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10 Shipping JnteUigettce* WEST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS.—MARCH 2. Elizabeth, Morgan, Highbridge, timber, 40 Camella, Good, Bridgwater, pitwood, 37 Dauphenelle, Harris Gloucester, light, 90 Reuben, Hawkins, Highbridge, timber, 46 Nuovo Auguste, Bevan, Auray. pitwood & potatoes, 176 Dan and Mary, Thomas, Old Canal, light, 84 Alfred, Gronow, Bristol, ballast, 349 Etoile des Mers, Levegne, Gloucester, light, 109 EAST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS.—MARCH 1. Tiger, Gapper, Bristol, light, 79 William and Martha, Longney, Bridgwater, light, 59 William, Phillips, Bridgwater, light, 37 Twins, Williams, Gweek; granite, 85 EAST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS.—MARCH 2. Mavis (s), Church, Havre, ballast, 490 John Henry, Hore, Carthagena, esparto and iron ore, 511 Nellie, Hankenson, Barrow, iron ore, 95 Dora (s), Murrel, Bilboa, iron ore, 510 Achilles (s), Jones, Marbella, iron ore, 655 Greive Berg, Muller, Bristol, light, 632 Stag, Bennett, Minehead, sleepers, 34 Daring, Cabel, Penarth Roads, anchor and chain, 6 GLAMORGANSHIRE CANAL ARRIVALS.—MARCH 2. Edith Williams, James, Milford, oats, 24 Clarisse, Rohellec, L'Orient, pitwood, 78 PENARTH DOCK ARRIVALS.—MARCH 1. Express (s), Cock, Hayle, ballast, 196 Cambridgeshire (s), Dudding, Bordeaux, pitwood, 579 Bayard, Griffon. Cherbourg, ballast, 229 Fusilier (s), Minto, Cardiff, ballast, 220 Cordelia, Fry, Ilfracombe, light, 32 William, Tomkins, Bridgwater, light, 62 William, Phillips, Bridgwater, light, 37 Hereford, Guy, Bridgwater, light, 43 Victoria, Rimer, Bristol, light, 58 VESSELS CLEARED.—MARCH 2. Brancepeth (s), B, 1000 coal, Rouen, Morel & Co. Gazelle (s), B, 700 coal, St. Nazaire, Powell's Duffryn Co Chas. Capper (s), B. 900 coal, La Rochelle, Powell's Guide, B, 346 coal, Cape de Verds, Nixon & Co. Choinley, B, 362 coal, Cadiz, F. P. Carrel Cresswell, B, 720 coal, Hong Kong, Coffin and Co. Manne du Ciel, F, 111 coal, Nantes, Morel and Co. Punia, Sn, 380 coal, Lisbon, Page and Ohlsen Gerleard Erdwin. Ger, 301 coal, St. Catherines, Page Teresina, Ity, 550 coal, Palermo, Insole and Son Mariss (s), B, 221 bar, Llynvi Iron Co. 400 bar, Constan- tinople, R. Crawshay VESSELS ENTERED OUTWARDS.—MARCH 2. Maris, B, 490, Clunch, Malta. Hacquoil Bros Hartlepool (s), B, 445, Peterkin, Bilboa, Hacquoil Bros Samson, B, 845, Rose, St. Nazaire. Hacquoil Bros Salisbury (s), B, 432, Dawson, Dieppe, Hacquoil Bras Chas. Capper (s), B, 479, Wilson, La Rochelle, Marychurch Gipsey Chief, B, 172, Ball, Dakur, J. Bovey and Co Jessie, B, 349, Morgan, Monte Video, W. Y. Edwards Prospero Doge, Ity, 562, Schiaffino, Port Said, Decandia SWANSEA. VJESSRLS ENTERED OUTWARDS.—MARCH 2. Morfa (s), B, 299, Mitchell, Honfleur, Letricheux & Co. Florence, B, 288, Wilkinson, Alexandria, Vivian and Co. VESSELS GLEVRED.—MARCH 2. Marie Fanny, F,:200 coal, St. Malo, M. Jones Clarita B, 180 coal, Smyrna, J. Staick Maurice, F, 340 fuel, St. Malo, Cory, Yeo, and Co. Morfa (s), B, 400 coal. Honfleur, Livingston and Co. Zenobia, B, 330 coal, Smyrna, James Strick NEWPORT. VESSELS CLEARED.—MARCH 2. Marie, F, 84 coal, Quimper, J. Vipond & Co. Lucknow, B, 900 iron, Vera Cruz, A. Gibbs & Co. Mohawk, B, 589 coal, St. Jago de Cuba, G. W. Jones Forest Fairy, B, 224 iron, Santos, Ebbw Vale Co. Mary E. Libby, Aus, 625 iron, New Orleans, Blaenavon VESSELS ENTERED OUTWARDS.—MARCH 2. Charlotte, Aus, Austin, New Orleans, J. Knapp IMPORTS. Marie, F, 102 loads pit-props, Hennebon, order Mary Elizabeth, B. 320 tons iron ore, Bilboa, Tredegar Mary Elizabeth, B. 320 tons iron ore, Bilboa, Tredegar George Henri, F, 1285 cwt. barley, Nantes, order