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LATEST COMMERCIAL AND MARKET INTELLIGENCE. MONEY MARKET.—THURSDAY. The changes in prices are few, new operations being confined within small limits for the present. Eries have recovered g, and the Ten-Forty United States Bonds t- In home railway stocks the only change is an advance ef if in Midland. The foreign market is firm, and the changes in prices a rise of 1 in Peruvian Six per conts. of 1870, and of i in the French National Loan. METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET—THURSDAY. The cattle trade to-day ruled quiet. There was a mo- derate supply of beasts, which consisted of some good serviceable animals. The demand for all breeds was slow, and prices were with difficulty maintained. The best Scots and crosses sold at 5s. 2d. to 5s. 4d. per 81b. The number of sheep in the pens was limited. Trade was quiet, but no appreciable alteration was noticeable in quotations, the extreme figure for the best Downs and half-brecls remaining at 7s. 4d. per 81b. Calves were scarce, and choice descriptions realised previous rates steadily, but inferior animals were taken off very slowly. Pigs changed hands quietly on former terms. HAY AND STRAW MARKET.—THURSDAY. Good supplies were on sale here to-day Trade was slew, at about the rates previously current:—Prime clover, 110s to 120s inferior ditto, 55s. to 90s. prime hay, 77s. 6d. to 87s. Od. inferior ditto, 55s. to 65s and straw, 34s. to 40s. per load. BRADFORD WOOL MARKET.—THURSDAY. The tone of the wool market continues quiet. There is, however, a steady demand for some kinds of wool, particularly good wethers and hogs, and prices are main- tained with unabated firmness A fair amount of busi- ness is doing in both yarns and prices are firm.

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