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1 JI 'HH"I, + itV'.iitf. TTXT ANTED, immediately, a BOY, from li to 16, to assist in f j the Pawnbro&ing Business. Apply, Henry Samuel, Neath. 534c "ITSTANTED, a situation as HOUSEMAID. Used to waiting at y J table. Good character from last situation., Apply, E., 537 ANTED, an experienced YOUNG MAN in the Drapery. f f Must be of sober habits, and a knowledge of Welsh ne- cessary. Apply to Edwards & Jones, Carmarthen. 536c ANTED, TWO JUNIOFTTIANDS for the Drapery and ?Y Grocery Business. Apply, G. J., 13, High-street, Cardiff. 537c •\ STANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT, aged 18. Apply at -the Situth Wales Daily News Office. 544c WANTED, a good "GENERAL SERVANT, where there are two children. Good character indispensable. Address, 228, Bute-road, Cardiff. 540c WANTED, a FELLliIONGER as Foreman and Buyer. Liberal v v Wages. Character indispensable. Apply to David Griffiths, Tanner aiad Currer, LlaiicJly. 549 ANTED, a Second-hand LATHE, or anything- to drive a six-inch circular saw. Apply at 35, Royal Arcade. 548c "ANTED, immediately, a Sm5T"FURNlSHED HOUSE, in 7 T or wthin a mile of Neath, with garden. Rent moderate. Address, L. M., Post Office, Neath. 555c WANTED, a steady, honest, MARRIED MAN to attend to an 7 Engine and make himself generally useful. Cottage and coals free. Apply to_Z., Cardiff Times Office. _°_ 552 WANTED, a good CUPOLA MAN, at the Mount Stuart Iron Works, Bute Docks. 553 WANTED, an intelligent YOUTH with-a slight knowledge of v the Ironmongery Business. Address" Iromnonger" South Wales Daily News. 558 (^LERK.—Wanted by an efficient, trustworthy person, a per- j manent situation as BOOK-KEEPER, by single or double entry. Good references. Address, Book-keeper," South Wales Daily News Office. 546c DRAPERY.—Wanted, immediately, an IMPROVER and an APPRENTICE, to live out. State experience and what salary expected. Apply to Jones, Phillips and Willianis, The Emporium, Aberaman, Aberdare. 402 DRAPERY^VANTE:D7 immediately, an experienced SALES- WOMAN accustomed to trim.^ Knowledge of Welsh indis- pensable. Address, Stephen Lewis, Treorky, Pontypridd., 556c J XTlY'GOVERNESS WANTED for two children in the neigh- bourhood of the Mumbles. Apply, A. L., Post Office, Swansea. 542 ASTER TAILor, WANTED ,i,t the County Asylum, Bridg- m end. Wages £ 30 a year, with Board, Lodging, and Wash- ing. Apply in person to the Medical Superintendent any fore- noon. 538c :ROCERV.-WANTE!:)r;rJt^a(lR_IL\NR Apply, stating salary required, with references, to Mr. Lewis James, New Tredegar, Mon. 630c MEDICAL.—Wanted, a competent ASSISTANT in a colliery practice. Apply, stating terms, &c., to Mr. W. H. Cuth- bcrtson, Pentre, Pontypridd. 387 rpjO BUILDERST^ONTBACfbRS AND OTHERS. —TENDERS t i are invited for the erection of Twenty Workmen's Cottages t at the Park Colliery. Particulars on application to Messrs. D Davis and Co., Ocean Colliery, Ystrad, Pontypridd. 386 j TO PRINTERS.—Permanent Situation for a good JOBBING J HAND. Wages 23s. Watkins's Steam Printing Works, 1 Rutland-street, Swansea. 529c pX'fOljRDCER^ASSISTANTS^c.—WANTED, an ASSISTANT j in the Grocery and Drapery Trade. Welsh indispensable. Apply, with references, to the Manager of the Co-operative Stores, j Cwmbach, Aberdare. 379 To DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.- WANTED, a YOUNG MAN of three or four years' experience. Apply at A. Cule and t Sons, Treherbert. 550c < TO PAINTERS.—A Resident Painter wanted at the County Asylum, Bridgend must know all branches of the trade. A permanent place to a suitable man. Apply, in person, to the 1 Medical Superietendent any forenoon. 539c < TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS.—Mr. Davies, Pharma- J T ceutical Chemist, Tenby, has a Vacancy for a well-educated and gentlemanly Youth as an Apprentice. 388 To DRAPÉ.r:,S' ASISTANTS.WANTED, a Steady YOUNG ( MAN for the General Drapery. Also one for the Men's 1 Mercery. Personal application preferred. Apply to Parry and Baker, Cardiff. 399 fE-Ö-bIfAPERS'ÁSSlSYAl{ifS:WD'litCdJ'lumedia¡{)îy:îil-Ex- 1 perienced Hand. Apply, stating particulars, to Griffiths and Son, Pontypridd. 522c_ TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. — WANTED, a Respectable, j Steady YOUNC- MAN, Strong and Active, one who knows the district. Apply, with particulars, to Ells and Neal, Duke-street, Cardiff. 156 BEDWELLTY UNION. Vaccination Officer and Inspector of Nuisances, WANTED, by the Guardians of the Bedwellty Union, a VACCINATION OFFICER for the two parishes of their Union, which comprises the following towns and surround- ing districts, viz., Tredegar, Ebbw Vale, Rhynmey, New Tredegar, Blackwood, part of Beaufort, Gamfach, Nantyglo, Blaina, Aber- tillery, Cwmtillery, &c., &c. The person who is appointed will also be elected Inspector of Nuisances for the whole of the Union, and will be allowed a salary of £40 per annum for the duties of Inspector of Nuisances. As Public Vaccinator, he will be required to carry out the Act ef Parliament of last session, as well as previous Acts, and his salary will be at the rate of £111Br week, and 2s. Gd. per hundred of persons, successfully .vaccinated. He must be energetic, and able to show the guardians that he can carry out the requirements 9f the respective Acts. Applications, in candidiates' owh handwriting, must be sent to my address, not later than Wednesday, the 6th day of March next, enclosing testimonials of recent date as to capabilities, &c., &0. Candidates selected will be informed, and expenses of at ten dance (after request) allowed, Total salary, £ 92 per annum. JNO. BROOKFIELD, Clerk to Guardians. Union Office, Tredegar, 2:3rd February, 1::37;1. 389 1]:0 be J:ct. TO be LET, Bradfield House, Dumfries-place. Apply on the J. Premises. 123 ARDIFF.-TO be LET, WALCOT VILLA, East Grove, Trede- C garville, consisting of 12 rooms and large garden. Apply to D. L. T., 17, Edward-terrace. 195 ARDIFFCapital HOUSE and SHOP, plate glass front, to C LET. Apply to W. Price & Sons, Cardiff House. 533c O be LET, a~H^USE~and SHOP in Bedford-street, and a HOUSE in Clifton-street. Apply to Mr. John Robins, Bed- ford-street. 559c ARDIFF.-Eligible and Extensive BUSINESS PREMISES to C be LET, with immediate possession, No. 8, Duke-street, Cardiff, late in the occupation of Mr. Ware, tailor. Apply to J. T. Barry, jeweller, 9, Duke street. 209 TO be LET, a HOUSE in Loudon-square. Rent moderate.— Also, No. 2, Cornish Villas, Llandaff-road, consisting of seven rooms and garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Batchelor, Bute Docks. 354 XlNDY. —To be LET, immediately, one mile from the Town Hall, Cardiff, a Six-roomed COTTAGE, with wash-house and pantry. Gas and water laid on, and gas fittings complete. Re-it,9,16 a year. Enquire of Hr. W. Lamb, Hope Hotel, Maindy; or of Mr. J. joitker, Duke of Cornwall Inn, the Hayes, Cardiff. 363 0~2 PENYBRIN^ MAINDY, near Cardiff.—To LET.. the above comfortable DWELLING-HOUSE. Rent moderate. —For particulars, apply to Mr. R. J. Yorath, No.3,. Penybrin or to Messrs. Watsons and Co., timber merchants, Cardiff. 14li TtTbeljET, Three ROOMS, Unfurnished or Furnished, 208, Bute-road. Also, YARD and STABLING. Apply on the Premises. 543c ANTON.-A coiivei-iieiit HOUSE to LET at Freeland-place, C top of Severn-road, seven rooms, cellar, wash-house, garden, gas and water. Rent moderate. Apply to John Rogers, next house. 515c CARDIFF.—PREMISES to LET in Hope-street, near Canal, suitable for Workshops or Stores.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam Dyeing Works, Llandalf-road. 221 C1ARDIFF.—To Butchers and Others.—To be Let, iu the Town of Cardiff, a very First-class PORK BUTCHERS' BUSINESS, doing the largest trade in the town. In-coming easy. A'so several Public-Houses and other businesses. For particulars apply to Mr. J. D. Thomas, Auctioneer, 13, Church-street, Car- V die 121 TO be SOLD, an old established Ironmongery, Ironfounding, Engineering, and Agricultural Implement Manufacturing Business in one of the principal market towns of South Wales. Capital required about £ 4,000, part of which may remain on inte- rest at five per cent, A valuable assortment of Patterns. Apply to T. Thomas, Esq., Consulting Engineer, Bute-crescent, Cardiff. 557C JSales bit Contract OR SALE, a FARM of i-O acres, near Cardiff. To LET, Ji HOUSE and OUTHOUSES for 12 cows, 4 horses, and 30 pigs, at a low rout. Apply to Mr. Thomas Davies, 34, Cowbridgc- road, Oantom ^CL_ TO be SOLD, a STEAM BOILER, suitable to drive a G-liorse power steam engine.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam T power steam engine.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam Dyeing Works, Llandaff-road, Cardiff. ° 222 rgflO be SOLD, by Private Contract, an old established WHEEL- -1. WRIGHT and SMITH'S SHOP, and several COTTAGES. Apply on the Premises jit Ely, near Cardiff. 505c I^OR SALE.-A HOUSE, SffOi\_nrKl :BAKK[iC)rrSl'. in Splott- lands. Apply to Mr. Peter Price, Crockherbtown. 507c 4* "V BARRKLS of YARMOUTH SED^fERMNWWnow Zi) vf being SOLD, wholesale and retail, from the boat Simon Peter, lyill- at the Upper End of West Dock, Cardiff. 536c FOR SAUB, 30 -611 IRON BARGES, suited tor use as tst-jiks J[1 holding- about 3,0111,) gallons; also, about 5,000 Tons Small Anthraoit s COAL (Slack). Address Boz 75, Swansea. 104 TWO NEW HOURS' FOI. iALE in Casils-Fcld, Pr.;c £ 1S5 e&sfa. Apply to Mr. E. Emery, Bute Bocks, or to Mr; D. Williams, 71. Castle-roid. 401 1'1 ¡ 1'. jatollaneongv FLOWERING SUNDAY. MONUMENTS, Crosses, and Tablets, in granite, Xt JL marble, or stone.—Designs and estimates forwarded on ap- plication to T. JONES, Penarth-road Entrance, Cardiff. 218 FIRE BRICKS.—The Bwllfa Colliery Company (Limited) are prepared to supply FIRE BRICKS of a superior quality, and also a second quality Brick for building pur- poses. The best Bricks are made exclusively of the celebrated Graig Clay, and the manufacturers supply both qualities of the fol- lowing sizes, viz., 9 x 41 x 2: and 9 x 4! x 3. For terms, &c., apply to the Bwllfa Colliery, Aberdare. 167 SAMPLE and Instructions sent for seven stamps whereby any Person may earn £ 2 or. £ 3 per week pleasantly and legiti- mately; returned if not approved. J. C. BucldeyFlood, & Co., Sarah-street, Birmingham. 333 MONEY.—The Sums of £ 500 and £ 500 are now ready to be ADVANCED on approved Mortgage Security* Apply to Mr. Merrils, Solicitor, Church-street, Cardiff. 219 CYHOKDDWYD YN DDIWEDDAR, PRIS 0s. Oe., ~| d\ £ k O BREGETHAU, gan y diweddar -JLTJ'* Bareh. JAMES "ROWE, Abergsvaen. Y maent y mwyaf gwreiddiol ac awrgymiadol yn y Gymraeg. Gy^erthir yr holl sydd yn aros ar law lIwrdd amis. trwy y Post, 4s. 6c. irian parod. Danofuer at y Cyhoeddwr, W. M, Evans, Seren Office, Carmarthan. 393 -( lt111t Jlt,tC$,. THE STANDARD TRUST INVESTMENT CORPORATION (Limited), incorporated under the Com- panies' Acts, 1862 and 1867, by which the liability of the Share- holders is limited to the amount of their Shares. Capital £ 250,000 in 50,000 Shares of 4,5 each, with power to increase. Deposit on Application tl per Share, and on Allotment £1 per Share. Calls not to exceed £1 per Share, nor to be made at intervals of less than three months. DIRECTORS. G. S. Sneilgrove, Esq. (Snellgrove and Leech), 33, Mark-lane, E.C. F. du Pre Thornton, Esq., 46A, Pall-mall, S.W.% Major Henry Lockhart Gleig, late Bengal Staff'Corps. Dudley Rolls, Esq., 23, Gosvvell-road, E.C., and Surbiton-hill, Surrey Lieut. Colonel John Money Carter, 24, Charles-street, St. James's, S. IV. ;I BANKERS.—Messrs. Williams, Deacon, Labouohere, Thornton, and Co., 20, Birchin-laue, E,O. SOLICITORS; —Messrs. Stoeken and Jupp, 134, Leadenhall-street, E. C. ESiioivKB.8.—Messrs. Hunt and Hodson, 21, Threaaneedle-street, E.C. AUDITORS.—Messrs, Johnstone, Cooper, Wintle, and Evans, Public Accountants, Coleman-street-buildings, Moorgate-street, E.C.; E. Downs, Esq., Public Accountant, Moorg-ate-strect Chambers, E. C. SECRETARY (pro tem.)—W. Williams, Esq. reiiiporary Offices.—Moorgate-street Chambers, 49, Moorgate- sfcreet, E.C. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This Company has been formed for the purpose of making nvestments in well-known bonil fide Home and Foreign Securities, md Government Stocks of a negociable and transferable charac- ;er, in such a manner that the shareholders may participate in all ,hoseadvantag which are peculiar to large capitalists. The special feature of the Company will be the distribution of ts capital over a number of sound and paying marketable secu- •ities, thus admitting its shareholders into many desirable enter- )rises to which individually they perhaps could not subscribe. The importance of adopting a system of average risk by the mode )f investment to be carried out by this Company must be apparent io all, and numbers of investors who might be unwilling to ven- inre their capital in a solitary undertaking could safely subscribe ;0 this Corporation, where the risk must of necessity be reduced io a minimum, while a steady and remunerative return will be sacured. To the small as well as the large investor, therefore, ;his Company offers a peculiarly advantageous opportunity for ilie employment of capital. The great success which has attended the Foreign and Colonial "government Trusts, the Submarine Cables Trust, and other coni- )anies of a similar character, upon the method of distributing- capital over a number of different securities, shows that the prin- ciples which this Company proposes to adopt lead to a very safe tnd substantial medium of investment. Subscribers may, in their applications for shares, stipulate for payment of such an amount beyond the calls as they may think lesirable, receiving a dividend in proportion thereto,'as provided ny the Companies' Act, 18G7. A contract has been entered into between Edward Downs, of the me part, and the Subscribers named in the Memorandum of Association for and on behalf of the Company, of the other part, iated 20th February, 1872. ,Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and of ;he said Contract, can be seen at the Temporary Offices of the 3orporation. Prospectuses and Forms of Applications for Shares may be ob- tained at the Bankers', Brokers', and Solicitors', and at the Tem- perary Offices of the Corporation, Moorgate-street Chambers, 49, Moorgate-street, E.C. 400 STUART HALL, CARDIFF. POSITIVELY FOR ONE DAY ONLY, MONDAY, MARCH 4TH, MORNING AND EVENING; THE WONDERFUL TWO-HEADED NIGHTINGALE. THE GREATEST LIVING CURIOSITY. THE MARVELLOUS TWO-HEADED NIGHTINGALE. Three Times before the ROYAL FAMILY, rn H ETTT E A ORl) I N~A K Y TWO-HEADED JL NIGHTINGALE. Three Times before the ROYAL FAMILY. HE~GREAT AMERICAN GIANT AND GIANTESS^ THE TALLEST COUPLE LIVING. TIMES BEFORE THE ROYAL FAMILY. THREE JL TIMES BEFORE THE ROYAL FAMILY. rg^HE WONDERFUL TWO-HEADED NIGHTINGALE CONL- JL PAN Y, CONSISTING OF CHRIS S I g MILLIE, The Marvellous Two-Headed Nightingale; CAPTAIN BATES, The Great Kentucky Giant; MISS ANNA. S, IW A N, (NOW MRS. BATES); The Famous Nova Scotian Giantess; Which for the last four months has been the attraction, and created so much excitement in London in consequence of its immense success, having been three several times before the Royal Family, WILL HOLD RECEPTIONS AT THE STUART HALL, MARCH 4. Receptions from 2.30 to 5, and 7.30 to 10. Parties will appear at 3 to 8 precisely. Admission-Promenade, „ One Shilling; Front Seats, Two Shillings. COL, A. J. BATES, Business Director. And at ABERDAIŒ, MARCH 1st, „ SWANSEA, 2nd, CAltl)IFII, 4th, NEWPORT, 5th. 569 HUTOHINSON AND TAYLEURO GRAND CIRCUS, CARDIFF, OPBN FOII SUE SEASON wrru THE GREATEST CONCENTRATION OF EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC RESOURCES ever presented to the public. Fresh STAR ARTISTES and Brilliant NOVELTIES Every Week. GRAND MID-DAY PERFOMANCE EVERY SATURDAY, at Two, commence at Half-past. 158 XTIGTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY- STREET, CARDIFF. MANAGER F. W. HOFFMAN Every Evening during the week, GRAND CONCERT AND DANCE. CHANGE OF ARTISTES EVERY WEEK. REFRESHMENTS AT THE BAR. Admission—First Class, Is.; Second Class, 6d. Doors open to Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight. 241 _t- STUART HALL. POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF DR. CORBY'S WORLD- RENOWNED DIORAMA OF IRELAND, This evening at 8. Last night but tt roc. Additional musical and vocal attractions. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 28.—Benefit of Mr. TOM COYNE. FRIDAY, MARCil 1.—Benefit of Miss NELLY HAYES. Changes nightly in vocal and musical programme. Great attractions during the week, finally terminating oil Sat- urday nÐxt, March 2nd. Day Performance, this day (Wednesday) and Saturday, at 3,1 SWANSEA—COMMENCING MARCH 4TU. Admission—3s., 2s., Is. fid. Half-price to Schools and Children. 359 HANNAH STREET CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, CARDIFF. THE FOURTH TEA ANNIVERSARY Of the above Church will be held ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1872. Tea on the table at Five o'clock p.iii. A PFHLTC will be held after tea, when ADDRESSES will he delivered and appropriate Tunes sung. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. 502c W 1 L L I A M SANDER S, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, 8, ROYAL ARCADE, CAEDIFF, 266 JMies of Jaks bit JUtttimtv n_ AIR. J. AI. ELLERY. Leasehold Property, at Swansea Feb. 29 Cottages, at Swansea Feb. 29. MR. R. SHORT. White Lead, at Cardiff • March 2. MR. J. D. THOMAS. Household Furniture, at Cardiff Feb. 28. MP. T. II. DAVIES. Leasehold Property, at Landore .Feb. 28. MESSRS. LEWIS BROTHERS. Cattle and Fanning Stock, at Neath Feb. 28. Sheep, at Neath Feb. 28. MR. WM. SANDERS. Leasehold Property, at Cardiff Feb. 28. ale$ bil ilucfiotu SALE TO-MORROW. MR. J. M. ELLERY will SELL by AUCTION (in Equity, by order of the Judge of the County Court of Glamorganshire holdcll at Swansea), on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1872, subject to such conditions as shall then and there be pro- duced, at the Eird-in-Hand, High-street, Swansea, all those Two LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, situate and being 32 and 33, Pottery- street, Sw"nsca, in the several occupations of Messrs. Griffiths and Beynon. Each house contains three rooms, and has a large garden abutting on, thc South Wales Railway Company's pre- mises. The property is held under a lease for 99 years from the 25th day of March, 1826, and is subject to a ground rent of £ 1 3s. per annum. Sale to commence at Three o'clocek in the Afternoon. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Jones, Solicitor, Fisher-street, Swansea Mr. Richard Jenkins, Solicitor, Fisher- street, Swansea; Mr. J. D. Thomas, High Bailiff, the Receiver appointed by the Court: or to the Auctioneer, at his offices, Victoria-rooms, Oxford-street, Swansea. 300 SALE TO-MORROW. SWANSEA.—Tq Brewers and others. MR. J. M. ELLERY has been instructed by the Mortgagee to SELL by AUCTION, under a power of sale, at the Bird-in-Haud, High-street, Swansea, on THURSDAY, FEB- RUARY 29th, "1872, the following valuable PROPERTY, in the town of Swansea, situate in the Oystermouth-road, opposite the Gaol, in one or more lots, as may be decided at time of sale, namely :— A capital THREE-QUARTER BREWERY, in full working order. The whole of the plant on the premises may be taken at a valuation by the purchaser, or otherwise it will be sold by auction, of which due notice will be given. Also Two substantially-built DWELLING-HOUSES adjoining, each containing six good rooms and offices, in addition to which there is a large dry cellar under the whole of the corner house, all thoroughly drained. The property is held for the unexpired term of 70 years from the 29th day of September, 1858, subject to a yearly ground-rent of £ 5 8s., which will be apportioned if sold in more than one lot. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Victoria Rooms. Sale to commence at Three for Four o'clock. 397 Port of Cardiff.—To Ship Chandlers, Captains, and Others.—On Behalf of whom it may Concern. MR. R. SHORT has been favoured with instruc- tions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on SATURDAY, the 2nd of MARCH, 1872, on the Wharf, near the Glasgow Steam Com- pany's Warehouse, East Dock Basin, about 200 kegs of WHITE LEAD. The Sale will take place at half-past Eleven for Twelve o'clock. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 395 SALE THIS DAY. Commercial Sale-rooms, 13, Church-street, Cardiff. MR. J. D. THOMAS will SELL by AUCTION M at the above rooms, at One for Two o'clock, on WED BS- DAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, a general assortment of Modern and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the property of a gentleman having removed from Cardiff. For full particulars see bills, or apply to the Auctioneer, at 13, Church-street, Cardiff. 385 SALE THIS DAY. Landore, near Swansea.—Leasehold Property for Sale.—To Mem- bers of Building Societies, Investors and Others. MR. T. H. DAVIES (Messrs. G. P. Ivey and Davies) has been instructed by the executors of the late Mr. Richard Mayberry, to SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, at the Mysydd Inn, Mysydd-road, Landore, all those BUILDINGS and PREMISES called Mysydd Inn, Landore. together with the Three HOUSES adjoining with Gardens at- tached. The above property is situated in a thriving neighbourhood, and held under a lease for 99 years from the 25th of March, 1854, at the very low ground rent of £2 Os. 6d. The great eAension of the very large works, where thousands of people will be employed, is a sufficient guarautee that house pro- perty in this district will in a very few years be very much advanced in value. Sale to commencc at Three o'clock in the afternoon. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer's offices. Adelaide Chambers, Feb. 12, 1872. 351 SALE THIS DAY. Neath Monthly Markets. LEWIS BROTHERS will SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, at the Cattle Market, Neath, (in aiddition to the stock already announced), 58 BREEDING EWES (Leicester and Radnor cross), to lamb in the Market, Neath, (in addition to the stock already announced), 58 BREEDING EWES (Leicester and Radnor cross), to lamb in the second week in March, from three to four years old, in perfect health and condition, and ranging from 14 lbs. to 18 lbs. per quar- ter. Two Southdown rams have been kept with the stock through the season. Ternis: Two Months' Credit oil approved bills, or discount for cash. Sale at Eleven o'clock a.m. The Mart, Neath, February 22nd, 1872. 391 SALE THIS DAY. Neath Monthly Markets.—Sale of Fat Cattle, Fanning Stock, and Implements. T EWIS BROS, will SELL by AUCTION on JLJ WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, at Eleven o'clock a.m., at the Cattle Market, Neath, the following Prime FAT CATTLE and STOCK, viz. :—Nine fat heifers and cows in prime condition, two cows in calf, useful iron-grey pony about 13 hands, pony-trap and harness, swing plough, a one-horse plough, plough with double mould-board, for potato or turnip ground; horse-hoe, turnip pulper, turnip cutter, turnip grater, chaff machine, sheep rack, sheep trough, Cambridge roller, 12 dozen »f prime two-year-old red-grape currant plants, &c., &e. All otlser entries for this sale to be sent to the Auctioneers by the 26th inst. All stock to be in the Market at Ten o'clock, and Sale to com- mence at Eleven instead of Twelve o'clock as hitherto. Terms as usual. The Mart, Neath, February 17th, 1872. 372 JF. GARLICK, CARVER, GILDER, and • PICTURE-FRAME MANUFACTURER, No. 2, HAYES, CARDIFF. REGILDING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. 181 T ONDON AND LANCASHIRE LIFE ASSU- J_J RANCE COMPANY. HEAD OFFICE: LONDON, Leadenhall-street, Cornhill, E.C LONDON DIRECTORS Chairman, Colonel Nigel Kingscote, C.B., M.P. Deputy-Chairman, J. n. Mackenzie, Esq., Old Broad-st. Abel Chapman, Esq., Ald. Sir Tlios. Dakin (ex-Lord Mayor), Mr. Alderman Hale, Lightly Simpson, Esq., Thomas Stenhouse, Esq. MANAGER AND ACTUARY William Palin Clirehugh. Balance sheets, &e., prospectuses, and applications for Agencies to be addressed to the Superintendent for the District of South Wales, Monmouth, and Hereford, MR. RHYS DAVIES, PONTYPOOL. 177 -m- SUNDERLAND MUTUAL STEAMSHIP INSURANCE ASSOCIATION. CAPITAL, £ 420,000. Proposals for the Insurance of Steam Vessels to be addressed to 50, WEST SUNNISIDE, SUNDERLAND. 210 G. R. BOOTH, Secretary. Homoeopathic Medicines and Handbook.—300 pages, bound, Is., by post for 14 stamps. riTHE IIOMCEOPATHIC FAMILY IN- STRUCTOR, (an Epitome of). By RICHARD EFTS, M.R.C.S. A hundred diseases are fully described and prescribed for. Lon- don James Epps and Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, 48, Thread- Eeedle-street; 170, Piccadilly; and 112, Great Russell-street. Cardiff: Howell, 255, Bute-street; Drane, 8, Queen-street Crockherbtown. Bridgend; John Lloyd, Dunraven-place. Neath W. Hibbcrt. Merthyr: E. Thomas, 113, High-street. Agents for Epps's GUyoeriiie Jujubes, far- Cough, Throat-Irrita tioii, Voice. Sold only in labelled boxes, 6d. and Is. CAUTION.—Each bottle or tube of medicine is secured by a bana over the cork bearing the signature, "James Epps and Co.; Homoeopathic Chemists, London," without which in no case can they be genuine. 320a 1FE PRESERVERS.-Infant Life protected JLjf and secured against the enemy, Death, by Mothers keeping in the house a packet of "DAME EUROPA'S INFANT LIFE PRESERVERS." Once tried always used. TEETHING, Small-pox, Scarlatina, Measles, &c., meet with a ready relief, if the "EU- ROPA POWDERS" are used. Mothers, try them, and publish their effect. "Dame Europy's Infant Life Preservers" are pre- pared only by the Inventor, B. A. GEORGE, Fafhily. Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd; and sold in packets, at Is. IJ-d., and 2s. 9d. each, by every chemist in the worldl May co had past free from the Invoator for 14 or M stamps. Wholesale W. Mather, London aad MANCHESTER, aad Barclay & SOBS. Agent iu Cardiff, Coleman, chemist. 159 chemist. 159 V' •JSttgittess JlMre&se^ JOHN WILLIAMS, :>-f» DEALER IN HAY, STRAW, CHAFF, OATS, BEANS, BRAN, BARLEY MEAL, POLLARD, &c. V STORES;— C, CA"N \J HARF, EAST, CARDIFF. 224 CROvVN COMMERCIAL HOTEL, NEATH, c near the Corn Market and Town Hall. WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. FAMILIES SUPPLIED AT VERY:L"OW PRICES. AGENT FOE TIIE LITRE BOTTLE WINE COMPANY. 288 PROPRIETOR, WILLIAM MAINWARING. F OR SI-E W I LN G MAOH INES OF, ALL KINDS. HENRY THOMAS, GENERAL DRAPER, CARDIFF. loe Frederick W A R E, (Late WARE AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTURY, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENT: DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 107 CARDIFF HAT WAREHOUSE, 12, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ■ GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF HATS AND CAPS. In order to make room for extensive alterations, RICHARDS AND CO M P A N Y ARE NOW SELLING OFF The whole of their IMMENSE STOCK of HATS and CAPS at such prices as cannot fail to meet the wishes of all who study economy. The Sale will continue until the 24th inst. CARDIFF HAT WAREHOUSE, 12, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 190 JOLLY AND SON'S FAMILY LINEN, } IWAREHOUSE. SILK AND DRESS j 42 & 43, COLLEGE GREEN, 403 BRISTOL. OWEN DAVIES, SLATE MERCHANT, OLD WHARF, CARDIFF. Also dealer in all kinds of Building Bricks and Bridgwatef Brick yard Goods, Stourbridge and Welsh Fire Bricks and Clay, Baker's Oven Squares and Burrs, Bideford Clay Ovens, Ridge Tiles, plain and ornamental, variety of Terra Cotta and Earthenware Chimney Tops, Stable Paving Bricks, Paving Stones, Double Roman Treble and Common Pantiles, Portland and Roman Cements, Plaster of Paris, Slate Battens, Plastering Laths, Forest' of Dean Water Troughs, Stoneware Drain Pipes, at Reduced Prices, Slate Cisterns and Water Tanks, a large stock of Portmadoc, Carnarvon, and Bangor Roofing Slates, all sizes, at the lowest price; also Welsh Green Slates. Closet Pans and Syphons from 2s. 6d. per set. f Slate Hearth Slabs from 4jd. per foot super. Plain Slate Chimney Pieces from 6s. each. Enamelled, Slate Chimney Pieces from Its. 6d. to £10 each. Marble Chimney Pieces from 25s. to £15 each. Good 3 feet Sawn Plastering Laths at 6s. per 1000. Good 3 ft. 6 in. Sawn Plastering Laths at 7s. per 1000. White's London Cement at 13s. per barrel. 102 Just Published. Price Half-a-Crown. ON COLLIERY EXPLOSIONS, SOUTH WALES COAL FIELD, in the Merthyr, Aberdare, and Rhondda Valleys, with Map of the District, Explanatory Sections and Diagrams: being a Paper read before the SOUTH WALES INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS, by THOMAS JOSEPH, Mining Engineer, a Member of the Institute. Merthyr-Tydfil: Farrant and Frost; London Simpkin, Mar- shall and Co. 405 JG R O W N AND POLSON'S CORN FLOUR IS GENUINE. PACKETS LID, 3d. and 6d. BEST, 2d., 4d, 8d. CAUTION AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUD. INFERIOR QUALITIES OBTAINED AT LITTLE MORE THAN HALF THE COST OF BROWN AND P OLSON'S, ARE SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED. 298 T3RITISII WORKMAN PUBLIC HOUSES ARE NOW OPEN AT 40, MILLICENT STREET, & 85, BUTE STREET, (Near the Pier Head). A public-house without the drink, Where you may sit, talk, read, and think, Then safely home return." Cup of Tea or Coffee Id. Plain Tea .6d. Bread and Butter, per slice.. Ad. Beds (all new) 6d. &36 TH E~HOW E MA C HI N E CO.'S (ELIAS HOWE, Jun.) SEWING MACHINES. Manufactory: BRIDGEPORT, CONN., U.S.A. European Depot: 64, REGENT-STREKT, LONDON, W. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. MANTLE MANUFACTORY, 242, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF, Nov. 29,1871. Mr. W. DAVID,—Sir,—You ask me "my candid opinion of the 'Elias Howe' Machine." To that question there can be but one reply from any practical worker or mechanic—I know the working and mechanical qualities of about 12 machines, but-I must confess, that for all purposes in one machine, ease in working, acoUraey of stitch and durability, it surpasses all others. All who have bought the Elias Howe' 011 my advice are thoroughly satisfied.—I remain, yours truly, W. B. BLISS. From the STANDARD, November 3rd, 1809. "CONTEST BETWEEN SEWING MAClilNEs.-Aii interesting trial of sewing machines lately took place at London, Canada, in the pre- sence of his Royal Highness Prince Arthur. The result was given in a despatch to the London house of Elias Howe, 64, Regent- street, by Mr. L. C. Mendon, the manager in Canada. It appears that that house received the first prize at the provincial Exhibition for family and manufacturing machines. The contest lasted eight hours, and the machine proved victorious." -A n,gld- American Times. Catalogues and samples of work scntJrec by Post on application to W. DAVID, CARDIFF DEPOT, 3, STUART HALL, CARDIFF. ALL KHiDS OF MACHINES SET AND REPAUUSD ON TIIF SHORTEST NOTICE. 105 MANUFACTURE OF COCOA, CACAOINK, AND CIIOCOLATK..—" We will now give an account of the process adopted by Messrs. James Epps and Co., manufacturers of dietetic articles, at their works in the Euston-road, London. See article in Part 1!) oi Cassell'» Household (rtude. 319 BREAK'Ar;T.EPPs's COCOA.—GRATEFUL AND COMFORTING—"BY a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the opera- tions of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fine properties of well-selected cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills.Civil Service Gazette. Made simply with Boiling Water or Milk. Each packet is labelled —"JAMES EPPS & Co., Homoaopathic Chemists, London." Also makers of Epps's Cacaoine, a very thin beverage for evening use.' WORMS are the cause of nine-tenths of the diseases of children therefore it is very important that every parent should seek the right remedy for their expulsion, and that remedy is undoubtedly found in ''Williams's Pontardawe Worm Lozenges," which have stood the test for the last twenty years, and are now more popular than ever. See that the words Willia,nlp's Worm Lozenges," are engraved on the government stamp, without which noim aro genuine. Said by most CBoniissty Dad., ls..l £ d., arfd 2s. m. per box, or by post for 14 and 34 stamps, Ixosj the sole Manufacturer, J. Paviea, Chemist, Swansea. 152 TO ADVERTISERS. THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS- has already attained a circulation larger than that of any other daily or weekly paper in the Principality, being, upwards- of 10,000 Copies a Day. The SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS is distributed through- out GLAMORGANSHIRE, MONMOUTHSHIRE, CARMARTiIEKSUttiE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, and portions of BXIECSNSHIRE and RADNORSHIRE, and as a general Advertising Medium for South Wales and Monmouthshire it is superior to any other newspaper. CHIEF OFFICES: 11, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. PROPRIETORS: D. DUNCAN & SONS. We desire to impress upon our representatives and fricIJ,1s the absolute necessity of sending in their reports iminediately, so that they may appear upon the morning of the'-day following that on which the events transpire. Except under very exceptional circumstances PoetryIlIlot ho published in our columns. Several late advertisements and communications are unavoidably omitted, and much District News stands over until to "osn-?"

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