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=-=- D. JOTH-AM AND SON, 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF A D Y-ill A D E CLOTHING FOR SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR, Q. P. IY E'Y AND DA VIES, I N DISTRICT MANAGERS, COMMERCIAL UNION LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. LV DISTRICT MANAGERS, NORWICH & LONDON ACCIDENTAL CO. AGENTS, PLANET GUARANTEE, SOCIETY. „ AGENTS, COMMERCIAL UNION FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, SWANSEA.' 1 A P. TV BY AND DAYIES, • ACCOUNTANTS. FL P. IVEY AND DA VIES, VX, AUCTIONEERS. A P. IVEY AND DAVIES, AUDITORS. GP. IVEY AND DAVIES. > APPRAISERS. V O P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • BROKERS. A P. IVEY AND DAVIES. • BOOKS BALANCED. A P. IVEY AND DAVIES, BUSINESS NEGOTIATORS. J H P. IVEY AND DAVIES, } M • CONTRACTORS. &P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • DEBT COLLECTOBS. A P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • ESTATE AGENTS. N P. IVEY AND DAVIES, VJT, HOUSE AGENTS. JI II. DAVIES, | (Messrs. G. P. Ivey & Davics), JI II. D A V I E S, | (Messrs. G. P. Ivey & Davics), F" AUCTIONEER, AOCOUNTANT, &c., ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, t SWANSEA. JNSUEANCE. '.FA P. IVEY AND DAVIES, | VJT » INSURANCE AGENTS. K1 P. IVEY AND DAVIES, X« INSURANCE AGENTS FOR I — LIFE. IN P. IVEY AND DAVIES, | VJF T INSURANCE AGENTS FOB ———— FIRE. i (I P. IVEY AND DAVIES, I INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ( ACCIDENTS. Q P. IVEY AND DAVIES, j INSURANCE AGENTS FOR T PLATE GLASS.. /(I P. IVEY AND DAVIES, T « INSURANCE AGENTS FOR CATTLE. I (1 P. IVEY AND DAVIES, I \T » INSURANCE AGENTS FOR FABM STOCK. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS FOB MABINE. *4. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE AGENTS GUA- _— BANTEE & FIDELITY ,11 P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • INSURANCE IN CONNFIC- ———— TION WITH LOANS. (1 P. IVEY AND DAVIES, -J O PARTNERSHIPS AB- BANGED. I P. IVEY AND DAVIES, ;M J STOCKS VALUED. A P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHARES—BUILDING SO- IRV, ———— CIETIES. id P.. IVEY AND DAVIES, SHABES—RAILWAYS. P. IVEY AND DAVIES, SHARES-GAS COMPANIES A P. IVEY AND DAVIES, • SHABES—MINES. A P. IVEY & DAVIES .'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. j « BE LET, with immediate possession, a good J BUSINESS HOTEJ £ >, in the neighbourhood ol the North m s and South Docks, Swansea. A long- term of le^s_e> use 1 yith Goodwin, Fixtures, Fittings, and Household r uvnitiue to be disposed of very cheap. Apply to G. P. Ivey ana kj Navies, Adelaide,Chambers, Swansea. I WLNE AND SPIRIT BUSINESS.-TO BE DISPOSED OF a very respectable Wine and Spirit in one of the most populous towns of SOU Jft ales. Incoming about £ 1,000. Address, G. 1- Ivey anci Y\T Vies» Swansea. HOLDING SOCIETY SHARES.—FOR SALE, SHARKS in a prosperous Building Society. Particulars 01 Messrs. G. P. Ivey and Davies, Swansea. To be LET, for six months, furnished or unfur- LED, a. HOUSE in Walters-road, Swansea. Apply to G. c P. IVEY and Davies, Swansea. ^REEHOLD.—WANTED TO PURCHASE, TR^RIN 10 MILE3 of Swansea, from 4 to 6 Acres of FREE SI „I, LAND for Building Purposes. Address, G. 1. I^EY A«U Davies. Swansea. P. FVFY YR DAVIES, i COMMISSION AGE NTS, J ADELAIDE CHAMBERS, { SWANSEA. 404 'PASSENGERS TO BILBAO. "PASSENGERS to BILBAO may he accomniodated on board the Fine Fast Spanish Steamer, YBARRA No. 2, Captain Uranga, expected to sail on or about the 3rd July.—Apply to Cory Brothers & Co., Byte Docks. 1345 TRON SCREW STEAMERS, of X various descriptions, for SALE or HIRE. Also, for SALE, a number of SAILING VES- SELS. For further particulars and price, appiy to RICHARD SHORT, 800 Auctioneer, Valuer, and Surveyor, Cardiff. -tet CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. TTURST-€LASS PASSENGER STEAMERS leave CORK for CARDIFF, with Goods and Passengers, EVERY WEDNESDAY, calling at Milford, returning direct EVERY FRIDAY. For NEWPORT Direct EVERY MONDAY, returning EVERY WEDNESDAY. Fares-Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 7s.; Cabin Return Ticket, avail- able for one month, £1 7s. For further particulars see small bills AGENTS. CARDIFF.—Mr. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Docks. NEWPORT.—Mr. JAMES MADDOCKS, Dock-street. CORK.—The City of Cork Steam Packet Company, Penrose Quay. 374 "OURNHAM AND CARDIFF, 1 JLP FLORA, AVALON, or other suitable 's fended to sail during the month FROM BURNHAM. FROM CARDIFF. Sailing to and from Old Pier. 24 Monday. 7J after 24 Monday 7 morn 25 Tuesday 10 morn 25 Tuesday 7 morn 26 Wednes 9} morn 26 Wednesday 7 and Hi morn 27 Thursday t 9 mom 27 Thursday 12-J after 28 Friday 10 mom '28 Friday l after 29 Saturday 10 morn 20 Saturday It after .Excursion to Ilfracombe on Monday, 24th, leaving Burnham at! 9.15 a.m., and Ilfracombe at 3.30 p.m. Passengers by this route can book 3rd class to any station on the Somerset and Dorset or London and South Western Railways, by the first Thro' Train after the arrival of the Steamer at Burnham by applying at the Railway Station. F ARES.- Burnham, and Cardiff.—After cabin, 2s. 6d. fore cabin, Is. 6d. Return tickets (available for three days)-salooili 4s. fore cabin, 2s. 6d. Further information may be obtained by applying at the Bum- ham Steamer's Office, Docks, Cardiff or to 945 E. TAYLOR, Manager, Burnham CARDIFF TO NEW YORK, ✓TOT TFCLRECT STEAM COMMUNICA- JL/ TION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S New, first-class, full-powered, Clyde-built Steamships GLAMORGAN. 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. PEMBROKE 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. CARMARTHEN. 3,000 Tons 600 h.p. Or other First-class Steamers, will sail regularly between CARDIFF AND NEW YORK, COMMENCING EARLY IN AUGUST. Carrying GOODS and PASSENGERS at Through Rates from all Parts of England and South Wales to the United States and Canada. These Steamships are built expressly for the Trade, and fitted-up with all the latest improvements for the comfort and convenience of Cabin and Steerage Passengers. For further particulars apply to Budgett and James. 11, King- street, Bristol; Richardson and Co., Swansea; T. Waite and Son, Pontypool; Alexander Brothers, Pontypridd; or at the Com- pany's Office, 1, Dock-chambers, Cardiff. 337 JOHN LAUGIILAND, Manager. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST ROUTE FOR PASSENGERS FROM THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES TO THE UNITED STATES, IS BY THE 'THREAT WESTERN STEAM L VX SHIP LINE." BRISTOL AND NEW ^LSFAFIFEASBP*YORK. The FINE NEW FIRST-CLASS SCREW STEAM-SIIIPS of this Line are intended to sail as follows ARRAGON," (1500 tons) Saturday, August 17. "GREAT WESTERN,"(20aOtons).. Wednesday, July 24. STEERAGE PASSAGE to NEW YORK, BALTIMORE, BOSTON, PORTLAND, or PHILADELPHIA, SIX GUINEAS (Y,6 6s). The Vessels ot this Line do net call at any Irish port, but pro- ceed direct from Bristol to New York. Passengers may be booked through to all parts of the United States and Cajuida on very moderate terms. To secure berths, &c., apply to MARK WHITWILL and SON, Grove-avenue, Queen-square, Bristol; or to G. F. Webb and Co., Bonded Store Merchants, Cardiff; Harse and Brown, Dock-street, Newport, Mon.; John Morgan, Postmaster, Pontypool; Richard Morris, Grocer, Blackwood; J, T. Morgan, 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil; J, Callaway, Mountain Ash or to M. Jones and Bro., Ship Brokers, Swansea. Passengers are recommended to obtain their Tickets from our Agents before leaving home. 807 LEWIS BROTHERS I JL-A beg to invtte attention to "their extensive SHOW-ROOMS, Which contain a large and su- perior Stock of CABINET and UPHOLSTERED WORK, representing the most modern designs. BEDROOM FURNITURE en suite, in fancy woods, includ- ing Birch, Sycamore, Ash, Oak, and Walnut. V BEDSTEADS, in the several Woods, also in Brass and Iron, at all prices. BEDDING of every description, and at varied cost. Our Spring Mattress is a most durable article, and is much approved. CURTAINS of the newest materials in Silk and Wool; also a large assort- ment of Cretonnes, Chintzes, and Dimities of the choicest patterns. CARPETS AND FLOORCLOTHS by the leading makers only. Last year's patterns at old prices. 19, High-street, Swansea. 1299 BUTE AERATED WATER WORKS, _t) 231, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. T. ELLIOTT is now prepared to Supply the Public with LEMONADE, SODA WATER, and GINGER BEER, in the-NEW PATENT STOPPER BOTTLES. All delay and waste are prevented by their use. T. ELLIOTT, BUTE AERATED WATER WORKS, 231,, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. 1330 11 & 12, WORKING STREET, CARDIFF. G. A. STONE, UNDERTAKER, HEARSE AND MOURNING COACH PROPRIETOR. OSTRICH PLUME AND GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. The Trade "Supplied with Hearses, Coaches, and every requisite for Funeral Furnishing. 197 J^EWIS HOPKINS, ESTATE, HOUSE. AND INSURANCE AGENT, DUNSTER HOUSE, THE PARADE, TREDEGARVILLE, CARDIFF, Two doors from the Rhymney Railway Company's Offices. AGENT FOR THE ESTATE OF THE LATE CHARLES VACHELL, ESQ. AGENT FOR THE SCOTTISH PROVINCIAL ASSURANCE CO. 166 166 D. JOTHAM A N D SON WOOLLEN MERCHANTS, HOSIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS 27, ST. MARY STREET. CARDIFF. j SUMMER SEASON, 1872.) W. Hu G H E S Tf 0 MAS Has great pleasure in announcing that in hia VISIT to LONDON this week he has obtained some RARE NOVELTIES for the oj' SUMMER SEASON. i THE SHOW DAY V is fixed fer SATURDAY, the 1st J II N E. The Principal Attractions of the Season are in COSTMIES and POLONAISE, the Variety and Elegance of which are most pleas- ing. Those composed of MUSLIN and TASSpRE CLOTHS are Great Novelties. The New MILLINERY wili fully sustain the high reputation which this department has so long enjoyed. The CASHMERE and LACE MANTLES are Varied in Style and Moderate in Price. There are also some specialities in BALL DRESSES. The Long CURTAINS are Worthy of Notice,land the SILK and PLAIN DRAPERY GOODS are still offered at aid prices An Early Call is earnestly solicited. i QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, 1177 MAY 30TH, 1872. — —jp — — CARDIFF, 24 & 25, DUKij STREET. SELLING OFF I BE, LLING OFF!! t DISPOSING OF BUSINESS AND LEAVING CARDIFF. ELLS AND NEAL Are OFFERING the whole of their STOCK at such prices as must effect a Speedy Clearance. FOR CASH ONLY. 931 D U K EST R E E T, CARDIFF, April 24th, 1872. MADAM, Having arranged for Disposing of our Business, we shall offer immediately for Cash the whol^gf -our .STQpJC, a at such prices that must be advantageous to turMltíser-s;- We are, Madam, Yours respectfully, ELLB & NEAL; The Dress Department is especially worthy of attention, comprising Glace Alpacas, Mohairs, Tasso| Cloths, Fancy' Japanese Silks, Piques, Prints, &c., of the latest style. 932 '4\ E W MILLIE E R-Y Fashionably Trimmed Hats, | (Marvellously cheap) At SlLfclFANT & CO.'S. Newly Trimmed Bonnets, At SIL|IFANT & CO.'S. Mourning Bonnets, from 3s. ll^d., | At SILLIFANT & CO.'S. Hundreds of White, Drab, Brown, and Black Straw Hats, At SILLIFANT &. CO.'S. All Shades in the new Turquoise Silks for Trim- ming Hats, At SILLIFANT & CO.'S. Crinolines, Corsets, and Stays, | 1, At SIL FANT & Co.,S. A Profusion of New Flowers, ) At JSILMFANT & CO.'S. Ribbons in all Shades, At SILLIFANT & co.'S. Jackets and Fancy Dress Materials, [ At SILLIFANT & CO.'S Lawn Costumes, At siiitiFANT & co.'S. r" 20, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 761 PATRONISE ( t y s. 6d. VEO for ROYAL TROUSERS, fes. *6d. t; GOOD VALUE. ,YEO NICOLL'S GARMENVICNEBRATFD. CELEBRATED. YEO „ CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. STYLE AND ECONOMY COMBINED. t YEO „ TWEED SUITS TO OEDEIl,' 48s. CONSIDERED BY ALL ATTRIC; jVE AND GOOD., CARDIFF WARDING BE, 257 and 258, Bute-street, CarSiiff. 342, —— r-——- jy R I C H A Rr D s, H ATTE R, | HOSIER, GLOVEKj, &c., 13, HIGH' ST RE EST, CARDIFF. J ;y r; ESTABLISHED 18l|i •• p- An who can appreciate STYLE AND- Q U A L I T Y, And are desirous of [ GETTING BEST VALUÈ FOR THEIR MONEY, Are invited to make their PURCHA&ES AT THE ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT. 190 JgOOTS! BOOTS!! |*Q 0 TsTfj FOR FASHIONABLE LADIES', GSSNTS', AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS] VISIT T BOYLE & G p\, 19, CHURCH-STREET, AND J 13, BUTE-STREET^ LARGEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK u|; WALKS. 139 1 HOWELL & CO.'S NEW CARPET WAREHOUSE OPENED ON THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1872, WITH AN IMMENSE STOCK OF BRUSSELLS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER, DUTCH, HEMP AND FELT CARPETS, FLOOR CLOTHS, PASSAGE AND STAIR CLOTHS, &c., In all the newest patterns, at prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction. ALSO FIVE HUNDRED PAIRS OF MUSLIN, LENO, AND NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, AT FULLY 25 PER CENT. UNDER PRESENT MARKET VALUE. HOWELL AND CO., THE CARDIFF DRAPERS, 13 & 1.T. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. P.S.—On the 13th, and to the end of June, all Carpets will be sold at from lb to 15 per cent. under their regular prices. In- tending purchasers will therefore do well to make a selection this month. 353 A LARGE AND CHOICE STOCK OF DRESS MATERIALS AND OTHER FASHIONABLE GOODS FOR THE SEASON, CHEAP BLACK AND COLOURED SILKS, AT HENRY T H- 0 M A S'S, GENERAL DRAPER, CARDIFF. A vacancy for a respectable youth as apprentice. 937 THE STAR CLOTHING COMPANY IS NOW OPEN, POST OFFICE BUILDINGS, CHURCH STREET, CARDIFF. DEPARTMENTS- GENTS', Ii>, CAPS, YOUTHS' SHIRTS, and SCARFS, :1 BOYS' TIES, &c. CLOTHIERS. BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS. BOYLE & CO., PROPRIETORS. 1150 F RE DE R I C K WAR E, (Late WARE AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTURY, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENT DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 107 FOR s E WINA MACHINES OF ALL KINDS. HENRY THOMAS, GENERAL DRAPER, ✓ CARDIFF. 100 WHEELER & WILSON'S I SEWING MACHINE M'F'G COMPANY, Supplied by CVR O S S BRO T H E R S, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. HE WILLCOX AND GIBBS JL SILENT SEWING MACHINE, Supplied through their Agents, CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AGENTS FOR THE WENS, SHAKESPERE, AND AGENORIA HAND SEWING MACHINES. Either of the above may be had on the Easy Payment System. C R O S S BROTHERS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 886 ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS. JT. BARRY, 9, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF • JEWELLER, WATCH & CLOCK MAKER, &c., Begs to call the attention of Heads of Families and Parties about to Furnish to his STOCK ôf ON NICKEL SILVER FORKS, SPOONS, &c., &c., which in appearance cannot be distinguished from solid silver. They are warranted to be of the best material and finish, and wiH stand the wear of many years without injury. PRICES AS LOW AS ANY LONDON HOUSE. Patterns and Price List on application. > 208 RITISH WORKMAN PUBLIC HOUSES ARE NOW OPEN AT 40, MILLICENT STREET, & 85, BUTE STREET, (Corner of Mary Ann-street). (Near the Pier Head). AND OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, PENARTH. ALSO LODGING HOUSES AT 13, WHITMORE LANE, (Opposite the Custom House). A public-house without the drink, Where you may sit, talk, read, and think, Then safely home return." REFRESHMENTS AT MODERATE CHARGES. Beds 6d. per night, or Ss. per week. ¡ Visitors to Penarth can be accommodated with Lgdgings at Six Shillings per week, 1126 J) JOTHAM AND NEW STOCK <iCH COMPRISES ALL THE LATEST .NOVELTIE.. IN COATS, VESTS, TROUSERS, TROUSERS A" VESTS TO MATCH, MEN'S, YOUTH'S, AND BOYS' SUITS, HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, SCARFS, TIES, &c.. Their Establishment is Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 8 p.m. Wednesday, at 2 p.m. Saturday, at 10.30 p.m. throughout the year. 6 TO READY MONEY BUYERS W. PRICE & SONS, For Fashionable Readv-Made Cloth: W. PRICE & SONS, For New Summer Ovei-coats. W. PRICE & SONS, For Double-Breast Frock Coats. W. PRICE & SONS, For Double-Breast Beaufort Coats. W. PRICE & SONS, ,TT For Light Trousers and Vests. W. PRICE & SONS, itt For Boj-s' Sailor Suits. W. PRICE & SONS, For Yachting Suits. ADDRESS CARDIFF. HOUSE, CARDIFF. l:i'> B OOTS BOOTS!! BOOTS! Cheapest, Best, and in greatest variety at OSBORNE'S, OSBORNE HOUSE. DUKE-STREET. CARDIFF. 16* JOHN EVANS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, BURTON ALES AND IRISH STOUT, 209, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. FAMILIES SUPPLIED. 71!J PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, LARGEST STOCK IN WALES. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, (PATENTEES OF THE ROYAL ORCHESTRAL PIANOFORTE). PIANOFORTE SHOWROOMS— 4, QUEEN-STREET, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, AND 13 & 13A, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, CAVIAR THEN. PIANOFORTE'S" By all the Best Makers. T>IA]^0 FORTES > JL- or Co Ulre, on easy terms. PIANOFORTES At Prices to »uit all PIANOFORTES (Old) taken in Exehtmsv. PIANOFORTES JL Supplied on the Three Years' System. HARMONIUMS » By all the Best Makers. HA R M ONIUMS For Churches and Chapeta. HARMONIUMS For the Drawing-room, the School-room, or the Cottage. HARMONIUMS Warranted from Five Guineas. HARMONIUMS Supplied for Monthly Paymenta. Music half-price post free to any address. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL were the first to introduce the now celebrated THREE YEARS* SYSTEM into Wales, full particulars of which will be forwarded on inquiry. From their thorough knowledge of the Pianoforte Business, they are enabled to select instruments with special ad- vantage to purchasers, ALL OF INFERIOR MAKK BEING KNTLRELT EXCLUDED FROM THEIR STOCK. Discount allowed on all CASH TRANSACTIONS. CAPTAINS AND SHIPPERS SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS. Price List post free on application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, CARDIFF AND CARMARTHEN. LEWIS, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS, CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING. LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the bast manufacture. N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 MR. PETER P R i ~cTE7 CARDIFF AGENT TO THE SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND. Accumulated Fund £ 5,2#0,000 Annual Income C,30,()W Annual Premium Revenue 376,386 "A purely Mutual Company, very economically- managed an,! having an Accumulated Fund eight times as large as its prel,I,!a revene, is the ideal Company for an insurer." Rerie'm Oct. 2, 1869. The Scottish Widows' is "purely Mutual, very economics: y managed," and, as the above statement shows, the AocunuriUvd Fund is twelve times the amount of its Premium Revenue. The balance sheets and information wnich Mr. Cave's Biil com- pels Life Assurance Offices to publish, have been voluntarily piitj- lished by the Scottish Widows' Society since 1825, and may too obtained of Mr. Peter Price, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. lo(; MR. THOS. WEBBER, HOUSE & ESTATS OFFICES, 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF, desires l lie attention of his friends and the general public to the following nouncements:- FIRE INSURANCES effected on Property from Is. 6d. cent, A CCIDENTAL AND GUARANTEE INSURANCES. SICKNESS INSURANCES AND ENDOWMENTS. LIFE ASSURANCE in all its branches. Mutual Assurat.t* without any additional liability, making the amount assiu a payable in life time without extra payment. MONEY LENT on MORTGAGE at 5 per cent., or on PEIU SONAL SECURITY at Special Rates to include Life A Z surance, repayable by instalments. G°OD AGENTS WANTED for a first-class Mutual Life Oifi, • in all tswns m South W ales where not fully reweseut. i Apply as above to ? ■MTt r< f WEBBER, KR.S.L., District Manager. N.R—Caution.—The present time being favourable to vSrk,u« .shallow schemes, T.W. would add, for the assurance of the uubl~" that he represents only firet-class affioee. Prospectlises on ;t I plication. ¡; -=- YORKSHIRE RELISH. The most DELICIOUS SAUCB in the WORLD to CHOI- SFEAKS, FISH, &c. Sold by all Grocers and Oilm. a ¡ m Bottles 6d., Is., and 2s. each. Trade mark—Wilt,>v. pattern plate. PROPRtuTopji-GOQDALL, BACKHOUSE & CO., LEEDS. M