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Family Notices



THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1872. .

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PONTYPRIDD HIGHWAY BOARD, No. 2. The usual monthly meeting of the above Board wag held on Wednesday, in the Board-room, the n.. W. Williams, chairman. TAFF VALE RAILWAY BRIDGE. IF Mr. MADDICKS brought the state of the railway over the road at the Pontypridd station, to the n^10" of the Board. The wet and droppings from the bria^ were a source of much annoyance to the passongerSi y 11 and many complaints had been made respecting thff nuisance. The Clerk had written to the Tail Vale: authorities, and promises had been made to abate the causes of complaint. Nothing of importance had beeU done; and, in fact, to the last letter sent, no reply had as yet been received. • The CHAIRMAN thought the cause of complaint could not be called a nuisance, and suggested that no further notice should be taken of the matter. A woman from Llantrissant made a personal com- plaint about a certain house in that parish. She wa referred to the Vestry. The Surveyor then brought to the notice of the board an encroachment on the road by the Llantwik Main Colliery Company. The Company was also bound to build a wall, separating their works from tW road. The Clerk was ordered to call the attention of! the company to the matter. v BRIDGE AT EFAIL ISAF. On the motion of Mr. Jenkins,, tlld question of erecting a bridge over the brook at tlO | above place was postponed for inquiry. NEW BRIDGE, HOPKINSTOWN. Major LEE stated that he and Mr. Thomas, Llanl bradoch, purposed erecting a bridge over the Ilhondda at the old Ford, Hopklustown. He was anxious th:1 the old road should be repaired. It was agreed to refe the mattar to the parish vestry. Mr. REYNOLDS considered that the Board had bool treated uncourteously by the Tail Vale Eailwav CotOf panv. Mr. PENN said, the road under the bridge^ aiwi tb bridge itself, in wet weather, was a nuisan&& «} a ver; annoying character. j The Clerk was instructed to request i$na Compad f once more to attend to the matter. f The CHAIRMAN then suggested the ez^adiency of hfl^j I ing a paved footpath for the purpose keeping the* [ feet dry, as the droppings from the bridge affected tbei^ heads. Mr. REYNOLDS could not see the Jorce of the suggef tion, as long as the bridge was in its present condition Mr. PENN thought that a pitching should be laid doWf across the tram-road. Major LEE on entering the Board Room had M • attention called by the Chairman to the proposition J lay a pavement under the bridge. He thought tA most effective step to take would be to line the btido with zinc, a confirmation of Mr. Maddicks' view higbli gratifying to that active guardian. PARISH BALANCES. The following amounts stand to the credit of undermentioned parishes Eglwysilan £ 349: Lla»tr sant, i'283 Llantwit Vardre, £ 526. —

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