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CARDIFF. SCHOOL FOR DEAF AND DUMB, LLANDAFF. — Mr. Melville begs most thankfully to acknowledge the receipt of a cheque fur £ 4 4s. lOd for this school being the col- lection at Thanksgiving Service at Trevithin"1 Church, per Rev. John C. Llewellin, M.A vicar. SHIP LAUNCH.—Messrs. Schlessinger Davis & Co. launched from their shipbuilding yard, Wallsend, New- castle-on-Tyne, on Saturday last, an iron screw steamer of about 1,100 tons, named the Cornwall. This vessel has been built for Mr. Richard Short, of Cardiff, and others, and will be fitted with engines of the compound class, of 95 horse-power nominal. SHORT TIME MOVEMENT.—The concession of nine hours and ten per cent, on piece-work sought by the cabinet-makers and upholsterers of Cardiff, has, we un- derstand, been conceddd by Mr. Daniel Lewis, of Duke- street. A strong hope is entertained that this step will be followed by a similar concession on the part of other employer?'. It is needless to say that the course pursued by Mr. Lewis is greatly appreciated by the members of the trade concerned. MUSICAL SERVICE AT SPOTTLAND.—-Last night a most interesting service of sacred song was performed at the Congregational Church. Splotland. The service was en- titled "The Pilgrim's Progress," and consisted of a large number of readings, and ahoral performauces-similar in character to the musical service performed at St. John's Church a few months ago. There wasa good attendance, and the gathering was presided over by the Rev. J. Waite,-B.A., who. with the Rev. T. Jenkins—the pastor of the church—read the prose portions of the service. The choral pieces were undertaken by the church choir under the leadership of Mr. R Price, and the manner in which he rendered the numerous songs was worthy of the highest commendation and afforded greatest satisfac- to all present. The enter1 ainment was of a most inter- esting character, and the performances, if generally adopted, will undoubtedly do much towards improving the character of congregational singing. SALEM WELSH BAPTIST CHAPEL, SPLOTLANDS.—On Tuesday evening a very pleasing entertainment in con- nection with the Sunday School took place. The chair was occupied by the Rev. Dr. Davies, who made allusion to the thanksgiving- for the recovery of the Prince of Wales, after which the following programme was gone through:—Recitation, Mr. T. Bryant; recitation, Miss M. Rees solo Miss Morgans recitation, Miss S. Rees recitation, Master D. Bryant; solo, Miss Jane Davies, Hen Feibl Mawr fy Mam" recitation, Miss Lewis, :Mac'r Byd yn Gwella" solo, Mr. J. Thomas choir, \V ork, for the night is coming"; duet, "Gentle Stranger," Mr. John Llewellyn and Mr. Joseph Bryant (which was loudly encored, but time would not allow of its being repeated); solo, Mr. T. Bryant, God Bless the Prince of Wales"i; recitation, Mr. J. Bryant, "Ty ar Dan" solo, Mr. Evan Thomas extempore speech, sub- ject The Clock," successful competitor, T. Bryant. The of the choir was much admired, and reflected great credit on their conductor. Mr. J. Llewellyn. OBSTRUCTING THE PATHWAY.—At the police court, yes- terday (before Mr. J. Pride and Mr. A. Bassett), Mr. A. Coleman, of the Phoenix brewery, was summoned for allowing an obstruction to be caused in front of his brewery. On the ICth of this month there was a cart with one wheel on the curb-stone, allowing very small space for passers by; and on the 20th there were two sacks of malt also causing an obstruction. Mr. Coleman was fined for the first offence 5s. and costg, and for the second the costs only.—Morris Cross was lined 20s. and costs, for allowing an be caused in Working-street, by placing some casks on the pavement. P.C. Gower proved the DRUNKENNESS.-—Thomas Phillips was charged with being drunk and riotous in Adam-street, on Tuesday night. P.C. John Miles proved the charge. Prisoner was fined 5s. and costs, or seven days. BREAKING GLASS.—Ann Moore was charged with breaking a pane of glass in the Carpenters' Inn, St. Mary-street, on Tuesday night last. Maria Joseph, the, landlady, stated that the prisoner came into her house on the above date, and called for some beer, which she re- fused to give her. Prisoner then became very noisy, and was turned out hy the landlord, and while he was doing so she sent her fist through the pane of glass in the win- dow, causing damage to the amount of 3s. 6d. or 4s. The prisoner, in her defence, said that the landlord did the damage in turning her out, and that she did not touch the glass. The magistrates thought the case proved, and fined prisoner 5s. and costs, or fourteen days' imprison- ment. ————









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