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¡Jttb1ít ^muernuntsu bittbi THEATRE jjOYAL, CARDIFF. Lessee and Manager ROBERT REDFORD, EVERY EVENING at 7.30 and SATURDAY at Two. WELCOME RETURN VISIT OF MR. GEOnGE EDWARDES' GAIETY j COMPANY In the BRIGHTEST of MUSICAL PLAYS, i THE JJESSENGER BOY. SPLENDID CAST, including Messrs. TOM FANCCURT. RUSSELL WALLETT, KEVIN GUNN, R. KAVANAGE. &c„ And Misses ADA CLARE, FRANCES BALFOUR, and FLORENCE LAcRI. Next Week:— The Musical Comedy, FLORODORA. Box Office at Theatre 10 to 5. Nat. Tel. 362. a 11367 Q E A N D T H E A T R E Lessee and Manager, EDWARD QUIGLEY. TO-NIGHT at 7.30. LONDOXS CURSE. e75arl2 Tis not in mortals to command success, but we'll do more—deserve it."—Addison. ■Tjt HE CARDIFF EMPIRE, QUEEN-STREET. Managing Director OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT. MISTRESS LAURIE'S KINDER- GARTEN, A Laughable and Clever Sketch. SISTERS LEO, Specialty Come ;▼ Artistes. FLORENCE AND LILIAN, Two Gifted and Artistic Musicians. "The Garden Party," LIEUT. TRAVIS, A Clever Ventriloquist. ARTHUR REECE, ,J, Singer of Great and Growing Popularity. "The Black Oracle," J. A. WILSON, Negro Comedian and Dancer, and his Perform- ing Dog. "Private Towser." AMY SULLIVAN, Songstress. HETTY KING, Comedienne and Dancer. TSCHERNOFFS PEERLESS DOGS, From the Hippodrome and Empire, London. A Wonderful Ca,nine Performance. QRAND JfASHIONABLE Matinee' SATURDAY AFTERNOON. OCTOBER 19th, At Two o'clock, in Aid of the SATURDAY LIFEBOAT FUND. Splendid Programme. iHeycles Stored Free of Charge. Two Performances Nightly. Early one between 7 o'clock and 9: late one between 9 o clock and 11. Box office open daily (with exception of Saturdays) 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 7 to 10 p.m. Saturdays 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Plan of Grand Circle. No Booking Fees. NEWPORT. ■_ MEWPOET EMPIRE, 1 CHARLES-STREET. Managing Director OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT. A ZOOLOGICAL COMEDY, in Vo°rvr4ceile3' by DONALDSON BROS, and A-RDELL, supported by a powerful company. A. G. SPRAY. JAXE FRIEDMAN. SISTERS J™N;Pf: £ 3ILT- The CRAWFORDS. Miss JES- SIE ALBANI. NORAH EMERALD. AUSTIN and COWAN. MANNING and PREVOST. Next Week:—R. G. KNOWLES. Lye E U M, NEWPORT. Proprietor A Manager..Mr CLARENCE SOUNES Acting Mangr (for Mr Soune*)..Mr J. GLADWIN TO-NIGHT, AND DtTRING THE WEEK, THE GREAT PLAY. THE SILVER KING. MAGNIFICENT SCENERY. Booking Office. Theatre. 10 to 10. 16263 Crnirsrsns* p AND A. CAMPBELL (LIMITEB). — CARDIFF AND WESTON. LADY MARGARET and RAVELS WOOD. Ac (Weather and circumstances permitting). OCTOBER. LEAVE CARDIFF, t LKAVE WESTON Mon., 7 —1.0 a.m., l.o, 3.0 Mon. 7 -12.0 noon, *1.45, P-in* 5,0 p.m, Tues., 8—12.0 noon, 2.0, 4.0 I TneR., 8-1.0, 2.45, 6.6 p.m. p.m. Wed.. 9-1,8. 3.0, 5.0 p.m. Wed., 9—*2 0. 3.45, 7.0 p.m. Thurs., 16-2.0, 4.8, 6.0 p.m. Thurs., 18—3.0, 4,45.7.0 p.m Fn., U-2^30 4,30 p.m. Fri.. 11—3.30y 6.3# p.m. Sat., LJ—*8.0 a.m., 3.0, 5.0, Sat,. 12—8.45 a.m., 4.0, 7. P-m- 1 p.rn Steamer leaves Penarth Ten. Minutes later than Cardiff except Trips marked thus *<• For Farther Particulars, Tickets, &c.. apply to Mr. WM. GUY, 70a. Bute-street. Cardiff. a10185 Througb Excursion Tickets are issued at Taff Vale Railway Stations in- connection with the Sailings to Weston. For Particulars of Train Timea and Fares See Special Bills, which may be obtained at the Stations. POPULAR SONGS WITH MUSIC EVENlNe ÊXPRESS" SERIES. The "Evening Express" published the following songs on the dates named:— 40 "Eileen, My Qomb" February$ the Silver Sea," February U "Then I Understood" February 20 —; February Are We to Part Like This?" Eabrua*y 22 "Good Night, Daddy"™ March 4 "'One Always Lores You, and that emJs Me" :— March 6 "When Your Ship Oomea Home, Low" March U ~Wha> Does Me Take Me For?" March 13 "Whttw-the Flag of England Flies" ..March IS "Without a Word" March 20 "Who'll Mind Us When You're Gon«, Daddy P" Mwrch Z5 "Pleaty ef Water" April 1 "John But.. Get Yaur Gun" April 2 "The Sweetest Words" —April ? The Huntsman* April 15 ."Alt Earthly Ties" .April 12 "The Coekney Ooonts Sweetheart*April 22 "Cockney Piccaninnies' 8hrenade"ApfH M "Let's On-ee :Moj"Apri1 29 "DMit Old Mother's Wedding I-Jttfcg" — —Say 4 Xagltmir .Ma> t fTne"Ptaaaond Bing". Jtfay *8 *Tu* 9emutf' XUtor £ 3 rThe Jteatmam* i .May ft &torp*e4 a Sbii'ing" May a TBli.t.Seitoda*' .May tt lww>«theart» Still" May. 29 [**f Was Wanted7' .June 3 Make a Mountain Out of a ■' Molehill"- June 5 *8alutsctiofls" June it :-ÖI1' the Agony!" June 12 "MOllv,- the Rd$e 'of Keumare" June 17 *'3ack- to the Fare" .June 19 "Cwreiamstances Alter Cases" w.Juw« 94 Jwm 26 His Pif>e of Peace" .July 1 ""SUrer nand Gajd" July 3 "Show Me Another Girl Like Mine".July 8 ,-rb. Fire Wa-i Burning Hot" July If £ *The Old Veteran" Jal.v 15 Pjkt the Corner of the -Street" JFnhr 17 rawest «enevi^ve" July ^2 f*"wbat is a LadsH1' .July 24 ^Within a Mile et Sdinhnr^i »_T«e* JWy H at itt a „J«ty 3t •Tlie homt Lmggafe Man". ;— .Augnst 7 "1 Drpamt I Dwelt ia Marble Halls August 12 f§o4 Blew Dear Mother" .Aipat "HaH* is ear Alley** Jlugust 20 f Nothing More Nor Less than Wba lie Ought to be" August 21 fTfy Prett* JTaue" 4.. ^August 36 ^*The Song that Saadied. lfy» Heart" .ÂlIr;1I8t18 ■ When Other Iiipe" — Septentbee I -PTie eM Oame- Back". a September 4 "Where E'er Yon Walk"A. September 9 *T!»Only Thoee Who'y-» Suffered" September 11 •'Whts'll Buy Caller Herrin?" September 16 "She's One of the Handy Sort"September IS -Rhein- Wine" .September Z3 The. Cockney. Linnets .September 25 These Things Are Only Sent to Try W .October 1, Ceittifrsi aitXi Contrary T^OT^COLLIERY „ OWNERS, COAL MEBCHANT9, Ac. TENÜERS are Invited by the. SANITARY BLOCK and TILE PAVEMENT COMPANY fLlMITEW, Works Giants Grave, Briton Ferry, for the SUPPLY of SMALL THROUGH find RUBBVY SMALL COAL for SIX MONTHS from the 1st of NOVEMBER NEXT, to be delivered in quantities of about 150 tons per month. Tenders to be sent in to the-Head Office; 17, VIcioria-atreet, Westminster, not. later than 1 MONDAY, the- 14th insu < Fttfther Particulars ca.n be obtained em I ftppBeation to the Superintendent at the1 Work?.. ] The Company does not bind itself to accept! Ikw Lowest or a ay Tender. 7624C j iSnsttttss 9M)r<S9t9t AN HOUR AMONGST DIAMONDS. THE FASCINATING ARRAY OF WATCHfcS, DIAMOND RINGS, ELECTRO-PIATE, REAL SILVER WARE, &o., now on view at H. SAMUEL S DEPOT MAY BE DAILY INSPECTTED, and no more ou- jovable methoo of wiiiling away an hour. can be ima¡;Ined. NO NECESSITY TO BUY! A VISIT HEARTILY WELCOMED! H SAMUEL 8 PItOBU(TIONS ARE SUPPLIED DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY TO THE WEARER, AND AS H. SAMUEL'S SALES ARE FAR AND AWAY IsEYOND THOSE OF ORDINARY RETAIL DEALERS IT N ATI? It ALLY FOLLOWS THAT H. SAMUEL IS ABLE TO SELL AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE, AND SHOW A Saving of Nearly One Half. A MONTH'S FREE TRIAL! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY RETURNED. WATCHES, Gent's Real Silver Hall-marked 1 A lit Watches, wonderful ralr.e, from L\J/ \i Ladies' R«ai Silyer Watches, Special Sale Q ILi Price, from O/U RINGS- Wonderful Gem Rings, hall- O /(l marked, real stones; Sale Price BROOCHES:—Thousands of Real Silver Brooches, exquisite variety of shapes, only 1 s. each. ELECTRO-PLATE:—280 Best Electro- Plated Flasks. 2/6 each. Biscnit Barrels, /fi variety of designs and shapes, from Laqe Stock of Jam Spoons, Pickle Forks, Butter .Knive> Bread Forks, Sugar Spoons, all Stag-horn handles 9^- eacn. SPORTS PRIZES. SECRETARIES OF SPORTS COMMITTEES SHOULD COMMUNICATE OR CALL AT THE ADDRESS. AS THIS BRANCH OF THE BUSI- NESS RECEIVES SPECIAL ATTENTION, AND H. SAMUEL WILL BE PLEASED TO SUBMIT ILLUSTRATIONS. ESTIMATES. AND SUGGES- TIONS FREE. H. SAMUEL HAS SUPPLIED PRIZES FOR SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ATHLETIC MEETINGS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. RALLWAY FARE PAID to every purchaser WltDIn radius of 30 miles on purchase* of 25s. ard upwards. CALL TO-DAY. CALL TO-DAY. H. SAMUEL, 7, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, And at Manchester. e7461 X rJlUDOR ^yiLLIAMS' X pATENT JJALSAM OF JJONEY IS THE BEST FOR COUGHS, COLDS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF CHEST AND LUNGS. A CERTAIN CURE! Oh! dear me. I forgot to give TUDOR WIL- LIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY to my children before they retired to bed. I am certain they will COUOH ALL NIGHT WITHOUT IT. There is nothing on the face of the earth equal to it; thoroughly up-to-date." # In this damp and changeable climate Coughs and Colds are almost certain at some time during the winter to viait every household in the land. It would, therefore, seem only a. wise precaution to Ise^p on hand a bottle of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY ready for immediate use. Pleasant, soothing, healing, and a. splendid tonic, it is certainly without an equal for the prevention and cure of troublesome coughs a*Hi in all throat a.nd lung ajfectiona. Moreover, it does what no simple cough remedy will do—it promotes appetite, aida digestion, increases weight, and builds up the health and strength generally. It contains no opiate or other narcotic, and is perfectly safe even for the youngest infants. I am constantly receiving reports from all parts of the kingdom attesting its remarkable power to relieve and cure troublesome coughs. IT IS PRESCRIBED BY THE MEDICAL PRO- FESSION. and USED in the LEA DIM G HOS- PITALS TWROUH-HOUT THE WORLD. BALSAM OF HONEY contains PURE WELSH HONEY and an essence of the purest and most efficacious Herbs on the Hills of Wales, being gathered in the proper season, when their virtues are in full perfection. A STIPENDIARY AND A MAGISTRATE IN THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN REMARKS "I feel it my duty to inform yon that I have been using your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey in my family, which is a large one. for many years, and have proved its great value, having used nothing else for Cough, during Measles. Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis, and can highlv recommend it to all parents for such comnlainta." Try it; will not regret it. SEE YOU GET THE GENUINE ARTICLE. TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. BRITISH OFICEltS PRAISE IT. Sir,—Your Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam at Honey cured me of a. stubborn cough and tight chest, which prevented me from attend- ing to my drills. T. FOXHALL. S.M.R.A., Devon Artillery, Devonport. Sold by all Chemist* and Stores in la., 2s. 6d„ and 4s. 6d. bottles. Sample Bottle sent (post paid) for la 3d., 3s., and 5s. from the inventor. D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, L.S.D.W.E., MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. 29118 OUR I 'IRONCLAD' MODEL PIANO, UPRIGHT GRAND (Overstrung). Tome Rich a.nd Equal. Touch Perfect a.nd Unfailing. For Prompt Cash, (Carriage Paid) i.. Or may be had oa. extended payment system for a. email sum monthly. CATALOGUES POST FREE. DALE, FORTY, & CO.. PIANO AND ORGAN MERCHANTS HIGH-STREET; CARDIFF. Also at Cheltenham, Birmingham, Ac. Nat. Tel. 1,103. | gEECHAM'S ipILLS CURE BILIOUS AND NERVOUS DISORDERS, CONSTIPATION, SICK HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, And all STOMACHIC TROUBLES. JJEECHAM'S pILLS BEYOVE WIND and PAINS in the STOMACH, AROUSE 6^UG(iISH aIJMi TORPID LIVERS. ENSURE PROPER ASSIMILATION of FOOD, STRENGTHEN the STOMACH. gEECH AM S p I L L S MAKE yr.a LOOK WELL, FEEL WELL, and KEEP WELL. REMOVE PIMPLES and BLOTCHES on the SKIN, LAY the fouadation of GOOD HEALTH. IT ABLE for OLD and..YOUNG, gEECH AM' S" ijpi ILLS PCRIPT rbe' BLOOBuuid B'ElfOft..8CU.R.VY. ABEJtIILD. n at EEi BC IXVE, in.the.ir action. REMOV Ji the. nwalt «* OVER JSHKJQLOENCE. QURE .-RESTLESSNESS- ^nd IN^QMNIft. g EE C HAM' S pi Lis Are :M*ECIALL Y SE&mL&ftk «& DISEASES and AILMENTS COMMON to FEMALES, IMPROVE THE COMPLEXION. REG-ULATE THE' SYSTEM. BEECHAM'S PILLS b*v« stood the test of over 50 -yiwva without the publication of testi- monifila. as they RECOMMEND THEMSELVES. Cardiff. etc 1 f, I EXTENSION OF gUSINESS. W. GREEN, — OF" — IS, DUKE. gTREET, AND 112, WOODVILLB ROAD, Bega. to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff and environ that he ha* taken very extensive Premises at 4. 98,GEEAT FREDERICK-STREEt And has constructed one 8f the most modern Bakeeies in Wales. All Bread and Pastry Baked m Keena. TUNK'S and CO.'S PATENT STEAM OVENS, thus ensarin^ thorough cleanliness during the process of nmnufa-cture and baking. We are, therefore, 80W in a position, to supply our patrons who ha.ve hitherto been customers for Pastry with the but quality Bread and Rolls, Delivered Frestt Daily. SPECIAL TERMS TO HOTELS ANlJ WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS. Send Postcard "aad Van will csill. HIGHLY ORNAMENTED EEIDE AND BIRTH- DAY CAKES IN STOCK OR TO ORDER. The Trade Supplied. e891, For HORTON'S For Eojfnalea ORIGINAL. Females only. BENEDICT PILLS, oniy. The Proprietor had received thousands of testimonials irom all parts. Females of all ages 8bo«ld i:«««r be without -a box, as they at onee iemove all irregularities, and are hi no »»y injurious, which is the case with ma.ny advertised-pills, fn bores 1. ljd. and 2s. M. Sent Post Free under ocwrer Id extra, direct by the proprietor, G. JL Hort»n (late Chief D's^nser iranv the Birmingham General and LiviHg-iin Hospitals). 68. Aston-road, North Bir- miaffh#in. Agents—Cardiff: R. Mumford, Chemist, Ac., Meteor-street, Snlotlands. Mer- tliyr: Willis, Chemists Georgetown. Swansea: -Ll»yd. Chemist, Oxford-atieet. Newport: Young, Chemist, High-street. Cannot be bad from "othier Chemists. N.B.—None genuine Uflless bearing *'G, D. Boxton' in red across each label, lA1.tel" answ«r«d t. wtt ^usiucssj 9bbrtøøtø. t I I j 'T C. p:ALMER'S. OFFER TO SOUTH WALES pOOTBALL. The SWANSEA FOOTBALL OLUB. The CARDIFF FOOTBALL CLUB. The LLANELLY FOOTBALL CLUB. The NEATH FOOTBALL CLUB. The LLWYNYPIA FOOTBALL CLUB. T. C. Palmer has great pleasure in Offering the Players of these Clubs a. SUIT of CLOTHES, Made to Measure, if they are not befaten upon their Own Ground, Season 1"31—2. SWANSEA WON THEIR SUITS LAST TEAR. Read what BANCROFT says:- 3, Heatbfteld-strect, T. C. PALMER, Esq. Swansea, B. May 9th, 1901. Dear Sir, Allow me, on behalf of myself and Members of the Swansea Football XV., to thank you for presenting each with a Suit of Clothes for not getting beaten on their own ground this Season. I am sure they are all delighted with the excellent way in which the Suits are made, the material and cutting bcin. excellent. Again thanking you, Yours faithfully, W. J. BANCROFT. T. C. PALMER'S PRICE LIST; £ s. d. Grey Twill Overcoat 1 10 0 To Measure tsilk Facings). Blue ifeiton Overcoat 1 10 0 „ (Indigo Dye. All Wool). Raglan Overcoat 1 15 0 „ (Rainproof). Scotch Tweed Suit. 2 2 0. Blua Serge Suit. 2 2 0. Covert Coat I 10 0 (the New Shades), Black Vicuna Coat and Ve«t 110 0 Paro Worsted Trousers 0 10 6 „ „ T C. PALMER, T-HE CASH TAUOR-, 66, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, AND 35, 0 A STLB-STR1C5T, SWANSEA. THE MOST NUTRITIOUS. E P P S'S (IRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA BREAKFAST- SUPPER ^tiiiltt j^otices. PRIVATE RESIDENCE'FOR" CURE OF EXCESSIVE USE OF A LOO HOL. FSDecial Medicina-l Treatment for ALCOHOLIC iJlSLAhEb has been snccessfnlly established in i^°e ASsxl3t- ,1898: in Dublin since Octobeiv 1899; and now in Cardiff and London, Over 500 Patienta have undergone treatment. Duration.of Treatment-Three Weeke only. I atienta under no restraint/; Satisfactory refersnces. Terms and all infer- Jn^?i85cd at the H»sey Institute omces. 3o. U indsor-place, Cardiff. a10325 V M.C.A.r CAJRDIFF (OPPOSITE • QUEEN-STREET STATION). List of SIX HIGH-CLAS8 POPULAR LECTURES, Commencing MONDAY, ,OCTOBER 7, 1901, at Fight pm. October 7-Max O'Rell (M. Paul Blouit). suoject— Peculiar Pe^pl^ I haro Met." His Worship the Mayor. October 21.-Wm. Herbert-Jones, Esq.. F.R.G.S. Subject—"Federal Australia." NOVémber 4.-Fra.ak T. Sullen, Esq., F.R.G.S. Subject— Horttanoe and Reality at Sea." November lft-E. T. Refxl, Esq. ("Punch"), subject— Caricature in and out of „ Parliameat.4' Caaarman-Sir E. J. Reed. K.C.B.. JfJP. Deeember 2.-Cou!eon Kernahan, Esq., Subject—■ The rCortfessions of an. Author." Chairman—Sir John Gunn, «T.P. December 16.-Prof. Bottomley, M.A., F.L.S. bnbject—Shifts for a Living Among Animals. .Illustrated with Lantern Views. Prices of .AdniUlsi.on: -Single Lectures: Seats, 2s.; Unreserved, H. or Oaitt%e Tickets for. Sii Lectures—Reserved Seats: Front row in .balcony, 7s, -6d. other t°w?j Unreserved Seats: Oentre area, 6». oa.; side. '2s. 64.- All LectTiires open to Ladies. Tickets may also be. obtained fr(!.m M*wrs. Lenoar. Bras., sJames-street, 'Docks. iSftrl-y; application for tke Conrgrt Tickets Vis rsqtwsted, as vonly ,-a ilznited number can -be yawed. .J- P1-2. j (, —1 j ■ Express." Programme. RUGeY SERIES. October 11.FOOTBAU NORTH OF THB TWEED." by DAVID aCOTT DUNCAN. noted-Scottish Athlete and contributor to the "Field." October 18.FROM A JOURNALIST'S STAND. POINT." by H. V. L. S-TANTON, "The Wan- derer" of "The Sportsman." October 25.HUMOUR ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD," by WELLESLEY PAIN, Contribu- tor to the "Daily Graphic." &e. NOVEL FOOTBALL SKETCHES October 12.HOW JIMMY BURKE SAVED THE MATCH," by C. W. ALCOCK. October 19.—"FOOTBALL AT GREAT TUGLE- TON," by GUY BOOTHBY. October 26.—"HOW KINGSFORD KEPT GOAL FORv DONCHESTER," by HORACE G. HUTCHINSON. "SOCCER" SERIES., October 7.SOME INTERNATIONAL GAMES," by HOWARD SPENCER. English Inter- national Player. October 14.—"THE LEAGUE AND ITS EFFECT ON THE. GAME." by W. M'GREGOR. Foun- der of the Football League. October 21-"TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF MIDLAND FOOTBALL." by W. UNITE JONES, ex-Sporting Editor of the "Bir- mingham Mail." October 28.—"FOOTBALL ON THE CONTI- NENT." by M D. NICHOLSON, an English League Player, now resident at Vienna

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