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NEWPORT. HARBOUR COMMISSIONERS.—The monthly meeting of this body was held at the Town-hall yesterday. Mr. Charles Lyne in the chair; present-Messrs. Joseph Latch, H. J. Davies, John Moses, T. B. Batchelor, Thos. Beynon, Admiral Tootj, with Mr. Morris, deputy clerk. The minutes having been read, the harbour dues for the month of February were reported to be £12<1 17s 4d, as against £h9 6s. 5d. for February, the grid- iron receipts were £ U 12s. 3d, as against kl7 4s. 8d. for corresponding month last year. The Harbour Master re- por'ed that on Saturday, Feb. 10th, Geo. Williams was summoned for casting ashes into the Avon Llwyd. at the Pontymoile iron works. He was convicted and fined £ 5 and costs this is the second conviction obtained against thut person. In accordance with instructions given at the meeting of February 2nd, he inquired of Mr. Hands, the Nantygloand Bla-iia agent, whether the company would consent or not to pay the expenses of placing a mooring on Mr. Lovell's, the adjoining wharf, for the use of vessels using the Blaina. Thf-yjliave consented to do so, and the mooring is now being fixed. The plan, specifications, and estimate of the two cottages proposed to be built on the gridiron wharf for the use of the men employed in clean- ing and attending to the gridiron would come before them for consideration. The ri 'cr bank in Cold Harbour Reach, continues the same as when last reported. Mr. Thomas has signed the contract to keep the ballast trams, nine in number, in proper working order for kl4 per annum, at the Commissioners' ballast wharf. A letter was read from Mr. A. Darby, manager of the Ebbw Vale Company, complaining of the proeeedings taken by the Commissioners as against the representatives of the company for tipping rubbish into the Afon Llwyd. The Clerk was directed to write an explanatory letter, stating the position in which matters stood, assuring Mr. Darby that the Commissioners had only done that which they were really compelled to do. A reward of £ 5 was ordered to be paid to William Scantlebury, for giving informa- tion which led to the conviction of a man for throwing ballast into the river Usk. ° THE EDUCATION MEETING.—The following are the reso- lutions which were unanimously adopted at the meeting briefly reported in our issue of yesterday :—" That, in the opinion of this meeting, the only satisfactory basis of a national system of education is that which shall limit the action of the State to the provision of secular instruction which all children shall receive in common, the responsi- bility of the religious education of each district being thrown upon voluntary effort." That, in the opinion of this meeting, School Boards should be established in every district as the best mesins of educating the people but it protests against the payment of denominational fees, and urgently demands the repeal of the 25th clause and part of the 74th." That the Chairman of this meeting be re- quested to forward the resolutions to Sir J. W. Ramsden, Bart., M.P., and to express a hope that the hon. member will support Mr. Dixon's motion for the amendment of the Education Act." REFUSING TO SAIL.—On Friday, at the Borough police court, before Mr. D. Harrhy (mayor) and several other magistrates, the crew of the ship Hastings, of Liver- pool (14 in all) were brought up on warrants for refusing to sail after signing agreements. Their plea was that the vessel was unseaworthy, and their statement was strengthened by the fact that a previous crew, with the captain and first mate, had also refused to go to sea in her. On the other hand the present captain and mates, a practical shipwright, and Mr. H. Edwards, Llovds' agent here, deemed her perfectly safe. The Bench ordered her to be surveyed by Mr. R. Gething, harbourmaster, and by Lloyds' surveyor. ASSAULTING A IVIFE.Tereiiiiih O'Reily was charged before the borough magistrates on Friday, with assaulting his wife with a poker. Fined 20s. and costs, or one month's hard labour. SELLING BEER AT ILLEGAL HoeRs. -J eremiah Hurley was charged with selling beer at two o'clock in the morn- ing. Mr. Bradgate, solicitor, appeared for Hurley. The charge was proved by Sergeant Winnell and P.C. Evans and found two men concealed in the cellar. Fined 10s. and costs. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE —William Holland, of Swansea, a respectably attired man, was fined 5s. for being drunk and disorderly, as proved by P.C. Morgan. STEALING DOLLY V ARDEN.-Sarah Williams, of Cardiff, who had been twice remanded on a charge of stealing 20 yards of Dolly Varden print, was now committed for trial at the Usk Quarter Sessions. It also appeared that she was wanted in Cardiff for a similar offence.






SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1872. .