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Goreu Art, Arf DylC." leffs iia'd gam"th." II "Dtaw a pho'o daiouf." CTNBLItt EISTEDDFOD TEMLWYR DA LERPWL YN HOPE HALL, HOPE STREET, Dydd Mercher, Gwyl y Bane, Rhagfyr 26, 1900. PRIF DESTYNAU. AWDL Y GADAIR—Awdl (heb fod dros 400 o linellau), Yn gyfryw ag wyf fi, ond y rhwymau hyn yLctau xxvi 29). Gwobr, £ 2 2a a Chadair Dderw, gwerth £ 4 4s. TTO I GANTAWD {CANTATA) DDIRWESTOL, cyfaddas i gerddonaeth at wasanaeth Temlau'r Plant, Gobeithluoedd, &c. Gwobr, ^4 4a. P&IF DttAITHAWD—Traithawd Beirniadol ar y Llyfr, "The Temperance Question and Social Reform, gan Rowntree a Sherwill. Gwobr, £4 4s, %RAITH k WD (eyfyngedig i Ferched), Ein chwaer syrthiedig. Gwobr, £1 Is. E&1F GYSTADLEUAETH GORAWL—I'r 06r o Feibion (heb fod dan 35 na thros 50 mewn mfer) a gano oreu Croeai'r Anial" (T Maldwyn Prvte). Gwobr laf, £ 35, a Thlws Aur i'r Aiweinydd; 3il, *5. [CHIEF CHORAL COMPETITION—not under 35 nor over 50 in number-for the bast rendering of Crossing the Plain (T Maldwyn PrUt). First Prime, = and a Gold Modal to the Conductor; Second Priee, ;C5. ) QMiircael rkwtr gyfUwn o'r Te*tynaa oad anfoa *mn,o at LLE W "WYNNE, Ytjri/enydd, Ashfield, 9S Westbonrne Boad, Mckfinkeed, WIGAN GRAND EISTEDDFOD, Saturday, June 16th, 1900. GREAT CHORAL COMPETITIONS, 18 CHOIRS. 58 SOLOISTS. Recitations, Essays, &c. Presidents, HENRY JONES, Esq, Liverpool, and HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR OF WIGAN. Conductors. -Mr O. CAERWYN ROBERTS, Liverpool, and the Rev W. ROBERTS, Golborne. Musical Adjudicators.—Prof. J HENRY, R. A.M., and Mr DAVID JONES, Liverpool. Eisteddfod Artiste.-Mis,% KATIE LOUSINA THOMAS, Acd. M., Widnes. Meetings 2 p.m. and 6-30. Excursions leaving Lime Street 1-15; Exchange 1-10 and 2-5. Proceeds in aid of Welsh Congregational Church, Spring View. FOR FLOOR OILCLOTHS, LINOLEUM, AND LACE CURTAINS BETTER VALUE IMPOSSIBLE. SWANSON'S, 119, 121, Wavertree oad. WALTHAM WATCHES we the best Timekeepers in the World. NOlIE SO ACCURATE NONE SO DURABLE. NONE SO CHEAP Prke in silrflr from goo upwards „ in Soiled Gold „ 50. M in Ifeet. Gold 84s „ ia 18et. Gjld ,,£8 „ SCHIERWATER & LLOYD, Special Retail Agents, 29 Church Street, Liverpool. To be Sold by Auction by m R. IIENRY JONES, On Thursday, June 14th, at 2-30 p.m., in the Law Associa- tion Rooms, 14 Cook Street, Liverpool. Loti. N 0. 65, UPPER FREDERICK- STREET, and 3 in 11 Court. Corporation Leasehold, about 17 years unexpired. Gross rent £ 21 Sa. Messrs Masters and Rogers, 25. Lord Street. 5. Nos. 64 and 66 FIELD STREET, Everton. Freehold. Gross rent £ 31 4s. Mr B. P. Burroughs, 19 Sweeting Streat, Liverpool. 3. No 4 HOLYROOD TERRACE, Birchfield Road, Edge Lane. Freehold. Net rent £ 24. 4. No 5 HOLYROOD TERRACE. Similar house. Free- hold. Net rent £ 23. Early possession can be had. Mr W. H. Gregory, 42 Castle Street. For further particulars apply to the auctioneer at his office, 5 Cook Street, Liverpool. Telephone, No 1779. Valuable Property in Kirkdale. BY MR HENRY JONES. On Thursday, 14th June next, at Three o'clock p.m., in the Law Association Rooms, 14 Cook Street, Liverpool. NINE Excellent HOUSES, Nos. 54 to 68 Fountains Road, and 30 Chancel Street, forming neat compact block. Gross rent £ 174 4e. Derby leas* 7S years from 1882. Ground rent L26. For further particulars apply to auctioneer at his office, < Cook Street, Liverpool; or to Messrs Ayrton, Radeliffe, and Wright, solicitors, 9 Cook Street, Liverpool. Telephone No. 2339. Telegrams—Marquees ESTABLISHED HALF A CENTURY. HOWARD'S CART & WAGOIff SHEETS, Tarpaulins, Horse Clothing, Nose Bags. I-. 1 t "II- I. I Tents, Marquees Temporary Awnings. TEMPORARY BALL-ROOMS Lighted, Decorated, Parquet Floor laid. 35, REDO-ROSS STREET, LIVERPOOL. Writ or send for Quotations. GLOVES A SPECIALITY. The Most Complete Stock of LAdiaa' an Children Glores in Live*pool MILES' PATENT SEAMLESS GLOVES, 3/11 per pair, made from the finest French skins. Endless variety of Rehable Makee of Kid and Suede Gloves for Ladies at 1/6i. 1/lli, 2/6i. and 2/11 per pair. Strong and Useful English Lea.ther::Glovei for Girls, Boys, or Infants at 1/0i. 1/6J, ',and, 1111i per pair. H EN, RY MILES & CO 25 and 25A, CHURCH STREET, (Opposite Pro Cathedral) LIVERPOOL. Y CYMRO: Danfonir UN OOPI yn ddidraul trwy y Post ILM 12 mis, 5/6—Am 6 mis, 3/0 ) Am 3 mis, 1/? Blaendfil yn unig. At Eln Cohebwyr. Dylai pob gohebtaeth reolaidd gyrhaedd zV Swyddfa cyn canol dydd Llun, neu nt ellir ei chyhoeddi yn y rhifyn canlynol m Gvmro,




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