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KKRNICKDANDELION COFVEK, refreshing, healthy, and much ap- proved is nost valuable beverage for preserving a healthy con- dition of t'liver wid stomach, and as a» aid to more potent medicines.In canisters at «., ldd., and Is. 6d. each. Shop- keepers m' be supplied by the proprietor, or the following whole sale ac'en": Leonard and Robinson, Bristol; Clutterbuck and Griffin, Bitol; Hugh Bevan, wholesale grocer, Bridgend Ivy and Davie commission agents, Swansea. 180 ttzintS hhrtztS. Just Published for Two Stamps. TO TIE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. BEAD THE NEW PUBLICATION, BY DiR. J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), ENTITLED ENTITLED "YTEIVOUS DEBILITY, or WORDS OF J3I TASKING: a Treatise on the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatwnt of Nervousness and Exhausted Vitality. The uthor has for years given his exclusive attention to the trcatmnt. of Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitsiou of the Hgart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indeci- sion, hipaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassittle, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains a the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizzi- ness jOve of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailmeits, which, if neglected, bring the sufferers to an early death. This valuable work, which has been truly called Words of Wwning, is illustrated with numerous cases and testimonials, and not only gives the cause but the means of cure. Hundreds of caas which had been thought kopeless have been restored to perfet health and vigour after all other means had failed. To the Married and Single this book is invaluable. Sent post free on receipt of two stamps, or by letter post three stamps. Address-Dr. BARNES, 1, Lonsdale-square, Bamsbury, Lon- don, 1414 nOCK.LE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS F) THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lls. "IBILIO S PILLS Iv In use 72 years for INDIGESTION. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 48 6d, and Us. I B -T P ILL S Inus72yea^ BILIO^ AFFEC'uMYS. Boxes at h jji, 2s 9d, 4s ffd, and Q°CKLE'S~ANTI BILIOUS PILLS In use 72 years for „ LIVER mWPLAINTS. ,ft99 In Boxeg 4t Is ted, 2a 9d, 4s 6d, and li s' 1U° t pirns t1dtf..$es 1 I H • W 1 L L 1 A M s & CO., IMPOKJOS'PL RE AND UXBRANDIED I JTHSIES AND SPIRITS, j v 3, STREET, LONDON, B.C. L i CARDIFF AGENTS WANS & Co. TEAfD COFFEE SALESMEN 4&H STREET, CARDIFF. I ICES CURRENT, JULY, 1872. j Per Per I SHEIiRTE" Bottle. Dozen. ~V0' fe«OU»d,' PUr?' se^iceaWe dinner D" J>' No lfir. !?y ,a ^me <Xe 18. 20 0 „ wff™«.,fk..c,'den ^dvi^00':1/inner w™. 'with some 6 I xr °"-v' navad aroma »" •• 28 0 No Tf-rnr n1^15,a"d luefnI Wine. 2 9 o« ^-GOLD-Dark ltl Col b t f j • 26 0 „ favoured,tgood aroma o o ness and^Jov 'K>ss.esses much soft". 0 ness and (kn of flavor; it is well-matured No. rSwin1 Tery nseful Wi»e • • 2 6 30 o u- t7A foil-bodied, old and aood }Vuie- wtit delicate flavor o v°' 30 °l wi7h^;?°"d„ 80ft 'fuH"flaTOr; 2 10 34 ° No «-PALE^ fl"e *u»-b°died Wine!! I 10 2 0 No. C.—GOLD-A somewhat dry Wine with considerate and character?.™th 3 0 wlno', a 0 xt „ 3 > n eat aroma 0 3 8 44 0 ^very-soft/with3 8 « » I 480 4 0 4g o THJHANCELLOR'S SHERRIES XX wPdinne7Wnt ChCaP Wne for luncheon XX—GOLDENticher thaii "the foregoing-' 'and 1 3 15 ° much darkn color s' wrPALE-C0lnmemled a:< a good'useful 15 0 Wine, possng considerable bodv and flavor- will eompafavourably with many Wines vv^°'d at far,-her prices. „ °L1i)E Je°' f,llI-b,>died Wine,' dark in 18 0 color and r flavor. „ 1 6 TS n XKRS FROM THE WOOD. i. 1.—A cheand useful pure Wine with irood bot,y, andue age c w,wl feooa ♦y48'- ^recommended as 1 23 0 No. derate price and full flavoured o o on « ni A verpod Wme, with rich full flavour'- 20 0 No. 3.- freathnprove in bottle o c will t verexceJlent old and matured wine 0 No. 4.—A mediate use. Strongly recom- mit foi d ia very serviceable Wine at a mende iteice.. o o moder. ,-ujior Wine, ola aud full flavoured 0 No. 5.—A fc ebody cu' with so rior Wine of equal a^e and maturity No. 6.—Suf raore delicacy and flavour A hut wit, ery superior old Wine, of" ureat 40 0 No. 7.—A a"d It is recommended as delicacy e finest Wines imported. o s oneofth superior, dry, light in color! 'and^ of 0 No. 8.—Very 'e 1842. A superb Wine 4 a „ the VmtaiL client Wine of the Vinta^e'isoi"- No. 9.—An e\ inll-f)odied and fine-fl;ivoujfcd it is soft, sil 'shmg Wine for Invalids.. T 9 « M „ A very noui 0 1868 T fine young Wine, for layintr VINTAGE.— v »dc dor and extreme delicacy 2 6 A down, With g. PORTS IN BOTTLE. Wine, three years in bottle; No. 1.—An excellent a good firm crust 39 q« it has fine color,. ood bouquet, rich, soft No. 2.—Full color, g will materially improve excellent Wine; hree or four years In during the next t 3 bottle three years.. tie about three years of No. 3.—Dry Port, in hot. full color, with soft excellent quality, fini will improve jn-eatlv 3 (> j-> n silky flavor and finish • fine color and pos- 42 0 No. 4.—An excellent Port, ery soft and delicate sessing good character Vee years in bottle 3 6 49 n upon the palate about ti. four five ye • • u Xc. 6.-A fine generous Wine, rc 1860, and has in bottle it is of the Vintai •. it j3' j„ exce, plenty of color and fine flavoi „ lent condition for present us* liffht in'color No. 7.—An old Wine, somewhat 1ai or five t' but very delicate and of fine 1. six years in bottle • RED WINES FRO. 1 NVAIN. SPANISH PORT.—A useful Red Wine, ;[on No. 1 Catalonia, possessing somewh the character of Port iv •. u SPANISH PORT.—A good and pure Wine, oni. v No. 2 lately sold under its distinctive name. 1 6 18 0 SPANISH PORT.—A good old matured Wine, No. 3 much recommended 1 JL 0 TARRAGON A-The finest produced it it a full- H.R.W. bodied Wine, somewhat rich, and Tarragon, recommended as a very sound, nourishing Wine for invalids 1 6 18 0 CLARETS. The CHANCELLORS' CLARET.—Vintage 1833— So called from the mention of our Wilies in the House "f Commons by the Right Hon. W. E. GLADSTONE. It is entirely free from acidity, and improves greatly in bottle. It is a good, pure, useful and cheap Wine, and will keep sound for some years. 1 0 12 ST. EMILION.—Vintage 1863— A sound Wine, free from acidity-has good body, and some- what more delicacy than the^former it is a.n exceedingly pure Wine, aud improves greatly in bottle. 1 13 I MEDOC.—Vintage 1868—A good Wine and re- commmended as improving considerably in bottle, of the fine Vintage 18#8 1 3 lo 0 ST. YSTEPHE-Vintage 1863—This well-known Wine has considerable body, and, like all the Wines of this Vintage, has a good aroma 1 6 18-0 ST. JULIEN. —Vintago. lfI65 A delicate and really good Wine, with fine color, body and -it is strongly recommended, and is of the fine Vintage 1865 1 9 21 0 CHATEAU KIRWAN.-Vintage 1867—A light but good Wine, with much elegance and character 2 9 24 0 DESMIRAIL MARGAUX.—Vintage 1865. A fine first-class Claret, with great body and bou- quet, very soft and of exquisite finish 5 0 60 0 HUNGARIAN WINKS. These pure Wines have obtained various Prize Medals for the excellence of their quality, viz., Pesth, 1853 Munich, 1854 Paris, I860 London, 1862 and Paris, 1867. They are shipped to us by the celebrated House of JALICS &Co., Pestli, to whom these Mgdals were awarded. "The dietical powers of these Wines are of a high order, and we commend to the medical profession the pure Wines of Hun- gary as specially worthy of notice.—" The Lancet. RED. BoPtUe. Dozen. CARLOVITZ*—An excellent full-bodied and well mature Wine, recommended with confidence to those who prefer a Bergundy-like Wine. It will improve greatly in bottle 1 6 18 6 CARLOVITZ ANJ3LESE-—Tile finest Carlovitz produced it is selected by the growers for the delicacy of its flavor, fine fragrance, full body, and gene ral excellence of character. Is admirably suited to invalids 2 0 24 0 WHITE. STEINBRUCH—An excellent Wine, with good body and fine delicate flavor: it is light in color, and is recommended as a very useful Wine 2 0 24 0 CEDENBURG AUSLESE—Finest selected. A fine full-bodied Wine, of delicious flaAour and aroma selected and shipped for us by Messrs. Jalics it is one of the best white Wines of Hungary 2 4 28 0 These Wines are highly recommended by many of the leading Physicians of this country, and may be relied upon for their excellence and purity. SPARKLING CHAMPAGNES. No.4.-An excellent dry Wine, possessing the same characteristics as the above, but much drier. The word "England" is branded on the corks 3 9 24 b No. 7,—A very elegant and fine rich Wine. It is pale in colour, is exquisitely delicate, and altogether a very choice Champagne. The corks are branded" Carte Blanchç." 55 35 0 MARSALA. No. 2.—London Particular, or Bronte. It is shipped to us direct, and is the finest imported 1 6 SPIRITS. HUNGARIAN BRANDY.—Pale or Brown Re- commended as cheap and useful Brandies, they are far superior to the British manufac- tured Brandies sold at higher prices they are somewhat young, but good Brandies 2 10 3 COGNAG BRANDY (No. I)-Pale or Brown. Especially recommended to those requiring Brandies at a moderate price 3 4 4 COGNAC BRANDY (No. 2) Pale or Brown. Superior Brandies, with some age they are imported in wood and bottled by ourselves they are of fine flavour, and are recommended with confidence .» 4 0 COGNAC BRANDY (No. 3) — Pale or Brown. Very old and fine recommended as being very soft and delicate in flavour; an exquisite r Brandy s •• • COGNAC BRANDY-(No. 4). rate; very u.u Liqueur Brandv, the finest that can be pro- duced it is of a fine, rich, golden colour, and is very scarce and valuable on account of its extreme age •••••■• •' y ENGLISH GIN (No. 1).-The finest unsweetened, donblv rectified: it is 33 per cent. under proof,* and is a very pure spirit; it is recom- mended with confidence • 2 0 ENGLISH GIN (No. 2).-The finest unsweetened, doubly rectified, and highest strength-it is a very pure spirit, and is recommended with confidence 2 OLD TOM GIN.-This is the finest cordialised or sweetened Gin it is doubly rectified and of high strength • • 1 7 JAMAICA RUM (No. 1). -Good quality, and old; it is 33 per cent. under 2 1 JAMAICA RUM (No. 2).-Old, fine quality, and 17underproof 2 JAMAICA RUM (No. 3).—High strength and fine mellow flavour 3 0 JAMAICA RUM (No. 4).-Very old, soft, high strength, and fine mellow flavour 3 4 IRISH WHISKEY (No. I)-This Whiskey is dis- tilled from the finest Malt; it is 17 per cent. under proof, and is a nne out somev. uau young spirit-it is pure as from the still. 2 IRISH WHISKEY (No. 2), full strength, distilled lYom the finest malt—it is a fine, mellow, and pure spirit, with some age 3 0 IRISH WHISKEY—The SHAMROCK. —This Whiskey is the finest distilled it is very mellow, old and pure. It i3 labelled with a green registered label, having a Shamrock for our trade mark; it has also a similar colored Capsule .7 V, 6 SCOTCH WHISKEY (NQ. l).-Pûre Malt; this. Whiskey is distilled from the finest malt, and is 17 per cent. under proof. It is a fine, pure, but young spirit.1 •• • • • • • • 6 SCOTCH WHISKEY-The "WAVERLEY." of fine quality, has also considerable body, and fine fiftvor •• ,«•••• SCOTCH WHISKEY—The "ROB ROY," te a fine full-flavoured mellow Whiskey, with great body and age 6 I THE LONDON office 01" THE j SOUTH WALES .DAILY lOSWS IS AT < 112, STRAND. a"J eOMMLTflCATIOHS U'~ ft. awfT WALES DAILY the CARD Iues are also presented by the fO!0Wir;b LONDON AGENTS ADAMS & FRANCIS, 50, Fleet-street E. C. AiAiAR, r., 8, Clements-lane, E.C .ABBOTT, BAUTO.V, & Co., 269, Stmnd, W. C. BARKER, C. & Sons, S, Birchin-lane, E.C. BAILV, A. II., & Co, Royal Exchange, E.C. I BLACK, C. W., Catherine-court, Tower Hill E C BURITIDGE, J., & Co., 35a, Mooigate-street, E.C. CLARKE, W. J., 85, Gracechurch-street, E.C. CLARKE ROBERT, 59, Threadneedle-street, EC COXON, WILLIAM, 174, Fleet-street, E.C CROSSLKY, C. R„ 17, Mooisnte-street, E.C DILLON, CHARLES, GO, Comhill. DAVIES & Co., 1, Finch-laue, Cornlril E C DAWSON, W., & SON, 121, Cannon-street, E.C. 0' £ MOTT\ & C°" 160' Leade!1^I-Street, E.C. EMOTT, HARTLEY, & Co., Fleet-street 17' Ro>-al E.c. HOOPER & CULL, 1, George-street, Mansion House E C HOPCRAFT, WILLIAM, i, 1\lincbg-la.ue, E.C. KELLY, G., & Co., Charles-street, Westminster. KINGSBURY & Co., 12, Clements-Jane E.C 1 MAY, C. H., 73, Gracechurcii-street, E.C. {J JJAT, I., & SON, 1C0, i'iocadiliv, .v! 31ECIIIv A MITCHELL, C., & Co p'i,1 1 p.™ REID, J. F., & NEPUKtt', li, ;ieor 'e-itr-f \r T I REYNELL & SON, 44, Chancerv-lane W C V°U E*C* 1 ROBERTS, C. C., 19, chan-e-allsv o 1 SAUNDERS, W., Central Press, Strand VV.C J SMITH, W. H., & SON, 1S4 to 187, Strand, IV.C.. i 1 STREET BROS., 5, Serle-street, Luicoln's-inu, W.C. II STREET, G., 30, Cornhili, K.C. « FL VICKERS, J. W., 2, Cowpor's-eourt, Comhill EC I WHITE, R. F„ 33, Fleet-strest, E.C. BRISTOL AGfiiVCY. Mr. J. STONE, wholesale nowsagoat &c 1 is the Bristol Agent for the DAILY ;4TS BMLDM-A ) forwarded through him, and also throU Sr K bookseller, Broad-street. Mj -==- jSuaiurss JlddVfssfs. I WINE •—SPIERS antTpOK^ j gPIERS and POND, WIKE MEECHANTS. j CENTRAL WINE DEPOrr v street, Ludgate, E.C.. where Wii.e' L-sts n?' &Z. 1Bnd?e" ,i on application, or post fre.; br lcl-^ TI Y.. HAD S1*411 comprehensive book, not a mer circular me List is 1 f QHEREY.-SPIERS and POND beer < K3 mend SHERRY, Letter C in their Win^Li f ° reCOID" as an excellent Wine at a moderate p^' Wmes and cheaper ones also will be xo,,n,l „ "^er-pneed PORT.-SPIERS and POND t X mend PORT, Letter C in tiieir IVu, List fecom- a capital Wine at a reasonable price Hi^ Pe.r dozen> « as cheaper FORTS will be round in the wfni r 43 wel1 on application. ne List, sent free /^LARET.-SPIERS and POND strn^i commend their liOUJJEAUX, Superior Letlr ng-y Wme List, las. (KT do^en, as an admirable Claret the'f A11 the superior Claref.s will also be found intkT!! which please write for. una in the List, BURGUNDY.-SPIERS AND POND CONFIDENTIV recommend their MACON \'lEi; i5s oer do/on in their Wine List, as a sound wine' a a moderate catalog hi;^SPIERS, f1'1 P0^D's I Champagne, ;.t, 4ils. p~T- d^ H in'wt''06^"1 i posted free on application. ne I PIERS and POND'S PRO RATA PRINCIPT TT 1 is the latest Novelty in the W'„,„ T,. if TT 1 everj- one. Tiade. It appeals to THE PRO RAT A. PRI V^TPT T? i on page 5 of Spiers and" Pon r-u'^ LrE 1S explained < how it works can be ascertained* wH^ will be sent jjost free. It is a haud^ s ,a, V3 ",K'h SPIERS and POND be«- J U. • GIN, Letter C and^lj Ms.theU* f' zfsrszr | 18s. per gallon. \Y rite for the LIst, :ond it "ill &e sent free; by post. u sent free QPIERS and POND, for MALT LTOTTm> < Basss Ales, Reid's and Guiness's Stout in VV/VJ 1 or Kilderkin; in Bottle by reputed On!Vt per Barrel Central Olnee, 38, New Bridg.-StE^ °,r "nts.- i Lists post free on annlication. 0,!dou- Pric* I BROKEN GLASS of all sort, Bought.. It m;z X> be forwarded by Railway from any Station^' ofojd t The AIRE and CALDER (JI^'SS'BOTTLE COMPANY C Yorkshire, or to their order at any of the terwT'e^ London. Address letters to 83, Upper Tham^striJ ) 'A here samples may be sent. arucs-street, London, IAT I N'TE ft NATION AL~ExiiBm^rr L MPORTANT notice to COUNTRY VISITORS '■ KERR'S SEWING COTTON ine interesting process of winding- the above cotton eel may be seen daily in operation in the Mannfapt? 2, 1 toom I N.B.—KERR'S COTTONS m„ > urin= Court D. rapers and Haberdashers in the United Kiwrdon" "ed of a11 Hj WALLSEND CEMENT ^7)MPT^ A (Limited), NEWCASTLE-ON TYNF ANY Manufacturers of B«3t Portland Cement Suitable for Stuccoing, Flooring, Concrete l^llars, also for Breakwaters and oth^r nim^' ° WORKS—at POINT PLEASANT and WAT'r I^5^8ES- —LOMBA RD-STR^E T, Sew CAS I'Li^O V-'T v N~B» j MC -NEY to be LENT, in Town or I from £ 50 and upwards, on personal or ether securit I I .(l'nt > likewise upon mortgage of freeholds or |fi,on from 3 ] >er cent. Apply to R F PRFSTnv I? r_iedseholds i ampton-i •ow^Uissei^l-sqiia.r* London! W C ES<1" 120' ^h- TTT-T. TRU^KSTRRUNIIS, HE DONCASTER TIN and IRON Travel I Factors^,SLSlS^c811^3' I The: eheapest and" best tSn^o'Sad^ A^n^^ I Mr" J- DAvim, j MIC:¡;¿OSCOPE and TELESCOPE coinbiiied, n ^ondei^ul App; pc»uloe„ys's teites.j 1 CARRIAGES and Victoria 'Brou^ZT I'? description of Pony Carriages, 2 and 4 wheels w^' l! The -^°Si Landau's, Broughams; new desi"iii Yih\i d V letona and Park Broughams fonn Brouo-hlm' J K7 « Driving Phaeton—drawing's. J. BIDDLECOMBP' N "-street, W.C., aud 118. Efiston-rofn MBE> [* AXIRDRUM AND^LTFE^B^NS- A^D HARMONIUMS, SUPPLIED le prices, at J. BIOORE'S, Buxton- a«ll y, "dciei ?d' 1>a,t^erns and prices post free. Music for iii ólba U deltronLed by the Army, Navy, and Rifle Corps. ^ent SELMAISING~^EER y Price 0 sPr^n?s rust or screws to atnin 103- W gallons p q ( LLLLR, 10, Bush-lane, Cannon-strept ^Travellers required even*where. ings at 3d- Per Galbn^ 11 one shilling per pound. CHEMISTS, GROCERS, &c., i\'ÚJ lported and Cut by I J" av,ructV5'9' r,^olof8' 6d. each. RIBBONS WOOF C°mpleteIyDyed 10 minutes Sut supplied. Of all chemists. I tY„" 6 Parts'ls>-each, all gs « row K-rgBtS y 6d. HOW to COOK "is p^t Malvern. Prospectus free. ™SH(bpfr'^ i&W & ll(), Aldersgate Street, City. ? \Zd^ !ual J'>urnal. i b"*»"«>»"» m \t S 0o^° J tlimg—eoarse or fine 1 V'^X: Ladies' two- °\ sanif,,e 36 0, T Sc. 40 0 —— CELEBS S\ U. », W Delieiouf p. •• i* j-f "V? Hi- 36 0 PATE/4 1 42 0 ti v. a.s't* • ij 'rv-o >■ so t"Lvers ? .Y\1." t.ecl g,UU t.b,,1 3(j' 0 yt\ ao\(t\ 0 i. '1