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HEALTH SECURED BY THE USE OF JUL DAVIES'S TONIC, APERIENT, AND LIVER PILLS, which are a most efficient remedy for persons suffering from indi- gestion, liver complaints, costiveness, sickness, wind in the stomach, iowness of spirits, singing noises in the ears, nervousness, palpi- tation of the heart, giddiness, headache, piles, gravel, tic doloreux, &c. They may be taken with safety at any season of the year, and require no confinement to the house; on the contrary, moderate exercise promotes their good effects. One trial will ensure their being registered as The Family Pills," so gentle is their action, so certain their cure. Sold in boxes at Is. l-d. and 2s. 9d. each. Prepared and sold by the sole proprietor, Thomas Howell, Phar- maceutical Chemist, Bute-street, Cardiff; and may be had of all respectable chemists. Sent direct for 14 or 3 stamps. 109 LIFE PRESERVERS.—Infant Life protected and secured against the enemy, Death, by Mothers keeping' in the house a packet of "DAME EUROPA'S INFANT LIFE PRESERVERS." Once tried always used. TEETHING, Small-pox, Scarlatina, Measles, &c., meet with a ready relief, if the" EU- ROPA POWDERS" are used. Mothers, try them, and publish their effect. "Dame Europa's Infant Life Preservers" are pre- pared only by the Inventor, B. A. GEORGE, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd and sold in packets, at Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. each, by every chemist in the world. May be had post free from the Inventor for 14 or 34 stamps. Wholesale W. Mather, London and Manchester, and Barclay & Sons. Agent in Cardiff, Coleman, chemist. 159 SA FEG-UAR DTO THE LUNGS. DAVIES'S (Cwmavon) Improved BALSAM of ICELAND MOSS is pronounced to be an invaluable remedy for those complaints which are most .prevalent during the winter months, viz., In- fluenza, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Wheezing of the Chest, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, Spitting of Blood, &c., &c. Consumptive patients will find this Balsam, if taken in time, very efficacious in staying the progress of that most distressing and painful malady; being agreeable to the palate, children will take it readily. Prepared and sold by the sole proprietor, Thomas Howell, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Bute-street, Cardiff; and may be had of all respectable chemists. Sold in bottles, Is. 11d. and 2s. 9d. each. 108 GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS are now recognised by all as being THE BEST MEDICINE YET DISCOVERED FOR PILE AND GRAVEL, as well as for the following pains :—Pain in the Back, Flatulency, Griping, Colic, a sense of weight in the Back and Loins, Darting Pains in the region of the Heart, Liver, and Kidneys, Pains in the Thighs, Suppression and Retention of Urine, Pains in the Stomach, AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. The Proprietor has received upwards of two thousand Testimo- nials in favour of these Pills. Send a halfpenny stamp for an important List of Testimonials from Doctors, Chemists, and in" valids from all parts of the country. Sold by all Chemists, in boxes Is. ljd., and 2s. 9d. each, and may be had from the PROPRIETOR, J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAIN, GLAMORGAN. For Is. 4d., and 3s. in Stamps. May be had WHOLESALE from most Patent Medicine Warehouses in London, Bristol, and Liverpool. 153 C H LOR A L U M, A SAFE ODOURLESS, NON-POISONOUS DISINFECTANT. THE SALINE ANTISEPTIC. HARMLESS AS COMMON SALT. CHLORALUM arrests decomposition in Meat, Milk, Fish, and c other edible substances. ^(HLORALUM removes Bad Smells and Purifies the Air. QIILORALUM for SMALLPOX! HLORALUINI for TYPHOID FEVER. ^"THLORALUM for FEVERS. HLORALUM for SICK ROOMS. VV UHLORALUM for GENERAL USE. r I HIE BOARD of TRADE have decided to substitute 1 CHLORALUM for the Solution of Chloride of Zinc, at pre- sent included in the scale of medicines and medical stores issued, ahd caused to be published by this Board in pursuance of the "Merchant Shipping Act, 1867." CHLORALUM for SANITARY PURPOSED CHLORALUM for SE VE-RS. UHLORALUM for URINALS] "■ QHLORALUM for CESSPOOLS. HLORALUM W 15, Pembroke-road, Dublin, 11th September, 1871.-Sir, I beg to state that the Chloralum powder and solution have been largely employed in this city, and with the most complete result. The bed of the river Liffey, which emitted a very offensive odour during the recent warm weather, was most satisfactorily disin- fected by Chloralum powder, at the rate of only one pound per 25 square feet. I have found it most efficacious as a purifier of stables, and I use it constantly in my own house. Altogether, I may say of Chloralum that it is a very valuable sanitary agent, and one which is certain to come into general use.-I remain, your obedient servant, Chas. A. Cameron, M.D., Professor of Hygiene, Royal College of Surgeons, and Analyst to the City of Dublin. The Secretary of the Chloraluiii Company." c HLORALUINI to DISINFECF_EXCRETA. ^HLORTVLIJM for all FEVERS. HLORALUM in CHOLERA. CLORALU1 in CHOLERA. CHLORALUM in MEDICINE.—Chloralum is a new agent therapeutics. There are few superficial injuries, infiamm»' tions, or discharges in which its judicious prescription is not at- tended with great advantage, and it is of equal value in many i"' ternal disorders. Chloralum in hospital has been used at the Royal Infirmary, Manchester, to destroy the fcetor in cases of open cancer; at Middlesex hospital in amputations in small-pox and fever wards generally, as the most pleasant and most active disin- fectant. Chloralum is an astringent antiseptic applied to foul ulcers by London surgeons, as a gargle in scarlet fever, diphtheria, and common sore throats, and has been found invaluable in in* flammation of the eyes, &c. 0IILORALUM DEODORISES. ^JHLORALLM is HARMLESS! i HLORALUM in FEVERS. i ">HLORALUM can be relied on by horsemen in wounds and in* V_V juries, and by fanners in the treatment of foot-and-mout'1 disease, and in carrying on disinfection in their homes stables, cowsheds, pigsties, and poultry houses. Chloralum for dog kennelll can be used with great advantage and economy in keeping mellt fresh for any length of time, in purifying the benches and"yart!S, and completely removing the foul and sickening odour of dirty of ill-drained kennels. HLORALUM is DISLNFI- CrrANT. CHLORALUM is sold in quarts, 2s. pints, Is. half-pint, Gd- C, By the gallon, 5s. In large quantities by special contract at greatly reduced prices. HLORALUM POWDER. L HLORALUM POWDER is HARMLESS. i HLORALUM POWDER.—The Best Stable Disinfectant. Chlo' V j ralum Powder will be found invaluable in Hospitals. Cowsheds. Close and Ill-ventilated Apart- Alleys and Roads. T." Sewers and Gulleyholes. « Earth Closets. In the Dairy and all kinds o* Dustbins. Provision Stores. Wine and Beer Cellars. In the Kennel and in Poultry Stables. Houses. Wine and Beer Cellars. In the Kennel and in Poultry Stables. Houses. Chloralum Powder is not caustic or hurtful in any way, aild, although it absorbs moisture, it DOES NOT DETERIORATE BY KEEPING. e It is a most elegant and powerful preparation, and a substiwtci for the disagreeable disinfectants which have hitherto been p1a<a at the disposal of the public and the medical profession. The oB' jects aimed at in the manufacture of Chloralum Powder have bee'1 a uniform high strength and cheapness. Sample casks. 1 ewt., for 15s., and in 6d. and Is. packages. > HLORALUM WOOL. II DOR ALUM WOOLmSURGERY. /HLORALUM WOOL.—The Styptic and Antiseptic SurgicaJ \J Dressing. In pound and half-pound packages, at 6s. Per pound. i HLORALUM WADDING? KJ CHLORALUM WADDING is used extensively as a disin* tant in coffins. A dead body when covered with Chloralum ^°° can no t convey infection. Price 2s. 6d. a sheet. HLORALUM for TYPHOID FEVER. QHLORALUM for SMALLPOX. ^IHLGRALUM is SOLD by all CHEMISTS. CHLORALUM CO., c 1 and 2, Great Winchester-street-buildings, E.C. 114 Printed and Published by the sole proprietors, DAVID DIHC.ø ANB SONS, at their Offices, 11, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1872.