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i , j THURSDAY, JULY A, 1872.…




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CARDIFF WORKING MENS FLOWER SHOW. The show, which took^terday in the Drill- hall, Cardiff, naturally enoUg^t attracted considerable attention, not only on account of its intrinsic valu9 as a proof of the social improvement of the workiug classes, but as affording an indication of the progress made by the society which has for its object the encouragement of a fondness for flowers by the offer of prizes for their successful culture. No doubt the effect of .the stimulus given has been to develope into aciive rivalry the spirit of emulation among a class whose opportunities of adding to the attractiveness of their homes are few, and who possess but little leisure for this humanising pursuit. It is most satisfactory to know that, this year, the show is better than was the last; that greater taste has been displayed in the arrangement, and higher skill in the cultivation of the flowers, and that signs are not wanting of an earnest- ness of purpose on the part of the exhibitors, without the existence of which not even a flower show of humble pretensions could claim to be an aesured success. As a matter of course many ministers of religion wero present taking an active part in the proceediugs of the day. They doubtless find that men and women who take au interest in the growth of cur common flowers, are readily influenced by their teachings, and th tt thu view obtained through Nature up to Nature's God, is provocative of a desire to learn still more of Him who clathed the lilies of the field with a beauty which all the glory of Solomon could not surpass. It is en- couraging to think that in the midst of the bustle and hardship of their lives, the toil-worn workers for daily bread can turn their attention to this t^bghtfal recreation. It is evident that a primrose is some- thing better than a mere li yellow primrose and nothing more" to the Jacob Bel^s of this locality, There were proofs at the show that artistic qualities exist in connection with the critical discernment neces- sary to a successful development of the chief "points" of a plant, among the working classes and when we take into consideration the dilhculties under which they labour in rearing them, it cannot be denied that conai- derable credit is due to the exhibitors. During the afternoon the Marquis and Marchioness of Bute visited tbe show. The attendance was very good throughout the day, and particularly after six o'clock, when the spacious hall was crowded to excess. The hon. secretaries, the Rev. J, H. Prothero and illr. E. H. Cox, discharged their onerous duties in a commendable manner, and much of the success of the show is due to their exertions. In addition to the numerous exhibitions by the competi- tors, a choice selection of flowers and plants from the; grounds of the Marquis of Bute decorated the room. I whilst a number of rare plants from Mr. Treseder's added to the attractions of the Show. The judges were Mr. Treseder, Mr. Cox (Lord Bute's gardener), Mr. Gaskell, Mr. Drane and Mr. Hatch (New Cemetery). We append a list of their awards which W believe gave universal satisfaction. TOWN DISTRICT. Class 1.—Two show geraniums, 1st prize, 5s., Sarah Marks, 12, Eisteddfod-street; 2nd, 4s., Mrs. Young, t 42, Gough-street; 3rd, 3s., Su-an Morgan. 10, Sandon- road. Class 2.—One show geranium, 1st, 2s. 6d, Mrs. Hillier, 23, Gough-street; 2nd, 2B., Samuel Marks, 12, oria- Eisteddfod-street; 3rd, Is, 6d., Mrs. Cox, 2, Victoria- street. Class 3.-Two sweet-scanted geraniums, 1st, 5s, Mrs. Groves, 37, Tyndal-street; 2nd, 4s., Miss Thorn, 6, Bridge-street; 3rd prize not awarded. Class 4.—One sweet-scented geranium, Is prize, 2s. (id., Mrs. Hughes, 12, Park-street; 2nd, 2s., Aim Griffith, 4 Hill's-terrace 3rd, Is. Od., David Fisher, 1, Gough- street. Class 5.—Two horse-shoe or Zonale geraniums, 1st, 5s., Annie Nurton, 19, Wood-street 2nd, 4s., Mrs. Groves, 37, Tyndal-street; 3;-(.1, 3s., Mrs. Cox, 2, Vic- toria-sfcreet. Class 6.—One horse-shoe or Zonale geranium. 1st, 2s. Gd., Mrs. Rees, West Church-street 2IK', 2. W. F. Bucknell, North Church-street; 3rd, Is. 6d., Jane Hughes, 12, Park-street. Class 7.—Two scarlet geraniums, 1st, 5s., not adjudged; 2nd, 4s., Mrs. Groves, 37, Tyndal-street; 3rd, as., lVIr. Millard, 1, Park-place-cottages. Class 8.—One scarlet geranium, 1st, 2s. 6d., Mrs. Howells, 29, Frederick-street; 2nd, 2s., Mr". Groves, 37. Tyndal-street; 3rd, Is. Gd., William Lomas, 14, Gougli- street. Class 9.—Two geraniums (tricoloured zonales), 1st, 5s., Mrs. Groves, 37, Tyndal-street 2nd, 4s, Mrs. Hughes, 12, Park-street; 3rd, 3s., Mrs. Cnandier. 11, Gough-street. Clit,s 10. One scarlet geranium (tri-coloured zonale, 1st, 2s. Od., W. F. Bucknell, North Church-street; 2nd, '2s., not adjudged; 3rd, Is. (xl.,Thomas Bathe, 15, Gough- street. Class 11.—Two variegated-leaved geraniums, 1st, 5s., James Jones. 42. Wood-street; 2nd, 4s., Mrs. Collins, 9, West Church-street; 3rd, 3s., Mr. Groves, 37, Tyndal- street. Class 12. One variegated-leaved geranium, 1st, 2s. Gd., not adjudged; 2nd, 2s., Mrs. Collins, 9, West Church- street; 3rd, Is. 6d., Miss Matilda Groves, 37, Tyndal- street. ■'••'• Class 13. Two fuschias, 1st, 58, Charles Fry, 3, Gough-street; second, 4s., Mrs. Hillier, 8, Union-street; third. 3s., Mrs. Young, 32, Gough-street. Class 14.—One fuschia, first, 2. 6d., Mrs. Barry, 15, Sandou place second, 2s., James Jones, 42, Wood- street third, Is. 6d., Mrs. Groves, Tyndall-street. Clas 115. -Two shrubby calceolarias, first, 5s., Mrs. Ann Thomas, 10, Victoria-street ecovl. 4s., Mrs. Young, 42, Gough-street; third, Mary Hughes, Park-street.. Class IG.-One shrubby calceolaria, 1st, 2.:1, Cd., Mn. Cox, 2, Victoria-street: 2nd, 2s., Mrs. Howcil, ø, Frederick-street; 3rd, Is. Gd., Susan Morgan, Sandou- road. Class 17.—Two herbaceous calceolarias. No competi- | tion. Class 18.-No competition. •Class 19,—One musk, 1st, 4s., Mrs. Young, Gough- street; 2nd, 3s., Mrs. Collis 3s., W. F. Buekneil, North Church-street; extra prize, Is. Gd., John Tanner, 8 Edward-street. Class 20.-0ne mignionete, lt, 4s., \V. F. Bucknell; 2nd, 3s., Mrs. Groves, Tyndal-street; 3rd, 2s., Mrs. Chandlier, Gough-street. Class 21.-0ne petunia, 1st. 4s., Mrs Beans, 33, Ed- ward street; 2nd; 3s., Susan Morgan, 10, Sandon-road; 3rd prize not adjudged. ( Class 22.- One myrtle, 1st, 4s., Ann Thomas, 16, Vic- toria-street; 2nd, 3s., Ann Morgan, 12, Wood-street; 3rd. 2s., Mrs. Groves, Tyndali-street. Class 23. — One rose, 1st, 4s. Mrs. Groves, Tyndal- street; 2nd, 3s., David Hughes. 12, Park-street; 3rd, 2s., Mrs. Williams, 5, Sandon-place. Class 24.—One lemon plant, or scented verbena, 1st, 4s., Mrs. Groves, Tyndal-street; 2nd, 3s., Mr. W. F. Buck- well, North Church-street; 3rd, 2s., Mary Hughes, 12, Park-street. Class 25.—One aloe of any kind, 1st, is., not adjudged 2nd, 3s., Mrs. Woods, 11, Tunnell-street 3rd, 2s., not adjudged. Class 26. -One drooping or hanging window plant, 1st, 4s., not adjudged nd, 3s., James Jones, 42, Wood- street 3rd, 2s., Mrs. Millard, Park-place cottages. Class 27.-Any plant, in or out of bloom, not named in the list of prizes, 1st, 4s., Mrs. Rees, 5, Masons' Arms- cottages; 2nd, 3s., Matilda Groves, 37, Tyndall-street; 3rd, 2s., Jafie Hughes, 12, Park-street; 4tli, 23., Mary Morgan, 27, Union-street; 5th, Is. 6i., Annie Nurton, 19, Wood-street; Gtli, Is., Mrs. Young, Gough-street. Class 28.:—For the best nosegay of flowers from cotta- gers' gardens 1st, 3s., Thomas Charles, 8, Morgan-street 2nd, 2s. Gd.. David Jenkins, 13, Eistedd&jd-streefc; 3rd, 2s, Moses Morgan, 27, Union-street. COUNTRY DISTRICT. Class 29. -Two pelargoniums, 1st, 5: Stephen Stokes, Severn-road second, 4s., Mrs. Vincombe, 13, Elm-street; 3rd, 3s., William David, 31, Picton-place. Class 30.—Two geraniums (tri-coloured Zonales), 1st, 5s., John Bowden, 1, Seven Oaks-street, Grange-town second, 4s., Mrs. Williams, 24, Oakley-street, GrangJ- town 3rd, 3s., William Jones, 44, Wellington-street. Class 31. Two horse-shoe or Zouale geraniums, 1st 5s., Mrs. Sutton, 31, Oxford-street; 2nd, 4s., Wm. Perry, Melrose Cottage," Canton;, 3rd, 3s., William Jones, Wellington-street, Canton. Class 32.—Two scarlet geraniums, 1st, 5s., Stephen Stokes, Severn-road; 2nd, 4s., Mr. Williams, Grange- town 3rd, 3s,, John Bowden, Grange-town. Class 33.-Two sweet-scented geraniums, 1st, 5s., Mrs. Williams, Grange-town 2nd. 4s., John Day, Edward-street, Canton 3rdt 3s., William Jones, 44, Wellington-street. Class 34.-Two fuschias, 1st prize, 5s., William Perry, Melrose Cottage; 2nd, 4s., John Day, Edward-street, Canton 3rd, 3s., John Bowden, Grange-town. Class 35.—Two calceolarias, 1st prize, 5s., Mrs. Thomas, 19, Comet-street; 2nd, 4s., John Day, Edward- street 3rd, 3s., Mrs. Ridgeway, 20, Comet-street. Class 36—One musk, 1st, 4- Mrs. Barclay, 4, Bute Cottages; 2nd, 3s., Stephen Stokes, Severn-road; 3rd, 2s., Mrs. Williams, Grange-town. Class 37.-0ne petunia, 1st, 4s., James Bond, 39, Welliii.p.ton-street Lti(i Ss., Mrs. Gay, 126. Wellington- street; 3rd, 2s., Mr. C. Pride, Pontcanna extra prize, Is., John Bowden, Grange-town. Class 38.—One mignionette, 1st, 4s., Mrs. Barclay, Bute Cottages 2nd, 3s., William Jones, 44, Wellington- street; 3rd, 2s., C. Pride, Pontcanna. 1 Class 39.—Any plant, in or out of blossom, not named in the list of prizes, 1st, 4s., Henry Thomas, 32, Eclipse- street; 2nd, 3s., Sarah Lock, 2, Atlas Terrace 3rd, 3s., Stephen Stokes, Se\era-road; 4th, 2s. 6d., William David, 31, Picton-ph ce; 5th, 2s. Gd., Mrs. Dyke, 2, Market-street, Canton; 6th, 2s., Mr. C. Pride, Pont- i canna 7th, 2s., E. M. Lewis, castle-road; 8th, Is. Gd., William Perry, Melrese Cottage. Class 40. For the best nosegay of flowers from cottagers' gardens, 1st, 2s., Ann Morgan, Llanrlaff; 2nd, 2s. 6d., Miss Rees, Con way-road, Cantoii 3rd, 2s., C. Pride, Pontcanna. Class A.- Open to country exhibitors. The best guoup of window plants (not exceeding nine in number, with a first prize floral card in gilt frame), 1st, 10s., Mrs. Wil- liams, Gvange-towu; 2nd, 7s. 6d., William Evans, Toll- gate, Canton 3rd, 5s., Maria Howden, Sevenoaks-street, Grange-town; extra prize, 3s. 6d., Thomas Bathe, 15, Gough-street. Class B.—The best nosegay of wild flowers, 1st, 3s., Mrs. Grandy, 13, Elm-street; 2nd, 2s. üd., Wm. Reed 3rd, 2s., Rosa Williams, 24, Oakley-street, Grange-town 4th, 2s., Clara. Green, Llaadaff 5th, Is. Gd., Esther Kemp, 2. CcinNvay-road 6th, Is., Elizabeth Bowden, Sevenoaks-street. Class C.—The best basket of wild flowers, 1st 3s., Mrs. Grandy, 13, Elm-street2nd, 2s. 6d., Mary Saunderson, Llandaff; 3rd, 2s;, Mary Jane Howell, Llandaff; 4th, 2s., Lily Williams, Oakley-street. Grange-town 5th. 2s. Gd., Mrs. Williams, Oakley-street. Exra Cl-Lss.-F' i- best basket of cut flowers, 1st prize 5s., Joseph Poole, Sophia-gardens. Groupe'of f,rm-Ist prize 3s. Gcl" C. Pride, Pontcanna; 2nd, 2s. Gel., Mr. Beams, 33, ï';dwarri-street.. Messrs. Roberts and Johnson's string band was in attendance, and went through a well selected programme.

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