box fur bilious disoiden, such as wind aud pain at the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fullness atter meals, dizziness and drowsiness, oold chills, flush- ug, of heat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath. costiveness, scurvy and blotches on tho skin, disturbed sleep, frightful li-eaiiis, nervous and tremi-liug sensations, &0. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. Sufferers are earnestly in- cited to try one box. which tbey will addiit to he WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all agt;s these pills are invaluable, as a few Joses of them carry off all gross humours, open all obstructions, Liid bring about all that is required. No female should be with- 3lit them. There is no medicine to hi found to equal Beecham's Pills for removing any oh#trr.ction or irregularity of the system, f taken according to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore females of j/11 ages to sound and robust health., CAUTION. The public are requested to notice that the Worda-t- BEECIfAT1113 PILLS, St. Helen's," are on the Government Stamp ifilxed to each box of the Piils; if not on, they are a forgery. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, r. Beecham, Dispensing Chemist, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in ioxes at Is. ld. aud 2s. 9d. each. Sent post free from the pro- irietor fotf 15 or 30 stamps. Full directions are given with each box. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers in the Juited Kingdom. 1493 COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS^ THE SAFEST FAMILY APERIENT. In Boxes at Is. ld., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lls. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. These Pilis consist of a careful and peculiar admixture of tho host and mildest vegetable aperients, with the pure extract of the flowers of the cammomile. They will be found a most efficacious remedy for derangement of the digestive organs, and for torpid action of the liver and bowels which produce indiges- tion and the several varieties of billious and liver complaints. They speedily remove the irritation and feverish state of the stomach, allay spasms, cerrect the morbid condition of the liver and and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due anct healthy secretion of bile, and relieve the constitution of all gouty matter and other impurities, which, by circulating; in the blood, must injuriously affect the action of the kidneys, thus, by removing the causes productive of so much discomfort, they restore the energies both of body and mind. To those ikho indulge in the luxuries of the table, these. pills will prove highly useful, occasioning no pain in their action, unless they meet with an unusual quantity of acrid bile and acid matter in the stomach and bowels. To Europeans on their arrival in India or China they jare recommended as a preser- vative against the fatal disorders peculiar to tropical climates. Their occasional use, if combined with the strictest attention to diet, will he frequently found to remove at once, by their influence over tho secretions, that congcstive and unhealthy condition of the liver which is so often the earnest antecedent of J jvere febrile anc constitutional disturbance. It must be understood that these pills, are not recommended as containing any new or dangerously active ingredients; on the contrary, they are characterised by a. remarkable simplicity of combination, and whatever merit they may be found to possess depends as much upon the selection of pure drugs, and the unusual labour and attention bestowed upcn their subsequent preparation, as upon the acknowledged Tee u- liaritv of their composition. They are not recommended as a panacea, nor are they adapted to all complaints; but as a mild and efficacious aperient and tonic in the various forms of indi- gestion it will not, perhaps, bo an exaggeration to state that they have been resorted to under all systems of diet,changes of climate- or atmospheric alternations, with an extraordinary degree of iuccess for 72 years. This celebrated family aperient may be iad, throughout the United Kingdom in-boxes at Is. lid. 2sl9d^ Is. 6d., and Hit., as well as in India, China, New Zealand, and [he Australian colonies. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS J THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4a 6d, and 11a. ,IOCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILL& ) In use 72 years for INDIGESTION. In Boxes at Is l^d, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. (~0CKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS In use 72 years for » BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 11s. /OCKLE'S ANTIBfLIOUS PILLS V In use 72 years for LIVER COMPLAINTS. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis.. 108& Just Publihecl for Two Stamps. T- THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. READ THE NEW PUBLICATION, BY DR. J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), ENTITLED KNTITLF.D "&ERVOUS DEBILITY, or WORDS OF -L WARNING a Treatise OM the Cau?cs, Symptoms, aud Trtment of Nervousness and Exhausted Vitality. T; Anthoir has for years given his exclusive attention to the treweut of Nervous Debility, Mental an l Physical Depression, Pahation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indeci- si oi Impaired Sight and .fernery, Indigestion, Prostration, Latude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, >1 Pai-in the Hack :Lud'LÜlIVS, TJIl).Îdity, Self-Distrust, Diz;¡ï.. net Love of Solitude, Groundless Fear", and many other anmt, which, if] neglectod, bring the sufferers to an early dea. This valuable work, which has, been truly called Words of irning, is illustrated with numerous cases and testimonials, an:ot only gives the cause but the means of cure. Hundreds of seswhich had been thought hopeiess have been restored to peirt health and vigour after all other means had i tiled. the Married and Singly this book is invaluable. Sent post frcon receipt of two stamps, or bv letter post three stamps. jdress—Jjr. BARNES, 1, Lonsdale-.square, liarnsbury, Lon- 1I0N. 14L4 v Prt-d and Publ'shed by the sole proprietors, DAVID v S a.J their 1J, St. Mao-.itr.-t, C_i'lA._) J UI." «, o(¡. > i •-