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ASSOCIATION. SOUTH WALES AND MON- MOUTHSHIRE CUP. Ebbw Vale v. Barry. TTO BARRY PLAYERS BADLY HURT. The re-played tie between Ebbw Vale and Barry in the second round of the South Wales Cup took place on the Ebbw Yale ground under favourable circumstances. A veek ago the result of the game at Barry was a dHlW of three goals each. The form displayed by the ulians on that occasion was a complete revelation to their supporters. The once for- midable Monmouthshire team has been some- what disorganised of late, and for the 'nret time for years were not included in the first division of the league. Their sudden return to form has given new hope in Soccer circles. They looked upon to-day's encounter with confidence. Teams;— Ebbw Vale: Goal, Withers; backs. Bainton and Goldsmith; half-backs, Brown. Edwards, and Briscoe; forwards, Lloyd, Whitcomb, Wright, Thompson, ana Langley. Barry: Goal, Sutton; backs, Green a-nd Cashmore; half-backs, Stephens, Tattersall, and Dickson; forwards, Sheldon, Itadcliffe, Green, "Thompson, and Stilman. Referee, Mr. Oolley, Eogerstone. The Barry team was at full strength, but the Valians were short of two of their usual players. Ebbw Vale started with a strong breeze in their favour. A beautiful movement was initiated by the Valians, in which Lloyd got away on the right. He centred, and Wright I coming up with speed scored the first goal. The ball striking the cross-bar. gave Sutton no chance to soore. The Valian3 were now playing a particularly strong game, the keenest defence of Barry alone keeping down the score. The wind was. naturally, an im- portant factor, but so strong was the hurri- cane that it militated against the strong play of the Valians. Barry kept their ground, and got a corner, but the temporarr attack failed. The Valians, thanks to Brown, were seen again in their old position of attack. and Goldsmith nearly did the trick. As the remit of a strong attack in front of the goal Wright was enabled to score his second goal. The game now developed into a series of attacks by Ebbw Vale, Wright scoring two fine goals in rapid succession, making this brilliant player's fourth goal. Wright again got off, and passing to Lloyd, the latter scored goal N o. 5. Half-time score. Goals. Ebbw Vale 5 Barry 0 With such a big lead secured by the Valians in the first half, it was only natural to find that interest in the encounter was not quite so keen. The Valians resorted to the tactics of playing one back. Barry counter-moved and also played one back, with the result that off-side play was the rule. Barry wehe then followed by a string of misfortunes. J. Green and Tattersall having to retire through severe injuries to the face. They were attended by Dr McCarthy. Ebbw Vale relaxed their ener- gies, and Stillman taking the chance, scored two goals. Cashmore and Whitcombe were sent off for rough play. Final score. Goals. Ebbw Vale 5 Barry 2 REMARKS. The score is a fair indication of the game. The 'Valians played a winning game from the start. Wright was in great form, Bain- ton, BTiscoe. Brown, and Goldsmith being the next best. Barry played a scrambling game, and lacked combination. The Greens, Stillman, and Suton were the best. TREHARRIS V NELSON The above teams met in a friendly at Nelson. Price started play for the visitors, and within a few minutes Edmunds kicked through his cwn goal. From the re-start the homesters crot away well. only to be repulsed by Evans. Walls receiving passed to Jenkins, who sent in a nice shot, which struck the post. A free for the visitors brought relief, and from a scramble in front of goal they scored. The interval soon arrived, with the Gcore:- Half-time score. Goals. Treharris 2 Nelson 0 Wall re-started play, and with fine play Jenkins scored. The homesters were now having by far the better of the play, having hard lines on several occasions. A foul for the visitors brought relief, and from a nice bit of combination Price again scored. From now until the end the homesters pressed; but failed to eaualise. Final soore. Goals. Treharris 3 Nelson 1 Nelson 1 PORTH V. CARDIFF CORINTHIANS. At Porth, before a. poor crowd. Young kicked off. and the visitors, with pretty play, scored in the first few minutes. The home- stgrs pressed vigorously, having hard lines in not scoring. Williams, on the left wing, sent in some good shots and centres, Young heading over. For a foul, Porth were awarded a penalty, Young hitting the upright with a terrific shot, and in a scramble Edwards nut behind. Half-time 6core: Goal. Cardiff 1 Porth 0 Cardiff re-started, and the homesters pressed, the visitors' goalkeeper being lucky ia saving. From good play by Parry, who forced a corner. Young scored. Young was again prominent with some good play, and scored with a lovely shot. The homesters still pressed, and Grant, with a single-handed effort, beat all the defence and scored with a clinking shot, Watkins soon following with a fourth. The visitors were now a well- beaten team. Watkins passed to Young, who sent in a daisy cutter, and the full-back sent through his own goal. Final ecore: Goals. Final score: Goals. Porth 5 Corinthians — 1 COMMENTS. In the first half the visitors had by far the best of the game, and deserved their lead, but in the second half they were outclassed, good play by the backs and goalkeeper keep- ing the score down. For Porth Young was the beat of the forwards. His headwork and shooting were a treat, Williams following close. Grant and Evans, at half-back, were in good form, Grant being the best. Parry, at back, played in his old style, while Sum- merhill, who was on trial, did well, although the ground waa against him. The visitors merhill, who was on trial, did well, although the ground was against him. The visitors were best represented by the backs and goal- keeper. ABERAMAN V R0GERST0NE Aberamanites in Great Form This league match was played at Abe ram an, in the presence of a good crowd, in favour- able football weather. Teams;- Rogers tone: Goal. Conners; backs, Howe and S. Povey: half-backs, T. Phillips, E. Jones, and Charlie Evans; forwards, Jones, P. Colley, Fyfe. G. Jones, and E. Dowler. Aberaman: Goal, Eggington; backs. Bolton and Jones; half-backs, Britton, Rooke, and W. J. Jones; forwards, Hulin, T. D. Jones, Grinnell, Steve Jones, ard Charles Davies. Referee: Mr. J. Finn, Cardiff. Rogerstone started operations, and imme- diately wended their way to the home goal, where Bolton initiated a movement which changed the venue. In quick manner George Jones and Dowler made a burst, which took play back into the home territory. Aber man broke away finely, and, after some nice combination, Steve Jones, with a nice shot, baffled Connors. Fast play followed, both goals being visited, and Connors was re- peatedly called upon to defend his citadel. At last a vigorous onslaught was made upon the Rogerstone preserve, and. COnnors repelling a shot. the ball bounded against C. Evans and rebounded into the net. Fyfe and Doller on the left wing made a nice opening, and raced to the Aberaman end, where Eggington par- tially cleared, but in his second attempt to repel a shot from Colley he slipped. This reverse seemed to arouee the ire of the home- sters, who were not long before making a raid o nthe "Roggy" goal. Steve Jones ended a hot attack by registering the third goal. A shot from Hulin collided against the post, and shortly afterwards Grinnell slung across to D. Jones, who easily jpund the net. On the verge of half-time Grinnell sent the ball over the bar. I Half-time soore. Goals. I Aberaman — 4 Rogerstone l On the resumption play immediately settled in the visitors' territory, and a. centre to Jack Hulin "'as well made use of by him by placing the ball into the net. The pressure was maintained, and from a rush Grinnell credited the homesters with the sixth goal, Hulin. a minute later, narrowly missed scor- ing with an oblique shot. Connors became hard pressed, and got well out of an intricate position. A good bout of combined play amongst the home front rank made it exceed- ingly warm for Conners. Lowe and Porey, each of whom, cleared time after time sup- erbly, but it was clear that the persistent pressure of the homesters would remit in further scoring, and at last from a bully, Grinnell gave Connors no chance. Lowe next cleared, but a corner was obtained and a score seemed imminent, the ball going over. Colly and Jones, with a capital run. relieved, but Hugh Jones sent back and Aberaman bom- barded the "Rogey" goal. Jack Hulin sending through, after which Grinnell found the net twice. Final score. Goals. Aberaman io Rogerstone l REMARKS. j From the comtmencement Rogerstone did not have a look in. In every department the home- sters held the upper hand. and moved with machine-like precision whether in attack or defence. The visitors played a plucky game against great odds, and. although beaten on ten occasions. Omnors played well, and mode some nice clearances on several awkward occa- sions. s WELSH AMATEUR CUP. THIRD ROUND. Rhyl met Prestatyn on the former's ground, and an exciting and well-contested game was witnessed. In the first half R. Hughes soored for Rhyl soon after starting, and at half- time the Bcore was—Rhyl, three to one, White adding two for Rhyl, and Linnell one for the visitors. In the second half the game was more even than the first, and Linnell scored. Final score. Goals. Rhyl 3 Prestatyn 2 CARDIFF BANKS V. WHITCHURCH. At Llandaff Fields. The homesters were short of several of their usual players in this match. In the first half the homesters put on two goals. The visitors had hard lines iu not scoring. In the seoond1 half Whit- church played a splendid game, and only let their opponents once, while they scored three coalB themselves. Cardiff Banks 3 j




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