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SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IN" THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. FOR SINGLE INSERTIONS. LINES. 8. d. I LINES. 8. d. 1 to 4 7 to 8 20 5 to 6 16 9 to 10 2 6 And 3d. for every additional Line. A Liberal Discount allowed for a series of Consecutive Insertions. Tradesmen's Advertisements and Business Announcements of all kinds, when ordered for a month and upwards, are subject to special terms, according to the number of insertions and the space occupied. Parliamentary Notices, Prospectuses of Public Companies, Legal Notices, and Election Addresses, are charged 6d. per line for each Insertion. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertisements of the under-mentioned classes are charged as follows ONE THREE SIX LINES. WORDS. INSERTION. INSERTIONS. INSERTIONS. S. d. s. d. s. d. Two 18 06 10 16 THREis 27 09 16 23 Foum 36 1 0 2 0 30 FIVE 45 13 26 39 Six 54 1 6 3 0 4 6 Each additional line °f ) q g q g Nine words ) These charges apply only to the classes of advertisements speci- fied below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID FOR PREVIOUS TO INSERTION if not prepaid, they will be charged by the general scale APARTMENTS WANTED. MONEY WANTED. APARTMENTS TO BE LET. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. ARTICLES LOST. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. ARTICLES FOUND. SITUATIONS WANTED. BUSINESSES TO BE SOLD. I SITUATIONS VACANT. HOUSES TO LET. SALES BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. MANTEL WANTED, a YOUTH as an Apprentice to the General Drapery. Welsh preferred. Apply to W. B. Hughes, Draper, Swansea. 519c WANTED, by William Harris, 144, High-street, Merthyr, an experienced ASSISTANT in the Grocery and Provision Trade. Must be able to speak Welsh. 515c ANTED, a sharp YOUTH as Apprentice to the General Drapery. Apply to John George, 211, Bute-road, Cardiff. 307 ANTED, an experienced CLERK. Salary, £ 80 per annum. References as to ability required. Address, S. W., South Wales Daily News Office. 523c ANTED, immediately, an active LAD, from 17 to 20 years of age, as a Haulier, and to improve in the Grocery Trade as well. Apply to Mr. John Walters, Grocer, Treherbert. 377 ANTED, in Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, and other Welsh ports, respectable and trustworthy MEN to introduce a most advantageous plan of Insurance for Sailors for short or long voyages, the rates being lower while the insurer is on shore. Ad- dress, with references, F. S. S., South Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. 521c WANTED, immediately, a BOY, from 14 to 16, to assist in the Pawn broking Business. Apply, Henry Samuel, Neath. 534c WANTED, a situation as HOUSEMAID. Used to waiting at table. Good character from last situation. Apply, E., Llantrissant. 537 ANTED, an experienced YOUNG MAN in the Drapery. Must be of sober habits, and a knowledge of Welsh ne- cessary. Apply to Edwards & Jones, Carmarthen. 535c NTED, TWO JUNIOR HANDS for the Drapery and W Grocery Business. Apply, G. J., 13, High-street, Cardiff. 537c ANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT, aged 18. Apply at the South Wales Daily News Office. 544c ANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT, where there are two children. Good character indispensable. Address, 228, Bute-road, Cardiff. 540c W' ANTED, a FELLMONGER as Foreman and Buyer. Liberal Wages. Character indispensable. Apply to David Griffiths, Tanner and Currier, Llanelly. 549 WANTED, Second-hand LATHE, or anything to drive a W six-inch circular saw. Apply at 35, Royal Arcade. 548c ANTED,~a SITUATION as TIME or STOREKEEPER. Has W had the sole charge of a Branch Railway Stores. Good character, and a strict teetotaller. Wages not less than 25s. per week. Apply, J. B. H., Post Office, Caerphilly. 541 LERK.—Wanted by an efficient, trustworthy person, a per- C manent situation as BOOK-KEEPER, by single or double entry. Good references. Address, Book-keeper," South Wales Daily News Office. 546c AILY GOVERNESS WANTED for two children in the neigh- bourhood of the Mumbles. Apply, A. L., Post Office, Swansea. 542 ASTER TAILOR WANTED at the County Asylum, Bridg- end. Wages £ 30 a year, with Board, Lodging, and Wash- ing. Apply in person to the Medical Superintendent any fore- noon. 538c d-I ROCERY.-WANTED, a JUNIOR HAND. Apply, stating lt_X salary required, with references, to Mr. Lewis James, New Tredegar, Mon 530c EDICAL.-Wanted, a competent ASSISTANT in a colliery M practice. Apply, stating terms, &c., to Mr. W. H. Cuth- bertson, Pentre, Pontypridd. 387 fl^O BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS.—TENDERS | are invited for the erection of Twenty Workmen's Cottages at the Park Colliery. Particulars on application to Messrs. D Davis and Co., Ocean Colliery, Ystrad, Pontypridd. 386 O PRINTERS.—Permanent Situation for a good JOBBING HAND. Wages 23s. Watkins's Steam Printing Works, Rutland-street, Swansea. 1 529c 0~ GROCERS' ASSISTANTS, &c.—WANTED, an ASSISTANT in the Grocery and Drapery Trade. Welsh indispensable. Apply, with references, to the Manager of the Co-operative Stores, Cwmbach, Aberdare. 379 TO"DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. —WANTED, a YOUNG MAN of three or four years' experience. Apply at A. Cule and Sons, Treherbert. 550c O PAINTERS. —A Resident Painter wanted at the County Asylum, Bridgend must know all branches of the trade. A permanent place to a suitable man. Apply, in person, to the Medical Superietendent any forenoon. 539c 0 PARENTS AND-GUARDTANS.-Mr. Davies, Pharma- T ceutical Chemist, Tenby, has a Vacancy for a well-educated and gentlemanly Youth as an Apprentice. 388 O DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.—Wanted immediately an Ex- perienced Hand. Apply, stating particulars, to Griffiths and Son, Pontypridd. 522c TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. — WANTED, a Respectable, Steady YOUNG MAN, Strong and Active, one who knows the district. Apply, with particulars, to Ells and Neal, Duke-street, Cardiff. 156 nno PRINTERS' MACHINISTS.—WANTED, a, thoroughly prac- i tical MACHINIST to superintend a Two-Feeder Wharfdale. Apply at the South Wales Daily Neus Office. BEDWELLTY UNION. Vaccination Officer and Inspector of Nuisances, WANTED, by the Guardians of the Bedwellty Union, a VACCINATION OFFICER for the two parishes of their Union, which comprises the following towns and surround- ing districts, viz., Tredegar, Ebbw Vale, Rhymney, New Tredegar, Blackwood, part of Beaufort, Garnfach, Nantyglo, Blaina, Aber- tillery, Cwmtillery, &c., &c. The person who is appointed will also be elected Inspector of Nuisances for the whole of the Union, and will be allowed a salary of 440 per annum for the duties of Inspector of Nuisances. As Public Vaccinator, he will be required to carry out the Act of Parliament of last session, as well as previous Acts, and his salary will be at the rate of £ 1 per week, and 2s. 6d. per hundred of persons successfully vaccinated. He must be energetic, and able to show the guardians that he can carry out the requirements of the respective Acts. Applications, in candidiates own handwriting, must be sent to my address, not later than Wednesday, the 6th day of March next, enclosing testimonials of recent date as to capabilities, &c., &c Candidates selected will be informed, and expenses of atten dance (after request)allowed. Total salary, £ 92 per annum. JNO. BROOKFIELD, Clerk to Guardians. Union Office, Tredegar, 23rd February, 1872. 389 in be jLd. TO be LET, Bradfield House, Dumfries-place. Apply on the Premises. d-JARDIFF.-TO be LET, WALCOT VILLA, East Grove, Trede- ty garville, consisting of 12 rooms and large garden. Apply to D. L. T., 17, Edward-terrace. 195 ARDIFF.-Capital HOUSE and SHOP, plate glass front, to C LET. Apply to W. Price & Sons, Cardiff House. 533c ARDIFF.-Eligible and Extensive BUSINESS PREMISES to c be LET, with immediate possession, No. 8, Duke-street, Cardiff, late in the occupation of Mr. Ware, tailor. Apply to J. T. Barry, jeweller, 9, Duke street. 209 rf^jcT be LET, a HOUSE and SHOP in Bedford-street, and a I HOUSE in Clifton-street. Apply to Mr. John Robins, Bed- ford-street. 525c TO be LET, a HOUSE in Loudon-square. Rent moderate.— Also, No. 2, Cornish Villas, Llandaff-road, consisting of seven rooms and' garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Batchelor, Bute Docks. 354 MAINDY. TO be LET, immediately, one mile from the Town Hall Cardiff, a Six-roomed COTTAGE, with wash-house and pantry.' Gas and water laid on, and gas fittings complete- Rent £ 16 a year. Enquire of Mr. W. Lamb, Hope Hotel, Maindy; or of Mr. J. Jonker, Duke of Cornwall Inn, the Hayes, Cardiff. 363 NO. 2 PENYBRIN, MAINDY, near Cardiff.—To LET, the above comfortable DWELLING-HOUSE. Rent moderate. —For particulars, apply to Mr. R. J. Yorath, No. 3, Penybrin or to Messrs. Watsons and Co., timber merchants, Cardiff. 146 n be XCT TO be LET, Three ROOMS, Unfurnished or Furnished, 208, Bute-road. Also, YARD and STABLING. Apply on the Premises. 543c ANTON -A convenient HOUSE to LET at Freeland-place, top of Sevem-road, seven rooms, cellar, wash-house, garden, gas and water. Rent moderate. Apply to John Rogers, next house. 545c ARDIFF.- PREMISES to LET in Hope-street, near Canal, C suitable for Workshops or Stores.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam Dyeing Works, Llandaff-road. 221 CARDIFF.—To Butchers and Others.—To be Let, in the C Town of Cardiff, a very First-class PORK BUTCHERS' BUSINESS, doing the largest trade in the town. In-coming easy. Also, several Public-Houses and other businesses. For particulars apply to Mr. J. D. Thomas, Auctioneer, 13, Church-street, Car- diff. 121 CANTON.—TO be LET, a neat and comfortable VILLA, 3, Gladstone-place, in a healthy and pleasant situation, within ten minutes' walk of Cardiff and Llandaff. The rooms are nicely papered, with gas and fittings complete, both sorts of water, and all other conveniences attached. Rent below value. Apply at Liddington House, Canton. 513c O be LET, in Milton-street, Cardiff, a COTTAGE. 4s. 6d. per week. Apply, John Jenkins, Accountant, 20, High-street (late 13, Crockherbtown). 518c TO be LET, that old-established public house the PILOT BOAT, Millicent-street, Cardiff. Doing a good trade. In- coming moderate. Apply on the Premises. 517c nlen by rittate Qtnntrad. FOR SALE, an excellent HARMONIUM, nearly new, with 10 stops, suitable for a church or chapel. Original cost, 27 Guineas, and now to be sold for 18.—On view at Messrs. Lawrence and Co.'s Victoria-rooms, Cardiff. 157. FOR SALE, a FARM of 70 acres, near Cardiff. To LET, HOUSE and OUTHOUSES for 12 cows, 4 horses, and 30 pigs, at a low rent. Apply to Mr. Thomas Davies, 34, Cowbridge- road, Canton. 526c TO be SOLD, a STEAM BOILER, suitable to drive a 6-horse power steam engine.—Apply to W. E. Vaughan, Steam Dyeing Works, Llandaff-road, Cardiff. 222 OR SALE, 30 Old IRON BARGES, suited for use as tanks holding about 3,000 gallons; also, about 5,000 Tons Small Anthracite COAL (Slack). Address Box 75, Swansea. 104 CANAL-STREET; CARDIFF.—A HOUSE. Long lease. Ap- ply, Mr. John Jenkins, High-street (late of 13, Crockhwb- town). TO be SOLD by Private Contract, an old established WHEEL- WRIGHT and SMITH'S SHOP, and several COTTAGES. Apply on the Premises at Ely, near Cardiff. 505c FOR SALE, an excellent FOOT LATHE, suit Smith or Wheel- f wright, all iron, 6ft. bed, faceplate, rests for wood and iron, tools, &c. Price £ 5; worth £ 10. Address, J. Giles, Chapel-street, Pontypridd. 514c FOR SA.LE, a bargain, a Mahogany Top COUNTER with drawers. For particulars, apply to R. J. Jeremy, Merthyr. 369 TO be DISPOSED OF, in a populous neighbourhood at the Docks, a GROCERY BUSINESS, with good Bakehouse at- tached. Stock and Fixtures at a valuation. Apply at 26, South William-street, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 367 OR SALE.—A HOUSE, SHOP, and WAREHOUSE in Splott- lands. Apply to Mr. Peter Price, 3, Crockherbtown. 507c rkVTTBARRELS of YARMOUTH_RED HERRINGS are now Zi)U being SOLD, wholesale and retail, from the boat Simon Peter, lying at the Upper End of West Dock, Cardiff. 536c JfliaccUatteotta* FLOWERING SUNDAY. MONUMENTS, Crosses, and Tablets, in granite, marble, or stone.—Designs and estimates forwarded on ap- plication to T. JONES, Penarth-road Entrance, Cardiff. 218 FIRE BRICKS.—The Bwllfa Colliery Company (Limited) are prepared to supply FIRE BRICKS of a superior quality, and also a second quality Brick for building pur- poses. The best Bricks are made exclusively of the celebrated Graig Clay, and the manufacturers supply both qualities of the fol- lowing sizes, viz., 9 x 4 x 2t and 9 x 4t X 3. For terms, &c., apply to the Bwllfa Colliery, Aberdare. 167 SAMPLE and Instructions sent for seven stamps whereby any Person may earn £ 2 or £ 3 per week pleasantly and legiti- mately; returned if not approved. J. C. Buckley, Flood, & Sarah-street, Birmingham. 333 ONEY. -The Sums of R500 and Y,500 are now M ready to be ADVANCED on approved Mortgage Security- Apply to Mr. Merrils, Solicitor, Church-street, Cardiff. 219 CYHOEDDWYD YN DDIWEDDAR, PRIS 6s. 6c., "I A A 0 BREGETHAU, gan y diweddar JL" Barch. JAMES ROWE, Abergwaen. Y maent y mwyaf gwreiddiol ac awrgymiadol yn y Gymraeg. Gwerthir yr holl sydd yn aros ar law ffwrdd am 4s. trwy y Post, 4s. 6c. arian parod. Danofner at y Cyhoeddwr, W. M, Evans, Seren Office, Carmarthan. 393 PUBLIC THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. CARDIFF DELIVERY. Persons who experience any difficulty in obtaining the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS, regularly and promptly, are informed that the following Agents undertake the delivery of the paper to sub- scribers in their respective districts every morning before break- fast TOWN.—Mr. PHILEMON THOMAS, Bookseller, 90, St. Mary-street. BUTE DOCKS.—Mr. HAYNES, Bookseller, Rothesay-terrace. ROATH.—Mr. SHAPCOTT, Newsagent, Post Office. CANTON LLANDAFF I, Mr. j. DYER, Newsagent, 60, Severn-road. ELY | WHITCHURCH ) PENARTH.-Mr. E. MAY, Newsagent, &c., Glebe-street. JJUTCHINSON AND TAYLEURE'S GRAND CIRCUS. CARDIFF, OPBN FOR THE SEASON WITH THE GREATEST CONCENTRATION OF EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC RESOURCES ever presented to the public. Fresh STAR ARTISTES and Brilliant NOVELTIES Every Week. GRAND MID-DAY PERFOMANCE EVERY SATURDAY, at Two, commence at Half-past. 158 VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY- STREET, CARDIFF. MANAGER F. W. HOFFMAN Every Evening during the week, GRAND CONCERT AND DANCE. CHANGE OF ARTISTES EVERY WEEK. REFRESHMENTS AT THE BAR. Admission-First Class, Is.; Second Class, 6d. Doors open to Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight. 241 STUART HALL. POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF DR. CORRY'S WORLD- RENOWNED DIORAMA OF IRELAND, This evening at 8. Last night but five. Additional musical and vocal attractions. To-morrow, TUESDAY—Grand Allegorical Tableaux, with aug- mented Orchestra and Chorus, in honour of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, on the occasion of the National Thanksgiving. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 28.-Beneflt of Mr. TOM COYNE. FRIDAY MARCH I.-Benefit of Miss NELLY HAYES. Change's nightly in vocal and musical programme. Great attractions during the week, finally terminating on Sat- urday next, March 2nd. Perf ormarice, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 3. Sw ANSEA-COMMENCING MARCH 4TH. Admission-3s., 2s., Is. 6d. Half-price to Schools and Children o5w MUS I C HALL, SWANSEA. The last entertainment of the POPULAL READINGS in aid of the SWANSEA HOSPITAL will take place at the above hall THIS EVENING (MONDAY), the 26th instant. VOCALISTS—Misses Francis, Williams, Powell, and Mosson; Messrs. W. Phillips, S. Jones, W. Jones, Richards, Ball, R. Hopkins, H. Jones, and Lougher; Orpheus Glee Club, Philhar- monic Society, and Band. Mr. Crapper will deliver a Stump Oration and Sing some Comic Son,-S, &e. Musical director, Mr. Barger Wall. Admission—Is., 6d., and 3d. Doors open at Half-past Seven, commence at Eight. Mr. T. Prothero, treasurer; Mr. Rendell, secretary. BOOTS! BOOTS!! BOOTS! FOR FASHIONABLE LADIES', GENTS', AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS, VISIT BOYLE & CO., 19, CHURCH-STREET, AND 13, BUTE-STREET. LABGESI AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN WALES. 139 Pates of Sales by ttdiott. Mrf:- ?■ 11 I,AVIES' Feb. 28. Leasehold Property, at Landore MR. WM. SANDERS. Leasehold Property, at Cardiff J eb. ^8. MR. J. D. THOMAS. Household Furniture, at Cardiff Feb- 28. MESSRS. LEWIS BROTHERS. Cattle and Farming Stock, at Neath Feb. 28. Sheep, at Neath e"- MR. D. T. ALEXANDER. Leasehold Property, at Treherbert March 5. MR. D. T. ALEXANDER. Leasehold Property, at Treherbert March 5. Leasehold Property, at Pontppridd. *eb. 28. jiales IJIJ JUtctiotu Commercial Sale-rooms, 13, Church-street, Cardiff. "Tl/TR. J. D, THOMAS will SELL by AUCTION IVI at the above rooms, at One for Two o'clock, on WEDNES- DAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, a general assortment of Modern and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the property of a gentleman having removed from Cardiff. For full particulars see bills, or apply to the Auctioneer, at 13, Church-street, Cardiff. 385 Landore, near Swansea.—Leasehold Property for Sale.-To Mem- bers of Building Societies, Investors and Others. MR. T. H. DAYIES (Messrs. G. P. Ivey and Davies) has been instructed by the executors of the late Mr. Richard Mayberry, to SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, at the Mysydd Inn, Mysydd-road, Landore, all those BUILDINGS and PREMISES called Mysydd Inn, Landore. together with the Three HOUSES adjoining with Gardens at- tached. ■ I The above property is situated in a thriving neighbournood, and held under a lease for 99 years from the 25th of March, 1854, at the very low ground rent of £2 Os. 6d. The great extension of the very large works, where thousands of people will be employed, is a sumcient guarantee tnat no use pro- perty in this district will in a very few years be very much advanced in value. Sale to commencc at Three o'clock in the afternoon. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer's offices. Adelaide Chambers, Feb. 12, 1872. 351 Sale of Leasehold Houses, at Treherbert. MR. D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Bute Arms Hotel, Treherbert, on TUESDAY, the 5th day of MARCH, 1872, at Seven o'clock in kthe Evening precisely, the undermentioned LEASEHOLD PROPERTY (that is to say)- All those Two substantially-built Dwelling-houses, situate in Dumfries-street, Treherbert, recently erected by Mr. Richard Thomas, together with the gardens and premises thereunto be- longing, now in the respective occupations of Christopher Bailey and Walter Turner, at the yearly rental of X19 10s. Od., and held under a lease for 99 years, from the Trustees of the Marquess of Bute, subject to the annual ground rent of £1. 8s. Od. Further information may be obtained on application to the Auctioneer, Institute Chambers, Pontypridd; or to Metssrs. Spickett & Price, Solicitors, the Court-house, Pontypridd. 380 To Small Capitalists.—Eligible Investment. MR. D. T. ALEXANDER is instructed to SELL by AUCTION at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of FEBRUARY NEXT, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, all those Four Substantial Leasehold MES- SUAGES situate near the County Court H all, Pontypridd, on the main road leading from Pontypridd to Lantrissant, now in the occupation of D. Roberts and others, and producing a rental of ze24 14s. or thereabouts. These premises are the property of Mrs. Joan Jones, and are held under a lease from Mr. Rickards at a mioderate ground rent, and are offered for sale by the mortgagee under a power of sale. For particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, at Institute Chambers, Pontypridd, or to Mr. D. Walter Davis, Solicitor, Cardiff. 392 Neath Monthly Markets. LEWIS BROTHERS WILL SELL AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 28, 1.872, at the Cattle Market, Neath, (in addition to the stock alrea dy announced), 58 BREEDING EWES (Leicester and Radnor cro ss), to lamb in the second week in March, from three to four y. ars old, in perfect health and condition, and ranging from 14 lbs. Io 18 lbs. per quar- ter. Two Southdown rams have been kept with, the stock through the season. Terms: Two Months' Credit on approved bills, or discount for cash. Sale at Eleven o'clock a.m. The Mart, Neath, February 22nd, 1872. 391 Neath Monthly Markets.—Sale of Fat Cattle, Farm ing Stock,(and Implements. LEWIS BROS, will SELL by AUCTION on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28,1872, at Eleven o'clock a.m., at the Cattle Market, Neath, the following Prime FAT CATTLE and STOCK, viz. :—Nine fat heifers and cows in prime condition, two cows in calf, useful iron-grey pony about 13 hands, pony-trap and harness, swing plough, a one-horse plough, plough with double mould-board, for potato or turnip ground; honse-hoe, turnip pulper, turnip cutter, turnip grater, chaff machine, sheep rack, sheep trough, Cambridge roller, 12 dozen of prime two-year-old red-grape currant plants, &c., &c. All other entries for this sale to be sent to the Auctioneers by the 26th inst. All stock to be in the Market at Ten o'clock, and Sale to com- mence at Eleven instead of Twelve o'clock as hitherto. Terms as usual. The Mart, Neath, February 17th, 1872. 372 Valuable Leasehold Property. MR. WM. SANDERS has been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, at Three for Four o'clock in the afternoon, the following valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, on conditions to be then and there produced :—All those Four sub- stantially built and pleasantly situited genteel residences, situate and being Nos. 32, 31, and two adjoining houses in Ely-road, Can- ton. These properties are held under separate leases for the term of 999 years from the year 1870, and will be sold in separate lots. LOT 1.—All that Messuage or Dvelling-house, with coach-house, stable and loft, and having carriage-road at side, situate and being No. 32, Ely-road, Canton. LOT 2.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-house, with stable at the back, and right of way from Cliveroad, being No. 31, Ely-road, Canton. LOT 3.—All that Messuage or Dvelling-house, adjoining No. 31, Ely-road, Canton, having a right o:' way to the back. LOT 4.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-house, next adjoining the above and being exactly similar prsmises. The property may be viewed 01 application to Mr. F. Prosser, builder, 32, Ely-road. For further particulars, apply t« the Auctioneer, at his office, 8, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 364 NOTICE. MR. W. SANDERS hereby announces that the Property Nos. 9 and 10, Sott-street, advertised to be Sold by Auction on Wednesday 28th ins., has been DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CONTRACT. The valtable Property in Ely-road will be offered to Public Competition. 390 THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOl BOOTS AND SHOES is CARPENTER'S BOOT AND SHOJ WAREHOUSE, 43, ST. MARY-STFEET, CARDIFF. 361 JgROWN AN) POLSON'S CORN FLOUR Ci \J v' 4 •L, i) 1 P" IS GENUINE. PACKETS 1.d, 3d. and fl. BEST, 2d., 4d., 8d. CAUTION AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUD. INFERIOR (UALITIES OBTAINED AT LITTLE MQR THAN HALF THE COST 01 BROWN AND POLSON'S, ARE SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED. 298 we L P, W I S COMMISSI(N AGENT, CHURCH-STREIT, CARDIFF. 189 J. C O ED I N G, BIRD AND ANIM.L PRESERVER, 10, ROYAL ARCJ)E, CARDIFF. Birds, Animals, and Reptiles cserved on the most new and Scientific Principles. Private Jiseums attended to. Ladies' Plumes made to Order. 184 uhtts ddrt$!)ts. SURPLUS STOCK OF CHEAP BEDDING AND BEDSTEADS. OVER 300 SETS OF STRONG IRON BEDSTEADS, Size 6ft. by 4ft., COMPLETE WITH BEDS, BOLSTERS & PALLIASSES, Price 27s. CROSS BROTHERS, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 383 WILLIAM JONES, ö, DUKE-STREET, ▼ T CARDIFF, HAS A LARGE STOCK OF B)OBLES, TESTAMENTS, HYMN-BOOKS, CHURCH SERVICES, AND COMMON PRAYERS. 211 ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY! BREAD! BREAD! BREAD! PURE! S WEE T AND WHOLESOME! EITHER WHITE OR BROWN, As supplied to the Leading Families and Hotels in the town. DELIVERED DAILY TO CUSTOMERS BY W. H. D A V I E S, FAMILY BAKIER, 28, SAINT MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 143 W ILLIAM SANDERS, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, 8, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. 266 TO ADVERTISERS. rriHE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS has already attained a circulation larger than that of any other daily or weekly paper in the Principality. The orders from Agents Exceed 10,000 Copies a Day, and will be largely increased as soon as our mechanical appli- ances are extended. The SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS is distributed through- out GLAMORGANSHIRE, MONMOUTHSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, and portions of BRECONSHIRK and RADNORSHIRE, and as a general Advertising Medium for South Wales and Monmouthshire it is superior to any other newspaper. CHIEF OFFICES: 11, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. PROPRIETORS: D. DUNCAN & SONS. NOTICE. Letters and other communications intended for publication in this journal should be authenticated by the name of the writer, and addressed to the EDITOR, Rejected MS. cannot be returned. Orders ,f*r advertisements or copies of the paper, and other strictly business communications, should be addressed to the MANAGER, SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS Office, Cardiff. Post Office Orders should be made payable to MESSRS. DUNCAN AND SONS, 11, St. Mary-street, Cardiff.


MONDAY, FEB. 26, 1872. .

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