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TREDEGAR PARK COURSING CLUB. The Spring Meeting of this important Club took place at Tredegar Park, near Newport, on Thursday, and both as regards the number of entries and the charac- ter of the coursing, the proceedings were in every way satisfactory. There was a large attendance of spectator from the surrounding district, including Lord Tredegar and the principal members of the society. The follow- ing was the result of the first day's courding:- THE NEW PARK STAKES.—A four Dog Sapling Stake. at 23 3s each. Winners tlo 10s. Second 1:3 2s. Mr. Racster's mns bb Reullura beat Mr. John Hughes's w f bd d Hoax Mr. James Hole's bb—(Randolph—Cantabile) beat Mr. John Thomas's f d Tichborne. II. Ruellura beat Mr. John Hole's b b and won. THE CLEPPA PARK STAKES.—A Four Dog Sapling Stakes, at R3 3s. each. Winner, jBlO 10s.; second, £2 2s. Mr. James Hole's bk and w b (Randolph—Cantabile) beat Mr. Tom L. Brewer's bk and w b (RockettBlack Veil). Mr. H. W Punchard's b d and w d (Cock Robin- Princess Mary) beat Mr. W. Yorath's w b and b Yarrowdale. II. Mr. Hole's bk and w b beat Mr. Punchard's bd and w d, and won. THE CASTLETOWN STAKES.—A Four Dog Sapling Stake at 93 Ss. each. Winner, elo 10s.; second, 22 2s. Mr. W. Yorath's bk d Yokena beat Mr. T. L. Brewer's rd and w b (Rockett—Black Veil). Mr. H. H. Punchard's wand bdb (Cock Robin-Princess Mary) beat Mr. W. H. Gibbon's bk and w d Grace. II. Yokena beat Mr. Punchard's w and bd d, and won. THE DUFFRYN STAKES.—A .Four Dog Sapling Stake- at £ 3 3s. each. Winner 210 10s., second R2 2s. Mr. W. Yorath's wb Young Blanch beat Mr. T. L. Brewer's fd (Turk—Nancy). Mr. Blake's bk and wd Bold Idea beat Mr. W. H. Gibbon's bk and wb Grief. II. Young Blanch beat Bold Idea and won THE TREDEGAR PARK STAKES, at R3 10s. each for all Aged Dogs (unlimited). brst dog tl9, second 98, third 22, fourth C2. Mr. John Thomas fd Rainbow beat Mr. David Evait's w and bb Wood Pigeon. Mr. J. L Hurndall's fd Raparree beat Mr. Dd. Evans's bd b Weasel. Mr. W. H. Punchard's bk and wd Prefect beat Mr. John Thomas's f and wd Mountain Dew Mr. T. L. Brewer's w and rb BL beat Mr. W. D Cole- man's bk d Beaufort. Mr. Racster's nms w and bk d Regulator beat Mr H W. Punchard's bd and b Patti II. Rainbow beat Raparree. B;L. beat Prefect. Regulator a bye. » THE RUPERRA CASTLE STAKES, at £ 3 3s. each, for dogs pupped in 1870 (unlimited). First prize R15 second, 96; third, 22 2s. fourth, J62 2s. Mr. H. W. Punchard's b and w d Pat McGrath beat Mr. W. T. Clarke's bl and w d, Maid of Gelly. Mr. C. Jordan's f d High Pressure beat Mr. H. W. Pun- chard's bd b Pride of the Village. Mr. Racster's nms r b Rhubarb beat Mr. John Thomas's bk and w b Blue Bonnet Mr. W. Price's r and w d Prince of Prussia beat Mr. W. Yorath's b b Lady Craven. 11. Pat McGrath and High Pressure ran an undecided course. Rhubarb beat Prince of Prussia. The meeting will be continued to-day.













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