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i , j THURSDAY, JULY A, 1872.…




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MERTHYR BOARD OF HEALTH. The usual meeting of this board was held vesterday,. when there were present— Messrs. W. Joue.s (c, G. Overt Ill, G. Marfiu, II. Harrison, W. Ho-.relis, J. W. James, J. Gobe, W. Goaid, J. Jain-R, and Thomas. Jenkins. The minutes of the laift meeting were read aud con- firmed. The recommendation of the Finance Committee to accept the tender of Air. \V. James for supply of stores for tne use of the pumping eugine uf Peutvwaiu for the ensuing year was confirmed. The Cierkreported that he had considered the matter- of the Market-square, as'desired at tha last meeting, He had written to the trustees on the subject as directed, and they had reread thrffc if it- were allowed to stand over a little longer they thought that matters might, be arranged between them and the Board to carry out the desired arrangement. Messrs. Jones and Jepson, contractors for the WB-, struction of the sewage drainage work, appeared before the Board to ask for an extension of time for the eom- pletion of their contract, and it; was understood that ten weeks from date should be allowed for the completion of the contract, after which time the penalty would be enforced should the work nt be completed. SURVEYOR'S ItEPORT. I. The report of the surveyor was then read, by which) it appeared that during the last quarter 5,870,000 gallons of water, of the value of Gs. lid., had been nsed for motive power and machinery, and 2,956,000 gallous, of the value of £ 99 lis. Sd., for other purposes. The especial charges for water not measured nad been £ 6 5s., and the meter rents lia l been £ 72 8s. making the total receipts under this head £ 264 6s. 3d.r against £229 18s. lOll. the previous quarter, being an increase of £:;4 7s. 5d. During tlie current month Messrs. Jones and Jepson, uuder their contract, had completed sewage drain work to the amount of £541 Is. i.I., of which sum £48G 9s. 2d. was now due to them. The total value of the work executed by Messrs. Jones and Jepson up to the 30th of June, under their con- tract, had been 28. lid., and the estimate of the whole work for which they had contracted was t7,000. A list was given of the houses for which new drains, connecting with the sewage system, were immediately required, and the report stated that notice of the in- tended construction had been given to .the relators in the Chancery suit. In accordance with instructions issued at the last meeting, a list was given of the- j streets and places in Merthyr, Abercanaid, and Troed- yrhiw, not being highways repairable by the Board. j The Surveyor reported that the only suitable place for shows and exhibitions beside the Market-square was a portion of the field, near the iishpoad, it Breoon- road. He recommended that some pigs should be pur- chased to consume the cabbage leaves and refuse vegetables on the irrigation farm. Sundry building; plans were passed, one being for ths erection of 34 houses in Glendower-street, Dowlais, by Ill" 3 Dow- lais B-tilding Society. MEDICAL OFFICER'S liEPOTJT. The Medical Officer's report was tlnn read, from which it appeared that during the fortnight ended 29th June, 201 fresh cases of sman-pox h:11 been reported he had also discovered that 44 fatal cas;s which had not previously been reported by the medic d officers had. occurred during the quarter, and these added to the' number last aunouilced, 2,158,•would make a total of 2,403 eases since the outbreak of toe ipidrniu; 31 occurred during the fortnight, making a total of 299 since the outbreak. The pestilence was now chiefly confined to the Towfi aud Plymouth wards, The Small pox Hospital at Duwiais had been closed, but it was found necessary to keep open the west wing for the purpose of receiving nine persons jvho were ill of enteric fever. OUTBREAK OF TYPHOID FEYICIL AT DOWLAIS. The Fever Arrangement Committee reported the outbreak of typhoid fever atDowlais, and that the staff of the hospital had to be kept up in consequence. They had written to request that Dr. Oresswell would be good, enough to continue to give his services as. honorary surgeon to the hospital, as he had previously dond during the prevalence of small-pox; and he nad re- plied in the aQimative that he should be most hippy to do so.—Dr. DYKI: remarked that all the cåses, of typhus fever that had as yet broken out at Dowlais, were in houses where there was either an overflowing: cesspool or a nuisance arising from imperfect drain traps. SUALI.-POX AT CEFN. The CHAIRMAN regretted to have to inform the Board that small-pox bad broken out with great virulence at Cefn. Five cases had occurred «uly yesterday and he had .been desired by the inhabitants of that place to allow some of their patients to be accommodated in the Merthyr hospital, as the disease had so much decreased here. He did not know what the feeling of ihu Board might be on the subject, and he felt some difficulty in asking it; kut there was no Local Board at Ceb, and the only sanitary authority besides tha Guardians, who- were quite unable to cope with the matter, con- sisted of the ratepayers themselves. Some discus- sion ensued on this point, many objections -being- raised but ultimately it was decided that extreme cases of small-pox might be removed to the Merthyr hospital in the ambulance provided for that purpose by the Merthyr Board of Health, all costs of removal, maintenance, medical attendance, &c., to bo defrayed by the Yayuor pvrisli authorities; this per- mission only to extend for a fortnight, and subject to the express condition that tho Yaynor authorities take immediate steps to provide accommodation for them- selves. THE KATE. Til3 Collector's sëùtellllt, showed the pmount to be collected on this account during the past quarter was £1,400 5s. of which £1,3;)[) 7s. 7d. had been col- lected, some £H3 had been allowed for uninhabited houses, and there was a small balance overdue. I Nil l K in T T E X T FILTRATION. The CHAIRMAN read a communication which he had received from Mr. Bailey Benton, requesting permission to print a circular inviting other gentlemen who took an interest iu .the subject to visit the sewage farm in company with the members of the Royal Agricultural Society, to give them an opportunity of seeing the sys- tem of intermittent filtration, as practised on the farm, in full work. The appplicatiou was granted. The Chrk read a communication from the Wimbledon Local Board, stating that the Board was about adopt- ing the system of intermittent sewage in vogue here, and asking for permission for the Surveyor to attend, before the Board and give certain information which they desired to obtain. TLe required permission was. grantee. THE EEOATTA AT PENTWYN. An application, was read from the Merthyr Boating Club fcr permission to avail themselves of the space immediately surrounding the lake at Dolygaer, en the day oj the forthcoming regatta; and make a small charge per head to each person, for the purpose of re- plenishing their funds, which were in rather a delicate condition, and to make up some prises to be roved for on the occasion. This gave,risG to a very animated discussion on the principle of denying rate- payers the right to make use of their own property, and eventually the application was negatived by a majority of six to four. The CHAIRMAN said he was strongly in favour of encouraging tbe club. The regatta afforded almost the only outing they had in this neighbour- hood, and it was always thoroughly appreciated by the people. The young fcien who composed the club were out of money Dy it, and he thought it only fair to let them do this in order to encourage them. When the meeting broke up, the Chairman in a very practical applied to those members who had opposed the application of the boating club for 2. private sub -cap- tion.



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