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Family Notices



THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1872. .

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CONTEMPORARY OPINION." Oar contemporary, the Mail, leaving the region of apology, has entered that of contradiction. Having, in the first instance, denied the authority of our statement which it has since been compelled to admit essentially correct, we are now informed that the marriage of the Marquis of BUTE will not take place in the "second" week of April, but on the 16th" of that month. The public will be pleased to learn our contemporary thinks it has at length succeeded in finding out the precise day on which the rite is to be solemnised, and many will doubtless be grateful to us for having galvanised the Mail into activity, respecting a matter which its readers might reasonably suppose would have been brought within its ken, long before we ventured to call attention to the auspicious event. We are also favoured with another vague contradiction. Earl BROWNLOW is not acquainted with the Marquis of BUTE, and has not been appointed one of his Trustees. So says the Mail, in giving contradiction to the rumour" to which, in common with many other people, we gave passing credence. What a pity it is that our contem- porary, who affects to watch over the noble house of which Lord BUTE is the head, should slumber at its post, and fail to keep the public correctly informed upon all points of interest connected with that ancient family! Even now the Mail hesitates to affirm that Earl BEAUCHAMP, and not Earl BROWNLOW, has been nominated to the post of Trustee. With characteristic modesty, it is content with stating that the latter nobleman is not acquainted with the Marquis of BUTE." Surely something more might well be ex- pected of so influential a journal! However, we will do our best to keep the public informed upon subjects which they may justly expect to be made acquainted with; and should we now and then fall into error, or aim wide of the mark, no great harm can accrue to the Daily Newq, if the Mail chooses to exercise the pre- rogative of contradiction in a way which will render supplementary apology needless in its columns.



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