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--------' LOCAL LAW CASE.

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MONMOUTHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. TRIALS OF PRISONERS. FIRST COURT.—Before Mr. S. R. BOSANQCET (chair- man), Mr. JOHN JAMES, Mr. W. W. PHILLIPS, and Major MCDONNEL. THKFT OF A WATCH. John Burns, 21, shoemaker, was indicted for stealing a watch, a gold-plated Albert chain, and a locket, the property of Thomas Seaward, at Newport, on the 9th April. Guilty. Sentenced to three months' hard labour. A QUESTIONABLE PROSECUTION. Hester Pugh,aged 80, a miserable looking old woman, was indicted for obtaining by false pretences divers igoods, to the value of 7s. 'tid., with intent to cheat and 4 defraud, on the 2211d March. Prisoner was sentenced to three days' imprisonment. RUNNING AWAY WITH A MAN'S WATCH AND WIFE. Charles Scott, 32, baker, was indicted for stealing a | watch and two rings, the property of William Arthur Jennings, at Abergavenny, on 'or about the 23rd of February. Mr. Smythers and Mr. Laurence prosecuted, and Mr. Pritchard defended the prisoner. The evi- dence showed that prosecutor kept an inn at Aber- igavendi-, and prisoner went. to his house to lodge. The wife became enamoured of 'her lodger, and en occasions when her husband was away, the prisoner shared the wife's bed. On tbe prosecutor's remonstrating with prisoner on his heartless conduct, the latter showed fight and eventually eloped with the wife, taking also the husband's watch and rings. Sub- sequently the fugitives were traced to Worcester, and then to Teddington, Middlesex, where it appeared they lived together as man an wife. the wife repented of her faithless conduct, and returned to her husband, who received her back to his embraces, and took lodgings for her at Newport, on the understanding that she would sin no more. But withiu two or three davs prisoner also found his way tu Newport, and in the evening the wife again left her lawful husband for the baker. There was a good deal of hesit, icy about the manner in which the prosecutor gave his evidence. Ihe case occupied the Court & long time, and the wife was called as a witness on behalf of the prisoner. The juxy fouud the prisoner guilty, s.nd he was sentenced to six months' hard labour. Fl?fT w wT'^rBefore S- BOSANQUET (Chairman), Mr. W.W PHILLIPS, and Mr.G.R. GKKENHOW RELPH. T-, PLEADED GUILTY. Phoebe Evans (on bail) pleaded guilty to stealing a Pr°Perty of William Davies, at Bedwellty, on the ^3rd of April. In answer to the Chairman,. Sergeant Milkins stated that prisoner had been pre- w If TUr'1Cn Vlluch had conducted heiodf toleiably well. She was living wilh a man unmarried, who was a worthless fellow, and by whom she had had three claildren.- The Court administered a suitable warning, and sen- ° three mouths' hard labour. kJ1, Swee.nfcy (,28) Pleaded guilty to, stealing a jacket and a pair of trousers from James Keefe, and IVedp^r o'n ti frDd nioney fr°m other persons at 'i f: 3rd March. Sergeant Morris Richards I ve pievious convictions, and regarded prisoner as an incorrigible fellow. The Court, view el him in the same light, and sentenced prisoner to seven years' poil,il servittldq and four years' l-,olice surveillance. The Court then I)roceede(f to try an uppeal ca" Tonchau, appellant, v. Michael Hare, supervisor of ex- i clse, respondent. r BBUTALLY USING A HOKSE. Abraham Mitchell (18), haulier, pleaded guilty to if10us, y au<^ maliciously killing a pony, the property of Powell's Duffryn Steatn Coal Company, at the New lieuegar Colliery, on the 15th June last. Mr. R. Louie, Mr. T. J. Morgan, Mr. A. Attwood, and others connected with the company appeared to support the' charge for the Powell's Duffryn Company. From a statement made by Sergeant Morris Richards, it ap- peared that prisoner possessed very cruel propensities, although he generally attended to his work. The Court again administered a caution to the prisoner, who was liable to fourteen years penal servitude for such cruelty as that to which he had pleaded guilty. Sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour. THEFTS. Ann Clarke, hawker, was indicted fur stealing a purse containing zel 7s., and a cheque for tll 18. iU., tbe property of William Wiilett, of Chepstow, on ,the Itith June. Acquitted. Thomas George (30) was sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment for stealing 12s. in money from the per- son of Job Constance, at Groehelog. ALLEGKD THEFT OF COAL. James Waters (on bail) was indicted for stealing 258 lbs. of coal, the property of the Rbyntney Iron Com- pany (Limited at Tredegar, on June 15th, 1872. Mr. A. D. Ryder prosecuted, and Mr. Lawrence defended the prisoner. The case occupied the Court a considerable time, on account of the number of witnesses, who were examined. After a most able defence by Mr. Lawrence, the jury acquitted the prisoner. James Lloyd, (19), labourer, was indicted for stealing a pair of trousers and a purse containing 9s., the pro- perty of Henry Tyler, at Monmouth. 'Mary Keefe, (27), married woman, was charged with stealing 61bs. of light drab lyarfl for infant tweed over- alls, and other articles, the property of Francis Hiley, at Tredegar, on the lath'January. Prisoner appeared to be an experienced thief, and a previous-conviction of t three years' imprisonment was proved against her. Sentenced to five years penal servitude. This terminated the criminal business. SECOND COURT.—TUESDAY. (Before Mr. H. M. Kenned and Colonel Roden.) William Henry Thomas, (21) carpenter, was found guilty of stealing a waistcoat, the property of William King of Monmouth, on the iJ-rdof June last.—Sentenced to two calendar months hard labour. Thomas Jones, (50), carpenter, was indicted for steal ing a frail and a quantity of carpenter's tools, the pro. perty of David John, at' Aberystwith, on the 31st of May last. Guilty. Sentenced to six months' hard labour. Edward Colter, (25) labourer, was indicted for stealing a silver watch, the property of William Williams, at Tredegar, on the Icth of February last. Sentence. Nine months' imprisonment, and two years' police supervision.


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