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FOREIGN ~INTELLIGENC ii. ---------.-



GENERAL INTELLIGENCE., NEW COLONIAL GOVERNORS. The Gazette notifies the appointment of Sir Philip Wodehouse as Governor of Bombay, and Sir Hercules Robinson as Governor of New South Wales. DEATH OF LORD LONSDALE. Lord Lonsdale, whose death was reported yesterday, was at the Carlton Club on Monday. His nephew, Mr. Henry Lowther, who succeeds him, is member for West Cumberland. THE CHARGE OF LIBELLING SIR JAMES AND LADY TWISS. At the Southwark Police Court yesterday, Alexander Chaffers, solicitor, was again charged with libel on air Travers and Lady Twiss, and the case was adjourned. STRIKE AT LEEDS. The Leeds strike in the flax trade continues, and it is feared will extend to the woollen and silk trades. One silk house has granted the nine liotirv, limit. THE NATIONAL INCOME. The revenue from the 1st of April to the 2ud of "larch was— Receipts £ 66,762,728 Expenditure 64,933,741 Balance. 8,704,664 NEW LINE OF STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON, Taesday.-The Clyde Shipping Com- t^ny have decided to establish a weekly line of steamers between Glasgow, Belfast and Southampton. BREACH OF PROMISE CASE. At the Hereford assizes, yesterday, an action for breach of promise was brought by Miss Key, of Biggles- wade, against Mr. John Powers, cf Biggleswade. A Ver- dict was taken by consent for £ 1000, carrying costs. THE MORDAUNT DIVORCE CASE. Yesterday morning, before Lord Penzance, in cham- bers, Mr. Serjeant Ballantine applied upon summons Oil behalf of Sir Charles Mordaunt for the court to grllt an order that Lady Mordaunt might now be exa- mined as to her insanity or otherwise by an indepen- dent medical gentleman. Serjeant Ballantine observed 'hat his application was principally that his lordship NIVOuld suggest some course that might be adopted, in order that Sir Charles could prosecute his suit. Lord Penzance: If his wife is permanently insane, Sir Charles, by the decision of the full court, is debarred fr proceeding. Serjeant Ballantine: What we want is that some 119ge6tioii might be thrown out to enable us to appeal o the House of Lords. The case was adjourned ka a week. _wv THE SHOCKING OCCURRENCE IN SOMERS. TOWN. Yesterday the Coroner's jury returned an open ver- ^lct in the mysterious case of Catherine Dunmarth, ^ho received a wound in the abdomen and bled to death in Somerstown, London, on Saturday night. No Jl8ht was thrown on the cause of the crime. TRAGEDY IN CORNWALL. On Sunday night, at Calstock, Cornwall, a fisherman hllle Nicholls, sixty years of age, mortally wounded ^ls wife, who died yesterday morning. His daughter llso received a dangerous wound. In the Bankruptcy Court to-day Mr. W. Harbord, of 'he finn 0f Harbord, Wilkinson, aud Andersen, Lon- uon, Liverpool, and Bombay passed his examination.

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