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(ftomspttdence* THANKSGIVING DAY IN MERTHYR. To the Editor of the SOUTH WALES DVILY NEWS. SIR,—In your impression of to-day you state, in refer- ence to the Thanksgiving Day in Wales," that little no- tice was taken of it in Merthyr. Now, I beg to inform you that such was not the case The congregation as- sembled at St. David's Church was very large, exclusive of the school children. Most of the tradesmen closed their shops-not, as you say, only about half-a-dozen" —soon after mid-day. Considering the authorities" did not take the matter in hand, I think the people of Mer- thyr were not so far behind in their loyal demonstration as you were led to suppose. I may add that the services at St. David's were distin- guished from the ordinary service, by being fully choral. It commenced by the choir and congregation heartily sing- ing the Thanksgiving hymn, hymn No. 238 in •' Hymns Ancient andModern," and Mendelssohn's splendid anthem, I waited for the Lord," was sung, as was also the Rev. J. S. Stone's hymn to the prescribed tune.-I am, &c., A TRADESMAN. THE CARMARTHEN SCHOOL BOARD. To the Editor of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NBWS. SIR,—When it became evident that increased school accommodation must be provided at Carmarthen, the Church party proceeded to erect schools, although the increased accommodation was required for the children of Dissenters, there being already ample room in the National schools for the children of all Church-going- people. It so happened that the Corporation owned an old building, which had been leased for the purpose of a Church school. The rent had been unpaid for years, the covenants of the lease had been broken, and the lessees had allowed the building to get into a ruinous state. Then one of the railway companies bought the building, and the lessees were allowed by the Corporation to receive nearly all the purchase money. How it occurred, that our Town Council suffered this I have never been able to understand. The money received by the lessees was used in the building of one of the new schools called the School Church." The church party having built their unsuitable schools, and having done so, in a great measure, out of the money of the ratepayers, and having been refused a cool request that the Corporation would allow them to enclose the pavement in front of their school- church," opposed the application of the Town Council for a School Board, on the ground that the school accom- modation, including the unsuitable schools they were building, was sufficient. However, in spite of their ut- most opposition, a School Board was ordered to be formed. Then, in order to avoid a contest, it was arranged that four members of the Board should be nominated by the Liberals and the other three by the Conserva- tives. The Conservatives first violated an important condition of the arrangement, and afterwards abstained from nominating their candidates. The result was that the Liberals nominated the seven members of the Board, and it is their own fault that, when they had the game in their own hands, they did not select men upon whom they could rely to carry out a Liberal policy. Your cor- respondent Lector" has shown that the effect of com- pulsion in the present state of school accommodation at Carmarthen would be to drive the children of Dissenters into Church schools. I cannot agree with him that Mr. Smith (who voted with the Tories on the ques- tion of compulsion), has crowned himself with honour." He took an illogical course, under the circumstances, in supporting compulsion and opposing the payment of fees. We must have suitable accommodation before compulsion can be used and, in the meantime, let the Board remit the fees of poor children in its own schools. The Liberal members of the Board (Messrs. Morgan, Evans, and Lewis) deserve, not crowns of honour, but merely the thanks due to men who have faithfully performed their pledges and done their duty. When their term of office expires they must be re-elected, with a new member of the same stamp as themselves and the other members of the board must, if they seek re-election, seek it at the hands of the lories.—Yours, &c., Carmarthen. VINDEX. ——-

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