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WEST DOCK ARRIVALS.—FEBRURY 24. Mary Joseph, Debray, Brisrol, light, 62 Muse, Cassard, Gloucester, light, 80 Stag, Jones, Highbridge, pitwood and sleepers, 109 Sophia, Harper, Bristol, general, 47 Margaret Jane, Kehoe, Waterford, ballast, 106 Clara Lamb, Dyer, Liverpool, salt, 245 Avon, Bellamy, Bristol, empties, 21 Martha Jane, Riley, Waterford, pitwood, 97 Pere Lancelot, Barret, Gloucester, light. 89 EAST DOCK, FEBRUARY 24. St. David's (s), Gapper, Bristol, light, 68 T. A. Gibb (s), Smith, Bremerhaven, ballast, 739 Lyn, Guy, Bridgwater, light, 109 FEBRUARY 24.. Sidwell Jane, Bowden, Bristol, ballast, 188 Trappano, Merecich, Gloucester, ballast. 491 Columbine (s), Robinson, Hull, ballast, 499 Leon Veneta, Dolling, Dublin, ballast, 499 Helen Clinton, Blanchet, Havre, ballast, 1264 Irene, Jergensen, Newry, ballast, 375 Brahe Malstrom, Gloucester, light, 442. c Atti, Sucich Tralee, ballast, 380. Linthorpe (s). Newton, Havre, ballast,362 Solent (s), Taylor, Southampton, 462 Red Deer. Mincks. London, ballsst 691 Zouave, Sanders, Dunmore, ballast, 68 Utility, Larkin, Workington, pig iron, 104 Von Shackery, EAers, NewrA, ballast, 407 PENARTH ARRIVALS.—FEBRUARY 23. Florence, Thomas, Newport, light, 195 Sidwell Jane, Bowden, Bristol, ballast, 188 Charlotte, King, Weston, light, 17 Thomas, Fishwick, Bideford, light, 65 William, Ballenger, Bristol, light, 59 William and Martha, Longney, Bridgwater, light, 59 Victoria, Harry, Penzance, general, 117 Cruiser, Irwin, Cwm Martin, light, 39 Iron Duke (s), Terrell, Bristol, light, 90 St. Vincent (s), Parker, Bristol, light, 70 John (s), Thomas, Bristol, light, 92 Cardiff Castle (s), Clutterbuck, Bristol, light, 50 ENTERED OUTWARDS.—FEBRUARY 24. Alford (s), B, 638, Ellis, Charente, W. Y. Edwards Brittany (s), B, 539, Styles, Havre, Hacquoil Bros. Chieftain, B, 289, Glasebrook, Alexandria, G. S. Stowe Florence, B, 195, Thomas, Dakar, G. S. Stowe Vinco, B, 222, Cook, Messina, J. R. Davies & Co Margaret Elizabeth, B, 96, Johnstone, Seville, Stowe Linthorpe (s), B, 362, Newton, Gibraltar, Bovey & Co. Ed "worth (s), B, 453, Stonehouse, Gibraltar, J. Bovey Sedwell Jane, B, 188, Bowden, Trieste, J. Bovey <fc Co. Helios, Rus, 594, Mattica, Havannah, Dahlshorn & Co. Bralie, Rus, 449, Malmshorn, Copenhagen, Dahlshorn Libertas, Rus, 480, Ponsar, Barcelona, Dahlshorn & Co. Maria Margretta, Sp, 485, Kohl, Monte Video, Dahlshorn Nadin, F, 85, Ollivard, Nantes, Morel & Co. St. Etienne, F, 98, Aousten, Nantes, Morel & Co. St. Anne, F, 89, Chauvelon, Nantes, Morel & Co. Louisa, F, 274, Poisson, St. Malo, Morel & Co. Barone Vranyczany, Aus, 436, Cumrich, Trieste, Lucovich Ati, Aus, 360, Sucich, Alexandria, A. T. Lucovich Trappano, Aus, 491, Mercicle, Trieste, A. T. Lucovich Romano (c), Aus, 593, Scopinich, Trioste, Lucovich Nuova Franca, Aus, 352, Gabella, Batoun, Lucovich Annetta Gattorno, Ity, 552, Dodero, Brindisi, Lucovich VESSELS CLEARED.—FEBRUARY 24. Invincible, B, 750 coal, Malta, H. Worms Margaret Elizabeth, B, 170 coal, Seville, Page & Ohlsen Renovation, B, 470 coal, Cherbourg, H. Worms .binT,norpe, -D, i ou coal, ult)raltar, -bovey & Uo. Alford (s), B 520 coal, 230 coke, Charente, Wayne & Co. Tartar, B, 302 coal, Dakar, H. Worms Brittany (s), B, 1000 coal, Havre, Powell's Duffryn Wilster (s), 750 coal, St. Nazaire, Godard and Coquard Marie Joseph, F, 140 coal, Auray, Morel & Co. Mars, F, 494 coal, St. Thomas, A. Bocande Deux Freres, F, 135 coal, Bordeaux, Morel & Co. Armoury, F, 255 coal, Brest, Coffin & Co. Penseux, F, 700 coal, Singapore, Heath, Evans & Co. Francais, F, 86 coal, Treguier, Morel & Co. Leda. F, 140 coal. Nantes, Coffin & Co. Giovanni Z, Ity, 763, Manilla, Page & Ohlsen Mary, Den, 170 coal, Rio Grande, Insole & Son Prudentia, Ny, 550 coal, Charente, Wayne & Co. Emmanuel, Ny, 350 coal, St. Thomas, Davies & Son Jenny, Ny, 730 coal, Kertch, Powell's Duffryn Java, Ny, 970 coal, Monte Video, Cory Bros. Divico, Ny, 712 rail, New York, R. Crawshay. Rainbow, B, 655 rail, Galveston, Aberdare Co. SHIPPING AND MAIL NEWS. QUEENSTOWN, Saturday.—The Guion steamer Minne- ssota, arrived frem New York. HALIFAX, Saturday.—The Allan steamer Austrian, arrived in Liverpool on Saturday. The Liverpool, Bra- zil, and River-plate steamer Capernicus, arrived at five p.m. this afternoon. SOUTHAMPTON, Saturday.—The Malta arrived at half- past ten this evening. PONT-DE-GALLE, Friday.—The Nubia from Australia arrived on the 20th. The Pekin from China arrived on the 22nd. The Delai leaves for Suez to-day, with Aus- tralian gold for Europe, £ 300,000. The Nubia left Pont de-Galle for Australia on Feb. 22nd.