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PIBDA Y, MARCH 1, 1872. .

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PENARTH HARBOUR, DOCK, AND i RAILWAY. The thirty-second half-yearly meeting of the pro- prietors of the company was heldl at the Royal Hotel, yesterday. Mr. W. S. Cartwright, chairman, presided but in consequence of the absence of the required num- ber of proprietors, the meeting did not begin at the time announced. After waiting an hour, The CHAIRMAN said after waiting the time required by the Companies Clauses Act, and not a sufficient number of proprietors being present to form a quorum* the only duty that meeting could perform was to de- i clare a dividend, which had been recommended by the directors, of 4 per cent. per annum, to be paid upon the 6th of March next. That was the only business they eeuld then go into; and he proposed that they should adjourn that meeting pro forma until to- morrow, and then if there were a sufficient number of proprietors at that meeting, they would proceed to elect directors and auditor. The retiring directors were Messrs. John Nixon, H. J. Evans, and Lient.-Colonel Hunt, and the retiring auditor, Mr. James Sydney Batchelor and if a meeting was not held to-morrow- as was probable, for if the proprietors did not assemble to-day, they would not then-those gentlemen would continue directors and auditor for the ensuing half- l year. He conld not allow that opportunity to pass, although they were not a quorum, without expressing, both on his own behalf and on behalf of his colleagues, thir extreme regret at the loss they had sustained by the death of their Chairman (hear, hear). No gentleman, f by any possibility, from the formation of the company < to tha time of his death, could have devoted more care and anxiety, or have given more practical sterling help to the undertaking than Mr. Crawshay Bailey and he assured them most sincerely that the company had lost a most valuable director by the lamented de- cease of that gentleman (hear, hear). There had been periods in the history of the company when the assist- ance rendered by the late chairman had been of an eminently valuable character, and of the greatest ad- vantage to the company and, he repeated, that in every respect the company had suffered a great loss in the death of Mr. Crawshay Bailey (hear, hear). j. Lieat.-Colonel CLIVE seconded the motion. T The report of the directors for the half-year past was to the following effect 1 The Directors recommend a dividend for the half-year at the rate of 4 per cent. per annum, payment thereof to be made on the 6th of March next. Since the last half- yearly meeting the directors have, in common with the proprietary, deeply to regret the death of their late chair- man, Mr. Crawshay Bailey. His invariable attention to the interests of the company from its formation, and the very many important services which he has rendered during its former period of difficulties, must cause his loss to be deeply lamented by the proprietary, as it is by his colleagues on the Board of Direction. The directors have had much pleasure in electing Mr, Crawshay Bailey, of Mandiff Court, Abergavenny, to the seat at the Board vacant by his father's death. Two meetings in the arbi- tration with the assignees of Messrs. Smith and Knight, have been held since the date of the last report, and every endeavour of your directors is being, and will be, made to bring this matter to a conclusion. The directors who re- tire in order are Messrs. Nixon, Evans, and Lieut-Colonel Hunt, who are eligible and offer themselves for re-election. The retiring auditor is Mr. James Sydney Batchelor, who likewise offers himself for re-election.