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TUESDAY, FEB. 27, 1872. .



THE EDUCATION QUESTION IN WALES. We continue to receive from all parts of the Princi' pality, reports of meetings, intelligence respecting the formation of committees, and plans for obtaining natures to petitions, by a methodical process, in favout of Mr. DIXON'S motion. We gladly bear testimony too the activity and zeal of the dominant party in Wales., and accept the information thus supplied as an evident of the overwhelming interest manifested by leading Nonconformists in unsectarian education. Filled its 01r columns have been with articles and letters in Sll.ppor of the views thus generally expressed, we feel coKtndeot that the leaders of the movement will recognise tbtJI¡ desire which exists on our part to afford every facility for the ventilation of the subject, and to | vance a oause which they have so much at heart. deeply regret, however, that considerations of spaeB preclude the publication of long reports, and as te arguments advanced are, for the most part, identical ill various places, UÐ loss can accrue either to the publio or to those earnest advocates, who seek to further the progress of a well-organised agitation. Occasional, however, topics are alluded to which have either a spe- cial interest or strike the mind from a novel point of view.. Thus, in his address, at Rhymney, the other day, the Rev. EDWARD DAVIES supplemented the able: speeches of other well-known Nonconformists, b directing attention to the manifest injustice of aSr pecticg the trustees of British Schools to hand over tbo valuable property of the working-classes, at whose e'