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I ] A Good Record. Over 80 years Leaders In Fur Fashions. /f *tr Manufactories: 56, Bold St^LiverpooLj tamed for Reliability and Sterling Value in Fur Coats, Fur Sets, &c. CREAMER'S -PRACTICAL FURRIERS. Manufactories :— 56, BOLD STREET, Liverpool. Telephone 3454 Royal. — ff 0 HIGH-GRADE PLOUGHS NEW PATTERN 2-3-FT:RROW CONVERTIBLE SELF- LIFT. WITH COMBINED DISC AND SKnI COULTERS. A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! S Sagal Ijnblm orirfJ | ~~j 1 -= £ AGRICI LTLRAI. SHOW ■&=-hes wnmm HEIIMPLEMENT -g-f "X*^ A.WARJ1FD THE «TS»» ANOTHER COCKSHUTT SUCCESS!-A%var(led ti-e S; e, )l,(I.l holiest award at the .fcoyal Society of Dublin Show alter demonstration t>€lo»e the iHj:es,-Ju;,<" 1*1). The Best Plough yet made for Tractor work R. A. LISTER & CO. LTD., T Jegrams: DURSLEY GLOS. Telephone, MACHINERY. UJUVJCJ. No 7 DURSLEY. ESTABLISHED 1867. DURSLEY. FOR ECONOMICAL FEEDING 'NEUFEED' Meal A Genuine Feosi NOT a Condiment* ALL ANIMALS LIKE IT. Contains only PURE CORN PRODUCTS AND MOLASSES, ASK YOUR DEALER FOR IT. ? North Wales Agent— MADE BY— Ir. WALTER P. LEWIS,! w- S. H. BEVIN & Co. Ltd., IDEAL MILLS. c MENAI BRIDGE. I liverpool. r REXALL -guaranteed PREPARATIONS OBTAINABLE FROM— R. R. JONES, REXALL CTF" PHARMACIES. Amlwch & Llangefni. GEILW PETER JONES, PENRHOS HOUSE, GWALCHMAI. jylw Amaethwyr Mon at ei fod yn prynnu pob nfiath o AWIFEILIAID MEIRW. YL>l5^P J yn LUr.gefni ddydd Iau, ac jag N^naer^ybi ddydd Sadwrn. *~2hoddir jgFrisiau Uchaf a tn*br am t«li- grams. nifer dda o Loi *wlybion/Jpob dydd Iau va Llangefni. (Jellir •u!j|jjwe:d vn lie Mr Desborough flrrth ocri?S Neuadd Qrefol). L- CeUyjQy a Gwariheg Meirw M.\E JOHN ROBERTS. CAE D&AFYDD, LLA.sGEFNI YN PRYNU CEFFYLAU A GWARTHEG BYW A MA IZW, Ac; q rhoddiyPRIS U CHAF ;ilin danynt. Fa"1 t.Y-2r:: .,r ,¡ferbma.d ^ISJEt* PAWR I „¥BOD FOD OA VIES, Kennels, Llangefni yn ba cyj i roddi mwy na nab arall vra Mon am Geffylau a G wartbeg Mehrw o bob rrninr, ac oedran. Anfoni "W cvrchu yn ddioed ar dder. bytuad welegran;" neu "post card." FTiaiau: Swarthe?, 12« 1 22s; Dynewaid, 6e i ultx. i fynv i 5#; a Cbeffylau 12a i 18a. at ROTE NEW PRICES "pixy's RODINE IffflwuHreiKCT [ £ 71d., 113, 0, 5i' P0.,t 3d. PAT POISON BARLEY Chemist, PBRTH ilgwto- T.niu, —11. it. Jjties. Chemist, Llangefni and Amlwch; R- A. Evans. Chemist. Portd:)!-wi.j. itc- » Lobe: t £ f-?m Bridjra. THERE'S N^III^ONG, LONG TRAIL^k '■'cas» ^i«S, V Beetles, Mesqiutoes I •tc., oil killed by gj V^JCEATING'S x ■ -'r- :f! 7 J. \(j. ::3&¿ > t j ASK ANY m us. -R of the Lister Crearfl Separator, and he wl ■Q^Sl tell you of the satisfac. Mil tion it fives. The reason Is that fti XB Design Is right, th, 111 Materials and Work l|B manship the very finest W —nothing to go wron« ^9^00^^ The Made in Six Sizes. I I ^S^'nTET D with capacities from I 16 to 30 Gallons. I Cream Separator i can be delivered from stock. Write for Catalogue and name 01 nearest Agent, to t R. A. LISTER & Co.; LTD. ) DURSLEY, Glos. LTD. .l'" -'7F:: 'J-i-> LISTER ENGINES FOR PETROL, OIL AND TOWN GAS. Best Motive Power for all Agricultural Purposes. all SIZRS- (flgjPI 2 to 28 H.P. mb SINGLE, TWIN & FOUR CYLINDERS. HIGH TENSION, MAGNETO IGNITION. ECONOMICAL, SAFE, RELIABLE. Agents- W. E. PARRY & CO., MENAI BRIDGE. ————— Si BB B MAZAWATTEE I TT* I TH« WORLD ■ |




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