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cSltippitg Jjfntellioeuce* WEST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS—FEBRUARY 24. Lynx (H) Ward, Antwerp, ballast, 110 WEST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS. -FEBRUARY 26. Sunrise, Winder, Limerick, oats, 104 EAST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS. -FEBRUARY 24. Grace, Hillman, Bridgwater, light, 60 St. David's (s), Baker, Bristol, light, 57 William, Phillips, Bridgwater, light, 57 Luna, Thompson, Chepstow, bricks, 41 Glendale (s), Harland, Waterford, ballast, 611 EAST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS -FEBRUARY 25. Clutha (s), Huckman, Bristol, general, 336 James Marychurch (s), Deacon, Southampton, ballast, 574 Charles Mitchell (s), Elliott, Havre, ballast, 549 Oriana (s), Martin, Hamburg, ballast, 530 G. N. Wilkinson (s), Turner, Dieppe, coal, 451 Quatro Fratelli, Mago, put back, coal, 223 EAST BUTE DOCK ARRIVALS.—FEBRUARY 26. Denorwig, Elias, Waterford, ballast, 126 Eva, Murphy, Dublin, scrap iron, 119 J. E. McConnell (s), Cockerton, Havre, ballast, 517 Mary (a), Moss, Bristol, ballast, 417 Alpha, Butler, Bristol, light, 26 GLAMORGAN CANAL ARRIVALS.—FEBRUARY 25. Margaret, Hillman, Bridgwater, pitwood, 57 GLAMOHGAN CANAL ARRIVALS.—FEBRUARY 26. Arendina, Price, Gloucester, general cargo, 48 Enid (s), Hughes, Bristol, general cargo, 59 Taff (s) Goulding, Bristol, general cargo, 50 Ann, Keefe, Bridgwater, bricks, 46 Ceres, Powell, Gloucester, flour, 30 PENARTH DOCK ARRIVALS. FEBRUARY 24. Franoishino, Scraffino, Carthagena, iron ore, 565 Brittany (s), Styles, Havre, ballast, 539 Waverley (s), Melville, Rotterdam, ballast, 388 Silvanus, Evans, Waterford, light, 74 Hereford, Guy, Bridgwater, light. 43 Ark, Gower, Gloucester, light, 4a Charles Hanbury, Rose, Bristol, light, 51 Providence, Lodge, Bridgwater, light, 48 Sarah, Broucher, Bridgwater, light, 39 Marquis (s), Windows, Bristol, light, 68 VESSELS CLEARED.—FEBRUARY 24. San Guisseppe, It., 550 coal, Naples, A. Matthysens Terrible, It., 250 coal, Naples, Insole and Son Cathedral, It, 352 rail, New Orleans, R. Crawshay, 690 rail, Wayne & Co. Hurst Bismarck, Ger., 454 coal, Anger, Richard, Living- stone and Almond Australia, Ger., 845 coal, Constantinople, Powell's Duffryn VESSELS CLEARED.—FEBRUARY 26. Columbine (s), B, 550 coal, Galencia, Palmer, Hall & Co. Alert, B, 46 coal, Jersey, S. Thomas Pride of the South, B, 220 coal, Caen, Powell's Duffryn Wenvoe (s), B 1000 coal, St. Nazaire, E. Bregeon Solent (s), B, 900 coal, Hamburg, Powell's Duffryn Charles Mitchell (s), B, 950 coal, Havre, H. Worms Louisa, B, 480 coal, St. Malo, Coffin & Co. Baine Mary, B, 260 coal, Cadiz, Davis & Sons G. N. Wilkinson (s), B, 860 coal, Dieppe. Tinel & Co. Oriana, B, 850 coal, Hamburg, Powell's Duffryn Margaret Burks, B, 1050 coal, Bordeaux, H. Worms Kate Upham, B, 423 coal St. Jago de Cuba, Cory Bros. Martha Jackson (s), B, 770 coal, Valparaiso, Powell's Duffryn Co. Juno, B 409 coal, Martinique, A. Bocande Brune, F, 160 coal, Nantes, M'Nevin and Co. Diligente, F, 130 coal, Nantes, Morel and Co. Honore Virginie, F, 155 coal, Nantes, M. Jones St. Jean, F, 150 coal, St. Ma;lo, Insole and Son Nordlyset, Ny, 505 coal, Constantinople, R. Powell & Co. Vesta, Ny, 500 coal, St. Thomas, A Bocande Edward Hvidt, Ny, 495 patent fuel, Rio Janeiro, Heath, Evens and Co. Madre Marie, Aus, 770 coal, Constantinople, Powell's Duffryn Co. Mariquita, Itly, 904 coal, Genoa, Decandia and Co. Disinjano, Itly 710 coal, Genoa, Gotterell and Co. VESSELS ENTERED OUTWARDS.—FEBRUARY 26. Glendale (s), B, 611, Hurland, Port Said, Tellefsen Reed-deer, B, 691, Minks, Shanghai, Tellefsen and Hoist Peri, B, 777, Irwing, Hong Kong, C. O. Young & Co. Hoang, B, 154, Mearns, Rio Grande, C. O. Young & Co. Patriot Queen, B, 509, Nicol, Jamaica, C. O. Young G. N. Wilkinson, B, 451, Turner, Dieppe, R. Byrne Solent (s), B, 462, Taylor, Hamburg, Powell's Duffryn Mary, B, 417, Moss, Constantinople, J. Bovey & Co. T. A. Gibb, B, 739, Smith, Lisbon, G. S. Stowe Columbine, B, 499, Robinson, Valencia, G. S. Stowe Oriana (s), B, 530, Martin, Hamburg, Nixon & Co. Glenmore, B, 233, Neill, Galatz, J. Rogers Clara Lamb, B, 245, Dyer, St. Thomas, J. Rogers J. E. McConnell, B, 517, Crockerton, Lisbon, Harrison England, B, 1816, Thomas, Bombay, E. C. Downing Alert, B, 28, Grachy, Jersey, Hacquoil Bros. Wenvoe (s), B, 532, Tregarthen, St. Nazaire, M. Bregeon Pere Lancelot, F, 89, Berlet, Nantes, Morel & Co. Fleury, F, 68, Barts, Nantes, Morel & Co. Maria, F, 204, Delamer, Trouville, Morel & Co. Hope, U.S, 797, Hancock, Havannah, Willans A Co. Leon Veneto, It, 449, Doheuz, Constantinople, Ivancich SWANSEA. ENTERED OUTWARDS.—FEBRUARY 26. Elvira, Ity. 184, Torrens, Sissa, T. di Martino William Banks (s), B, 459, Forsdike, Bourdeaux, Burgess Canadian (s), 512, Roach. Valencia, J. Strick Georgiana, B, 126, Griffiths, Cadiz, Richards & Co. Emil, Ny, 143, Jansen, Messina, Isdahl & Co. Ceres, Ny, 204, Nygaard, Kertch, Isdahl & Co. CLEARED OUTWARDS.—FEBRUARY 26. Adolphe, F, 305 fuel, St. Thomas, T. H. Waters Vizcaya, B, 480 coal, Cherbourg, Poingdestre & Co. Espiegle, F, 190 coal, Caen, Poingdestre & Co. Red Cross Knight, B, 710 coal, Valparaiso, J. Banfield Edith, B, 260 coal, Bilboa, J. Strick Martha Brader, B, 157 coal, St. Malo, Burgess & Co. Artenix, F, 170 coal, Bordeaux, Thomas & Sons Balmoral, B, 330 coal, Dieppe, Cory & Co. Perthshire Lassie (s), B, 260 coal, Bordeaux, Livingston Elvira, Ity, 260 fuel. Sissa Livingston & Co. Rebe, B, ballast, Bilboa Richards & Co. Esmeralda, F, 180 coal, Trouville, Livingston & Co. William Banks (s), B, 980 coal, Bordeaux, J. Strick Recompense B, 340 coal, Bordeaux, Livingstone & Co. Alexandrine Marie, F, 80 coal Leghorn, Letricheux & Co.