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SWANSEA. THE Hoxorn OF KNIGHTHOOD.—Mr. Justice Grove, the new judge in the Court of Common Pleas, and a native of Swansea, has just received the above usual com- plimentary and distinguished mark of Royal favour, at Osborne, at the hands of Her Majesty. A MISSING VESSEL.—The brig Law Ogilby, of Swansea (official No. 11.173), which sailed from Huelva on the 8th of November last with mineral ore for Swansea, has not been heard of since, and is supposed to be'lost, SWANSEA VALE RAILWAY.—The ordinary half-yearly meeting of this company took place yesterday (Wednes- day) at their offices. Several directors were present. The report of the directors was presented by Mr. Thos. Moriey, and was duly received, and a debtor and creditor statement of accounts was presented and freely com- mented upon. A declaration of the usual dividend, and 5 per cent. on the original shares was then declared. The last half-year has been one oL.«uceess, and the future prospects were in every way-encouraging. HOSPITAL.—POPULAR READINGS AND CONCERT.—The last entertainment of the season, under the able leader- ship of the Rev. G. P. Evans and his co-adjutors, was given at the Music Hall on Tuesday. The place, which is computed to hold nearly 3,000 people, was tilled to over- flowing. For the last three winters the above committee have worked right earnestly to spread broadcast a popular feeling- in favour of supporting liberally the New Swansea Hospital, which was recently erected at such enormous cost and there can be little doubt that the object has been achieved, and that everybody in Swansea begins to feel that the hospital is really and truly theirs. A splen- did programme was prepared for this last occasion—Miss Powell. Miss Mosson, Miss Francis, Miss Katie Jones, Miss Williams. Mr. Barger Hall, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Lougner, Mr. G. Jones, Mr Gwllym Cyxon, and last, though not least, the inimitable Mr. E.'Crapper. 'The conceit -was opened by playing an overture, that was fol- lowed up by the singing of several choice songs. There were a few part songs and trios, and selections on the pianoforte; and Mr. Barger Hall, aided by Miss K. Jones, rendered with professional brilliancy Something of the Time of Charles XII." Mr. E. Crapper Some- thing Comique" and" Something Funny,"and elicfted roars of laughter by his stump oration on Am I right, or any other man ?" which touched very gently upon every principal transaction in a most "delicious and ludicrous manner, concerning many of the recent local events in Swansea, only known to those who are pri- vileged to get behind the scenes." Much praise is due to the other ladies and gentlemen, all of whom outvied each other to please the audience. A financial statement was read by the Rev. Mr. Evans, which stated that a sum of about 2120 had been raised by means of these readings. They had unitedly put their shoulders to the wheel, and had accomplished more than they anticipated, Mr. Crowhurst proposed that the best and warmest thanks of that large audience be given to the lie v. G. P. Evans, Mr. T. Prothtroe, Mr. Arthur Rendell, and the other gentlemen of the committee, whe had laboured so long and brought these pleasant evenings to such a successful issue. This was passed with much acclamation. The secretary informs us that £;)2 was taken at the door on Monday evening, notwithstanding the lowness of the charge of admittance. We commend the indefatigable exertions of the above gentlemen to others to go and do likewise, so that our public institutions may not so often languish under the pressure of debt. AN IDLE AND DISORDERLY PERSON.—At the Police Court on Tuesday, before Mr. J. Oakshot, David Evans, a labourer, was brought up charged with refusing to main- tain his wife and child The result of his conduct was, that they became chargeable to the Union, whilst he pre- ferred a vagrant life. He confessed that he had to put up with many privations, and that his course of life had been anything but a happy one. As he had given no sub- stantial or valid reason for absconding, the Bench sent him to prison far a month with hard labour. A BAD PAYMASTER.-—William Davies, a seafaring man, summoned his master (Captain John Jones) for the pay- ment of wages due. The complainant further stated that he had been very ill and was quite unable to work at present, but that his contract was fully in force. To this the defendant, whilst not contradicting the statement of facts, urged that as the man had left his employ his respon- sibility ceased, and the contract fell through. The court, however, decided otherwise, and ordered immediate pay-- men t and costs. PEACE SURBTIEs.-On Wednesday, before Messrs, Trevellian Jenkins and N. ft Cameron, Mary Auu Jenkins summoned Emma Dare to provide sureties for preserving the peace towards her. As the evidence did not sustain her charge, the case was dismissed. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE.—John Lewis and Martha Eynon were charged with being drunk and incapable. Their cases were dismissed, however, on the payment of Is., with a caution. RAILWAY OFFENCE.—William Morris was summoned by Mr. Traherne, the inspector, for a breach in the railway bye laws, The defendant did not appear, and a war- rant was issued for his apprehension. There was various other charges, but the cases, in most instances, were ad- journed. —






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