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ARWERTHIANNAU BY MR JOHN DAVIES PORTDINORWIC. # AUCTIONEER BLAENAU FESTINIOG. Important Sale of Wen-Established Business Premises and Dwelling House, situate and known as NO. 33. BANGOR STREET (Next door to Post Office) Also HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, etc., on THURSDAY, JULY 8th, 1915, at 1-30 p.m. Further information may be obtained from Messrs. Rumsey Williams and Jones. Solici- tors, Bangor and Portdinorwic, or the Auc- tioneer. Blaenau Festiniog and Llanrwst BY MR ROBERT C JONES r- JJOBEET G JOES AUCTIONEER, VALUER AND ESTATE AGENT.- BRUNSWICK BUILDINGS, CARNARVON Guaranteed Prompt Settlement?. SALES OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, ETC., held fortnightly AT THE SMITHFIELD, CARNARVON. ( SMITHFIELD. C ARNARVON. NEXT FORTNIGHTLY SALE: WEDNESDAY, JULY 1* th, 1915 Early Entries Inviitecl. R ARTHUR JONES THE ESTATE OFFICE, CONWAY, (Tel. No. 29) and THE ESTATE OFFfCj: LLANRWST. (Tel. No. 9), Auctioneer, V alar, and Laud Agent. PROPRIETOR OF THE CONWAY CAFTH MART and the LLANRWST SMITHFIELD Bales by Auction or Private Treaty of Country Estates, Town or Country Properties, Farms, Ground Rents, and other Investments. Valuations of Real Estate and Chattel Property. Reports on Mortgage Securities. BALES BY AUCTION throughout the Year (as advertised) of Contents of Privates Residences. Special attention given to Pictures, Antique Furniture, China, Statuary Bronzes, Miniatures, etc. FARM STOCK sold at Conway or Llanrwst every Wednesday throughout the year, or on Owner's Premises. Entries at the Marts ta- ken up to time of Sale. CONWAY CATTLE MART Next Sale: WEDNESDAY. JULY 7th. 1915. FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, and CALVES, and PIGS. Entries taken up bo time of Sale. LLANRWST SMITHFIELD. I WEDNESDAY, JULY 14th. 1315. FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, and LAMBS, COUPLES, CALVES, and PIGS. Entries by Saturday Morning before Sale. Entries taken up to time of Sale.. BETTWS-Y COED. C ARN AR VONSHIRE. FRIDAY, JULY- 9th, 1915. THE MOTOR GARAGE. MR. ARTHUR JONES, F.A.I., is favoured with instructions to Sell bv Public Auc- tion. as above, the Motor Garage, Premises, Land, Plant, etc. Tnrther particulsr* in due course, n of Messrs. Markby, Stewart and Co., Solicitors, Coleman Street. London or at the Offices of the Auctioneer, Conway, and LIanrwst. BY IlENRY 1ANLEY & 1""3 L TD __4 250 HORSES. PRIZES. CREWE HORSE REPOSITORY HENRY MANLEY AND SOS. LTD. 1 FRIDAY, JULY 16th. Heavy Draught, Light Lurry and Pared Van Horses, Shires, CoItSt and Fillies; also Harness Horses, Hunters, Hacks, Cobs and Ponies. Prizes :—Best Draught Horse £ 7; Lurry Horse JS3 Parcel Cart Colt £2. Schedules and En:ry Forms on application. • Entries close or. Saturday. July 10th. SWVDDOGOL WANTED.—Mr. W. Williams. whose ad- drees has been given as Dniorwc, North Wales, and whose son is Lieut A. J. W illiams, of the 9th Australian 'Battalion, is requested to communicate with tin- Officer i/c Records, Australian Government, 72. t ietom Street, Westminster, S.W.. (-11.9). UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTW iTH, One of the Constituent Collets* of the Uni. versity of Walea.) Presidarrt: iir John Williams, Bart., M D D.Sc., G.C.V.O Principal: C F Roberta, M.A. (Oxon).. LL.D. (Vict.) DEPARTMENT OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. The above named new Department is now •p«D, to both male and female student*. Special Staff: M. 'Qjwtoxs Le Feav, of tha Schola Qantormn Pari*. M. Henri Delange. M. Camile Dolobelle. M. Charles Tarboar. Madame L. Andre Barbier. ClaMea will be held in:—Violin, Violin- oello, Viola, Chamber Music and Orchestral Classes, Theory of Instrumental Muac, Sink- lng, Piano. Sessional Composition Fee, JB12; Registra- tion Fee, £1. Fee for a single coarse, £2 2s. per term, togethsr with a Registration Fee of 10s. Men students reside in registered lodg- ings in tbe -town, or at the Men's B08tel- Warden; H. H. Paine, Esq., M.A., B.Sc Women students reside in the Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women—Warden: Miss C P. Iremain, BA. • v For full particulars, respecting the Depart- ftnl and the Hostels, apply to— J. H. DAVIES,, M.A., Registrar. PROSPECTUS f-4 10s. per cent. WAR LOAN 1925-1945. ISSUE of STOCK or BONDS Bearing Interest at 4t per cent. per annum, payable Half- yearly on the 1st June and the 1st December. PRICE OF ISSUE FIXED BY H.M. TREASURY AT £100 PER CENT. A Full Half-year's Dividend will be paid on the 1st December, 1915. The Stock itS an investment authorised by "The Trustee Act, H393," and Trustees may imest, therein notwithstanding that the price may at the time of investment exceed the redemption value of J3100 per cent. .kl) r)"cat ions, which must be accompanied by a deposit of JE5 per cent., will be received at the Bank of England. Threadneedle Street, London, E.C., and may be forwarded either direct, or through the medium of any Banker or Stockbroker in the United Kingdom. Ap- plications must be for even hundreds of pounds. Arrangements are being made for the re- ce;pt of applications for smaller amounts than £ 1C0 through the Post Office. Further payments will be required as I follows :— LID per cent. on Tuesday, the 20th July, i IC15 per cent, on Tuesday, the 3rd August, i £ 15 per cent. on Tuesday, the 17th August, JB15 per cent. on Tuesday, the 31st August, £10 per cent. on Tuesday, the 14th September, £10 per cent. on Tuesday, the 28th September, £10 per cent. on Tuesday, the 12th October, £10 per cent. on Tuesday, the 26th October. THE GOVERNOR and COMPANY of the BANK OF ENGLAND are authorized to re- ceive applications for this Loan, which will take the form either of Inscribed Stock, or Bonds to Bearer, at the option of the Sub- scribers. If not previously redeemed the Loan will be repaid at par on the 1st December, 1945, but His Majesty's Government reserve to themselves the right to redeem the Loan. at par at any time on, or after, the 1st Decem- r, 1925, on giving three calendar months' notice in the "London Gazette." Both Capital and Interest will be a charge on the Conso idated Fund of the United Kingdom. The books of the Loan will be kept at the Bank of England and at the Bank of Ireland. Dividends will be paid half-yearly on the 1st June and 1st December. Dividends cn Stock will be paid by Warrant which will be sent by post. Dividends on Bonds will be paid by Coupon. Inscribed Stock will be convertible into Bonds to Bearer at any time without payment oi any fee; and Bonds to Bearer will be ex- changeable for Inscribed Stock on payment of a fee of one shilling per Bond. The instalments may be paid in full on or after the 20th July, 1915. under discount at the rate of 4i per cent, per annum. In case of default in the payment of any instalment by its proper date, the deposit and the instal- ments previous y paid will be liable to for- feiture. Scrip Certificates to Bearer, with Coupon at- tached for the dividend payable on the 1st December, 1915, will be issued in exchange for the provisional receipts. As soon as these Scri- Certificates have been paid in full they can be inscribed (i.e., can be converted into Stock); or, they can be exchanged for Bonds to Bearer (as soon as these can be prepared) 1 in denominations of E100. E200, £ 500, £ 1,000, £ 5,000 and £ 10,0:0. Inscribed. Stock will be transferable in any sums which are multiples of a penny. CONVERSION OF E3 10s. per Cent. War Loan,. 1925—1928. L2 lCs. per Cent, Consols. 92 15s. per Cent. Annuities. E2 10s. per Cent. Annuities. Holders of E4 10s. per Cent. War Loan, 1925-1945, will have the additional right, in respect of each E100 Stock (or Bonds) held by them. and. fully-paid in cash, to exercise oti- or other of the four following options of conversion, provided application for con- version is made not later than the 30th iC)Ctf -ber, 1915. a OPTION 1.—CONVERSION OF 23 10s. PER CENT. WAR LOAN, 1925—1923. To exchange Stock \or Bonds) of L3 10s. per Cent. War Loan, 1925-1928, to an amount not exceeding E10- nominal, for fully- paid Stock (or Bonds) of L4 10s. per cent. War Loan, 1925-1945, at the rate of £100 of the former, with a cash payment of L5 per cent, thereon, for J3100 of the latter. Persons who exercise this option will re- ceive the dividend of JB1 10s. lid. per cent. payable on the 1st September, 1915. in respect of the C3 10s. per cent. War Loan, 1925-1928, surrendered, and a fu 1 half-year's dividend of L2 cs. per cent., payable on the 1st De- ) I cember, 1915, in respect of the L4 10s. per rent. War Loan, 1925-1945, issued in lieu j thereof. I OPTION 2.—CONVERSION OF £ 2 10s. PER CENT. CONSOLS. < To exchange Stock (or Stock Certificates) of L2 lCs. per cent. Consols, to an amount not I exceeding JE75 nominal, for fully paid Stock (or Bonds) of J64 10s. per cent. War Loan, ) 1925-1945, at the rate of L75 of the former for I J350 of the latter. Persons who exercise this option will re- ceive the usual quarter's dividend of 12s. 6d. per cent., payable on the 5tli October, 1915, in respect of the L2 10s. per cent. Consols surrendered, and a full half-year's dividend of E2 5s. per cent., payable on the 1st Decem- 'ber, 1915, in respect of the B4 10s. per cent. War Loan, 1925-1945, issued in lieu thereof. OPTION 3.-CONVERSION OF C2 15s. PER CENT. ANNUITIES. To exchange Stock (or Stock Certificates) of £2 15s. per Cent. Annuities, to an amount not exceeding £ 67 nominal, for fully-paid Stnck (or Bonds) of E4 10s. per Cent. War Loan, 1925-1945, at the rate of J667 of the former for L50 of the latter. Persons who exercise this option will receive the usual quarter's dividend of 13s. 9d. per cent., payable on the 5th October, -1915, in respect of the L2 15s. per Cent. Annuities surrendered, and a full half year's dividend of JB2 5s. per cent., payable on the 1st December, 1915. in respect of the P,4 lCs. per Cent. War Loan, 1925-1945, issued in lieu thereof. OPTION 4.—CONVERSION OF £ 2 10s. PER CENT. ANNUITIES. | To exchange Stock for Stock Certificates) of Z2 10s. per Cent. Annuities, to an amount not exceeding JS78 nominal, for fully-paid Stock (or Bonds) of £ 4 10s. per Cent. Loan, 1925-1945, at the rate of 273 of the former for £ 50 of the latter; PROSPECTUS Persons who exercise this option will re- ceive the usual quarter's dividend of 12s. 6d. per cent., payable on the 5th October, 1915, in respect of the L2 10s. per Cent.. Annuities surrendered, and a full half-year's dividend of PZ 5s. per cent., payable on the 1st De- cember, 1915, in respect of the £ 4 10s. per Cent. War Loan, 19125-1945, issued in lieu thereof. In the event of future issues (other than., issues made abroad or issues of Exchequer Bonds, Treasury Bills, or sim !ar short-dated Securities) being made by H:s Majesty's Government, for J-he purpose of carrying on the War, Stock and Bonds of this issue will be accepted at par. plus accrued in- terest, as the equivalent of cash for the pur- pose of subscriptions to such issues. A commission of one-eighth per cent, will be I allowed to Bankers, Brokers and Financiil Houses on allotments made in respect of cash applications for this issue bearing their j Stamp but no commission will be allowed in respect of applications for conversion. Application Forms for Cash Subscriptions may be obtained at the Bank of England and the Bank of Ireland at any Bank or Money Order Office in the United Kingdom of Messrs Mullens, Marshall and Co.. 13, George Street, j Mansion House, E.C. and of the principal Stockbrokers. Application Forms for Conversion will be forwarded with each Letter of Allotment. THE LIST OF APPLICATIONS WILL BE CLOSED ON OR BEFORE SATURDAY, THE 10th JULY, 1915. Bank of England, London, 21st June. 1915. THIS FORM OF APPLICATION MAY BE USED. 6:4 10s. Per Cent. War Loan, 1925-1945. ISSUE OF STOCK OR BONDS, BEARING INTEREST AT 4 PER CENT. PER ANNUM. PRICE OF ISSUE JBIOC PER CENT. TO THE GOVERNOR AND COMPANY OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND, LONDON. Hereby request you to allot to. (a) C. say pounds, of the above-mentioned Loan, in terms of the Prospectus of the 21st June, 1915; and hereby engage to pay the instalments as they shal! become due, on any allotment that may be made in respect of this application, as pro- Aided by the said Prospectus. The sum of £ being the amount of the re- quired deposit (b) (namely E5 for every £ 100 applied for), is euclosed herewith. Signature Name of applicant (in full) (State title, if any, or whether Mr., Mrs., or Miss.) Communications to be addressed to :— Name Address Date 1915. Please write distinctly. (a.) Applications must be for not less than LIDO, and must be for multiples of LIOO. When sent by post enve'opes should be marked "War Loan." (b) Cheques should be made payable to "bearer," not to "order," and should be crossed "Bank ai England." SWYDDOGOL FURNISHED HOUSES AND APART- MENTS—for Officers Families-who h: tend residing in Carnarvon for short or long periods during Encampment. Pleage Note.— IA Register is being compiled of Houses and I Apartments to let as ^bove. Applicants de sirou* of being includea in the list should send full particulars forthwith, to the undermen- tioned. No "charge made unless business effected. RICHARD HUGHES, Estate Agent, H., HIGH STREET. CARNARVON. THE CARNARVONSHIRE LIBERAL CLUB BUILDINGS COMPANY, LIMITED. THE DIRECTORS OF THE CARNAR VONSHIRE LIBERAL CLUB BUILD INGS COMPANY, LIMITED, require a Manager for the Cafe and Billiard Rooms. Application to be made upon forms supplied by the undersigned from whom further paiti- culars may be obtained. Application to be sent in by the 18th of this month. Welsh essential. JOHN T. JARRETT, 27, Bangor Street, Carnarvon. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Carnarvonshire .County Council at a meeting held on the first day of July, 1915, appointed the persons named below a their representatives on the following Fishery Boards, viz. SEIONT, GWYRFAI, LLYFNI, ETC., FISHERY BOARD. J. E. Greaves, Esq., Glangwna, Carnarvon; Mr T. R. Jones, Crawia, Llanrug; Major W. C. Whiskin, Orchard House, Carnarvon: Mr IJ. F. Roberts, Lorne House, Llanberis; Mr A W. S. Williams, Brynaerau, Clynnog; Mr J. Brymer. Meifod, Carnarvon; Mr W. j Griffith, Hafod Terrace, Carnarvon Mr J. J. | Williams, Malsters, Bontnewydd Capt. T. .Williams, Ship and Castle Hotel, Carnarvon; J Mr N^th. Roberts, Broneifion, Carnarvon; Mr D. O. Williams. Ty Mawr, Clynnog; Mr. Hugh Owen, Stores, Bontnewydd; Mr A. P. Davi<es, Glynllifon, Llandwrog; Mr J. R. Roberts, Goleufryn, Cwmyglo; Mr. D. R. p Piirry, St. Davidt Road, Carnarvon; Mr. Edward Roberta, Glandwr, Carnarvon; Mr. R. R. Williams, Factory, Rhyd-ddu; Mr William Parry, School House, Penygroes; Mr Goff Owen, Llanberis; Mr. Evan Abbott, Dinorwie Street, Carnarvon; Mr. F. R. Brown, Llanfair Hall; Mr J. T. Jones, Fron Elen, Bontnewydd; Mr Hugh Owen, Cefn, Portdinorwic; Mr. W. Meiwyn Jones, Taly- sarn. DWYFACH FISHERY BOARD. Sir Hugh J. Ellis Nanney, Bart., Gwyn- frvn, Criccieth *Col. O. Lloyd J. E-vajns, Broom Hall, Chwiiog; Mr D. Lloyd Jones, Watchmaker, Pwllheli; Mr. Cradoc Davies, Solicitor, Pwllheli; Mr. Walter Jones, Emu, Criccieth Mr. W. E. Williams. Ysgubor Hen, Llanystumdwy; Mr G. P. Williams, Eifion, Criccieth; Mr E. R. Elias, Caxton House, Llanystumdwy; Mr. J. Aiiiswortii, Viking- ness/Criccieth Mr. Richard Jones, 74, High Street, Pwllheli Mr. D. Fowden Jones, Eis- teddfa, Criocieth. DOVEY. MAWDDACH AND GLASLYN FISHERY BOARD. Mr. Llew. Davies, Garth Cottage, Portmad- oc; Mr. J. R. Owen, Aelygarth, Portmadoc; Mr David Jones, 18 Snowdon Street, Port- madoc. Dated this 5th day of July 1915. JOHN ROBERTS, Clerk to the County Council. Carnarvon. (J1.16). SWYDDOGOL NOTICE. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT, 1889. SALE OF COAL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT an application has been received bv the Board of Trade from the Carnarvonshire County Council for their approval of certain BYE-LAWS which the Council have, in pur- suance of Section 28 of the Weights and Measures Act, 1889, made with respect to the SALE OF COAL, in substitution for the Bve laws made bv them on the 6th December. 1892. A copy of these Bye-laws can be inspected, free of charge, between the hours of ten and five at the office of the Clerk of the County Council, Carnarvon. All persons interested are to take notice that, 21 days after this date, the Board of Trade will proceed to consider the application, and in the meantime, the Board-will receive any objections which may be made thereto. (Signed) W. F. MARWOOD, Assistant Secretary. Board of Trade. Railway Department, 6th day of July, 1915. N.B.—Objections should be addressed to the Assistant Secretary, Railway- Department, Board of Trade, Whitelwll Gardens, S.W., and a copy of every objection should at the same time be forwarded to the Clerk of the County Council, Carnarvon. (.1116) RICHARD OWEN SCHOLARSHIP. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is proposed to conduct an Examination on the 16th and 17th of September. 1915, upon the result whereof (1) a Scholarship of the an- nual value of 930 for three years, and (2) a number of Exhibitions of B10 tenable at rfli. versity College of North Wales, may be awarded by the Trustees of the above-named Charity in accordance with Paragraph 18 of a Scheme made for the administration of the Charity by the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice on the Uth day of May, 1907. The awards will be made in the first place to boys born in Llandudno, who shall be best placed at the examination and failing such boys to boys who have lived or whose parents or surviving parent have lived in Llandudno for a consecutive period of five years preceding the date of the Examination, or failing boys in feither of these Classes, to boys born or or- dinarily resident in the County of Carnarvon, who shall be best placed at the examination, preference being given to boys who for not less than five years shall have attended a pub- lic elementary school in the County. Intending Candidates are invited to send their names to me. the undersigned, on or before the 7th day of August, 1915. Candidates will be confined to three subjectr and an Essay. It will be necessary to state what subjects it is proposed to take when submitting application for admission to the examination. EVAN R. DAVIES, Hon. Clerk to the Trustees of the Charity. County Education Offices, Carnarvon, 1st July, 1915. VAYNOL ESTATE. RENT AUDIT. These Rents will be receivted as follows At Llanberis on Monday, 12th July, Victoria Hotel. At Ebenezer, on Tuesday, 13th July, Bull Hotel. At Carnarvon, on Wednesday 14th July, Sportsman Hotel. At Bangor, on Friday, 16th July, City Hotel. At Carnarvon, on Saturday, 17th July, Sportsman Hotel. R. P. HARDING. Vaynol Estate Office, Port Dinorwie, 28th June, 1915.. JtfRS. LOUISA E. POOLE, DECEASED, LATE OF BRYNEGLWYS, NEAR CARNARVON. ALL PERSONS having CLAIMS against the estate of the above are requested to send the same in to A. BODVEL-ROBERTS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. (J.2). TENDERS BANGOR NORMAL COLLEGE. rpHE TRAINING COLLEGE COMMITTEE propose to carry out a small structural alteration upon the College premises during the ensuing Vacation. Builders and Con- tractors who would like to tender for the work are invited to send their names to Mr. Evan R. Davies, Secretary to the Training Co!lege Committee, at the Town Hall, Pwll- heli, not later than Monday next, the 5th July. Plan and Specification of the work will be open for inspection at the Normal College, Bangor, to Contractors so sending in their names. Tenders for the work should be sent to Mr. Evan R. Davies, at the Normal College, Bangor, not later than Saturday evening, the 10th July. YN EISIEU W ANTED.-YOUNG LADY for Saes.- Apply, Aston and Son, Ltd., House Furnishers, Carnarvon. HOUSEMAID WAITRESS WANTED — Address, Royal Oak Hotel, Bettwsy- coed. (J.14). WANTED.-A GOOD GENERAL SER- VANT, age 20 to 23. Apply C. c/o I Smith and Son, Penmaenmawr. W ANTED.- MOTOR DRIVERS AND CONDUCTORS—Apply, Silver Motors, Llandudn*. WANTED. -EDUCATED MEN for Tours Department.— Apply, Silver Motors, LIandudno. WANTED AT ONCE.—STRONG GIRL as Housemaid. —)Royal Goat Hotel, Beddgelert. WANTED.—SMART BOY, 14 to 15 for the Clothing Trade.-Apply immediately Bradley's, Turf Square, Carnarvon. SERVANTS REGISTRY OFFICE.—Mrs. S Owen, 16, Treflan, Bangor. Stamp for reply- NAVVIES.—WANTED 100; Wages 6 £ d. per hour.—Apply New Asylum Works, Sketty, Swansea. (J.41i. WANTED immediately a Single Young MAN as BOOTS for first-class hotel in North Wales.—Apply, C177, "Herald" Office. Carnarvon. BAKERS.—Steady Reliable MEN as Se cond Hands.—Apply, stating experience, wages required, and references, E. B. Jones and Co., Rhyl. CRYDD.—YN EISIEU, Dyn Medrus, at waith trwsio, yn unig.—Ymofyner a Wm Evans, Ceiri Stores, Llanaelhaiarn, Chwilog. (Jl. 29.) WANTED. BLACKSMITH, also IM- PROVER used to general emithwork for Liverpool.—Apply, stating wages required, Cheshire, Pooley and Co., Bath Street, Liver- pool. YN EISIEU YACHT PATROL. WANTED RECRUITS FOR ACTIVE SERVICE IN THE ABOVE. Seamen, Firemen, Electrical Engineers and Engineer Apprentices. Rates of Pay for Seamen and Firemen 30s. a week, with 10s. allowance for food. JE6 Clothing Gratuity. Pay for others various. All- information can be obtained from the FLAG-CAPTAIN, H.M. DOCKYARD. PORTSMOUTH. (JI.2). wANTED.-HOUSE in or not more than » one mile of Carnarvon. Rent about £ 20- £ 25.—Apply to Number C150, "Herald" Office. 1 "V^TANTED.—Two Bed One Sitting Room, ™ Attendance, on Coast: Sands, Bathing fortnight, from July 8th.-Baines, 76 Midland Road, Wellingborough. WANTED AT ONCE. Smart ASSIST- ANT for Outfitters Shop. Live out. Good salary for suitable man.—Apply C184, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. WORK WANTED by respectable Woman. Domestic or other employment. Daily or permanent. Address in first instance to "R. H. "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. RIAN i'w rhoddi aflan ar log ar Dir Amaethyddol Rhydd-ddaliadol.— Ym- ofyner a Lloyd George and George, Cyfreith- wyr, Criccieth. BOOT TRADE.— WANTED A YOUNG LADY as a Saleswoman. Good prospects for a smart and active hand. Age about 20. —Apply, Dicks, 7, Bridge Street, Carnarvon. WANTED. Good Button Mushrooms, Bilberries in large or small quantities. Empties supplied.— Apply J. R. Goodwin. Smithfield Market, Manchester. MOTOR MECHANICS and DRIVERS WANTED for the Season. Not eligible for the Army preferred. Fullest particulars and references to the Red Garage, Llandudno. WANTED GIRLS OR WOMEN not under 16 years of age for bottle washing, to replace Men enlisted for the War. Good wages earned.—Apply, Ind, Coope and Co.. York Chambers, Llandudno. WANTED—A MANAGER for BRANCH SHOP. Country trade, Grocery and Provision. Single Man prfeferried. State wages and experience.—Apply "Y81," "Her- ald" Office. WANTED. SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE by the sea, for three weeks or a month, commencing the last week in July.— Apply, by letter, with particulars, to X.Y.Z. "Herald" Offices, Carnarvon. CARNARVON TUBERCULOSIS HOSPI- TAL.—Probationer Wanted. Wages first year E12; second year £ 18; third year, JB24. Application should be made to the Matron, Tuberculosis Hospital, Carnarvon. (JI.6). MOTOR DRIVER. WANTED AT ONCE FOR FORD CAR, must be British subject, able to do small repairs and be willing to assist on station when not driving or working on car.—Apply Engineer-in-Charge, Marconi Station, Ceu- nant, Llanrug. (J.25). MODERN SHOP with Dwelling House Wanted, suitable for Drapery Busi- ness, in prominent position in good market or mining town in Wales, South Wales pre- ferable. Rep'y fully to:—"Drapery," "Her- ald" Office, Carnarvon. WANTED in or near Holyhead, for two or three weeks in July or August, com- fortable private sitting room and two bed- rooms, with attendance. Give full particulars and price (which must be reasonable) to D.D., 60, Charlotte Road, Egremont, j Cheshire. (JI.161. FURNISHED HOUSE. Respectable Family 4 persons) requires small Furn- ished House or Apartments, (2 Bedrooms, 1 Dining Room and Kitcnen) in Carnarvon or adjacent district. Small garden desired, if possible.—Apply, with particulars of rents, etc., to J.L., 40, office 't,f this paper. DRAPERY'.—WANTED SMART YOUNG MEN, just out of time preferred, for Drapery and Dresses. Good Salary, high- class trade. Fare paid.—Apply Nicholsons, 13 and 14, The Exchange, Muswell Hill, London, N AR WERTH AR. WERTH.—T.. T. TRIUMPH MOTOR Cycle, free engine in good condition, complete, with lamp and horii.-A,pply by letter to "Triumph," "Herald" Office, Car- narvon. (J1.13). AR OSOP Î VALE OF GWYNANTJ,—TO BE LET, on Lease, unfurnished, ancient Stone Cot- tage, newly re-modelled and mostly rebuilt- parlour, kitchen, two bedrooms, dairy, coal- house, back kitchen; good garden, near Glan- aber, facing Snowdon, grand scenery, woods, waterfalls, lakes, rivier, fishing, restful neigh- bourhood; rent JB16 and rates; immediate possession meadow and buildings could also be rented.—Apply W. Watson, Plasgwynant %Farm, Beddgelert. (A.10). j TO LET.—-Well-built Mansion to Let, known as PORTHYRAUR, Carnarvon, immediate possession, comprising 3 Entertain- ing Rooms, 6 Bedrooms, Servants Quarters, Bathroom (h. and c.), and usual conveniences, Kitchens, Sculleries, etc., Large Building at back suitable for Offices, nice grounds in the rear extending to the town- wall promenade, commanding a magnificent view of the Menai Straits and Anglesey, Stabling, Coach-house, Greenhouses, etc. For further particulars ar ply to Richard Hughes, Estate Agent, High Street, Carnarvon. COLLWVD A CHAFWYD MAE DAFAD DDIEITHR yn Pentre, Waenfawr, a'r nod canlynol arni:—Y glust dde, bwlch tri tofiad oddiarni, a twll. Y glust chwith, tori blaen, a fforchiad. Os na ddaw ei pherchenog i'w hymofyn cyn Gor- phenaf 31ain, gwerthir hi i dalu y costau.—R. G. Roberts. PRICE LISTS • FOLDERS • BOOKLETS. May we send you our fv Quotations for the g0 supply of any of the above • HERALD • OFFICE • CARNARVON I ■■BnannnnuBMnauaHumflBnaunHiHi Yr Haf a'r Gwyliau, Y MAE. Turf Square, Carnarvon. Wedi parattoi Stock Fawr ar gyfer yr Haf Siwtiau i ddynion (style diweddaraf) 15/11, 18/11, 21/6, i fechgyn 9/11, 10/11, 12/11, 14/11 Cyn Prynu gwelwch y Bargeinion y mae Bradleys yn eu cynnig ar yr am&er caled hyn. BRADLEYS, Turf Square, Carnarvon, Branches :—Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, RhyI, Llanrwst, Aberystwyth, Dolgelley.



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