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SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. FOR SINGLE INSERTIONS. LINES. S. d. LINES. 8. d. 1 to 4 10 7 to 8 20 5 to 6 16 9 to 10 .26 And 3d. for every additional Line. A Liberal Discount allowed for a series of Consecutive Insertions. Tradesmen's Advertisements and Business Announcements of all kinds, when ordered for a month and upwards, are subject to special terms, according to the number of insertions and the space occupied. Parliamentary Notices, Prospectuses of Public Companies, Legal Notices, and Election Addresses, are charged (id. per line for each insertion. Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths are inserted in the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS at a charge of One Shilling each, which must be prepaid. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertisements of the under-mentioned classes are charged as follows:— CSE THREE SIX LINES. WORDS. INSERTION. INSERTIONS. INSERTIONS. s. d. s. d. s. d. Two 18 06 10 16 THREE 27 09 16 23 FOUR 36 10 20 30 FIVE 45 13 26 39 Six 54 16 3 0 46 Each additional line of ) q 3 0 g 09 Nine w ) These charges apply only to the classes of advertisements speci- fied below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID FOR ralcvious TO INSERTION if not prepaid, they will be charged by the general scale APARTMENTS WANTED. I MONEY WANTED. APARTMENTS TO BE LET. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. ARTICLES LOST. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. ARTICLES FOUND. SITUATIONS WANTED. BUSINESSES TO BE SOLD. SITUATIONS VACANT. HOUSES TO LET. SALES BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. Mantel BOy Wanted, 14, in an Office. Apply, own handwriting, "Audit," Daily News Office, Swansea. 578 ANTED, a well-educated BOY (14) as Apprentice. Apply at the Cardiff Times Office. ANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT. Apply at 3, Courtland- terrace, Merthyr-Tydfil. 579 TO~ GROCERS ASSISTANTS.'—\Vaiited7a YOUNG MAN about 18 years of age. Apply to A. Cule & Sons, Treherbert. 574c RM. Evans, A.P.S., Chemist, &e., Blaenavon, is in WANT of an IMPROVER or JUNIOR ASSISTANT. 538c WANTED, an intelligent YOUTH with a slight knowledge of the Ironmonger}- Business. Address Ironmonger South Wales Daily News. 558 WANTED immediately, a good strong Man's Man also, a Good Repairer, at Lewis' Shoe Warehouse, Tonypandy, Rhondda Valley. 562 WANTED, Unfurnished APARTMENTS, about five minutes' walk from the Post-office. Address, G.M., South Wales Daily News office, Cardiff. WANTED, immediately, a JUNIOR HAND; also an IM- PROVER, to the Drapery. Apply to E. S. Miles, 2, Bute- street. 570 WANTED a situation as TRAVELLER, or any place of Trust, by a young man with good references.—Address R, 5, Lanarth-street, Newport. 576c ANTED, a MILLINER. One who also is able to cut and Wj make ladies jackets preferred. Welsh necessary. Apply to Mr. John Lewis, Commerce House, Carmarthen. 581 TO BOOKBINDERS.—Wanted, a good FORWARDER. Ruler preferred. Apply to Thomson, bookbinder, ^High-street, Merthyr. 563 DRAPERY.—-WANTED, immediately, an experienced SALES- WOMAN accustomed to trim. Knowledge of Welsh indis- pensable. Address, Stephen Lewis, Treorky, Pontypridd. 556c GROCERY.—Wanted, immediately, an ASSISTANT and an IMPROVER to make themselves generally useful. Unex- ceptionable reference required. Apply, G. Hiley, Treherbert. 573c J WILLIAMS, London House, Merthyr, has a Vacancy for a J WILLIAMS, London House, Merthyr, has a Vacancy for a s Respectable Youth as APPRENTICE to the General Drapery. 565 TO TAILORS—WANTED, an experienced CUTTER, that will fill up his time in sewing. Apply to Cule & Sons, Ponty- pridd. 580c TO PARENTS AND GU AR I)1 ANS.^Mr. ~Da vies, Pharma- ceutieal Chemist, Tenby, has a Vacancy for a well-educated and gentlemanly Youth as an Apprentice. 388 WANTED immediately, in a large Merchant's Office, two respectable and intelligent YOUTHS, as Junior Clerk and Office Boy. Best references required. Address R. W., Post-office, Docks, Cardiff. 577 CLERK.—Wanted by an efficient, trustworthy person, a per- manent situation as BOOK-KEEPER, by single or double entry. Good references. Address, Book-keeper," Settth Wales Daily News Office. 546c O DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. — WANTED, a Respectable, Steady YOUNG MAN, Strong and Active, one who knows the district. Apply, with particulars, to Ells and Neal, Duke-street, Cardiff. 156 WANTED, in Swansea, -an educated BUSINESS LADY (whose husband has employment), to Manage a Light Business. Remuneration, a good house, rent free, and £ 20 a year. Security required. Apply to H.S., Donnington House, Llandaff-road, Cardiff. 572c ANTED, a Good UNDERGROUND OVERMAN for a Col- V T liery, within twelve miles of Cardiff, worked by Level, where forty to fifty men are employed. One accustomed to Pitch Veins preferred. Apply, K.G., care of Messrs. Ingledew and Ince, Solicitors, Cardiff. 566 WANTED, by the Brynmawr and Abertillery Gas and Water Company, a CLERK and COLLECTOR. A thorough good accountant is indispensable, and security will be required. Salary first year £80. Apply to the Secretary, at the Gas Company's Office, Brynmawr, on or before the 14th March, 1872. By order, E. J. C. DAVIES, Secretary to the Company. Brynmawr, 29th February, 1872 450 ijto be et. TO be LET, Bradfield House, Dumfries-place. Apply on the Premises. 123 FURNISHED APARTMENTS for a Single Gentleman, sitting- room and bedroom. Address, 22, Union-street, Cardiff. 569 rpo be LET, Three RO(Xu;?, Unfurnished or Furnished, 388, X Bute-read. Also, YARD and STABLING. Apply on the Premises. 543c CARDIFF.—PREMISES to LET in Hope-street, near Canal, U suitable for Workshops or Stores.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam Dyeing Works, Llandaff-road. 221 O be LET, well FURNISHED APARTMENTS, for a Single Gentleman, in Wordsworth-street, Roatli. Apply W., South Wales Daily News Office. 571 ARDIFF.—TO be LET, \VALCOT VILLA, East Grove, Trede- C garville, consisting of 12 rooms and large garden. Apply to D. L. T., 17, Edward-terracr. 195 TO be LET, a HOUSE and SHOP in Bedford-street, and a HOUSE in Clifton-street. Apply to Mr. John Robins, Bed- ford-street. 559c CANTON.—A convenient HOUSE to LET at Freeland-piaee, c top of Severn-road, seven rooms, cellar, wash-house, garden, gas Mid water. Rent moderate. Apply to John Rogers, next house. ° 582 A"ARDIFF.-Eligible and Extensive BUSINESS PREMISES to W4,-j be .LET, with immediate possession, No. 8, Duke-street, Cardiff, late in the occupation of Mr. Ware, tailor. Apply to J. T. Barry, jeweller, 9, Duke street. 209 TO be LET, a HOUSE in London-square. Rent moderate.— Also, No. 2, Cornish illas, Llandaff-road, consisting of seven rooms and garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Batchelor, Bute Docks. _u 354 0. 2, PENYBRP, NO. 2, PENYBRIN, MA INI) Y7~ne~ar Cardiff.~To~LET, the above comfortable DWELLING-HOUSE. Rent moderate —For particulars, apply to Mr. R. J. Yorath, No. 3, Penybrin or to Messrs. Watsons and Co., timber merchants, Cardiff. 146 1 ARDIFF.—To Butchers and Others.—To be Let, in the Town of Cardiff, a very First-class PORK BUTCHERS' BUSINESS, doing the largest trade in the town. In-cQminf easy. Also, several Public-Houses and other businesses. For particulars apnly to Mr. J. D. Thomas, Auctioneer, 13, Church-stjeet, Car- diff. 121 ^TEATIL—To Brewers, Maltsters, and Licensed Victuallers.— 131 To be LET or SOLD, that conveniently-situated and well- arranged Freehold, Twelve-quarter BREWERY and Premises known as the "Somerset Brewery," Neath. Aso. to be LET, that much-frequented and well-ccnneeted SPIRIT VAULTS and INN called Somerset House" (cpposit3 tho two principal mar- kets, and situate in one of the best thoroughfares and the most commanding position in the town. The proprietor, having carried on a successful trade for many years, is now retiring. The whole may be treated for in one lot, or separately. For all particulars apply to Lewis Brothers, Auctioneers, Valuers, &c., Neath. 575 ale$ by irritate Contract FOR SALE.—A HOUSE, SHOPTand BAKEHOUSElirSpiott^ lands. Apply to Mr. Peter Price, 3, Crockhcrhtown. 547e FOR SALE, a Splendid Short-horn COW'and CALF. 4pplyat Penylan House, Roath. 40C TO be SOLD, a STEAM BOILER, suitable £ 0 drive a 6-horse power steam engine.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam Dyeing Works, Llandaff-road, Cardiff. 222 mo be SOLD, by Private Contract, anoid estabHsheTwHEEL^ I WRIGHT and SMITH'S SHOP, and several COTTAGES. Apply on the Premises at Ely, near Cardiff. 505c 't f' Sales bit (rhmte (Contract. TWO NEW HOUSES FOR SALE, in Castle-road. Price £ 135 each. Apply to Mr. R. Emery, Bute Docks, or to Mr. D. Williams, 71, Castle-road. 401 TO be SOLD, an old established Ironmongery, Ironfounding, Engineering, and Agricultural Implement Manufacturing Business, in one of the principal market towns of South Wales. Capital required about t4, 000, part of which may remain on inte- rest at five per cent. A valuable assortment of Patterns. Apply to T. Thomas, Esq., Consulting Engineer, Bute-crescent, Cardiff. 557c Jfiisceltaneous. THE Co-operative Stores, Mountain Ash, can Supply the Public with PIPES, PANS, and SYPHONS for Sanitary Purposes. 567a MONEY.—The Sums of £ 500 and 9500 are now ready to be ADVANCED on approved Mortgaga Security Apply to Mr. Merrils, Solicitor, Church-street, Cardiff. 219 FLOWERING SUNDAY. MONUMENTS, Crosses, and Tablets, in granite, marble, or stone.—Designs and estimates forwarded on ap- plication to T. JONES, Penarth-road Entrance, Cardiff..218 TO be ADVANCED, on good Mortgage Securities, three sums of £ 500 each, and a sum of £ 6,000 in amounts to suit bor- rowers. Apply to Lewis Brothers, Auctioneers and Valuers, Neath. 411 FIRE BRICKS.—The Bwllfa Colliery Company (Limited) are prepared to supply FIRE BRICKS of a superior quality, and also a second quality Brick for building pur- poses. The best Bricks are made exclusively of the celebrated Graig Clay, and the manufacturers supply both qualities of the fol- lowing sizes, viz., 9 x 4t x 2k and 9 x 4 x 3. For terms, &c., apply to the Bwllfa Colliery, Aberdare. 167 jteittess Jlddvesse.^ JOLLY AND SON'S FAMILY LINEN, ) VWAREHOUSE, SILK AND DRESS J SILK AND DRESS ) 42 & 43, COLLEGE GREEN, 403 BRISTOL. BRO'VN AND POLSON'S CORN FLOUR IS GENUINE. PACKETS ld, 3d. and 6d. BEST, 2d., 4d., 8d. CAUTION AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUD. INFERIOR QUALITIES OBTAINED AT LITTLE MORE THAN HALF THE COST OF BROWN AND POLSON'S, ARE SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED. 298 R. ASH TON, FISH, FRUIT, AND POTATOE SALESMAN, 70, ST. MARY STREET, CRDIFF. Best Potatoes for culinary purposes, always kept in stock, and quantities of £ cwt. delivered to any part of the town. 285 D LEWIS, CABINET MAKER DFO AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS, CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING, LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture. N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 JGOOTS! BOOTS!! BOOTSI!! FOR FASHIONABLE LADIES', GENTS', AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS, VISIT BOYLE & CO., 19, CHURCH-STREET, AND 13, BUTE-STREET. LARGEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN WALES. 139 D. R I C H A R D 8, HATTER, HOSIER, GLOVER, &c., 13, HIGH STREET, ,tt; CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1816. All who can appreciate STYLE AND QUALITY, And are desirous of GETTING BEST VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY, Are invited to make their PURCHASES AT THE ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT. 190 PRINCIPALITY PERMANENT BENEFIT JL BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1860. OFFICE 8, ROYAL ARCADE CARDIFF. This is the OLDEST & CHEAPEST SOCIETY in the neighbourhood. DECLARATION OF BONUS:— INVESTORS have realised nearly 12 PER CENT. PER ANNUM, having been paid more than £30 as Bonus. BORROWERS who have made their full repayments have been paid so large an amount of Bonus as to REÐUCE their interest to 3 per cent. per annum. DEPOSITS are taken, for which 5 per cent. per annum interest is paid without deductions. Shares may be taken and Deposits made daily, at the Office as above. 350 WM. SANDERS, Secretary. W. LEWIS, COMMISSION AGENT, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. 189 A P E P. H A N G I N G S. ALL THE NEW PATTERNS FOR THE SEASON, Now ready, commencing at 2Jd. per piece of 12 yards, at J. MOORE'S, 7, BUTE STREET, CARDIFF. The Trade supplied at Wholesale Prices. 284 WEN DAYIES, SLATE MERCHANT, OLD WHARF, CARDIFF. Also dealer in all kinds of Building Brioks and Bridgwater Brick yard Goods, Stourbridge and Welsh Fire Bricks and Clay, Baker's Also dealer in all kinds of Building Brioks and Bridgwater Brick yard Goods, Stourbridge and Welsh Fire Bricks and Clay, Baker's Oven Squares and Burrs, Bideford Clay Ovens, Ridge Tiles, plain and ornamental, variety of Terra Cotta and Earthenware Chimney Tops, Stable Paving Bricks, Paving Stones, Double Roman Treble and Common Pantiles, Portland and Roman Cements, Plaster of Paris, Slate Battens, Plastering Laths, Forest of Dean Water Troughs, Stoneware Drain Pipes, at Reduced Prices, Slate Cisterns and Water Tanks, a large stock of Portmadoc, Carnarvon, and Bangor Roofing Slates, all sizes, at the lowest price; also Welsh Green Slates. Closet Pans and Syphons from 2s. 6d. per set. Slate Hearth Slabs from 4Jd. per foot super. Plain Slate Chimney Pieces from 6s. each. Enamelled Slate Chimney Pieces from 17s. 6d. to £ 10 each. Marble Chimney Pieces from 25s. to £ 15 each. Good 3 feet Sawn Plastering Laths at 6s. per 1000.. Good 3 ft. 6 in. Sawn Plastering Laths at 7s. per 1000. White's London Cement at 13s. per barrel. 102 n- ANNAH STREET CONGREGATIONAL JLJL CHURCH, CARDIFF. THE FOURTH TEA ANNIVERSARY Of the above Church will be held ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1872. Tea on the table at'Five o'clock p.m. A PUBLIC MEETING will be held after tea, when ADDRESSES will be delivered and appropriate Tunes sung. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING., 502c spates of nle$ by gluctioiu MESSRS. W. H. WILLIAMS & CO. Leasehold Property, at Cardiff March 5. MR. CHARLES WILSON. Live and Dead Farming Stock, &c., at Malpas, Newport. Mar. 5. nle$ by gUtrtioiw SALE TO-MORROW. Mount Stuart-square, Cardiff. MESSRS. W. H. WILLIAMS & co. will SELL -IrJL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on TUESDAY, the 5th day of MARCH, 1872, at Three for Four o'clock precisely, the following valuable PROPERTY :— LOT 1.—All that Leasehold Dwelling-house known as No. 17, Mount Stuart-square, Cardiff, now in the occupation of Mrs. Richards, as yearly tenant, at the rent of £32. LOT 2.—All that Leasehold Dwelling-house, known as No. 18, Mount Stuart-square, and now occupied by Mr. Boderlich, as yearly tenant, at the rent of £ 35. The Property is held for the residue of a term of 99 years, from the 29th day of September, 1852, and each Lot will be sold subject to a yearly ground-rent of £ 3 5s., and to the covenants and con- ditions contained in the lease. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Exchange, Bristol, and St. Mary-street, Cardiff; F. C. Pike, Esq., 6, Serle- street, Lincoln's-inn, London; or Messrs. Press and Inskip, Solicitors, Bristol. 373 SALE TO-MORROW. Sale of very Valuable Leasehold Property, situate in Clive-street, Roath. MESSRS. W. H. WILLIAMS & Co. win SELL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on TUESDAY, the 5th day of MARCH, 1872, at Three o'clock precisely, the follow- ing valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY LOT 1.—All those Two Messuages or Dwelling Houses known as Nos. 23 and 24, Clive-street, Roath, producing a gross rental of Ten Shillings per week, subject to a ground rent of £4 5s. 3d. per annum. No. 23 has a shop front, and is fitted with trade fixtures. LOT 2.-All those Two Messuages or Dwelling Houses known as Nos. 25 and 26, Clive-street, producing a gross rental of Eight Shillings per week, subject to a ground rent of £ 3 17s. 6d. per annum. LOT 3.—All those Four Messuages er Dwelling Houses known as Nos. 41, 42, 43, and 44, Clive-street, producing a gross rental of Twenty Shillings per week, subject to a ground rent of P-8 10s. 6d. per annum. The whole of the above property is held under indentures of under-leases from John Hemingway, Esq., for 99 years from the 2nd of February, 1859, nearly 86 years being unexpired. The houses let extremely well to respectable tenants and are in good repair. The property may be viewed and further particulars obtained on application to the Auctioneers, 80, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, and Exchange, Bristol; or to Messrs. Whites, Renard and Floyd, 28, Budge-row, Cannon-street, London, E.C. 120 Dated, Cardiff, 3rd February, 1872. SALE TO-MORROW. GREEN MEADOW, MALPAS, Two miles from Newport, Mon., and One mile from Llantarnam Station, on Monmouthshire Railway. Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Implements, Roots, well ended Hay, Household Furniture, and other Effects, the pro- perty of Mr. John Giles, who is giving up farming. MR. CHARLES WILSON will SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, on the premises as above, on TUESDAY NEXT, 5th MARCH instant, commencing at One for Two o'clock in the afternoon punctually, the undermentioned STOCK and EFFECTS, viz. Ten ewes in yean, four in-calf cows to calve early, one heifer and calf, one three year old in-calf heifer, one two year old ditto, cart mare in foal, two year old nag colt by Sir James," cob colt by Cymro," pony ditto by ditto, cart colt, sow and pigs, four store ditto, one 4t inch harvest cart and thripples, one narrow wheel ditto, two rollers, turnip drill, ditto cutter, chaff machine, ploughs, harrows, short and long harness, G.O. ditto, spring trap (nearly new), about ten tons of well harvested hay, seven tons of swedes, &c., &c. The furniture comprises tables, chairs, sofa, clocks, fenders, fire irons, dressers and drawers, bedroom appointments, feather beds, bolsters, pillows, kitchen and culinary requisites, dairy and brew- ing utensils, home cured bacon, and sundries too numerous to particularise. Approved bills of two months taken for purchases exceeding in amount £20. Luncheon on the table at Twelve o'clock. Sale to commence at One for Two o'clock punctually. Auctioneer's Offices, 1, Tredegar-place, Newport, Mon., and 1, Monnow-street, Monmouth, dated 21st Feb., 1872. 416 To Grocers anlTothers. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on.the Premises, No. 13, Planet-street, Splotland, Cardiff, on MONDAY, MARCH 4th, 1872, the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE of teas and gro- ceries, utensils, &c. Sale at Two o'clock. No reserve. 452 public Jtotices* TO THE ELECTORS OF THE SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. ENTLEMEN,-I hasten to thank you for the CX very handsome manner in which you have re-clected me as a Proprietory Trustee, and to assure you that I will endeavour to discharge the duties of that Trust to the best of my ability. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, H. HUSSEY VIVIAN. London, 2nd March, 1872. 451 THE LLANDYSSIL WEEKLY MARKET. Provision Merchants and others are respectfully informed that a supply of BUTTER, CHEESE, BACON, &c., &c., Will be regularly provided at this Market, COMMENCING ON THURSDAY, THE 14TH INSTANT. Pro Committee, J. D. THOMAS, Secretary. Llandyssil, March 1st, 1872. 554 MUSIC HALL, SWANSEA. DR. CORRY'S WORLD-RENOWNED DIORAMA OF IRELAND, ITS SCENERY, MUSIC, AND ANTIQUITIES. Admission—3s., 2s., Is., 6d. Half-price to Schools and Children. Originator and Proprietor T. C. S. CORRY, M.D. 407 Manager, Mr. HODGES. s TUART HALL, CARDIFF. POSITIVELY FOR ONE DAY ONLY, MONDAY, MARCH 4TH, MORNING AND EVENING. II E WO NYERF CL T W O H~E A D ED NIGHTINGALE. THE GREATEST LIVING CURIOSITY. THE MARVELLOUS TWO-HEADED JL NIGHTINGALE. Three Times before the ROYAL FAMILY. HE EXTRAORDINARY TWO-HEADED JL NIGHTINGALE. Three Times before the ROYAL FAMILY. HE GREAT AMERFCANGIANT AND GIANTESS. THE TALLEST COUPLE LIVING. THREE TIMES BEFORE THIT ROYAL FAMILY, THREE TIMES BEFORE THE ROYAL FAMILY. THE WONDERFUL TWO-HEADED NIGHTINGALE COM- PANY, CONSISTING OF CHRISSIE MILLIE, The Marvellous Two-Headed Nightingale CAPTAIN BATES, The Great Kentucky Giant; MISS ANNA SWAN (NOW MRS. BATES), The Famous Nova Scotian Giantess; Which for the last four months has been the attraction, and created so much excitement in London in consequence of its immense success, having been three several times before the Royal Family, WILL HOLD RECEPTIONS AT THE STUART HALL, MARCH 4. Receptions from 2.30 to 5, and 7.30 to 10. Parties will appear at 3 to 8 precisely. Admission—Promenade, One Shilling; Front Seats, Two Shillings. COL. A. J. BATES, Business Director. And at ABERDARE, MARCH 1st, NSF „ SWANSEA, 2nd, CARDIFF, 4th, NEWPORT, 5th. 560 JJIJ T C HINSON AND TAYLEURE'S GRAND CIRCUS, CARDIFF, OPBN FOR TIIE SEASON WITH THE GREATEST CONCENTRATION OF EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC RESOURCES ever presented to the public. Fresh STAR ARTISTES and Brilliant NOVELTIES Every Week. GRAND MID-DAY PERFOMANCE EVERY SATURDAY, at Two, commence at Half-past. 158 VICTOKIA RO MS, ST. MARY- STREET, CARDIFF. MANAGER F. W. HOFFMAN Every Evening during the week, GRAND CONCERT AND DANCE. CHANGE OF ARTISTES EVERY WEEK. REFRESHMENTS AT THE BAR. Admission-First Class, Is.; Second Class, 6d. Doors open to Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight. 241 Just Published. Price Half-a-Crown. ON COLLIERY EXPLOSIONS, SOUTH WALES COAL FIELD, in the Merthyr, Aberdare, and Rhondda Valleys, with Map of the District, Explanatory Sections and Diagrams: being a Paper read before the SOUTH WALES INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS, by THOMAS JOSEPH, Mining Engineer, a Member of the Institute. Merthyr-Tydfil: Farrajjt and Frost; London Simpkin, Mar- shall and Co. 405 .rl iL JI¡lh .¡.¡' I," ;;01.. NOTICE. Letters and other communications intended for publication in this journal should be authenticated by the name of the writer, and addressed to the EDITOR. Rejected MS. cannot be returned. Orders for a-dvertisement. or copies of the paper, and other strictly business communications, should be addressed to the MANAGER, SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS Office, Cardiff. Post Office Orders should be made payable to MESSRS. DUNCAN AND SONS, 11, St. Mary street, Cardiff.


MONDAY, MARCH 4, 1872. .