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a OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IBTHB o-ttTTTH VALES DAILY NEWS.I FOR SINGLE INSERTIONS. loInS. s. d. LINES. s. d. "1 to 4 10 7 Co 3 C 0 6 t9 6 .16 t» to 10 ii C And 3d. for every additional Line. A Liberal Discount allowad f<>r a series of Consecutive Insertions. Tradesmen's Advertisements and Business Announcements of all kinds, when ordered for a month and upwards, are subject to special terms, according to vhs uufiiber of insertions and the space occupied. Parliamentary Notices, Prospectuses of Public Companies. Le?al Notices, and Enaction Addresses, are charged (id. per iiise i'>r eaoa naertion. o CHEAP PE.Er.A7u ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertisements of the imder-iiienfcioned classes are charged as follows CNF, THREX 8rX VORSQ. OKSKTIGS. ISSEKTIOXS. KS>;3.TI0N3. d. s. d. s. d. Two 13 as 1 0 16 ThREB 27 y 1 (J -2 3 FOUK .3d 10 20 SO Fr. 3 2 6 3 S'x M 16. 30 46 Each additional line of ") r « „ Nine words 0 3 •• 0 6 »• <>9 bawled* EBBW VALE.—Wanted, a strong LAD, as an Apprentice at John Williams's. Grocer, Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale. 1500 W"ANTED, an Experienced Young Ladv, for GENERAL DRAPERY. Welsh i ndisoensable.— Apply to R. T. Jeremy, Mertfryr.. Htji) "V^V"ANTED, an experien ced MILLINER, capable of serving | T T Welsn customers. State age, experience, salary, reference, Maurice Pric.. Draper. 1471 TO TALLOW CHANDLERS.—Wanted, a Tallow Chandler, of good character.—Aor-ly k> J. and C. Sankey, Angel-street. 1488 l.'S;RS A, D PAI;>S.-WAJS'TED, for a permanency, e-branch HA.'iD, also a plain HAND and an -J., Mertnvr. 14S2 during. tits 3hGW, a PASTRY COOK; al«.),~a .) BARKER, at R. Benjamin's, 14, Trinity-itreet, l B AND a respectable Young ..?-fadooft Address, stating age, wages, (Sc., W. Hills, p 'ansca. OUSTS.-—Situation wasted, for three months, by a t, who his passed the Minor, and ptirpti-es 'it ildou during the October Session. Address, VV., 19, Page- wan sea. .'URNOYERS. A Vaca.icy for a TURNOVER at Case and Machine. Apply, at the Cardiff Times Office. ILEr,ii.-IVanted by a Young Man, 23, a situation as Cierk, j Collector, or Traveller. Address, M. li. Post Office, Skettv, rO MACHINE I'EEDEIiS.—Wanted, a MACHINE FEEDER, accustomed to Newspaper work.—Apply at the South Wale* JTniiii AY'idai Office. Cardiff. 18»0 fltD ENGINEERS—Wawted, » few good FITTERS and TtTRX- JL ERS. Apply to George Whiles cc Co., Phamix Iron W.j-'ks, near Strond.. 1384 ANTED, a SCHOOLMASTER for Llanfairisgaer National TV School. Eur particulars, apply to the Rev. Henry Parr; vicar of u!an;airisgne». Carnarvon. 13S3 WANTED, TWO Young Men as LIGHT PORTERS for night V V work.—Apply at the South lVale8 Daily yews Office. ::3CG WANTEI), a HAND; carible of W*,Id")" dressing. "U eisn, necessary. Also. a respectable Youth as an .APPRENTICE.—App;y, with all particulars, to H. G. E.dwards, draper, Bridgend. u 1308 IV ANTED, immediately, a Good General SERVANT, able to »T cook, wash and iron. Good character indispenc aVi *.— Apply to H. G. Edwards, draper, Eridgend.. 1307 TO TAILORS.-j-WANTED, Four good, steady Workmen. Constant employment and good wages. Apply to J. Morgan, liaesteg. 13.50 11 JAILORS.—Two good hands wanted. Twenty-four Shillings a P week.' Seven to ve;1. Overtime, 4id. an hour. E. IwMnas-, tailor, Caerphilly. 1339 CARDIFF 1NFIliMARY. —A TENT or MARQUEE, to accom- modate twenty .persona, Is desired for the summer months. AppJy'w) tho House Surgeon. 1333 ARDIFF- IN-FIRMARY.-IVaaited, a PORTER, who would €ARDIFF. INFIRMARY.—Wanted, a PORTER, who would id SO tak3 ehargo oi the garden. V.'ages, £ 16 a year, with board, lodging, and washing. Applications, stating full particu- lars as to age, &c.. with testijitoriials, to be sent to the House ftui-gpon, before the 16th inst. 1508 FARM BAILIFF.—Wanted by an experienced married Man, aged 32. a situation as Fa:ia Bailiff. Thoroughly acquainted wih an t!etail'S, -and coiifpctent to purchase and take care of stock. Address fey letter, 3, Mcntgomerv Place, Roath, Cardiff. 12S.). IJjteMALE ATTENDANTSi and SERVANTS wanted. Wages 7 range from £ 12 to year, with board, lodging, and ■waeliiAg. Apply, with testimonials and full particulars, to the I i Modical Superintendent, Glamorgan County Asylum, Bridsev. J. 1361 -T- WiV^rTED.—A MAN-SERVANT, single, in-doors. t5 take charge of one or more horse. willing to make himse'f useful in t'ae house. Character-from last place indispensii-ble. For further information, ono uire, A.E.F., South JVaUo D7HY Nels Office, Cardiff. 1;;01 TK JO CAPITALISTS.—A PARTNER would be Admitted into a JL sour.ds.TMl lucrative Bt.sciess in Swindon. About £ 1000 "*>uld 00 reo^uuod to bp invested. Apply by letter, flr3t instance, gVing ilesiis. Kianeir and Toombs, Solicitor^, &%idon. 1. "WfcT"ANTED, a Situation by a competent person, as OVZ3- T.OO-^Elt, &j., baying- had considerable exi^risiio-? with •Jkeanifere oirrytag passenger, &c., to New York.— Aadress, D. Hileox, lit, ite.I Rock-street, West Derb^. -road, Iiivarpcol. *1440 fJ^O BRA1'ER3' AbShsTANTS.—WANTED immediately at: ex- Ji pcriciw- OFNi.: MAN, also a FEMALE ASSISTANT. A respectable \outh or a youisg Lady would also be treated with as atiTAt4WfeBt;ce. Applr, statirj} lull'particulars, to WIL ri>v-os, (MlC. Trede?: 1339 TITAATlfc>, one New or Second-hand BOILER, gg or Sat end ▼ » ^i ■-•S by 4 ft. 6 in. diameter. One ditto uii;e, it. long b\" ■- ft. (HaiiiSter. Each to stand a pressure not les-? t '.111 701bs. inch.V-Apply toJdr. Daniel, Morriston. J-aly 1st, 1873'. 1490 :n Cardiff, a Wliolesale'' for y y Oi the Cocoa Coiriimental Food for Horses aivi Cuttle. It is r.o-.v by Corsumers to be the best and most ec?-r.o- luicai id tho raaruot. .i.dress, Palmer and Company, 39, V>i'.s->:i- stroc*. Finsbury^ l«Mou, E.C. 7dl flic £ AXi> AGB*vx», ÀCCTIONEË INSURAXCe"agESTS, (Üd ot -WA-NTEF), AGENTS in all Towns iii E:!giand where none ar? :>pTX)inted, to act for the Burlington and M'ssour; River RaOroad Company. Pamphlets and printed matter for free s di: tnbiiiiun Supplied.—For terms of commission, &c.. apply to.t,"e Burlington arut Missouri River Railroad Company, U. S"Uth CastW-strcet. Liveriwol. or 25, Moorgate-street, London. 1-69 -1 ol -be Yet, TO BE LET. from rebrursry, 1873, some large Farms, south '->f Ciowrndge. Apply. X.C.C.C. County Club. Carats?. 1349. CARDIFf-—:To LET, HOLSE and SHOP, in Caroiine-street. Appl-ft to Price a^u .^s, Cardiff House, Cardiff. 1352 J CARDIFF.-—A BEDROOM and SITTING-ROOM TO LET, c Funrishej. Address 52, Adam-street, New Town. lv!u u I ROYAL Sriow .—TO BE LET, during the Agriculture! Show, a iujclrcoTV. and Sittmy-room, at 40, Oxford-street, H^ih. 14..031 ROYAP SHOtV>-TO BE LET, during the Agricultitr?-' Show, 2, glttiGg-room. and Three Bedrdoms, at 6, Anc'treet Cardiff. 1 USO oyAL SHOW, CARDIFF.—FARM HOUSE TO LET, con- ta/nmg 9 rooms; stable, and coach-house, if required 3 also *• accodaWGii tor 50 horses. Apply T.E., Post Office, Cathay?. 14 vV-A-L SnO\\ .—x^art of a large Furnished House < LET. at \j iredegarvide, during the Agricultural Show. Address, cf t¡lis pu)>er. 1507 A COITAL SHOP and Boot and Shoe Business to LET, in St. lary-straet, Cardiff^-For particularr, aiply to W. ar.d s. Herri, york-ug-jtreet, Cardiff. 1403 ^A'TOlt.— HOUSE to LET, No. 16, Picton-j>c?; reat 1; loaerate.—Apply to- Vviliiam W. Thomas, Ely Farm, Cardt, —— 1439 TJiDEGAR 1ILLE. in oe UET, a Fufrniahed and one or mere Bedr ;ns in the Parade. Address C. D., t C o Opic'T, 1335 '1 13^ PiiOA^. TO be cliT, for the term of the Saow, a XV.lTTilva-ROOM and Three BEDROOMS.— Applv 0, Weliin„. ton^rrace. 1477° )YAL SETOW, CARDIFF.-To be LET during the -%rtcul- tural or for 7, 14, or 21 days, in Crockherbto-va, 0De V* Parlour. 22 by 16 feet, well furiiisbdd also two' Front Bed J'o(Jl3.-Apply, letter, to M.S.J., Cardiff Timet otBca, CiRjjj No epty a negactve. i'495 ro be Liii, a HOUSE tn Loucion-gquare1. Rent moderate J. Also. No. 2, Cornish Villas, Llandaff-road, consisting of roomsand gata^n. For further particulars, pply to hotT. John Batch6lorf Bute Docks. 11 354 To be LET, FARM with* 70 Atres of Land, nearly all Pasture good Orchards and Building* Present occupier gtvim. fanning la ccas^ence «' illness. Live and Dead ?toefc anJ] Furniture to taken at A valuation Apply Ir. G. Coie, Farp-, Bvtcori?; e, Somerset. 1502 -T^TAR^/INSTER HOUSE, C0^;L>RII)G!• ROADTC^; ▼ T TON.—TO BE LET, during the Agricultura. SHE?# ;I DRAWING-R(_K M and BEDROOM on first floor, wed I': "Ti[, ExtrA. bedrooa^s if required.—Apply as above. 1479 SWANSEA. io be LET, with inunediate possession. No. gt. Hele*i's-rovi, containi'ig drawing, dining, and i- ^kfast- rooms. five beatooms, kitehen, scullen*, cellar, china anli other offices. Apply to a. Paton, 50, Oxford-st., Swanse: 129! Lof;vma; -ot Six Minutes walk from the Koy v. 311 0;, a Lady and Gentleman, or Two Gentlemen, can of acconi- mcda'ed wit:i nighly respectable Drawing-room and Ter»s-v ti\ Breakfast—app'y 31, Croft Street, Roiit. Cardiff. Good Stao'c aitu Coachhouse if required. L).-To be LET, SPRINGFIELD VILLA, In f,,H J_ view of tr.e sea garden back and front, with .supply or sprttg water. Also, t. be LET viCTORIA-EOI:SE, near the Beach. Apply, Myrtle Cottage, Portishsad or. to J. Wintle and Co., Clare-street, Bristol, ° 1389 -t- THE r:,O\'AL SHOW. -Ti>~be^ LET.^dorinthe perH^f^Te Show, a famished HOUSE, in Windsor-place '(clc^e to Show Yard) containing dining and drawing rooms, a.l feu!" or five bedrooms.—pply at the South Wales Daiiy Neia»0^i-e Cardiff. THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHbw AT CA?-D.Fp^ APABTSIEirrS to LET, in Dumfries-place, where supLj—. acc'jmir. l-iation and attendance can be secured during th* Show. The house is situated nearly opposite the grounds ot the Marquis of Bute, and in the most pleasapt and fashlonablsj^rt of the low. Apply to Miss Hartland, Ormonde, ,ini- fries-plaoo, C:1rl:E. 13i:; rrHE ROYAL AGRICULJCRAL SHOW.-A FURNTS^EP I HOlJE. to LET, in Crookherbtown, Cardiff.—A HOUSE, TredegarvUle, for SALE eight rooms.—!To be LET. Nc s. I .t, Clarendon-place, Partridge-road, Roath.—To be LET. an OFFICE, in Butg-crescer,t.—To be LET, a large SHOP, in Bute-road, near the Docks. Apjily to L. Hopkins, 16, Parade, Trecegarvilie. 14^4 CE^N.—TO be LET, with immediate possession, the Do^ble- Licpnaed House, tlie BELL INN, Cefn, near Merthyr, sittiate c\>e to the-Cefn Station on the Brecon and llerthyr aaUwav ccnilng 7, including- the Stock-in-Trade. Eottsehcld Farail ture ,.A .t;, Ueilse lip t-, October next. Unless-taken before Tiu.rod.vy, tiie 4th tost, the contents of the house witf he Sold hv .Al1cthl1 'ÙT!f j:,—For particulars, apply to fj. E,'¡1,s and Avotioneera, PJd. lijl/ 1^5TO«~-S>rPER-?.IARE. -To Fancy Repository Xeepe;-« T.. Ktatiottew, arid others.—To LET, in a wadingthA^it! f^ a »ai>idly-!mprov5ng- waterfng-piace, a 'IVY, ST- *P,:>NEUY, ard GENERAL FANCY BUSINESS, with Circulating Jj .:r-rj* att^shed^ goodwill, stock, and fixtures at valuation"; f1" e fJ' letting- furnished apartments immediate P'/ssegsion' ni. y.hs bftc satuifaitory reasons g!vea for disposal. For fix-'her apply to Mr. Aubrey Miller, a.icticneer and IL,-ginecs broker, We.s too-super-Mare. 1[,1)3 ,UI:5 ¡,t!, t'íCUtr (!;4JU!lU. FOR SALE, TWO HOUSES in Peter-street. Ailv at No. 11, JU Bedfc r 1-place. 1237 SEA -ONED OAK SPOli ESÏor Sale at BonviIsto:,lieax Cardiff C? Address L. Price. 095 r I^OR SALE, a good substantial I'HcETON. Price Eight Guineas. A bargain, owner having no furtlr uwe far it,. Apply at the Cardiff Time* OflK*. 1303 SjiUR SALE, acapital HAULIER'S WAGGON, ijtte iiew.—For .1..1 price lUlU paittculars apply to Cteorge Davis; i New Oxforcl- si.'eet, Swansea. 129^ ^Jj^VVu HOL'SEd tor SALE at Tcmperauce-town; ardiff. Apply t J. to Mr. David thomas, 24, Higu-street. two Blil'ii WCKS.-t- ott aHuCSE and S, '2;{', James- Stretft, liute Docks, store, Loft, and btaie attached.— 1,<ij;;u blr..11. waiiivm:, Oil the preunses. 140^ MO PICTURE FRAME MAKERS.—TO BE i>LD, a great JL Bargain, about 1,000 feet of FRAME MOULMNQS, diffe- rent sorts. Giving up the -Apply at once tcJ-^iiES MOOUK, 7, Bute-street, Cardiff. 1406 COACHBUILDERS and WHEELWRIGHT'S PJSINESS in- j creasing and populous country towll; nC1 otier business of th<? kind satisfactory reasons given.—Apply, Mr. Jourtice, jun., Coach and Cart Spring, Patent Axle, and Scrotilron Manufac- turer, 106, Redcliff-strest, Bristol. 1390 MONTGOMERYSHIRE and SALOP (on the B<rders of).—For SALE, a beautiful ESTATE, of 190 Acres, intersected by turnpike road, and but three miles from a Station Rent, t22s. Apply to Bell, Williams, and Son, Land Agents, wd Agricultural Auctioneers. 40, North John-street, Liverpool. 13SG FOR SALE, STEAM CRANE LIFT, nearly two tons, with large boiler, steam-pump, and fittings, coppir pipes, and all complete boiler, capable of generating steam to supply two ordinary steam winches and crane, all workiiif together crane and boiler equal to new. To be sold cheap.—Mr. T. M'1, ward Engineer, &c., 1, Ferryside. Swan.sea. 1303 To Gentlemen desiring Occlpation or Retireafut.-For SAE, a nice little FARM of Eight Acres of escelJcnt Frecd Land, called" Nantyg-lyu," in North Wales ith &c. This property being conveniently situated near ,olwyu Station—the most picturesque and salubrious spot olythe s.ea coast between Mostyn and Holyhead—renders it a beallful slte for a gentleman's modern residence. Price £ 926. 'PP];' ^t0 Wataon, 1.5, Fen wick-street, Liverpool. MONMOUTHSHIRE.—Valuable and important VKEH'd-^ ESTA'fE of upwards of »00 Acres, with JiESIDfC-E,farm House, and Agricultural -Buildings. The la»d copnses rich arable, meadow, and Jiasture, handsomely timber, and 111 a beautitul country, offering many advantageg for '?ratln or investment. Price £ 30 per acre.—articul'll's ol'-KK1;J!AX an« SLABE, Land Agents and Valuers, 8, Retfent-stet, Waterloo- place, London. 13C8 ("^HEAP FARMS IN VIRGINIA U.S.—FC ONE YEAR'S j RENT of an English Farm, an ESTATE, good condition, and with a guaranteed title. can be noUGHT iifliGINIA. Soil jery fertile, elimate healthy, labour cheap, lua|lf5r^ English families already settled in tbc saiue strict, rorpartic- ulars apply (enclosing stamp) to J. J. A'RF.W, 27, Fmsbury Pavement, London, E.C. 1S71 TO be SOLD, by Privat Treaty a broughly-estahlished Urst-closs HOTEL, with a few Acre^f LAND, replete with all modern conveniences, and cominandina good business. Also, a FARM, with House and buildings, eontning forty-four acres of Land, of the most superior quaHty. 13h of the above are situ- ated close to the shore, in the niostariving localities on the coast of North Wales. All freehold Apply to Mr. Richard Roberts, Surveyor and Valuer. st. A»ai. 1373 TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE pONRACT, that old-established PUBLIC HOUSE, kr-ownby the NEW LVX also a, piece of productive or'arding adjoining, situate at Newton, in the parish of Yarkh; on the road leading from Hereford to Worcester, now in t1 occupation of Mr. Smith. Also two COTTAGES and GARDfS, with Orchard adjoining, and two pieces of Pasture Land, frt planted with fruit trees, situate at Steensbriclge, in the paih of Humber, near the road leading from Leominster to BrouVrd, now in the occupation of Mr. Gatehouse. Also a COTTAG and GARDEN, with Orchard adjoining, situate at Sliirlheath, the parish of Kingsland, now in the occupation of John Parry. For particulars, apply to Mr. John Cave, Monkland, Leoxainstt 1379 I -$t. A POCKET-BOOK, in the trn between LLaneih- and Swansea, June 17th. Any one reirning it to Rev. Thomas Levi, Heathfield Place, Swan sea, shabe amply rewarded. 1476 JUisctlnnCOllS. E FIELDING, BILL iS.TER and DISTRIBUTOR, Taff- street, Pontypridd. 1473 MOUMENTAL. MOUMENTAL. |Vl"ONIT5XEjfTS, C'jsses, and Tablets, in granite, -i-T 1_ marble, or stone.—feigns and estimates forwarded on ap- plication tc T. JONES, Peirth-road Entrance. Cardiff. 218 OCR FUTURE SeV< Years, six stamps; Lifetime, twelve; JL Love Charm, sixten- State age. Methratton, 76, Post- office, Daventry. 6ó4 TO THE SHOE TRAFT.—Now ready, complete, with 3li large Diagrams, priee 3>; Meears's new Work 011 OLICKING, Wholesale and Bespoke Also. PATTERNS, of every description, Is. per set. Address, A.f. Meears, 647, Old Kent-road, Londou. 1501 public vlmuscments. TTICTONU ROOMS, ST. MARY- STREET, CARDIFF. SOLE PROPPIEI()P- Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN. E%-ery Evening daring the week, GRAND CONCERT AND CHARACTERISTIC 'ENTERTAINMENTS. CHANGE OF ARTISTES EVERY WEEK. REFRESHMENTS AT THE BAR. Admissh'^First Class, Is.; Second Class, 6d. Doors opeij at Half-past S^ef, to commence at Eight. Saturdays half-an-hour earlier 241 -p- ^ulJlic Notices. IMPORTANT. TO GOODrEMPLARS, TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES, AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. fTIHE SWANSEA LODGES OF THE I.O.G.T. a liav arranged for a rUTlLl' MEETING AND ENTERTAINMENT, IITLTTHD MUSIC LULL. SWANSEA. On Tl LSDAY, the 16th JULY Next. For particulars see Hand-bills. TIket, Tea and Entertainment, One Shilling. For Public Ieemgand Entertainment, 0.1. To be had at ROWSE, Stationer, ROSSER, Heathfteld-street; CORIS, Castle-street; and ILt the various Lodges. 132S ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. Tr, CARDIFF MEETING. «IALS OF PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, THRESHING MACHINES, STRAW AND HAY ELEVATORS. con RESING MACHINES, &a, JULY (STIT to 18TH inclusive. ADII[SlilON 2s. 6d. each day. 1355 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. CARDIFF MEETING. ICON- TRANSFERABLE TICKETS, Price j- Half-a-Guinea, admitting the holder to the Show-yard and 'iV ar(*' Ac 1 av,a 'io f°r re-admission on everv dav of the Show >na Trials of implements, may be obtained of Messrs. LEWIS & » ILLIAMs, Duke-street, Cardiff, or of H. M. JENKINS, Secietarw I' Hanover-square, W. 1357 THE SWAN SEA ROYAL & SOUTH WALES UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY. (Enrolled pursuant to Act of Parliament.) Claims paid during the last twelve months. £1.593 Is. lOld, Active AGENTS wanted in the FOREST OF DEAN. 4 For terms, &c., apply to the Secretary, CASTLE CHAMBERS CASTLE-SQUARE. SWANSEA. 1290 NEATH AND BRECON RAILWAY. The Trains of this Company now run in connection with those of the Mid-Wales tmd other Companies at Brecon. Through Tickets are issued to Builth, Rhayader, Llanidloes and other stations on the Mid-Wales also to Llandrindod, Knighton Shrewsbury, and all the principal stations on the London and Nortb-Western via Builth Road. Midland arrangements are in progress. 1095 II. ST. G. CAULFIELD. TO GOOD TEMPLARS, TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES, AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. HHHE SWANSEA LODGES of the I.O.G.T. -L have arranged for a PUBLIC MEETING and ENTERTAIN- MENT at the Music-hail, Swansea, 011 TUESDAY, the 16th July next. For particulars see handbills. Tickets-Tea and Entertainment, Is. Public Meeting and Entertainment, 6d. 1444 TO THE LIBERALS OF GLAMORGAN- SHIRE. ALL PERSOXS desirous of having their NAMES on the REGISTER of VOTERS, must send their CLAIMS on proper /arms to the Overseers of 'their respective parishes, on or before the 20th ot JULY, 1872. FORMS OF CLAIMS, and any information, can be had firatis on application to Mr. T. H. DA VIES, Registration Agent, 1432 Adelaide Chambers, Swansea. THE LLANDYSSIL WEEKLY MARKET. Provision Merchants and others are: respectfully informed that a sunply óf BUTTER, CHEESE, BACON. &c., &c., Will be regularly proYided at this Pro Committee, 14TIf Pro T-. J. D. THOMAS, Secretary. Return Tickets at Is, 6d ner roiil fr*i;n frnm Lland.vsfeil, Marchlst. 1872. Garnurtiie.r.^ ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. CARDIFF MEETING. RI REAT SHOW GP HORSES. CATTLE, £ 'y'GS' AND IMPLEMENTS, LDTII to 19TH inclusive. MONDAY m'sS'on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY perS0I!" THURSDAY AND FRIDAY i' 11 1356 mop n T° BYILDE^SlCONTRACTORS. rpHE Commitcee of the Baptist Church, at Elim, -L Penydarren, Merthr Tvdfil TENDERS for certain alterations and Wnnv'.H i>ar0,' >> -° f,v'!cei^e Plans and Specifications may be seen at the Rev° T OweSThe minister of the Church. s> U1B Tenders uiust be sent *ii on or before Ilonflay, the 8th day of next. before 12 at n,')Oll. anyhtendeTIUiUee do iiot bind tlremselves to accept the lowest or any tender. Penydarren, Merth^r, 28th June, 1872^ PVANS, Secreta^ CASTELL COCH BIUDGE ACT, 1872. LYOTICE IS HEREBY^GIVEN, that the Cas- tell Cocli Bridge Board are prepared to receive TEVDKRS for the ERECTION of a BRIDGE across the river Taff Castell Coch, as authorised by the above Act. in accordance \'ith plans and specifications prepared by Messrs. Dobson, Brown and Adams, and to be seen on application at their Offices, Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff, on ami after the 1st July. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Castell Coch Bridge Tender to he sent to me, on or before the 12th July next."•ar(1 :i0t ',le<lse themselves to accept the lowest or ail}' By order, 1, W. P. STEPHEN,40N, Clerk Dated, 21, Queen-street, Cardiff, 25th Juno, 1S72. 1337 GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. "RATIONAL RIFLE CONTEST AT WIM- J^l ELEDON. -First, Second, and.Third Clasq RETURN TICKETS to LONDON at SINGLE FAR™ for ti e Do^ Journey, will be issued to Volunteers in Bniform on FIUDAY JL-LY 5th and Following Days, available for Return uu to TI ES- CAY, JI'LY 23rd inclusive. 1 Third Class Tickets available by Xitird Class Trains on] 'J. GItIERSON, General Manager Padilington Terminus. 14 æ uu !-1; 1 j QRYSTAL PALACF COMPETITION. SOUTH WALE^ORAL UNION. CEfAIII.)IA-N. -The Rev. Canon J. D.D., Vicar of- Aberdare.. 'iKEASUKiJU.—■Tlie Rev. M.A., Ph.D., Aberdar*. SECRETARIES -L D; BRYTHONTRJ^FCTH?, Aberdare. EcltElAhlES ( Dd. Rosser, .niar, Subscriptions towards t.J expenses fund are earnestly and re- specttulJj solicited. LI OF SLUJCMBERS. £ 8. <L 8ull1s ¡tlready ¡tcknodg-et.! 433 2 3 Lord iiisiwl) of 1-ullr 110 VV. Harris, Esq., jc-■ Merthyr.110 Captiiin Russell, j>h Glamoi^an R'.V. 0 10 0 Mr. T. B. Meredi Merthyr Gnion 0 10 6 Edward Esp, Es> Newport 0 10 0 Mr. John John Cardin-atrept, Aberdare 10 0 Dr. James, AKaman llo Messrs. HalJjûnd, Turner, and Bates, Manchester 2 2 0. Mr. Elias, cimei'e'ial uaveller, per jriends. 0 10.0 Rehearsal aCarditf 170 0 0 _0. IQUIQ'E AND LA NORIA, PIZAGUA AND J- SAVE OBISPO, AND JUNCTION RAILWAYS, PERU. iJsue 011,000,000 Seven per Cent. First Mortgage Debentures, in Bondof £ 500 and £ 100, bearing Interest from 1st June, 1872. redeeable at par, by a minimum Sinking Fund of 10 per cent. per annum in half-yearly drawings. IssrE PRICE, 92 PER CEXT. llie undersigned, I. Thompson, T. Bonar, & Co., are autWised i the Pioprietors and Concessionaires of the above said Railways io opeji SuDseriptwns for the said issue of £ 1,000,000 Seven per Cent. Debentures, at 92 per cent., payable as follows 5 per cent, on application. 10 7> on allotment. „ 1st August. 1 2iid September. I 15 1st October. • 1 15 1st November. 17 2nd December, less half-year's Coupon, deducting Income-Tax. 92 per cent. bscribers may pay up in full on allotment, or on anv dav when an instalment falls dne, under discount at 5 per cent, per annum ^« r1,Ulqo" a"'<l '-a Ll"e. abont 36 miles in length, X- j fulv 187ie The^ffi1 was opened for trahic in mJ\' u Ihe traffic consists almost exclusively of Nitrate of ( °f which exist in inexhaustible quantities in the traversed by the line. It is carried by the railway at lial^ Mi IKI 10L'lb'. which is lower than the minimum tSSSIit ChiU"ged by the concfc:ision of the Peruvian The Pizagua. and Sal de Obispo Line is also about "6 Au°ustwvt ?!■ v3 expected, be opeired for public traffic in v -1S ^lI'° likewise travevses large deposits of Nitrate, \hich it wdl bnng down for shipment to the fort of Pizaima coast a '0 miles to tho liorth of Iquique, on the Pacific The Junction Railway is a connecting line, of about 70-miles in length, of which 12 miles are already built, uniting the eastern termini of tlie two railways already described, and, like theme lasse4 through the Nitrate deposits on the tableland of Pampa d- lainaruga This connecting railway will, it is expected, be COul, pleted within one year. When completed, these railways within the Province of Tarapaca will fonn a ci)inp!ete system of 142 miles, the proprietors (Messrs. Montero Brothei-s) having, by their concession, the exeimiv: ruiht for 2o years, of railway conveyance in that district, and for a turther period of 40i3fearij without exclusive Ilrivileges. Severdl large establishuients are in course of erection, which ANIII very largely increase the produce of Nitrate in the province i ot larapaca. The export of Nitrate of Soda amounted, for the year enditc 31st December, 1869, to 2,507,052 quintals for 1870, 2 943 413 quintals; and for 1,871, 3,605,906 quintals. The acoompanyiiig memorandum shows that the receipts of the railway already opened are in excess of the amount needed for interest and redemption of the bonds of this issue. The Annual Interest and Sinking Fund for the pre/ent issue of Debentures, amounting to £ 170,000, will form tlie first charge upon all the Lines. a The Annual Interest and Sinking Fund for the present issue of Debentures, amounting to £ 170,000, will form tlie first charge upon all the Lines. a The Owners and Concessionaires have executed a Deed of Mort- gage and Trust on the whole of the said Railways, their rolliug stock and appurtenances, hi favour of trustees for the bondholders' which will be registered as a iirst charge, 1. Thompson, T. Boaar, and Co. retaining the proceeds of the Loan until such registration Ïd perfected. The Mortgage provides for the appointment of a special Re- ceiver in Peru. The Bonds will bear Interest at the rate of 7 per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly in London, in sterling, on 1st June and 1st December, at the Counting House of Me^rs. J. Thompson, T. Bonar, and Co., and the first half-year's interest will fall due on 2nd December, IISÎ. A Minimum Sinking Fund of 10 per cent. per annum on the entire nominal amount of the Bonds will be applied bv semi- annual drawings, by lot, in London, ou 1st May and 1st November. The Bonds drawn will be payable in like manner on the-1st June and 1st December next succeeding each drawing. The Right of Increasing the Sinking Fund is reserved bv the Proprietors of the Railways. The First Drawing will take place 1st November, 1873. If no Allotment is made, the deposit will be returned in full; and if only part of the amount applied for is allotted, the balance of deposit will be first applied towards the 10 per cent. due on allotment, and the remainder (if any) returned. Default of Payment of any instalment renders all previous pay- ments liable to forfeiture. Scrip Certificates to Bearer will ba exchanged against Allotment and Deposit Receipts, and Bonds to Bearer, when ready, will be bSllClI to the holders of paid-up Scrip. Applications in the annexed form, accompanied by a deposit of 5 per cent., will be received by the undersigned. I THOMPSON, T. BONAR, & CO. 571,-Old Broad-street, 20th June, 1872. MEMORANDUM KI R.VI.SUED BY TIIE CO.NTE.SSIOXXAIRKS OF TIII: IQI'K^'K AND L.t NORIA, PIZAOIA AXD SAL m: OBCSI-O, AMI JIXCTIOX RAILWAYS. The average quantity of JMitrate of Soda carried by the Iquique and La Noria. Railway has exceeded iS0,000 quintals per month, or at the rate of 2,160,000 quintals per annum, yielding a revenue of £ 216,000, being, after deduction of expenses, sufficient to provide for the whole of the interest and amortization of the loan. There is every reason to believe that the traffic of the Pizagua and Sal de Obispo Railway will be equa} to that of the Iquique line. The return traffic from the ports to the interior will chiefly con- sist of machinery, coal, and articles of food for the poouiation occupied in the Nitrate districts, and of passenger traffic, which will considerably augment the receipts of the railways. It is estimated that the net revenue of the whols- system, when completed, will not be less than £ 460,000 per annum, and that it will steadily increase every subsequent year. (Signed) MONTERO IIERMS. London, 13th May, 1872. The Mortgage Bond and other Documents lie for inspection at the Offices of-li. 1'. HAltP, Esq., 02, Greshain-house. Forms of Application can be obtained at the Udices of I. TI101- sos, T. BOSAR, 6: Co., ;,71, Old Broad-street. IQUIQUE AND LA NORIA, PIZAGUA AND SAL DE OBISPO AND JUNCTION RAILWAYS, PERU- Issue of £ 1,000,000 7 per cent. First Mortgage Debentures, in Bonds of £ 500 and *,100. Bearing interest from 1st June, 1872. Redeemable at par by a minimum Sinking Fund of 10 per cent, per annum, in half-yearly drawings. Issue Price, 92 per cent. FORM OF APPLICATION. No To Messrs. 1. THOMPSON, T. BONAR & Co. 57J, Old Broad-street, Londou. Gentlemen, request you will allot to in the terms of your Prospectus, dated 29th June, 18-12, IL of the above Debentures, ou which enclose the required Deposit of Pounds, and agree to accept that amount, or any less amount allotted to and to pay the further instalments on the amount so allotted, according to the conditions of the Prospectus. remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, Name at length 'Address Date 1872. To be signed by Applicant if desirous of paying up in full on ° Allotment. desire to pay up in full on Allotment. 1359 Signature TQUIQUE AND LA NORIA, PIZAGL A AND JL SAL DE OBIBPO, AND JUNCTION RAILWAY#, rEne. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES, that the Subscription Lists for the Bonds in the above will be closed this day, Wednesday, July 3rd, for the country. J. THOMPSON, T. BONAR, & Co., London. July 1st, 1872. 14H4 THE TUNIS RAILWAYS COMPANY LIMITED. Incorporated undgr the Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1S67, With a Share Capitarof £ 250,000, divided into 12,500 Shares of £20 each. Under Exclusive Ct nsessions, granted for the term of 99 years by His Highness the Bey of Tunis, for a Main Line from Tunis to its seaport, Goletta, with Branch Lines from Tunis to the Bardo and to the Holy City of Sidi Boussaid and the Marsa. Issue of £ 225,000, forming the Debenture Capital of the above Company, in 2,250 Debentures of £ 100 each, secured by First Mortgage upon the Property, Tolls, and Revenues of the Company, and bearing Interest—payable haIf-yearl.Y-t the rate of £ 8 per cent. per annum, and redeemable at par, by Sinking Fund, at the rate of Two per cent, per annum, by which the Bonds will be redeemed within Twenty-four years. Price of Issue £ 90 per £ 100 Debenture, yielding to the Investor, at that Price, Interest (including Redemption), equivalent to more than Ten per cent, per annum. TRUSTEES Francis Mpwatt, Esq., Clement's House, Clement's Lane. William Lathan" Esq., Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. DIRECTORS His Excellency Monsieur Drouin de Lhuys, Honorary President. Lord Alfred Paget, 5U, Queen Anne Street, London. Sir George Baliour, K.G.B., Director of the Credit Foacier of Enif- land (Limited). ° Richard Wood, Esq., C.B., H.M. Agentand Consul-Generalat Tunis. TEMPORARY OWICES.—112, GIUISHAJT HOISE, LONDON. There are few countries, perhaps, which offers so fair a field for Railway enterprise as that comprised under the title of the Regency of Tunis. The population of the Beyalic or Regency of Tunis is no less than 2,500,000, and its capital, seated ten miles inland, contains upwards of 150,000 inhabitants. The cultivated part of the country reaches from 200 to 250 miles into the interior, the climate is very fine, and wheat, bariey, maize olives, &c., are abundantly produced, and the culture of oil is carried on to a great extent. The country also abounds in Mineral pro- ducts, and the exports consist chiefly of silk, woollen and linen fabrics, all of whicn will afford traffic for the Railway to the port of Goletta. The Bey of Tunis has three palaces, viz. at Tunis, at.Bardo, and at Goletta, the principal harbour and citadel of Tunis, and the great naval and commercial depot of the State. His Highness resides about six months in the year at the Goletta Palace, and about four months at the Bardo, and wherever his residence may be for the time being, the whole of the official business of the Regency follows him. The British Vice-Consul of Tunis, in his report to Parliament under date of August, 1870, on the trade of the Regency of Tunis, says The carriages for hire, of which there are some hundreds, are mostly owned by Maltese, who, especially In summer, derive therefrom considerable profits. The active carriage movement, which is a noticeable feature of Tunis, has given rise to the scheme of making a Railway between the town and its seaport, the Goletta. In the face of a traffic affording employment to so many different means of transport, I have no doubt that a properly constructed Railroad would prove a successful undertaking. By official returns contained in the Blue Hook presented to both Houses of Parliament in May, 1871, the following is the result of the existing goods traffic, viz.: Actual imports and exports to and from Goletta, 202,000 tons, estimated at the extremely low rate of Is. per ton for the whole distance to Per Ann. urns ■ Tunis £ 10,100 „ Passenger traffic of 2,800 persons daily each way between Goletta and Tunis, estimated at half the rate of third class passengers in this country, or a half-penny per mile, say £ 140 per day, or per annum. £51,100 „ Passenger traffic of 1,000 persons dailv each way between Tunis and the Bardo, at the same rate £ gj2r> 470,325 The Contractors ha\ e offered to work the Railways during a period of e.\ en years at the rate of 45 per cent. of the gross earnings, but considering the low cossof labour in the country, it is believed that the working expenses will not probably exceeir 40 per cent. and the Directors have therefore preferred to enter into an arrange- ment for three years only. Taking tAe expenses even at 45 per cent., the net income will amount to upwards of £ 35,000 per annum upon the estimate of actual existing traffic, so that, without taking into account the-increased traffic (estimated V.t' fourfold) which always fop,y. the opening of any Haihvay, the remains n-rnu the public Jloticc^ 1 returns as above given, a surplus of upwards of £ 16,000 bayorid the amount required to provide for the interest and Sinking Fund, on the Debentures. The Sinkmg FUnd will he applied in the annual drawing of a pro- portion of the I abehtiires In.the usual way. .The.first drawing will take place on the 1st of January, 187 W A very important fait is that the Ó mcession is for the long period of 99 years-, and that it confers all absolute monopoly of all raiiwav tr^ffic during the whole of that time. The Line front Tunis to Coletta is ct!readveoiiipleted and in opera- tiOll, and the works arc so far advanced upon the Line to. Bardo, that it is proposed to open that Section for traffic this month, and the Contractors have undertaken to finish the entire -works to Sidi Boussaid and-the Mangy by the cud of October next at latest. fte total length of the lines is lipwards of twenty-one miles. A Mortgage of the whole of the Property anA Revenues of the Company will be executed to the Trustees on behalf of the Deben- ture holders, to secure the due payment of the principal and interest of the Debentures. The original Act pf Concession, accompanied by a Plan of the Raijway»and Copies of the Memorandum atnd Articles of Association o- the Company; lie for inspection at the offices of H. P. SiiAP.r, Esq., Solicitor, 92, Gresham House, E:C. Subscriptions for the above Debentures will be opened at the BANIT OF CONSTANTINOPLE, 125, Gresham House, Old Broad Street, London, on the 2nd of July, and will be closed on Friday, the, 5th of July, for town, and Saturday, the Gth July, for the country, on the following terms:— The Subscription price is £ 90 per Debenture-of £ 100, payable as follows:- £ 5 per Del)tiiture. on Application. 15 Allotment. 15 1st August, 1872. 1" 1st September, 1872. 20 1st November, 1872. 20 (less £ 4 Coupon for Interest).. 1st January, 1873. ze, 0 instalments may be anticipated under discount at the rate of Five per cent. per annum, at any date when an instalment falls due. Provisional Certificates to Bearer will be issued against Bankers' Receipts and A Uotment Letters-, to be exchanged for Debentures, when all the instalments are paid. W here no allotment is made, the deposit will be returned without deduction. In default of payment of the amount due on allotment, or of any instalment, the allotment and all previous payments made will be liable to forfeiture. Prospectuses and Forms of Application can be had at the Bank of Constantinople, 125, Gresham House, Old Broaa-street, the London and County Bank, Lombard-street, and its Branches and of Mr. J. P. Wilkinson, the Secretary to the Company. Applications for Debentures must be sent on the annexed form, accompanied by a deposit ofe5 per Debenture. London, 1st July, 1872. THE TUNIS RAILWAYS COMPANY, LIMITED. Issue of £ 225,000, forming the Debenture Capital of the above Company, in 2,250 Debentures of ±100 each. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR DEBENTURES. (To be left with the Bankers.) -No. To the BANK Of CONSTANTINOPLE, Ç,Jlltlcmen,- Having paid to your credit at the London and County Bank, the sum of Pounds, being £ 5 per Debenture 0" Debeiitures of £100 each in the Tunis Rail way Company, Limited, I request you to allot to me that or any less number of the said Debentures, atid I hereby agree to accept the Debentures which may bo alloted to me, and to pay the further in- stalments in the terms of your Prospectus, dated 29th June, 1872, and failing due pajtoent of any instalment, I agree that my allot- ment and all previous payments shall be liable to forfeiture. Name (in full). Address (in fuli). Profession (if any). Date 1872. Usual Signature Addition to Mod up if the Applicant desires to pay in full on Allotment. I desire to pay up my subscriptions in full, discount at 5 per cent, to be allowed thereon for the intervening period. 1495 Signature pates pf *Mlcs foj glnction. j: Mr. W. H. REES. Villa Residence, Brynhyfryd, at Castle Hotel, Neath July 17 Mr. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR. Crops, at the Wern-house, Llandaif July 10th Mr. MOSES CULE, Dwelling-houses, &c., at Adare Ian, Coedymeibon .July ISth I Sales by SUction, Wern Gaiach, parish of Llanfabon. 1\/TESSRS. H. W. HARRIS and TAYLOR will i-»X SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of JTLY, 1S72, at two o'clock in th« afternoon, at thfc Wern House, Llan- fabon, the whole of the CROPS on the above Farm, in such Lots ana subject to such conditions as shall be named at the time of sale. For further particulars, aiid to view the crops, apply to the Auctioneers, 140, High-street, Mertlivr Tydfil. Auctioneers' Offices, June 29th, 1872. 1480 BRITON FERRY. SALE OF DESIRABLE DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCE. WM. HARRY REES has been favoured with V V instructions from D. Jones, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION at the Castle Hotel, Neath, os WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1872, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to conditions of Sale to be then produced (unless previously disposed of by privatc rc, ty, of which due notice will be" given), all that'welt-biiilt eligible VILLA RESIDENCE, known as "BRYNHYFRYD," situate at Tyla Morris, (part of the Jersey Estate), in the parish of Briton Ferry. The property consists of a commodious Residence containing entrance hall, spacious dining-room, drawing and breakfast-rooms 7 bedchambers, and attics, together with washhouse, laundry, paved court yard, stable, coach house, gas house with necessary appliances, lawn. &c. The whole is held under a lease for a term of 80 years from the 24th day of June, 1864, subject to a ground rent of X5 per annum. The premises are delightfully situated on an eminence, having a splendid aspect, commanding extensive views of the surround- ing country, the bay, &C., and are within very, easv distance of the Railway stations at Neath and Briton Ferry. The whole is now in excellent order, the recent renovations and additions and the i extensive permanent improvements, including gas house, gas fittings throughout the house, water supply, &c., rendering the premises replete with conveniences so desirable in a residence of this class. A small Farm attached to the House, and now occupied by Mr. Jones, can, if desired, be arranged for by the purchaser. For further particulars and to treat, apply to the Auctioneer, at his Offices, Charlesvide-place, Neath. Auction and Printing Offices, Neatli, June, 1872. 1468 COEDYMEIBON, NEAR DINAS. MR. MOSES CULE is instructed by the Ad- t- ministratrix of the late Nlr. Jeiil-in Jenkins, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Adare Inn, Ccadynieibon, aforesaid, 011 THT'KSDAv, the 18th day of JULY, 1872, between the hours of Four and Five o'clock in the afternoon, in Two Lots, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced. LOT I.-All those Six DWELLING-HOUSES, or Cottages, Gardens, and Premises, situate at Coedymeibon, in the parish of Ystradyfodwg, now in the several occupations of David Harris and others. This Lot is held under a lease from the late Countess Dowager of Dunraven for the unexpired term of thirty-eight years or thereabouts, at the annual ground rent'oS £3 4s. 6d. and the ground, or land demised, contains, by admeasurement, 43P. more or less, and produce an annual rental of £ 45 10s. LOT 2.—All those Three DWELLING-HOUSES, or Cottages, and Premises, situate at Dinas Col iery, in the parish of Llantris- sant, in the several occupations of Benjamin Howell and others. This Lot is held under a lease from Mr. David Jones and others for the unexpired term of ninty-seven years or thereabouts, at the annual ground rent of £1 6s. 7d.; and the piece of ground demised contains, ty admeasurement, 319 scluare yards or thereabouts, producing an annual rental of zLI5 12s. The Auctioneer has the pleasure in announcing that, as the above properties are situated in close proximity with some of the largest collieries in the Rhondda Valley, he confidently calls the attention of capitalists and others-to the same, which cannot otherwise be but a safe and profitable investment. Also, on the same day, will be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises lately occupied by the late Mr. Jenkin Jenkins, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, comprising oak and other tables, eight- day clock, two elbow -and other chairs, five mahogany chairs, barometer, pier and other glasses, iv. o French bedsteads, feather beds and- clothing, millpulf btda and clothing, dressing table, shelf and dresser with ware thereon, chest of drawers, fenders and fire irons, writing desk, lot,of books, &-c., &-c.. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at his office at Pentrebach, Pontypridd or,' to Mr. Robert Thomas, solicitor, Pontypridd.. Pontypridd, 25th June, 1872. 1505 $ttsiitess Jlddtcsses J) JOTHAM AND SON'S NEW STOCK COMPRISES ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN COATS, VESTS, TROUSERS, TROUSERS AN VESTS TO MATCH, MEN'S, YOUTH'S, AND BOYS' SUITS, HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, SCARFS, TIES, &c., Their Establishment is Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 8 p.m. Wednesday, at 2 p.m. Saturday, at 10.30 p.m. throughout the year. BROvVN AND POL SON'S CORN FLOUR IS GENUINE. PACKETS I1d, 3d. and 6d. BEST, 2d., 4d:, 8d. CAUTION AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUD. INFERIOR QUALITIES OBTAINED AT LITTLE MORE THAN HALF THE COST OF BROWN AND POL SON'S, ARE SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED. 293 « W A KIN S, I ACCOUNT BOOK- MAKER AND STEAM PRINTER, 4, RUTLAND-STREET, SWANSEA. (NEXT TO OYSTERJfOUTH RAILWAY.) RULING MACHINES, PAGING MACHINES, &c, ON THE PREMISES. 1415 w P,,IGHT'S. TIME TABLES. THE NUMBER FOR JULY Contains A N E NTIREL Y N E W M A P, Upon an enlarged Scale, of the RAILWAY DISTRICTS OF SOUTH WALES, Being the First of a New Series 01 Railway Maps which have been for some time ih preparation, and will appear in successive Numbers as soon as they are delivered from the Engravers. 1358 Jiu$inc$$ !1àre$$t; FOR SALE. 50.000 -USEFUL. and well-manu- factiti-dd Articles of FURNITURE, CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY GOODS, and BEDDING. —For Catalogues of same apply to Laverton and Co., Steam Cabinet Works, Maryleport-street, Bristol. j" LAVERTON & CO.'s IMMENSE STOCK OF MODERN FURNITURE comprises the Largest Variety in the West of land, manufactured at their own Steam Cabinet Factory, warraned all of good quality and workman- Ship, at prices "Sxtremelji moderate.—See their large illustrated Catalogue, to be had gratis. Maryleport- < street, BRISTOL. ALL WARRANTED IN QUALITY, I AK1> LOWER IN PRICE THAN LONDON HOUSES. 1172 .1 A V E R T 0 N A ND CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. LARGEST STOCK IN WEST OF ENGLAND. COMPLETE FURNISHING ESTIMATES. For Particulars see Catalogues, containing 600 Engravings, sent Gratis. £ s. d. No. 1. 4-ROOMED HOUSE 22 15 6 „ 2. 4-ROOMED DITTO 34 15 0 „ 3. 5-ROOMED DITTO 55 10 6 „ 4. 6-ROOMED DITTO 71 8 6 5 (j-ROOMED DITTO 100 0 0 „ G. 8-ROOMED DITTO 147 0 0 „ 7. -8-ROOMED HOUSE OR VILLA 192 18 0 „ S. IO-ROOMED HOUSE 294 13 0 „ IO-ROOMED DITTO 350 13 0 „10. IO-ROOMED DITTO 40.1 2 3 „ 11. 11-ROOMED DITTO 451 1013 ,,12. 11-ROOMED DITTO 503 14 3 „ 13 12-ROOMED DITTO 563 17 6 „ 14. 12-ROOMED DITTO 723 13 6 OVER 30,000 ARTICLES OF J FURNITURE, TABLES, CHAIRS, &c., &c. 1433 FIGARO. — An Illustrated Family Journal, published every Saturday, by Ranken and Co., 199, Strand, London. £ 700 in cash and other gifts distributed this year. Sixteen pages, One Penny. Sold by all Newsagents. 1263

WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1872. .


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