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I A CARDIFF^ a man Dbowxed IX THF rs- •' auu ill Zu&t Pf51,omf4l »uiu iy Li construction■ °f the new tower iV cstfrff r<em|^oye<1 ^tile tJie old ^nal. His body was recov t F C?stle' fe!l "ito of course being then extinct. The c an X10ur aiEtor' the dead-house by P. C. Murlev M))ipse was removed to V iiieetinsr of th#» Q+/ vz AJX "au £ « was held at Cardiff yesterday foS^1 C°al Association mto consideration the "appli^ £ f .PUIP°=e of taking stokere for the adoj.tion of the er'h'- Yle eiF1,lcnien and the application of the colliers ° ,U1'S and cent, maddition to theei- t ho!,A''d^Xaiie?;°r 20 V™ discussion it was resolved that ?1^era- jfteral™g, stokers should be re(m<^h.7l f tIi0, engine-.lnver.s and with the representatives of the mL+ delegates to confer hela at Cardiff in the coiirJ,^ at a meeting to be rue.intinie they be^requeste^ ^neytf.week, and that°in the "vaf.of tlie t ieir rrk and which have already been given bv ?}ip f?ree' ^e notices sidered valid up to the 6th of Tnlv ',e con- contmued accordingly. The ans w'erTr! tl°r "lay be dis" the colliers was, that they cannot rJ!t f refl«i«ition of of the arbitrators made in February f 'l,wa £ d n.; .l_ VJ. n-upung or wages. "s "onoahs Loijo°if\ Square CALvraisxtc Methodtqt n The services in connection with the APEL sary of tins church were held yesterdav Th £ ,miver" Levi, Swansea, preached, at 10,ff'> J1 K ^ev:- i.' ^laP- 16, 17, and 18 verses. The Rev T' ff Pr^Jelent of T5ala College nreiH, ^c!Wavds> afternoon from Daniel, 2 chap 44 'd t m the o'clock the'Rev. T. Levi and Dr' Fd«r^ S"Sl At si-^ former; WyMatthew, 20 chap.' G verse ^1)^4 f the Jeremiah,chap. 3 verse. The sermoir'. Vm expositions ot t^pel truth, which cmw l ,.ere a^e without W invariably made by this church to officiate-if- e PUiitciy versaries deserves especial notice. The eon<>ot- 'r anni_ ° rge and the' Collections liberal Th<. ns Wei'e 1 tihuei this (Monday) evening, when th» e'T»WlU i)e .ders^Abercarj-e, and Dr. Edwards will vrrnnT' l -K ¥o.yp £ ri-Mt)v- -On Satnr, ft .rVaca- col. 'titi6n for a ftf,, presented to the i ;/1? pr m°nthly S,„,v D,vkl,l,r t!te eapi;iin Br- IBe winner, Ensign Preston "lle Ely c« year. It was won in ft 'fi? "ccessfi *-nY- The following is the sCo^ml-etltion yal Le,<U no si^ting shots SC01 e> *ve rounds Sergt. Hop* ,on 200 400 500 Tota, each distance s ■■■■■ W 11 4- •nas sir. ;i 12 ■■ 45 Ensign Pres. f; l-> 14 44 Sergt, Hopkin '/i J-i 1? Private J. Thoi ..>' ■' W ir> 41 S«rg*. liHys.. d J- Y_ 10 3f> Private J. Morga lo 10 3(! 1 Corporal Thonat 16 5 36 „ Jlowlan la 7 34 1 Private Edwards tli io 4 32 Sergt. T)i»i»as ••• ft. -r. ° 31 Williams • u atV r, wontnly meetino- nf Corporal Thomas 4 the Workhouse, on Saturday T t vxdaff HrGH.VAl J iie Survej'or (Mr P) w f i •; 4 Bolrd was held at he request U ^rf 1 Presiding- ->er-J21y, plans for improvhv^jf" bel-e the Board, at t 'ont'j and an orderwiJn V of St. Brides'-sui ^„r' t]le eXecuti0n «f th,at road .aiding to Michaelst ,.road M'01'k- tendos should be invited » caUed and f'l In reference to the Fen onth. Two ten11 lnat^ei' parisi meet'ng had yet bee. w^e-' ^.main.s in abeyance lor a m M » ^0ir>n m th reeved for carrying out the at,, t ° ^ayJor, f'' paiisu 0f Llandaff—one from James Moses^'d £ 98 10. arul the other froi ^-l- Alr Eh J^vanserrv, £ 96 10s. 'a"0 e latter was accept k at the bp ck of thpleted. —rri*y- \jR* \\r.nt iavUi"' and on the road leading to en. veatherhad nofj the |5oard. The Surveyor stated that tne v lvjordeisuad'^tiie d able, and there had as yet «ie u He now Mr. Eli Evans was um^vork sn ,{] A^anotion w_s had determined that the ca,rh '] ^jie attention proposed tut it .bo^' th. bffiot seconded an.a ^^e n J, t..e f -om Ely. .g- f Bo>r upon the roadway hat> orter than a At vve§ent ^e road turned at Bomeli, fcfc The Sur angle, and it was a \ery < & erection of a )■ veyor was directed to prepare next meeting, bridtre. to be submitted to the .bo^nt t ,.<m. \fr- DamVl The Chairman said he had received ater tilation iu the Jones pointing out that there was_ 've jn consequence main sewer running through Elancyair into the houses, the sewage gas escaped through tneins be constructeti He suggested that ventilating s to escape. The at intervals of 100 yards, to allov J?a e vvhich properly Clerk pointed out that this work vm parish —that is devolved upon the sewer authority u~ heavy item, he the vestry but as it was not a'it Qnt as they'did should recommend the Board o ayed 1 >y a highway the sewer, and the cost would be ck, ly the 8,une persous rate, which would be levied upon ex a u.e|, autll0rity, and as if the work were done by the rate. The Board the cost defrayed'by a special l am resolved to undertake trie woik. business of importance. Frul-iv before Policf. At shell, Michael Mr. R. O. Jones and Mi. W !>• incapable in lowell, charged with being dinnk ana v,DOor-bov St. Mary-street, wis ordered to put 5s. m t iai,^{.ei. wa —Mary Fitzgerald, a woman of loose cl f charged with riotous conduct and creating a uja"u -c in Bute-street, was committed for seven day "■ The liow m Chaklotte-stkeet. -11 ^7' charge against John Matthews for assaiiiting ^nd l^ Margaret FarreU was again enquired into. Ol ,n"'ex "1)c;i of independent witnesses was called, who excuipatm Matthews from blame, and the char.?e was d vv: s also a summons against Lun for assa uci'?a Griffiths, a companion of Farrell, at the sair 'f tlme ana place. His daughter, however, Jane Mat u tj|'V"j' brought up on a summons for assaulting Fai [ i. fi.rht whieh was spoken of when the case was iast Jieaul» Farrell received two black eyes, and th e evidence pointed to Miss Matthews as having been the ao8reaS0r- She was committed for a month's imprisonment. pointed to Miss Matthews as having been the ao8reaS0r- She was committed for a month's imprisonment. "Qun" Charge AGAINST Beerhouse i^eepers. — Evans, of the Newmarket tavern, and W-il,, Evans, of the Antelope, were summoned respectively f, j1' selling beer during prohibited hours on Sunaay, the 23rc In each case this was a first offence, and as the gravamen of the charge was admitted, the defendants were dismissed with a caution. CRUELTY TO A HoitsE. -Thomas Morgan, a young man, I a haulier, was charged with ill-treating a horse on the 19th instant. The evidence of P. C. Marshall went to show that the defendant belaboured the horse with a stick until it broke in his hands, and then he commenced kicking the-auimal in a brutal manner. The horse was drawing a rt laden with 25 cwt. of iron The defendant was fined 20s. and costs, in default 14 davs. THEUT from A Storehouse.—Clement Howell was charged with stealing three pigs ]:?, and some cheese, from a store at the top ot tne vve&t jjock, the property of Mr. C. Bradley. The defendant was employed occa- sionally by Mr. Bradley to help to discharge vessels. While so employed he obtained access to the store, and took from a cask therein, the lngs head: named in the charge, together with the cheese, ine things were missed on Friday morning, and afterwards found wrapped up in the prisoner's coau, and concealed in a cask in Mr. Sneezum's foundry, in John-street, where the prisoner, a few minutes before, had been seen. Prisoner admitted the coat was his, and said, when charged with the offence, that he had brought the articles away, but had not stolen them. The prisoner was remanded. Union Prosecution.—At the Police-court this morn- ing, before Mr. W. 1). Bushell, John Lewis, hobbling pilot, was charged with neglecting to maintain his daugh- ter. The child has been in the school for some time, and the defendant has been repeatedly asked to contribute to her support, but has neglected to co so. He was com- mitted for a month's imprisonment.





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